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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

It's About that Julia Ghoulia Thing

Dear America,

"This President 

Has Radicalized 

So Many More People 

Than ISIS Ever Did"

astonishing, isn't it?

...Julia Ioffe, a columnist for GQ Magazine, said this on CNN with Jake Tapper....and Tapper didn't even question it.

On one hand, this commentary is simply disgraceful; on the other, it goes to prove just how leftists really think, and operate, and have their being, really.  And it all goes to the credit of one of the Left's leading mentors --  Saul Alinsky.  They -- the Left -- should know a lot about radicalization, for Alinsky wrote the book that led a generation, and an entire movement; a movement that is still alive and well today.  That book is titled,  RULES for RADICALS.

Of course, what we normally think of when it comes to radicalization today -- usually steers us in the direction of the Middle East, the place where the deep seated roots, the fertile soil, and subsequent branches of Radical Islam began; it began there, only to grow and extend around the world, reaching levels of ferocity of extremism in ways seen and unseen.  It is a mystery as to how truly entrenched the world really is,  for no one has the nerve to talk about it, let alone investigate it...except perhaps, this president.  But that is neither here nor there at the present moment.

What is here  -- and there -- and everywhere -- is an unbelievable amount of harassment and vitriol against not only a sitting president, but a guy, a fellow American,  who honestly just wants what is best for this country; what is most on his mind, are the needs and concerns of THIS country, and no other.

Having said what she said -- just how this Julia ghoulia still has a job anywhere upon this very day, is beyond my understanding.  But even having said that, I will respect her freedom to say what she wants to say, given our foundation.  Free speech is free speech is free speech.  

But oh boy...she gives one of the most asinine character assassinations of a president I think I have ever heard. 

And nobody seemed to balk on CNN -- except for that one token conservative on the panel, David Urban...um, like, aren't you gonna say something about that Jake?

He's not, David.
Doncha know they are all drinking the same koolaid, listening to the same podcasts, and doling out the same hate, at 78 beats per minute  (just to put it in a language common of the times back in the day when rules and radicals first aligned).  Only now -- it's better, bigger, bolder and on a loop 24/7, from broadcast news to cable to each and every wave of broadband from sea to shining sea.

Alinsky may have set this in motion back in the day when eight track tapes were just the thing, but guess what, folks?  It's working...and not only that, the Left has probably never been more organized or as powerful than it is right now.

Even people who think they have their head on straight --  like Kanye West -- suddenly have second thoughts and give in or give up; for by all appearances, the pile on Trump is simply too great; it's a mainstream mountain too high, a demagoguery valley so low, there ain't nowhere to go but into the stream of leftist consciousness, no matter how outlandish the perception or plum tall tale lies. 

Perceptions don't need to be based in truth; it's called just the right mix of manure and dirt...and just about anything can take root and recklessly spread like a weed.

But whether we all agree to make America great again, or not -- make no mistake:  America is at a time of her own choosing as we speak.

Under our feet are numerous laws in motion... laws like, that of attraction, that of creation -- and everything that we do or say today, right now, is immediately placed into the American soil.

Tomorrow we reap what we sow.

I recently listened to Erwin McManus on the Hillsong Channel -- he was speaking of this kind of choosing that we all do, day in and day out, even if we go about our business totally oblivious to it.  And he said something rather stunning -- he said -- "evil men don't wait for God's permission to move forward."

They just do it.

No questions, no conscience at play, no wondering, um, should I or should I not.  They just do it.

Radicalization speaks of the kind of evil that only evil men and women do.

And for Julia to place President Trump in this company -- or worse -- to accuse him of "radicalizing so many more people than ISIS" is unconscionable, indefensible and wrong every which way to Sunday and back.  Julia owes the president an apology....

and, as a matter of fact, she owes me an apology, too  -- for just who is she referring to anyway? 
Have I been radicalized -- simply for voting for Trump?
Am I a radical -- according to Julia ghoulia -- just because I don't believe in open borders, or approve of Obamacare, or am about to vote yes on the removal of the California gas tax? 
Seriously?   Am I?
Now, truth be told, the synagogue shooter didn't even like Trump, so that connection just isn't even there there...
But if we're going there,  just maybe I will take my crack pot who can't even build a mail bomb over your baseball field ambush dude any day of the week.

Julia, Julia, Julia -- this divide -- it is just part and parcel of the landscape of American politics, the choice of government large or small, and goes to the center of our differences.  Thinking you need to grow a little smarter than what you have on display, just sayin' -- this new radical- leftist hybrid model is just not ready for prime time.

And even though I know how you got here -- thanks to Alinsky and his followers, and their followers, and the followers after that....you are a product of radical ideas that were planted, promulgated and propagated for decades.  You feel quite certain, by the company you keep, that you are on the right track for the right reasons and are not afraid to say so through any means necessary.  For the end justifies the means, right...

I get it.

I have seen it; I have read about it; I understand it; and I even bear witness to it every day here in America.

and now, I am so over it.

oh my goodness,
oh my goodness.

All this girl ever wants for America, is what is best for America -- as a whole.

This diary of America is feeling so downtrodden...crushed under the weight of an American spirit usurped by hooligans and marauders and outlaws and ignorant people like Julia...speaking of which,

"I don't see democrats killing people." 
said Don Lemon, CNN
... seriously, Lemon?
Newsflash: you are a lemon.

I have no more words to say, for today, other than it sure is spooky in America these days.
But hey...um, Happy Halloween?

the end.

Make it a Good Day, G

Monday, October 29, 2018

It's a Girl on Fire Thanks to Tom Steyer Thing

Dear America,

"live righteously and love everyone"  
Tea Yogi
truth is,
this is probably next to impossible,
given the world in which we live.

The latest Chicago murder stats, 2018:  HERE

Baltimore murder stats, 2017, now surpassing all other American cities of populations greater than 500,000:  HERE

And thanks to the growth of corruption and cartels, just south of my home town, lies Tijuana, Mexico -- and with two months still remaining in 2018, this once sweet Baja city, perfect for tourism, offering everything from silly chachkies to tequila to street tacos with just a quick trip across the border, returning home complete with, maybe a velvet painting of Elvis, or a colorful woven blanket for less than 10.00, or even just a handful of Chicklets sold by little Tijuana children, or nuns, as you wait, and wait, and wait, in the long line of cars going back to the USA --  MORE than 2,000 murders have already been committed.

Some of you may know that I follow a minister -- John Gray -- on both television and via Instagram...and he posted this message over the weekend:    "A 97 year-old Holocaust survivor was killed for being Jewish yesterday.  In the United States.  Let that sink in."  Apparently, it was first posted by Jada Pinkett Smith... but no matter --  either way we find it -- once it, in fact, sinks in, we are surely left speechless.  In shock.

Question -- was the Pulse Nightclub shooting, June 2016, President Obama's fault?  That shooter killed 49 people -- at the time, this was found as the deadliest mass shooting in the United States and the nation's worst terror attack since 9/11; and it was just a little over a year ago, the people of this great country experienced the Vegas shooting --  killing 59 innocents, in attendance at the Route 91 Harvest Festival...and yet, to this day, there is still no more information on motive than on the day it happened -- was that Trump's fault, too?  

Black Lives Matter formed under the age of Obama -- and in turn, attacks and homicides against our police officers in uniform and protecting our neighborhoods have skyrocketed; is Obama to blame for that?   

The Obama administration was linked to an organization/political campaign running against Bibi, no less...what kind of political interference, against a friend of America, is that -- moreover, this attack in Pittsburgh was at the hand of an anti-Semite and Trump hater who seems to have more in common with some of Obama's political allies -- like, Louis Farrakhan -- than anyone else.  Shame on who?

This past weekend's tragedy speaks of horrible, unthinkable hatred... killing eleven people in a synagogue, solely based upon their Jewish religion.  

From CNN:  
"Authorities on Sunday released the names of the 11 victims, all of whom were from Pennsylvania. They included a married couple, a pair of brothers and a beloved physician. 
Joyce Fienberg, 75, Rose Mallinger, 97, Jerry Rabinowitz, 66, Cecil Rosenthal, 59, David Rosenthal, 54, Daniel Stein, 71, Melvin Wax, 88, and Irving Younger, 69, were from Pittsburgh. Richard Gottfried, 65, was from Ross Township and Bernice Simon, 84, and Sylvan Simon, 86, were from Wilkinsburg, Allegheny County Chief Medical Examiner Karl Williams said."
But like every other mass murder, or homicide -- the cause goes directly to the actions of ONE person, a person who is clearly not of the right mind --  be its origins from a heart full of bigotry,  a criminal mind, an evil intention to do harm, a mental illness or overall lack of well being or ability to cope and live peacefully with others...There is no amount of gun control that will stop this kind of madness.  None.

Evil people will find a way to do evil, be it from a gun, a knife, a car, a plane, a bomb in a backpack or mailed....or even with their two hands wrapped around a neck.

But even people like Tom Steyer needs to tone it down a wee bit -- about this hatred towards the entire republican party; don't liberals want to "live righteously and love everyone" like everybody else?  What's with the continuing hate against good Americans who only mean well....and that goes double, for this president.  Trump doesn't hate Americans or America; Trump wants to make America, all of America, great again.  Republicans don't hate other Americans or America; republicans want to make America, all of America, great again.  What's not to love about that?

Steyer said -- 
"I think his response to the tragedy [Saturday] was appropriate, but there's something much bigger than that going on here, which is the atmosphere that he's created -- and that the Republican Party has created -- in terms of political violence," Steyer said. "If you look across the political scene, what you see is routine, systematic lawlessness. ... We see it in a president who has been breaking the law systematically, as a candidate, as a businessman, and as a president."

That is reckless rhetoric at it's greatness.

Really?  The republican party is responsible for the atmosphere of political violence?  Shameful.  

And just where, in fact,  is Trump committing systematic lawlessness?  By obliterating Obama's leftist Executive Orders?  By obliterating Obama's climate change redistribution of America's wealth?  By obliterating the under the cover of darkness deal with Iran and the nuclear agreement, which somehow paid Iran billions of dollars in American cash?  

Or how about when the entire Obama Administration fed Americans, and the United Nations, and the rest of the world, this lie -- that the Benghazi terrorist attack was all because of a video; which, if you all recall -- during the night of the attack -- Obama had the audacity to exit the war room, just to get a good night's sleep before flying to the Left coast for a fundraiser the very next morning...American forces were willing and able to fly over from Italy that night, and they were told to stand down....Shameful.

Oh Steyer --  "You can't find prominent Democrats who are leading chants with violent overtones. ... all the kinds of attempts to play to people's strongest emotions."   That is hilarious.  

Um, you mean like, Ms. Maxine --- make'm pay and get in their face--- Waters?  Or like, Hillary Clinton's cat call for continuing the incivility until such time democrats are back in power?  Like that?  Like Eric Holder, insisting on kicking back?  Like Obama once said in a rally, if they bring a knife to a fight, we bring a gunStuff like that?  Shameful.

I will take actions by Tea Party for 200 dollars, please; prayers and all, any day of the week and back again, there is a right side to stand and I know exactly where it begins and ends.

The thing is -- I'm just sick of this nonsense.  Just sick of it.

So live it up, leftists.  Live it up.  For the world you are creating -- by way of mass media propaganda, building big  government dependency, establishing illogical economical solutions that has basically ruined America's healthcare system, along with your latest leftist flip-flop -- with the insistence of open borders subjecting Americans to unimaginable costs of millions of illegals, and of course, the general, all-round hostility towards conservatives and republicans, making character attacks upon an entire political party -- is all thanks to you.

I feel sorry for you, Steyer -- and all.  IF this is how you play nice with others; if this is how you show your tolerance; if this is how you argue on the specifics and the merits of our differences, then there is no hope for us.

Here's Trump, with some of his last twenty four -- "The Fake News is doing everything in their power to blame Republicans, Conservatives and me for the division and hatred that has been going on for so long in our Country. Actually, it is their Fake & Dishonest reporting which is causing problems far greater than they understand!"  

and this -- "There is great anger in our Country caused in part by inaccurate, and even fraudulent, reporting of the news. The Fake News Media, the true Enemy of the People, must stop the open & obvious hostility & report the news accurately & fairly. That will do much to put out the flame..."   "...of Anger and Outrage and we will then be able to bring all sides together in Peace and Harmony. Fake News Must End!"

Truth is -- no matter the occasion, no matter what is happening around you -- you are either on the side of right action, choosing to do the right thing, choosing to love everyone, choosing to live righteously --  OR you're not.  There is no line in-between; you are either there, or you're not there.    You are either doing the right thing, or you are not.  You are either saying the right thing, or you are not.  

Ripping an entire political party for political gain -- and blaming an entire party for the political violence and instability -- is not only juvenile, it is wrongheaded.

At the end of this day,
all I can do or say is pray.

May God bless the friends and families of this horrendous attack; and may all of America one day make peace with this, and most especially, with each other.

It's not lip service. 
It is just the direction we -- ALL of US --  really must go.  

It is not okay for you to hate me just because I live and vote and have my being wrapped around conservative ideals under the Republican party.  I voted for Trump and more than any other time in my adult life, am really proud that I did.  And I support democrats, and the Left, as a whole, to be continue to be wrong about nearly everything, and to continue to argue public policy on the merits.  


I love my party; I love what the republican party stands up for; I love what prominent republicans have done for this country -- like, Abraham Lincoln, like Ronald Reagan -- two of the very best presidents America has ever had.

We MUST find a way to live righteously and love one another, or else.  Or else.  

But come to think of it -- I have no interest to see what "or else" actually looks like, or acts like, or talks like.  No interest at all.  
[But much obliged to my muse on the day -- for this girl's fire is expressly due to that Tom Steyer...suddenly, he's like the blind sheikh of leftist elitist socialist dreams, with the media fawning over him like nobody's business...keep it up, dude, keep it up. I can do this all the live long day.]
Make it a Good Day, G

Friday, October 26, 2018

It's About Criminal Political Activism of all kinds Thing

Dear America,

"they have no place in our country... 
bring to swift and certain justice... 
to the fullest extent of the law.... 
never allow political violence to ever take root in America...."

amen to that
amen to that

"bottom line is that Americans must unify...
every day, 
we are truly showing the world, 
just how truly great we are..."

way to diffuse a situation, Mr. President. Just moments ago.

we have the best law enforcement in the world, Trump continues to say.

So will this media of ours, finally take hold of this continued call to unify -- as Americans -- made repeatedly by this president, and agree with him?  

Will they?

[yeah that question is purely rhetorical]

Will the media now go back and analyze the prior call for incivility, made by the former Secretary of State and former presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton?  

Or the nonstop calls for resistance made by Maxine Waters, like
 "Let's make sure we show up wherever we have to show up. And if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they're not welcome anymore, anywhere."

going way back to June now, to get this twitter response made by the president:
“Congresswoman Maxine Waters, an extraordinarily low IQ person, has become, together with Nancy Pelosi, the Face of the Democrat Party,” he tweeted. “She has just called for harm to supporters, of which there are many, of the Make America Great Again movement. Be careful what you wish for Max!”

Yes.  Indeed.  
How prophetic that really was, right?...."be careful what you wish for Max!"  But will anyone go back to the record to cite the president's rather common-sensical warnings made at the time?

What this bomb scare does --  besides making crystal-cut clear the crystallization of  the great political divide in this country -- is show how our words matter.

Just about anyone and everyone can take what the democrats have dished out over the last few months, and make a connection.  IF one party calls for acting in an uncivil manner to satisfy the political tension and differences between -- all ears, right and left, will hear it!  

Clearly, we live in a society now where any kind of crackpot, left and right, will do things -- with or without the call for incivility, so do we really need to say things to actually incite it?

Case in point, all the protests and confrontations made in the middle of a meal (Sanders, Neilsen, Miller and the latest, McConnell) , like a baseball field being shot up to smithereens and seriously wounding House Majority Whip Steve Scalise....[Did that shooter characterize all democrats?]

CNN cannot lead the instability, the hatred, the nonstop condemnation of this administration twenty-four seven and NOT be found responsible, in part, for this kind of political vitriol in action.  And yet, it's not just CNN -- ABC, NBC, CBS news have all aligned with the same refrain, the same news feed, the same tilted news cycle day after day after day... to the tune of 91%.  91%!

The president was harpooned by the media for saying this  -- "The media also has a responsibility to set a civil tone and to stop the endless hostility and constant negative and oftentimes false attacks and stories. Have to do it."

And I wonder -- just what is wrong with that?  Garbage in, makes garbage out; what we think about, expands, yadi yadi yada....see my blog post from just yesterday

And more than that -- the MAINSTREAM MEDIA  is not supposed to show ANY political bias.  Like, none. 

Just imagine a world where, over a few days, the Trump Administration receives nothing but high marks from the media, like it did for Obama.  Just imagine that.

Imagine Trump getting credit for all of this positive economic growth, the escalation of consumer confidence out of the blue, the great and sensible tax deductions, the lowest unemployment in years, the return of strength with regards to our relations at the United Nations, the common sense approach to trade relations and America's relationship with crazy countries (like Iran and North Korea and even Russia)...and how can we forget, his firm stance on the safe keeping of America's sovereign borders, especially the southern border, the one about to be tested by nothing more than an invasion ....and just in time for the November mid-term elections.

That   -- the caravan -- is a script of left-wing theatrics like we have never seen the likes of before.

To Tucker Carlson -- 
"When you arrive in a country 
to contribute to it 
and to assimilate into its culture,
 you don't wave the flag of a foreign nation. 
That's what you do in triumph 
when you invade a country."


Every American should take issue with this approach to immigration, sans assimilation.
Every American.

Every American should also READ THIS in order to understand the depth and breadth of the organizations behind the mass invasion fast approaching.
Every American.

Every American should also agree that this is not the proper way to seek "asylum."
Every American.

Every American should take a moment to reflect upon the one thing President Trump has been trumpeting from his response to Charlottesville, and all the way to the start of this news cycle, in the wake of this bomb scare and the capturing of a suspect...and that being, this is the time to UNIFY, as Americans.

Every American.

Every American should be concerned at the level of criminal political activism taken by any one of us, including, but not limited to, inciting violence and inspiring in-your-face resistance; calling for incivility until such time democrats are back in power; sending inert bombs to a dozen, or more, political/community leaders; and ambushing places like baseball fields far and wide. It is all wrong.

Heightened rhetoric, mental illness, ignorance, broken spirits, fanaticism, intolerance, leads to actions unbecoming of the average American, just sayin'.

That is just a logical conclusion based on facts; for any mindful, sane, conscientious, educated, thoughtful person just doesn't send bombs, or blows up ball fields, or gets in the face of a politician over a bowl of fettuccine, or refers to an entire party fitting to receive acts of political retribution...it's like, who does that?  Who says that and can still garner a serious audience of support of any kind, um Hillary?

We have to pay attention to every little thing; and more than that, consciously come together and move to do the right thing, always.  And Unify.  Unify.  And Unify...

"Have to do it."

This is what all Americans must do, not just today, but every single day.

We have to choose our words carefully, we have to act responsibly, we have to unify demonstrably, if we are to ever create the kind of society we can all live in, in peace -- especially in light of our clear ideological differences between us.

Newsflash:  we do not all think alike in America; but it is expected of us -- e pluribus unum - to respect each other and our differences, even if we can never ever ever agree on anything.

Out of many we are one; that, by definition, defines who we are as a country and as a people.

One = Unify as Americans, not divide.

the end.

Make it a Good Day, G

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

It's Crystallizing Our Greatness, not our weakness, Thing

Dear America,

"Men imagine that thought can be kept secret, but it cannot; it rapidly crystallises into habit, and habit solidifies into circumstance.  Bestial thoughts crystallise into habits of drunkeness and sensuality, which solidify into circumstances of destination and disease:  impure thoughts of every kind crystallise into enervating and confusing habits, which solidify into distracting and adverse circumstances; thoughts of fear, doubt, and indecision crystallise into weak, unmanly, and irresolute habits, which solidify into circumstances of failure, indigence, and slavish dependence:  lazy thoughts crystallise into habits of uncleanliness and dishonesty, which solidify into circumstances of foulness and beggary:  hateful and condemnatory thoughts crystallise into habits of accusation and violence, which solidify into circumstances of injury and persecution : selfish thoughts of all kinds crystallise into circumstances more or less distressing.    ON the other hand, beautiful thoughts of all kinds crystallise into habits of grace and kindliness, which solidify into genial and sunny circumstances : pure thoughts crystallise into habits of temperance and self-control, which solidify into circumstances of repose and peace :  thoughts of courage, self-reliance, and decision crystallise into manly habits, which solidify into circumstances of success, plenty, and freedom  :  energetic thoughts crystallise into habits of cleanliness and industry, which solidify into circumstances of pleasantness  :  gentle and forgiving thoughts crystallise into habits of gentleness, which solidify into protective and preservative circumstances : loving and unselfish thoughts crystallise into habits of self-forgetfulness for others, which solidify into circumstances of sure and abiding prosperity and true riches.

A particular train of thought persisted in, be it good or bad, cannot fail to produce its results on the character and circumstances.  A man cannot directly choose his circumstances, but he can choose his thoughts, and so indirectly, yet surely, shape his circumstances.

Nature helps every man to gratification of the thoughts which he most encourages, and opportunities are presented which will most speedily bring to the surface both the good and evil thoughts."

and James Allen goes on and on and on...As a Man Thinketh.

And essentially, it demonstrably explains the divide happening in America.

It's pretty strong stuff, actually; and pretty sure, generally speaking, that the emphasis upon the male gender throughout,  creates just the kind of tension for the Left to become completely unglued: manly this, manly that, oh the horror of all the manliness of mankind and the things that men imagine about man.  teehee

And yet, the truth is -- thoughts are things, man and woman alike; thoughts are mightier than the sword. [And suddenly, flashes from the movie Braveheart come rushing in...a perfect example of the power of the mind and spirit, all beginning with a thought.]

The left-leaning mainstream and cable media continues to persuade Americans to go low in every possible way -- in spite of all the good going on around them --- simply because they [and every other leftist] are so frustrated under the Trump Administration, they can no longer see straight; of course, this experience being manifested from its natural origins...being totally incapable of even thinking straight.

Yes, lefty's, you're right -- Trump is not the perfect man, let alone president; you got me there.

Welcome to my world when Obama was president; and yet, I was more or less polite and treated the office itself with respect.  I waited patiently for the next election, and then the next election....

I did get up everyday and blog about all the ways Obama was a disappointment, all the ways he deceived the American people. all the ways his administration usurped the Rule of Law....but it's as if Jim Acosta had his head in the sand all those years, hearing lies from Obama on Benghazi; the IRS scandal; the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal; the viscous attacks on the Tea Party;  the numerous issues of Obama's Secretary of State using an insecure private server and ultimately, destroying emails and hard drives; the continuous trashing of Fox News, the scandal of going after journalists like James Rosen and others; the unscrupulous passing of Obamacare, another entitlement, a fraud against the American people and our healthcare system, without a single republican vote....

If Only Trump had the kind of blind allegiance from the mainstream and cable news media as you all gave President Obama, if only.

I will give Trump the credit for the incredible change of thought, experienced by many of us in America; from the start of his campaign and continuing into his administration, the mantra has been MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.   And guess what?  It's working.

Make America Great Again or  Hope and Change?  One slogan supports America, as a whole; the other, frames an administration which intended to fundamentally transform America from the inside out, because it hated America as she stands.....

And talk about an escalation of harmful rhetoric.... Hillary Clinton is calling for nothing less than incivility, until such time HER side gets back in office.

And talk about an unraveling....the left leaning media is apparently fully supportive of the mob fast approaching America's southern border.  And we must ask ourselves, for what reason?  Why would they want this to happen now?  How did it happen so quickly?  Just who is funding this trek of thousands from Central America?

and then there's this kind of nonsense"I’m way more afraid of another Melania getting in to this country than I am of any caravan of human beings seeking asylum"  Andy Lassner, one of the producers of  Ellen.

First, as if these people coming up from Central America warrant asylum status --  but in the second, Melania came to America fully capable, and able, of taking care of herself.  I will take that kind of immigrant thousands times over...But more important, Andy, I'm not even understanding your continuous stream of vitriolic attacks against America's First Lady.  What did she ever do to you?

I mean, honestly, how can this guy, Andy, even think his stupid tweets are relevant, let alone clever or funny or whatever response he was hoping to gain from them.

andy, andy, andy...
jim, jim, jim...
and leftists far and wide -- 

How about you all help in the making of America great again.  We must do more to crystallize our greatness, and it begins with every thought, of every single one of us, in America.

Start HERE:

ON the other hand, beautiful thoughts of all kinds crystallise into habits of grace and kindliness, which solidify into genial and sunny circumstances : pure thoughts crystallise into habits of temperance and self-control, which solidify into circumstances of repose and peace :  thoughts of courage, self-reliance, and decision crystallise into manly habits, which solidify into circumstances of success, plenty, and freedom  :  energetic thoughts crystallise into habits of cleanliness and industry, which solidify into circumstances of pleasantness  :  gentle and forgiving thoughts crystallise into habits of gentleness, which solidify into protective and preservative circumstances : loving and unselfish thoughts crystallise into habits of self-forgetfulness for others, which solidify into circumstances of sure and abiding prosperity and true riches.

Start thinking like James Allen, and not like, a Jim Acosta.
Oh, And READ THIS: The Real Choice, care of Nate Jackson at The Patriot Post.

Okay then, think my work is done for today; off to my real job....teehee

Make it a Good Day, G

Friday, October 19, 2018

It's Very Entertaining to be an American Thing

Dear America,

"Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable -- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy -- think about such things.  Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me -- put it into practice.  And the God of peace will be with you."  Apostle Paul

this verse, snatched from Philippians 4:8-9...is one of my favorite...pretty sure I have led with it before...no matter.

It's a verse that builds from a place which transcends all human understanding, for in the moment just before, Paul says, "do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God."

with thanksgiving, he says -- being of the present tense -- already praising HIM, no matter what happens; in everything, in thanksgiving, we must go to God to guard our hearts and minds from sinking into a certain darkness, floundering in our own swampy pit of self-pity, anger, despondency, or whatever...

But, to put into practice our loyal attachment to SOMETHING GREATER than ourselves -- to the Lord --  we basically learn to keep our head on straight, through anything and everything, trusting in the belief that for everything there truly is a purpose under heaven.

And Lord knows, that in this DAY, and in this AGE, there is probably no greater struggle upon us, to keep on believing; for we do not often witness the true, the noble, the right, the pure, the lovely, the admirable, let alone anything that appears excellent and praiseworthy...[and if we do, the media sure doesn't want to report about it...but I digress.]

There seems to be so many times, in life, that we simply don't understand why things happen when they happen; why bad things happen to good people; why our set of circumstances can virtually upend overnight, and for what?  For what purpose is some of this nonsense and those woes, the shocks to the system, that come out of nowhere all about?  Does it all go back to being on the receiving end of a gentle, or sometimes not so gentile, reminder of who, in fact, is still in charge?

But just so we're clear (for those aligned as a keeper of a certain faith),  the crazy truth is -- our world will surely get a whole lot worse before it gets a whole lot better again.  (And if that's not motivation to press on, then not sure what to tell you.)

In any event, I have wanted to talk about the Kanye/White House meeting, for what seems like a better part of a week, or more; my days and nights have rolled into one.... but who really cares, right?

But this treatment of Kanye -- being an African-American man, and celebrity, who has risked everything by his passionate support of President Trump, wearing his MAGA hat with pride -- is just heartbreaking.   It's, like, what happened to the Africa American community?  

White people are allowed to lean left or right.

Hispanic people are allowed to lean left or right.

Asian people are allowed to lean left or right.

But nooooooooooooo, if you are a person of color -- an African American -- you are not allowed to color your political party world outside the lines; you are mandated to think the same, support the same, and vote the same way as everyone else within your demographic.  How Martin Luther King Jr. must be rolling in his grave, let me count the ways.

It is shocking, the treatment by the media -- mocking Kanye's mentality and sensibility; and even more shocking, the response he has received  from his peers (like snoopdogg)...

Sometimes, it's just so very entertaining to be living in America. oh my

 But let's go to Thomas Sowell for a little reality check , shall we --

"Many things that would advance blacks would not advance the liberal agenda. That is why the time is long overdue for the two to come to a parting of the ways."
10:03 AM - 18 Oct 2018
indeed....in other words --
"Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable -- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy -- think about such things.

 And more to the point -- it's about time to change your hearts and minds... and political loyalties, my brother.

Being mindful of what we find true, and noble, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable -- let me have you read, for purely entertainment purposes, the full post at The Atlantic, penned by Hillary Clinton, "American Democracy Is In Crisis" -- here.

and let's cut to her big finish:

Meanwhile, hyperpolarization now extends beyond politics into nearly every part of our culture. One recent study found that in 1960, just 5 percent of Republicans and 4 percent of Democrats said they’d be displeased if their son or daughter married a member of the other political party. In 2010, 49 percent of Republicans and 33 percent of Democrats said they’d be upset by that. The strength of partisan identity—and animosity—helps explain why so many Republicans continue to back a president so manifestly unfit for office and antithetical to many of the values and policies they once held dear. When you start seeing politics as a zero-sum game and view members of the other party as traitors, criminals, or otherwise illegitimate, then the normal give-and-take of politics turns into a blood sport.
[my red highlight for emphasis...]

Ironically -- Hillary made this final point, after lambasting the president, the entire republican party and especially the people who continue to support this presidency, after calling the 2016 elections illegitimate and part of an elaborate scheme, including Russian collusion,  after falling lock step in line with her party propaganda that divides Americans by demographics and identity politics, stewing the so-called "hyperpolarization" she claims to have nothing to do with democrats and everything to do with republicans, after elaborating on what she calls [Trump's] "five main fronts of this assault on our democracy."

The nerve, asking mid-stream, how did we get here?

Are you for real, Hill?
[I can think of a way, by way of the antics of the Clinton Foundation, the State Department, the Benghazi terrorist attack, the economic downturn that Obama could never correct, the rampant joblessness, the politics of divide, the lack of security protections at the border, the meeting on the tarmac between your husband and the Attorney General, the fraud of the Iran Nuclear deal, the fraud of the Climate Change agreement, ummmm, shall I go on?  Cuz yes we can go on and on and on.............]

At one point, she says --
"Democracies are rowdy by nature. We debate freely and disagree forcefully. It’s part of what distinguishes us from authoritarian societies, where dissent is forbidden. But we’re held together by deep “bonds of affection,” as Abraham Lincoln said, and by the shared belief that out of our fractious melting pot comes a unified whole that’s stronger than the sum of our parts."
Seriously?  This is exactly what Trump is angling to do -- to unify the whole, the whole of America, as one America, for all Americans, because we are stronger than the sum of our parts. duh.

Your entire post -- ripe with contradictions -- is nothing more than  hate speech towards people who think differently and disagree forcefully from you, you being a liberal.  But much obliged for the Abraham Lincoln reminder of our "bonds of affection;" and likewise, since Lincoln was a republican, this girl is rather confused, yet pleasantly amused, by your choice.  Does your head still hurt, are your eyes still a wee bit blurry?  Is this piece how you show your bonds of affection...cuz i think some areas need a little work.

Gotta say, girl, you are great entertainment.
You and snoopdogg  and Martha Stewart should all hit the road together.
Please run for president again, please, I beg of you.

oh my, happy friday people

be kind to each other...
look for the true, the noble, the right, the pure, the lovely, the admirable, and things should work out pretty well, eventually...at least, within our own minds, anyway...and if nothing else, at least we are not going through any of this alone. May the God of peace be with you ALL (really; and especially with you, Hill.).

the end.

Make it a Good Day, G

Friday, October 12, 2018

It's Making Heads and Tails of the Week Thing

Dear America,

might I recommend the colonoscopy...

oh the things we have to do as we get older

granted, this girl was running a wee bit late on her first time, butt better late than never, butt dump bum

in hindsight, there was really nothing to be afraid of...it was much ta-do about nothing, really.

As a matter of fact, it was almost as good as any spa day....arrived at the hospital, all cleansed out -- so much so, and without having a meal for 24 hours, almost lightheaded, like near hallucination stage, like I was on something really good (not that I've done that kinda thing before)  and then, I was quickly changed into a hospital gown and swaddled in a warm blankie.  And all I could do was sit back and take it.  

No more phone
No more email
No more a-dozen things to get done before noon

it was like sudden bliss

my life had to stop

next thing I know, a big burly technician with tats up and down his arm is asking me how I am and tending to my right side, two lovely nurses are on my other side getting me hooked up and tending to my left, and then my sweet doctor, with a beautiful accent, is asking me questions, confirming my name, rank and serial number and if I consent to this rather intimate intrusion up into the far reaches of my insides....

just put me under already...

next thing I know, I'm home in bed, having not remembered anything from the moment the lights in the room went dim...nite nite

So here we go with the metaphor portion of today's Day in the Life of an American Girl-- 

wish America could have herself a certain cleansing, from the inside out....and then, with a special scope, venture through the muck...bending and stretching and probing into every recess and excess, every ingress and egress, every individual transgress, federal largesse, large and small.

And in the end, when every twist and turn's been done, and with every polyp and rock upturned and fully examined, she, America, somehow returns to sanity, and begins anew, as if nothing ever happened. 

How can it be even be acceptable, for someone -- who almost became president, no less -- say something like this....‘You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about."  As an American, there are not words to describe how off-putting, distasteful, even offensive this is. 

this might be the perfect time to use this wit, plastered across the front of one of my favorite canvasses, a t-shirt:  "wipe your mouth, there is still a tiny bit of bullshit around your lips."  teehee

Is she basically calling for another civil war?  
Are we back to the olden days of duels and kicks in the ass, in order to get our way, politically?

Leave it to the party of free radicals under the influence of Saul Alinsky to double down on tactics of harassment, making threats against life and limb, and using inflammatory rhetoric to incite violence against persons who simply believe in another approach in the care of the American people.

When did we cross the red line, leading us into a new wave of assault?  
When is this kind of nonsense okay?
When did the meeting of the minds cross red and blue lines, and arrive at the clear and present danger of creating battle lines? 

I just don't get it.

If Trump had said we can no longer be civil with the democrats, all hell would break loose.

If Trump had answered the opposition going low with a call to kick back, his ass is grass.

....reminds me of the time a presidential candidate said this:

“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun," 
“Because from what I understand, folks in Philly like a good brawl. I’ve seen Eagles fans.”
thank you, Barack; thank you for the precedence.

So this sh&*$  is nothing new...

and it best better not stick around very long.

This is no way to co-exist, and get along as one body republic.

If Hillary was president, and republicans acted like this -- the media would be unhinged with indignation.

The thing is -- with all the disappointment of Barack Obama being elected, Supreme Court justices Sotomayor and Kagan being placed on the highest court in the land, the usurping of the Rule of Law with the passage of the "Affordable Care Act" -- the republicans maintained, at large, a great amount of civility throughout all of it.  No republican worth their salt clawed at the doors of the Supreme Court, or penetrated the halls of Congress with crazy protests, shouting down the free speech of our elected officials.

No.  Republicans protested through channels of civility -- wrote their congressman/woman, held Tea Party rallies (rallies that, at the end of the day, left the park picked up and cleaner than in it's original condition), and used the power of their vote to create change, leading to one of the greatest congressional turnovers to date, and later, into the 2016 presidential surprise of a lifetime.

But this nonsense -- what is happening to America these days, from sea to shining sea, is just atrocious.  So much for a peaceful transference of power.

Talk about an embarrassment.

The democrats are turning into Third World activists...and all the while, the rest of us are just supposed to sit back and take it?

No.  Just say no.
Not today, not tomorrow, not ever -- is this disturbing behavior of the entire Left bearable, tolerable, justifiable, or sustainable.  Something's gotta give, or something really really bad will happen.

This is an assault against America...  #metooAmerica, taking things up the butt like nobody's business.  I don't know how she does it.

But I believe America is greater than all of it's parts, especially the parts that need cleaned out before the little polyps become metastasized and become a much bigger problem, like, as of, yesterday. Realistically, if we continue down this windy path, the prognosis is not good, people.

Here's one more T time for the road; this t-shirt reads:
"when I was a kid, 
I wanted to be older...
but this crap
 is not what I expected."  ;)

the end.

really it is; and then again, it very well could be, showing us signs, that this quite possibly, could be, the very very end, of everything.  

We can always hope. 
But let's not put the fear of God out there, right.  This could be nothing more than a procedural stopping point....something we just have to do, and get it over with, like a bad dream after a really fine colonoscopy....one afternoon we will all wake up and go what???  

Until then, no matter how it all comes out in the end, always...

Make it a Good Day, G

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

It's Realities Colliding Thing

Dear America,

T-shirt wit strikes again.

and this one really fits nicely, right?

funny stuff.

When none of this stuff is really all that amusing, a little levity is much appreciated; and nobody pulls that off as well as Tucker.

but this ICEGATE...what a riot listening to the left-leaning media's propaganda pile up!

ooooh he threw some ice....the horror.

Do the audiences of CNN and MSNBC really think this nonsense is worthy news?

Wonder why they never talked about THIS news without taking a breath, circa 2008? Obama was approved by the general public and elected to hold the highest office in the land, knowing he came from years of drug/alcohol use, to excess at times, throughout his high school years and in young adulthood.

But anywho,
here we are, mixing the trivial with the serious, twisting stories of relevance with nonsense, and for some people, designating allegations near self-prescribed facts without any real evidence ...other than a memory with holes all through it.  [Did Trump blow it? yes.  He did.  He's got no patience.  He should have waited just a few more days for this kind of thing to come out of his mouth.  That is just the gawd awful truth.]

Here's one more funny thing, and it comes courtesy of the Babylon Bee (love this place)...after getting a little head's up from The Patriot Post (aka my favorite place)

so enjoy....
Everyone Waits Patiently For FBI Investigation That Will Definitely End All Controversy

ah, thank God for people with a sense of humor, right?

tee hee wee wee  all the way home.

truth is, at the end of the day, none of this is all that funny; oh the drama -- as tragedies and comedies and realities collide.

Make it a Good Day, G