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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dear America,

"30 MILLION people are gonna get health care as a consequence."

Has the president ever heard of the long time running show out of the seventies, Truth or Consequences?

Ah, mr. president, a consequence is not usually a good thing.  hello.

And don't you just love Jon Stewart, with his deadpan but biting quips and jabs -- he is a master at what he does; while the president just walked right into the middle of his arena, not once, but a couple of times -- like when responding to Jon's wondering about how he might change the campaign slogan of YES WE CAN...out of the canon he went, well, uh, sure, it is "YES we can...[awkward long pause]....but" -- to a round of laughter from the audience, and Jon smirking with an added twinkle in his eye...brilliant.  Of course, the remainder of what the president said there was, "but it's not going to happen overnight."  Yes, indeed and thank God for that.

While telling Obama his health care plan was a wee bit "timid" -- that was enough to set him off.  Now, "Jon, I love your show... but this is something where I have a profound disagreement with you."

Profound.  oooh, that got Jon wondering if he might have overstepped his bounds,  not.

I can't wait for the body language segment on The O'Reilly Factor, that's gonna be good; talk about the president being on his hunches like crouched tiger sitting dragon, ready to pounce, but not really -- gazing at the look of fear upon a president's mug is an oh so uncomfortable feeling; while his expressions were tight, uptight, and wound tight, so out of character from his usual positioning in front of an audience of hungry admirers who gobble up his every word like an eight ounce sirloin with extra sauce, even though he was. Did you here that ovation at the start? 

He reeked uneasy; and consequently, his visit with Jon was a mistake; it made that timid little health care legislation appear out of nowhere with lioness prowess and expertise -- making the pundit slaughterhouse of a sitting president look all the more like child's play... cat and mouse, if you will.

The bad news:  this is our president;

setting himself apart from all other presidents who have come before -- entertaining us now, in a desperate attempt for attention, to gain a more favorable public opinion, while he will say anything, he will go anywhere, he will disenfranchise 65% of the population if he has to, he will divide and conquer if it gets votes, he will become his own spin master, and even go so far as make a mockery of his presidency making stoic, serious responses in an evening of what otherwise is reserved for more of a comedic venue and exchange.

Mr. President, if you do a show like this, you gotta expect Jon's gonna come after you and poke fun -- at you, no less -- for this is what he does.  To not be prepared for that, to be on those back legs like whoa, hold up there, Jon, I beg to differ -- and profoundly, too -- its worse than just rolling over, buddy.  Where is that bedazzling smile of yours; where is that poking fun right back -- like with how you do it with your overrun car metaphors and get to the back of the bus stuff -- where is that natural spunk to just take it like a good sport?  To laugh at yourself and The Situation... not to be confused with Snooky...where is that president?

It's not like we expect you strut your stuff like out of the surf at Waikiki all the time -- yeah, I'm a stud muffin, kind of thing, I'm bad, I'm the president...actually, come to think of it, most of the time, you are that president.  But if you are going to do Jon, as in Stewart, then if you can't bring it there, we have doubts you can bring it anywhere -- especially to places where it really counts...like at a G20 meeting, a UN rendezvous, a sit down with Saudi Arabia or Iran or China.  You know?  I mean. this is just little old Jon -- he's nice, he's funny, he's smart, and he's cunning.

I mean, you are innately sharp as a whip when dealing with oil spill companies, health insurers, chamber of commerce's,  republicans, stupid police officers, Arizona immigration laws, and "tea baggers" -- nothing gets past you.  While even, the more you talked, the more you slip up, the more you go in circles, the more you sound like every other politician -- if I may "lump you in" all together...

The thing is, when it came time for The Daily Show, I guess I was just expecting you to be more cunning, that's all I'm sayin'...but feel free to profoundly disagree, maybe its just me.

And truth be told, when its all said and poked fun, this isn't exactly the best time to make light, is it.  is it?

Make it a Good Day, G

oooh and looky here, we are just five days away from fundamentally transforming America back!

maybe we can get that before Obama changes the Senate rules to allow for simple majority, instead of requiring 60 votes to pass legislation...as he duly noted, is not in accordance to The Constitution (as if that would stop him), it is just a stupid standard of the rules and regulations to run the senate...

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