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Saturday, November 19, 2016

It's about Respect of the Common Man, oh Human Family, Thing

Dear America,

...I've sailed upon the seven seas
and stopped in every land,
I've seen the wonders of the world
not yet one common man.

I know ten thousand women
called Jane and Mary Jane,
but I've not seen any two
who really were the same....
pieces of the late Maya Angelou's poem, Human Family

oh my, this morning finds me wishing for a do-over with regards to how we treated President Obama, as in the first African-American president of the United States of America; how I wish we could go back and do it all over again (not really...but stay with me, if you will, until we meander all together into my point).

but let me also add this -- it's probably not for the reasons running wild in your pretty little heads right about now; no -- it's probably for the exact opposite reason.

This girl wishes for a do-over, for reasons quite contrary to the way we actually treated this president.  For we -- and when I say WE, I mean both the we from the right and the left, and even those "wees" in the  smack dab center -- treated Barack Hussein Obama with kid gloves. No question about it; he was treated with care, respect, a chance to be everyone's president (even in the midst of many of us wishing madly, deeply, unceasingly for his policies to fail, and fail big).  

He has been treated this way because how dare we actually have the freedom to criticize him, right; for to muster the courage to say anything against this president, his policies, his administration, would surely be revealing something more, something deplorable -- whether it be labeled the voice of a mild prejudice or full-on bigotry, the message was clear.   There was simply no room for anything but a full bending-over to the progressive path of this leftist presidency at work; for in every fault spoken aloud, the immediate blame would point to racism.  That was easy, the left would say...

Any conservative opposition was not only shut down, it was ridiculed, sent to pasture, actively targeted by the I.R.S., and given names like fringe, alt-right, tea party extremists, deplorable and irredeemable and on and on.  The tactics of radicals came home to roost and did they ever.

If only the RIGHT rose up and fought back like the Left -- if only!  If only the Right would one day get it...and grow just as mighty as the community on the Left, which has surely organized and benefited brilliantly, as a whole.

But oh how strong the force of the common man, able to move mountains and scale valleys with the winds of a mighty faith.

Speaking of common man -- 
it was only 2008 when a rather inexperienced, lowly, first term Senator, somehow rose to the top (albeit an orchestrated ascension, and it came fast.... so swift nobody bothered to vet him about anything, but I digress).  But there he was -- a brand spanking new Senator, with "no history"  "no record, to speak of"  ...no foreign policy experience, no economic/finance experience, and certainly no building experience -- unless, of course, you count the building of leftist armies organizing in the streets, lobbying fundamental change everywhere and often, from sea to shining sea.

But he could speak articulately, right Joe?  As in Biden.  As in click here. 

President Obama will go down as one of the most leftist presidents America has ever had.

And apparently, he's not even willing to go down without a fight:

And Obama seems to have support, 
as the little army of leftists 
want to go even  MORE LEFT.

and soft rooms
 just to cope with the idea 
of a Trump presidency.

Oh the hypocrisy -- how the left is allowed to protest and whine and cry and make a scene....but if the right speaks up -- as in holding a few tea party rallies, or writing their congressman, or writing an op-ed in protest of Obama's policies -- suddenly, free speech be damned, you are labeled racist and returned to center with the whole world knowing how closed-minded and bigoted and intolerant you are.  There is no room for opposing views, unless those views are Left...and yadi yadi yadda

What this girl is looking forward to is watching President Obama move, come January 21, 2017; for he is already showing his true colors.  What? Can I not say that without you thinking I'm a racist?  Pull leeze.   I am just as much a part of the human family as everybody else, and if Obama can criticize me for the way I think, I can criticize him.

This might be the time to bring in the Maya Angelou poem...

Apple is using her poem for profit -- trying to pull in a wide swath of humans, to join in the Apple revolution.  It's smart, wonderful, remarkable advertising at its best, and surely as expected from a company like Apple!  I love Apple... and I love Maya; no question, the world must be missing such a beautiful human in Maya.  Here is a great post from Open Culture, highlighting the match up,

What needs to be talked about is this little, teeny tiny dig she makes, expressing..

"I've seen the wonders of the world 
not yet one common man..."  

My criticism, now at the cusp of effervescence, comes from a deeper place than simply one of 140 characters or less and punched out on Twitter without thinking twice; it comes from my love of country and it's founders, and the express misunderstanding of so much, by so many, and even all at once.  It's like a flood of emotion just takes me over, in the sense that we know not what we do or why anymore, making me just wanna yell across the table at my human family...

And sure, she is making a fabulous point that not one of us are the same...and then proceeds to go on to say we are much more alike...Here's the whole of it,  HUMAN FAMILY.

But that's just it, Maya!  You agree with this idea of the common man!

How subtle, though; how clever she is to poke fun at this idea of not yet one common man, ever so brief -- as if describing an era without merit, as if just the idea of the common man itself doesn't speak of the world of differences in mankind and what that offers to humanity in return; as if the founders were a group  of old white men just wishing to protect other old white men and be done with it.  It's almost as if, she, being a black woman, doesn't realize she has more in common with these founders than she wants to believe. 

Unfortunately, Maya's belief system is more real to the reader than anything else.  What she seems to cling to is a certain age -- perhaps a time of colonialism --  and, hand in hand,  disparages the common man of that day, as if turning it into something we should all be ashamed of somehow.  Which is ironic, given how splendid the amount of time she takes in the portrayal of what we all have in common...

What was and continues to be brilliant, about THE COMMON MAN, is just that -- we have more in common, than not --  no matter the color of our skin, no matter our religion, no matter if rich or poor. It worked then, way back when, just as it works today! 

The common man really IS about all men, all women, all humans of every kind.

Bear in mind, what was UNcommon of the times -- prompting a revolution and a government that was the exception, and not the rule -- was that up until America, the common man had no hope for elevating his station in life.  Up until America, the common man, in general, was at the mercy of a king -- or dictator.  Up until the making of America, the common man was placed under the rule of a governing body, and from there, the common man would sit and stay.   

America -- as exceptional as it is -- created an atmosphere where the government was limited, while the common man was elevated to a position of prominence, whether by representation, or by the express freedom to grow wealth, build things, and for the most part, be left alone and with UNLIMITED potential.  The intention was to keep government SMALL and the common man LARGER than life.  Independence was IN, while dependence, was out.
Now look at us...
What has happened over time, is the exact opposite -- man's true nature is revealing itself within the halls of government and it's not good.    

Hence, the rise of Trump and Pence and fence and tense.  

In a clear about-face from the olden days, what has become more common is the explicit irreverence to the common man -- allowing for the growth of the establishment, the globalists, the elitists who only wish to make ALL of the decisions on behalf of the common man, mocking America's foundation, its principles and values, every step of the way.

Oh my dear Maya -- we have more in common than not, more to agree upon than disagree; and this idea of THE COMMON MAN is at the very center of it all!  Don't you see?   Your jaded belief system against "the common man"  is built upon such a deceit -- of who's fault, I do not know...but I adore you just the same.

It is interesting how such a simple phrase of the common man can be interpreted differently, ending up to be of two contrary things, a negative or a positive.

Which is fascinating, especially if we were to jump back up to the start and take a look at the origins of an idiom: "kid gloves."  On the one hand, it is all about being treated with care, gentle...as in reference to the fine leather they are made of, the skin of a baby lamb or goat.  But adorned on the other hand is something quite different --  over time, the kid gloves get a re-do, evolving into describing a situation where "the gloves come off," in a 'let's get at it' sort of way.  And for more on that, go here, to get The Straight Dope.

So here we are @the end, at the end of a day -- a day spinning a tale of two worlds within the same universe.   All of a sudden, it seems perfectly acceptable to take the gloves off.  If the plans of an Obama post presidency include it, then who dare stop the likes of the rest of us, the common man that we are, right?   If silence is not golden, then let the common man loose thy lips.

And in the end then --  this bitter, bitter end of an eight year reign under President Obama, an end to what appears to be a situation where the president has decided not to walk away and into the sunset in silence, without incidence -- let this be a reminder of who this president truly is...a radical.  

He tried to hide it -- the radical inside (and considering the boundaries in place, within the confines of the Oval Office, he has done a stellar job at it, too).  But the truth is, we can only get the common man out of the common man for so long before its true identity comes into his own, befitting his true calling.  The authentic self must come to life, for that is the true destiny of each and every one of us....and it cannot be silenced.  

March on then, Mr. President, march on.
Gloves on; gloves off.

Let the protests begin, human family.
Let the people speak, human family.
Let this new administration have it's day, human family.

From one town common to another, let America restore herself, returning to the reign of The Common Man, the citizens of the United States of America, as one big happy human family...

for the general welfare of every American, 
under God, 
the Creator of this beautiful, organic, human family that we are --
indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
Pass the gravy.

Make it a Good Day, G

Saturday, November 12, 2016

It's Good Morning, EveryOne Thing

Dear America,

"Does the end justify the means?"

From the pages of Saul Alinsky's, Rules For Radicals... [aka The Left's playbook]

THAT PERENNIAL QUESTION, 'Does the end justify the means?' is meaningless as it stands; the real and only question regarding the ethics of means and ends is, and always has been, 'Does this particular end justify this particular means?'
Life and how you live it is the story of means and ends.  The end is what you want, and the means is how you get it.  Whenever we think of social change, the question of means and ends arises...[The man of action] He asks of ends only whether they are achievable and worth the cost; of means, only whether they will work.   To say that corrupt means corrupt the ends is to believe in the immaculate conception of ends and principles.  The real arena is corrupt and bloody.  Life is a corrupting process...

so reflecting upon this, upon this day... after such a contentious, dirty, filthy, ugly presidential campaign...what say you?  Does the end justify the means?   Hallelujah and hell yes.

Oh joy to the world.

After President Obama reminded us, early and often, how elections do have consequences [see Immigration by Executive Order, see Obamacare by Hook and by Crook, see Government Regulations wreaking havoc upon business far and wide, see All of the Above Energy promises turn into a downright destruction of oil, gas, and coal, see the world's finest military reduced to dust....and on and on and on] ...isn't this end result a time to savor.

The hidden Trumpeter's across the land secretly held their position tight to the chest right up until the very last minute...speaking directly of the 42% of women who voted for him.....shhshh don't ask don't tell, more tea anyone?

Oh don't be fooled, people; it was crystal clear:  this choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump; we just couldn't talk about it!  We had more important things to do between the kids, the dog, or the job.  And while Trump wasn't exactly the kind of guy many of us would want to bring home or share on facebook or dish about over a potluck, he was the means -- decided fair and square through the political primary process -- in hopes of returning law and order to the country and, in the end, beat HER.  Much of that 42% of women had to have held their nose and voted for him anyway...just like me.

[And here's a twist @The Washington Post -- commentary from a liberal Muslim woman who voted for Trump...please read.  Even though she and I differ on many things probably...she understood what a Trump presidency means for the future of the country...amen.]

Oh...to have a candidate fight back against the Democratic machine -- no matter what means necessary, made all the difference in the world.   And to that, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, Donald [now don't screw this up... teehee].

For days now, a big part of me has been sitting on the election result, hesitant to react too soon, pausing before going all nuclear on the hot buttons of the moment at hand.   Given how much this election season has taken out of me -- day in and day out -- living and breathing it for months on end -- please forgive me and my first inclination, resorting to hibernation.  Taking it all in, watching the response from the Left, listening to the pundits pound out what it all means, was something this girl had absolutely no interest in doing.  Just lead me to a bottle of Makers and I'll do just fine...can't Just a Girl just enjoy this for one means to an ends minute?

But how can we -- those sitting just right of center --  sit back and feel centered at a time like this.....

Let's face it -- unlike the Right, which seems to bend over backwards to make nice with the other side -- there is no chance for peaceful co-existence with the Left.  They simply close the door, throw a tantrum, call you names, unfriend you on facebook, or all of the above.

Typical is the response by Maloney at GrubHub (linked above), defying his own code of conduct, as he preaches for tolerance and inclusiveness while calling for anyone who does not agree with his line of thinking to resign!  How absurd is that?  I was one of those who immediately forwarded feedback to GrubHub and said, in short, this girl will never ever use GrubHub ever, as in never.  Ciao.

But looking back over the course of the last week, how bizarre was it to find out Hillary had set up a two-minute fireworks display over New York harbor ON ELECTION NIGHT and between the hour of 9 and 10 p.m. eastern?  Was that just a wee bit premature, or what?  How could she do something like that even before my polls in California even closed?   Seriously, Hillary?  Just who told you that was a good idea?

Booked on Thursday only to cancel it come Monday morning... you just had to know, that they knew, that this thing called winning was suddenly not in the bloomin' Bloomingdales Big Brown Bag.   No new presidential pantsuits for you.

Before election day, President Obama made it clear right up until the bitter end just what was at stake --  saying in a commercial for Hillary,
“All the progress we’ve made these last eight years is on the ballot. Respect for women is on the ballot, tolerance is on the ballot, equality is on the ballot, justice is on the ballot,” Obama says in the ad, which is clipped from an Oct. 11 rally in Greensboro, North Carolina. “If you want to send a message in this election, send a message about who we are as the American people. Send a message by voting for Hillary Clinton,” he continues.

Obamacare is not progress, it's the destruction of one-sixth of this nation's economy through the sheer telling and scheming of a lie over and over --- the "Affordable Care Act" is anything but affordable, offers less healthcare choices, and causes the costs to necessarily skyrocket.  Until it returns to a free market commodity to cross state lines, encouraging competition between insurance companies, and offering a wider pool of offerings to the consumer (and patient), it will continue to unravel and disappoint.

Illegal Immigration by Executive Order is not progress. it's abuse of power.

Signing a Nuclear Agreement with Iran is not progress, it's treason.  [And don't get me started on the paying of ransom, previously covered here on the old gthing, of course]

Opening America to unvetted refugees from the Middle East is not progress, it's reckless, creating vulnerabilities in national security.

And taking away the free exercise of one's faith -- is that progress?  Does the end justify the means?  Does the end justify the means, especially in the woefully prohibitive, anti-Christianity, environment within the military, and causing issues of morale and retention?

The thing is --

President Obama's legacy was on the line in this presidential election, and it lost. bigly.

And how awkward was that first meeting....the president-elect Trump with the President?  The picture of the two making the headlines tells it all, doesn't it?  Serious expressions, hands folded, President Obama could hardly look at him during the photo op with the press.  [Go to Guardian, here, to see full story and transcript on the remarks of the day]

It's the passing of the presidential baton from the guy who hasn't built a thing (other than a mess to clean up) to a guy famous for it...building things.  Building many, many things.  Talk about polarizing -- these guys couldn't be any more apart.  I love this part, when Obama said:

...And I have been very encouraged by the, I think, interest in President-elect Trump’s wanting to work with my team around many of the issues that this great country faces, and I believe that it is important for all of us, regardless of party and regardless of political preferences, to now come together, work together, to deal with the many challenges that we face. 
Starting with condescension and ending with something of an immaculate ascension,  Obama plays it as if he never accused Trump of aligning with the KKK, or called him unfit, and woefully unprepared for the job...the office of the president of the United States.

But who are we kidding?

We know the Left.

We know how it operates and the rules for radicals playbook it uses freely and un-apologetically, whether proselytizing and organizing communities, whether rioting and protesting, or, whether leading a nation; the book is not only used,  it has been put to memory -- a holy book to facilitate and replicate every means to a leftist dream end.

If my recollection serves me correctly, this girl thought Barack Hussein Obama was woefully unfit for the job, too. [Had plenty of reasons, none of which had to do with the color of his skin...]  

But you didn't see me riot in the streets.  No, for eight years this girl had to just suck it up and deal with it...

And notice I didn't call him "unprepared;" oh, he and his handlers, his associates, were prepared, alright.  He was fully prepared to transform America [as he promised fundamental transformation beginning day one].  How could he not be after following the likes of Saul Alinsky,  Frank Marshall Davis,  Charles Ogletree. Reverend Jeremiah Wright... not to mention, dreams of his own father, Obama Sr.  ...and on and on and on.  He done dare transformed the nation and more; he left us divided, polarized,  broken into demographics and totally unfit for assimilating into one united people. Dividing and conquering is no way to lead, Mr. President -- and yet, it was the means to this bitter end YOU CHOSE.  You did this.  This is what you built!

President Obama IS a Radical-In-Chief  -- his so-called legacy in question proves it...in policy, in word and deed throughout the world, in the blatant disregard of our cultural traditions and our individual freedom to exercise one's faith, and in the shameful mockery of America's Rule of Law...

So here's to things being UNDONE...here's to a new end, being fully justified, by whatever means necessary, skyscrapers the limit.  And here's to Obama's sad, sad legacy meeting up with a brand new day in America.

Good Morning, everyone --  all 300 million souls who clearly don't think alike, look alike, or act alike.  And yet, it's beautiful! It's remarkable! It's exceptional!  It's America!

And may God continue to Bless us one and all.

Make it a Good Day, G

And just in case you need more to read, here's a few good men from The Patriot Post to knock your socks off... THIS.  THIS.  THIS. [The Patriot Post provides the best conservative reviews and commentaries this side of the world wide web; and they just so happen to be running their annual fund drive now, so please GIVE GENEROUSLY!]

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

It's the Day to Vote Thing

Dear America,





Vote.  It is our duty, as responsible citizens, to take an active role in the peaceful transition from one administration into the next, while holding to the principles and values of this great nation.

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be...No other sure foundation can be devised for the preservation of freedom and happiness...Preach...a crusade against ignorance; establish and improve the law for educating the common people.  Let our countrymen know that the people alone can protect us against the evils [of misgovernment]."  This excerpt pulled from The 5000 Year Leap...writings of Thomas Jefferson

Oppression and tyranny is never more than a generation away.
"The Utopian schemes of leveling [re-distribution of the wealth] and a community of goods [central ownership of the means of production and distribution], are as visionary and impractical as those which vest all property in the crown.  [These ideas] are arbitrary, despotic, and in our government, unconstitutional."  This excerpt also pulled from The 5000 Year Leap...musings of Samuel Adams

Trump is not perfect, he's just another boy with big dreams; while just a girl to the left, Hillary, is a politician with 1. a corrupt past, 2. no accomplishments, 3. no allegiance to America's Rule of Law per The Constitution...making her totally and deplorably and irredeemably disqualified right from the start. 

"There does not pass a week, in which we cannot prove declarations dropping from the monarchical party [the branch of the administration pushing for a central government with massive powers and saying] that our government is good for nothing, is a milk and water thing which cannot support itself; we must knock it down, and set up something of more energy."  taking a leap back to Thomas Jefferson.
Election day is here.  IF you are still confused and still haven't voted, Thomas Sowell wrote a grand post, linking @Rasmussen....go here.    

Now away with you...and go vote.  

May God Bless America.

Make it a Good Day, G

Sunday, November 6, 2016

It's Hoping for an Up Swing Thing

Dear America,

7 Do not be deceived: 
God cannot be mocked. 
A man reaps what he sows. 
8 Whoever sows to please their flesh, 
from the flesh will reap destruction;
 whoever sows to please the Spirit, 
from the Spirit will reap eternal life.  

not to get too dramatic or nothin, tee hee

this verse from the Bible just so happened to be the centerpiece of a sermon heard earlier today;  my favorite Southern Baptist, Dr. Charles Stanley, spent a fair portion of his Sunday morning message simply driving the point home -- looking at the depths of our fallen ways, looking at the heights of our widely accepted anti-God-arrogance. 

i think i love him, this Stanley...  lately, he's preached like the wilberforce of our time.  

But let's just stop right there.

It's this idea of reaping and sowing that has me so caught up in the moment...in the two days before one of the most important elections of our day.  If you happen to fall into the group who hasn't figured out that America deserves this right about now, then not sure anything will convince you.

It's like this thing called reaping what we sow goes big or goes home  -- as in, it works in the macro and in the micro with the same amount of force; in other words, it works in equal portion as a nation, as in the individual.  In either case, "do not be deceived, God cannot be mocked."

But isn't mocking God what we do best?

Between our growing population who doesn't believe in God at all, and the growing segment of Christians seemingly content in being marginalized,  and even sometimes, considered part of the "fringe" -- any sign of an authentic faith in God as King is near extinction. 

So what business do we have blogging about such a non-threat in the first place?  As if we have to worry about judgement day... as if, one day, lightening will strike each and every one of us who have gone astray...as if, we can't just keep doing what we're doing, living the high life, without any consequences as to how we do it.  

[Perhaps both presidential candidates, and their campaigns, strike a case in point...acting untouchable, believing to be above the law, and all]
And mind you -- this girl is pretty sure even exchanging Trump with Cruz, or replacing Clinton with Bern, the results would be the same.  Because who are we as a whole?  What kind of seeds are we planting anyway?

Taking the lead again from Dr. Charles Stanley -- his key words summarizing all our woes goes as follows:
  • immoral
  • greedy
  • prideful
  • indulgent
  • slothful
  • ungrateful
  • irreverent
And adds, we have grown into a culture believing "what is right, is what I want to be right; what is true, is what I want to be true."

It's almost as if God's Omniscience is of no concern whatsoever.   

In many ways, humanity has lost its humility.

And then  later in the morning, hearing the Word from another preacher -- this time, Dr. David Jeremiah, pastor of Shadow Mountain Church in San Diego -- he defined Omnipresent with such clarity; for it is about how God is everywhere, omnipresent, at all times and in all places, indeed.  But it is up to us to be aware, to be conscious, to acknowledge HIM in our presence, otherwise, God cannot do God's thing -- whether within us, around us, or through us.  If we choose to dismiss the Almighty, then the Almighty cannot/will not do His mighty things.

So we go to God in small congregations throughout the land on Sunday; but as a whole, as a nation, America has dialed it back as far as following the Word of God, as far as humbly seeking Him, as far as living our life revolving around a sacred faith, and as far as respecting the laws of God. 

We frequently joke about the karmic law of cause and effect -- but it's really more than that.  This 21st Century size season of being lost, instead of found, is bringing the direct result of our own choosing. We deserve this angst.  We deserve this pathetic presidential campaign.  We deserve this sense of disgust.  We deserve this reality that is bringing to light every single sad commentary about our culture, front and center, left and right, for all the world and God to see.   

And while the actions of reaping and sowing continue to surround and astound: Trump is no more the omniscient savior of all our woes than a Barack Obama of 2008; while contrary to popular belief, Hillary isn't worth the space and time to even mention her name (although I guess I just did).

The thing is -- no matter what happens on Tuesday, it will not only will be the expression of the seed we have already sown, it will also be the perfect result according to this life Under God -- whether you are a believer, or not.  

The Creator of all things is still in charge of all things.  
Boom, bigly.

It would help if we returned to respecting this truth, sure -- for "God cannot be mocked;" but in the meantime, it is not for us to question the result of this election (absent blatant voter fraud), as everything under heaven is according to God's bigger plan for the world (His World -- a world that He made and He loves).

-------------- picture this...

America is at the peak of its own Hacksaw Ridge, just waiting for a front-line of Desmond Doss' to do the unthinkable, against all odds, and almost with supernatural ability -- as if we actually believed we walked with God!

Please allow me redirect you to The Patriot Post for a little inspiration....or, simply a temporal distraction given the week ahead... go here.  

Within the post of the American hero, Doss,  Mark Alexander chose to quote Ronald Reagan, adding:
"In 1992, during one of Ronald Reagan’s last public addresses, he offered these words about honoring our legacy of Liberty: 'My fondest hope for each one of you is that you will love your country, not for her power or wealth, but for her selflessness and her idealism. May each of you have the heart to conceive, the understanding to direct, and the hand to execute works that will make the world a little better for your having been here. May all of you as Americans never forget your heroic origins, never fail to seek divine guidance, and never lose your natural, God-given optimism. And finally, my fellow Americans, may every dawn be a great new beginning for America and every evening bring us closer to that shining city upon a hill'.”
Alexander wraps it up, saying:
"It took 70 years to bring Desmond’s story to the big screen, primarily because of his concern that Hollywood would give him the glory, rather than God. This Mel Gibson film gives God the glory! I should note that it is violent, but *not* gratuitously violent. Instead, the violence will elevates your understanding of the God-inspired heroism of this little man."
How about that...what a humble man, this Desmond Doss; and sounds like Mel got this one right, too. I can't wait to see it...

my wishes run wide and deep, but even shouted upon the highest mountaintop -- wishes by themselves can only do so much, besides meet up in the company of  a lot of thin air going nowhere.  But to pray, in earnest and unceasing, to the Almighty....to walk with God in every moment of every day -- suddenly, what was once unimaginable is possible, what was once lost is found, what was once selfishness becomes selflessness, what was once floundering becomes a peace that passes all understanding...and over time, an America in peril becomes an America in revival.

In my humble opinion, we are looking in all the wrong places these days, looking to all the wrong things to fix us, seeking all the wrong leaders to lead  us   -- and you can bet God isn't anywhere to be found unless we seek to find God first, and keep God first!  While God is a loving God, not all of us are cut from the Desmond Doss cloth; the brute reality is -- we need God more than God needs us, the rather sorry, pathetic, ingrate, slothful, greedy, selfish, immoral, prideful, irreverent, lying eyes that we are -- in part, or in all, whether occasionally or all the time.

So, here we are.  Where do we go from here?

I hope it's Up.

"Give careful thought to your ways.  Go up into the mountains and bring down timber and build the house, so that I may take pleasure in it and be honored, " says the Lord.  "You expected much, but see, it turned out to be little,  What you brought home, I blew away.  Why?"   declares the Lord Almighty. "Because of my house, which remains in ruin, while each of you is busy with his own house.  Therefore, because of you the heavens have withheld their dew and the earth its crops.   I called for a drought in the fields and the mountains, on the grain, the new wine, the oil and whatever the ground produces, on men and cattle, and on the labor of your hands." Book of Haggai 1:7-11

And, be careful what you wish for....

Make it a Good Day, G

Friday, November 4, 2016

It's an Election by Intimidation or Conscience Thing

Dear America,

how low can we go, 
how low can we go.

so my girl is in south america these days....eating her way through a semester abroad. everything is about the food... the choripan, the dulce de leche, the malbec, the nights that don't end until the sun comes up...oh to be young and free and bright eyed and bushy tailed about the future!


As a Libra, she's pretty realistic.   And given her natural inclination of assessing a situation, adapting, and balancing the pros and cons on the end of a pin, she sees the end of the tunnel...and it just ends.  It doesn't help that the girl is being bombarded with comments about this election, left and right -- oh and here's the shocker, it's all negative.  wow, color me surprised.

But let me assure you, it isn't all a Trump dump, either.  With the margin of error maybe two points, it's dead even:  both candidates suck and the world thinks we are all nuts....even according to women.

Okay, Pharrell?
Here ya go -- let me fill in the blanks; it's all about fixing the election outcome, according to someone who sings for a living --  Pharrell says:

If all the women in this nation decided to vote and support the first female candidate, there’d be nothing to worry about,” Williams said in an interview at Variety‘s Inclusion summit at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills. “It’s that easy.”
“Has she been dishonest about things? Sure. Have you?” Williams said of Clinton, before insisting that “she don’t lie no more than any other politician does.”
To the first point...Yes.  Pharrell,  Maybe it would be just that easy, IF by virtue of all women having one thing in common -- the lady parts -- we didn't think for ourselves and somehow all thought alike.   

To the second point...Do two wrongs make a right?   
But besides that argument dropping to the bottom of the barrel, Pharrell, can you tell me which candidate is NOT the career politician?   And further, if "she don't lie no more than any other politician," could it also be a reflection of our culture as a whole?    Where do politicians come from in the first place?   Does the macro and the micro match?

Back to the first point:   How far have we all sunk if we cannot accept the realization that each and every one of us is unique?  

And taking that a thought further, our rugged individualism tells us we are not only born unique, but raised, in experiences and environment, also distinctly uncommon (even within the same family, as siblings).   

But here's Pharrell.  He is calling upon women to vote by gender and gender alone; how shameful, how shocking, how sad.   If I were to make the giant leap to say, this explains how the black demographic has been so easily swayed and bamboozled by the Democratic party for all this time -- would it be considered insensitive, narrow-minded, racist, or all of the above, to make that observation?  
In an effort to make a more perfect union, wouldn't it be better to believe:
All white people don't think alike,
All black people don't think alike.  
All women don't think alike. 
All men don't think like.

And so on
And so on

Just what is going on here?  
Is it Pharrell's left thinking brain, his black thinking brain, or his masculinity shaping his narrow-minded perception of how to win this election for Hillary Clinton (...the liar liar pantsuit on fire abomination that she really is)?   

As a conservative girl who dresses like a hippie half the time  -- it's been long, long apparent just how rare it is NOT to be hastily judged upon first sight as a card-carrrying member of the Left.   Unless in a crowd sharing a known conservative belief, goal, or purpose....say, for example, a tea party rally, or perhaps a church committee meeting, or most definitely a Republican Women's Club  -- there is not a doubt in my mind that most people see me and assume things about me totally untrue; wanton assumptions are made and mostly leaning to believe that I proudly support Hillary, abortion, global warming, sanctuary cities, free college tuition, free healthcare, big government, heavy regulation....just bring on the nanny state and make it snappy...and all the while, live on tofu and kale. (that last bit is only half true; tofu sucks...tee hee)  

Shirley, the notion for  all women to cast a vote for Hillary, based purely upon Hillary being the first and only woman in the race, must have to equally alarm not only the women on the Left, but the entire effing LEFT!  Right?  It's like, how many wrongs is actually tied up into that knot?


But not in all my life has the absurd been any more absurd then after listening to President Obama just yesterday...In a pathetic display of desperation, the Left goes low, and lower still.    

“If you accept the support 
of Klan sympathizers 
— the Klan — 
and hesitate when asked 
about that support,
 then you’ll tolerate 
that support when 
you’re in office,”
 President Obama

Hey Barack,
the sixties called, and they want their democratic party back to it's racist roots.  Look into the American Mirror...top five most racist presidents in history.  That link will surprise you, if you read all the way to the end.  See also, more on the  Bill Clinton/Robert Byrd history.   And if we go all in, we might as well take a look at the president who took the country to a Civil War to right a serious wrong....Abraham Lincoln, a REPUBLICAN!

Historically speaking, the left and the democratic party loses this argument.  bigly.

How shameful, Mr.  President.  How utterly shameful.

I can only imagine how scared the left must be, if the president resorts to going this low.

Guess what, Mr. President?  The world is watching.  And they have an opinion, right, wrong, or indifferent.   But really, as the leader of the free world, where are your scruples?  Where is your UNcommon sense that would tell you to walk away from Hillary, walk away as fast as you can?  Is party that important to you that you would support a total fraud?  What has she really done successfully in public office?  Feel free to pick whichever office you want to start.

But here's you, “You know, there’s a reason we haven’t had a woman president before.”

“I want every man out there who’s voting to kinda look inside yourself and ask yourself, if you’re having problems with this stuff, how much of it is that we’re just not used to it?” he said. “When a guy is ambitious and out in the public arena and working hard, well that’s okay. But when a woman suddenly does it, suddenly you’re all like, well, why’s she doing that?”

wow. Is there like any room to believe that Hillary is just the WRONG woman???

How wrong is that?
How wrong is that!

....It's what allows us to pursue our individual dreams, yet still come together as a single American family: "E pluribus unum," out of many, one.
Now even as we speak, there are those who are preparing to divide us, the spin masters and negative ad peddlers who embrace the politics of anything goes.
Well, I say to them tonight, there's not a liberal America and a conservative America; there's the United States of America


There's not a black America and white America and Latino America and Asian America; there's the United States of America.


The pundits, the pundits like to slice and dice our country into red states and blue States: red states for Republicans, blue States for Democrats. But I've got news for them, too. We worship an awesome God in the blue states, and we don't like federal agents poking around our libraries in the red states.
We coach little league in the blue states and, yes, we've got some gay friends in the red states.

There are patriots who opposed the war in Iraq, and there are patriots who supported the war in Iraq.
We are one people, all of us pledging allegiance to the stars and stripes, all of us defending the United States of America.

It was circa 2004, when a young Illinois candidate for State Senate gave a memorable Democratic Convention speech on behalf of John Kerry.   But in my humble opinion, the tone and tenor of this speech was long gone by the time Obama would come full circle, becoming the first African-American president of the United States of America.  

 [The speech also lays out the narrative that would ultimately become part and parcel of the sales pitch to America during his first campaign.  Obama's background was carefully crafted, masterminding a masterpiece, never to be questioned or vetted along the way -- especially by the mainstream media.  The progressive media already beginning it's descent into full, unapologetic bias for Leftist policies and candidates.]
The thing is...

MAINSTREAM MEDIA sure thinks alike!   
And they have made their choice this election cycle, for shame, for shame.  

how low can we go.  how low can we go.

There seems to be no separation of the leftist church and state and the propaganda it produces;  the little minions think the same things, say the same things, write the same things...

And at the end of the day, all I can say, I dare you ALL to think for yourself.

Who knows -- it might just be refreshing...liberating; you might even like it.  Or is your allegiance to progressive change in America so great, casting a truly independent thought -- one that just might go against the stream --  totally unimaginable?

I guess time will tell on Tuesday.  
Tuesday will tell us just how many of us actually have an independent thought left to speak of...  
And after careful consideration, after long and arduous mental debate, after assessing the situation, after balancing the pros and cons on the head of a pin, the truth will separate from the lies, and the seas will part, and we will vote our conscience -- a conscience unique and beautiful.  And it will be done even in spite of the variety of intrepid intimidation taking the main stage day in and day out.
May God bless the United States of America.

Make it a Good Day, G

Thursday, November 3, 2016

It's Welcome to My World, Hollywood Thing

Dear America,

we are five days away from fundamental transformation, folks...again.

and given the seriousness of the matter, this girl had to laugh about a variety of downright fear of any kind of peaceful transition to a Trump Administration; surprisingly, something that has half a chance of happening now that the Clinton Foundation may come under indictment (about damn effing time) and other Hillary missteps...all of which recorded on film, email, private servers and all.

But let's look at this Hollywood freak out, shall we?

Oh no! He might just repeal Obamacare!

Oh no! He might just stop the free flow of illegals across our southern border, and end the reckless decision of letting thousands of un-vetted refugees set up shop!

You know, other than getting to just these two things, from my view...in my tiny bubble -- I almost don't care what else a Trump Administration does; more important, given the overwhelming amount of precedence, I'm pretty sure Trump isn't gonna care what you all think of him one melodramatic bit, Hollywood.  just sayin'

quoting a Hollywood insider (from a post @Variety) -- “I’m fucking terrified,” said writer-director Adam McKay, via email. “If Trump were to win we will see a dismantling of our democracy we cannot imagine. I know that sounds dramatic but I think it’s a safe bet. I’m hoping silent sane Americans rise up to stamp down this ugliness. At the end of the day I still believe humans are getting better and smarter and that Trump is a burp from a bygone era.”

cracks me up.

I mean, Adam...what in Sam Hill do you think we, located in our bubbles just right of center, have all been thinking this past eight years???  Really?

I FEEL YOUR effing PAIN; and yet, at the risk of sounding cold and heartless, ask me if I care.

"we will see a dismantling of our democracy we cannot imagine," he says.

tee hee.  Good One.

Oh Adam, think of it this way -- it's just the very same feeling all of you Lefty's got to have -- with the Hollywood bubble in full costume, of course -- only eight years ago; this is OUR five days away from effing fundamental transformation, no matter how ugly it looks.  So where is your tolerance?

The right has put up with a lot of bulllllllshhhhhhhshshhsh.  This is our chance to put a cork in it, literally, figuratively, metaphorically, and with bells on. Is Trump perfect?  No.  Will he do?  Yes. (For now.)

From wanton executive orders, to rampant over-regulation, to a full scale DISMANTLING of one-sixth of our economy, and putting to ruin the best health care system in the whole effing world! -- oh Adam, now who's being naive...America's "democracy"....absent crony capitalism, absent big government taxation, absent every facet of civilian life being transformed, absent the bigotry of people of faith, absent the best military force in the world being reduced to rubble....THAT democracy has been long gone.  The origins of the fall dating back almost a hundred years, but becoming exponentially most effective in the last eight years.  

hmmmm wonder what happened then?  anyone?

Oh right, that's when the Left's prince of peace and other deeds was elected.

Oh let's not let Adam have all the fun; let's bring a new someone, a big fish offering a few prescient thoughts on the present, and providing for Variety's effing big finish...

“It has been an enormously burdensome election in terms of the public discourse and the coarseness, and a conversation where we are talking past each other, and not to each other,” Newsom said in the interview, which will air on Thursday. “Yeah, there is a lot to be nervous about because as a Democrat, I think the consequences are catastrophic in terms of the future of this democracy if someone like Donald Trump actually succeeds and has the kind of power that is afforded a president. It scares the living daylights out of me that he is this close.”
That new someone is Gavin Newsom, California's Lieutenant Governor.  yay me (said with sincere sarcasm; camera spanning the G bubble and catching her looking yonder and casting a long sigh. fade to dark).

I guess this piece from Variety needed to include an opinion from someone actually in politics, perhaps to give the puff-of-smoke piece some pizzazz and some real weight (but not over 165 lbs, mind you, then he would be considered a wee bit too puffy; no, wait.  Weight is weighted against actresses mostly, calculated upon the depth and breadth of the T and A...it's complicated.).  

He says, "....I think the consequences are catastrophic."  Which, is funny, since the "consequences" ARE unseen, as in, Trump hasn't done a thing yet.    And anyway, this thing called "catastrophic" is exactly what we have right now, Gavin...consequences so catastrophic it's not even funny.  Bubble to bubble, toil and trouble.

But Oh to be or not to be so full of thy self!
What a joy to live in that world every single day, no?  [yeah, no.]  

So Hollywood is sweating and fretting the outcome of this election --

Oh no!  The horror!

LOL LOL  LOL  LOL LOL -- this girl better just settle down, all this laughter just might pop her  bubble, says the girl, taking a pose in a panic and fish lips.

welcome to my world, Hollywood.

Every effing day, my world has had to face deplorable conditions under the unconscionable, sometimes un-Constitutional, oppression running openly and freely, totally a muck as they say,  under THIS administration, k.

And granted, some of which has unarguably come from this good for nothing congress, there is that...Something the election of 2014 was supposed to course correct, but now look at me -- slipping into a dress to digress with break neck speed.

But for the most part,  never mind the ornamentation designed to distract --  all roads lead to Rome and to the one on top:  President Barack Hussein Obama.  History repeats itself all the time.  

The community organizer extraordinaire, Commander in Chief, that special someone deserving of an effing Oscar for starring in the creation of such a masterpiece -- the effing hot mess we are living in today has been scaring the living daylights out of many of us all the live long day, every day, for the last eight effing years.  But perhaps, that perspective may just be more the cause and effect of my bubble's loyalty to America's origins simply crying out for a stronger role.  (And when I say crying, we're talking crocodile tears, just so you can get the full picture.)

look at me just getting carried away...

I love that Hollywood is so unafraid to show their intolerance and hatred towards the opposition --an  opposition only being the other side of the same coin.  It's deplorable, almost irredeemable, right Hillary?  It's simply the other side of the same coin; red, blue, left, right, heads and tails.  In other words, it's the other side of the same coin that just so happens to pony up a plenty to watch mostly effing trash coming out of an industry that once made really great film.  How do they do it?

Awwww Adam,  can we go back to Genesis?  Hollywood once led with such elegance, through and through, on and off camera.

thing is, THEY..(HOLLYWOOD's hypercritical collective bubble of millionaires and elitists living large among the small people) ...should really be more concerned with where that kind of Hollywood ventured off to before they wade into criticizing a Trump administration, especially before a Trump administration has even stepped foot upon the red carpet  (and notice it is not a boot, unlike the president you all love and adore with such stupidity.  Nope,  Trump is barefoot and going in anyway.  Because he can.  Yes he can. Yes he can.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  We'll just have to wait and see.  Wait and see.).

Aw Adam, Gavin, and Laugh-In oh my -- we are five days away from another effing fundamental transformation, again!   Grab a popcorn and get over yourselves!  Either way, it's gonna get scarier before it even has half a chance to get any better.  But please, choose to be afraid...be vewy, vewy afraid (please say that like Elmer Fudd).

And most of all, understand the feeling you all are experiencing, in unison, just so happens to be how many, many, many, many millions of little Americans have felt since November 2008.   ugh.  you all have no idea.  This "democracy" is currently in RUINS right now -- as we effing speak.

My advice:   Get lost in all the tiny bubbles... coming to the surface.  
No, no.  Here ya go....Think of it as being a really good bottle of Dom...Don Perignon being cracked across the hull and christening a brand new ship.   yeah yeah, that's the ticket.  It's quite a production, that's for sure.    And if it costs you a wee bit of your pompous peace of mind, whatever -- find a therapist, run to Jesus, leave the country.  Choice is yours.

Welcome to the new world on the horizon; we are all Marshall,  and this is America, baby. It's all fair in love and war, and that goes double-time with tap shoes when talking politics.

God bless us one and all.

Make it a Good Day, G

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

It's An Honest Answer is Like a Kiss on the Lips Thing

Dear America,

from founder-ing to floundering, that's what we are

The mandate to contribute to the whole, as predicated in the very birth of our country, by virtue of the Declaration of Independence and in the nation's Constitution, complete with the Bill of Rights -- WAS a duty and delight for one and all.  Providing for the general welfare of the whole, in word and deed, WAS an individual thing! and fully paramount to America's success.

And yet, here we are --  in this uber modern culture of ours -- and we are floundering, everywhere and often.  

It's not about our individual contribution for the betterment of the whole of these fine United States --- no, it's more about party contribution....about community organization [...flash movements] contribution....and quite possibly, sometimes, it's not about making a contribution whatsoever [apathy, anyone?].

The back and forth surrounding the latest blow to the Clinton campaign marks a good case in point.

No longer do Americans process information through fresh libertarian eyes with a founder's spirit.

With little exception to the rule - - we walk by way of floundering with the truth, with the Rule of Law, liberally co-mingling or ignoring facts and the not so factual, unable to truly decipher between right from wrong, because everything has to be processed through the ideological needle first.  And that eye can be awfully deceiving, no?  And often narrow, failing magnificently with a big fat fact getting through it.

The sway of opinions... the swift reversal of fortune.... all directed at Director Comey of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, tells us everything we need to know.  America has lost all credibility as a country, as a whole, as a force of truth operating within and around the Rule of Law.

When only weeks ago, the Left was considering Comey a man of integrity (when deciding not to move forward in the case against Clinton, blah blah blah)..... to over the last few days, when the very same Left has brandished him a political tool of the Right, indicting Comey up and down the dial in the mainstream media and on Capitol Hill, and even some fools linking him to be in cahoots with the "KGB" [which is funny, isn't it].  And likewise, republicans liked Comey, before they hated Comey, before they liked Comey all over again.

And let's consider Hillary HERself.

She has lied and played America all the live long day for the last thirty years.

Hillary created this fall from grace all on HER own.  

She decided to use an illegal server.
She decided to communicate confidential material.
She decided by way of President Obama's own alias, to transmit secret communication on HER self-serve server on behalf of the State Department all on HER own undoing (Also note, Obama said to America on 60 Minutes that he heard about her private server on the news...when Americans heard about it.  THAT was another major LIE).

It's all HER; everything points back to HER.

And about this "one of my staffers" comment, made just yesterday from Hillary, HERself.  How crazy is it that this staffer is Huma Abedin -- in truth, Hillary's number one gal, HER confidant, HER loyal adviser and steadfast admirer-er of nearly twenty years!  HER closest aide gets reduced to rubble with one fell swoop of the sword; she might as well have cut off her head.  [oh yeah, went there]

And how odd is it, that it would appear, President Obama is taking the one position of neutrality in all this....see hear, see hear.  Here's Earnest: 

"The President doesn't believe that he's secretly strategizing to benefit one candidate or one political party," Earnest said. "He's in a tough spot, and he's the one who will be in a position to defend his actions in the face of significant criticism from a variety of legal experts, including individuals who served in senior Department of Justice positions in administrations led by presidents in both parties."

whoa, what is happening ...topsy turvy positions left and right.  And let me assure you, something is up with this...but I digress.

If Hillary actually said in testimony that she "never sent or received classified emails" when in fact, the discovery begs to differ -- should she be allowed to run for president?  Some on the left, think no.

Kass, of the Chicago Tribune, is quoted here: 

Has America become so numb by the decades of lies and cynicism oozing from Clinton Inc. that it could elect Hillary Clinton as president, even after Friday’s FBI announcement that it had reopened an investigation of her emails while secretary of state?

It’s obvious the American political system is breaking down. It’s been crumbling for some time now, and the establishment elite know it and they’re properly frightened. Donald Trump, the vulgarian at their gates, is a symptom, not a cause. Hillary Clinton and husband Bill are both cause and effect.
Wow.  "...Both cause and effect,"  he said.  

The political system is breaking down because the whole of the American culture has moved to dismiss the things that have made us good in every possible facet of American life.

We are no longer FOUNDERing with each new generation -- an element that is required, by the way....or  "baked in" as the Left would say.

We are FLOUNDERING -- merely flirting on the edges now of the ideals, the fundamentals, the principles and values that made America pretty great; clearly, the country is going through the motions, but as a whole, we are not really committed to the duty to uphold everything anymore.  That just seems to be asking way too much.

It's as if we are all millennials now.  
yeah, yeah that's what it is
That's what we are.
For lost in this generation is the foundation altogether.  Has anyone noticed how much they are floundering around, virtually un-tethered in every way, and absent of any sense or obligation to America, or why?

They grew up with the founder's being lambasted in school through liberal indoctrination; their formative years watched multiple wars in the Middle East after the horror of 9/11, and now, witness this part of the world riding a perpetual slide into total chaos and caliphates and corruption; they have watched two parties bicker over sex crimes and the grotesque, absent of staying on the issues any longer than a nano-second .....having seen a woman from the Left rise to power even in the midst of profound recklessness and fraud (both foreign and domestic),  all while the Right began with 17 candidates and ended up with Trump!

I feel your apathy.  And raise you.

No, actually, that's not true; I can only honestly say, I raised one of you.

so this floundering is just as much my fault as it is yours, don't hate.

The thing is -- we have surely arrived at the reason the Libertarian party IS on the rise...And who can blame them?  The millennials want none of this circus that divides by party lines on every freaking thing, large and small, no matter if  it is breathing or not.  

Perhaps things will ultimately call for a swift reversal back to the founders, some way, somehow.  

Of course, saying time will tell, tells us nothing; but the history...the history of repeating itself....may tell us everything.  [did you hear that?  that was just G dropping the mic]

You know, on second thought, second verse same as the first --  the saying, "Don't tread on me," may actually have half a chance of revival, all depending on the flip of the political fair winds, that is; and we've all seen how that flips and flops, a rhapsody of floundering,  on any given day.  

But by our very nature, a floundering we will go just has no traction, right.

We come from a stronger stock...

"An honest answer
is like a kiss on the lips."
Proverbs 24:26
...things have changed, huh.
There is that.

And, things can change again.
The simple admission to ourselves, and each other, that we have a problem is unquestionably the first step.

...please note, Solomon didn't say ...an honest answer is like a kiss on the lips, or the kiss of death.
No.   For there is no confusion about it.  

All in all, this profiteering and profiting from a history or herstory of lying has simply gotta go.

Make it a Good Day, G