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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

It's a Miss Leading of the Public, privately, Thing

Dear America,

oh the simplicity of Thoreau...

"I observe, by the way, that it costs me nothing for curtains, for I have no gazers to shut out but the sun and the moon, and I am willing that they should look in.  The moon shall not sour milk nor taint meat of mine, nor will the sun injure my furniture or fade my carpet; and if he is sometimes too warm a friend, I find it still better economy to retreat behind some curtain which nature provided, than to add a single item to the details of housekeeping.  A lady once offered me a mat, but as I had no room to spare within the house, nor time to spare within or without to shake it, I declined it, preferring to wipe my feet on the sod before my door.  It is best to avoid all beginnings of evil."
this is just the sort of thing Marie Kondo would go gaga over, right?

oh the upkeep, the energy, the time thoreau-ly wasted being controlled by the myriad of inanimate objects and things in which we surround ourselves, ironically to make our lives easier, breezier, pleasier, as we all get lazier and lazier, superficially fixated more and more upon the exterior -- what the world sees --  and less and less on the interior, the unseen...our relationship to the things of a higher purpose under heaven, if not God, Himself.

once we get something new, a mat, or this, or that -- we must be also responsible in the keeping fit of such a thing.

all of this pretty much leads me right through the front door of the house that America built.

....and what a sight. 

what a mess we have made -- whether we are referring to ourselves, as individuals, or the maze of bureaucracies, large and small -- it's time to clean up; the truth is, the obsessive and compulsive optics through the lens of politics is going to suffocate us, rape us of our innocence, and thrust our system of justice and rule of law into chaos if we don't speak up now. 

Just who has a hand over the mouth of America now?  
It's just a good question.

And I'm sorry, but not sorry -- about this Professor Ford girl....


This is no more than a story about a girl who has had plenty of opportunity, and time, and intelligence,  to act upon this so-called horrific experience --  alleging she was assaulted by two, or was it four, boys in high school, as the details are sketchy, at best....blah, blah, blah...

But she isn't going to get that, so now what?

Um maybe -- and just guessing here -- that because the reality of any evidence of committing a federal crime is simply not there, the FBI had to decline.  crazy, right.

How about, Professor, you actually file a complaint at your local police station?   Um. like over thirty years ago....  

But honestly, what gives YOU the right to mislead the public in private now?

It's like, why now?  

Even if you were forced to face this nonsense when you and your husband were in the midst of counseling, circa 2012, why would you not have raised your voice then?  The case -- if filed then and there --  would have very well been handled through the court system nearly anonymously.   None of us would have cared a rat's ass about it.   So why continue to keep your mouth shut...until now?  If this, in fact, was ruining your life.... this assault...then I, for one, and  especially as a fellow girl, don't understand you.  I mean, my goodness, you teach graduate students, in clinical psychology, at Stanford, for pete's sake!  

Clinical psychology is an integration of science, theory and clinical knowledge for the purpose of understanding, preventing, and relieving psychologically-based distress or dysfunction and to promote subjective well-being and personal development...thank you wiki

OMG talk about cob webs...think this prof needs to get up under the rafters...just sayin'.  And, yeah, who am I to judge -- just bear in mind, Professor Ford made a conscious choice to jump into this with both of her big girl's feet, so just that fact alone, gives license for all of us to respond....  

We are Americans watching, and participating, in a political free for all. And with the internet, the left makes it so easy breezy to take part ;)

But just to be clear -- this supreme charade is simply a ridiculous display of a sideshow.

And now, even Diane Feinstein can't even say she believes her??  Seriously.

So let me get this straight -- you heard from Ford, in July, but waited until the 11th hour to bring it to the light of day, and now, you "can't say if everything is truthful?"

What a piece of work, you are, Diane. What a piece of work.  Oh the collection of political antics and doormats and crystal cut bullshit you have acquired in all your years in Washington.  #Count me in as amazed,too.  This, ma'm, is called misleading the public for political gain.

I feel dirty.
Do you feel dirty?

here's something funny, and it pretty much has nothing to do with anything here, other than keeping things straightforward and above board---  I'm listening to 91x, a local radio station which plays mostly alternative rock and reggae, really good stuff; and it's been around since I was in high school....so...long, long time...teehee

but the funny part is this -- it's based in Mexico...Tijuana to be exact, just south of the San Diego border.  Well. lo and behold, the public announcements never cease to amaze me.  They run campaigns all the time, reminding the public of their DUTY to do what is right, to speak up, to vote, to take part in changing the politics (the ongoing corruption) in Mexico.  

Everything begins with the announcer (usually someone sounding young and hip) hooking people with a question; but it's often setting people straight, like, "have you renewed your voter registration card?"  And continuing, immediately addressing the consequences, like, "you can't vote if you can't show a current voter registration card..."   

I know right?

It's like, how can the entire country of Mexico be permitted to keep it's polling records clean and tidy, even going so far as demanding people show a voter verification card.....while leftists, from cities and counties far and wide, in America, cry foul when conservatives simply ask our voters to show an I.D.?    What's with Mexico's show of nationalism?  Or, more to the jugular, is it even racist?  How can they get away with it, let alone announce it to the world on the radio?  Right?

For the record -- I don't believe ANY woman should raise allegations of a crime long after the crime has been committed; too much gets lost, be it the evidence or the memory.  But when talking decades later.....?  Um No.  In an instant, the memory and the evidence collides straight into the corner of the coffee table while angling to get to the dust bunnies under the couch and along the baseboards.  And when you mix that with a hidden agenda....oh my how things can get ugly, messy even... and quite honestly, deceptively, shrewdly Miss Leading.

It's #metoolate

and this is all I got today.

the end.

feeling the need to clean.

Make it a Good Day, G

Friday, September 14, 2018

It's the G Effect Thing

Dear America,

"Every adversity God allows in our life
 is designed to bring us
 to spiritual maturity, 
not to devastate us.  
When we yield to Him 
in the midst of a crisis, 
He enables us to trust 
and wait on Him with patience and hope." 
 Rev. Charles F. Stanley, 
just part of my crew of in-house counsel

gooooooooooooood morning America

happy friday

our eastern seaboard 
is in the midst of great adversity 
as we speak...
let us stop for a moment 
of prayer for all of our
 fellow Americans in Hurricane Florence's path...

on the bright side -- because there always is one, somewhere in the midst -- is that through today's technology, we CAN actually prepare ourselves;  we CAN get out of harm's way; we CAN hop on a bus, plane, train, or automobile and go visit grandma, or what have you....we CAN do all the things necessary to meet such adversity well in advance.    CAN i get an amen?

But this nonsense of  the Washington Post declaring Trump "complicit" in the midst of Florence's wrath of terror...just because, like MANY Americans, he does not buy into the fraud that is afoot -- the one based upon projections of the immoral culpability of man-made climate change and it's destruction, weighed against the wealth of affluent nations, and then dividing such wealth dis-proportionately throughout the third world, and such. 

The science on this one is not settled folks; and I am not crazy for being suspect of the powers that be who wish to make it so.  This world has had turbulent weather, temperature swings, droughts and floods, ice ages and melting ice caps, throughout thousands of years.  THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of years.  

To say, in all serious, that Trump is complicit, simply because he questions what has turned into nothing more than a political power play, an agenda ripe with a one-sided view, when all this time, the actual temperature of the planet had not fluctuated outside of a pretty tight variance, is just ludicrous.  No, it is being downright disingenuous -- deceitful and calculating -- and echos the ricochet, the clanking, of a methodical, storm surge, decades in the making and larger than life itself.  The Washington Post should be ashamed of themselves.  This type of propaganda should have a name for it, too (oh wait, it does; it's called rubbish.)

What a bunch of loons (Warning: that there link takes you to a page that proclaims the some loons are Climate Endangered.  Oh just the sound of that...oh how a girl can dream.... And just to make be clear...I'm not talking about actual loons, I am referring to liberal loons, big difference.)

But moving right along -- according to me, G....after careful study of the data collected (since birth) -- that it won't be climate change that submerges entire villages and, for all intents and purposes, brings the better part of extinction to life as we know it, it will be the shameless, reckless, massive amounts of liberal group think, that will bring on the ruin, in the end.

Remember when there were people who questioned whether or not the world was flat?!  For who really knew, right?

Remember when there were people -- and one in particular -- who questioned the power and control of the Catholic Church, and ultimately became part of history, aligned with the splendid timing of the printing press (like, who even saw that coming, right?)  and  changed everything, virtually overnight!  ....Thank you, Martin Luther.

Matter of fact, remember when liberals loved to question authority?  How ironic.  Find me a lib who thinks for him/herself, who will actually stand up to the daily dose of constant leftist's dribble, through the continuous tidal waves of leftist mainstream media, via the web, in print, and television,  and actually dares to say, 'um, like really my people?'   'um, like, have you seen the charts, have you ...' and I will surely give them a medal.  Anyone...  [By the way, that right there is a fascinating link to climate change pros and cons, and that's it (I think....hard to tell, really)   Anywho, with a ten minute glance, www.procon.org seems to promote the idea of looking at the data, actually reading it, and then deciding what makes the most sense, for yourself.  What I like about it, is the straight forward tit for tat, but you be the judge.]


Living in America, in this day and age, as a conservative, has many challenges.   It's as if there is no room for the existence of opposition -- whether in thought, word, or deed; it seems, critical thinking outside the politically correct sphere is under attack; and that to me, is amazing.  How is it possible to declare an entire body politic, ideology, worthy of extinction just because we disagree on how to run the country?

Truth is -- as the title to today's devotional from Rev. Charles Stanley proclaims -- there are only "Two Ways Through a Valley."  Which simple means, you can trudge through the easy way or the hard way; you can manage the streams of adversity by way of faith, or fear.

I mean, my God, some of our best of times came under the Reagan Administration --  and yet, here we are -- through the unforeseeable valleys of multiple wars, terror attacks, natural disasters, economic downturns, and the like, after all the adversities of our days  -- just how did we get here?

"The question for voters this fall is whether their country will move beyond this troubled chapter in history or whether they will continue supporting a politician who has done more damage to the dream of America than any foreign adversary ever could."

really, Joe? 

no, really, you loon.  And to think, you and Mika used to hang out with this crazy politician,  (But, just for the record, Joe, you know nobody thinks of him as a politician, right?  That was one of the main reasons Trump appealed to the American people, right from the start...to the point of even garnering the interest of a few working class democrats who bravely broke with the ranks...)

SO --  how about this ---
how about we give Trump the Nobel Prize for Economics, as this guy is given a soapbox to speak...

....always have liked Stephen Moore...love this part:

"Well, yes. Guilty as charged. When dismayed reporters ask me why he is doing all these things that are so offensive to the chattering class, my response is almost always the same: "Um, because this is what he promised voters he was going to do. Weren't you paying attention?"
and this:

"This "Obama effect" might be semi-plausible except for the fact that every policy Trump implements reverses President Obama's policy."
doncha love it.

um, like, that's funny stuff.

The thing is --  it really isn't crazy talk; it's just a reflection of the opposition reality that nobody wants to address in a stand up, respectable manner anymore.   ugh.

And in America....of all places; isn't it quite unbelievable.

The best thing about all this, is that God is still on the throne.  I choose to go through this barren valley --  the one knee-deep in one-sided leftist mumbo-jumbo and loaded with oppressive tendencies, and flooded with authoritarian rule and policies all over this great land, and know just WHO I answer to.  I choose to live through this adversity by way of my faith, knowing that in the end, all will be well; and if things do not appear all well, then it must not be the end.

This is what I like to call the G effect -- in the more ways than one column.  And it is gooooooood.

And in that vein, this is where I must leave you; it is the end of this day in Just a Girl land....

Make it a Good Day, G 

Monday, September 10, 2018

It's Woe Woe Woe Feelings Thing

Dear America,

Devotion -- September 10:  "I am always available to you.  Once you have trusted Me as your Savior, I never distance myself from you.  Sometimes you may feel distant from Me.  Recognize that as feeling; do not confuse it with reality......Let these assurances of My continual Presence fill you with Joy and Peace.  No matter what you may lose in this life, you can never lose your relationship with Me."  Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

as much I just want to impress upon the idea of simply trusting in the Lord with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind....the part that really got to me, given the age we are in -- in America -- is that phrase in the middle of it all.  "Recognize that as feeling; do not confuse it with reality."  teehee

why do I love it so, pray tell?

for we -- in America -- have a lot of people who refuse to respect, let alone live, in reality. 

and not only that, my good ole papa sent me a link to something that goes right to this point.

here's a wee bit:
The losing party of leftist Democrats began believing their own narrative of political correctness, moral relativism, and historical revisionism. They live in the world of subjective reality where facts do not get in their way. Let me explain.

Subjective reality is a dreamscape where saying is the same as doing, all ideas are equal, and trying is the same as achieving. In the surreal world of subjective reality FEELINGS are the determining value. So, if you feel like Hillary should have won then in your mind she did win. If you feel that Donald Trump should not have won then he didn't win - he is not your president.
and goes more in-depth to explain here --

How did this happen?

During the 1970s parenting and education shifted the focus from preparing children for adulthood to the elusive goal of assuring happiness for children. Happiness was no longer the consequence of competence and achievement - it became the goal itself. A seismic shift in the standards for behavior was launched. Those of us who had young children in elementary school in the late 70s and 80s witnessed a perplexing change in educational standards. Feelings replaced facts for what determined acceptable and unacceptable behavior. This is how it works.
and then even uses an old satirical comedy, Parental Guidance, starring Bette Midler and Billy Crystal --playing the age-old grandparents not playing into the new hip parental guidelines, applying lessons from the olden days all the way through -- to substantiate her point in technicolor.  Well played, Linda, well played.

The Left refuses to play fair in this day and age -- that's about all there is to it.

All I want to say to everybody is just get over it!

Move along already.

And what is with having no rhyme or reason as to who gets allowed to voice opinion and who doesn't?

So Twitter can suspend Alex Jones (who is now totally forbidden), but not Louis Farrakan?
So Twitter can suspend Kris Paronto -- a Benghazi Hero and patriot -- but not Ahmadinejad?

So does Carole Cook have a twitter -- cuz she should be suspended, if not barred for life -- calling out "where's John Wilkes Booth when you need him?"  Did she just ask someone, anyone, to assassinate a sitting president?  And everyone is okay with this?


Appealing to tribe, appealing to fear, pitting one group against another, telling people that order and security will be restored if it weren't for those who don't look like us or don't sound like us or don't pray like we do, that's an old playbook. It's as old as time. And in a healthy democracy it doesn't work. Our antibodies kick in, and people of goodwill from across the political spectrum call out the bigots and the fearmongers, and work to compromise and get things done and promote the better angels of our nature. But when there's a vacuum in our democracy, when we don't vote, when we take our basic rights and freedoms for granted, when we turn away and stop paying attention and stop engaging and stop believing and look for the newest diversion, the electronic versions of bread and circuses, then other voices fill the void. A politics of fear and resentment and retrenchment takes hold. And demagogues promise simple fixes to complex problems. They promise to fight for the little guy even as they cater to the wealthiest and the most powerful. They promise to clean up corruption and then plunder away. They start undermining norms that ensure accountability, try to change the rules to entrench their power further. And they appeal to racial nationalism that's barely veiled, if veiled at all.
thank you.
thank you for describing you, with a capital B and a capital O.

After eight years of preaching the political gospel of Divide and Conquer, you have your coming out party saying this?

thank you, and thank you from Townhall, too.

"Appealing to tribe..." he says... what a joke.  My tribe -- of conservatives -- believes in one tribe, as in e pluribus unum, that looks a lot like, every American all together.  We don't break out by color, or religion, or individual culture.

It's about one culture -- American.

Newsflash:  we know your feelings may be a wee bit hurt, but we had an election based upon the reality on the ground, and democrats lost, republicans won, fair and square.  NOT ONE VOTE WAS CHANGED by Russian meddling, not ONE vote.

Don't you get it?  Russian meddling was not even needed after eight years under the your administration; the American people voted based upon the economic reality you left; the immigration reality you ignored; the Obamacare fraud reality you led without one bipartisan republican vote; the terrorist attack -- upon Americans -- in an horrific Benghazi reality leading with a narrative based upon a downright lie, the same reality that ignored the reality of needing more security in Benghazi for years, by the way; the divisive nature of your leadership reality which pitted Americans against Americans and especially that of cops against crime makers, creating a movement based upon a lie in Black Lives Matter; the lack of security under your leadership under Hillary's State Department using a makeshift server out of a bathroom to send confidential information, providing a reality which was ultimately hacked; um, shall I go on?

This nonsense, based upon reality, gave many Americans reason to trust in a whole 'nother direction (again), for that is just what we do  in America; for THAT is just what happens in a democracy.   And for that, I, for one, can give thanks.

We take turns holding power.

We respect the office.

We follow the rule of law.

We accept the results.

......everyone seems to understand this, except democrats.

You know, quite honestly -- this past president's speech was a pathetic pouty pitch-fit.  And I can't wait for more...oh the blogs this girl has laying in wait....I'm speechless...dizzy with excitement.

And this, let's plug one more thing just for fun, from Obama --
It should not be Democratic or Republican, it should not be a partisan issue to say that we do not pressure the attorney general or the FBI to use the criminal justice system as a cudgel to punish our political opponents.
UM What happened under your IRS... your Attorney General(s) Holder and Lynch... your FBI....james comey....the tarmac....

I love this part within that Townhall post (linked above) from Matt Vespa --

Here’s the difference, Barry. Maybe you had some achievements on the economic front when you were in office, but you weren’t a cheerleader for America. You sucked at that, making sure to downplay or marginalize America’s role in the world, which allowed Russia to kick you around like rag doll all over the place. The retreat bolstered Syria to reportedly launch a chemical weapons attack, a red line for your White House that was never enforced. And even there, you allowed the Russians to stake a claim in the Middle East, going back on nearly 50 years of U.S. policy in the region. 
(not sure why I went baby blue, maybe just cuz he's a boy)

but I digress, Vespa then goes right into this --

Also, sorry—Barry, you’re a Democrat. You’re a liberal. We don’t need you to lecture us about what’s wrong with the GOP. What’s wrong with your party, which lost over 1,000 seats since you were elected across state, federal, and local offices? You decimated your party, while the GOP has become the dominant political force in the country; Democrats are an urban and coastal party. Also, the Republican Party is the only party that has become paranoid, divisive, and bitter? Dude, that’s your party. Democrats and liberals are embracing Russophobia in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss, they adopt race-based safe spaces and bash white people, and they’re bitter over the success of others—hence the shift towards socialism: envy and bitterness are that philosophy's core tenets. 

and we're back to feelings.

 and we're back to Linda Goudsmit --

Those of us who had young children in elementary school in the late 70s and 80s witnessed a perplexing change in educational standards. Feelings replaced facts for what determined acceptable and unacceptable behavior. This is how it works.

feelings replacing facts.  feelings, woe woe woe feelings....(gosh I hate that song, now, more than ever)

And apparently, the Left wants to dictate how we feel about everything....choosing winners and losers, choosing to stand or kneel, choosing Nike or Under Armour, choosing free speech based upon ideology -- as in, we are to share the same feelings, or die.... or at least be suspended, maybe even barred and banned altogether.

this is a slippery slope to losing the very things that make America great, again and again and again.

Say it with me, now:  feelings replacing facts has fucked us up in every way.

good job.

I think.... therefore, I am; and I think, that's all I got.

the end.

Make it a Good Day, G

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

It's an All American Rumble and Fumble Fest Thing

Dear America,

"Believe in something.  
Even if it means sacrificing everything."
Nike Ad, featuring Colin Kaepernick

fabulous; and what a jarring way to segue from the easy breezy summer compositions to the full on, rough and tumble of fall ball.  Are we ready to roll, or what?

so we have football being politically charged, double-doubles being politically charged, and now sneakers....

Oh Nike -- it's a great message.... just the wrong face at the wrong time.  And YOU know it. 

Nike stepped into this campaign knowing full well the controversy would score some, and simultaneously, and explosively, take some away.  And NIKE DID IT anyway.

What is clear, given the reality that conservatives and many independents -- people leaning just right of center, to full throttle right, to everything in-between -- like working out, too.  These people, many being my people, like to just do it, just as much as the left guy, right.   And yet, Nike purposely elected to cut off relations with all these people in one move, overnight.  Stunning.  Calculating. And in my mind, just wondering if it was worth it? 

Time will tell.

Clearly, Nike picked a side.

And just as the president noted yesterday -- something like, he didn't like it, but  "this is what this country is all about"  -- and putting this in a more complete context, simply pointing out that the company has every right to make its own business decisions....To which, all this girl can add would be that he is absolutely right.

Further --  it is upon this very notion -- that the Left must concede, that even the Christian bakers and pizza makers also have every right to "pick a side" -- no matter the issue, the catalyst, for picking a side, and standing by that something to believe in,  in the first place.  We take our rumbles and fumbles with great pride.   EVERY  business has EVERY right to sacrifice EVERYTHING when they BELIEVE in SOMETHING!  [And I believe that goes double when in favor of Something really big, like, um, God, but what do I know, I'm just a girl x teehee]

INDIVIDUALLY -- we each have every right to make a choice -- aka to make our bed and lay in it --  each and every moment of the day, in every set of circumstances/conditions, that in proper turn, instantly give way to whatever consequences may lay in wait; for every action has a reaction, right. And naturally, without prejudice, this describes --  precisely --  how cause and effect works.  Our rumbles and fumbles work individually and collectively, large and small, macro and micro alike.

BELIEVE in something, 
even if it means sacrificing everything

...works at funerals, too.

It was the pastor at Aretha's funeral -- the Rev. Jasper Williams Jr. --- who had the nerve to call out the issue of black on black crime...and in an instant, boy did he turn up the volume to controversy; when surely he was just speaking his truth, perhaps even the truth, to an audience who should know better...and in turn, is still standing firm to that something something said out loud, something awfully good and totally praise worthy:
"I said black do not matter, because black lives cannot matter, will not matter, should not matter, must not matter until black people begin to respect their own lives. Then and only then will black lives matter. That's what I said, and again, and again, and again. We need to have respect for each other. Once we start doing that, then we can begin to change."

HE BELIEVES in something even if it means sacrificing everything....He just said it, did it, and is faithfully standing behind it....
and just where oh where did his respect go?   Anyone?

Hey, even up-Chuck Todd can believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything, or nothing, really, given his reality is totally tainted...given he's surrounded by a band of liberal media brothers and sisters who think the same thing, and say the same thing, and do the same thing, day in and day out and shamelessly have his back.  Please, just stop doing it, up-Chuck. please.

LIBS are all under the same delusions of grandeur, even if that means oppressing any, and all, opposition...even if that means, selectively handpicking the news...even if that means, targeting a sitting president of the United States with so much dis- R-E-S-P-E-C-T, that they go out of their way to make a mockery of even their own profession while doing it.

THEY DID THIS TO THEMSELVES...oh yes, stepping into it now -- heeeere's Chuuuuuck, for The Atlantic:

It’s Time for the Press to Stop Complaining—And to Start Fighting Back
A nearly 50-year campaign of vilification, inspired by Fox News's Roger Ailes, has left many Americans distrustful of media outlets. Now, journalists need to speak up for their work.

SEP 3, 2018

WARNING:  Classic LIB ignorance, coming right up --
From the very beginning, Ailes signaled that Fox News would offer an alternative voice, splitting with the conventions of television journalism. Take the word balanced. It sounded harmless enough. But how does one balance facts? A reporting-driven news organization might promise to be accurate, or honest, or comprehensive, or to report stories for an underserved community. But Ailes wasn’t building a reporting-driven news organization. The promise to be “balanced” was a coded pledge to offer alternative explanations, putting commentary ahead of reporting; it was an attack on the integrity of the rest of the media. Fox intended to build its brand the same way Ailes had built the brands of political candidates: by making the public hate the other choice more.

there's more --
Fox News adopted a similar strategy, rarely showcasing its own reporting or journalism. There are some great journalists at Fox, including Chris Wallace, Bret Baier, and Shep Smith, but it’s not an organization that emphasizes journalism. Instead, Ailes created an organization that focuses on attacking the “liberal media” whose “liberal bias” was ruining America. Almost any big story that was potentially devastating to a conservative was “balanced” with some form of whataboutism. The Ailes construction has been so effective that these days, I often get mail from viewers who say: Now that you’ve focused on all of President Trump’s misdeeds, you are biased if you don’t dedicate the same amount of time to Hillary Clinton’s misdeeds. It seems completely lost on this segment of the population that one person is the leader of the free world, and the other is a retiree living in the suburbs of New York City. 

and this --

The American press corps finds itself on the ropes because it allowed a nearly 50-year campaign of attacks inspired by the chair of Fox News to go unanswered.

Seriously, up-Chuck?

A fifty year campaign of attacks...unanswered?


You are so deep into your deep state dialog and deep throat talking points, clearly, the oxygen has been cut off from your brain.  The American press corps...on the ropes?  Which universe are you living in?  Your leftist media mafia controls all of the mainstream news feed, every single day!  This huff and puff piece is nothing more than leftist propaganda.

Where was the unbiased reporting on the umpteen acts of Executive overreach of the Obama Administration -- namely, you know, writing new immigration policy by Executive Order is a misuse of presidential power, right?  Where was the unbiased reporting of the over half of Americans who were not in favor of Obamacare, who had republican representation in Washington DC without one single vote in favor of it?  Where was the unbiased reporting of Hillary wiping clean any and all evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors, and even erasing her hard-drive, after using an insecure server (with China hacking in!), after her botched handling of Benghazi, when four Americans died, including an ambassador, as Secretary of State, and then trying to cover it all up with a lie about a video?    Where is the unbiased reporting of the fake dossier, and the long record of corruption within the DNC and the FBI?  Where is the unbiased reporting of the Clinton Foundation and its involvement of the sale of uranium to Russia?!

The thing is, there are just too many things to count.

The thing is, there are just too many things that  MY mainstream media intentionally, and manipulatively, fully IGNORES!   And this girl just can't ignore that.

Um, this may come as a surprise to you, up-chuck, but not everybody in America is a liberal.  We don't all drink the same kool-aid.

Oh, Up-Chuck, you have made my day -- can you really say this with a straight face..... 

Does this mean that other cable-news networks should follow Fox News’s lead and become advocates? That’s not the answer. Newspapers did this in the early 19th century, when they operated as arms of the political parties.
tears are rolling, this BS is so funny....

Instead of attacking rivals, or assailing critics—going negative,in the parlance of political campaigns—reporters need to showcase and defend our reporting. Every day, we need to do our job, check our facts, strive to be transparent, and say what we’re seeing. That’s what I’ve tried to do here. I’ve seen a nearly 50-year campaign to delegitimize the press, and I’m saying so. For years, I didn’t say a word about this publicly, and at times I even caught myself drawing false equivalencies because I was afraid of being labeled as biased. I know that stating the obvious will draw attacks, but I’ve also learned that the louder critics bark, the more they care about what’s being reported.

I’m not advocating for a more activist press in the political sense, but for a more aggressive one. That means having a lower tolerance for talking points, and a greater willingness to speak plain truths. It means not allowing ourselves to be spun, and not giving guests or sources a platform to spin our readers and viewers, even if that angers them. Access isn’t journalism’s holy grail—facts are. 

What a crock,  you mean, you're not advocating to continue to be an activist press, only an aggressive one?  What does that even mean?  Isn't that a contradiction -- how can facts have characteristics at all -- how do you tell of the facts, while being aggressive in telling the news at the same time?  Are you really telling the American people facts -- or are they just the facts packaged according to how you want the American people to hear it?

OH and I love love love your last line-- "Ask yourself why someone is so determined to convince you not to believe your lying eyes."

oh up-chuck todd -- you don't complete me.

But so happy you live in a country that allows you to live within your four walls of delusional reporting of the truth, all -- how do you say -- all fifty years of it;  that this country celebrates the independence and freedom that gives you every right to believe in something, even if that means sacrificing everything -- even if that everything is the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Indeed,  facts are stubborn things, even for whiners like up-Chuck Todd.

oh my, what a good day in G land, what a good day, indeed.
if it's fall, we must be having a ball, and how.

the end.

Make it a Good Day, G