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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dear America,

We are so very sensitive these days.

Having awakened to extremism in journalism and correspondent candidness in action, I am feeling the shock waves roll through my body, while shuddering in disbelief of where we linger in political correctness...it just keeps coming.

Apparently, Juan Williams, has been fired from NPR for an off the cuff comment he made with Bill O'Reilly, comments that "undermine his credibility."

He's been with NPR for years!  He is well read and an established author himself.  He speaks of civil rights, the abhorrence of racial profiling, holding to the rights of all Americans with compassion and common sense, sometimes drifting into personal bias, but most often, he is level headed and balanced in waging his opinions -- welcoming the discussion of both sides of an issue.

I don't subscribe to everything he says, but naturally, right, as we have lived very different lives --  for starters, me being just a girl and Juan being all boy...me, leaning right, and Juan, veering left...but as Americans, I feel quite certain we relate on many levels at the heart.

So at issue, is Juan's natural concern when he said this:

"But when I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous."
First and foremost, if you watched the whole thing, this wasn't the prevailing message from Juan, and he projected a greater concern to the bigger picture than anything else -- but now, you wouldn't know that, by NPR's response.

This conversation happened following O'Reilly's blunt blurt out on The View, when he simply said that we were attacked "by Muslims" on 9/11...of course, what ensued, was as we have well covered over the last several days, an embarrassment of ignorance raging from Whoopie and Joy, to the point of taking their surly, loud mouths of incivility off the stage -- they just walked off in the middle of the show.

At the heart of the matter, was the fact that Muslims did commit the crimes and punishment on 9/11-- all in the name of Allah.  Bill noted that fact out loud without sugar coating; because he is cool like that -- and unfortunately, it's true!

The destruction of 9/11 was done by Muslims, and only Muslims. They, this special little band of Islamic extremists, acted according to an age old radicalized, religious, Islamic tenet of Jihad on Americans, simply because we are home to the Western Culture, we stand for the Judea-Christian beliefs and foundation, we live under the rule of law based upon individual freedom and liberty, and go against the beliefs of the growing fundamental Muslim extremist view in every way.  This is the bad element who attacked America -- Muslims, in the name of Allah and motivated purely by religious rage.

Anyone who knows Bill, knows that this is the element he was referring to.

Anyone who knows Juan, knows that this is the fringe layer of thought back behind seeing Muslims in "uniform," in the burqa, in the wrap, under the cover of Islam.

But it wasn't just about what Juan said, was it?  NPR fell to the threat and pressure of CAIR, an organization claiming to have America's best interests at heart when moderating the conversation between Arabs and Americans;  but if you take the time to tiptoe through the tulips, peep through the poppies, there is a reality of inherent bias within that should shake us up a bit.

And because we are so nice about it, because we are so accepting and so trusting, we, as a nation, are being surrounded by organizations who have polished up on the Saul Alinsky's, Rules for Radicals, without blinking an eye; the fundamental goal to change America is happening from the inside out -- sometimes quietly, sometimes on attack, but in every way making inroads and putting the America we know and love in flux. 

What should worry us, is the level of power to alter our world, overnight; the very ulterior motive that lives and breathes within, under the cover of darkness, acting like the rest of us, changes the face of this organization in a flash -- and we should be afraid; when NPR fires someone simply on the measure of pressure from such a questionable source, along with the clear and present danger of total absence of any benefit of the doubt for a correspondent undeserving of such action, a seasoned journalist and commentator with years of experience and a open heart, a rushing wave of unbridled fear should hit you, too.

For an era that was supposed to bring us together, under the naivete of high expectations of a young gun president who aimed to make all things right side up again, we seem to be going backwards -- things seem worse than ever before.

Or, is this just the natural culmination of our fears over the years?  Or, are we at the cusp of deeper realizations and understanding of who we are and what truths we wish to hold onto, as a nation?

But, besides the heightened security risks which we now live with and make wide accommodations for daily, our heightened sensitivities is off the charts, mounting to unreasonable levels; and right now, today, the side of political correctness is winning, and that is not a good thing.

The thing is, what happened to Juan should never happen in America (feeling like I am channeling Barbara Walters there for a second); we have a right to speak our mind and express ourselves, whether we like it or not; whether it breeds fear or love, in good times or bad, in sickness and in health, in richer or poorer, this freedom is fundamental to who we are.

Question, where is the President in this?  How come he hasn't jumped into the fray on behalf of Free Speech everywhere, or for Juan-- as an African-American and one of his own liberal faithful-- or on simply the premise and purpose and agenda of National Public Radio, in and of itself  -- where is he on this? Or, is this just a case where the Muslim in him wins out, flat out?   This isn't crazy town speaking, this is just fact,  taking into account of his heritage, as in the kind of Dreams from My Father, sort of thing. 

And look, he's jumped in on lesser counts, like the Massachusetts Professor/OfficerGate, why not now...he jumped into the Breitbart Media meets Shirley Sherrod case, why not now?  where are you Mr. President, jump in, the water's fine.

 I feel ill, just completely ill.

I need to lay down.
But before I go:

"it is not in numbers but in unity, that our great strength lies..."
Thomas Paine

The odds may seem against us now, in an age where appropriate response and censured commentary dictates the whole; we have risen to the cause before, and I have every faith it can happen again.

And to think, I woke up thinking I would be squawking about the Queen, having to cut back on crumpets to the tune of 14%; the austerity factor getting cut off at the knees by whole lot of audacity, huh...funny.

Make it a Good Day, G

Fox News should bring Juan on full-time somewhere, maybe something like..Juan's World...and we're smiling already...

one more thing, with regard to the liberal left media who seems to be going to bat for Juan in droves against NPR -- hmmmmmm, wonder what they would say if Sarah said it? if O'Reilly said it?  would Fox News fire a commentator for making such an observation -- evidently not, as Juan is still on, still speaking, and now commenting on his comment "undermining all credibility."

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