Just Let Me -- G -- Indoctrinate You!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dear America,

"30 MILLION people are gonna get health care as a consequence."

Has the president ever heard of the long time running show out of the seventies, Truth or Consequences?

Ah, mr. president, a consequence is not usually a good thing.  hello.

And don't you just love Jon Stewart, with his deadpan but biting quips and jabs -- he is a master at what he does; while the president just walked right into the middle of his arena, not once, but a couple of times -- like when responding to Jon's wondering about how he might change the campaign slogan of YES WE CAN...out of the canon he went, well, uh, sure, it is "YES we can...[awkward long pause]....but" -- to a round of laughter from the audience, and Jon smirking with an added twinkle in his eye...brilliant.  Of course, the remainder of what the president said there was, "but it's not going to happen overnight."  Yes, indeed and thank God for that.

While telling Obama his health care plan was a wee bit "timid" -- that was enough to set him off.  Now, "Jon, I love your show... but this is something where I have a profound disagreement with you."

Profound.  oooh, that got Jon wondering if he might have overstepped his bounds,  not.

I can't wait for the body language segment on The O'Reilly Factor, that's gonna be good; talk about the president being on his hunches like crouched tiger sitting dragon, ready to pounce, but not really -- gazing at the look of fear upon a president's mug is an oh so uncomfortable feeling; while his expressions were tight, uptight, and wound tight, so out of character from his usual positioning in front of an audience of hungry admirers who gobble up his every word like an eight ounce sirloin with extra sauce, even though he was. Did you here that ovation at the start? 

He reeked uneasy; and consequently, his visit with Jon was a mistake; it made that timid little health care legislation appear out of nowhere with lioness prowess and expertise -- making the pundit slaughterhouse of a sitting president look all the more like child's play... cat and mouse, if you will.

The bad news:  this is our president;

setting himself apart from all other presidents who have come before -- entertaining us now, in a desperate attempt for attention, to gain a more favorable public opinion, while he will say anything, he will go anywhere, he will disenfranchise 65% of the population if he has to, he will divide and conquer if it gets votes, he will become his own spin master, and even go so far as make a mockery of his presidency making stoic, serious responses in an evening of what otherwise is reserved for more of a comedic venue and exchange.

Mr. President, if you do a show like this, you gotta expect Jon's gonna come after you and poke fun -- at you, no less -- for this is what he does.  To not be prepared for that, to be on those back legs like whoa, hold up there, Jon, I beg to differ -- and profoundly, too -- its worse than just rolling over, buddy.  Where is that bedazzling smile of yours; where is that poking fun right back -- like with how you do it with your overrun car metaphors and get to the back of the bus stuff -- where is that natural spunk to just take it like a good sport?  To laugh at yourself and The Situation... not to be confused with Snooky...where is that president?

It's not like we expect you strut your stuff like out of the surf at Waikiki all the time -- yeah, I'm a stud muffin, kind of thing, I'm bad, I'm the president...actually, come to think of it, most of the time, you are that president.  But if you are going to do Jon, as in Stewart, then if you can't bring it there, we have doubts you can bring it anywhere -- especially to places where it really counts...like at a G20 meeting, a UN rendezvous, a sit down with Saudi Arabia or Iran or China.  You know?  I mean. this is just little old Jon -- he's nice, he's funny, he's smart, and he's cunning.

I mean, you are innately sharp as a whip when dealing with oil spill companies, health insurers, chamber of commerce's,  republicans, stupid police officers, Arizona immigration laws, and "tea baggers" -- nothing gets past you.  While even, the more you talked, the more you slip up, the more you go in circles, the more you sound like every other politician -- if I may "lump you in" all together...

The thing is, when it came time for The Daily Show, I guess I was just expecting you to be more cunning, that's all I'm sayin'...but feel free to profoundly disagree, maybe its just me.

And truth be told, when its all said and poked fun, this isn't exactly the best time to make light, is it.  is it?

Make it a Good Day, G

oooh and looky here, we are just five days away from fundamentally transforming America back!

maybe we can get that before Obama changes the Senate rules to allow for simple majority, instead of requiring 60 votes to pass legislation...as he duly noted, is not in accordance to The Constitution (as if that would stop him), it is just a stupid standard of the rules and regulations to run the senate...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dear America,

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...la la lala la la...

On the way to school this morning and my girl turns to me and says, "it's like winter, but you would never know it by looking out the window."  Out the window was a sparkling clear blue sky, not a shred of a cloud as far as the eye could see -- temperature, according to the car, a balmy 60 degrees; recognizing, for perhaps the very first time, one of the many truisms of life to come her way -- looks can be deceiving.

Aside from the funny reality she lives in -- finding 60 a wee bit nippy -- it is purely enjoyable, as a mom, to go through life with someone who becomes something right before our very eyes; a truly remarkable co-existence becomes us, one that constantly twists and turns, expands and contracts, on a moment's notice, on the fly, in the every day.

As a mom, we get the privilege of watching someone's reality shape and shift in our presence; it's an overwhelming burden and joy that keeps on giving, keeps on growing, and keeps on keepin' on in becoming into that which is something greater than she was before, as in yesterday, like when it was still considered to be more like fall at 65...

What begins as just an infant, welcomed into a brand new world, will one day walk on this earth with a wealth of experiences, a whole cadre of skills and knowledge, while bringing her own personal view and attributes into every moment she lives from this day forward -- and someday, without me.

Sure, talking about the weather was no big revelation this morning -- but deeper than that, is it was the spin off to ten minutes of undivided attention from one to another, okay.  Do you get me now?  It turned into a moment where we continued to talk about probably three other topics, wide eyed and giddy, the whole way to school!  Okay?  Let me remind you, she is fourteen; this sort of thing just doesn't happen every day.

I am not sure if Joy Behar's parents are still walking upon this beautiful world in which we live -- given our little Joy wonder is 68 years old -- but I have to say, if that were my daughter, she would be getting a phone call.

I just don't understand some of us at all; how uncouth we have become over the years.  I mean, for a woman on national television to actually put into words, "come here, bitch, come to New York and do it...she is going to hell, this bitch..."  No matter who she was referring to -- really, Joy, this is how you want to present yourself to the world?

She was calling out Sharron Angle of Nevada, who is currently poised to take over Harry Reid's seat in the Senate, because of her gut wrenching attack on Harry in the latest campaign commercial, highlighting his tee-tottering on immigration policy.  For this, Sharron is called a bitch, and told to go to hell, on national TV.

The parents, wherever they are, have to be shaking their heads wondering, where    did    we     go    wrong?

On my goodness, oh my goodness.  Joy, get a grip woman -- do you realize how unattractive a look this is for you?  This little game you play, from a one-room studio with a view, is so yesterday; if it is about boosting your own personal ratings, I do believe you are going about it in the wrong manner, but who am I to judge, right?  I can only imagine what you would say about me and my schtick.

Speaking of schticks, I could have sworn you were Jewish -- you probably get that all the time; it's probably the NY accent and coming from the Bronx, that throws people a little off.  But rumor has it you are a self-proclaimed agnostic -- after being raised Roman Catholic (yeah, that had to be kinda awkward at Christmas dinner over the years, no?)  I can just hear it now, "Josephina Victoria, whatta mean you don't want to pray before Mother Mary and the baby Jesus in adulation of this day!  Whatta ya crazy, bow your head and show a little respect for once in your life..."

You know, to be an agnostic, kind of misses the point, doesn't it?  What you are saying is basically, there may be a God, but because I think, therefore I am, on my own -- and in all my worldly power and knowledge, I choose not to know God, denying that God exists simply because you don't want to give It power over you.  The only thing that is real, is you, walking around and sometimes lashing out, calling another woman, bitch.

Does that experience feel good to you, Joy, is it really all that uplifting, powerful, in any way?   By your history, it must, otherwise you wouldn't keep doing it.

The thing is, it got me thinking in an oh so dangerous sort of way... this kind of agnostic viewpoint is taking over the liberal left brain; for in every way, it's as if by denying, discrediting, and ridiculing that the right even has a right to exist, or not, gives you this false sense of an overwhelming and undeniable position, giving into some kind of overriding illusion of grandeur and supremacy, a certain power over,  the argument itself.  Oh, we can't talk about it, because I think you are dumber than dumb, and the more I shush you with whatever tools I have in my twisted agenda, the better I will feel and the better I feel, the better the world will be la la la lala.

Oh sweet mary and joseph please, get over yourselves, will ya?

The right is here.  God is here.  And somewhere along the way, we need to ALL learn to get along and treat each other with a wee bit more respect.

It goes along with the president these days, too, who was carried into office on a magic carpet of red and blue, widely interwoven and connected into the very idea of making America better than it was before; in his own words he made us believe that he was crowned in America's glory wearing a purple robe, and would bring about a change we could believe in --  not at the expense of one side over another, but for all people.  WE took his words of "I am my brother's keeper.  I am my sister's keeper." tooting the American way, exemplifying our Judeo-Christian roots right before our eyes, as a good thing; but in the end -- as in over the last two years -- we, the majority, were totally, unabashedly, arrogantly, condescendingly, apologetically only to the rest of the world, denied.

The president, over the course of his time in office, might as well have told us all to shove it, bitches, get outta my way, I'm in charge now, now get 'to the back' and shut your mouth.

Let's see, how did the ladies leave things yesterday...oh right, they said "we're praying for you..." that is, everyone but Joy -- she of course, doesn't pray to anyone except getting it on with her bad self.

My girl is absolutely right, it is winter here in America -- while it seems to be coming wee bit earlier and lasting a wee bit longer every year.

Make it a Good Day, G

and that 'get to the back' thing is all true -- the president did say that -- just yesterday, addressing republicans (you know, the white man, the conservative, the libertarian, the independent, the small business owner, the middle class maker, the tea party enthusiasts, half of all women in America, shall we go on...)

Oh, we can come, he said, much like Joy baited Sharron to come on over to NYC -- we can come, just "get to the back" he said.  The world may never know if the intent was in reference to a certain bus...

And while hearing a phrase out of the seventies is funny...knowing that 'shove it', in reality, came from the mouth of one gubernatorial candidate, and fellow democrat, to the President of the United States of America,  sheds a whole 'nother light on the subject -- gotta love little old Rhode Island, man...she may be tiny, but boy, can she pack a punch.

You see -- it's everywhere and often -- our uncouthness is so unbecoming.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dear America,

Happy Tuesday, not to be confused with happy tuesday next week, when it will be happy happy tuesday.

It doesn't even matter how it turns out really (okay, that's not entirely true, but let's run with it); it doesn't matter because this aberration of we the people,  the one that democrats keep denying, or discrediting, or lambasting into politico oblivion, is not going away anytime soon.

And all I have to say is, where is the respect for the debate, the open discussion, the brainstorming with both fronts fired up and ready to lay it all on the line based upon the merits of the argument?  Where is this fine tuned art form of pundit meeting up with political, ethical, economical and cultural repartee?

Mercedes Benz put this in my head with their new ad:  saluting the debate in all walks of life -- sports, the arts, politics -- oh right, and cars; we debate in our heads and out loud the pros and cons from everything to how will I look behind the wheel to which model suits the family best to what color -- cause that's what we do, as Americans.

Or take the ad for Fox News..."we are not a nation of wallflowers...we act...we don't lean...we move...forward"

It's who we are; it's what we do -- we debate, we move -- heaven's to betsy, we don't just lean (nice one...give that ad agency a bonus, going against MSNBC, who by nature merely leans -- and very left, too, never a balance of both sides, but who am I to care, who watches them anyway?)

Problem with today is, even if one leans or speaks in one direction, unless you are on the side leaning left, you get blasted for it, judged, fired, maybe even get a call from the White House...

A local minister here in the San Diego area should have a good story to tell soon; Dr. David Jeremiah will be having a "follow-up" call from Joshua Dubois, the president's liaison to the faith-based community, around 11:00 this morning.  Apparently, on Dr. Jeremiah's radio show, he said this:

"I do not believe he has been an asset to our country; I don't believe he's moved us forward in a good direction, and frankly, I am praying, along with many other believers, that in this mid-term election we will find a way to slow down this train that seems to be moving us toward socialism and away from our historical moorings," Dr. Jeremiah explained. "I'm really frightened about that, and I think in that respect, I believe he's a dangerous person."

It was the part when he said the word "dangerous" in describing the president that sounded the alarms.

Besides loving the tie into the idea of moving forward, badump ba, the very thought being voiced by the good doctor seems to be one that is quite familiar with the president already...having already been over used in his teleprompted speeches and well worn responses of this very same idea -- the people are afraid.

Going a step further, it is fine by him for a certain Dr. Jeremiah Wright to speak in clear terms of fear and judgment against the G*$D@#% America, in his ranting and ravings of "the chickens coming home to roost", blaming Bush for all evil and wishing him harm from the pulpit, a pulpit where our very own president sat beside as loyal follower and mentor-ship of twenty years -- but no, Dr. David Jeremiah, who wished no harm, who did not say it in a "mean-spirited way" -- for it is just his opinion, coming from his own pulpit of his national radio show -- THAT gets a phone call.

And like Juan Williams, formerly of NPR, who gets fired for just speaking his mind, his opinion, one that sat uncharacteristically on the far right, for just once, of his usual left wing ideology -- your done, cooked, thanks but no thanks for the last ten years of service and expert opinion and insight; you associated just a wee bit too much with the other side, Juan -- no longer just bordering the danger zone,  we consider you now fully tainted by the enemy -- and we're done, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Even if we take a good look at how our dear president draws the sides should tell us everything we need to know; for just who is he wooing right now?  Who is he talking to -- as THE President of the whole United States?  Who is he addressing as his own, on his side?

College kids, Latinos, African-Americans, women in general -- but not in particular when it comes to a certain conservative leaning, Unions -- all of them -- including, those who use union dues for a political agenda that perhaps not all members agree with, along with urban communities organized everywhere  -- if minority, that is...He basically draws up the sides up, piece by piece, rhetoric by rhetoric, pinpointing a certain belief in someone's backyard, and running with it; cooking up whatever magic spell will work, matching up with whatever political bias he is with, pulling whatever punch line he can get away with -- in order to seal the deal.

Presidential?  Hardly -- not by a long shot; especially considering he was hired on account that he would be nothing like this.

The president made a point a few months back to say, in a commencement speech at the University of Michigan, "if we choose only to expose ourselves to opinions and viewpoints that are in line with our own, studies suggest that we become more polarized, more set in our ways."

Amen to that, but more important, just where did THIS president wander off to?

Oh, right, these days, it depends upon the moment, who's speaking, what they said (never mind the full context) and their political, spiritual, ideological affiliation.

The thing is, this is the wrong side of being right no matter who is in charge; the day we wipe honest to goodness debate off the face of this earth will be the day we die.  When there is no listening to both sides, the varied opinion, no matter how uncomfortable it may be, then we lose the possibility of real communication, the very prospect of making all things better across the board, or just maybe the chance to see the light altogether, and switch views entirely.

America has always valued the open debate, even going so far as settling the argument with a duel, using real guns, as crazy at it may sound (yes indeed...no lie...go ahead and read about Lincoln's era and the like) -- but that was then, and this is now; haven't we learned anything?

I wish I could run out and buy a Mercedes today; that ad worked on me like candy to a baby; but being a realist, and being so poor it takes everything out of me to pay attention, I will settle for simply taking the ad on as my muse for the day, and let the dream of sitting behind the wheel of a slick, brand spankin' new SL somethin' somethin' slip into my psyche and push me into the joy of a long, sexy, thought provoking banter with someone I love...a sleek convertible in champagne metallic has got nothin' on that. (I know, I am my own spin machine, look out world here I come vrroom vrroom)

What is dangerous, is the very thought of a phone call from the White House questioning someone's inherent God given freedom to speak freely in this country without reprimand -- but hopefully, Dubois is just calling to open up a conversation, to invite David over for a beer, a debate, a dialogue, or just maybe, he's reaching out to say that Obama is listening and will take better care of this country from now on.  It could be anything, anything at all.

I wonder what it will be...

Make it a Good Day, G

Monday, October 25, 2010

Dear America,

Monday, Monday...
so good to me...
Monday Morning...
it was all I hoped it would be...
but Monday Morning, Monday Morning
couldn't guarantee...
that Monday Evening...
you would still be here with me...

I've been stuck on the Mamas and Papas, bad; perhaps its subliminal, for I haven't chatted it up with my own in awhile; or maybe its just plum a coincidence, by accident, no rhyme or reason.

Meet the Press was amusing yesterday; oh how we love to hear the journalists banter about making heads or tails out of the life and times of the day.

The left side is still poking fun at the Tea Party enthusiasts and candidates, alike; how did Rachel, as in Maddow, put it, that basically, we all know...blah blah blah...that the Tea Party is way outside the mainstream...you know, so fringe element and all...just how could anyone take them seriously.  Or something like that.     


Is that the best that you've got, Rachel, still?

And then there was David Brooks, NY Times, who may have tried to sound reasonable but ending up saying basically, "no one is willing to go by way of England yet;" almost as if he were tempting -- and maybe daring -- to put the Tea Party where their mouth is.

Indeed.  No Problem.

As Sarah recently gravely pointed out, if the republicans don't really get it -- if they mess this up again -- then they will find themselves on a bridge to nowhere, too...or something like that.

What Rachel doesn't understand, is now that there is a Tea Party, what the rest of us only wish we could say, only wish we could do, is being said and done; while what Rachel overlooks is the very reality of what this day before us really brings -- and that is a permanent awakening and a reckoning of our wayward, irresponsible ways; what Rachel fails to see, is that the Tea Party is just the tip of the iceberg --

you who...oh Rachel...we're down here...underwater (oh yeah, yes indeed, double your pleasure, twice the pun).

Anyone who does not recognize the Tea Party for what it really is, is sadly mistaken, misguided, having totally misunderstood the very nature of the beast.  For we the people are alive!  We are awake!  And we want our country back -- under limited government, less taxation, not just for today, because we are "so angwy" but for everyday from here on out. While, it's not for white folk, it's for all folks -- equally, fairly, in a one for all and all for one kind of way.

What should be the real wake up call for The Left (whether journalists, elitists, mother naturists or whatever-ists) is certainly not the actions of a few Tea Party revolutionists -- but the actual, current wave of austerity raging and rioting in their favorite playground -- in Europe.

How did Cameron put it, "we're not doing this because we want to, we're doing it because we have to!"  Oh bloody hell, and bullocks to the rest of you, who don't get it...

well when you put it like that, cheery-oh then...

France burning as we speak, Greece already gone, with Germany just trying to control the element of wrongful immigration policy to boot, as in Das Boot...okay, that might be a wee bit too strong an image, I take it back, but only everything after das.

What most Americans are realizing, is that the austerity measures are coming and must come, whether the left wants it, or not; our sustainability factor is simply no longer alive and well, for the integrity of our very foundation has been completely damaged.

What we see in the Tea Party candidate, is someone willing to go to Washington to make the tough calls, to hit the delete button, to repeal most things Washington has done TO us for the last hundred years; exemplifying exactly what our founders feared.

Oh, and we are not afraid, Mr. Barack "because we are not hard wired to think clearly when we're scared" Obama -- we are not sceward and vewy vewy afwaid like little babies crying foul and whining for our mama and papa; hell no. 

We are simply voicing the fears that only our founders knew already -- they could see this time coming from a mile away, from a century or two away.  Nobody here is surprised or fearful of what we must do -- we feel it way down deep, in the cold waters of austerity and living well within our boundaries, that only living within our means, can do.

We're not really afraid at all, Mr. President, we're just shivering;
but more important, we know that help is on the way; and better still, we know we can get through this, and be even better than we were before -- for we have every faith in the world that we can, just as we have always done it, once we put our hearts and minds together for a common good.

We don't care, really, if it takes a retired witch, warlock, or a crazy person, we seek a fundamental transformation of the highest kind; you leftists should be familiar with that, no?   And, my dear Rachel, there may not be eight days in a week, but the reality is, we are eight days away from this kind of moment...can you feel me now?

Sixty percent of this country believes, way down deep in the annals of our soul, that we are currently on track for a raging disaster -- we feel it like there is something in the air, we smell it like danger is looming ever closer, we know it by what our forefathers and mothers taught us -- and by golly, we're just not going to accept it as our destiny any longer, we're not going to lay down and take it no more, no more.

Sure Monday may have come in with a song this morning, but it will leave us with no guarantee for the night that will surely come; Rachel may be dumbfounded -- but the I's and the T's, all together, have it right this time; we, the people, are prepared to do whatever it takes to turn this ship around.  Mr. Brooks, we are, complete with the good Lord willin' and the creek don't rise, ready to go by way of England, just you wait... and oh... for all the irony in that little turn about is fair play.

And we will;
no matter how many election cycles it will take;
while the only time we will look back, will be for all those times we need to tell our children the truth, and teach them the principles that will withstand the feeble and corrupt law of man, and return to the Rule of Law for good, for all, for evermore, and without falter.

"A wise and frugal government, 
which shall leave men free 
to regulate their own pursuits
of industry and improvement, 
and shall not take from the mouth of labor 
the bread it has earned -- 
this is the sum of good government."  
Thomas Jefferson

"Commercial shackles are generally unjust, oppressive, and impolitic." 

"Do not separate text from historical background.  
If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, 
which can only end in a distorted, 
bastardized form of illegitimate government."
 James Madison

Ahh it's going to be a good day.  Time for my second cup of tea.

Make it a Good Day, G

Friday, October 22, 2010

Dear America,

pretty funny, coming from a guy named Schwartz.

Really, Mr. Soros, do you really think we can't see you, to know you, and to know just what you do, too?

I have a question, if you really can't stand America -- and all for which she stands -- so much, why are you still here?  why do you care?  Can't you just mosey on over to Brazil and cozy up to your oil fields, or something, and stay there? 

And your repeated claims and assertions of an underpinning doctrine, holding to the inner workings of some kind of American Supremacy [this article is aged a bit, but evermore current] all over the world, cultivated especially through the actions of another "King George", in theory and according to you anyway, crack me up.

And all I got to say is, it takes one to know one.

If I may be so bold, you have been simply vicious over the years in your bombastic and billionaire investment escapades and currency power raids; how you have been able to spin that into the anti-capitalism, anti-bush, anti-wall street, anti-conservative, anti-American, anti-right, anti-liberty, anti-war, anti-Israel, anti-darwin, anti-self-reliant, anti-free speech (unless your left brain, of course) man we see today is really remarkable -- amazing -- an act of brilliance.  You are very smart, aren't you.

Certainly, way smarter than me; way. 

Really; totally sincere, there.

You KNOW, really know, Money, Markets, and the Mind of Man so well, you truly believe you can play god -- but not like you believe in God, you just want to act like one.  Oh if only the small minded --and what I mean by that is, stupid --  the little people, you know,  only knew...

So after conquering money markets far and wide, what is left for a billionaire to do?

And if there is something in a name...okay, this is where my little pee-brain went to take a peek at Wikipedia, and was completely taken aback by the Hungarian root meaning of Soros -- the chosen family name from Schwartz, after the anti-semitism had grown so strong, the natural mechanism to fight for your life led to a simple name change, and what was that, to SOROS; which means, according to the link, "next in line"..."to soar," "successor," but really, "next in line," couldn't ask for a better twist of fate and irony there, could you now?

There must be something to that, given that your natural progression and evolution has opened up a whole new market to penetrate, that of the left wing media; left brain think tanks and uber-liberal media markets -- mainstream and fringe -- were just ripe for the picking;  and you did.

So you have the Center for American Progress, Media Matters, moveon.org, and your latest love child, National Public Radio.  Splendid maneuvering.  can you say, FI  ERCE (say it like the etrade baby, of course)

You are playing with the media equilibrium dynamic, aren't you?

Between old king george, the thomas paine patriots who bring us Fox News, and we the people --embodying the audacity to rebirth a second revolution,  as in the Tea Party, you had to do something; you couldn't just sit there and enjoy spending your billions on bullion and oil; you needed to play with something bigger, like how do you say, similar to the "reflexivity" of the money market, but using for your amusement an entire body of Americans -- if not the entie globe -- like fools gold.

So sure, take 1.8 million and throw it to NPR and get the only African-American liberal in their line up fired for fun; master your own personal supremacy factor and extend your imperialistic vision for the world, for the pure sake of global influence, by controlling the dialog, the conversation, you know, the kind that only leans left; and when I say left, I mean, the high left, the elite -- through the language of class warfare, the redistribution of power, wealth, and ideology en masse, along with the wanton use of radical tactics clinging to elaborate schemes creating separation and cultural divide.  Good on you, george.

For through the natural flow and  fluctuations of humanity, by breaking the very spirit that made us, America would surely falter; and this is exactly what you want.  And in the meantime, with a wealth of media blocks at your beckon call, just imagine the power to shift minds and influence people...

I may be stupid, but I do know this -- you, King George Soros, do not have America's best interests at heart; you Mr. Schwartz are a fraud and a rip off artist of the highest kind -- taking advantage of America's natural inclination to love our neighbor as ourselves like this... you really should be ashamed of yourself.

And you guys on the left, forging foreign money mania charges against the right --  as if!  You created this, Schwartz; this is your thing, not ours.  I would say a bad word right about now, but I might lose whatever credibility this girl's got...but you can't be serious?  Are people actually swallowing this recycled green garbage?  I think not.

The thing is, being the apparent self-promoted leader of the global governance arena -- with a pool, no, an ocean, no, more like a widening, deepening abyss of enamored, educated, elitists to pull from, those who hang on your every word, sucking out the very life force of our inherent birthright like a parasite of principle and divine providence -- me thinks, sir, you control too much, if there is such a thing.

It is you, SOROS, who is out of control; it is you, and not just Muslim garb, we should be afraid of; for it is you, who is attempting to harness our ability to speak freely, to censor our remarks, calling upon us to follow along in political correctness, and respond like sheep heeding to a collective intellectual understanding over common sense preparedness and forward action; you preach the forbidden, tempering fair and balanced public conversation, stooping to the mindset of just storming off the stage, firing people for raising simple discontent, or throwing your money at progressive policy to shut down speech altogther.

Your empire goes against everything America is -- everything we have fought for, so mightily and brave; and everything we continue to strive for in the world around us, helping those who can't.

The truth is -- and now, in hindsight, tragically so -- America made you; how could you turn on her after all she gave -- it goes without saying, your return on investment was HUGE, if I may say so (and it ain't even over yet...) -- but you would think your inner schwartz would be nothing but grateful.

Oh, that's right; as a proponent of those too big for belief, for faith, for a God of any kind, what's the point in giving thanks to anything outside of your own self.  Wow, that must be a good feeling, for sure.  I am an island and yet rule the world; my universe is everyday play and whimsy with anything and everything under the sun; people follow me, one by one, two by two, into the new world that is mine, all mine.

American Supremacy, anyone;  if you prescribe to it in the same manner as King George II, it would appear to play both sides, equally, only this time... redistributively... with reflexitivity...complete with media (oil, banking, investment, money, gold, life philosophy) mogul and all.

American Exceptionalism, YES!   Supremacy, not so much, usually never.

Make it a Good Day, G

Upon the heels of a crazy week of news, IF you feel up to it today:

you can call NPR @ 202-513-3232 to let them know you will no longer send them money, the government will no longer send them money,  and to go to King George to attend to any budget gaps or grant money... and, if you are so inclined, that their CEO Schiller is an idiot.

Or call Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR@ 202-488-8787 to let him know, in this country, we can say what we feel, freedom of speech is protected under the rule of law, maybe he should switch allegiances or move to Iran.

Or call The White House @ 202-456-1111 to remind HIM, the chosen one, that the Declaration of Independence includes a shout out to our Creator...just a little detail he seems to be habitually missing lately...weird.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dear America,

We are so very sensitive these days.

Having awakened to extremism in journalism and correspondent candidness in action, I am feeling the shock waves roll through my body, while shuddering in disbelief of where we linger in political correctness...it just keeps coming.

Apparently, Juan Williams, has been fired from NPR for an off the cuff comment he made with Bill O'Reilly, comments that "undermine his credibility."

He's been with NPR for years!  He is well read and an established author himself.  He speaks of civil rights, the abhorrence of racial profiling, holding to the rights of all Americans with compassion and common sense, sometimes drifting into personal bias, but most often, he is level headed and balanced in waging his opinions -- welcoming the discussion of both sides of an issue.

I don't subscribe to everything he says, but naturally, right, as we have lived very different lives --  for starters, me being just a girl and Juan being all boy...me, leaning right, and Juan, veering left...but as Americans, I feel quite certain we relate on many levels at the heart.

So at issue, is Juan's natural concern when he said this:

"But when I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous."
First and foremost, if you watched the whole thing, this wasn't the prevailing message from Juan, and he projected a greater concern to the bigger picture than anything else -- but now, you wouldn't know that, by NPR's response.

This conversation happened following O'Reilly's blunt blurt out on The View, when he simply said that we were attacked "by Muslims" on 9/11...of course, what ensued, was as we have well covered over the last several days, an embarrassment of ignorance raging from Whoopie and Joy, to the point of taking their surly, loud mouths of incivility off the stage -- they just walked off in the middle of the show.

At the heart of the matter, was the fact that Muslims did commit the crimes and punishment on 9/11-- all in the name of Allah.  Bill noted that fact out loud without sugar coating; because he is cool like that -- and unfortunately, it's true!

The destruction of 9/11 was done by Muslims, and only Muslims. They, this special little band of Islamic extremists, acted according to an age old radicalized, religious, Islamic tenet of Jihad on Americans, simply because we are home to the Western Culture, we stand for the Judea-Christian beliefs and foundation, we live under the rule of law based upon individual freedom and liberty, and go against the beliefs of the growing fundamental Muslim extremist view in every way.  This is the bad element who attacked America -- Muslims, in the name of Allah and motivated purely by religious rage.

Anyone who knows Bill, knows that this is the element he was referring to.

Anyone who knows Juan, knows that this is the fringe layer of thought back behind seeing Muslims in "uniform," in the burqa, in the wrap, under the cover of Islam.

But it wasn't just about what Juan said, was it?  NPR fell to the threat and pressure of CAIR, an organization claiming to have America's best interests at heart when moderating the conversation between Arabs and Americans;  but if you take the time to tiptoe through the tulips, peep through the poppies, there is a reality of inherent bias within that should shake us up a bit.

And because we are so nice about it, because we are so accepting and so trusting, we, as a nation, are being surrounded by organizations who have polished up on the Saul Alinsky's, Rules for Radicals, without blinking an eye; the fundamental goal to change America is happening from the inside out -- sometimes quietly, sometimes on attack, but in every way making inroads and putting the America we know and love in flux. 

What should worry us, is the level of power to alter our world, overnight; the very ulterior motive that lives and breathes within, under the cover of darkness, acting like the rest of us, changes the face of this organization in a flash -- and we should be afraid; when NPR fires someone simply on the measure of pressure from such a questionable source, along with the clear and present danger of total absence of any benefit of the doubt for a correspondent undeserving of such action, a seasoned journalist and commentator with years of experience and a open heart, a rushing wave of unbridled fear should hit you, too.

For an era that was supposed to bring us together, under the naivete of high expectations of a young gun president who aimed to make all things right side up again, we seem to be going backwards -- things seem worse than ever before.

Or, is this just the natural culmination of our fears over the years?  Or, are we at the cusp of deeper realizations and understanding of who we are and what truths we wish to hold onto, as a nation?

But, besides the heightened security risks which we now live with and make wide accommodations for daily, our heightened sensitivities is off the charts, mounting to unreasonable levels; and right now, today, the side of political correctness is winning, and that is not a good thing.

The thing is, what happened to Juan should never happen in America (feeling like I am channeling Barbara Walters there for a second); we have a right to speak our mind and express ourselves, whether we like it or not; whether it breeds fear or love, in good times or bad, in sickness and in health, in richer or poorer, this freedom is fundamental to who we are.

Question, where is the President in this?  How come he hasn't jumped into the fray on behalf of Free Speech everywhere, or for Juan-- as an African-American and one of his own liberal faithful-- or on simply the premise and purpose and agenda of National Public Radio, in and of itself  -- where is he on this? Or, is this just a case where the Muslim in him wins out, flat out?   This isn't crazy town speaking, this is just fact,  taking into account of his heritage, as in the kind of Dreams from My Father, sort of thing. 

And look, he's jumped in on lesser counts, like the Massachusetts Professor/OfficerGate, why not now...he jumped into the Breitbart Media meets Shirley Sherrod case, why not now?  where are you Mr. President, jump in, the water's fine.

 I feel ill, just completely ill.

I need to lay down.
But before I go:

"it is not in numbers but in unity, that our great strength lies..."
Thomas Paine

The odds may seem against us now, in an age where appropriate response and censured commentary dictates the whole; we have risen to the cause before, and I have every faith it can happen again.

And to think, I woke up thinking I would be squawking about the Queen, having to cut back on crumpets to the tune of 14%; the austerity factor getting cut off at the knees by whole lot of audacity, huh...funny.

Make it a Good Day, G

Fox News should bring Juan on full-time somewhere, maybe something like..Juan's World...and we're smiling already...

one more thing, with regard to the liberal left media who seems to be going to bat for Juan in droves against NPR -- hmmmmmm, wonder what they would say if Sarah said it? if O'Reilly said it?  would Fox News fire a commentator for making such an observation -- evidently not, as Juan is still on, still speaking, and now commenting on his comment "undermining all credibility."

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dear America,

We are born free and then we die, while in between we are caught up in a web of confusion, contradiction and calamity being over regulated and undercut by the workings of man upon man, through wanton and unlimited government intrusion.

Is it really better to live in a cage, restricted of the free flow of life, under the heavy hand of government -- is this really where we want to go, how we want to be?

More regulation is not the answer; if anything, let the last hundred years stand as proof, it cultivates an environment of strict controls, higher penalties, more punishment, and less individual freedom to think and grow rich, to live and let live, to go wherever our dreams might take us. 

AND it can be so darn confusing in the process -- mixed messages abound in the united states of do this, but not that; let's change this, but not that, but not right now, maybe later; let's tax this, but not that -- this applies to some, but not all;  let's regulate this guy, but not that guy, oooh but hold up, let's sit on this some more, but not for long, let's not jump to conclusions here, but here, go for it... you get my drift.

And anymore, it's not just our government doing this to us.

Take the recent revelations by the NFL, you can tackle, but don't hurt anybody; no  longer will helmet to helmet pummeling of the opponent fly, or you will be punished -- fined and taken out of the game -- you know, the game where the fundamental key to winning, or at the very least, defending, is the stark brute force of tackling the guy who has the ball.  Oh okay,  so when you go to the NFL with VISA these days, you get less of the NFL -- at least, with respect to the nature of the game that it was intended.

But really, what this means for those of us sitting on the sidelines, the refs will be the ones calling the shots, stopping the clock, overseeing the players every move, and making sure everyone behaves themselves for now one      more      thing... now I am all for not being stupid, there is that, but if the game wasn't already losing the sport to rules and regulation... we get an afternoon for the price of nearly four hundred bucks for a family of four with brand  new pansy regulations... feel free to tackle, but not like that...and just how is a 300 pound tackle going to adjust mid-air?

Take the latest brainchild of the legislators born out of the days of Woodstock, after nearly twenty years of telling our children not to smoke, what do we do, we seek the legalization of pot --  oh, it's to cover for our lousy good for nothing legislators  who seem to think they can spend our money into oblivion, while increasing services in welfare and health care, while signing off on a slew of ungodly and reprehensible pension packages from here to Timbuktu...oh, the kids will be fine...what harm will it do? 

Really?  Seriously?  Don't smoke this, but smoke that (when you are over 21, of course).

Take the drama on DADT -- and first, let's point out that on the campaign trail, Obama said he would repeal the DADT first thing, as it was "unconstitutional."  Well, flash forward, with not one mixed message, but two for the price of one.  In the first instance, in the last couple of days the courts legislated the law (again) by repealing it -- so, how did the Department of Defense take it?  They issued a statement alerting the recruitment of gays and lesbians will be honored -- but added basically the caveat, don't get the crew cut yet, as it may not stick.  Say what?

In the second instance of contradiction and calamity GI Jane, we have the Obama Administration rushing in to tell the courts, no can do -- and long story short, the courts said no can do back -- so now, the decision is under appeal.  Say what?  Isn't this what you wanted all along, Mr. President?  You are wearing me out, dude, as I am so confused...Do you want DADT repealed, yes or no?  It's a simple question; and in the meantime, I do believe a few of your people have their nickers in a wad, just sayin'.

And along those same lines, let's plug an easy one:  the war in Afghanistan.  In the campaign, the wannabe Commander-in-Chief said Afghanistan was "the good war,"  not to be confused with the good wife, I'm sure.  But in essence, he came out fighting, he said that this was the war to win -- the one that mattered.

Oh really, Mr. Commander-in-Ican'tgetoutfastenough?

Enough said; but in review of the last few months in particular, we seem to be experiencing a strategy under the likes of somewhere lost in translation and lost in space and timetables -- you know, the holidays are just around the corner, Mr. President, after that, it's like six months to summer 2011.  Somethings gotta give but it won't be the Taliban -- they are absolute in resolve, laser like in the cause, and have no problem just waiting this one out until clear skies.  But more important, think about what our troops are thinking, for just a moment, if you will.

And now talk about mixed messages, how about the biggest one of them all -- besides the little things, like saying you would come into office and go line by line to cut government spending... having spun that tale into somehow adding THREE TRILLION DOLLARS to our NATIONAL DEBT (and now being all you, not a bit of BUSH) -- besides that...let's just move on.org and set that aside...

BUT you, dear president -- and much to our dismay and totally unexpected --  came in on a cloud of illusion; nothing in what we saw in you then, has become the president we see today, and need so desperately now.


Talk about mixed messages -- you take the flag, steal the show, and make it look like everything else is amateur hour; you can't even speak the whole truth of the words of our Declaration of Independence...which just Monday, for the third time in like thirty days you have left out "by their Creator."

We thought we were getting an American President who held  tight to the Constitution (having studied it!), who hailed our Declaration of Independence (having exemplified it in every way), who basically glorified the position of being the leader of the free world, having the privilege of holding the highest office in the land, and representing America, Americans, and all that she stands for.

What we heard, when you campaigned with  grease lightening charm and elegance, was a centrist, was a peacekeeper, was a "bridge to both sides of the aisle" maker; what we thought we heard was a man who understood the principles upon which we were founded, from a point of view that we all recognized in ourselves, in keeping with something familiar, safe, engaging, and revolutionary. 

Your message cut right to the heart of a nation of 300 million,  who wanted to live in a country with you in charge, to be that country in every way; you delivered a package deal that we could not refuse nor turn away -- as you presented yourself with open arms, a fair intellectual mind, with an added bonus, of astounding, dynamic, true blue personal flare.

There was no confusion, America's exceptionalism poured out from your every word and move; the message was clear, absolute, undeniable and UNALIENABLE through and through.

ahh  Wasn't it  Emerson who once said, "conversation is a game of circles..." yes...

How clear the understanding becomes after a wee bit of time, and place, and circumstance; ahhh what we find after the true test of time -- waiting for the message to meet up with the real world and the ideology of just a man, front and center, fully exposed.  It's enough to make one dizzy, really.

Oh the web we weave...falling under the principles of natural law... we're bound to get stuck in a corner some time or another.

In a word, not, this was not the America intended by our founders; mankind, and the boundless, immutable natural law we live, by design, safely under the arm of the unalienable rights endowed by our Creator, is all we ever need; unlimited power of the government simply gets in the way.

America was intended to grow, freely and unencumbered by rules and regulation, and by definition, creating the free flow of free enterprise and the free market with a free people, and, how do you say, freely, every step of the way; if you'll notice, what got in our way, was the failure to regulate and limit the growth of government.  Of course, hearing you shout out, government wouldn't have to regulate so much if they didn't see the need, the systemic failure of the decent common man gone bad...blah, blah, blah...and you're right. Absolutely.  and thank you for bringing that up.

As soon as we began to take our attention away from "the unalienable rights endowed by our Creator," we created issues; we became mixed up and confused over how to do it right -- getting sucked into a gnarly web of disaster, one thing after another, confusion, only making things worse, the further away from our founding principles and values we became,  the more we were in it, committed, lock stock and barrel tied to the cause of over-correction, masterminding false Gods, regulating hopes and fears, all to control the whole under the so-called rule of law...for our own good, you know. 

It was all an illusion to turn our hearts and minds away from the one true thing that made us whole, good and law abiding citizens creating law abiding businesses and prospering with law abiding integrity and honor and compassion and liberty and justice for all...

...that being our faith in something greater than ourselves, the Creator of all that is seen and unseen, the maker of America and all that she stands for and all that she will ever be. amen.

When we ceased letting the Creator regulate our every move, individually and collectively, by allowing government to take over and play God, we ceased being a free people and began regulating a world wrapped around the impossibility of all things, through eyes of man not our maker.  It doesn't even matter if you are a believer, or not; the reality that when we ceased making good people, with or without the motivation and inspiration under God, is when we failed the possibility of everything.

"...But lest I should mislead any when I have my own head and obey my whims, let me remind the reader that I am only an experimenter.  Do not set the least value on what I do, or the least discredit on what I do not, as if I pretended to settle any thing as true or false.  I unsettle all things. No facts are to me sacred; none are profane; I simply experiment, an endless seeker with no Past at my back.

Yet this incessant movement and progression which all things partake could never become sensible to us but by contrast to some principle of fixture and stability in the soul.  Whilst the eternal generation of circles proceeds, the eternal generator abides.  The central life is somewhat superior to creation, superior to knowledge and thought, and contains all its circles. For ever it labors to create a life and thought as large and excellent as itself; but in vain; for that which is made instructs how to make a better...

...The way of life is wonderful. It is by abandonment." 
Emerson, from his essay simply titled, Circles.

We are born free; while two things we know for certain, death and taxes; at this point, full circle sounds fine by me, and might even venture to add...  like heaven to my ears.

Make it a Good Day, G

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dear America,

So picking up with where we left off yesterday, The Heritage Foundation's "Morning Bell" daily wake up call offered further insight on the subject of family, and quite frankly, it left me stunned:

"As Rector has amply documented before, the left’s continued blindness to the cultural underpinnings of poverty have undermined civil society and bloated our federal budget. Since 1964, the U.S. has spent $15.9 trillion on means-tested welfare programs. After adjusting for inflation, welfare spending is 13 times higher today than it was in 1965. Welfare spending has grown more rapidly than Social Security, Medicare, education, and defense. And what do we have to show for these efforts? According to the Census Bureau, a record high 3.7 million Americans fell into poverty in 2009. The out-of-wedlock birthrate is now 40% and the African American out-of-wedlock birthrate is 72%. When the War on Poverty began the out-of-wedlock birthrate was just 7%."
Poverty growth is linked to the deterioration of the family; while the article also finds, poverty only begets more poverty -- while the archaic, penalizing ideas of parts of the welfare requirements further wreak havoc, like not allowing recipients to get married. We have grown a system of welfare programs that have totally replaced the family -- and now, the stats prove it.

When the "war on poverty began the out-of-wedlock birthrate was just 7%..." and now look at us.  If that doesn't shake things up, God knows what will.

You know what else was stunning to hear?  Angela Merkel -- flat out declaring "multi-culturalism [in Germany] has utterly failed."

Oh my, wonders never cease; after all, Europe has long thought they were cool like that. 


Enlightenment comes in mysterious ways these days.

Merkel basically said they needed to be more like America -- carrying forward the belief that Germany would be stronger if in fact, the people, and immigrants, melted into one...realizing, too, that the only way to do so, is total assimilation to the inherent culture of Germans, and going even further to say, learning the native language is absolute and non-negotiable.

Germany has awakened!  The dream of the multi-cultural society -- the Utopian lovin' free-world, imagined in their little elitist heads, chockfull of a rainbow of color and creed -- has failed; what they envisioned through their pointed efforts to welcome the world to their door, feels  not      quite       right...

The budding global government mentality of the twenty first century, the work of progressives undermining the integrity of countries and communities left and right, has met their match -- all hail to the angel of e pluribus unum, albeit in another part of the world, but hey, a girl's gotta take it wherever she can get it.

The thing is, assimilation -- as simple-minded as it may be -- seems to be the common thread to all things living and creating, growing and communing... that is if we wish to be the master of our world and the maker of a better life.

We can't improve our prosperity level if we just sit back waiting for the paycheck from the government, if there is no incentive to work, for who really would?  While if there is a greater benefit to having another child out of wedlock, digging in deeper to a life of poverty without restrain, why change our ways?

While just as communities around the world openly and trustingly allow the immigrant to come -- welcoming the new culture to gain a foothold (even if complete with dangerous ideologies and radical religious activism) , dismissing the call to unify with the whole in keeping to their own agenda -- does nothing to grow a vibrant show of loyalty to the country to which they came. 

In both instances, everybody loses.

There was a reason America grew out of the seeds of liberty and justice for all; there was real meaning back behind our defining characterization of the budding community we know now as Americans, under the spell of the iconic phrases found in our very own Declaration of Independence; there was a Higher Purpose to our creation, a greater understanding of our unalienable rights, and a firmer alliance and allegiance to our founding principles and values.  There was a time when we were so clear about it all -- it was enchanting and universal and destined for greatness.

But here we are, poverty is high and the feeling of community is at an all time low all the way around, whether referring to the neighborhood, or all around the entire miserable globe of ours.  WE are splintered, broken, and poor -- more than ever before in our history.  And you know the world's got problems when the nation that used to lead the way -- economically, spiritually, communally, patriotically  -- begins to wobble on it's axis.

The article in The Morning Bell includes a few solutions -- but the reality is brutal,  we can't just flick a switch and recreate the family unit back to the sixties, when the out-of-wedlock births were so low, and that is simply tragic; while Merkel attempts to hit the reset button, only time will tell if she is too late.

If anything, this tells us that policy beginning right now must be different -- we must reward good citizenship, incentivize building community, support common values that bind family and faith, and accentuate the positive, the plus factor that inherently illuminates brightly when we come together in a united purpose, waving flags and all -- versus breaking off in fractions by cultural differences and divided interests that only tear us further apart. As time goes by, the systemic failure is ours to make or overrule.

In this moment, my frustrations grow as we see so much of the focus on family rapidly deteriorate, all while we culturally come out in praise and full support of unconventional lifestyles; where is the pop of praise for marriage between a man and a woman?  for traditional families? where is the love? 

...just maybe, if the rainbow marriage coalition came to meet the other side with love and respect! instead of demands and reprimands, happier days could be made for all of us; there has to be a way to expand the rights without marriage being redefined -- whereupon the license we are reduced to signing as "partner A" and "partner B", which was the immediate reaction and slap in the face from the courts in the state of California.

Again, the political correctness of an issue gets the best of us, and overlooks the mainframe of community far and wide -- tradition gets unabashedly smacked down, while overt and covert activists of extremism in marriage easily capture the compassionate and progressive heart, controlling the P.C. dialog, while leaving a trail of divisive destruction in their wake.

Can't we all get along without discrediting the opposition -- without the ridicule and disparaging  remarks of the majority -- and more important, upholding our natural and universal beliefs that bind and make us strong?

Yes, I believe we can.

Marriage, family, faith, community, melting into one will be what saves us; assimilation with the whole will be what brings us together -- there is room in a community for all; but what it will take, is the spirit of cooperation.

What it will require, is speaking the same language, in both metaphor and actuality.

What we must reward is when it works, no matter how it looks.

and a little more family dinner won't hurt either...

What must remain constant and true, will be the identity, the integrity and the character of the whole, for without, the spirit of the foundation will be gone... the budding vibrancy of a people will be lost... thereby, only making a brighter future living next door to next to impossible; for real unity and astounding prosperity, the assimilation factor is absolute and non-negotiable.

But far be it for me to say, just let the astronomical growth of poverty and broken spirits, along with the recent sway of an entire nation, make it so.

and Make it a Good Day, G

Oh my, Tom Bosley just passed away...oh unhappy day, first Billingsley, now Bosley, who's next? 

Ya see, it's a sign; America is crumbling at the family unit, who needs any more of a demonstration than a couple of pop-cultural family icons to leave us, huh? huh?  This is how it starts...

thank God for Modern Family on ABC, Wednesday night...you may think it contradicts, but not...they show us how it can be done very well (not perfect, but whose family is?)...and very funny. love it.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Dear America,

happy monday

The weekend is a blur, as I was completely entrenched into a softball tournament -- which was nearly entirely under drizzle; not enough to call it off, but just enough to make those of us sitting on the sidelines a bit damp, cold and chomping at the bit for a hot toddy and a fireplace back in the comfort of home.

Of course, sitting there day dreaming between games, my mind went whirling into a two column expose of the differences between the Nanny State vs. Mother Nation, and that was all it took -- still in the midst of unseasonably moist weather conditions -- to provide this morning's inspiration.

So consider the boundaries like this:

The Nanny State, left.
Mother Nation, right.

Simple enough.

Nanny, Liberal.
Mother, Conservative.

See how it flows so easily.

The thing is, in this age of big, bad government, what we are seeing under the current Obama Administration, is a deterioration of our inherent civil liberties and a pure nullification of our founding principles, as they continue to inch their way into our lives in unimaginable ways; the constant indirect, and sometimes blatant, display of "we know better than you", as if the government really can cure all societal ills, along with it's huge price tag, is unprecedented.  While to question their authority to do so, or wonder if any of it is even Constitutional, is considered unamerican, racist, bigoted even, and simply cast as out of control right wing extremism in action.

America has changed over the course of the last forty or fifty years, indeed; but the greatest difference is our growing indifference to how we define and grow beautiful families, ones that when lined up all together, hand in hand across the country, personify a loving, strong, healthy and vibrant nation.

You can believe what you want, but in these days following the recent death of Barbara Billingsley, one of America's first moms portrayed on TV for all the world to see and model after, we haven't entirely done the family thing very well -- over the last couple of decades especially; sure, we have more women advancing in careers, more women bringing home the bacon and frying it up in the pan, more women still shouldering the household duties while holding down a 9 to 5 job, more women reaching their personal dreams of having it all -- but at what price?

No, now before you all jump on my little butt -- yes, I wholeheartedly believe it is possible to have it all as women, if that equates to having a little bit of everything; there is no question in my mind about that; while, there are many women who make it look easy; yet, even still, there are many more who fail miserably at it everyday.

But when we look at our children, and the next generation or two in the pipeline -- coupled with an honest observation of the very issues we used to excel at pretty much across the board, as in education, morality, self-reliance and the individual pursuit of happiness -- we are breaking down somewhere; and I believe that somewhere is not over the rainbow but right here, right at home.

The thing is, if we are really brave enough, and open enough, to have a real conversation about this -- and look deeper into this relationship of the family unit, and the country's future prospects to create happiness and liberty and freedom for all, then we must face some heart wrenching truths about how we are doing at this; and the place to start is at the heart of the home, mom.

For California, nannies are common place -- and that should tell you something, as we are failing everywhere you look; a huge segment of our population just waltzes along with their heads in a salon, complete with cucumbers over the eyes, and all.  Of course, overtly generalizing here, but let's face it, many mommies in California are simply no longer hands on  -- they are above it, have no time for it, are completely frustrated by it, or economically challenged to have that privilege -- and it shows. 

It may sound like I am beating up on my own people -- and maybe I am -- but can we get real? Can we not talk about the reality housewives era we are living in, or vicariously living through, and realize the waywardness of our own ways -- or is that no longer politically correct?  And sure, why stop there -- it's not just a so cal thing, a hollywood thing, or an elite Senator from Northern California thing -- this is a national epidemic. 

While I can almost applaud the Angelina Jolies's of this world, the truth is, the importance of motherhood is being all but ignored these days -- while we continue to sit idly by elevating the federal government to evermore control over our lives like in a warped 'who's your daddy' kind of way; it's a strange marriage of ideologies, to say the least. 

It's not just about the restrictions of salt and sugar and soda, that this nanny state merrily tramples all over; it's not just about happy meals being villainized, and the maker of such as simply corporate greed at the expense of our kids; it's not just about over zealous regulation in everything from what we eat to what we drive, to how we fuel it, to where we bank, how we spend, to what we buy and why --  it's deeper than that --

We've changed how we do mom --
  • it is the nanny being home after school -- and probably, in broken English, making sure they do their homework (hardly the perfect candidate to offer help with writing the review of The Odyssey).
  • it is the nanny preparing the home-cooked meals -- or family dinner broken up with band practice, soccer games, working through dinner, business travel and take out.
  • it is the nanny spending the quantity time with the children, with returning parents feeling guilty -- making up for it with presents, cell phones, and cars -- with no real parental supervision or care until basically bedtime.
If you add the element of a little money for life in the left lane, we extend the nanny state mentality to include private school and quite possibly, boarding school -- other people raising the kids, spoiled little rich kids raising other spoiled little rich kids, and simply parents being out of touch and out of sight, out of mind ; the anti-thesis of the mother who is there by the time the kids return home from school -- or the mom who is hands on and home schooling the kids all day long.

If you add the element of religion, the prevailing attitude is one of dismissing the importance of worship altogether; or it takes on a whole new meaning under the mindset of  a new age hierarchy of  a "collective salvation" -- almost acting as if God told them this is the way it works, basically ignoring the principles upon which America was made, while having the audacity to redefine the entire premise of  Christianity at the same time; under the mommy state, we simply go to church, and if we can't do that, we teach the golden rule and try our best to live by the same, and lead by example.

If you add the element of common sense and self-reliance, under the nanny state, "the little people" have none -- the government can better manage your money, your diet, your business, and seemingly every one's needs under the sun through the relentless and reckless actions of breaking one glass ceiling after another by ruthless taxation; quite the contrary, the mommy state believes in individual responsibility, individual liberty, and that less government intervention the better -- thereby allowing for real growth in the private sector and creating the opportunity for real wealth for all, just the way our founders intended.

There is a possibility we could reduce the state of mommy dearest we are currently living in by simply realizing that many of our maternal issues stem from being deficient in a single attribute, that being able to utter the word "NO!" -- as if a whole chorus of mamas and papas heard round the world piped up all at the same time.  But then again, maybe that's just too simple minded of me; what do I know, right? 

But then I realized something, as a gazed over the umbrellas yesterday, there is not one family on the team with a nanny; every mom or pop on the bleachers is hands on, whether it is a Sunday afternoon, a Monday morning, or smack dab in the middle of the week.  Now, even though I carry a special fondness for the beauty of 'less organized' activities -- thinking of days dating back to The Sandlot era and Leave It to Beaver -- I must say I get a special chill up and down my leg knowing I share my experience raising a family with at least 14 other families close to me; it is a feeling I can build on, at least, and feel good about.

Our modern world makes a whole new June these days -- and that's okay as long we remember how we make good kids; they don't just happen, you know.  A nanny can never take the place of what our children truly need; they require undivided attention, hands on care, and unconditional love, from an actual parent, whether we want to admit it, or not; our nation was built, generation after generation, making a point to make it a priority -- that is until we took the shaping of our kids, and our families, and ourselves, for granted, leaving the duty in someone else's care.

Long has it been understood that the hardest job in America -- and the most thankless one to boot -- is that of being a mother; and I have to say, indeed.  Having a little money can make it easier; throwing more money at it might turn things around for awhile; but buying the kid a car when they really don't deserve it, hardly ever works -- and only real moms and pops know that, through and through.

Our country is having a mother of a time finding itself again; perhaps, breaking it down in ways we can easily understand is where we need to begin -- starting with some of the first words we learn, "mama"... "dada" ...and "no"

...sure, it sounds a little juvenile,
a far cry from showing any sign of an Ivy league education, right....
there was no study taken, publishing a decade of research...
I am, as you know, just a girl -- what do I know, right...

but please, feel free to question -- feel free to come up with your own argument of the nanny state vs mother nation; go for it.  But like a pop fly meeting up with the inside of the glove like it was second nature, we are bearing witness to a pop culture uniting with the nanny state without thinking twice about it.

It may feel like a rush in the moment, but experience tells us it will fade into the reality of having to be ready for the next play, being prepared for whatever life dishes out, a future that anything could happen, at any time -- which unexpectedly, then, hits us in the face with the very prospect that the kids today may want to have kids of their own someday... an idea which very well might, for a few of us anyway, sound utterly frightening, considering the way they are being raised...and if we think Social Security is in trouble now...just you wait.  

Isn't progress just wonderful.

And on that note, all I want is my mommy wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

 Make it a Good Day, G

Friday, October 15, 2010

Dear America,

The Bible

That's what they asked for first.

Yes, the Chileans...still fixated on them, and can't seem to get off the subject, but I will, watch me:

So now that got me thinking; in America, the request would sit for awhile weighted under a slight delay -- as the ACLU wrestles for the civil rights of an activist miner amongst them; the case for the lone atheist in the bunch -- who simply can't bare the idea of being in such a confined space with one -- for fear it might begin to permeate into his mind and burn a hole through everything he struggles to cling to disbelieve.

And we're not talking about the toothpaste (but oh to be the fly on the wall for that discussion, as to which brand name goes down...mother may I)

What? It could happen.  These kinds of scenarios are creeping up all over America -- initially falling under the radar within the confines of local interests of the community, but the times are changing; we are connected in lightning speed all over the world, the pesky little perversions of our unalienable rights are becoming a collective newsflash on a count of about every 24 hours -- give or take emergency broadcast interruptions, alerting us by the long, annoying tones beeping in our ear at two second intervals.

I just don't get it really, are conservatives, the GOP, the right, the only one's these days who have a problem with the control freaks in Washington?  Everything we do is being masterminded and manipulated and restricted and regulated -- as if they've been given free reign to do with us what they please.

And I believe it all started with the little lowly peanut -- that, or the can of beer, it's a close call.

It was the peanut, after all, who one day, out of the blue, grew to become the evil villain, the arch rival, the fire breathing dragon who swooped in to the cafeteria of our schools, declaring what some might consider a holy jihad against us; it was bad, it was a menace, it was a terror, and it wreaked havoc upon our children no less.

It must be stopped; we must rise up against the evil peanut and may the best side win.

Are you going nuts, G?  What the pecan are you talking about?

Well, consider this, there was a day when every child had a right to bring to school whatever their little mama packed them for lunch -- fast forward to school board 2.0 today, no PBandJ, no way.  This is a warning, if you bring that PBandJ to school another day, you will be suspended, we have rules about that now.  Don't you know, some children are deathly allergic to the stuff, so if there is one, we must penalize the all, end of story.  Go to the chalkboard and write 'I will not bring a PBandJ to school' a hundred times, in cursive.  What? you don't know how to write cursive? Then print...go on now...time's a wastin'.

What?  you don't have a school that restricts the right to PBandJ, and anything nutty yummy from entering school grounds?  Oh, sit tight, heads up, you will.

yes, maybe I am hitting a walnut's end to the political correctness of everything under the sun -- maybe a purple hazelnut is fogging my sensibilities -- but don't you think there comes a time when we just got to say enough already?  Of course there are valid concerns in the mix, and all precautions should be taken to protect our children from harm, but when peanut butter becomes public enemy number one, we've got issues.

and then there is this,

It all started on the little lowly inlet of Mission Bay here in my neck of the woods, when the next evil perpetrator started with a Bud -- as in Bud -Wise - Er, remember that campaign? The frogs croaking out the sales pitch, how funny was that... ah the good old days...daydreaming here as a coconut boinks me on the head...snap out of it and continue,

Well, no can do nowadays; most beaches and bays are restricted areas for alcohol.  There is no romantic sunset with a bottle of Two Buck Chuck at the water's edge; there is no Fourth of July popping a few cold one's watching the kids build sandcastles in the sun; there is no popping the question with a bottle of bubbly for that matter...all of that is gone with the ebb and flow. 

 Like a message in the bottle we will never live those days again, for they have been swept away with the growing tide of the belief that one bad apple spoils it for the whole, one depravity requires collective redistribution for all -- and ironically depriving the rest of us of our common sense, collective duty, personal responsibility for the common man to decide and master; it has all been drowned in a sea of stupidity all the way around.

And truth is, I blame this one on the kids -- if it weren't for a few bad spirits from the local college whooping it up just a wee bit too much, we wouldn't be having this conversation; if they were able to handle their liquor(idiots), be respectful of others, and behave themselves, we wouldn't be in this sticky mess -- being collectively pulverized and punished.

Every party has a pooper and the pooper is you -- you stupid kids today -- while this corruption of humanity seems to be conjoined at the hip now, with the latest cure all for civic duty and responsibility under the administration of their very own King of Beers and Prince of Peace (and a Nobel Prize to boot)  -- creating a new restriction, a new law, a new regulation near beer every minute of the day.  Yeah, how do you like that kind of cool, huh?  huh?  Can you hear me now?

I'm stocking up on coke this weekend -- as the way things are going, this administration seems to think they are entitled to outlaw soda pop altogether, for it's for our own good you know -- at least from certain inauspicious places, pop policy for schools today, the world tomorrow... a little nudge here, a little nudge there...

I guess, Glenn Beck has done quite a bit of research on the subject, having collected himself a whole slew of things swiped from the 'can do' list to 'no can do' over the last couple of years...no swing sets in West Virginia, no chocolate milk in Fairfax, no Bake Sales in New York --- what?  no bake sales?  you've got to be kidding me.  I'm no longer a little nuts, I am now in full blown cuckoo stage.

How in the world will the band make it to Boise on time? 

How will we pay for the uniforms? 

How will we teach our kids to really work for it, to go the extra mile for what they need? 

How will we teach them too many sweets makes too many cavities, which leads to a little tooth pain, which may even lead to a root canal, that might even require excavating the whole darn thing altogether?  Not even toothpaste could fix that... perhaps the Bible, but more than likely, God would sit that one out too...doing the right thing my child is solely up to you, have you ever heard of free will?

It's called personal responsibility; it's something that used to be freely and overtly protected in this country, AND TAUGHT -- but now, we grow weary, weak, showing signs of possible extinction of the principles that made us great everyday.

The new wave of social justice, engineering the redistribution of a little game we like to call, follow-the-leader, we know better than you, stop thinking for yourself, just do what I say not say as I do, it's for your own good, you know, I'm with the government and I'm here to help is trying to muscle their way into a brand new system of thinking for us, not with us. 

They, the establishment, the man, those in charge now, think we are just too stupid to think for ourselves -- whether it being what to eat or where we can drink -- while what the kid next to us can eat, in the olden days, used to be so simple that the kid said, no, I don't want to trade, I can't eat that anyway, it makes my skin look funny and after awhile I can't breathe, but thank you anyway.

And I gotta say, to you twenty somethings out there, just who is "the man" now?  Is this the hope and change you had in mind, restricting salt, sugar, swing sets and soda, oh my?   We are headed for an era where the local malt shop on the corner is committing a crime, and you're okay with it? 

Yeah Yeah, you just laugh ...this is no exaggeration, do a little research on how the little nudge works, and you might get it sooner or later (what? you don't know where to begin, what?  what's research?  I can't hear you, blah blah blah blahblah... I never thought I would be missing the days of Mama Cass so much, when what we get in return is a Cass "who's your daddy" Sunstein.

So Glenn's quote for the hour yesterday was simply this:

"Teach a man correct principles and let him govern himself."
Joseph Smith

It's not from the Bible, but it works; a natural law is a natural law is a natural law. 

How the law works, or the belief in that law, or subscribing to the law, or being respectful of the law, or the ignorance to the law is purely subjective and entirely up to the individual man to make the connection, or not; but a law that restricts, as if from a heavy handed God who is just out to make our lives miserable following commandments and rules and regulations, hardly, it couldn't be further from the truth.  Way to be so negative, oh my gawd...

In such a natural law of cause and effect -- and it's no matter if you agree with it, align with it, play with it, or not -- It still does no matter where we stand.  It is free for the taking and understanding -- while if put to good use, it does good things.  When allowed to live free amongst us, the effects can be truly great when our intentions our pure, when we live with honor, integrity and grace. (and when we don't, oopsy daisy, fall down and go boom)  

This law doesn't say, well, if one doesn't understand how to use me properly, I'm going to take it away from everyone...yeah yeah, that's the ticket...and with an evil laugh sneering all the way home...no.

We may be on our own -- but the Law is on our side. 

Government, not so much -- no matter who is in charge.

So tell you what I'm going to do today, first, I'm going to get out of my pj's, gonna take a shower and throw on some clothes that say dressed for success; I'm then going to send the Chamber of Commerce a small donation with simply a note saying 'merci bouquoi', then I'm going to pick up a few things at TARGET ...

...things like coca cola, my favorite Trail Mix with the m&m's and mixed nuts, maybe even pick up that new book "Pinheads and Patriots" and then I'm going to mosey on down to Powerhouse Park in Del Mar and pop a squat on the swing -- and just read my book, eat my nuts, and sip my soda, without hurting anyone, oooh sooo bad... all of which could be considered illegal activity in the near future, you never know these days.  Gotta get it all in when the getting is good, you know what I'm sayin'. 

I'd bring a bottle of red in a brown bag if I could, but can't risk the possibility of arrest -- I might stand out and scare the illegals, I mean, nannies -- while the most important pick up of my day is in just a couple of hours, and really, noon is a wee bit early to hit the nip, if you know what I mean. 

Good thing I got this all off my chest; hate to have my girl think her mama hit the bottle and the funny farm all on the same day.

Make it a Good Day...and if you can't be good, be careful, G