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Friday, October 22, 2010

Dear America,

pretty funny, coming from a guy named Schwartz.

Really, Mr. Soros, do you really think we can't see you, to know you, and to know just what you do, too?

I have a question, if you really can't stand America -- and all for which she stands -- so much, why are you still here?  why do you care?  Can't you just mosey on over to Brazil and cozy up to your oil fields, or something, and stay there? 

And your repeated claims and assertions of an underpinning doctrine, holding to the inner workings of some kind of American Supremacy [this article is aged a bit, but evermore current] all over the world, cultivated especially through the actions of another "King George", in theory and according to you anyway, crack me up.

And all I got to say is, it takes one to know one.

If I may be so bold, you have been simply vicious over the years in your bombastic and billionaire investment escapades and currency power raids; how you have been able to spin that into the anti-capitalism, anti-bush, anti-wall street, anti-conservative, anti-American, anti-right, anti-liberty, anti-war, anti-Israel, anti-darwin, anti-self-reliant, anti-free speech (unless your left brain, of course) man we see today is really remarkable -- amazing -- an act of brilliance.  You are very smart, aren't you.

Certainly, way smarter than me; way. 

Really; totally sincere, there.

You KNOW, really know, Money, Markets, and the Mind of Man so well, you truly believe you can play god -- but not like you believe in God, you just want to act like one.  Oh if only the small minded --and what I mean by that is, stupid --  the little people, you know,  only knew...

So after conquering money markets far and wide, what is left for a billionaire to do?

And if there is something in a name...okay, this is where my little pee-brain went to take a peek at Wikipedia, and was completely taken aback by the Hungarian root meaning of Soros -- the chosen family name from Schwartz, after the anti-semitism had grown so strong, the natural mechanism to fight for your life led to a simple name change, and what was that, to SOROS; which means, according to the link, "next in line"..."to soar," "successor," but really, "next in line," couldn't ask for a better twist of fate and irony there, could you now?

There must be something to that, given that your natural progression and evolution has opened up a whole new market to penetrate, that of the left wing media; left brain think tanks and uber-liberal media markets -- mainstream and fringe -- were just ripe for the picking;  and you did.

So you have the Center for American Progress, Media Matters, moveon.org, and your latest love child, National Public Radio.  Splendid maneuvering.  can you say, FI  ERCE (say it like the etrade baby, of course)

You are playing with the media equilibrium dynamic, aren't you?

Between old king george, the thomas paine patriots who bring us Fox News, and we the people --embodying the audacity to rebirth a second revolution,  as in the Tea Party, you had to do something; you couldn't just sit there and enjoy spending your billions on bullion and oil; you needed to play with something bigger, like how do you say, similar to the "reflexivity" of the money market, but using for your amusement an entire body of Americans -- if not the entie globe -- like fools gold.

So sure, take 1.8 million and throw it to NPR and get the only African-American liberal in their line up fired for fun; master your own personal supremacy factor and extend your imperialistic vision for the world, for the pure sake of global influence, by controlling the dialog, the conversation, you know, the kind that only leans left; and when I say left, I mean, the high left, the elite -- through the language of class warfare, the redistribution of power, wealth, and ideology en masse, along with the wanton use of radical tactics clinging to elaborate schemes creating separation and cultural divide.  Good on you, george.

For through the natural flow and  fluctuations of humanity, by breaking the very spirit that made us, America would surely falter; and this is exactly what you want.  And in the meantime, with a wealth of media blocks at your beckon call, just imagine the power to shift minds and influence people...

I may be stupid, but I do know this -- you, King George Soros, do not have America's best interests at heart; you Mr. Schwartz are a fraud and a rip off artist of the highest kind -- taking advantage of America's natural inclination to love our neighbor as ourselves like this... you really should be ashamed of yourself.

And you guys on the left, forging foreign money mania charges against the right --  as if!  You created this, Schwartz; this is your thing, not ours.  I would say a bad word right about now, but I might lose whatever credibility this girl's got...but you can't be serious?  Are people actually swallowing this recycled green garbage?  I think not.

The thing is, being the apparent self-promoted leader of the global governance arena -- with a pool, no, an ocean, no, more like a widening, deepening abyss of enamored, educated, elitists to pull from, those who hang on your every word, sucking out the very life force of our inherent birthright like a parasite of principle and divine providence -- me thinks, sir, you control too much, if there is such a thing.

It is you, SOROS, who is out of control; it is you, and not just Muslim garb, we should be afraid of; for it is you, who is attempting to harness our ability to speak freely, to censor our remarks, calling upon us to follow along in political correctness, and respond like sheep heeding to a collective intellectual understanding over common sense preparedness and forward action; you preach the forbidden, tempering fair and balanced public conversation, stooping to the mindset of just storming off the stage, firing people for raising simple discontent, or throwing your money at progressive policy to shut down speech altogther.

Your empire goes against everything America is -- everything we have fought for, so mightily and brave; and everything we continue to strive for in the world around us, helping those who can't.

The truth is -- and now, in hindsight, tragically so -- America made you; how could you turn on her after all she gave -- it goes without saying, your return on investment was HUGE, if I may say so (and it ain't even over yet...) -- but you would think your inner schwartz would be nothing but grateful.

Oh, that's right; as a proponent of those too big for belief, for faith, for a God of any kind, what's the point in giving thanks to anything outside of your own self.  Wow, that must be a good feeling, for sure.  I am an island and yet rule the world; my universe is everyday play and whimsy with anything and everything under the sun; people follow me, one by one, two by two, into the new world that is mine, all mine.

American Supremacy, anyone;  if you prescribe to it in the same manner as King George II, it would appear to play both sides, equally, only this time... redistributively... with reflexitivity...complete with media (oil, banking, investment, money, gold, life philosophy) mogul and all.

American Exceptionalism, YES!   Supremacy, not so much, usually never.

Make it a Good Day, G

Upon the heels of a crazy week of news, IF you feel up to it today:

you can call NPR @ 202-513-3232 to let them know you will no longer send them money, the government will no longer send them money,  and to go to King George to attend to any budget gaps or grant money... and, if you are so inclined, that their CEO Schiller is an idiot.

Or call Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR@ 202-488-8787 to let him know, in this country, we can say what we feel, freedom of speech is protected under the rule of law, maybe he should switch allegiances or move to Iran.

Or call The White House @ 202-456-1111 to remind HIM, the chosen one, that the Declaration of Independence includes a shout out to our Creator...just a little detail he seems to be habitually missing lately...weird.

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