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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dear America,

Something's not quite right...ever.

It never really is what it seems...ever.

We never get the whole story; we never get the whole truth; we never get the whole picture -- even when right smack in the middle of it.

Example numero uno, because it started with a bang followed by a deluge of tributaries taking the truth through reality, back to fantasy, into never never land, dropping into a black hole, only to reappear as if nothing ever happened -- not once, but maybe a dozen times over the course of six months -- always weaving and ducking, and never really coming head on, that is until it was taken "head on" -- since the master of day one himself said so.

hummmm what could this be?  Sounds like, smells like, looks like...the worst man-made natural and economic disaster ever in the course of America's history.  Just never know it; you would never know it that is -- until now -- just how much of that story was tweaked, manufactured, or simply beat into submission.  thank you, prize investigator board handpicked by the president, thank you.  The link there uncovers the whole thing, courtesy of The Heritage Foundation -- and let me say, they never disappoint bringing the slimy to light in an oh most enjoyable way (my hat's off to the tireless and tenacious Heritage carriage -- through sleet, snow and sludge, never fails to be on time with everything you ever wanted to know and more).

Alrighty then, moving along now to the precarious time warp machine; stealthy unrecognizable, disguised under a ruse of various costumes, pointing fingers in opposite directions, and just plum slipping into some kind of 'I do not recall' dead zone; its as if when we make a mistake -- by over regulating the free market -- by the likes of affirmative action, or a collaboration of collective social justice and special interests, running counterproductive to our country's very foundation, jeopardizing the integrity in motion -- we keep doing it. What, a "national foreclosure freeze?"  As we chime in afterward in a chorus of 'what just happened?' in perfect unison.

Interesting to note the timing of this one, too (kind of in the same realm as the Niky Diaz deal); but here we are, three years after the beginnings of what turned out to be a total housing market bust -- courtesy of Frank and Dodd, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, with a host of willing and able participants getting as much bang for their buck, and betting for melt down, counting on total systems failure all the way to the bank, as only the fabulous lives of the rich and now infamous bankers on Wall Street can do --   we are now witness of the entire fiasco recalibrated to fit a whole new scenario for the disenfranchised.  Thank you, Nancy "pee you" Pelosi, no really, thank you.

After realizing all these sub prime loans were out there, made, inked, and ready to vanish into thin air just as hastily and recklessly as they were pulled out of someones unqualified potential homeowners a**, we get this:  stop throwing people out of their homes, for at least another sixty days -- or until after the election (if not forever) on account of "improper paperwork" -- we need to investigate. (is someone also going to investigate the latest craze, the run on progressive bankers...see JP MORGAN CHASE for more...bankers with a big heart for social justice... really?...The face of Wall Street has changed -- no longer leading by conservative money makers -- just another fallacy fueling financial gain and power from the left)

Compassion, we have, yes; but giving permanent residency to people who should never have been allowed to buy in the first place?  (you know what would make this story even better,  is if we find out down the road that at least 66% of them were illegal...stay tuned)  While can't help but remind everyone that it was this administration's stimulus that was supposed to keep the better of unemployment under 8%, allowing for more people to keep their jobs in order to keep their homes; so, like what, like the government doesn't really save or create real wealth, real jobs, real opportunity or something? (Just ask Linda McMahon, you go girl)

And how about the rest of the moms and pops who simply pay their mortgage on time, doing their best to live within their means, only now watching their neighbor get special favor?  I can just hear this season's carolers now,  we wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas, how did ya get obama's money, we want some a'dat too...(yeah, not that clever, go ahead and poke fun, I can take it -- besides, regular every day Americans would never want Obama's money, for they would know, its not his to give! they would be stealing from not only their neighbor, but also their children. end of story and all she wrote off .)

This whole thing stinks from here to kingdom come; the concern should be, not how do we keep up with the jones' but this congress -- we can't trust a word, an action, a decision, a vote, any more than we can throw them, which should be out. (November 2 comes just in the nick of time, and way before the carolers -- with a little luck, an uncomfortable situation might be averted, cross your fingers.)

Okay, last of the not quite right scenarios for the day:  On Hillary Hill.

First of all, the whole story is planted from the get go to see the response.

Second, they know that we know, Obama's got nothing but (no) net.

Back to the first, they want to know how much we really like her (and we do...well, not me, but half of you out there anyway, and as the world turns, much better than we like the audacity back behind our current thin skinned leader who has made a spectacle of himself, dashing from one catastrophe to another, never letting a crisis go to waste, finding villains everywhere and often to prove his point, and planting the story about it in the process).

Back to the second, she would never be princess to a king, anyway -- not like this.  I don't even think she likes him very much; while by all appearances, she never really seems all that satisfied playing second fiddle to anyone (which is why she loves being SS wonder woman, hopping around the globe in her Hillary suit, leaping small nations in a single bounce in  hopes of bringing world peace, with the added bonus of being far far away from Bill --  and she does it ALL  by herself); always the bridesmaid never the bride is just not her style -- not to be confused with being able to put up with anything for personal gain (as we found out after the episodes of sex, lies and lewinsky).

But back to the first, they got a HUGE favorable response on Hillary; WHEN Obama decides he can't handle it anymore (cuz he's a big baby like that), and he announces at approximately day 777 (cuz we're kinda lucky like that) not to run for re-election (unless of course he's impeached sometime shortly thereafter) -- Hillary will run for PRESIDENT.  There is no wait for 2016, are you kidding; for by then, the GOP will have redirected the nation a whole nother way, returning back to our roots, having only just begun to correct the damage of the Obama administration (as a HUGE majority of us do not like where we are headed now, like 67%).

VeePee?....puulleeezey sleazy, pee you, that dog is not only not going to hunt, it won't even step off the front porch.  There is no truth to that, as a mass of media have adoringly proclaimed, because it is not true. Duh. They were simply feeling us out...

The thing is, today, all I want to do is take a shower; the sludge and the drudgereport, the slime and the sublime, are all competing for my attention; what does a girl have to do to get a straight answer around here? Why is something so simple as the truth continue to evade us -- slipping and sliding and stirring around us like we are nothing more than a play toy? And it's enough to make you  feel so gross after...

Is it that we can't handle the truth -- that we prefer living smack dab in Denial, USA all the rest of our days or have we just resigned ourselves to the new reality without thinking anything more about it, is it a lost cause? Is that why we don't stand up and find our voice and demand unbiased news from our mainstream media, just giving them creative license to make things up, or worse, just act as an extension of the administration machine churning out rhetoric and falsehoods faster that you can say high speed Internet -- are we really that willing to allow for the fundamental transformation of our country and our nation's good character?

I don't know about you, but I am pretty fed up with the whole thug-ocracy thing going on around here; everything's about controlling the message, keeping secrets, villainizing anyone who doesn't think the same, name calling, holding out on us, ridiculing the right, making calculated gestures to engage or to separate, and basically taking the divide and conquer method of government at nearly every turn. And you said you would be different...

We are so tired of never getting the real truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth -- and this from a president who is a Constitutional Law scholar!  But I feel quite certain, that one day, as it's bound to come out, we will see through the aiding and abetting meanderings of the media, dig down deeper through the criminal distractions of a clever administration, and piece together all the many facets of the facts to uncover everything -- it's going to be beautiful, I tell you.

ahhhhhhhhhhhh can you smell that?

That, my friends, is the air being cleared; for a new day is blowing in with the rising sun, common sense awaits us, all rolled up and placed neatly at our feet and free for the taking; even if some doors remain to be closed to the public, being at the threshold of the truth, nothing stands a chance  -- we will make our way, in the light of day, with nothing but the clothes on our back if we have to (its been done before, some people have it down to a science).

We see a picture worth of a thousand words up ahead, it's about 300 million people arm and arm at the Lincoln Memorial... all shapes and sizes, all colors and cultures... all waving the American flag, as one -- if you look closely, there's a bit of residual greasy sheen to the hair, but from far away, who's gonna notice, not to mention, we are wearing it like a trophy -- and boy, we are smiling.  We look gloriously happy; no need for an AP caption underneath; for it's crystal clear as to what just happened.

But be forewarned:  it may get a whole lot messier before it gets a whole lot brighter...dirty,sexy politics is like that (haven't read it yet, but a McCain girl might know a thing or two about this).

Happy Thursday, everyone. 

SO after you clean up a bit, let's try to be a little more honest and a little less conniving from here on out, shall we? Can we give that a try?

Let's just see what happens when we do, it can't hurt -- and we'll sleep better, too.

Make it a Good Day, G

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