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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dear America,

this is so weird.

I was thinking this morning about things that have outlived their benefit, and figured I would run with that today; when low and behold, we are beginning to think just that with regard to the Afghanistan war...as we sit here, nine years later, as of tomorrow, wondering what in the world we plan to do now, asking should we stay or should we go now, questioning the output and upshot over the intent and for what.

Then, it hit me, my girl turned five on the day the war began -- and what a contrast it is to look at the two side by side; one is picture of life, the other death.

While unlike the continuous cycle of rebirthing, as only parenthood can do on a day to day reality -- even well after the day it all began -- but does a war ever reach a point when it simply outlives the benefit?  Is it appropriate to come to some sense that we are done here, the negatives outweigh the positives, these people and their security are not worth saving, let's just wrap it up here as quickly as we can -- and back out gracefully, if at all possible, for this war is outliving it's benefit by a long shot?  After all, its been nine years, and counting...I'm not seeing no hope, are you?

Just seems strange really; for it seems like only yesterday we witnessed our president enacting the troop surge as he addressed West Point and the entire world -- marking a definite re commitment to the cause while enlivening all effort pushing forward, as painful as it may have been at the time. 

So, if you read G, we were speaking just yesterday -- or was it the day before -- of the fickleness of BFF's in these modern times; well that goes to the tenth power when it comes to the world wide forces of BFFNations around the globe.  Oh, it's so hard to be there through thick and thin -- trying to remember why we were friends in the first place.  It can be a fleeting, fickle, frantic thing, wondering if it will all be worth it in the end.

Makes me wonder, will we ever outlive the benefits of our relationship with Israel?  France?  Germany?  England?  Are we already showing signs of deterioration with Pakistan, Mexico or China?  How committed are we to them and more importantly, are they to us? 

Just how much of this relation is sacred anymore, a line you dare not cross; who amongst us are beholden to the ideals of greatness and the genteel, and hold places of high esteem and honor as gentlemen and women -- as grown ups -- people who respect each other, stay connected to the shared vision and goal, remain calm and cool and collected -- even if things get really gnarly, and believe wholeheartedly in the undying benefits of the makings and birthing of democracy, with liberty, justice and freedom for all -- not just for those who rule?

Twisting these ideas even further, just who is out there for the benefit of the common man and the making of a republic under the rule of law here in America, reminiscent of the natural law -- endowed by our Creator -- that started it all?

Has this America seen it's better days, are we now morphing into the latest, greatest, elitist version for all the world to see -- leaving the likes of the old American principles and values in a tangling of afterbirth and inherent guts by the wayside -- as if global governance is calling us by name?

I just don't get the hatchet job upon the things that matter, really matter; and yet, perversely we avow to hold tight to the things that have the power to truly harm.

If I were in charge of the world, these are a few of my favorite things that have fully, yet unabashedly, outlived their benefit -- and call me warped, but a full-term abortion seems to be the only way out:

  • UNIONS, duh
  • Congress -- that is, until they curtail unlimited spending, until they realize they have limited power
  • the "separation of Dem's and Rep's"...hear me out...not saying that they shouldn't be -- just saying that they aren't (wishing we had a reality TV show, something like a bigbrotherhouse to document the travesty of it all) .  Just uncomfortable with preponderance and frequency of the skanky progressives leading the charge of the continuous rape and pillaging of both parties...and right under our noses, that takes some kind of juevos, that's for sure. 
  • the "separation of church and state" -- really?  so, we got this one right in the beginning, but somewhere down the line it turned upside down and breech.  The intention was not to have God demonstrably and favorably shunned by government -- it was to protect a government from bearing down on the people in telling them how to believe, what faith, as projected in the example of Government by Church of England -- we went into war against English rule for just this much. BUT, make no mistake, we were a Christian nation, quick to create our rule of law based entirely upon our duty to live together, as citizens, beholden to the natural God given rights and duties. NOTHING was to get in the way of the expression of such faith in our daily life -- be it in school, in the courtroom, at city hall, at the grocery store, in a gathering of two or more people anywhere we wanted, and even in solemn prayer alone in a room -- any room, anywhere; while ALL religions were welcome to practice, preach and pitch it at their every whim. This has become the most abused founding principle of them all; and if the ACLU and the left get their way -- this alone will destroy us from the inside out.
  • Social Security -- baby steps to begin with, developing into full sprints, then, that's it, done. Then no more -- na da, da da @ go daddy.com; as there is a better way to do it. From day one, this was a big mistake... 'big mistake... huge.'  (say it like pretty woman)
  • IRS...basically, go flat tax or bust
  • Department of Education...in a word, overrated; this has grown to become the biggest scam against our children ever; the fed feeds into state funds at a rate of about 8% of the total education budget (in keeping with cutting 10% across the board, locally and federally, this one's got to go).
  • Mainstream Media...no need to explain
  • Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, see above.
  • Health Care Legislation, see above. never should have happened. not like this.  what a mess.
  • Solar Panels...just because it is topical again, with the white house installing a few.  Costs FOUR times as much, but okay, whatever...looks good on the resume.
That's it; most notably off the list,  'what to do with a problem like Afghanistan' -- for some, judgment day is here, others, not so much -- hopefully, the Afghan women and children might be asked how THEY feel about it -- and before a decision's been conceived and firmly planted by the powers that be (and feeling free enough to just let it rip); while we can only hope having babies never goes out of style and continually rock our world and live beyond our wildest imagination -- even when it gets to be really hard to see the good in keeping them around (like under twelve weeks in the womb...two years old...as teenagers...returning twenty somethings who just sit on the couch tweeting their BFF's-- all 427 of them...to even when they should be long out of the house, well adjusted and just an afterthought half the time... yet, looky here, seems the only time we hear from you... hello mama. hey pops. what's shaken?...How much do you need?).

Tomorrow, the Afghanistan war marks an unimaginable nine years; and my baby girl turns fourteen!

Strangely enough, in spite of no relation whatsoever, both, almost equally, make me feel like I'm not getting any younger.  Today, its kind of stupid like that. 

Make it a Good Day, G

please tell me you hit the video on Dear America. just one minute twenty seconds out of your life, just do it.

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