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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

It's Keep Psalm and Trump On Thing

Dear America,

Keep Psalm 
Trump On

so waking up this morning, my mind is just a-buzz...

so many things to say and so little time
thoughts overfloweth, yet forced into a sand dial

Taking cues and insight from my itty bitty Bible Handbook, from Nelson's Pocket Reference Series (although it is little -- fitting into an actual pocket falls into the 'slim to none' chance...) -- the Psalms....a book of poetry, really... was written in a style called "parallelism."  This is where "one phrase is followed by another that says essentially the same thing but in a more creative, expressive way."  And the handbook then gives us an example:

"The Lord of hosts is with us;
The God of Jacob is our refuge. (46:11)"

This would be synonymous parallelism.

At other times, antithetic parallelism is used, where the thing of the first line is followed by a direct opposite in the second thing...

"For the Lord knows the way of the righteous,
But the way of the ungodly shall perish.  (1:6)

And even at other times, the second line is just repeating what was said in the first, with the exception of adding emphasis, like a ta dah!  -- and in this manner, it is called progressive parallelism.

"The floods have lifted up, O Lord,
The floods have lifted up their voice (93:3)"

Although, while all of this is aiming to bring me closer to the point, it's sure a round about way of going about it, isn't it?  isn't it.  And still, even though there is more to say, to touch upon on the way the Book of Psalms is written -- from authorship, to style, to the way we might separate and classify the meaning of each of the 150 letters, or Psalms, within -- this girl will have to leave that for another day.

What is compelling is this speak and repeat speech pattern. 

What happens when we hear something repeated?  
It instantaneously becomes better understood;  the emphasis strikes the exclamation cord and as the vibration ripples into the air, no sooner does the first line hit the listener before the second comes in with carrying the one-two punch. 

The thing is, this girl is beginning to see a pattern of President Trump...

He is able to do something, say something, and repeat it all the live long day; he even doubles down on what is says and does all the live long day.  And the next day, he gets up and does it again.


And by the way, there is nothing wrong with the TEMPORARY, highly specific and fully precedent-ed immigration vetting tool, fulfilled by executive order and signed last Friday; the one throwing airports and hissy-fit Leftists upside down and beside themselves in protest.   [That link is just a good synopsis of the whole thing....thank you, thank you, to The Patriot Post and Thomas Gallatin]

Sunday afternoon, while the PGA Golf Tournament was playing just down the street from G's, at Torrey Pines, the president said this:

The guy is speaking in Psalm.

By Monday afternoon, things went really squirrel-y, and the sitting, temporary, democratic operative and  Attorney General -- placed by the Obama Administration -- was fired!

Gallatin, again @The Patriot Post, upon the news of the firing of the AG, shared a quick afterthought:

"This whole episode epitomizes just how politicized these federal agencies have become after eight years under Barack Obama. He stigmatized Republicans as the enemy and instilled within the federal agencies hard leftist leadership bent on promoting his socialist agenda. He refused to work with Congress in seeking genuine compromise, demanding only that lawmakers capitulate to his leftist vision for the nation. Obama created this politicized mess that, thankfully, Trump is more than ready to clean up."

This morning is reminding me of Trump's methods to meet the madness, and if there is anyone capable of meeting such demands, day in and day out, pretty sure this is the guy; this is the guy!

And considering the past president of late --  President Barack "fundamentally disagrees" Obama -- is already chiming in on the great travesty afoot, oh my great travesty (although, this is through his spokesman, Kevin Lewis) -- don't fall for any of the propaganda! None of it!  Don't fall for it!  And for a little help up, here is a great post @ The Daily Wire, of course, offered up only to anyone lending an ear for serious, reality-based reception, by John Nolte -- DON'T FALL for....

And understand this.
And disregard that.

But make no mistake:  All of that which we are bearing witness -- from the main stream media, to the halls of congress, to the Left coast of Hollywood and Sanctuary -- is designed by and for the Leftists to win; right out of the pages of Rules for Radicals, we are bearing witness to the degradation of every American principle and foundation from the grassroots.   It is as organized as any progressive psalm, and as evil as any free radical can dream.

The only thing to add to this and that and the other is get ready folks, be prepared, for it is only just beginning; welcome to the new world, politicizing every little thing and big thing and the things in between for the next four to eight years.  But let not your heart be troubled:

"The earth is the Lord's and everything 
in it, 
the world, and all who live in it; 
for he founded it upon the seas 
and established it upon the waters." 
(Psalm 24:1-2) 

[Look it up, for it's a shorty; look it up, for it's a shorty and a goodie!]

Thanks be to God, there truly is a God.

Make it a Good Day, G

And by the way, I'm off for a wee bit...
have things to do, places to go, people to see;
recommend you re-read G from the beginning, for it is good.  
It is good.  :)
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Friday, January 27, 2017

It's G is for Goodness Knows Thing

Dear America,

"The devil's most devilish when respectable." 
 Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806-1861)

good one, huh

but more astonishing is where little old gthing came across this first...in the sidebar of my Bible, the Woman of Faith Study Bible, New International Version, published by Zondervan.  At the end of the Book of Hebrews, there it was, juxtaposed with one of the most beautiful epistles ever written, the "Concluding Exhortations" of Chapter 13...and all I could do was wonder, how in the world did that come about, right?  

Of course, the "conclusions" were simply good, sound advice, and if this girl may be so bold to summarize:  put your faith and trust in Christ, above all things, and peace will be with you always.

It also begins with one of my favorite verses..."Keep on loving each other as brothers.  Do not forget to entertain strangers for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it."  love it, love it, love it.

And yet, it goes on,  advising us to also "[O]bey your leaders and submit to their authority.  They keep watch over you as men who must give account,  Obey them so that their work will be a joy, not a burden, for that would be of no advantage to you."

And suddenly, reminded of a section within The Anti-Federalist Papers and the Constitutional Convention Debates, presented by Ralph Ketcham....Benjamin Franklin was making his case against officers in government receiving any kind of salary, when he said this:

"Sir, there are two passions which have a powerful influence on the affairs of men.  These are ambition and avarice; the love of power, and the love of money.  Separately each of these has great force in prompting men to action; but when united in view of the same object, they have in many minds the most violent effects.  Place before the eyes of men, a post of honour that shall be at the same time a place of profit, and they will move heaven and earth to obtain it...
And what kind are the men that will strive for this profitable pre-eminence, through all the bustle of the cabal, the heat of contention, the infinite mutual abuse of both parties, tearing to pieces the best of characters?  It will not be the wise and moderate; the lovers of peace and good order, the men of the fittest for the trust.  It will be the bold and the violent, the men of strong passions and indefatigable activity in their selfish pursuits,  These will thrust themselves into your Government and be your rulers-- And these too will be mistaken in the expected happiness of their situation:  For their vanquished competitors of the same spirit, and from the same motives will perpetually be endeavoring to distress their administration, thwart their measures, and render them odious to the people."

and he well continues, waging his argument upon this foundation, of the near incestuous relationship of the governing power and the governed, in a back and forth that will just take your breath away with every word.  Go read it for yourself.

But now here's the thing...(finally, right?  teehee  ...and no doubt someone will give me a big thump on the head for what I'm about to say, what    everrrr)

....where have all the gentlemen gone?

...Just    so     miss     the depth       of thought; the higher calling to serve this country; the level of civility and honor, even within a  ruckus forum of righteous and self-righteous debate between enlightened men, each hellbent to sway opinion, one way or another, while forming the very government we have so recklessly corrupted -- wrecked really --  over the years.  It's as if just acknowledging how far we have fallen doesn't do this occasion justice, it doesn't come close to realizing how much culture, itself, has changed, and how this relationship between the governing and the governed -- one that has been evolving with "modern brilliance" at breakneck speed -- mocks everything these fine gentlemen of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 did, with the dream of guaranteeing true freedom and liberty for all -- and under God -- in the making of this budding republic.

The devil is in the details, and sometimes appears awfully respectable...

The pure and the impure, of both heart and mind, share the same air and work and play among the governing and the governed, with such finesse -- boundaries are blurred easily and unceremoniously.  The sidebar, or sideshow, gets connected to the word, the true content, and suddenly, the two are so intertwined, the skill of deciphering the truths from untruths becomes a wee bit of a challenge, a force of nature unbecoming of a people of character.    And further, by our own humanity, our own perspective, our own natural inclination to be swayed by motive, politics, ambition or avarice, we allow ourselves to lose ourselves as a people of grace, good character, and profound faith -- the kind of faith that rises above the fray in peaceful allegiance to what is right and true, no matter what.

Fake news falls into the mix.

And seconded with this, another Ben Shapiro entry on the day....here's a good part: 

"3. If Lies In Politics Are Fine, Why Bother Having A Republic? The whole point of republican government is the notion that politicians are answerable to the people – and more importantly, that citizens are capable of holding politicians accountable, of judging right and wrong. If they aren’t – if it’s now morally justifiable to lie to the public in order to get the things you want – then why bother with the charade of republicanism? Why not just have a coup, install the person who will do the stuff you want, and govern that way?"
Goodness knows what is right from wrong.

As a people, as a culture always in flux -- the simple, biblical ideas separating right from wrong, devils from angels, the governing and the governed from the oppressor and the oppressed, is a mighty good fight to keep and to be in constant course correction...for our own good!

Stay alert, people; and stay true to the principles of keeping in good character with every step YOU take; and by all means, do not listen to everything you hear, or read, on the world wide web and everywhere, without a proper level of skepticism -- for Good and Evil exists, and lives, and plays, and has a field day half the time, among us.

Goodness knows we are only human, there is that.

And yet, we are all, and in all ways,  children of God; we can choose the path at every turn -- whether consciously, or  mindlessly and aimlessly; be mindful that every step we take is in the company of the Divine Providence that started it all. For you can be certain,  this nation makes its move in each new day, for better or worse, with or without you.

America has no choice but to take a hard look back, to completely review the course, in order to begin anew; and it begins with reading the works of those great minds who have come before us in the pure love of countrymen, if not, all of mankind.  The Bible would be all you ever really need...feel free to start with Hebrews, for the author (who is unknown) makes the timeless case that Christianity is all you need to know and love and keep in thy faith, in order to live fully and in peace, no matter the circumstances...and he was speaking to the Jews at the time!  

My daily devotional, Jesus Calling, is written as if Jesus is speaking; it's pretty outrageous how the author, Sarah Young, does it, too...what a talent.  Anyway, a couple days ago it went something like this:

"Let my Love enfold you...sit still in the Light of My Presence, and receive My Peace...Through this relationship, you are being transformed from the inside out.  As you keep your focus on Me, I form you into the one I desire you to be.  Your part is to yield to My creative work in you, neither resisting it nor trying to speed it up.  Enjoy the tempo of a God-breathed life by letting Me set the pace.  Hold My hand in childlike trust, and the way before you will open up step by step."

But given today has been somewhat all about the gentlemen, entertaining thoughts of our muse in  gentleBens (both Franklin and Sbapiro), allow me to add just this:   the future of America rests upon the Mighty creative forces at work and play to make true gentlemen out of all of us --- and yes, this girl has no problem associating herself with such a provocative notion, for....

G  is for Gentlemen.  
G is for Girl.  
G is for Good.  
G is for God. 
G is for Goodness Knows... 

G is for Good, Godly, Self-Government, in the Grace and Peace that passes all understanding and then some, in Good measure, for Generations to come.  

That's just what its all about here at G Thing, every single day.... Good God look at me Go :)

Make it a Good Day, G

ps think it's been a great first week.  teehee for we the people

Sunday, January 22, 2017

It's Just a Start to an Era of Another Kind of Creation Thing

Dear America,

"Don't use your energy 
to feed your history; 
use your energy 
to feed your destiny."  
Joel Osteen


ah the power of positive thought.

There is strength in taking command of what we think about, for it is proven, that what we think about expands.

Such is the explanation of creation itself -- for creation began with GOD having one thought, and then another, and then another, and so on, and so on, and now here we are.   Boom.  

And as we enter this new age of what might be best described, as a return to an age of TO GOD be the GLORY -- given the witness of President Donald John Trump's Inauguration, when he said "and, most importantly, we are protected by God!" -- let us then give thanks and praise. 

[This is hilarious, I asked google for "inauguration most prayers" and got, "Did you mean: inauguration has most players?"  I kid you not.  And realizing that the number of prayers -- 6 -- has already made big news, the confusion of google is shameful, and yet, unnecessarily not hard to explain, given it's widely recognized, company-wide bias....And what a Freudian slip, eh, given the number of players really in the audience, right?   But let's not digress.  Let's just get a good giggle and move on, shall we?]

And yet again!    As the search to find a good link to the transcript of Trump's speech was corrupted right from the start.  Typing in "Trump inauguration speech" --- google immediately pulls up the leftist views and copy, beginning with CNN, an outfit we might as well consider counterfeit, considering it was just caught publicizing fake news,..even Chuck Todd thought so.  Then, it quickly deteriorates into a string of leftist commentary, along with anyone else who articulated a disparaging thought  (like, George Will).   [So, this old  G Thing just added "Fox News" and took control of it all, navigating the riff-raff takes great skill, doncha know; ask what a leftist would do, and do the opposite. tee hee.  Can a girl get an amen?]

And sure, Trump goes low -- based on reality -- before he goes high, and stays there...

"But for too many of our citizens, a different reality exists: Mothers and children trapped in poverty in our inner cities; rusted-out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape of our nation; an education system, flush with cash, but which leaves our young and beautiful students deprived of knowledge; and the crime and gangs and drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our country of so much unrealized potential.
This American carnage stops right here and stops right now."

to which he responds...
"We are one nation – and their pain is our pain.  Their dreams are our dreams; and their success will be our success.  We share one heart, one home, and one glorious destiny.
The oath of office I take today is an oath of allegiance to all Americans."

Just love that part, of sharing "one heart, one home, and one glorious destiny."

Now, is this president going to be the most eloquent of prezzies we've ever had?  Ah, no.  That award would probably be a tie between George Washington and Ronald Reagan -- with an honorable mention quite possibly to Barack Hussein Obama.  However, it must be said, Barack forfeits the award upon his own undoing, for he didn't really mean a word he said, nor did he ever wish to recognize -- let alone grant his full allegiance -- to the true foundations this country was made. Obama was all talk; while his actions were all criminal when it comes to protecting the republic, the United States of America.  And that is just the truth.

Of course, to highlight the inauguration also comes with a few low-lights; that being, the protesters on the day of, as well as, the women's march, celebrated the day after....ugh.

Here's a thought -- I don't seem to recall the right behaving badly when Obama was inaugurated.  Anyone? Anyone remember the right protesting on the streets of D.C. on either one of the inaugurations, complete with setting limos on fire and throwing harmful objects at the police?

Here's some old news just for kicks.

And now here's an affirmation this girl is pretty sure we can believe in -- back to President Trump:

From this day forward, a new vision will govern our land.
From this moment on, it’s going to be America First.
When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.

The Bible tells us, “how good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity.”

We must speak our minds openly, debate our disagreements honestly, but always pursue solidarity.

When America is united, America is totally unstoppable.

There should be no fear – we are protected, and we will always be protected.

We will be protected by the great men and women of our military and law enforcement and, most importantly, we are protected by God.


You know what I miss; I miss Madonna just making beautiful music for a living.  Of course, it's her old stuff this girl really clings to, so feel free to slap me; while, if being honest, when she was following Kabbalah, it might even be said that she had seen the light, cleaning up her act just a wee bit; assuming, after spending a fair amount of energy searching and finding a spiritual life force deep down inside her. Her Ray of Light album, for starters, surely a testimonial.

But if we were to string along her history, her HERstory, really -- we might actually be not so surprised to see that provocative motivations and glittering sparks of sexual, objectifying, raunchy, and clearly a penchant for exhibiting rather highly unladylike behavior, (even with Rocco, her son, on stage) made Madonna who she is, made her a star, and continues to rule her career house to this day.  

She has made hundreds of millions of dollars off of making herself a sex symbol, if not actually participating in making a mockery of humanity's relationship with sexuality and our connection to creation itself, no matter how rooted in feminists wiles she claims to be, thus, any and all credibility is lost.   And how the organizers of this march thought Madonna would strike just the right chord, is crazy stupid.  And you can quote me on that.

"...Welcome to the revolution of love. To the rebellion. To our refusal as women to accept this new age of tyranny. Where not just women are in danger but all marginalized people. Where people uniquely different might be considered a crime. It took us this darkness to wake us the fuck up.

It seems as though we had all slipped into a false sense of comfort. That justice would prevail and that good would win in the end. Well, good did not win this election but good will win in the end. So what today means is that we are far from the end. Today marks the beginning, the beginning of our story. The revolution starts here. The fight for the right to be free, to be who we are, to be equal. Let's march together through this darkness and with each step. Know that we are not afraid. That we are not alone, that we will not back down. That there is power in our unity and that no opposing force stands a chance in the face of true solidarity.

"And to our detractors that insist that this March will never add up to anything, fuck you. Fuck you. It is the beginning of much needed change. Change that will require sacrifice, people. Change that will require many of us to make different choices in our lives, but this is the hallmark of revolution. So my question to you today is are you ready? I said, are you ready? Say yes, we are ready. Say, yes we are ready. One more time: you're ready.

"Yes, I'm angry. Yes, I am outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot of blowing up the White House, but I know that this won't change anything. We cannot fall into despair. As the poet, W.H. Auden once wrote on the eve of World War II: We must love one another or die.

"I choose love. Are you with me? Say this with me: We choose love. We choose love. We choose love."

I only painted it pink to match the pink cat caps, the so-called p****hats, that the greater part of the crowd was donning.  Oh yes, that visual will stick with us, and then some, and not in a good way.

Don't you just love how she begins with this "revolution of love" theme, while spitting out f-bombs and telling the crowd she "thought an awful lot of blowing up the White House."  Really?  I watched you, Madonna, and a scene of "a whole 'lot of love" would not be the first thing to come to mind. 

Beginning with militant outrage, and threatening harm to the people's house -- while basically dismissing the entire half of America (including women) who voted for Trump -- tells me there is no brotherly love in the conversation to speak of, when it comes to your approach.   

This is love?    This is how you choose love?  
...Just after you bitch slap your detractors, calling out a big "...fuck you.  fuck you...."   Even if I were to say "fuck you" back, where would that get us?  How is this the right place you want to start?

Let me know when you want me to take you seriously, k.  I mean, seriously.

What a hot mess.   
And you, too, Ashley Judd....reading that poem, "I Am A Nasty Woman"....

here ya go:  
I am a nasty woman. I'm as nasty as a man who looks like he bathes in Cheetos dust. A man whose words are a distract to America. Electoral college-sanctioned, hate-speech contaminating this national anthem. I'm not as nasty as Confederate flags being tattooed across my city. Maybe the South actually is going to rise again. Maybe for some it never really fell. Blacks are still in shackles and graves, just for being black. Slavery has been reinterpreted as the prison system in front of people who see melanin as animal skin. I am not as nasty as a swastika painted on a pride flag, and I didn't know devils could be resurrected but I feel Hitler in these streets. A mustache traded for a toupee. Nazis renamed the Cabinet Electoral Conversion Therapy, the new gas chambers shaming the gay out of America, turning rainbows into suicide. I am not as nasty as racism, fraud, conflict of interest, homophobia, sexual assault, transphobia, white supremacy, misogyny, ignorance, white privilege ... your daughter being your favorite sex symbol, like your wet dreams infused with your own genes. Yeah, I'm a nasty woman — a loud, vulgar, proud woman.
I am not nasty like the combo of Trump and Pence being served up to me in my voting booths. I'm nasty like the battles my grandmothers fought to get me into that voting booth. I'm nasty like the fight for wage equality. Scarlett Johansson, why were the female actors paid less than half of what the male actors earned last year. See, even when we do go into higher paying jobs our wages are still cut with blades sharpened by testosterone. Why is the work of a black woman and a hispanic woman worth only 63 and 54 cents of a white man's privileged daughter? This is not a feminist myth. This is inequality. So we are not here to be debunked. We are here to be respected. We are here to be nasty.
I am nasty like my bloodstains on my bed sheets. We don't actually choose if and when to have our periods. Believe me if we could some of us would. We do not like throwing away our favorite pairs of underpants. Tell me, why are pads and tampons still taxed when Viagra and Rogaine are not? Is your erection really more than protecting the sacred messy part of my womanhood? Is the bloodstain on my jeans more embarrassing than the thinning of your hair?
I know it is hard to look at your own entitlement and privilege. You may be afraid of the truth. I am unafraid to be honest. It may sound petty bringing up a few extra cents. It adds up to the pile of change I have yet to see in my country. I can't see. My eyes are too busy praying to my feet hoping you don't mistake eye contact for wanting physical contact. Half my life I have been zipping up my smile hoping you don't think I want to unzip your jeans. I am unafraid to be nasty because I am nasty like Susan, Elizabeth, Eleanor, Amelia, Rosa, Gloria, Condoleezza, Sonia, Malala, Michelle, Hillary!
And our pussies ain’t for grabbing. There for reminding you that our walls are stronger than America's ever will be. Our pussies are for our pleasure. They are for birthing new generations of filthy, vulgar, nasty, proud, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh, you name it, for new generations of nasty women. So if you a nasty woman, or you love one who is, let me hear you say, hell yeah.
[and thank you Real Clear Politics for publishing the entire poem...for it was hard to find! And by golly, this poem is truly Real clear in it's politics.  and crazy, right, I am, I am.]

And more than that, I am a nasty woman with the courage to say this poem does not speak for me.

Question is, would the Nina Donovan's and Ashley Judd's and Madonna's of this world, consider ME, G, another breed of nasty woman worthy of their respect, even while I beg to argue with nearly every cotton-pickin', narrow-minded, ideology driven and fully buried into the ground, diary of a leftist wet-dream, they love to sow....while sorely clinging to history, rather than, joining in unity, with the forces and energies now un-tethered, released in the spirit to create something good, a better future, a destiny unimaginable to the naked eye, for ALL Americans?

The actions and prejudices of the organizers of the march say otherwise, see here.  

To the creators of THIS REBELLION afoot, don't take my power away, I AM WOMAN TOO...how dare you try to corner the market on this marginalization effect.  Speaking from my experience, being a conservative, Christian, pro-life kinda girl -- I AM vilified every single day in America; it's like having three strikes against me from the moment my little toes hit the floor. and yet, look at me go.  Add white girl to it, and we've got ourselves a hat trick.  Oh Hear me roar.  I AM so tired of weenies.

Indeed, it is just part of the equation for each and every one of us in this great land is your land, too --where the pursuit of happiness is ours for the making, where to speak our peace is ours for the taking, where to live in a land where you are not locked up for just the freedom and liberty to say just so, is ours for the hating....For in AMERICA, even in our unity we are not all the same.

What can I say, this is turning into a long day, a loooooooooong blooooooooooooog day-- this is what we get for being a little pent up, right Madonna? Right Nina?  Right Ashley?   A girl has to spew when a girl has to spew, and may that be a lesson to you, oh nasty woman frenemies of mine.   love you.   mean it.

oh I am a greater good kind of girl

And finally, 

think it was Brit Hume who said it best on Friday; he said, generalizing, that Obama's legacy could be narrowed down to two words...."Donald Trump."   For it was Obama's actions, direct and indirect, seen and unseen, that ultimately created his legacy -- a legacy now up in smoke; in the end, when all is said and done, it was Obama's leadership that led America to this.....the opening of a very special door, the White House, to a Donald J. Trump Administration.  oh yes we can and yes he did.

Obama had his chance and is now history.  The future is ours for the making all over again, let us give thanks and praise; for in reality,  it is In God We Trust.  The more we step aside, the more Divine Providence comes about to do its thing for the common good, the common man, woman and child.  

Oh yippie ki yay.

Here we go.
"Don't use your energy 
to feed your history; 
use your energy 
to feed your destiny." 
thank you, Joel.

it's a healthy attitude to start anything, especially when that anything -- is suddenly now -- very possible.

Make it a Good Day, G

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

It's Imaginations Gone Wild Thing

Dear America,

 "Some women wait for something 
to change and nothing 
does change 
so they change 

it's a good morning in America --
it's (as in everything)   is all about to be made possible again,
and isn't that something to revel and redeem!
From revolutions to revelations, we come to the precise spot we are meant to be on this day, and likewise, as in every day, oh thanks be to God.  Sure -- there are no guarantees but let's go on, shall we?  

Just look at how just the possibility of something happening makes things happen....[Bloomberg/GM link inserted here.]  OR this one [Wall Street Journal/Walmart]

[However, wee g must add, there are areas of business not moving forward -- like this little hometown revolution....cue the news about the Chargers unable to find a moving company to do the job. “We decree, henceforth, that we shall unite as a perfect union of professional movers in agreeance (sic) to not aid the San Diego Chargers' move to Los Angeles.” funny.  and many tanks to Fox News for that.]

This time eight years ago, we rang in hope and change as if our lives depended on it while ignoring all the signs; dismissing all questionable associations; filling up all resume holes with our own imaginations of something more splendid than ever before.  For Barack Hussein Obama was the first African-American to reach such heights, and by golly, we were going to make him fit and no one, as in no one,  was allowed to say an unflattering word or even think a suspect thought.  It is done, so be quiet.

The community organizer, the community antagonize-r, the community divider --- IN CHIEF -- became the Decider-In-Chief with his Marxist/Social Re-Engineering/Redistribution of Wealth ideology leading the way.  And this nation, built as a Republic, mind you, became the target of change in ways we never thought possible, and nearly entirely through the orders and regulations and lawlessness of the Executive Branch. [The link, above, from Nate Jackson, 1/11/17, a contributor @The Patriot Post ]

Of course, it would be really sad to have one oligarchy replaced with another, wouldn't it?

But having said that --  this Trump guy has promised a return to sanity in the federal government arena, and surely he will use any and all means possible, and this may very well include much of the same executive branch tactics as the previous administration...so ugh, and tell me, is this a case where two wrongs really make a right?  [It's just a good question...relax]

Here's a quote from Trump for you:

"I am going to lower your taxes; I am going to get rid of massive amounts of unnecessary regulations, on business and in your life; I'm going to unleash American energy; I'm going to repeal and replace Obamacare; I'm going to appoint justices to the Supreme Court who will follow the Constitution; I'm going to rebuild our military and take care of our vets; I'm going to save the 2nd Amendment; I'm going to stop illegal immigration and drugs coming into our country, and yes, we will build a wall. And Mexico will pay."

Just the sound of it makes me go hum.
Oh, the possibilities!


Looking down to an open page of a book laying on my desk --  Something More - Excavating Your Authentic Self by Sarah Ban Breathnach -- it's open to page 134, and the quote leading into this excerpt is from Audre Lorde and goes something like this:  "Some women wait for something to change and nothing does change so they change themselves."

wait.   hold up.  I'm gonna scroll up and make that mine, too; as in my opening...and many tanks to Sarah and Audre for the assist.  And Shirley, this feeling inside me, it must be how manufacturing and factory workers feel right about now, right?

What I love about this quote extends to all of America; we are not waiting, we are not regulated by the fear of starting something; we are not listening to the doubters and the naysayers; we are positively sure of the possibility of change, starting within, perhaps one by one and step by step, and just making the move.  We are no longer waiting for someone else to do it for us and no longer pending something else to happen first. 

It's almost as if all possibilities are revealed at once and we are suddenly free to do whatever we want. Be the Change, right?  Be the change and all else falls into place,

Dare I say, when we venture to make and do and be for the common good, the Universe supports this can-do attitude fully; IT not only says yes, it multiplies.  And it multiplies big time....as in huuuuuge.

Although we do not have a crystal ball, nor can we see the days ahead for we only get one day at a time...but never discount the enormous strength we gain just from beginning to think aright.  

Everything we imagine -- good, bad or indifferent -- begins in the mind.  It is powerful stuff.

Actually, this mind links us to the Creator of all things seen and unseen.  And it is when we fold our hands and close our eyes and pray, we find ourselves tapped into the Original Source of all Good, from which we collaborate and dream and build and do great things together.

One of my favorite Sunday preachers, Dr. Charles Stanley, gave a visual this past week that seems to be a perfect fit right about now...But first,
Let me preface this with his topic on the day -- gaining the proper defenses to an immoral world, and finding the inner courage to say "no" to things, and encouraging us to make good choices, and staying on the right path in the accompaniment of God.  K?  Got it?  

So while he's talking, he stops for a moment and clasps his fingers together as if he's about to recite that little jingle, "here's the church, here's the steeple, open the door and here's all the people..." and says, "here's your defense, it's a fence."  And immediately spans the room showing the interlocking digits on a horizontal plane......instantly appearing more like a couple of 2 X 4's,  we made ourselves a fence; brilliant, right?  The best offense is a strong de-fence, and when we humbly pray for guidance, grace, mercy, a new outlook on life, a new job, a baby, a new country....the possibilities are endless and the answers are revealed.

I was never a Trumper -- but now I am.  For better or worse,  he is the hope and change of this new day in America.

The left will try and try as they might, make him illegitimate.  [And that's a really good post from The Daily Caller...love you guys]

So go ahead.  Say what you want to say, the possibilities are endless...

Go ahead, and stay stuck in the past; 
Go ahead, and cement yourselves to an ideology that does a world of nothing for so many (see the outcome of last eight years); 
Go ahead, and protest and riot and undermine  every good thing that comes around the bend,
Go ahead and moveon dot org.

And let's just see where that attitude gets you four years from now, shall we?  

Dare I add, let's just see where being unable to adapt, being totally and systematically intolerable to other points of view, being sorely unified in close-mindedness and incapable of even having an adult conversation about another way to live and govern and have our being,  and thereby wholly and completely wallowing in that kind of commitment to NOT change....GO AHEAD.  But mark my words, YOU (the one who makes all your choices) will surely be missing out on something more, something that might even be good for you.

Rest assured, this girl has her de-fences up and ready, fully engaged and determined to press on! Bring on the change that will come with this new administration and let's get at it.  

Friday can't come soon enough.  

For this wee little g CAN imagine the possibilities.... and from this perspective, it's all good...thank you, God.

Make it a Good Day, G

Friday, January 6, 2017

It's Just the Continuation of a String Thing...

Dear America!

I've got the world on a string, sittin' on a rainbow
Got the string around my finger
What a world, what a life, I'm in love!
I've got a song that I sing
I can make the rain go, anytime I move my finger
Lucky me, can't you see, I'm in love
Life is a beautiful thing, as long as I hold the string
I'd be a silly so and so, if I should ever let go
I've got the world on a string, sittin' on a rainbow
Got the string around my finger
What a world, what a life...
[sing it like Frank...]

it's been quite the absence, hasn't it?

nearly a month long... 
and all the while, this little miss gthing has been having quite the out of blog experience, indeed.

Oh the joy to have my girl home for a wee bit!
Oh the happiness to celebrate Christmas with family and good friends!
It is worth every second of disconnect of the things that are ironically called social media and the like; it is much like having our own mini-epiphanies, one after the other, re-awakening and re-connecting to the things that truly matter...our loves, our families, our neighbors, our communities and coming together with a common spirit, stringing us together like one thought, one mind, one body for a moment, if not a season. 

This day, January 6th, marks a splendid day in the church calendar -- the twelfth night after Christmas is the day celebrating the arrival of the three kings:  Epiphany, The Wise Men -- Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar -- followed the star of Bethlehem, that led them to a manger where the baby Jesus was born.  Bringing gifts of gold (representing the Lord's royal standing), frankincense (for Jesus being fully DIVINE x) and myrrh (recognizing His mortality as the son of God).

Considering the church calendar itself, acts as a living, breathing life force of the life and death of Jesus, how remarkable and splendid is it that we continue to come together -- all over the world, mind you -- to celebrate the cornerstones of the life of a baby boy named Jesus to this day! It is as if all of us who consider ourselves Believers, come alive, holding tight to the proverbial red thread -- a Christmas ribbon perhaps -- that links our hearts, strings us together, and wraps us all up tight to the everlasting presence of the Christ child.  The Trinity of the Lord is upon us and real, for evermore.

And while nothing really stays the same in this world, this break from my baby blog has allowed me to look ahead, re-evaluating just where this Thing called G should wander in this new year...

For surely as the morning sun, this girl named Gretchen is not the same person as she was yesterday; and besides, with the arrival of a brand, spanking new administration to harp on, the strings of change make it imperative to make adjustments.

Oh, have no fear dear ones, for little g will continue to have the world by the string, a string of G Things! (love you, mama, so much).......

Of course, politics will still reign, and the American culture will still surround -- but my hope is to bring, from above and below, something deeper, something that will continue to tie us to one another in the every day better than ever, if only just better than the day before.  Surpassing 800 blogs in 2016 marks a milestone that I never saw coming, but every good diary needs a tweaking from time to time, and that tweak time is now, if not, once more.

It's more a matter of meeting my own selfish desires to grow more, even if that looks more like making good friends with my own humanity with greater humility, and a softer grace.  Again, it's Epiphany season -- so let the reality of my own stumbling around in this world meet up with a certain Spirit and may we find shelter, strength, courage, incite, in the days ahead, together.   And may that same spirit lead us to new things, and open our minds to new possibilities.

It was Sunday, January 1st, when one of my favorite preachers highlighted a verse from Revelations (and my apologies for not remembering who....this girl didn't take notes on the day)...but needless to say, it kinda stuck with me:

"So, because you are lukewarm 
-- neither hot or cold -- 
I am about to spit you 
out of my mouth." 
Revelations 3:16

Isn't that something?

The thing is, it's that lukewarm part that really sunk to the depths of my feeble soul and shuck me to the core; for being lukewarm on anything is no place to live!   My hope is to find clear and present clarity in everything, whether it's something said or unsaid, seen or unseen, in order to feel it, know it, live it, fully...and EVEN if such clarity goes against my party, or a certain president-elect, or another conservative (it's just a given it will go directly against the Left...teehee).

My earnest approach to this thing called G, while experiencing this thing called life, while living in the greatest country in the world -- the US OF A -- is to be hot or cold, on or off, with or without, up or down, and never somewhere in between, lost in ambiguity, or sheltered by falling in line with someone else's thought without passion back behind it.

With making a clear connection to my Source at the start of everyday, this girl will come to you bearing my soul, bringing my best and keeping it real, while steadily staying on a certain path; a path that has guided mankind for thousands of years and rings in another year with changes all around us while welcoming another Epiphany same as it ever was.   Oh the joy!

And with that in mind: 

If there is ever a time to look alive, this is it.

If there was ever a time not to believe everything you read, this is it.

If there was ever a time to re-awaken to the foundations that made this country pretty wonderful, this is it.

If there was ever a time to string together our days and night and come together, this is it.

And --  if there was ever a time when a lukewarm spirit is not be enough, this is it.

If there was ever a time to follow a star.....this is it.

It's either go big or go home, but you can't stay here.

Here's to Epiphany from here to eternity....

Welcome to 2017!
Stringing together one day at a time, it's a string of G Things expressly divined for you, complete with a brand new worldview at the end of it.  Your welcome. But don't thank me, thank the big guy, if you will; for this American girl knows I am nothing without the Almighty G who lives and reigns and has his Spirit inside each and every one of us.

Make it a Good Day, G