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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dear America,

We are born free and then we die, while in between we are caught up in a web of confusion, contradiction and calamity being over regulated and undercut by the workings of man upon man, through wanton and unlimited government intrusion.

Is it really better to live in a cage, restricted of the free flow of life, under the heavy hand of government -- is this really where we want to go, how we want to be?

More regulation is not the answer; if anything, let the last hundred years stand as proof, it cultivates an environment of strict controls, higher penalties, more punishment, and less individual freedom to think and grow rich, to live and let live, to go wherever our dreams might take us. 

AND it can be so darn confusing in the process -- mixed messages abound in the united states of do this, but not that; let's change this, but not that, but not right now, maybe later; let's tax this, but not that -- this applies to some, but not all;  let's regulate this guy, but not that guy, oooh but hold up, let's sit on this some more, but not for long, let's not jump to conclusions here, but here, go for it... you get my drift.

And anymore, it's not just our government doing this to us.

Take the recent revelations by the NFL, you can tackle, but don't hurt anybody; no  longer will helmet to helmet pummeling of the opponent fly, or you will be punished -- fined and taken out of the game -- you know, the game where the fundamental key to winning, or at the very least, defending, is the stark brute force of tackling the guy who has the ball.  Oh okay,  so when you go to the NFL with VISA these days, you get less of the NFL -- at least, with respect to the nature of the game that it was intended.

But really, what this means for those of us sitting on the sidelines, the refs will be the ones calling the shots, stopping the clock, overseeing the players every move, and making sure everyone behaves themselves for now one      more      thing... now I am all for not being stupid, there is that, but if the game wasn't already losing the sport to rules and regulation... we get an afternoon for the price of nearly four hundred bucks for a family of four with brand  new pansy regulations... feel free to tackle, but not like that...and just how is a 300 pound tackle going to adjust mid-air?

Take the latest brainchild of the legislators born out of the days of Woodstock, after nearly twenty years of telling our children not to smoke, what do we do, we seek the legalization of pot --  oh, it's to cover for our lousy good for nothing legislators  who seem to think they can spend our money into oblivion, while increasing services in welfare and health care, while signing off on a slew of ungodly and reprehensible pension packages from here to Timbuktu...oh, the kids will be fine...what harm will it do? 

Really?  Seriously?  Don't smoke this, but smoke that (when you are over 21, of course).

Take the drama on DADT -- and first, let's point out that on the campaign trail, Obama said he would repeal the DADT first thing, as it was "unconstitutional."  Well, flash forward, with not one mixed message, but two for the price of one.  In the first instance, in the last couple of days the courts legislated the law (again) by repealing it -- so, how did the Department of Defense take it?  They issued a statement alerting the recruitment of gays and lesbians will be honored -- but added basically the caveat, don't get the crew cut yet, as it may not stick.  Say what?

In the second instance of contradiction and calamity GI Jane, we have the Obama Administration rushing in to tell the courts, no can do -- and long story short, the courts said no can do back -- so now, the decision is under appeal.  Say what?  Isn't this what you wanted all along, Mr. President?  You are wearing me out, dude, as I am so confused...Do you want DADT repealed, yes or no?  It's a simple question; and in the meantime, I do believe a few of your people have their nickers in a wad, just sayin'.

And along those same lines, let's plug an easy one:  the war in Afghanistan.  In the campaign, the wannabe Commander-in-Chief said Afghanistan was "the good war,"  not to be confused with the good wife, I'm sure.  But in essence, he came out fighting, he said that this was the war to win -- the one that mattered.

Oh really, Mr. Commander-in-Ican'tgetoutfastenough?

Enough said; but in review of the last few months in particular, we seem to be experiencing a strategy under the likes of somewhere lost in translation and lost in space and timetables -- you know, the holidays are just around the corner, Mr. President, after that, it's like six months to summer 2011.  Somethings gotta give but it won't be the Taliban -- they are absolute in resolve, laser like in the cause, and have no problem just waiting this one out until clear skies.  But more important, think about what our troops are thinking, for just a moment, if you will.

And now talk about mixed messages, how about the biggest one of them all -- besides the little things, like saying you would come into office and go line by line to cut government spending... having spun that tale into somehow adding THREE TRILLION DOLLARS to our NATIONAL DEBT (and now being all you, not a bit of BUSH) -- besides that...let's just move on.org and set that aside...

BUT you, dear president -- and much to our dismay and totally unexpected --  came in on a cloud of illusion; nothing in what we saw in you then, has become the president we see today, and need so desperately now.


Talk about mixed messages -- you take the flag, steal the show, and make it look like everything else is amateur hour; you can't even speak the whole truth of the words of our Declaration of Independence...which just Monday, for the third time in like thirty days you have left out "by their Creator."

We thought we were getting an American President who held  tight to the Constitution (having studied it!), who hailed our Declaration of Independence (having exemplified it in every way), who basically glorified the position of being the leader of the free world, having the privilege of holding the highest office in the land, and representing America, Americans, and all that she stands for.

What we heard, when you campaigned with  grease lightening charm and elegance, was a centrist, was a peacekeeper, was a "bridge to both sides of the aisle" maker; what we thought we heard was a man who understood the principles upon which we were founded, from a point of view that we all recognized in ourselves, in keeping with something familiar, safe, engaging, and revolutionary. 

Your message cut right to the heart of a nation of 300 million,  who wanted to live in a country with you in charge, to be that country in every way; you delivered a package deal that we could not refuse nor turn away -- as you presented yourself with open arms, a fair intellectual mind, with an added bonus, of astounding, dynamic, true blue personal flare.

There was no confusion, America's exceptionalism poured out from your every word and move; the message was clear, absolute, undeniable and UNALIENABLE through and through.

ahh  Wasn't it  Emerson who once said, "conversation is a game of circles..." yes...

How clear the understanding becomes after a wee bit of time, and place, and circumstance; ahhh what we find after the true test of time -- waiting for the message to meet up with the real world and the ideology of just a man, front and center, fully exposed.  It's enough to make one dizzy, really.

Oh the web we weave...falling under the principles of natural law... we're bound to get stuck in a corner some time or another.

In a word, not, this was not the America intended by our founders; mankind, and the boundless, immutable natural law we live, by design, safely under the arm of the unalienable rights endowed by our Creator, is all we ever need; unlimited power of the government simply gets in the way.

America was intended to grow, freely and unencumbered by rules and regulation, and by definition, creating the free flow of free enterprise and the free market with a free people, and, how do you say, freely, every step of the way; if you'll notice, what got in our way, was the failure to regulate and limit the growth of government.  Of course, hearing you shout out, government wouldn't have to regulate so much if they didn't see the need, the systemic failure of the decent common man gone bad...blah, blah, blah...and you're right. Absolutely.  and thank you for bringing that up.

As soon as we began to take our attention away from "the unalienable rights endowed by our Creator," we created issues; we became mixed up and confused over how to do it right -- getting sucked into a gnarly web of disaster, one thing after another, confusion, only making things worse, the further away from our founding principles and values we became,  the more we were in it, committed, lock stock and barrel tied to the cause of over-correction, masterminding false Gods, regulating hopes and fears, all to control the whole under the so-called rule of law...for our own good, you know. 

It was all an illusion to turn our hearts and minds away from the one true thing that made us whole, good and law abiding citizens creating law abiding businesses and prospering with law abiding integrity and honor and compassion and liberty and justice for all...

...that being our faith in something greater than ourselves, the Creator of all that is seen and unseen, the maker of America and all that she stands for and all that she will ever be. amen.

When we ceased letting the Creator regulate our every move, individually and collectively, by allowing government to take over and play God, we ceased being a free people and began regulating a world wrapped around the impossibility of all things, through eyes of man not our maker.  It doesn't even matter if you are a believer, or not; the reality that when we ceased making good people, with or without the motivation and inspiration under God, is when we failed the possibility of everything.

"...But lest I should mislead any when I have my own head and obey my whims, let me remind the reader that I am only an experimenter.  Do not set the least value on what I do, or the least discredit on what I do not, as if I pretended to settle any thing as true or false.  I unsettle all things. No facts are to me sacred; none are profane; I simply experiment, an endless seeker with no Past at my back.

Yet this incessant movement and progression which all things partake could never become sensible to us but by contrast to some principle of fixture and stability in the soul.  Whilst the eternal generation of circles proceeds, the eternal generator abides.  The central life is somewhat superior to creation, superior to knowledge and thought, and contains all its circles. For ever it labors to create a life and thought as large and excellent as itself; but in vain; for that which is made instructs how to make a better...

...The way of life is wonderful. It is by abandonment." 
Emerson, from his essay simply titled, Circles.

We are born free; while two things we know for certain, death and taxes; at this point, full circle sounds fine by me, and might even venture to add...  like heaven to my ears.

Make it a Good Day, G

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