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Friday, October 15, 2010

Dear America,

The Bible

That's what they asked for first.

Yes, the Chileans...still fixated on them, and can't seem to get off the subject, but I will, watch me:

So now that got me thinking; in America, the request would sit for awhile weighted under a slight delay -- as the ACLU wrestles for the civil rights of an activist miner amongst them; the case for the lone atheist in the bunch -- who simply can't bare the idea of being in such a confined space with one -- for fear it might begin to permeate into his mind and burn a hole through everything he struggles to cling to disbelieve.

And we're not talking about the toothpaste (but oh to be the fly on the wall for that discussion, as to which brand name goes down...mother may I)

What? It could happen.  These kinds of scenarios are creeping up all over America -- initially falling under the radar within the confines of local interests of the community, but the times are changing; we are connected in lightning speed all over the world, the pesky little perversions of our unalienable rights are becoming a collective newsflash on a count of about every 24 hours -- give or take emergency broadcast interruptions, alerting us by the long, annoying tones beeping in our ear at two second intervals.

I just don't get it really, are conservatives, the GOP, the right, the only one's these days who have a problem with the control freaks in Washington?  Everything we do is being masterminded and manipulated and restricted and regulated -- as if they've been given free reign to do with us what they please.

And I believe it all started with the little lowly peanut -- that, or the can of beer, it's a close call.

It was the peanut, after all, who one day, out of the blue, grew to become the evil villain, the arch rival, the fire breathing dragon who swooped in to the cafeteria of our schools, declaring what some might consider a holy jihad against us; it was bad, it was a menace, it was a terror, and it wreaked havoc upon our children no less.

It must be stopped; we must rise up against the evil peanut and may the best side win.

Are you going nuts, G?  What the pecan are you talking about?

Well, consider this, there was a day when every child had a right to bring to school whatever their little mama packed them for lunch -- fast forward to school board 2.0 today, no PBandJ, no way.  This is a warning, if you bring that PBandJ to school another day, you will be suspended, we have rules about that now.  Don't you know, some children are deathly allergic to the stuff, so if there is one, we must penalize the all, end of story.  Go to the chalkboard and write 'I will not bring a PBandJ to school' a hundred times, in cursive.  What? you don't know how to write cursive? Then print...go on now...time's a wastin'.

What?  you don't have a school that restricts the right to PBandJ, and anything nutty yummy from entering school grounds?  Oh, sit tight, heads up, you will.

yes, maybe I am hitting a walnut's end to the political correctness of everything under the sun -- maybe a purple hazelnut is fogging my sensibilities -- but don't you think there comes a time when we just got to say enough already?  Of course there are valid concerns in the mix, and all precautions should be taken to protect our children from harm, but when peanut butter becomes public enemy number one, we've got issues.

and then there is this,

It all started on the little lowly inlet of Mission Bay here in my neck of the woods, when the next evil perpetrator started with a Bud -- as in Bud -Wise - Er, remember that campaign? The frogs croaking out the sales pitch, how funny was that... ah the good old days...daydreaming here as a coconut boinks me on the head...snap out of it and continue,

Well, no can do nowadays; most beaches and bays are restricted areas for alcohol.  There is no romantic sunset with a bottle of Two Buck Chuck at the water's edge; there is no Fourth of July popping a few cold one's watching the kids build sandcastles in the sun; there is no popping the question with a bottle of bubbly for that matter...all of that is gone with the ebb and flow. 

 Like a message in the bottle we will never live those days again, for they have been swept away with the growing tide of the belief that one bad apple spoils it for the whole, one depravity requires collective redistribution for all -- and ironically depriving the rest of us of our common sense, collective duty, personal responsibility for the common man to decide and master; it has all been drowned in a sea of stupidity all the way around.

And truth is, I blame this one on the kids -- if it weren't for a few bad spirits from the local college whooping it up just a wee bit too much, we wouldn't be having this conversation; if they were able to handle their liquor(idiots), be respectful of others, and behave themselves, we wouldn't be in this sticky mess -- being collectively pulverized and punished.

Every party has a pooper and the pooper is you -- you stupid kids today -- while this corruption of humanity seems to be conjoined at the hip now, with the latest cure all for civic duty and responsibility under the administration of their very own King of Beers and Prince of Peace (and a Nobel Prize to boot)  -- creating a new restriction, a new law, a new regulation near beer every minute of the day.  Yeah, how do you like that kind of cool, huh?  huh?  Can you hear me now?

I'm stocking up on coke this weekend -- as the way things are going, this administration seems to think they are entitled to outlaw soda pop altogether, for it's for our own good you know -- at least from certain inauspicious places, pop policy for schools today, the world tomorrow... a little nudge here, a little nudge there...

I guess, Glenn Beck has done quite a bit of research on the subject, having collected himself a whole slew of things swiped from the 'can do' list to 'no can do' over the last couple of years...no swing sets in West Virginia, no chocolate milk in Fairfax, no Bake Sales in New York --- what?  no bake sales?  you've got to be kidding me.  I'm no longer a little nuts, I am now in full blown cuckoo stage.

How in the world will the band make it to Boise on time? 

How will we pay for the uniforms? 

How will we teach our kids to really work for it, to go the extra mile for what they need? 

How will we teach them too many sweets makes too many cavities, which leads to a little tooth pain, which may even lead to a root canal, that might even require excavating the whole darn thing altogether?  Not even toothpaste could fix that... perhaps the Bible, but more than likely, God would sit that one out too...doing the right thing my child is solely up to you, have you ever heard of free will?

It's called personal responsibility; it's something that used to be freely and overtly protected in this country, AND TAUGHT -- but now, we grow weary, weak, showing signs of possible extinction of the principles that made us great everyday.

The new wave of social justice, engineering the redistribution of a little game we like to call, follow-the-leader, we know better than you, stop thinking for yourself, just do what I say not say as I do, it's for your own good, you know, I'm with the government and I'm here to help is trying to muscle their way into a brand new system of thinking for us, not with us. 

They, the establishment, the man, those in charge now, think we are just too stupid to think for ourselves -- whether it being what to eat or where we can drink -- while what the kid next to us can eat, in the olden days, used to be so simple that the kid said, no, I don't want to trade, I can't eat that anyway, it makes my skin look funny and after awhile I can't breathe, but thank you anyway.

And I gotta say, to you twenty somethings out there, just who is "the man" now?  Is this the hope and change you had in mind, restricting salt, sugar, swing sets and soda, oh my?   We are headed for an era where the local malt shop on the corner is committing a crime, and you're okay with it? 

Yeah Yeah, you just laugh ...this is no exaggeration, do a little research on how the little nudge works, and you might get it sooner or later (what? you don't know where to begin, what?  what's research?  I can't hear you, blah blah blah blahblah... I never thought I would be missing the days of Mama Cass so much, when what we get in return is a Cass "who's your daddy" Sunstein.

So Glenn's quote for the hour yesterday was simply this:

"Teach a man correct principles and let him govern himself."
Joseph Smith

It's not from the Bible, but it works; a natural law is a natural law is a natural law. 

How the law works, or the belief in that law, or subscribing to the law, or being respectful of the law, or the ignorance to the law is purely subjective and entirely up to the individual man to make the connection, or not; but a law that restricts, as if from a heavy handed God who is just out to make our lives miserable following commandments and rules and regulations, hardly, it couldn't be further from the truth.  Way to be so negative, oh my gawd...

In such a natural law of cause and effect -- and it's no matter if you agree with it, align with it, play with it, or not -- It still does no matter where we stand.  It is free for the taking and understanding -- while if put to good use, it does good things.  When allowed to live free amongst us, the effects can be truly great when our intentions our pure, when we live with honor, integrity and grace. (and when we don't, oopsy daisy, fall down and go boom)  

This law doesn't say, well, if one doesn't understand how to use me properly, I'm going to take it away from everyone...yeah yeah, that's the ticket...and with an evil laugh sneering all the way home...no.

We may be on our own -- but the Law is on our side. 

Government, not so much -- no matter who is in charge.

So tell you what I'm going to do today, first, I'm going to get out of my pj's, gonna take a shower and throw on some clothes that say dressed for success; I'm then going to send the Chamber of Commerce a small donation with simply a note saying 'merci bouquoi', then I'm going to pick up a few things at TARGET ...

...things like coca cola, my favorite Trail Mix with the m&m's and mixed nuts, maybe even pick up that new book "Pinheads and Patriots" and then I'm going to mosey on down to Powerhouse Park in Del Mar and pop a squat on the swing -- and just read my book, eat my nuts, and sip my soda, without hurting anyone, oooh sooo bad... all of which could be considered illegal activity in the near future, you never know these days.  Gotta get it all in when the getting is good, you know what I'm sayin'. 

I'd bring a bottle of red in a brown bag if I could, but can't risk the possibility of arrest -- I might stand out and scare the illegals, I mean, nannies -- while the most important pick up of my day is in just a couple of hours, and really, noon is a wee bit early to hit the nip, if you know what I mean. 

Good thing I got this all off my chest; hate to have my girl think her mama hit the bottle and the funny farm all on the same day.

Make it a Good Day...and if you can't be good, be careful, G

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