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Friday, October 30, 2009

Dear America,

It's like the book from Shel Silverstein, The Giving Tree

Whoa, stop...remember to click on Dear America every day...G cannot continue until you do...its all part of the moment, a setting of the stage of what's to come, a trip down memory lane, whatever I start you with --it's a must see TV.  Got it?  Get it? Good.  Now where were we...

Remember how the story goes...first there was this tree -- and a boy.  As the boy grew, the tree let him play on the swing hung by a branch; a little older, the boy could climb her branches reaching new heights; as a young man, he returned to take her branches to build a house...back again to take the trunk to build a boat to escape from reality...then finally returning to her, this old tree now only a stump.  And even though the tree could only offer him a place to rest -- the boy, now an old man, plumped down tired and exhausted.  And the tree was happy to oblige each and every time.

America is the tree; she became this great and glorious evergreen, a life force for all of us -- and all we ever did was take.  But America was happy; as that's just what you do living life from a position of grace and beauty and generosity and compassion.

Similar to a parent and a child, a teacher to a student, a minister to a parishioner in need -- the unselfish gift of simply giving without expectation of return is a lesson that when we finally get it, sometimes its too late, while other times it's not a moment too soon; and yet still for some, it may never come at all.

I feel like we've been given this gift by the genuine article herself, showing her wayward sons and daughters back from the abyss; finding us patriots coming to our knees giving thanks and praise -- we recognize that there is still something left inside us to care -- realizing what we almost gave up -- and we are now sitting shaking in our own skin frightened by what it could have almost been.

What troubles me is the realization that many of us are still floating on the surface, totally oblivious to the undertow below.  Sure, it all looks the same, same old waves of ideas and spin and highlights and press.  It may even taste the same, the salty political machine that keeps rolling out the same old thing, just in reverse, or exact opposite to the one before.  Most people just go along thinking, just business as usual in Washington, huh, whatarewegonna do about it, ho hum.

All of us have bear witness recently to the volatility of the free market, which started fully loaded and available for all of us to partake and take of it whatever we wanted, whenever we needed it.  Some of us profited more than others -- but all of us had a job who wanted a job, thanks to whomever took the risk to build a business to make a widget to sell to you and me and provide something useful or eatable or desirable or worthy of spending our hard earned two cents.

There is risk to be the creator of business, the engine that makes a livelihood run for hundreds of thousands of us year after year.  There is risk from the beginning before opening the first door and ringing in the first buck, to the strain of keeping it all flowing, and growing and building amidst good times and bad, to ride it all out until the immediate risk is long gone -- having only morphed into a constant underlying worry always in the back of the mind.

We don't experience the constant burden of meeting payroll, regulatory demand, taxation, health care mandates and rise in costs -- everything from a pencil to the PPO.  No, as the lowly employee we see none of that.  We feel none of the turbulence and only expect smooth sailing and calm seas as we go about life centered on the thought 'it's all about me'(what I need, what my family needs, what my dog needs...how I need a new car, a new washer, a new pair of shoes to go with the new dress and the kids lessons and activities and making sure they get a phone or the new mac to keep up with their friends)

The burden is on the employer to make it all happen -- every day; as most of us don't have what it takes to be the next IBM, Apple, Walmart, or Cable company.  We wouldn't know the  next thing as to building a Kenmore, a Prius, an IPhone or Google Network -- we wouldn't have a clue; nor would we have the capital to even start, or the good credit back behind us to get it.  Most of us just don't have that kind of leverage.

Matter of fact, most people even in congress have never run a company themselves; what do they know about meeting the demands of payroll on the first of the month when you also have health insurance coverage and the rent to pay on the building you lease or own -- when all of a sudden your IT network goes down or the copier finally calls it quits?

No, what we have in Congress are mostly lifetime politicians or attorneys, neither of which know the first thing of producing something of value, they only know taking something of value and giving it to someone else.

But there is something going on now that is deeper than all of that, deeper than jobs and far more worrisome than simply getting food on the table and providing for our children. 

After all this time of using our dear girl, our one fine America who's only fault was in continuing to give without expectation of return, we can hardly find her anymore in the hearts and minds of our leaders; and while they bicker and moan and call each other names as if that would make any difference, the true nature of our lady in waiting is calling to her people to stand up, in the last hope of turning the tide.

For it is in this current undertow of a markedly different game changer that has us off our feet and gasping for our very life and breath.  We see the light of the surface through the effervescence spinning over our head but we just can't turn ourselves around and head up in the right direction -- somethings caught hold of us, keeping us from making our way up.

And we can't even call out to a friend; nobody can really hear us, but even if they could, the lesson cannot be learned unless we do it all yourself -- each and every one of us. It's not up to the ocean to save us or a log to just come along, its not up to anyone else but our self to right this wrong.

America's done nothing wrong; there isn't a reason on this earth as to why she should apologize.  All she's ever done is provide for the base, the foundation, and the firmament to grow the wealthiest republic of people this world has ever known. 

We were blessed with magnificent minds coming together for the root cause of liberating and freeing all people, and creating a nation which reveled in self reliance, common sense and life created any way you want to make it.  For we formulated a rule of law that provided for our every indulgence and need, leaving government to a limited power in order to allow true growth, family prosperity, and freedom.

And just as the tree has nothing left to give but the resting spot of a stump, it is up to us to come to America's rescue in appreciation for all she is and forever will be; it is time for us to make her proud and to find a way to give something back to the one thing that gave everything up for us for our own pursuit of happiness.

Truth is, America has nothing left but a stump; her roots need replenished and all we seem to want to do is trample over her some more.  The tree needs a chance to grow back and prosper and branch out into the sun; her offshoots need to lift up to the light and soak up the rain to bring a sense of security that life continues on.  Even after storms ravage her and shake her to her core, the sense we are firmly grounded in history and perseverance and strength and liberty is what prevails.

This new administration doesn't seem to care about her past or what she gave to us all along the way.  They look at her in disgust and see just a stump -- something so old, worn down and used.  They figure its not even worthy of a trip to the greenhouse for tender loving care and an opportunity to grow back.  They would just assume dig her up entirely and throw her last bits into a chopper, using her for the final round of mulch for the sprinkling over the ever not so popular redistribution of wealth and common ground for all of us to plant ourselves into -- acres of neat little rows conforming to the new policy to share our property, our rights, our freedoms, our souls equally and squarely one to another, fearing the possibility of someone standing out and making a bean stock out of a pea shoot.

 Doesn't this new administration know that the ideas surrounding socialism or communism are ideal in the sense of creating the quintessential Utopian world -- of everyone getting what it needs equally and in proper share -- but it does not create anything but a nation of followers, and very poor one's at that;
  • as the encouragement to build a business, risk the costs, leverage the benefits, and produce something, anything is not there;
  • as the encouragement to go to school studying a field that takes a degree that takes a lot of time and certainly a lot of money that when you finally finish and are ready to earn the money to get back the investment of the hard earned education you find out the benefits of a top notch salary are simply no longer there -- hence, not even worth the effort;
  • and if there is no real benefit anymore to being the entrepreneur, the innovator, the risk taker, where will the work come from?  The bureaucracy of writing checks and collecting taxes to take from the rich to give to the poor?  How long do you think that can last?  (see also wealthy New Yorkers leaving jobless New Yorkers)
My question today is just how does merely saving jobs equate to stimulating anything?  This kind of stimulation is short lived and futile in creating long term growth -- as there is NO GROWTH.  How is saving people from losing a job they already had considered a well thought out economic policy?  The GDP which grew 3.5% this last quarter is all done by smoke and mirrors -- elevated through artificial means with programs like Cash for Clunkers and First Time home-buyer credits -- and not from policy that rewards continued and substantial job growth. It is merely instant gratification...haven't we learned anything?

Programs like these do not create anything real.

Only the private sector can do that.  Only mom and pop have the right stuff.  Only a wall street can build a main street, as there has to be something in it for everybody.  Anyone catch SHARKS on TV, a bunch of entrepreneurs willing to stick it all out on the line for you if you have an innovative business plan?  This is America in a 60 minute capsule once a week; as the business of running America can only be saved by CREATING -- creating new jobs, new products, new opportunities.  Then and only then does everybody win.

The reality is, there are sharks in the water already -- and they are disguised as the current administration.  They want to eat America for breakfast -- and next they will be coming after people like you and me -- as there won't be anybody else for them to feed on.

I heard the funniest expression yesterday by some financial guy -- really sorry I can't remember who I can credit -- but he called yesterday's Uncle Sam as today's Uncle Sugar Daddy.  Don't you just love that. If it weren't so funny, I'd be crying.  Does that hit it on the head or what?

Glenn Beck imposed the question for all of us to just pick a side yesterday -- as remaining neutral the decision is merely made for us.

I'm saving a tree, what are you going to do today?

Make it a Good Day, G

 Thank you, Shel Silverstein, for giving us the gift of The Giving Tree.  It is a beautiful story and I just hope you can forgive me for using your tree.  Bless you for your work.

 Thank you, Barry Manilow, oh Mandy you came and you gave without taking...but I sent you away ...where would I be if weren't for your melodies playing in my ear at the age of 12...you write the songs, Barry, that make the whole world sing.  Bless you too.

 Thank you, G man Glenn, you are a gift to the life and times of our dear America.  Bless you and yours always.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dear America,

How can we sneak up on the enemy if we continue to blow our cover?

This is the thing about the transparency era we are in --

in cases where Obama is on the record stating his unwavering dedication to changing Washington with the first area of business, opening up the dialogue and debate for all of America to hear on C-Span, even so much as defining 'the new black' in Washington as the ultimate in open door policy in exchange for a vote; he changed our minds enough to elect him.  And, especially upon matters of legislation and how our tax dollars are spent, Obama laid it out, over and over and over again...let me be clear...and let me say again...as if telling us more than once will make it so...his administration would be different. 

And we believed.

To date, we have seen no transparency of this kind; as a matter of fact, it has been quite clear of this administrations every intention to keep the people in the dark.

Remember, Obama wanted a vote on the Public Health Care Bill before the Public could see it and read all about it; it was the leader who wanted the vote in July before summer break -- now look at us.  This is a freaking joke. 

Transparency?  Anybody watching Reid and Baucus and Pelosi quarterbacking  a bill on Sunday's let alone any other day of the week? I'm not seeing it.

And while on the subject, if it is so important to the President, why isn't he leading the way in the charge?  Obama is not even talking about what he wants in the bill -- he's leaving it up to Congress to get it right.  And this is why:  Just as his couple of years as a US Senator prove, he had a hard time deciding anything let alone being there to vote and debate and take part in the democratic process -- he shies away from that kind of eradic behavior -- as that would take a real bonafide yay or nay -- a true commitment to one side.   He can't do that.

Now when the Health Care Bill reaches a point of no return and finds itself in the garbage pail holding five hundred copies of 2,000 page bills from the House and the Senate (to date there are at least three versions) leaving a bureaucratic trail of 3,000,000 pieces of paper, equating to $60,000 in paper costs, before adding in revisions, attorneys, paralegals, overtime and Chinese food...

and for what,
so that the American people can get further screwed out of our hard earned cash and lose the America that once was under false pretenses and good intentions and more corruption?  Huh?

Before we go on with transparency, we can fix health care in America overnight with one thing:  tearing down the interstate wall so that real competition between insurance companies and health care costs can actually take shape in the free market.  That's it.  Do this and we can all shut up and go home.  Glenn Back's latest book has to be spot on and good -- have yet to read it -- but we are arguing with idiots...

And Yet for
matters of national security,
threats to the homeland,
evidence of confidential internal communication between that of the CIA and Congress,
and the so called inherent rights to all persons on American soil or taken prisoner,
now this is where we blow open the window, tear down doors and breakthrough walls at all costs.

Yes we can pick our battles now can't we.

Once again, a President -- who is highly regarded as intelligent, astute, and even street wise -- somehow gets his priorities and his promises all wrong. How can this be?

And while cable TV news loves a good fight, it is amazing the amount of dialogue that can be saved or created by this constant flow of transgressions coming out of this White House; I mean, every day there is something new, while even if its not new, the view has taken a whole new light and keeps transcending or plummeting -- whichever way you wanna look at it -- in the matter of public opinion and interest.

But I have to wonder, isn't the whole idea behind areas of government like the FBI and CIA considered off limits from scrutiny and oversight and magnification; isn't there something in what they do every day paramount to the task at hand -- and that being the ability to carry out orders pertaining to secret missions with maybe even a little Agent 99 and Get Smart thrown in for intrigue and illusions; isn't it safer for the public not to know some things?

 Taking it one step further, doesn't the confidentiality factor make it safer for those involved to complete their duties without fear of repercussions or the chance of leaking information, which could in fact lead to adversely affecting the outcome --  notwithstanding whether or not they live to see another day?

As I understand it, my naivete leads me to believe that even people within the family don't often know the truth -- offering the candid response of I have no idea where my father goes when he leaves the house in the morning, or has Hollywood just warped my brain?

But what gives? 
And then you still have people like Nancy Pelosi, who years later, after there's been a change in regime, and even though she was minority leader since 2003 and currently holds majority leader in the House, all of a sudden there is this burst of awakening and cries foul?  Are you kidding me, Nancy?  Really.  Are you kidding?

And she's not just crying foul, but calling the CIA a big bunch of liars.  Grow up and let me know when you find your good conscience.

This is the thing -- and why this ass-backwards government of ours is soooooooooooooo ridiculous -- and attention you guys and dolls in office: you know we have record of most everything you do and everything you say on tape and of record (unless of course it goes on behind doors -- whether they be closet doors or boardrooms). 

We can go back to the second Tuesday in June of 1996 and find out what anybody said and what everybody was doing and who you were doing it with...so you might as well give it up and speak your truth at all costs -- every day -- or it just may come back to bite you.

I can tell you, Clinton and Lewinsky were having a harder time hooking up about this time, June of '96.  She had just recently been transferred to the Pentagon in April, as her superiors thought she was spending a bit too much time with the President. 

Of course, he was a busy boy.  The administration was being tested from all sides, while the Iraq Disarmament Crisis was still well under way. It was this June when the UN opposed taking any military action all the while Iraq continued to refuse inspectors access; Northern Ireland was sitting down for peace talks with Sinn Fein; and it just may be that Clinton was busy playing with the old joy stick...you know, the latest Nintendo version 64 just released in Japan -- and you thought I was going to say something else. 

That's another thing, even the military must be allowed secrets! 

Unbelievable that in this day and age we give it all away -- strategy, policy, how many men, what they can do -- and more specifically what they CANNOT -- and all the while our enemy is watching, listening, waiting to see how we telegraph our next move, like a bumbling round of idiots; does safety first ring any bells?

A good military keeps secrets; and anything less we are simply shooting ourselves in the boot. 

And yet this is where our administration chooses to be transparent. 

Hear ye Hear ye, I want secrecy when it comes to both the safety of America and in keeping our boys and girls protected as they go about their business.  In my opinion, it is just plum stupidity playing cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians, good guy/bad guy deep in the trenches of political correctness-- this is the wrong way to play, win or lose.  (again, who am I but just a girl, what do I know)

I do know this, this is exactly why America is so angry and bitter with the better part of each and every branch of government today; the idiots of DC have all been tainted by the vanity of the show, trading pork for America's soul, their fifteen minutes of fame, and wasting every one's time and money through a generation of bureaucratic bull.

Times were better-- and far more richer -- when the federal government paid for diddly squat; times where they either never had the opportunity, or the responsibility, of running the business of governing America into the ground.

We thought with ushering in the new era of change, that we would see what we were looking for...

"A new standard of openness" 
and let me say again
"transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstone of this Presidency"

We just thought it was about changing the waste and corruption in Washington -- not entirely transforming America.

America is in the hands of the enemy
-- just pick one --
greed, corruption,
loss of soul, terrorists, loss of self reliance,
false pretenses, dishonesty, waste,
spiritual disconnect, deterioration of family, and
disobedience to the rule of law

Most of us really love our country -- and will do anything to get it back. 
And     we're      not        gonna     tell you, na na na nanana

Make it a Good Day, G

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dear America,

Oh I get it, keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

Splendid strategy.  I should have known all along.  Oh Obama, you had me fooled, I thought all this time you were just scared of making the wrong decision; but its not that at all, you are just plum scared.

Usually when running scared there is overcompensation to disguise the fright, so as to not give way to any hint of weakness or vulnerability.  But you sir, raised in Chicago, know this drill quite well.  You win through tactics of intimidation, carrying a big stick-- sticking it in places it doesn't belong, hitting the soft spots of your adversaries, and knowing just when to say when, eventually turning the game if not by pure talent but through the long and tiresome road to attrition.

Many battles are won on such odds of the last man standing.

And yet watching you, I must admit you carry this strategy to an art form; and not only for the causes we face front and center, but also in this ability of yours to just be everywhere, whether in campaign mode for the DNC, campaign mode at military installations, campaign mode in the Rose Garden with Doctors in white coats, and even campaign mode for upcoming elections -- even if at the risk of a potential rout or loss of reputation.

If I could make a suggestion, and don't mind if I do, aside from what happened in Copenhagen, quite honestly campaign mode isn't really working for you.  I mean, how many times can you pretty much say the same thing and not actually follow it up with some kind of action?

And I have to wonder, just how uncomfortable it must have been for you standing in front of all those men and women in uniform on Monday, while in Jacksonville.  I mean, how many ways can you basically say, 'it's not you, it's me' and get away with it, you know?  They are standing right there...awkward.

But there you are with the flag on the lapel flapping your mouth with the top ten reasons you must wait to make your decision, again, and somehow say so in front of the boys and girls who entrust you with their life --for their country no less -- and say it so convincingly that they truly believe you, again.

You do know that they know what is said in the papers, and more importantly what even their own generals have asked you for, right?  You do know that they know that it wasn't that long ago when you announced a plan -- that being the plan in March -- and the bold, swift direction you came to with the help of input from the previous administration, the assistance of Generals, and a firm commitment of the entire Defense Department.  You had all of us at anchor's away, you know.

Speaking for myself, we were all quite proud of the immediate attention thrown in the direction of tending to the Afghanistan War on Terror; it was kind of like that second day in office when you essentially closed Guantanamo Bay overnight -- well sort of, it's kinda closed, we can pretty much cross that off the list...right?

But in offering another suggestion, it may be to your best interests to lay low on future installations or the cracking of champagne over a bow, just until you decide a course of action.  One can't be too sure what kind of audience is waiting for you, we would hate to have them 'boo' or scream 'you lie' marching to the beat of a real general.  You understand, no?

Clearly, campaigning comes easy to you; and not at a moment too soon in some cases, as some of those governor races are pretty tight.  Well, one of them is pretty tight, the other is a blow out, but no sense counting the elephants before they hatch, right.  We all know how ACORN works a little bit of voodoo.

But what is it with you, anyway?  How do you do it?  What with everything you have on your plate...
things like convincing  particular insurance industry holdouts to bend over on Health Care, calling the Chamber of Commerce names for lack of support of what -- a couple of things, vilifying the FOX News organization for keeping it real, commending the honorable Floridian representative Alan Grayson in light of his calling your own Economic Advisor a "K street whore," all while sensing your friendship with China a tad more important than a meeting with the Dalai Lama -- choosing the economic loss of position vs a spiritual gain of unparalleled opportunity.

What you campaign for and when fascinates me to no end.

And of course my favorite question, who pays for that?  Just who pays for the trips to San Francisco for dinner and lunches in Florida -- along with fly-by's in New Orleans and stumping in New Jersey, no need to mention the Virginia trip --that's just a metro ride away -- but other than that, who buys?  Who pays for things like hopping over the pond to campaign in Copenhagen -- does the Chicago Olympic Committee reimburse us for that...does Oprah... or what?

Okay Okay, no need to get defensive, they're just questions, geeze.

Oh my, if we are seeing you do this kind of regiment campaigning within the first nine months, I can only imagine how many miles you would accumulate on the company card if only you qualified -- perhaps you would have given it all away to charity like you intend to do with the 1.4 million dollars (say it with the pinkie to the chin) from the Nobel Peace Prize Patrol.  You know, that is the one thing you didn't campaign for (at least you, yourself) and yet, you won! Go figure. 

Funny too, as this nomination came in just after two weeks in office -- you must have done something really special, do tell when you have a moment. Oh, that's right, it was bestowed upon you in anticipation of the potential peace you may bring unto the world; by comparison, wouldn't Miss America carry the same weight  as to any and all likelihood of that happening -- I mean, if anyone is all about bringing world peace, she'd be the one, no?

Of course, what with the saturation of the HOPE poster, along with the new presidential icon you plaster all over the place -- the big O with fields of grain and the American Eagle fading off into the sunset --  its a wonder you really have to campaign at all; you're like VISA®, accepted everywhere and often, which I guess is just the way you like it. 

It must feel so good to be you; you know, being the victor of the latest and greatest Obama Nation, the director of the  IMAX® Obama Rama theater, and while -- like you always say it's not always about you -- it certainly remains all about the O, oh you adorable man. Damn, life is good, ain't nothing but a gthang.

Until such time you have to make a decision, aw snap.

Then of course your thin skin will be hard pressed to come to terms with the answer most probable to please the masses while at the same instant not to offend a rogue dictator or two; and if all else fails, eventually beating us all off with a stick if we don't like what you decide.

Excellent strategy.
I give you three years,
eighteen months if you can't grow a little huevos rancheros in your pantalones.

Make it a Good Day, G

You know, Saddam Hussein had a poster.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dear America,

Anyone miss me besides my mama and my papa?

Seems G has been bitten with the sweet snout of a little piggy, thanks to the love of my life catching up with a doozy of a wild boar; funny, all upon the curly tails of the big announcement on Sunday from our dear President that it is now a national emergency, The Swine Flu. I thank heaven the tippy tap of the keyboard lives on to see another day from G.

I've been somewhat delirious over the last three days; haven't even washed a spoon...and you know how much I hate leaving things in the sink.  My girl was at her daddy's so I just let it go, and let it go, and let it go.  By the time she came home yesterday after school I was knee deep in Gatorade bottles and sitting in a pile of saltine cracker crumbs, albeit looking rather pathetic. 

Good news, my girl is growing up, she took one look at me and started picking things up, asking me if I needed anything.  Now tell me, is that not magic or what?  For a parent, it is a true sign you are doing something right, if only that one thing.

It is a fascinating relationship, a parent and a child.  There is nothing like it in the world; and remains today as the one link between family generations and the evolution of a society that speaks volumes as to the health and well being of the macrocosm of civility and community.

I think my spirits started an uptick upon interesting data from a recent poll, 40% of Americans consider themselves conservative, 36% say moderate, and only 20% say liberal.

Are you kidding me?  Praise the Lord and Hallelujah. 

Does anyone else wanna scream YOU LIE to the Mainstream Media, or is it just me?
Does anyone else wanna scream WAKE UP to Congress, or is it just me?
Does anyone else wanna tell a really cool President you're losing your It Factor, or is it just me?

I know I said I was embarking on the conversation of Rogue Dictators and the crazy lot of followers that they seem to attract, but once again, I have to pause.  Or maybe, I have just changed my course on this one; and then again, as I haven't fully recovered -- let's just attribute whatever I say today to the frying of my brain over the last 72 hours...consider it a pass, similar to that of the high level of commendation from our die-hard and loyal media to our king, Obama. Anyway...

Our world, from the moment we enter it, relies upon a solid foundation -- an inherent gift, with holy origins designed by God, as a life created from the love between two people -- our mama and papa.  From our first breath we are dependent upon these two people to give us everything we need to grow into a responsible, loving human being; growing up in a world in which there are no two people alike, each of us unique and special and planted here to fulfil a destiny, whether by dynasty, tribe or just as one in a million.

If we miss out on this essential nutrient -- a family of two responsible, loving parents to begin with -- we are already at a disadvantage as we set out to make our mark and make a life, to learn right from wrong, and understand the gravity behind even the simplest of character influences, that being, who we model ourselves after. 

Without a mother nurturing us and feeding us and holding us tight before a kiss goodnight, our nature hardens, becomes less connected to our emotions and learns to just get by -- not even realizing what we are missing, too young to know any better, and looks to fill the needs outside the home. 

Without a father nurturing us and feeding us and teaching us to take care of our young, our nature hardens, becomes less connected to our emotions and learns to just get by -- not even realizing what we are missing, too young to know any better, and looks to fill the needs outside of the home.

And in a nutshell, you could say troubled childhoods are the very beginnings to rogue dictators.

Real quick, while there is a bit of mystery to the full background, but some have said that Hitler's father came from illegitimate roots, passing on an insecurity gene, and grew up to raise the young up and coming leader with a parental footprint of lack and limitation, whether it be from offering only a modest means or in his irreverent show of support to allow Hitler to uncover his hidden talent in the arts.  Whatever it was,  Hitler grew up defiant and angry towards his own father -- feeding into his own personal demons and subsequently followed by years looking outside of the home, finding strength as a soldier, culminating to the raging Aryan superpower, which as we all know from history, grew into an entire regime under the Nazi Party.  G note: oversimplified, goes without saying.

Saddam Hussein, given a name from birth meaning "the one who confronts" grew up apparently at the hand of a stepfather who, like Hitler's father, was unaware of the gift that parenthood brings.  When his real father left the family almost immediately, Saddam was sent to an uncle for a short period of time, only to return to his mother and a stepfather who believed a firm hand to a child was merely a matter of good discipline. 

Certainly then, it is hardly questionable as to why the boy may have had some issues; Saddam grew to look elsewhere for security and support, and finding it in a circle of Baathist -- a rising political offshoot.  As it turns out, over the years and through the use of weapons of mass destruction -- you know, the chemical warfare including mustard gas and nerve agents -- you know, the stuff he never really had -- Saddam's regime was responsible of 100's of thousands of deaths of Kurds and Shi'ites, not to mention an ungodly number of cases of rape, mutilation and torture to force the allegiances of Iraqi's -- of course many of whom were women and children.

As a fascinating lineage characteristic passed between generations, and specifically referring to Saddam's upper echelon within his regime including his brothers, half brothers and sons -- this one extended dysfunctional family wrecked horror upon the lives of Iraqi's for decades.

What is disturbing -- besides everything -- is the level of the death count at the discretion of these two guys. 

But today, who do the liberals harber such ill will towards, likely attributing the entire death toll of the reprehensible Iraqi war, if they could -- Bush.  To the liberal-- that glorius 20% -- Bush may not only be admonish-able for such atrocities, it may very well justify due process under the law for holding him accountable for committing war crimes, God save the Queen.

Yet if the Liberal could take a moment to remember history as they go about their merry way, a lesson from the father may have its merits, as it was Bushie Numero Uno who had this to say amidst the strain of of the Gulf War:
"What is at stake is more than one small country.  It is a big idea -- a new world order -- where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind -- peace and security, freedom, and rule of law."
Somewhere along the way, we have lost the aura of understanding in saving people for humanity's sake, if not also the chance for world peace. (Once again pointing to our country's age of reason after the Vietnam war -- in preparation for the hippies to lead the way in government today...a featured theme by yours truly in a blog of yore if you recall.)

Sure, reality speaks to us and gives us volumes of hidden motives and justifications -- things like oil reserves and keeping a base of allies around the world.  There is that, so there  -- G's effort to 'keeping it real' is right here in black and white; but let us not forget the greater good is the root cause; for the entire world relies on trade and the exchange of goods, services and even treasury notes in order to survive -- whether it be a regime of nasty dictators or a nation of peace, policy and democracy. 

Truthfully, to really understand world order and the use of war tactics, one would have to study it.  I am no scholar nor recent graduate from a war college or aficionado of any sort -- I'm just a girl.  Go ahead and make my day and call me out of touch with making such a sexist remark like that; bring it.  Considering the internal warfare my body has encountered the last few days I am quite certain of my capabilities and have no intention of backing down.

I bring up the notion that there are people who actually study war -- mainly those in the military and those turned on by the art of war and world history -- of which there are many who qualify on the planet. 

However, John Kerry, a Vietnam War dissenter and anti-war lifetime congressman is not one who would first come to mind.  Sure, he enlisted into the Naval Reserve in 1966, went active duty in August of the same year while entering into the Officer's Candidate School -- bunkering down in my childhood town of Newport RI.  Good choice there, mate.  But didn't the draft start just about the same time?

Considering the opinions that graced the pages of your Yale papers and debates, me thinks you entered under suspicious underlying motives, but what do I know.  You, yourself, admitted Mr Kerry, that you never wanted to be in combat and chose positions out of harms way to the best of your abilities; while you held America in contempt for her selfish penchant of imperialistic tendencies, forbidding alternative strategies to support such cause for military action in your view going back 40 years.

You just couldn't wait for a chance to sway public opinion under an actual honest attack and conscientious referendum. For you Sir Kerry, having returned from Afghanistan recently after swooning in to mediate the election fiasco and report back, gave a sweeping opinion to the absurd request of General McCrystal's call for 40,000 more troops as "goes too far, too fast". Problem is, you sir are no General and bestow a past which questions all credibility. But what do I know.

Life has been so good in America, we forget the cost to keeping our freedoms alive and well, and how much we should treasure it, as compared to the rest of the world.

We just don't know any better, I tell you.

The loss of military lives throughout American history is an astounding low number; approximately 1.3 million actual troops have died since the Revolutionary War!  The highest record of loss was the Civil War, a war that costs the lives of about 623,000 military, north and south.  The second highest being WWII, with about 407,000 lives lost in uniform.  Vietnam War, 58,000 American boys.  Iraq, about 5,000.  Afghanistan, about 825.  Is it just me, or are we evolving with regards to war -- both in when to surge and why?

Loss under bad man number one, Hitler -- total of 40 million civilians (12 million just in concentration camps)
Loss under bad man number two, Saddam -- nearly a million civilians, under ethnic cleansing, during his free reign between 1979 and 2003.
Also note:
  • under George W. Bush's Presidency - approx. 98,000 Iraqi civilians, (when actually at war)
  • under Clinton's Presidency - approx. 537,000 Iraqi civilians  (when not at war -- only under U.N. Sanctions) 
Huh?  Where was the media then?  Where were the Human Rights Activists?  And how the heck can a margin of 4 to 1 go unnoticed?

The use of civilians is how evil wins.  It is intential human loss at the hands of the enemy; like the sharp whip of a belt from a father, like an intimidating message slapped across the face of an entire village -- follow me or consider the consequences.  Evil uses women and children to bend and sway the public opinion -- as it is smart, cunning, and  incredibly brilliant -- masterfully manipulating wrong over right. 

Where is the media in reporting this kind of war crime?   Where is the National Organization of Women understanding this warped sense of reality facing vast parts of the world, besides just the Middle East? 

Where are the adulations and appreciation to a Presidency that kept America safe after 9/11 and the intellect behind the choices made every step of the way? I know, he will not get any of that in the history books until long passed his life.

Dick Cheney, has played an integral role in American military involvement in the Middle East for the last twenty plus years -- having been the Secretary of Defense under H.W. and leading the way in Operation Desert Storm.  And just to be fair, even though his expertise seems to speak for itself, there are holes in his years surrounding Vietnam too...having said that, it was Cheney...

coming to the defense of the previous administration this week, and calling exception to Obama's team disclosing they were not being fully briefed or prepared on the brevity of taking further action in Afghanistan. Cheney forcefully reminded them of not only the team of experts pulled together to debrief the new administration, but that the team came with a succinct strategic plan and possible springboard  for new policies to set forth -- in a military effort to not lose any ground, of course.

Unbeknownst to the inexperience of the Obama regime, the attempt at pointing fingers backwards not only makes America look bad -- as if they could easily slide under the wave of the Anti-Bush strategy along with everything else it touches -- but carries the potential virus of destroying all that we've worked hard for, risking the lives of the American troops still there, while host to a major buzz kill in overall morale.   

As Cheney puts it, "make no mistake, signals of indecision out of Washington hurt our allies and embolden our adversaries.  Waffling, while our troops are on the ground face an emboldened enemy, endangers them and hurts our cause."  And tying in what happened in the eighties, when we the left Afghanistan on their own, what ensued was "a civil war... the takeover of the Taliban and the rise of bin Laden and al-Qaeda."

Asking questions is good and timing is everything.

And, having a strategic plan happens on both sides. (Obama knows that, right?)

Getting our rest, drinking plenty of fluids, being well nourished and bunkering down for the long haul to do whatever it takes to make the situation go away takes all guts, with very little glory.  It comes down to fighting the battle with everything you got, with everything you're made of, rooted in sound mind, good conscience, preparation, and a deep profound faith in doing the right thing for the right reasons. 

Similar to attacking a vicious flu bug, drenching our body with goodness reigns over the evil virus.

Just as good and evil have played out ever since the beginning of time -- through stories that enchant us and teach us from one generation to the next -- from one father to a son -- this is how our world grows up one by one.  The magic or the tragedy starts at an early age.

Make it a Magically Good Day, G

I love the new Motto for The Navy:
 A Global Force for Good
it fits, huh 

Friday, October 23, 2009

Dear America,

If you follow G you know that G's been following Flash Forward on ABC Thursday's.

Last night incorporated one thing that struck me as a hmmm that's interesting moment, that being the realization that the flash itself hit America hard, while China...hardly at all.  Having said that, I'm only that much more intrigued to see where the show takes America from here...does she go down in a ring of fire or does she rise like a Phoenix out of the ashes.

Of course, every motivational speaker worth a mortgage to go see uses the terminology of the old Chinese translation of what does crisis truly mean:  chaos meeting opportunity.

Now as we have seen before in this current administration, according to the book of Rahm,
So what he's really saying here is we have an opportunity for a crisis to enlighten us, or allow it to get even worse, in essence bending over to allow for government to sweep in and fix things, whether it is with a mop or big stick, who really cares by the looks of things on national TV.

As on top of the in-house intimidation within the rank and file -- along with the ability for this administration to control most of the media and the message like a puppet -- Americans have essentially had the democratic process erased right before our eyes.  The only "true" reactions from Americans, the only "real" news stories, the only "acceptable" newscasters, the only questions we want to answer are found through mainstream media outlets; as only ABCBS, CBS, NBCBS and even CNN (and sometimes BS) are considered speaking the truth.  That is according to the knee jerk reactions of the White House, which continues to be whining about the one station committed to offering a fair and balanced news without falling victim to the antics of intimidation by the current yahoos in office. Aside from the star power commentators advocating a more serious conservative reshaping of America, the news itself on FOX is the same as any other station.

My question to everyone in the White House is have you actually watched FOX for a day?  It's a rhetorical question as I know the answer; for if you did watch it, you would not be reacting to it in the way that you are.  Don't you know your reactions fuel more interest?  And why is it so threatening to listen to the other side's point of view once in awhile?  You do realize that the numbers haven't changed -- while half of America loves you, the other half questions every move you make; just as it was for the eight years of Bush, do you really think Hardball played badminton all day with the Dubbya, I think not.

Dubbya's reaction, NADA.
Obama's reaction, well then I'm not going to play with you anymore, wahhhhhhh.

No, it was more like, "away with you" -- immediately throwing Fox News out of the pool; as in yesterday's rather arrogant decision to cut off Fox News from jumping into the deep end -- apparently implementing the latest governmental media regulation.  The interview with Kenneth Feinberg announcing the cannonball deal struck by this Pay Czar to regulate the paychecks of the big boys of Wall Street -- which as you know paychecks now courtesy of Uncle Sam you and me -- the community pool was closed to Fox.

But what happened, the cool kids actually stood up for the nerd and said, if you don't let him in then we won't play with you either.  Wonders never cease.

What is disturbing though, is the element of through any means possible to control what we hear in the news by this White House, whether it be through intimidation, demonizing, inaccessibility, or ignoring the contrary views altogether -- and this should rock the world of all Americans, not just the conservatives and libertarians.

Honestly, are you that threatened by one little station who asks questions; God help you if The Fox Channel starts to get real competition, giving birth to little TV Talk Radio offshoots  -- we could have a whole slew of conservative television to choose from, maybe changing the view ever so slightly with The Land of Liberty TV News or the FreeAMERICA Channel or quite simply CONSERVATIVE TV MSnoBS. Then what would you do?

Newsflash, We the People still run under the rule of law and will do anything to uphold our liberties by way of speaking up and questioning authority.  What seems to be the real issue for you, Mr. Obama et.al, is not so much the action, but in the message itself  -- any time we run counter to your new regime.  Well, I got news for you, you -- the powers at be -- should listen while you still have a chance.   A real bipartisan, operating within our means Washington is still achievable; or you will soon get the message loud and clear in the polls, leaving it too late for the opportunity for a dignified response.

Your are right about this; we wanted change.  We wanted a change we could believe in, which is why you are there in the first place; but you are either forgetting or never really knew what we wanted to change.  It wasn't just the face of Washington, that's cosmetic.  We wanted a brand new Washington -- oh yeah, we got that.

Alright, let me try again, what we wanted was a Washington minus the corruption and the free-wheeling and dealing of a government gone bad.

Which brings me to the one person that just might have been able to pull if off.

It won't be long now before we can catch the reaction of someone who upended the liberals and electrified the conservatives in last year's election -- Sarah Palin.  Talk about creating mass hysteria; and the mainstream media and MSNBC and Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson had a field day frolicking over the never ending ways they could make her life miserable.  Unbelievable.

And it's not like the media really matters, but the lefty's and progressives can't even give it a rest for one day, as they have pulled together a collaboration of annihilation of their own, set to unveil the same day as Sarah's memoir; set with eery similarities and a cover designed to nail the coffin shut in Going Rouge...Sarah Palin, An American Nightmare.  Now just who is responsible for that as I want to shake their hand, well done, touche, way to go showing how weak you people really are.

Don'cha know the highest form of flattery is by way of the mirror, you silly little copycats you...awww that's just so sweet. Does she have your panties in a wad that much?  Does she make your skin tingle all up and down the legs like Chris Matthews, but in a bad way?  Awwww you gotta get ahold of yourselves - don'cha know ya never wanna let 'em to see you sweat...

Well, most of us conservatives know what the real cover looks like and we will buy the real thing:

As we know the real thing when we see it.

Attempts to discredit usually always fall flat; hence, the outcry of conservatives reverberating right back to the big White House in a chorus of we are the world of 'No Fear'; Fox is fearless for all the right reasons, while Sarah will most likely surprise the living daylights out of us. 

I can hardly wait.

Make it a Good Day, G

I realize I was all set to start a conversation of Mao, Che, Castro...but just the thought of the rogue dictators forced me into an overthrow of my own making, I couldn't help myself. Just a little blogger coup d'etat of sorts.

Last flash of light before I leave, goes out to the new regime. 
It's not about you...
It's what is in AMERICA's best interests.
That's it.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dear America,

The Mirage,  Fantasia...life in clouds of illusions...swirling around us everyday; as mind boggling and fear numbing it is, what we've come to know -- over time -- is that some things are not what they seem.  And to be sure, it is the perpetuation's of belief systems solely out of scaring the living be-geesus out of us that is really truly frightful.

Last Sunday's Parade insert:

You know, in the newspaper that I'm not supposed to get, that somehow gets to my doorstep every Sunday since that one fine day in August, sometimes including a visit during the week which has to be one more reason the daily dinosaur may be going out of business, but I digress...

The Parade was waving an article by Stephen D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner entitled What Should You Worry About?; addressing the fact that "we're bad at assessing risk -- we panic about the wrong things."  The article is short and sweet, encapsulating how the media is influential in our perceptions of epidemics, shark bites and just plain fear as to how likely we are to be scammed with identity theft.

A fascinating little quickie to read as far as understanding how we Americans are subject to fear mongering and sky is falling tactics faster than you can say 'everybody out of the water...shark!'  all courtesy of the mainstream media.

For example-- this piece -- offered to us by, let's just say call them The Stevens now-- references all kinds of numbers in making their point, "summer of 2001...media dubbed the 'Summer of the Shark'...[by declaring] 'sharks come without warning' with commentators elaborating on all the ways a shark can get you..."  ooooooh

Well, The Stephens immediately respond to this kind of hysteria in saying, "during all of 2001, there were 68 shark attacks worldwide, of which just four were fatal...on average 5.9 fatalities per year"  worldwide! 

This is the kind of stuff John Stossel gets into with his book, Myths, Lies and Downright Stupidity.  As even a media guy for over thirty years admits "many in the media are scientifically clueless and will scare you to death."

So while on the subject of global warming, Stossel's book includes remarks from Dr. Patrick Michaels, citing opinion in his Association of American Geographers 2003 Climate Paper of the Year:
"points out that melting Arctic ice won't raise sea levels any more that the melting ice in your drink makes your glass overflow...'the Arctic ice cap is just floating ice...if it melted ...it's not a land mass adding to water."
Stossel continues making the argument it's just all about money anyway, and the "twenty-five billion dollars in government funding has been spent since 1990 to research global warming....if it has little to do with man, and most to do with just how the planet works, there wouldn't be as  much money to study it." Just like the lack of availability to study the mating rituals of ants and why it rains or rather, why it never rains in southern California. How many of us would pay to see it, as who really cares?

Quoting also a Harvard astrophysicist, Dr. Sallie Baliunas, Stossel helps his argument hit a few high notes saying even Dr. Baliunas laughs at the CO2 connection, as "CO2 helps plants grow.  Warmer winters would give farmers a longer harvest season, and might end the droughts in the Sahara desert."

Now going back to The Stephens, you know what they end with? 
"Fear sometimes distorts our thinking to the point where we become convinced that certain threats are so enormous as to be unstoppable...The average global ground temperature over the past 100 years has risen 1.3 degrees Fahrenheit, or .74 degrees Celsius.  But even the most brilliant climate scientists are unable to predict exactly what will happen to the Earth as a result of those atmospheric changes and when anything will happen."
Were they not just putting global warming in the same category as screaming Shark? I think so.

You know, I think even Chairman Mao would have a problem today with global warming; as it would have perhaps allowed a few million people to actually survive starvation and would have certainly hampered his steel production agenda, for the common good of course.  Wow, talk about a community organizer and grass roots efforts to indoctrinate a whole society; Obama's got nothing on this dude.

Or does he?

I am so over global warming already I can't stand it.  Perhaps we will return to it later, you know, like when hell freezes over or when I can sit at the North Pole in a bikini, but I'm feeling a need to go rogue right now.

Maybe it's the lack of sunspots that are affecting my brain, but I have this fascination building inside me, all of a sudden all I want to do is get a t-shirt with Che's mug on it or one that says I've got "the red sun in my heart".

Power to the People and Make it a Good Day, G

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dear America,

You know the game, the one where you may, or may not, lie about how many cards of a certain number you have in your hand before placing them in the pile -- those around the table have a moment to wonder if it's true or not, in which they can blurt out bull shit! if they think you're pulling a fast one; leaving you with collecting the whole pile if you're full of crap -- well welcome to the table.

As it would seem the cow dung is just starting to hit the fan with regards to the real inconvenient truth about Global Warming;  it's only a matter of time before we're all running around screaming bull shhhh, cough, clear the throat and continue.

Okay so funny ha ha, you're asking me where is this going, G?

We're going wherever you grow things, raise livestock, or even so much as pick up poop from your own backyard...philosophically speaking, wherever you go, there you are, and knee deep.  Truth is, and all kidding aside, all this hullabaloo about CO2 emissions sent me searching for in depth answers, and if one really started to take the time to investigate "global warming" I can assure you, it will only take a minute to discover we have been taken for a ride, in a hybrid of course.

What is udderly fascinating is the amount of methane gas released into the world -- which is far worse than any amount of CO2 -- produced by cows, horses, goats, sheep, and camels each and every day on the planet -- to which we can attribute more evil emissions than all the planes, trains and automobiles combined -- Gore seems to be all fat and happy in Tennessee ignoring that little tidbit of scientific data.  Attention, Mr. Vice President, bullshit -- or would you rather me say, you lie.

Oh, and it's not just live agricultural output, but also that which you wouldn't expect, like rice fields, and wetlands, and termites, and permafrost, and oceans, and pretty much any other body of water...that put out too, as in a little methane action.

Like I said towards the tail end yesterday, when you include even opening our mouths to speak, pretty much everything and everyone emits gas -- while some more than others, and while many may have a good point, for others, it is simply a lot of hot air -- this would be where picking and choosing who we actually listen to is a key component.

But even if we were to return to horse and buggy, wherever you go, there you are.

It's not like all of a sudden our world would miraculously change under the new regulations and restrictions, as the cyclical nature of global warming and cooling would continue just as it has done for the last hundreds of thousands of years without so much as a hiccup, or shall we say fart -- oh my, doesn't the word still have the power to make us laugh. 

I did find that converting the manure piled up today into fuel could generate as much as 3% of North America's entire needs, or approximately 100 Billion kilowatt hours of power; which I gather isn't too shabby considering the source, but I couldn't help but get stuck on what our world would look like, and worse, how it would smell when processing the stuff like Ding Dongs (do we make those anymore?).

Anyway, besides the whole issue with CO2 being produced by everything and everyone on the planet, in addition to the planes, trains and automobiles -- it just doesn't hold water to the truth about the cycle of temperature and it's correlation to CO2 linking it to be the main culprit of global warming.  Essentially, all models of temperature rising show that what rose first was not CO2 as Gore would have you believe, but the exact opposite, higher temperatures precede the release of CO2.

Last year, 19,000 scientists began to sign a petition risking reputation and commanding attention:
"...There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gasses is causing, or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the earth's atmosphere and disruption of the Earth's climate..."
As of today - 31,000 scientists and counting have declared in unison a resounding round of bullshit.

And while we were including polar bears into the conversation yesterday, it should be noted that NO wild species has ever gone extinct due to rising temperatures during even the unprecedented warm decades of the last hundred years. Admittedly, we know that the Arctic ice may very well be at what is considered a low point, according to the modern times -- but the Antarctic is experiencing record high levels of ice making, leaving all of the state of the art sub-zero Kenmore's combined in the dust. 

And having not really looked into all of this until recently, it is interesting to note that the polar ice caps also have their own particular climate cycles,  operating slightly different than the rest of the world.  I fancy it to be similar to a women's monthly cycle -- you don't mess with mother nature and the best rule of thumb is to leave the girl alone for awhile, we come around eventually...

...and taking it a carbon footprint further, even polar bears bear some responsibility of their own making, given that they breathe just like you and me; not to mention, what goes in must come out sometime.

While history proves, storms and droughts occur less during a warming cycle -- this having something to do with ocean temperatures, cloud formation, amount of radiation from the sun, and number of sunspots themselves. 

You also may be happy to note that even humans adapt better when a warmer planet is beneath our feet as the number of cases of death from climate change decreases, for the sad truth is more people are killed by cold than heat (hence why in the seventies the scientific data had everybody running scared with the thought that we were all going to freeze to death). 

It really all gets down to the elementary scientific task of recording data coupled with a continuous natural phenomenon at play which creates the illusions and realities of climate change  --
the highs and lows       rise and fall  
like the ebb and flow of the tide 
 and it is really no big deal.

Humans do it;
Polar Bears do it;
even the birds and the bees do it... you know, adapt. It's in our genes.

Make it a Good Day, G 

We currently have partly cloudy skies breaking early to a sunny day here in SO CAL.

The illusions of a Global Warming Catastrophe in the making is good for one thing; and that being a rise in consciousness and awareness of ways to take care of our planet.  Nothing pro or con to the argument can deny we must always be vigilant and accountable for our actions as humans being blessed with life here on Mother Earth.  Our duty to our children and the life we share with other creatures demands our obedience and continued efforts to clean up our act -- and for that, we can appreciate all the hype and hoopla -- even if it is a load of crap...bullshhh cough, clear the throat now let's continue

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dear America,

Good Morning, America!

There is just so much to say and so little time, people. 
Hold on a second, I need to go put some socks on, my feet are cold.

As we continue a life of cloud's illusions as I recall, I really don't know clouds at all...

First let me say, I'm sorry; as today may take some time. 
Honestly, I didn't know where to begin.  So I thought we would start with having some fun with a serious issue...that being the doom and gloom, the sky is falling case of GLOBAL WARMING.

You know, I had to laugh recently when one of San Diego's finest, Joan Embrey, our San Diego Zoo Ambassador was in a commercial for an upcoming charity event to raise money for something (my apologies, I can't remember what) yet what I can recall she was abusing the latest fad, or shall we say urban legend, the dying of Polar Bears.  In the 30 second spot, she actually claimed this, "if we don't act, two thirds of the world's Polar Bears may die in 50 years."  Ex squeeze me?  May die? Will they die, or not? And why 50 years, I thought the world was ending in ten?  And what is with the polar bears -- for real?

My research tells me they are still making babies; and in fact, globally, polar bear population has grown from about 5000 in the 60's to approximately 25,000 today.  Some populations have declined in certain areas, while others have seen dramatic increase, while the majority just experience a stable paradise in extremely low temperatures every day and apparently love it.  Holy Mackerel, oh cabana boy, bring me another seal.

You know, I love polar bears, but I love the baby seals too; what's a girl to do about that?  I mean, loving both equally -- torn between two lovers -- will I have to choose between who lives and who dies, if it comes down to that? So many questions, so little time.

Now there was a time, in the first millennium, oooh and maybe the second one too, when we officially lived under Brut Rule -- when everybody was killing each other just to survive; thank God that's changed, huh.  We've talked about this before, all over the globe, the only way some people managed to survive was by killing another; otherwise accepted as the survival of the fittest mentality, which is precisely what the prevailing law of the animal kingdom lives and dies on today. 

They must eat to live, and therefore kill to eat; don't be sad, this is what animals do.

Truth is, polar bears were nearly extinct come the 1970's after centuries of being slaughtered in nature and by man -- who wanted them for food and fur -- killed by the sword, the gun, the mouths of whales -- anyway, anyhow, except by way of global warming.  Today, they are finally reaching sizable populations again, through accountable actions and strict hunting measures in place  -- yet, because it is still a free planet, people still KILL more polar bears than any warming trend could ever do.

But really, isn't there a basic law of nature at play -- being such that animals learn to adapt to their environments?  Honestly, which animal deserves to die while another one eats, are humans judge and jury on that one, too?  We are sooooooooooooo egotistical it's not even funny.

Yes, the last hundred years of the industrial revolution and cars has created a lot of pollution; but the temperature trends of the last 2000 years and counting continues to march on around us, with or without us -- up and down...highs and lows...good days and bad -- this isn't anything new unto the world.  What's more, scientists are beginning to understand how they have possibly overlooked a rather huge phenomenon reflective of climate changes and somewhat more directly related, and that being, the SUN... hmmm ( say it with your index finger cascading your chin)  More on sun spots later, we need to stay focused.

Cleaning up after ourselves is smart and spot on; but taxing America into oblivion as the rest of the world carries on business as usual?     Come on.

So here we are, with emotional pleas from around the globe to save the polar bears if nothing else; but the something else is how this self serving agenda will kill American jobs, growth, prosperity and adversely affect maybe even a mere 300,000 million lives in taxation and loss of personal freedoms. 

Listen up, if you will:

CAP and TAX...just one state's take and well done -- go cheese heads x

al gore speaking ...not what you think, so don't be scared to watch

ron paul ...an entertaining Ron, as it's not really Ron, but Ron's words artistically rendered

just a guy...just a good 'ole boy with spot on global thoughts

just another guy... brace yourself... kind of silly...worthy however of four minutes of your time

Global Warming Hoax main page...need I say more

Global Warming 101...easy to understand...and charts go way back...have some fun with it

It was asking a lot of you to take the time to plug yourselves in to the real truth -- much appreciated.  I hope it was entertaining while at the same time enlightening to other points of view.

Truth hurts, especially after investing millions upon millions of dollars -- people like Al Gore
 and George Soros have reputations to uphold and all, but you know where my head goes, I just wonder how they sleep at night, besides the obvious, with the window closed.   Have they not looked back to the last hundred years, and beyond?  Is it just me, how could anyone look at headlines and temperature trends of the last century and not have a clue?

NY Times in 1912: "an ICE AGE is encroaching"

Washington Post in 1923: "the ICE AGE is coming here"

...this also happens to be the time when scientists predicted Canada would be totally wiped out

...oooh, but it warmed up by the thirties through the fifties

...no, then it cooled again from the sixties through the eighties

...no, then it warmed up again from the eighties through about 1998 or so

...scratch that, now officially cooling again just about the time before the last year of Bush, in 2007

 The entire argument for global warming is based upon theories surrounding a little scientific element called Carbon Dioxide, CO2.
"It is a colorless, odorless and incombustible gas that is formed during respiration, combustion, and organic decomposition and use in food refrigeration, carbonated beverages, inert atmospheres, fire extinguishers, and aerosols...  It is through the carbon cycle , the cycle of natural processes i which atmospheric carbon in the form of carbon dioxide is converted to carbohydrates by photosynthesis, metabolized by animals, and ultimately returned to the atmosphere as a carbon dioxide waste or decomposition product,"  with thanks to the American Heritage Dictionary.
It comes out of our mouth; clearly, if we have to stop driving cars operated on fossil fuels and cease having industry capabilities able to economically compete with the rest of the world, we might as well all shut up too.

Make it a Good Day, G

What I want for christmas - besides world peace - would be for all this madness to go away...

Debate is over...I'm ending the debate. Today.  Shut up already.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dear America,

Of course a life of illusions is where we live now.

You know when it started?
 Big Yellow Taxi time -- Joni Mitchell and all of her Woodstock yahoo's; that's how long ago we must go back to recognize the birth of this current season of whirlwind economic downturn and political corruption. America's embryonic fluid was high -- on acid and grand Utopian illusions -- demonizing the capitalism that built the American landscape, just waiting for a generation of home grown socialist hippies to affect change.

It has just taken us awhile to get here -- meandering a bit longer than most as it takes time to align and organize when under the influence, but hey man, don't knock it till you try it, you dig.  Point is, they're here now...

And I may be over-simplifying and may even be entirely wrong -- while perhaps it may be something I've inhaled that's warping my view -- but I don't think so.

Let's take a look at a couple cases of recent news:

Our dear little balloon boy, Falcon, in cahoots with the family to spark fascination and attention, really was part of an illusion, and punked the entire world.  I wanted to believe this family; I wanted them to be for real, having captured us from a place of innocence and truth, amidst what we all thought could be story of survival of a young boy, if not, a tragic end to a day we all held close to our heart, watching.

Apparently, the reality is that this family has had their fair share of being in front of the camera, has called the services of 911 three times already this year for issues, and has such a shady past hiding from debt they crossed a couple of state lines to escape. Finding themselves desperate for starting over -- attempting to capitalize on the world of reality TV; the father, with just a high school education, tinkers with invention like a Caractacus Potts from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, unnerved by his children ditching school, leaving all conventionality and furthering education to the birds on the wings of imagination. 

An endearing movie in my memory, but even as a child watching it for the very first time, I knew the difference of fantasy and reality; while if we are going to make the conscious decision to have children of our own, don't you think it comes with responsibility and actions to raise them properly, and isn't this where we fail ourselves today -- a couple of generations into it now, we're not happy with how the grown ups did it before, so we're growing our own any way we seem fit

The sense that we've lost our way to actually earn a living and grow a country (or for that matter, even want to) through means that are conventional and normal --whatever that is anymore -- have seemed to have easily fallen prey to days of folly, fifteen minutes of fame, and overexposure.  Programs like Jon & Kate Plus Eight were probably at the top of the list -- if it weren't for the kind of destruction that it can lead to from greed, selfishness and infidelity in front of the eyes of millions -- and more importantly, behind the camera involving the lives of eight pairs of vulnerable eyes of the inculpable children.

The idea that we can make a quick buck is as prevalent as the abhorrence of the one's who do.

Which leads me to our second case, the Anita Dunn story again; and as she stood before this High School Graduating class exhuming her thoughts on life, fully disclosing "the two people she turns to most" for guidance and comfort are Chairman Mao and Mother Teresa, laughing slightly under her breath that the two could be connected to one another. 

Recently condemning Glenn Beck for his ability to unjustly expose her, she included Mao sightings out of the mouth of a prominent Republican strategist, Lee Atwater, and basically tries to snuff out her guilty ramblings as though she could do so under the guise of meager kindergarten antics by saying, "well, he did it first."  

Anita, ever hear of context?  Even Media Matters has duly noted that Newt Gingrich has quoted the Chairman, certainly not turning to Mao for solace and tissues like yourself, but for making a point as to who exactly we are dealing with and how in fact we can apply this knowledge when faced with making hard decisions; Newt is a true historian of not only American policy and doctrine, but of world order, wars and dictators.  You, Anita, are no Gingrich; and to put yourself in the company of him, or Lee, in an effort to "convey irony" tells me just how much of the silly stuff you may have smoked (please note: I have no idea about that, the insinuations are not based on fact, to my knowledge -- only using for colorful repartee.)

This world that Anita lives in -- in the context of her own words-- shuns making a buck and glorifies poverty and government control put together! And she is just one of an entire White House who Obama has chosen to surround himself with.

For the love of Pete, that is not what America is all about -- and yet, all these people who have now arrived, who we find sitting at the right hand of Obama, are a child of sixties -- flush with illusions of redistributing wealth, taking away our freedoms in the best interests of the whole, and doing so in front of the camera for all the world to see.  Reality.Recovery.GOV.TV.Obamanation.

Now, I love Mother Teresa, too.  I want world peace.  I want all the starving children of the world to have a wholesome, warm meal every day.  I want the world to pollute less and share more.  I want people to take care of each other, love one another, and be good.  I want all of that, too.  For it is only through charity and unconditional love towards others that we find a path and connection to Spirit, to God; and it is then, through these random acts of kindness, that we truly carry the potential to unite the world in grace and peace.

Mother Teresa's gift to affect change in the hearts of man comes in her own words like, "doing little things with great love."  "It is simple but not easy." "Love until it hurts" and "if if it hurts, then it'll be better because of it." "Without our suffering our work would just be social work."

All is well and good in a perfect world, but even my budding teenager knows that evil exists amongst us; and ignorance, placating, praying and all the wishing in the world will not make it go away.  What wants to live against us, will reign against us, if we don't wake up and rise up -- and pick and choose who we listen to wisely and carefully.

You know, "The Mirage" is set to continue...we are embarking on the greatest illusion of all -- which is Global Warming.  I was just getting warmed up myself at the tail end of last week -- having the intention of jumping right in with the Arctic Polar Bears bright and early come Monday morning.  I guess you could say I took in a little too much sea water, having been tossed around by a couple of free spirits, having been temporarily beached from trash floating in the tides of change, all I can do now is rest here in the sun.

The amount of pollutants streaming into the blogosphere, atmosphere and biosphere are all coming from just one source and this has me momentarily stuck; but not to worry my pretty.

I may be finding myself a tad overwhelmed, and perhaps, I may even go so far as to say feeling a bit discouraged; and it may very well be just a good day, for just a girl, to curl up on the couch with Mother Teresa or Mao.

It is the continuous onslaught, the tidal action of propaganda being churned out of Washington every day, constantly ridiculing whatever comes from the conservative view -- whether it be from real people or fellow Representatives being pummeled in the pipeline-- that is just so massive.  It truly will be an act of God to stay afloat, through the hearts and minds of all of us coming together.

I can see why last Thursday, when the world was watching Falcon, Beck brought me to tears telling an imaginary tale of America, through the eyes of a parent.  He told a story equating the times we are living in to finding one of our own, invited by a couple of yahoos to a party he never should have been at -- knowing there was going to be drinking and drugs  --and fearing what his parents would say now that he is long passed his curfew --  when, if only the child knew what is deep in the heart of a parent -- just tell me you are safe and I'll come get you.  You may be grounded for life, but let me just come get you... When deep down you know, your dad was right -- that it comes down to making good choices in the first place. The party is over now --and the better off we are to know and be the wiser for it so that we can set things right... now is the time to grow up so that our kids -- can tell their kids, that THIS was the time our course was changed, and made things right again. 

He started with the idea, that if given a chance, wouldn't we choose simpler times-- "wouldn't we go back there in a heartbeat?" he asks -- even tying in an old Paul Anka song, The Times of your Life.

Beck cried on national television and that was for real -- I saw it with my own two eyes.

Make it a Good Day, G

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dear America,

F a n t a s i a

I can't help myself.

It's Saturday and my chores are delayed as I still have a half dozen half baked thirteen year old's in the living room; so what's a mama to do?  But the real question is, Mr. President, what's with the mop?

Apparently yesterday he used his worn out analogy in front of his favorite followers, the DNC, and cleaned up with smearing Republicans with the mop, again.  Boooorinnnng, wake me up when he is done.  I'll tell you what to do with this mop.

Sure, I understand pulling the Mark Twain and trying to entice us to help out -- if that were actually true.  You sir, use it as a separation tool -- perhaps in either class or status, as if the right is just sitting around watching "you'all" clean up the mess, as if being slighted to offer suggestions and having doors closed on us barring the possibility of true bipartisanship wasn't enough.

And calling out the whimsy with fear mongering politico mop satire -- saying its the socialist mop we're all afraid of, ooooh now that's funny --  as if it has cooties or H1N1 all over it and we don't dare to even venture there, or worse, that we've come to the realization that all we'll ever do is mop the rest of our lives...you would hate to have that leak out.

Well hey, Mr. President, did you ever think of this?  That mop, that sparkling shiny mop you have holding in your hand right now, it was made by some enterprise that started out as a mom&pop operation and slowly grew to make so many mops, they couldn't handle all the business -- so they expanded manufacturing and sales and built factories and livelihoods for thousands of people (now, I think they are called Walmart, but I can't be sure...wikipedia might know...while it could very well be from China, too.  Scratch that, even Walmart has those.)

But really, Mr. President, if it's truly about cleaning up the mess, wouldn't it be better if we just didn't make one (or two, or three...) in the first place?  Wouldn't it be better if each of us were just plain more responsible with our actions and accountable for our own choices   -- I mean the messes we make, come on! 

We mess up our bodies with too much fat and booze and smokes.  We mess up our wallets with excess credit, wanting too much and living outside our means.   We mess up our government with too much regulation and stifling our beautifully designed free market, penalties for acquiring any wealth for ourselves, the bounty of capitalism and growing a life that is passed on and made better in the next generation.  We mess up through the strangle hold of taxation and control over every faction of life from education to health care, to commodities and trade, to groceries and gas. 

Mr. President, a mop can only do so much.

If you know anything about moping, pretty soon even the mop gets too dirty and is incapable of cleaning up any more...that would be the time to pick up a new mop; one that has the common sense built into it to keep things clean and simple, not complicated and overworked.  A mop that has potential for creating the opportunity of a total do-over and clean up everything from the dregs of Congress to the toxic waste of an entire governmental bureaucracy that no longer serves the needs of a free society. A mop that brings long term security, built to outlast generations, for the American people under the law of the land, in reverence and gratitude for all that we have and all that will be under God.

Besides, stop passing out free mops when you have no way to pay for them all and have no real authority to do so; while have you not seen Fantasia?

Otherwise, I may be forced to smack you in the behind with mine.

On that note, cleaning up after ourselves is stellar advice and doled out plenty of times from mamas and papas around the world -- so how hard can it be just to do it?

Happy Saturday!
Make it a good day, G

remember, give a hoot don't pollute?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Dear America,

"wish I knew what you were looking for ...might have known what you would find mm m m mm mmm
something quite peculiar...something is shimmering and white..
leads you here despite your destination ...under the milky way tonight...under the milky way tonight"

Before we can begin 'The Mirage', the mini-series, we have some follow up on yesterday's little space cadet.  As that Shepard Smith on Crazy Town Fox News reported in his southern drawl early on, 'sure hope this little boy is just hiding somewhere and just doesn't want to be in trouble'...turns out his comments were not only fortuitous but right on the moon.  Falcon was found mid-afternoon after taking refuge in a box in the attic.

All's well that ends well, I guess, considering the situation.  I don't know about you  -- but for me, from the moment I left you and started watching the play by play surrounding Falcon's disappearance, listening to the commentators describe the turn of events, watching this hover-muffin for at least an hour, all I could think about was the thought that they couldn't have planned a better name for this boy --  I mean, if it was staged -- which it wasn't -- so don't pull a Rush on me and take what I just said out of context.

But geeze, Falcon?  Now that he's alright, except for the details of being grounded (hardy har har), I can't think of how any more perfect that stage name -- I mean, name name -- could be.  Certainly, it was better that he didn't venture off into the wild blue yonder in the shiny flying beret, but the near death experience should cement the 'do not try this at home' in his little head for some time to come.

It was interesting, however, the number of times I heard speculation of whether or not the whole thing was staged, designed, commanding attention for a publicity stunt...and by the looks of things, the discussion is not over, given what continues to come out of the mouths of babes.

Create a whirlwind of worry just for a show, or for effect, or to influence people? 

Now just who would do that?

Again, don't take that out of context, I believe they DID NOT PLAN IT, the Heene Family -- nobody orchestrated anything.  That's what I believe to be true today (I don't know about tomorrow, I may change my mind).

But now, this Administration:
This is for real, people; and Rahm Emmanual is one of those "he [the annointed one] surrounds himself with" for effect or to transform a nation; but make no mistake, everyone in the White House have been handpicked by Obama, and all the President's men, specifically for their role, and have been preparing -- writing script and legislation, setting up scenarios of risks and bailouts, and have been waiting patiently backstage for just the right light to pull it off.

This isn't Hollywood dreaming up some creepy new story line, like in V; when all I've seen are commercials on it give me the shivers.  I'm sure I'll have nightmares tonight just imagining these people from space with that reverberated voice saying 'we come in peace, we do no harm, we  are here to help you and bring you harmony and health care'.  really? no, seriously, she really said health care.

The creepiest part was the clip where this space chick is beginning an interview, the guy asks her something before they get started, of which I can't remember, as it was her response that blew me away: "Just be sure not to ask us anything that would paint us in a negative light."  Huh?  Ahh, just doesn't get any better than that.

Of course, she isn't real, only make believe -- I wasn't born yesterday --  I know not everything we see on TV is true.  Let me repeat that:
Not everything we see on TV is true.

It is no accident that all during Obama's campaign, he positioned himself squarely with everyone.  He answered all the right questions with all the right answers.  You were there, I don't need to tell you.

He created stages wherever he went; surrounding himself with his followers.  He mimicked Martin Luther King and projected a man in the middle; a man who would straighten out Washington, because all those guys were very very bad (even though he was already one of 'em). Yeah, you saw that too.

He said he would not give any jobs to lobbyist; they wouldn't even get a guest pass.  He would open up C-SPAN for all decision making processes of legislation - because we will be the administration of transparency.  Yeah, you were there for that, too.

And how about that night in Denver?  Wow.  Outrageous...it truly felt like the second coming -- not that I was there for that, were you?

Well all of that is well and good for the campaign!  It was, for all the marbles.  It was, going for broke with deep pockets.  It was, all is fair in love and war.  It was, the final frontier to the mother ship.

But the show is supposed to be over now; staging is out and reality is in; could somebody please send him the memo?  They like usurping documents from the CIA, how about we just tempt them with rumour of new classified material, mentioning under our breath they might possibly be interested in taking a glance, no questions asked if they simply walk away with it...go ahead...do it...nobody's looking.

All I can hope for is they start to get tired, what are the chances you think?  Aww, that's pretty silly of me  -- just yesterday Obama was speaking to his followers in New Orleans telling them, "I'm just getting started!"  It was his first visit since he took office to Katrina's damage epicenter; while he looked so fired up,  makes you wonder what plane his reality is truly based, given the dynamics of destruction hitting America with gale force winds.

Besides the staging, the favorable audience, the teleprompter and props (you know, like doctors, and activists planted @ tea party events and town hall meetings, and children singing), it all comes down to spin -- and the virtual timing of that spin. 

Oh sure, some things can be decided right away, like GITMO, done; signed into foreclosure day two of his Presidency (of course, doing it is a different story -- another producer needs to pick up on where he left off). 

And some stories we think are coming to a dramatic close rather abruptly because, and I'm paraphrasing, 'it must be done for Americans, and cannot wait any longer, and Congress must act before summer recess...'  (what is turning out as somewhere lost in space, the health care bill was supposed to have been a direct hit onto the American people --aside from the fact that the actual implementation of rewards being not until 2013, yet new taxation starting immediately -- yeah, no illusions there.)

While other plot lines meander and turn and just take months to unfold, as we, the people sit and wait.

Take for example the Afghanistan war,
In the campaign, this was THE war to WIN; Bush was stupid, and  his sentiments were simply this, 'if I were in charge I would put more troops over there to get it done right, so there!'  Now that he is there, in the oval office that is, it would seem he's been having a series of technical difficulties -- his mojo ain't a go-go on this one.

In March-- the 27th to be exact and to his credit -- he got a real strategy, this is what I want, now go, away with you... More troops were sent (actually the troops that were already scheduled to go from the previous administration)
Then he stopped ( I think he thought he was done). 

By June, however, he got a new General (somebody who really knew what he was doing).
Then he stopped. 

Things then started to heat up.  Rumours started flying. The possibility for more troops may be requested per the General so he got a little queasy, I mean uneasy, but not enough to meet actually with the General (until the people heard all about it on 60 Minutes). 
Then he did -- meet with the General (for all of 30 minutes on the tarmac in Copenhagen after his commercial for Chicago to the Olympic Committee). 
Then he stopped. 

Then he developed the idea to bring in Joe, let him push his ideas around a bit and show the people great contemplation over a serious matter (cuz he knows Joe, he's totally not into it). 
Then he stopped. 

Recently, the fraudulent elections throw in another reason to stop...because that's what they were afraid of all along, I told you so... (like now he decides to be interested in voter fraud).
Even still, he stopped some more. 

Yesterday, however, he's signed off on giving 7 Billion dollars to Paaak-e-staan-- who's first concern was that there may be too many strings attached (hello, anyone see a red flag here?). 

Today, we are still stopped; or maybe he's just committed to the holding pattern indefinitely and we're just unaware, circling Pluto.  He wants us to believe that he is really taking a hard look at his options when its more like a hard look at how do I get out of this, searching for the black hole.

Now I'm no General, but isn't timing and follow through everything here?   As I understand, we had Afghanistan handled in a very short period of time originally, but we strategically left them vulnerable, and are consequently paying the price for that now.  Isn't there a lesson here from what we already learned, we gotta get in and get it done and stay put, otherwise we will be playing cat and mouse for a very long time to come; and just maybe, we don't have much time.

While what truly bugs, the whole world is watching -- even Iran, Pakistan, Russia, China, N.Korea, Venezuela, and Cuba.  I'm not sure what they think, but surely the back and forth, the indecision, the lack of fortitude and constant second guessing ourselves does not help matters, and must make America appear rather weak.  How do you say chicken in Arabic?  Why would an administration want to do that?

Everything coming out of this administration hasn't set right with anybody; and even though they would never admit it, I don't even think Democrats are happy; our country is flying like that little hovercraft we saw yesterday just hoping to find a tether some time soon.

And yet image is everything.  Most stupid Americans think its great that Europeans like us again.

I'm sorry, what have they done for us lately -- oh, it doesn't matter; for the agenda continues to take top billing on the President's list of priorities and scheduling of parties and visits.  It is a matter of our National Security and Global Transformation  to change the American image in the face of Europeans -- to cajole, bow, kiss up and make nice and apologize for everything -- including probably the Revolutionary War if we close our eyes for even a second.

Problem is, not only does this administration want to make nice with our allies -- he is acting like he wants to invite dictators over to make mud pies in the back yard, turn the White House into a big space ship, and let them spend the night  in the Lincoln bedroom if given the chance.

Go out and make it a good day, play a little, it's Friday x G