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Friday, August 31, 2018

It's In and Out, Declaring My Big Fat Double Double Devotion Thing

Dear America,


this is summer composition numero nueve

signing in.

LIBS are the biggest freekin' collection of whiners and bullies ever.

Are you really going to get your panties in a wad over a privately held company, like the famous, cult-worthy, California born and raised, In-N-Out Burger, donating a whoppin'  $25 grand to the California Republican Party?  Seriously?  And even calling for a boycott?

Should conservatives begin boycotting Starbucks?  Popeye's?  And ironically, now Slim-Fast?  As some of you may not know, the founder of Slim-Fast, some S. Daniel Abraham fellow, has poured enough slim-fast chocolate shakes to support a hefty 1.25 MILLION dollars to democrats...and I don't hear anybody on the right shredding pounds and creaming their little heads off.  [And how about the millions of dollars from UNIONS donated almost entirely to the democrats...if I were a conservative teacher, construction worker, government employee, etc....oh my, there are not words....I mean, literally. As in, as a conservative, you have NO say, but I digress.]

What is with you people?  This is being so lib-tarted...

Should conservatives stop eating at Panera, or Chipotle, or DQ -- oh yes, the old Dairy Queen is bought and paid for by Warren Buffet himself....and how much does he donate year in and year out to the LIBS?  Oh sure, he may be waffle-coning on that a wee bit, being prudent to throw a few crumbs in Trumps's direction in circa 2016....but still, he leans left at the counter more often than not.

This is about the things we eat that feed our soul through food, glorious food!  I mean, the LIBS have already near ruined football, now this?  We have to choose our food by the red or blue neon lights?

Oh LIBS gotta love 'em

What happened to the "love trumps hate" people?  Where did they all go?

So the LIBS want to bully In-N-Out with a few days of bad press?  Have at it.

Oh right, it isn't the first time -- and just look how Chick-fil-A keeps on clucklin', keeps on cluckin'...and may I just add another side dish to that -- the owner, Dan Cathay -- has every right to wholeheartedly support the"biblical definition of marriage."  And just to be perfectly clear, this is his UNALIENABLE right!

OH LIBS, gotta love 'em

and speaking of LOTS of LIBS, if you try to find the stories of the umpteen republican senators and legislators  and supporters who went out yesterday to buy up double-doubles by the dozens, like, for the entire office -- you will have to ask Google specifically, by name, which republican.  Google has buried all stories that support IN-N-OUT under a bushel of french fried attitude and liberal bias at the level of a full-fledged crack attack.

go ahead, Google it...In-n-Out sales boost august 30 2018.... I'll wait.

do do dodo do do do, do, da dodo, do do do

yeah see what I mean?  Hilarious results...
  1. In-N-Out donates $25K to California GOP 
  2. In-N-Out Burger Donates To CA Republican Party, Dems Call For (boycott) 
  3. In-n-Out Burger Angers Customers by Donating to Republican Party 
  4. National Dairy Product Sales Report Give Prices A Boost 

it is shameful.
Truth is -- no need to snopes nothin' -- In-N-Out Sales DID get a sales boost ALL DAY LONG!

But hey, I have to love GOOGLE Here.  My Blogger depends upon it.  And therein lies the salty rub. kiss kiss salty kisses to you, Google.

.....and oh does this girl love her salt.  
(hmmm maybe I should double double check my blood pressure)

oh my gosh.  it's only 9 am and I'm so hungry, I could eat two double-doubles, some animal fries, and an ice cold coca-cola, like ten minutes ago.
OH LIBS gotta love 'em

Sarah Huckabee

Kirstyn Nielsen

For essentially being the creators of the "co-exist" bumper sticker phenomenon, LIBS sure have a hard time living it.

it's all namaste, namaste, unless you happen to lean right; then nothing but the deep fryer for you! 

The thing is -- I don't hate Starbucks because Howard is a big leftist.  Now, truth be told -- I prefer to make my own coffee with my little french press at home everyday -- and only partake in the purchase of an overpriced cup of coffee when traveling....and usually that is Starbucks; but to intentionally call for a boycott of the company simply because our politics don't match up ounce for ounce, really?

I would say some of us need to grow the f*&k up  -- matter of fact,  let's super size that request.

America revels in the middle, people.

We do really really well when we blend like a really good cup of joe  ...or a Neapolitan shake on the secret menu

But about this level of vitriol that has arisen from the LIBS -- with bully tactics, calls for boycott, yelling and screaming in public and college campuses, along with downright acts of violence through Antifa -- over our differences in politics and ideology is one thing, and albeit, an highly disgraceful thing to boot; but when simply exercising our unalienable right to think outside the leftist jack-in-the-box and make a political contribution to whomever we please....this uproar goes against every principle this nation was founded in large order.

You LIBS need to take a big fat chill; go get a greasy yummy cheesy double double and be happy already.

the end.

Make it a Good Day, G

Thursday, August 30, 2018

It's a To Grow or Not to Grow Thing

Dear America,

"When you claim God's promises 
in a way that honors him, 
you'll grow in your intimacy 
with Him.  
And in the center 
of His Will, 
your Loving Father 
is able to bless you 
with his best."  
Charles F. Stanley

we are winding down with our summer compositions ....this one just so happens to be "numero ocho" in case anyone is keeping track...right, didn't think so.

no bother

signing in.

This morning, this girl is finding herself enveloped in amazement, that, for one, I have reached 950 blogs in All-American Just A Girl Fashion -- 
and for two, that it feels like I'm only getting started.  Late bloomers, anyone?

I can remember early on, my mama wondering if I would really have enough to say; and to come to a time, now 950 blogs later, and still be on a roll (give or take the breaks in-between), my goal in getting to a thousand is just a hop skip and a jump away...and with any luck, it will align with the celebration of ten years, come July 2019.

Having said that, in this moment of reflection, I know I couldn't get here entirely on my own.  My circle of loyal supporters -- family and close friends -- have nourished me with constructive feedback, provided encouragement, and have directly, and indirectly, strengthened my spirit to press forward, onward and upward. 

And, of course, on a deeper level, my relationship with God shows me the way, His Way, every single day.

With maturity -- comes the ability to see the bigger picture, to give credit where credit is due, to foster a gentle humility, and be mindful of our weaknesses, as well as, our strengths. 

I realize we are still in the days of honoring an American Hero, in John McCain -- and that is all good and fine and dandy.  And yet, hearing the news of Sarah Palin not being invited, and further, being asked not to come anywhere close to the funeral, is just so disheartening.

With maturity -- even a John McCain had to realize that if it weren't for that shade of lipstick standing next to him, on that political stage, and coming in as his surprise running mate in 2008, his ticket would have tanked to the center of the earth, never to see the light of day again.  And that, my friends, is just the ugly truth.

I fault the McCain campaign -- if not, John McCain, himself -- for not championing a fighting spirit to support her to the fullest, both during, and especially after, facing their ultimate fate and miserable loss.

It is shameful that Sarah was told not to even think about coming, not after all she did to raise his campaign from the dead.  

And then to make her a spectacle, all over again?  
Are you serious?  Are you serious?!

It is just so wrong every which way to Sunday and back.

But now, noticing a twinkle of maturity illuminating in neon lights from my mind's eye, I will hold my tongue and refrain from making this any more than a reasonable observation.  But if you ask me, by "not inviting" Sarah, the family made Sarah a greater liability than if they had just sent her an invite like everybody else close to the good Senator.  It's like why create that kind of drama, right?

With maturity --  I have finally reached an age where I can actually see the lines being drawn right in front of my own eyes in real time...to create a little drama here or not to create....to make a big deal of this, or not....and so on and so on...asking ourselves, 'Is this a season  To Grow or Not to Grow?' that is the question.

And you know what?

If you ask me, and of course you're not -- but there isn't a whole lot in life worth the kind of nonsense that only senseless drama and sophomoric dust up's bring, you know what I mean?  I mean, eventually, somebody has to clean it up...namely, the person who made the fur fly in the first place.

The thing is -- as the quote at the top from Charles Stanley taps into -- if our actions, first and foremost, are executed in a way that honors God, then we should be golden.  However, if there is evidence of even a smidgen of selfishness, if we are being unjust or spiteful, if we are lacking in a show of good character in any way -- then the fate we meet up with around the corner is usually instantaneous! And it ain't in the least bit pretty, just sayin'.

The thing between McCain and Trump was a spectacle to watch, as well.  

And wasn't that something to get a note from the grave, cowardly projecting a political bias against a sitting president of his own party...."We weaken our greatness when we confuse our patriotism with tribal rivalries that have sown resentment and hatred and violence in all the corners of the globe. We weaken it when we hide behind walls rather than tear them down, when we doubt the power of our ideals, rather than trust them to be the great force for change they’ve always been."

and then, coming to a close, McCain immediately contradicts himself, by adding --

"We are 325 million opinionated, vociferous individuals. We argue and compete and sometimes even vilify each other in our raucous public debates. But we have always had so much more in common with each other than in disagreement. If only we remember that and give each other the benefit of the presumption that we all love our country, we will get through these challenging times. We will come through them stronger than before. We always do."

To honor our nation's sovereignty and security is not a bad thing; and John McCain --even in his final hours --  should have recognized that the majority, of not only this great nation, but the entire republican party, overwhelmingly supports policy to secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws.  If  only he had a little bit of maturity to see it....

Maturity doesn't come automatically with age; it is a skill set that requires daily practice, role models, a relationship with our God, Creator and Higher Power to show us the true way,  and a personal commitment to want it, to make it our intention, every waking day.  Maturity is not for the faint of heart.

That's all I got today.
The end.

Make it a Good Day, G

Monday, August 27, 2018

It's a Make Your Bed and Lay In it Thing

Dear America,

"If you want to change the world, 
Admiral McRaven. U.S. Navy Retired 
University of Texas Commencement Speech, 
which went viral...then re-imagined into a little book

summer composition numero siete

signing in.

From the back of the book...the fine admiral explains in simple terms, "if you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day.  It will give you a small sense of pride and it will encourage you to do another task and another and another.   By the end of the day, that one task completed will have turned into many tasks completed.  Making your bed will also reinforce the fact that the little things in life matter.  If you can't do the little things right, you will never do the big things right."

love love love this guy

In all of about a hundred pages, McRaven succinctly lists ten bullet points, from the basic training of making your bed, to the earth shattering acceptance of how life isn't fair, to standing up to bullies, to never, ever quit!   And More!

In chapter seven -- when expanding upon the depth and breadth of continuously digging deep in order to excavate the level of courage needed to get through some days, he says: "Our goal (when swimming at night in shark infested waters off Coronado, during Seal Training...)which we believed to be honorable and noble, gave us courage, and courage is a remarkable quality.  Nothing and nobody can stand in your way.  Without it, others will define your path forward.  Without it, you are at the mercy of life's temptations.  Without courage, men will be ruled by tyrants and despots.  Without courage, no great society can flourish.  Without courage, the bullies of the world rise up.  With it, you can accomplish any goal.  With it, you can defy and defeat evil."

John McCain modeled profound courage during his military career, and while imprisoned by the enemy.  There are not words, really, to express that level of appreciation and honor upon a man of such courage.  There are not words.

There are also not words to express the level of frustration, watching the fine senator of great influence, descend into the abyss of the D.C. Establishment, Inc.  There are not words.

There are not words to express the level of compassion, watching the fine senator battle a vicious form of brain cancer.  There are not words.

God bless you,  John, God bless.  He's a big boy, a war hero, and a fuzzy conservative; and he has made his bed and laying in it for all of eternity now.

Nate Jackson, @The Patriot Post, offers up two McCain quotes (above link), and they just so happen to fall in line with McRaven's words of wisdom...(color me surprised, right....that military upbringing, man....priceless)  These Mc's seem to be attached at the hip and hoorah.

So Jackson quotes this first: 

Asked about bouncing right back in 2008 after his defeat by Barack Obama, McCain said: “You know, the best cure, I found, for something like that is: Get goin’. Don’t look back. It’s so mentally harmful for you to look back — ‘I shoulda, coulda, woulda.’ … The best thing to do is press on.”

and then adds this:

And about his career, he said: “I do not know anyone alive — I’ve never heard of anyone — who is as lucky as I am. I crashed airplanes. I was a terrible disciplinary problem at the Naval Academy. I managed to avoid being killed in a fire on the [USS] Forrestal. I was shot down. I had the honor of winning the nomination for the presidency of the United States. The honor of serving in the United States Senate. And now following in the footsteps of one Barry Goldwater as chairman of the Armed Services Committee. I am exuberant and so fortunate. I’m telling you, I wake up every morning and go to bed every night saying, ‘Thank you, God.’”
pretty safe to say ---  McCain made his four corners high and tight every morning, too.

It is the little things.

But dare I say, all the little things seem to rest upon One Big Great Thing, whether in attribute, characteristic, or in direct relationship; and that THING is SPIRIT.  

Each and everyone of us are abundantly endowed  by our Creator --  our source of all good and all need --  every single day, from the moment we get up out of bed and promptly turn around to make it, and make it good.

This Spirit is alive and lives inside us, feeding us with the courage, the compassion, the love, the service, that is required of us in the every day -- and IT is CONSTANT, if we so let It.

I believe that it is this Spirit working  through us -- like within a Seal Team dude, like within a Prisoner of War -- that allows us to meet the demands with the equal or better yet, greater power, to fight the demons of everyday life, no matter what life brings.

The thing is -- it is not our humanity that meets these kinds of demands of life -- it is our personal, intentional, connection to the Great Spirit in the sky, in the sea, on the mountaintops, and in our deepest valleys that makes it so.  Without IT, we are nothing.  Our humanity has so many faults in our stars, so many faults.

In another favorite book of mine, The Art of War, Napoleon I (circa 1804) is quoted in the commentary section, under the section titled, "Variation of Tactics" -- who says:

"Death is nothing. 
But to live defeated 
and without glory, 
that is to die every day."


This world needs more advice from the McRaven's of the world, indeed.

And as we lose a man who is now, upon his death, ironically being praised to the highest heights by the left leaning media and a slew of left leaning co-patriots in office, let us be reflective of the whole man and bless him anyway. (Perhaps this simply falls under Chapter Eight: Rise to the Occasion...)

now that the blog is somewhat complete,
my bed is made,
time to go to the real job and the rest of this day -- whatever it may bring.

the end.

So make sure you make your bed today,
Make it a Good Day, G

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

It's Dropping F Bombs like Faith and Family Thing

Dear America,

"This may not be politically correct, but I know the power of what faith and family can do,” the mayor said. “Our kids need that structure… I am asking…that we also don’t shy away from a full discussion about the importance of family and faith helping to develop and nurture character, self respect, a value system and a moral compass that allows kids to know good from bad and right from wrong." 
Mayor Rahm Emanuel Chicago Sun-Times 

summer composition numero seis

signing in.

Mayor Rahm was addressing the crazy amount of violence coming out in the streets of Chicago...

and his people-- those people leaning left -- are not happy.

but isn't it beautiful.


not to gloat, but this girl has been preachin' that kind of message since i was a wee gee....just sayin'

he went on to say...

“If we’re going to solve this … we’ve got to have a real discussion. … Parts of the conversation cannot be off-limits because it’s not politically comfortable. … We are going to discuss issues that have been taboo in years past because they are part of the solution. … We also have a responsibility to help nurture character. It plays a role. Our kids need that moral structure in their lives. And we cannot be scared to have this conversation."

and even though all that he said is well and good, like, very good -- he was immediately lambasted for blaming the victims.

and it's like, what the fluff?

Can't his critics understand that if we raise good citizens right from the start, the majority of people reaching adulthood would never steer towards a life of crime, drugs, prostitution, and gangs.  Gangs are only attractive to the kids who do not get what they need at home; every time a gang banger has been interviewed, all I have ever heard is how the gang filled a need inside, that it provided the family, the support, and a life, that he never had.

And Rahm here, is speaking of this grand and taboo subject, and is absolutely, without a shred of doubt, spot on.  And more important, his people know it.

It doesn't take money to grow children of character.

It takes a committed set of parents who understand and embrace the huge responsibility to teach our children well...to be good role models themselves, to praise and encourage good behavior, to ensure they do their homework, to spend quality time together, to go to church together, to read books together, to have dinner together, to care about each other....all together, like a family, every single day.  

More from Fox News, here's some of his critics --
Shari Runner, former president and CEO of the Chicago Urban League, deemed the remarks insensitive. "I cannot see the victims of racist policies and bigoted practices shamed by anyone who says they need to do better or be better in their circumstance. I won’t accept it,” Runner said

Kwame Raoul, a Democratic state senator who is running for Illinois attorney general, took a similar view. “I think for the mayor to make a generalization about a community is more than just misspoken," Raoul said, "it's outright wrong,”

THE THING IS, people, he wasn't saying EVERYBODY is IMMORAL; he wasn't saying EVERYBODY is lacking in good character. 

HE was speaking of a part of the problem, in his own words, that has grown "politically-incorrect" because it speaks to a core value that is more commonly recognized as an important issue for conservatives.  "Parts of the conversation cannot be off-limits because it's not politically comfortable" does not equate to the whole of the conversation...it is only part of it.  And, apparently, that too, was spot on -- for, as a whole, no one, except perhaps conservatives, paid any attention to the "parts" part.

They jumped on Rahm like he should have been taken to the town square and stoned to death.

AND my God, this Shari Runner -- "I cannot see the victims of racist policies and bigoted practices shamed by anyone who says they need to do better or be better in their circumstance. I won’t accept it."

eh hem
Who's policies have been running CHICAGO, Shari?

Who's policies have been running Chicago, Runner?

What a disgrace.
What a disgrace, and I would tell that to her face.

TO generalize -- and to help us along, shari runner:  every city run by the democrats has major inner city issues; that is just a fact.

Which means, shari runner, when the democrats run things, they reap the results just like every other city in America.

And we reap what we sow, whether we are speaking of our own personal lives, or the lives of an entire community, the country, and the whole of the big wide beautiful world.

Baltimore, since 1947 has had a single Republican mayor and 10 Democratic mayors; For 64 of those 68 years, the city has been run by Democrats. Detroit has had eight Democratic Mayors and no Republicans since 1962 — 53 years. Chicago has had 10 Democrats and no Republicans in 84 years. Philadelphia has had nine Democrats and no Republicans in 63 years St. Louis, similarly has had nine Democratic mayors and no Republicans in 64 years; Boston has had 12 Democrats and no Republicans in 85 years; Los Angeles has had five Democrats and a single Republican in the 54 years. New York, has had 15 different mayors since 1917, nine of whom were Democrats.
84 years, shari
84 years!

Little miss urban league better go find a mirror pretty darned quick.

Wow. she's a beaut.... falling back on the ole excessive amounts of racist policies and bigoted practices at the hands of who, shari...um that would be your democrats; after all these 84 years, republicans had nothing to do with it, just like you so said, and so well!  thank you very much for making it so clear with the present danger.  amen to that, amen to that.

Of course, it isn't just Chicago; and really, it isn't even just the inner cities of America.

There is a faith and family problem that extends from sea to shining sea, from purple mountains majesty to valleys wide and deep.  It's just not fair for Rahm to allow Chicago to take all the heat, right?

If we are going to have parts of that conversation, then we might as well go all in...we are, in fact, the United States of America, after all.

America, as a whole, has a faith and family problem -- and the evidence is seen, and unseen, in numerous ways:

  • our churches losing its congregations
  • our school systems doing away with a moment of prayer or silence at the beginning of the day (and football games)
  • our culture, itself, welcoming the total lack of respect for our bodies, fellow human beings, our neighbors and communities
  • our family dysfunction through abuses we do to ourselves...like divorce,  incest, addictions to sex and drugs and alcohol
  • our obliviousness to the bad influences seeping into our lives to the likes of an environmental disaster, costing us billions of dollars in damages to the mind, body and soul, through film, video, television...letting Hollywood lead us into temptation [this is a fascinating link, by the way]  with our children being its youngest victims.  [Here's a thought, maybe Hollywood should pay to fix up Chicago once and for all, considering they glorify gang violence, free love, bad behavior, guns and robbers, murderers, and the like, every single second of the day...and their leftists too!]
  • our own personal dismissal of the importance of keeping a connection with God

Yes, indeed, I did save the best for last...glad you noticed.

For --the truth is --  if we ALL stayed in relationship with God, and made God the center of our world and co-creator of our days, then, dare I say, we wouldn't even be having this conversation, in part or in whole!  We would ALL be lovely spiritual beings having a human experience all over this great country.

But nooooooooooooo  free will leaves many of us without a Supreme reign, and therein lies the rub

And you know what that means........
We are all a bunch of mother fuckers if we don't get our shit together, and that goes double in an election year. 

“Guard well your spare moments. 
They are like uncut diamonds. 
Discard them 
and their value will never be known. 
Improve them 
and they will become 
the brightest gems in a useful life.” 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

this quote was snatched from the link, above, directing you to Hollywood's undisclosed cultural damages...the author chose this quote as the first sentence.  And I loved it so much, I had to copy.

So much of our lives these days go unguarded...and I'm pretty sure there is no need to explain that; from the moment you read the lines for yourself, you knew.  We go about our days in a fog to God, and yet we allow in all of these other influences, good bad or indifferent.  fuckin' clueless and sleepless in Seattle, Chicago, Portland, Baltimore, Denver, New York City,  Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philly....and on and on and on...

Every man woman and child have the same 24 hours a day to guard well the spare moments, and even the ones fully occupied with all that life brings us.  And in a world where I believe there are no accidents, we, as a whole, have chosen a path in modern day America that has led us wholly astray from the things that truly matter....faith and family.

America has lost it's authentic Christianity, and it shows.

the end.

Make it a Good Day, G


IT is true, 
we are not a Christian nation 
and have not a national religion. 
BUT, our founders laid a foundation based 
upon Nature's Law and Christian principles. 
Our founders believed, 
that as long as we, the people, stayed true
to the principles 
and the individual duty to be of morally sound,  good conduct, 
and a lawful people, 
the greater our chances of surviving as a nation.
THE UNALIENABLE RIGHTS this nation has become famous for, 
is based upon our rights handed down from GOD 
that NO man
can ever take away or usurp. 

God Bless you Rahm Emanuel


Monday, August 20, 2018

It's a blog worthy of a crime scene Thing, like killin' it

Dear America,

"We're not going to make America great again. 
It was never that great."
andrew cuomo

summer composition numero cinco

signing in.
I almost never use red to highlight my quotes -- it's always pink
.... it's simply translating my emotions, is all.

and by the way -- it doesn't matter the context being centered upon gender equality, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah...whatever, andrew.  you ingratiot.  that's speaking G for ingrate and idiot, a word that just so happens to describe many Americans today -- at least, to those Americans who were spoon-fed a slew of liberal dribble, or, unfortunately, indoctrinated by an education system with a penchant for re-writing the history of the world, especially the new world.

But to concentrate on the most provocative point he was making, that America "was never that great," explains just how much animosity the Left seems to have towards America's foundation, its founders, our republic, and everything most average Americans still hold very dear.  Oh the lengths a liberal must go to separate from the crowd -- as he is now running for re-election as governor of the state of New York ---  and up against another leftist loon, Cynthia Nixon.

Gotta love her reply, though -- “I think this is just another example of Andrew Cuomo trying to figure out what a progressive sounds like and missing by a mile.”     hilarious

It's just so weird though.

It's a wonder people ever flocked to America, ever at all, right?  
It's a wonder people still come to America ....believing it to be the best country on earth...or, at least, the welfare state of choice and location location location.

It was never that great, he says.
Oh ok andrew.

It was never that great...says the guy who's American roots haven't even reached a hundred years old.

I believe, even without knowing him, that his father -- Mario --  felt a deeper allegiance to America than this punk; but what do i know, I'm just a girl...teehee.

And going out on a family limb now, just guessing, that an Italian, emigrating to America in the 1920's, might have left his homeland for a pretty good reason, um like, perhaps, a brighter future; and given America gave Mario just that ---- as in the stature of a career in the public eye, a gracious income over the years.....one that probably allowed him to give andrew and chris and maria and madeline everything they ever needed....it's just no wonder, right?

They are openly described as an "American political family" on Wikipedia.  To which, all I can add is and-how-mo.

We should gather, then, just adding it up with one generation to the next...politics IS the family business.  Meaning, that politics is not only the only thing andrew knows, it is his entire universe in the business of communication; everything that is said, or properly framed, or narrated, revolves around the political appeal or gain. [Just like many of America's political crime families........]

Lots of times in America, things are said and framed for political gain....and it isn't just in politics directly.

Take, for instance, the latest dust up after Brennan's comments and op-ed....

John Brennan: President Trump’s Claims of No Collusion Are Hogwash
That’s why the president revoked my security clearance: to try to silence anyone who would dare challenge him.

Isn't it funny how clear brennan is of the so-called collusion.....when where's the proof?  Do you know something that the entire intelligence community and the Mueller team do not know, let alone have been able to prove? Or is this just your way of responding to the embarrassment of losing your high level security clearance?

In the words of the president, "Has anyone looked at the mistakes that John Brennan made while serving as CIA Director? He will go down as easily the WORST in history & since getting out, he has become nothing less than a loudmouth, partisan, political hack who cannot be trusted with the secrets to our country!"

and then brennan said..."As I’m being pulled through the mud now, if that’s the price we’re going to pay to prevent Donald Trump from doing this against other people, to me it’s a small price to pay,” Brennan said. “If it means going to court, I’ll do that.

and then the president said...."I hope John Brennan, the worst CIA Director in our country’s history, brings a lawsuit," the president tweeted Monday morning. "It will then be very easy to get all of his records, texts, emails and documents to show not only the poor job he did, but how he was involved with the Mueller Rigged Witch Hunt. He won’t sue!"

I wonder, just where oh where did all this nonsensical imbecilic nonsense begin.... um....

going back to brennan from a month ago, who said..."Donald Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki rises to & exceeds the threshold of “high crimes & misdemeanors.” It was nothing short of treasonous. Not only were Trump’s comments imbecilic, he is wholly in the pocket of Putin. Republican Patriots: Where are you???

Oh my,  THAT was nothing short of political theater, john brennan, nothing short.

Oh and so now you wanna say, it was just his behavior that was "treasonous."

And from Meet the Press to Maddow....the politics thicken, when he said to she said...."I didn’t mean that he committed treason, but it was a term that I used, nothing short of treasonous." 

all this girl can say is teehee at this point....but moving on dot org.....

and then, from The Hill,  another senior fellow intelligence dude -- james clapper -- stepped into the fray, saying..."John and his rhetoric have become an issue in and of itself...[john] is subtle like a freight train and he’s gonna say what’s on his mind."

And getting one more in for good riddance, this, from the same article in The Hill, only this comment coming from "Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C.) on Thursday took aim at Brennan for 'purport[ing] to know, as fact, that the Trump campaign colluded with a foreign power.'

'If his statement is based on intelligence he has seen since leaving office, it constitutes an intelligence breach. If he has some other personal knowledge of or evidence of collusion, it should be disclosed to the special counsel, not The New York Times,' Burr said."

which is it brennan? a breach or a dis to special counsel and proper lines of communication?

Oh yes, isn't politics simply the most shameless profession ever!  like, gosh, it's never a dull moment, everybody always has something to say; everybody throws out nonsense and one-two punches and rhetoric....in politics...all the     live        long      day. 

like, every single day.

newsflash:  Trump did not invent it. 

And how about all the lies and rhetoric out of the Obama administration -- from Hillary's use of an UNLAWFUL and unsecured private server, her deleted emails, the DNC being hacked, lies within the DNC during the 2016 campaign, the creation of the false dossier, Hillary's foundation colluding with the Russians and profiting over nuclear materials, um, what else, oh the lies about Benghazi, the lies about Operation Fast and Furious, and then going an entirely different direction, all that aggression against the press...anyone?   And brennan was where?

The thing is -- there are areas of government that should hold a higher level of security OF ITS OWN POLITICAL AGENDA!   As in, nip it, zip it, or we will forever lose it as a nation.

Like, the Supreme Court, for one...actually, make that more like for nine. [budget 7 billion dollars]

Like, the FBI...for another 35,000. [budget of 8.7 billion]

Like, the CIA...for another 21,500 (estimate, right....like we can't tell anybody anything, it's all pretty much top secret or we make it up, right, brennan?  badump ba)   [budget of 14.7 billion]

Like the Department of Justice...employing roughly 115,000 people!  With a budget of, what, 31 BILLION dollars....Is that for real?  Holy crap...

So if you are following me along, with a budget of over 60 BILLION dollars, the American people are paying a lot of muckin' funny for people to remain unbiased and professional at all times, in the business of national security and the Rule of Law (and Order).

Sure, brennan can say what he wants to say as a private person....except, perhaps, when you make things up against a sitting president.  brennan was always at choice -- he could have taken the high road; but no, he went low, and thus came the wrath and consequences.

And besides --- nobody has a right to keep a security clearance; matter of fact, if you ask me, it shouldn't be a given; it should be given back upon the moment you exit the building. And if ever such time you need one again, the encumbrance of the process to qualify is upon the applicant, no matter who you are.

The American Political Familia known as cuomo is taking a hit after choosing to go low against the country he was born and raised into the upper political echelon.

that is evident by the mere fact that he is in the midst of "walking it back" all the way to little Italy and back.

Oh sure -- he can claim that, in the moment, he was being "inartful" -- but we all know the truth.

It was artfully staged and set for the political theater.  [oh and brennan, he's just a political hack and doesn't deserve to be near any of our nation's top secrets....like, ever, omgosh]

the end.

Make it a Good Day, G

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

It's a Why Don't You Reform Yourselves Thing

Dear America,

summer composition numero quatro

signing in.

And last… “Remember when over 100 newspapers agreed to run editorials on the same day defending a free press against Obama after he spied on AP, hacked [Sharyl] Attkisson, got phone records of one reporter, while trying to jail another? Me neither.” —Twitter satirist @hale_razor   [Plucked from the pages of my favorite patriots...@thepatriotpost//thank you guys; perhaps I never would have discovered this hale razor otherwise]
and oh how do i love thee, let me count the ways...
it's intoxicating the blend of smart and funny...(and that goes double when this girl has her own smart/funny dude orbiting around her...mmmm good to the big guy....thank ya jesus)
but this guy.....
Razor (@hale_razor) · Twitter
seems to capture the essence of everything in 160 characters or less in a compound all his own.

Hail to this hale razor....and don't even get me started on the clever twitter handle

If I actually used twitter, I would follow this guy to the ends of the earth and back again, no question about it. But I hate twitter.  [oops can I even say that out loud]

And this one:

You know a Republican is in the White House when GDP growth & unemployment are both at 4%, Germany blocks $400M to Iran, and the news is all about Omarosa.

All the while, this is how hale razor defines itself.... "Conservative politics humor. Satire. Snark. Sarcasm. Succinctness. Brevity is the soul - nay, the very essence and entire being - of wit, irony, and jocularity"

but hale, enough about the boy

let's talk about the message....short, snarky, spot on, and sensational, is this girl's take, no fake.

The thing is -- if one happens to be a conservative -- the enemy of the state is THIS MAINSTREAM MEDIA.  They aren't even trying to hide their liberal bent; unbiased journalism -- delivering real news and nothing but the news -- is just not found on CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC; it's just not there.  The mainstream and left leaning cable news outlets, and newspapers, and leftist elite, have, in fact, come together, like a media cartel, to destroy this presidency......even if they have to ignore the upward trajectory of the economy, even if they have to stoop below the belt to focus on the sensational stories -- like the Omarosa propaganda tour to sell books, or the fake collusion with the Russians to effect the actual outcome of the 2016 election,  even if they have to cover dueling protests only to favor the leftist position.   It's like, seriously?

Who's acting more like fascists?   It's the LEFT; for they consider any opposing view an enemy of their state.

Um let's define fascist, shall we  -- google?  --  "A fascist is a follower of a political philosophy characterized by authoritarian views and a strong central government — and no tolerance for opposing opinions. Fascist traces to the Italian word fascio, meaning "group, bundle." Under fascist rule, the emphasis is on the group — the nation — with few individual rights."

Can I remind you of what the Right thinks of a strong, central government?  Um, it's like poison, okay; a strong, central government is like the opposite of what any conservative would tell you as being essential.  True conservatives, and most libertarians, by the way, would tell you they want LESS government, no matter if we are talking central, state, or the local level.

True conservatives would tell you they want more debate, more opinion, more ideas, more discussion of the best possible solutions to the nation's issues and governmental abuses...and above all else, they fully support good self-government, organically grown self-reliance (preferably taught through a strong family dynamic), and less government authority over our lives, not more.

The problem with the left...teehee....(um lordy, let me count the ways and allow me to narrow it down into a twitter post format):  is their lack of respect of true individual rights across the board; they only support your rights to speak, protest, congregate, teach, etc. if you align front and center with the Left's ideology.  Any other ideology is shouted down, berated, ignored, bullied, protested with foul words and billy clubs and masks covering their identities.

To the Left, the notion that our foundation is based upon individual rights, divined by God, our Creator, entirely self-evident and indiscriminate, is, in and of itself, an enemy of its state, its nation, its group.  In other words, the Left would have you  believe that a strong, central government is the new god, the giver, the sugar-daddy, the one who has your best interests at heart, allowing government to usurp whatever religion, idol, security, you may follow, whether dependently or independently.  Moreover, to say that our individual rights come from God is near blasphemy to the average leftist.

From the sacred text of our Declaration of Independence:  "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."  And yet, because we are surrounded in a sea of free will -- nothing, nothing is guaranteed; for we are essentially dependent upon the right action of our fellow human beings all along the way.

But suffice it to say, the nature of our republic was designed around what our founders called Nature's Law, or Natural Law -- the UNALIENABLE rights endowed by our Creator.  A number of these are not even mentioned within the Declaration of Independence....the right of self-government, the right of free assembly, the right to bear arms in self-defense, the right to petition, the right of free conscience, the right to enjoy the fruits of one's labor, the right to choose a profession, the right to explore the natural resources of the earth.....and on and on and on.

I wrote about this next guy before...thinking circa 2012, but don't quote me on that... Frederic Bastiat -- he's just a freedom activist from France, circa some hundred and fifty years ago, or so -- but no matter, let's go for another round, imagining Bastiat on twitter today:

“Life, liberty, and property do not exist because men have made laws. On the contrary, it was the fact that life, liberty, and property existed beforehand that caused men to make laws in the first place.”
Here's another, although its clearly at risk of running over the character limit:

“Now, legal plunder can be committed in an infinite number of ways. Thus we have an infinite number of plans for organizing it: tariffs, protection, benefits, subsidies, encouragements, progressive taxation, public schools, guaranteed jobs, guaranteed profits, minimum wages, a right to relief, a right to the tools of labor, free credit, and so on, and so on.”

And this definitely runs amuck on the twitter limitations, but oh well, there is only freedom to speak and write and think and blog here  --
 “Life Is a Gift from God.
We hold from God the gift which includes all others. This gift is life -- physical, intellectual, and moral life. 

But life cannot maintain itself alone. The Creator of life has entrusted us with the responsibility of preserving, developing, and perfecting it. In order that we may accomplish this, He has provided us with a collection of marvelous faculties. And He has put us in the midst of a variety of natural resources. By the application of our faculties to these natural resources we convert them into products, and use them. This process is necessary in order that life may run its appointed course. 

Life, faculties, production--in other words, individuality, liberty, property -- this is man. And in spite of the cunning of artful political leaders, these three gifts from God precede all human legislation, and are superior to it."

amen to that, amen to that

God precedes, and reigns superior, over everything, seen or unseen, and especially, to all human legislation......no matter the sways of the political pendulum.

Which, with certain, is surely a context the media should heed; this is exactly how the mainstream media cartel/collective should be interpreting their job.  Fair and balanced reporting of the news must aim for the dissemination of such news to be fully impartial, nonpartisan, objective, and without a hint of sensationalism.   [And please note: there is a difference between opinion journalism, and the news reporter, k.]

And so what we have here today -- having been given the latitude to evolve handsomely over the last couple of decades, at least -- is an out of control, wanton, corrupt, enemy of the state for the common good, media.  And this nefarious activity, with enough new hybrid power to destroy a republic teetering upon extinction,  must be stopped.

Here's one more tweet, teehee, from Bastiat:

“Why don't you reform yourselves? 
That task would be sufficient enough.”

oh how do I love thee, let me count the ways; pretty sure I should have married an economist who thinks like a Bastiat, just sayin.   "Why don't you reform yourselves"...oh my hot stuff, THAT is something fierce.

back to the top and hale razor, from yesterday's tweets -- here's one more and one more for the road:
"MSM would be wall-to-wall about Siraj Ibn Wahhaj training kids to use assault rifles to commit school shootings, but he doesn't belong to the NRA."
"Wahhaj identified himself as “the son of the famous Muslim Imam Siraj Wahhaj” in a 2006 federal court filing obtained by the Associated Press." 
Read this and ask yourself, does the media tell you everything you need to know?  does it?  does it?

Alrighty then, think this girl is done and done.

the end.

Make it a Good Day, G

Monday, August 13, 2018

It's a Day Under Par for the Common Good Thing

Dear America,

it's still summer; so that makes this summer composition numero tres.

signing in.

did you happen to watch the golf this last weekend?
good stuff
good stuff

seems everybody loves a comeback, and that goes double if you're Winona Ryder (that reality only based on some hair commercial, by the way); but after Sunday, especially if you are Tiger Woods.

He was playing some goooood golf and almost pulled it off, too.

The greatest thrill, though, was just watching it.  In your heart, it felt as if the whole country was rooting for Tiger; it was as if this huge collective ovation was happening time and time again all afternoon long.  All the while, of course, Brooks Koepka kept his cool, his biceps in perfect formation, and kept on swinging in near anonymity...and after a long day's walk, took home the grand prize.  Even though all eyes were on Tiger, indeed, and that seemed fine and dandy for that fine specimen of eye candy. [oh wait, can I even say that these days...]

Still, it's a good day when you lose and still make over a million dollars...see the sweet list of dispursements here .  Did you see what I did there...I know, sometimes I even amaze myself. teehee....doink....oops I did it again....stop, G, just stop.

Thing is, I got to thinking about this idea of everybody loving a comeback....and it usually works, except if that "somebody" is the United States of America in the macro, at the swings of a Donald Trump in the micro.  That kind of a comeback is just ripe for creating pure, unhinged hysteria.

You would think -- and now, taking a moment to do what I do so swell....that being, thinking out loud and being just silly enough to put it in writing  -- that if things were happening that actually protect the common good....things like, improving the economy by merely taking command of it, getting more people (especially minorities) back to work, securing our Constitutional Rule of Law by adding a "purest" to the Supreme Court, and more recently, earnestly seeking out prison reform, and most importantly, following through on a campaign commitment to secure the border on behalf of National Security....that in the end, after a long day's walk, everyone would believe they wound up a winner.

For these are the things that are beneficial for the COMMON GOOD; the common good being, that which supports the health and welfare of the entire nation, as a whole -- and certainly not dissected into groups, led by activists, with, ironically, a penchant for destroying what the nation has in common from the ground up, actions of crazy, stupid, groundhogs notwithstanding.

We became known as the melting pot, because no matter who came to America and where they came from, they gave their allegiance to this country, this economy, this leadership, this common good and general welfare, and to this liberty; it is the kind of overarching liberty that could one day, potentially, hopefully, manifest all the happiness one could ever dream....albeit, EARN, fair and square, with a pencil and note pad to document it,  from a magical mixture of hard work, natural talent, time, and ambition, and just maybe, a college degree (and maybe not).

It is takes hard work to succeed in most anything; it takes honest to goodness time, toil, tenacity, and a certain tirelessness.  And that's just the hard truth.

Did you happened to have listened to Tiger being interviewed, not long after his long day's walk?  The first thing out of his mouth was his appreciation of the overwhelming amount of support surrounding him.  And it seemed sincere; after all that he's been through, he sounded mature...finally.  It's almost as if, during the first half of his career, he took much of it, and himself, for granted.  But now, he speaks like he has reached some deeper region of his psyche; that, after all he has done to get back on the greens, and to get his game back, to qualify each and every time, that he not only understands the complexity of his talent better, but is willing to bring that level of maturity and grace into play to finish his back nine, to see him finish his career as only a Tiger Woods could. 

And guess what, the people noticed.

It is impressive, to say the least.

In a long about illustrious way, Tiger is teaching the common good, by example. [eh hem priceless]

Perseverance when the going gets rough (badump ba) is not easy, but oh, how glorious it is to witness a fellow American making it back from what seemed like total defeat.

All of these thoughts are just winding around, over the hill, and across a wee pond, landing hard, into a hazard worth reading; it's found in the latest issue of IMPRIMIS, from Hillsdale College: Does Diversity Really Unite Us?  Citizenship and Immigration by Edward J. Erler.

So to double back....we are paying attention to the common good today...k
Yes, it all started with a little story of second chances, but hey, you should know G by now -- this is blog #946 -- and this is just how "just a girl" does DC and all that's connected to it; try to keep up.

Erler says,
In the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump appealed to the importance of citizens and borders. In other words, Trump took his stand on behalf of the nation-state and citizenship against the idea of a homogeneous world-state populated by “universal persons.” In appealing directly to the people, Trump succeeded in defeating both political parties, the media, political professionals, pollsters, academics, and the bureaucratic class. All these groups formed part of the bi-partisan cartel that had represented the entrenched interests of the Washington establishment for many years. Although defeated in the election, the cartel has not given up. It is fighting a desperate battle to maintain its power.
That,  in essence, explains everything, right?

going on, he adds this:

Progressive liberalism no longer views self-preservation as a rational goal of the nation-state. Rather, it insists that self-preservation and national security must be subordinate to openness and diversity...

and this:

In support of all this, we are asked to believe something incredible: that the American character is defined only by its unlimited acceptance of diversity. A defined American character—devotion to republican principles, republican virtue, the habits and manners of free citizens, self-reliance—would in that case be impermissibly exclusive, and thus impermissibly American. The homogeneous world-state recognizes only openness, devotion to diversity, and acceptance as virtues. It must therefore condemn exclusivity as its greatest vice. It is the nation-state that insists on exclusive citizenship and immigration policies that impose various kinds of restrictions.

and this:
Our progressive politicians and opinion leaders proclaim their commitment to diversity almost daily, chanting the same refrain: “Diversity is our strength.” This is the gospel according to political correctness. But how does diversity strengthen us? Is it a force for unity and cohesiveness? Or is it a source of division and contention? Does it promote the common good and the friendship that rests at the heart of citizenship? Or does it promote racial and ethnic division and something resembling the tribalism that prevents most of the world from making constitutional government a success? When is the last time we heard anyone in Washington talk about the common good? We are used to hearing talk about the various stakeholders and group interests, but not much about what the nation has in common.

oh there is a whole lot more to read...and it's all good.  But here, today, the day after Sunday, we -- I mean me, G, is speaking of the common good in all its glory.  You will just have to read the rest of Erler for yourself...perhaps in place of watching football right now...I mean, its only pre-season; who cares about that, right?

Though rich with contradictions and weaknesses, everything this president does is for the common good -- I believe that (not that it matters); his actions are what he considers to be best for all of us, together, standing united on the sidelines and from time to time maybe even witnessing something to cheer about (and sometimes not).  In simple terms, it's just part and parcel of every good come back story in the making, like reality TV but only better, because it really, truly, uncomfortably,  is as real as you can get.

America has had her share of moments that ain't too pretty, indeed.  But our roots, the fundamentals, the things we know to be true and just, with fairways that run long and wide and high and deep, are under our feet and running through our veins, from American to American.  And we are, still a sovereign nation, as of this moment....which is right about half past happy hour time, PST.

But, if I'm not mistaken, it is Trump carrying her clubs; and for that, I believe his experiences landed him into a time and place just waiting for him, as if destiny threw his name up on the board for one last ditch effort to make America great again, and again, and again.

Truth is, it is only the dividers and non-believers of our true American character and nature, that we should concern ourselves with, day in and day out.  The choice is rather apparent -- you are either for the common good or you are not; you are either for a united, homogeneous in American Spirit, commons, or you are not.

But let's end with a high flying nine iron, shot from the final tee, shall we?....America is abundant with examples of excellence in sports, and otherwise.  But this day goes to Tiger, my muse from Bellerive; you, sir, certainly gave this common girl something to blog about and more.

This is all I have to say, today.

the end.

Make it a Good Day, G

Friday, August 10, 2018

It's from One Silly Girl to Another Thing

Dear America,

summer composition numero dos


signing in.

and it's gonna be a scorcher; oh, and we have an excessive heat warning running until 8 p.m. to boot...

And before I say anything else,  my thoughts and prayers are with the finest fire fighters in the nation, battling umpteen fires, with no rest from the weather pattern in sight.  God Bless you guys.

Though isn't it ironic, that as the state of California goes up in smoke, following years of a second round of Governor Jerry Brown, solidifying another round of reckless policy, sealing a trajectory ending with bankruptcy all but a done deal....eventually, while living out every leftists wet dream  -- the entire state is literally on fire.

BUT one thing is for certain -- fire should never be used to fuel political arguments.  And with that premise, let me fire you up with a smart analysis from Investor's Business Daily.....here.  And from another angle, this post is also good.   And then there's this guy....suspect of the Holy Fire in Southern California...adding the arsonist dimension to the mix of elements and elevations.

and yet, I really don't wanna talk about California.

Maduro making a few scorching observations of his own party is an interesting turn of events.

And considering it comes just as America's socialists, large and small, are beginning to heat up, it is a wonder how any of them can catch so much as 30 seconds of air time....

And can't wait for the debates to begin with this girl...."I think absolutely right now..she is the leader of..no no, um, she is speaker..or rather leader Pelosi..hopefully we’ll see..she’s ah..she’s the current leader of the party and..the party absolutely does have its leadership in the House and Senate." Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, responding to a question on CNN's "Cuomo Prime Time" show....gauging Nancy Pelosi's leadership presence...um, like, past, present and future.... and sounding like an idiot.

you know the next thing you should run for, Alexandria, is Miss America, just sayin.

Who also said this -- -"We only have empty pockets when it comes to the morally right things to do, but when it comes to tax cuts for billionaires and when it comes to unlimited war we seem to be able to invent that money very easily," Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says...

She needs to get her facts straight; not to mention, this girl is so sick and tired of hearing the worn out cliches against Defense spending...especially when it doesn't add up.

SOCIAL SECURITY, MEDICAID and MEDICARE and other mandatory, extra  INCOME support programs -- like food stamps, Unemployment Compensation, Child Nutrition, Child Tax CreditsSupplemental Security Income, and Student Loans [attached links coming from a place on the web called, "the balance"]  make up two-thirds of the Federal Budget.

And so, if you do the math, all the rest of the budget comes out of the remaining one-third, okay?  That means, Alexandria, the entire Defense Budget, including added war costs, comes out of the discretionary side of the balance sheet, and it is LESS than all the social programs put together. As a matter of fact, the Defense budget gets less than Social Security all on its own; and far less than the Medicaid and Medicare combined.

And guess what, Alexandria, the most important element of our economy is having the wealth, and those who are wealthy, amply supported by an economic system that motivates investment in order to EXPAND...even if that sometimes appears like "tax cuts" to "billionaires."   Who puts up the financial risk to build the business, the corporation, in the first place?  Every large corporate entity started with an itty bitty idea and somehow ends up employing a lot of Americans; all the while, added to the other half of America who are either owner/employed by small business, and we have ourselves a blazing environment (if not cut off at the knees through oppressive government policy) to not only meet the needs of our 300+ million people, but have the ability to be very charitable people in private.

"We only have empty pockets when it comes to the morally right thing to do?"  Seriously?  It takes nearly 3 TRILLION DOLLARS just to cover the expenses of social security, medicare, and medicaid and the miscellaneous, but mandatory, "other".....And the ugly reality of the BIG PICTURE is really only seen behind the scene -- as in the over 100 TRILLION DOLLARS IN UNFUNDED LIABILITIES within the Social Security and Medicaid entitlement programs.  In other words, we can't afford any of it.

And Besides:   It's not the government's money!  It's the people's money being held at the people's house.

Government does not produce anything but a bureaucracy of departments, coming complete with expenses and automatic increases year over year!  Ironically, one of the only departments with a leg to stand on, is, in fact, the one that falls directly under government's primary responsibility -- that being, our National Defense....providing a National Militia, for the safekeeping and security of the entire nation and its people.

Funny, too, that we could go all the way back to the another time, and another New Yorker, to the 1930's....and consider that to be our first mistake....but I really don't wanna talk about New York, either.

BUT THAT LINK right there, although from nearly ten years ago, explains the problem with Social Security (and entitlement thinking, in general) so well, I had to use it -- it's a must read.  Thank you,  Doug Bandow, and the Cato Institute, for the easy to read lesson on where America went so wrong...even if feeling the policy to be so morally right at the time.    Time's change.   And how.

I want Ben Shapiro to have a chance to debate this girl only to witness her go up in flames as fast as her sudden national notoriety, albeit rooted with socialist gimmicks and perhaps a "she's cute" mentality, right Michelle O?

But now going a whole 'nother direction, it would sure be kinda wonderful if President Trump tackled the Social Security ponzi scheme, and when he's done with that, fix Medicaid, and when he's done with that, fix Medicare, and when he's done with that, start slashing through a forest of bureaucracy, with branches that extend to the far-reaches of the earth.  It's all such a mess. And I do recall that he was the guy who said he could fix it, drain the swamp and everything...

yeah yeah, let's fire up some ponzi demolition and see what happens. see what happens.

Oh politics.  Some days we like it, some days we can't stand the heat...

but don't get me wrong, it's always the perfect kindling, whether up for national debate, or just some silly girl's  blog.  I mean, look at today, for example....pretty much just one silly girl to another, making a pretty point.

the end.

Make it a Good Day, G

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

It's Summer Composition Numero Uno Thing

Dear America,

it's summer time; and right on cue, given it is now August, it has come complete with... 
summer distractions,
summer attractions,
summer excursions and
summer exertions...
for the plethora of summer affections runs wide and long and high and deep.

But almost without warning, the ebb and flow of my usual day has suddenly come to a complete stop; today marks the beginning of a little stay-cation, as they say, for the old Gthang... with a little house sitting, a little dog sitting (Simon), a little kitty sitting (Dexter), and even a little bearded dragon sitting (Charlie)...So as our summer weather continues to be hot and humid with no relief in sight, this girl will be drowning in a pool of testosterone and chewy toys, and what's not to love about that?  Just me and d'boys in the hood, for a fortnight and a day and all play.

And of all things, there is even leftover pizza in the fridge!  Say it isn't so.
...and it's probably enough to feed me for the next 36 hours -- if managed like a man on mars with limited resources (and that is just a plug for a great summer flick)  --  if re-calculating the remaining slices to be spaced out about 9 hours apart.  Not that it's necessary to conserve; there are grocery stores and strip malls full of take-out within a three mile radius in every direction, so it's all good. [Not to mention, I brought whisky! Of course...duh. Jameson, just in case you're wondering...]

But wouldn't it be nice not to have to leave the house for a day, or two, or even three? And for that matter, why even brush my teeth.

And just like that, let the summer non-glam-ping begin --  albeit a mere twelve minutes away from home, as the crow flies --  and yet, with the curtains closed to protect the neighbors, and a little imagination, I am already feeling a world apart.

For it's not my house.  This isn't how I live.  I am not surrounded with my things, aside from a few books brought over for navigation; I may as well be high in the Himalayas, aiming to experience nirvana, with my only companion being the rarefied thin air and an occasional sighting of an Himalayan big horned blue sheep (which, just to be clear, is neither blue nor a sheep...teehee).

...as a crazy thought hits me right about the third eye region .......interrupting nirvana..... and causes me to pause and wonder.... perhaps, miracles upon miracles, I can write a little something something, for it's been such a long long time....

Oh yes, bring on the summer compositions --  complete with summer exclamations, damnations, and sensations --  anyone?  Maybe even a whole string of 'em...just, like, one G thing after another, after another.   Who needs tennis when there is pizza, a laptop, and a comfy recliner so perfectly aligned, right?  Does it even matter what time it is?  Aside from feeding the wee menagerie, all things considered, the truth of the matter is that all things conventional have gone on a little holiday, as well.

The routine.. brand.new, and sitting awfully close to non-existent.

The common trappings of the makings of three balanced meals, is non-obligatory, fully discretionary, and not even shared with anyone.

I am alone and not only living in a new galaxy, but am entirely rotating around my own private sun, in my own little orbit, and given all the makings of seclusion, not a thing should bump into me for days, if all things go as planned.

summer contemplation, I'd like you to meet, summer composition; oh, how do you do...and like magic, the mind will piece together a few thoughts, the fingers will tap a few words, and before you know it, the little diary that could manages to make it over the mountain for another day. [I know, I know, I went from space imagery to a train without connecting the tracks....oh well.]

[And that's just the opening,  albeit coming to a complete stop.]
Keep calm and blog on...
In the beginning 
God created the heaven and the earth.
Genesis 1:1

It's almost this basic.

It feels as if, as a whole, as a society, as a culture, these United States of America fails to understand its relationship to Creation, to our Creator, if at all. We are growing less about creation and more about destruction.

In my Catholic devotional this morning, the first page opened to discusses Nature vs. Grace.  And it begins with a word from Christ, saying: "My child, I want you to become a spiritual man, that is, one who is wise enough to recognize the various forms of self-deception and the many graces which come your way each day.  There is in your nature a deep selfishness which does not always seek what is really good for you..."

Continuing with, "Nature is selfish.  It will try to enjoy everything on earth and still gain Heaven.  Even where sin is involved, nature attempts to make excuses, for self and looks for reasons to favor self."

In America, we have grown selfish, drawn to our nature side versus grace, in every way.

So much so, we have lost sight of what made America exceptional in the first place, upon her creation, at a time when our founders recognized that which was fully divined and orchestrated by the hand of God, and made real with the words, Divine  Providence; while it took the Revolutionary War, to cement it into history, creating the pathway to the life, the liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as proclaimed in our Declaration of Independence, and ultimately, the ability to create and be and do anything  in America, for one and for all.

This liberty made the history, that produced the precedence, to make the ability for a Facebook, and its founders,  to make billions of dollars.

How dare they censure history, how dare they coddle its membership and their community of followers within it's liberal, leftist universe by controlling content -- especially if such content is simply another American bearing opposition politics and ideology.

Case in point:  Elizabeth Heng.
To which she lambastes Zuckerberg, saying,
“It is unbelievable that Facebook could have such blatant disregard for the history that so many people, including my own parents, have lived through,” said Elizabeth. “I’m sure it is shocking for some people to hear about this kind of injustice, but this is reality. This is why I wake up every single day with the fight and determination to have a voice and make a difference in my community. Neither Facebook nor any other company in the tech industry get to silence our stories. We’ve seen it over and over again with Republican candidates and organizations. This kind of censorship is an attack on the freedoms that we have as Americans to express what we believe in, and we must hold Facebook accountable.”
It's a sad day for America.

And not that I'm all that into this guy.....but about the Alex Jones bruhaha...

Yeah, its all fine and dandy and tastes like candy until somebody comes after your views, your ideology, your religion, your freedom of speech, your right to assemble, etc. etc...

It may not be pretty these days in America, there is that. [Hypocrisy lives in all kinds of neighborhoods and states of mind.]

But, by golly, if we lose our ability to speak freely, to ask questions, to question authority, to say that is wrong or this is right -- then we have lost everything, in my book, everything.

But to everything there is a season, right.. turn, turn, turn....

And it is summer right now...
....and this girl is house sitting and dog sitting and kitty sitting and bearded dragon sitting as of right now.  There is hope that a string of Gthings will wind their way to you through the wonderful world of the  www over the next couple of weeks, as more precious time becomes more and more all mine.

I am just pleased that I showed up today.

Blog #944 is in the can: summer composition numero uno.

Make it a Good Day, G