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Thursday, June 13, 2019

It's just a kick in the derriere Thing

Dear America,

Not to point fingers at California, 
but why would you give free healthcare 
to illegal immigrants
 when your streets are littered
 with homeless legal residents, 
trash, and tents. 
California is a beautiful place, 
so let’s keep it that way. 
@CNN @FOX4 @NBCNews @DonaldJTrumpJr

exactly @HerschelWalker  (although, took the liberty to correct a spelling error there, but, other than that, it's all you) so thank you; and a thank you also goes to @ fox news for where I found it.

this is my state, precisely -- be it of the physical or in the shadows of my mind.

But, speaking of football, here's the kicker...

California officials have estimated the benefits would be available to about 90,000 low-income illegal immigrants at a cost of $98 million per year. 
To pay for part of it, the state agreed to start taxing people who don’t have health insurance. It’s a revival of the individual-mandate penalty that had been on the books nationwide under former President Barack Obama’s health-care law until Republicans in Congress eliminated it as part of the 2017 overhaul to the tax code.
yup, you heard that right.

California lawmakers not only wish to cover the healthcare for poor illegal immigrants, they wish to pay for it, in part, on the backs of poor American citizens with no health insurance -- issuing them a penalty tax!  Here's more from Arnold Ahlert, @The Patriot Post.

someone please explain what universe this makes any sense?

explaining the twisted nature of all of this --- let's go to Town Crier Tucker....last night...

"No one is above the law," they thunder. Except, of course, the more than 20 million foreign nationals currently living in our country illegally, all under the care and the protection of the Democratic Party. They are, by definition, above the law. We can't punish them, Democrats tell us; that would be racist. 
...All crimes are no longer allowed to be acknowledged as crimes. There are huge new classes of people who are literally above the law.

for more, go here.

California's illegals are being treated as if they are above the law...and yet, the average poor American living in California...the same Californian who can't afford health insurance... not so fast, suddenly there is a law for you to follow; YOU, my dear Californian, you get punished

For more on the lawlessness at the border, go here.

and for more kicks up the wazoo, here's how Tucker finishes --

What you're watching from the left is really an attack on society itself. The basic bargain in any society is straightforward: People who follow the rules get rewarded, people who don't get punished. If you get rid of that standard, then everything inverts. Suddenly, power flows to the worst people in your society, the most ruthless and aggressive. Decent law-abiding people, meanwhile, are mocked. They're just suckers who can be exploited by everyone else. 
That's where we're heading, by the way and fast. It's pretty obvious when you look around. The threads are frayed. It's coming apart - hundreds of years of hard work and self-discipline designed to create what we used to call "civilization" before the term civilization was deemed racist.
hmmm let's talk civilization, shall we?


  • an advanced state of human society, in which a high level of culture, science, industry, and government has been reached.
  • those people or nations that have reached such a state.
  • any type of culture, society, etc., of a specific place, time, or group: Greek civilization.
  • the act or process of civilizing, as by bringing out of a savage, uneducated, or unrefined state, or of being civilized: Rome's civilization of barbaric tribes was admirable.
  • cultural refinement; refinement of thought and cultural appreciation: The letters of Madame de Sévigné reveal her wit and civilization.
  • cities or populated areas in general, as opposed to unpopulated or wilderness areas: The plane crashed in the jungle, hundreds of miles from civilization.
thank you, @ dictionary.com

what makes America attractive to people from other countries, other cultures, IS our level of sophistication of civilization; our high level of advancement in most areas of importance to a life well lived is here -- from the culture, itself, to the sciences, to the extent of individual and collective industry, to the standard of living, to the very ability to advance in society as an individual, to the highest level of health care in the world and fully available from sea to shining sea. We got it all going on, in America.

The illegal immigrants are leaving a less-civilized society and coming to America to reap her benefits, like a parasite (just keepin' it real, as always, here on the old g thang).  

SO here's a refresher -- as I know this girl has said just so many times before -- 

By definition, a parasite is "an organism that lives in or on an organism of another species (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other's expense." 

Yes, organism -- as in something best defined as "an individual animal, plant, or single-celled life form; it's synonyms include: living thing, being, creature, animal, plant, structure, life form, entity, body; it's also recognized as the material structure of an individual life form.

thank you @ Google search

There used to be a requirement for ALL immigrants coming to America to have, in place, a host -- someone who would take full responsibility for all costs, all needs, including shelter, healthcare, and welfare in every way, until such time the immigrant could fully assimilate into civilization, the American culture, on their own.

Now -- however -- the individual host mandate has been foolishly replaced by government, like that in California.   And democrats are leading this charge.

Now, illegal immigrants who illegally break the law and cross our border, human traffic, leech government resources, assault border patrol, run roughshod over every law, rule, stipulation to comply, let alone be responsible enough to show up for your very own asylum hearing,  get a pass?!  Are you serious?  All the while, American taxpayers, who can't afford a damn thing anymore being trillions of dollars in debt --not counting personal debt -- have to foot the bill?  Are you serious?  

As the world turns, in America --  as we keep kicking the can down the road, as we keep kicking ourselves up the politically correct butt, as we keep kicking it via the social media mayhem of the world we have created, as we keep kicking it towards the total absence of individual liberty through wanton socialist dreams --  there will come a day when we will all wake up and America will be a civilization that once was.  We will be kicked to smithereens and six feet under; the only trace will live inside the  history books, and right alongside Greece and Rome, under the heading of fallen civilizations we have known and loved. 

what a kick in the derriere...
just a euphemistic term for a person's buttocks :)   
just can't stop google searching definitions...
somebody, make it stop.


so this is where we all must take a knee on the sidelines, letting it all just happen right before our very eyes?  Are you serious?

NO.  Not on my watch.

Oh @HerschelWalker !  -- thank you for lighting a fire under this girl this morning!   I love you, man!

To all my muses of the morning -- Herschel, Tucker, The Patriot Post, Dictionary dot com, Google...put it all together and it's just another day the old G thing kicks it out of the park (and apparently, it's also the same day she lost her humility somewhere along the way, not sorry...teehee)

Make it a Good Day, G

Friday, June 7, 2019

It's a D Day all about the WE Thing

Dear America,

THE PRESIDENT:  President Macron, Mrs. Macron, and the people of France; to the First Lady of the United States and members of the United States Congress; to distinguished guests, veterans, and my fellow Americans:

We are gathered here on Freedom’s Altar.  On these shores, on these bluffs, on this day 75 years ago, 10,000 men shed their blood, and thousands sacrificed their lives, for their brothers, for their countries, and for the survival of liberty.

Today, we remember those who fell, and we honor all who fought right here in Normandy.  They won back this ground for civilization.

To more than 170 veterans of the Second World War who join us today: You are among the very greatest Americans who will ever live.  You’re the pride of our nation.  You are the glory of our republic.  And we thank 

you from the bottom of our hearts.  (Applause.)

Here with you are over 60 veterans who landed on D-Day.  Our debt to you is everlasting.  Today, we express our undying gratitude.

[we interrupt this fine address, to offer you a link to the full transcript, go here]

Now continuing with one of my personal favorite excerpts:

Down on the beach, Captain Joe Dawson, the son of a Texas preacher, led Company G through a minefield to a natural fold in the hillside, still here.  Just beyond this path to my right, Captain Dawson snuck beneath an enemy machine gun perch and tossed his grenades.  Soon, American troops were charging up “Dawson’s Draw.”  What a job he did.  What bravery he showed.

teehee...only those close to me will ever know how funny this truly is.

Continuing... really like this part, too:

9,388 young Americans rest beneath the white crosses and Stars of David arrayed on these beautiful grounds.  Each one has been adopted by a French family that thinks of him as their own.  They come from all over France to look after our boys.  They kneel.  They cry.  They pray.  They place flowers.  And they never forget.  Today, America embraces the French people and thanks you for honoring our beloved dead.  Thank you.  (Applause.)  Thank you.  Thank you

And of course, there is the make the world great again perfect ending:

Seven decades ago, the warriors of D-Day fought a sinister enemy who spoke of a thousand-year empire.  In defeating that evil, they left a legacy that will last not only for a thousand years, but for all time — for as long as the soul knows of duty and honor; for as long as freedom keeps its hold on the human heart.

To the men who sit behind me, and to the boys who rest in the field before me, your example will never, ever grow old.  (Applause.)  Your legend will never tire.  Your spirit — brave, unyielding, and true — will never die.

The blood that they spilled, the tears that they shed, the lives that they gave, the sacrifice that they made, did not just win a battle.  It did not just win a war.  Those who fought here won a future for our nation.  They won the survival of our civilization.  And they showed us the way to love, cherish, and defend our way of life for many centuries to come.

Today, as we stand together upon this sacred Earth, we pledge that our nations will forever be strong and united.  We will forever be together.  Our people will forever be bold.  Our hearts will forever be loyal.  And our children, and their children, will forever and always be free.

May God bless our great veterans.  May God bless our Allies.  May God bless the heroes of D-Day.  And may God bless America.  Thank you.  (Applause.)  Thank you very much.

Well done, Mr. President, well done.

Not one "I" .... As opposed to President Obama's address, given on D- Day's 70th anniversary, when he invokes the great spirit of I, I, I, at least a dozen times.  See for your own eyes, here.  

The thing is -- indulge me --  as this girl is just making a good point, considering the mainstream American media insists that this president of ours is the most narcissistic we've ever had...like, really?  really? 

I'm honored, 
I received, 
although I know, 
I want each of you, 
I want you to know, 
where I first met, 
as I was landing, 
I told my staff, 
I don't think,
 I, I, I....
sure don't miss the I-guy, just sayin'

Do you think there is any possibility that the mainstream left-winged media will ever entertain this kind of comparison?  I think not.

Trump is all about the we, because, as an American, himself, he aims to proudly represent WE the people, as a whole and united.  And his address speaks for itself, for he spoke respective of his small place in history, and left himself out of it, entirely.  well done, Mr. President, well done.

and now, my work is done.

Make it a Good Day, G

Sunday, June 2, 2019

It's a B to the G fit to a T Thing

Dear America,

"God, Home and Country"


so yesterday, my DAR chapter celebrated its final meeting until the fall; for all intents and purposes, we go dark just when the sun is shining its brightest.  

to honor the last meeting, the intention was to invite someone who would simply inspire us to keep up the good fight, to remind us of who we are and what we do, and send us on our way --  as we all go our separate ways -- with the same kind of spirit and enthusiasm as the year began.   Our speaker was lined up months in advance -- because she is just that special.

Who knew, that from the time we booked her in early January,  that it would cap off such an emotional year, a springtime entrenched in melancholy and loss of one of our own, one of our very best, one of our very brightest.  It was as if the sun, itself, went down, and out, for good.

The chapter was awfully thirsty by the time Chaplain LaToya Zavala LT. USN, made her appearance.

....we didn't even realize how parched.

and what comes to mind when we hear the word parched...
perhaps arid, scorched, withered, and dry -- yes, dry as dust --  a desert comes to mind...yes, yes, lost in the desert.  Thirsty, so so thirsty.

About a month out, she asked of what kind of presentation we were looking for, and we exchanged emails to that end and I forgot all about it.  But lo and behold, just how did she open her remarks on the day?  Poking a little fun at the tall order -- and hearing her tell it, continues to make me giggle still twenty four hours later. For I had asked her to speak of the DAR motto, to motivate the troops after such a blistering spring, and springboard us into summer with enough fire in our bellies to come back in October with bells on and ringing mightily...all in fifteen minutes, LaToya would add.   yeah, yeah, that was the funny part.

And, have to admit, it was all true.  I asked her to move mountains, to bring us out of the desert -- to bring a presentation like no other presentation that's come before, and complete the mission in fifteen minutes.  

And guess what?


In real life, LaToya personifies the NSDAR motto to a T.

GOD:  By trade, she is a chaplain -- BA in Pastoral Theology, with a minor in Biblical Languages, and Master of Divinity, with post-graduate work in Clinical Pastoral Education...and, after joining the Navy, with tours of duty around the world, she is currently stationed at Camp Pendleton, serving the pastoral needs of our fine marines.   They are so lucky to have her loving council everyday.

HOME:  Per her bio, Chaplain LaToya is happily married and mother of two, while on the cusp of receiving an adoption, thereby expanding her home and family to the power of five, or maybe six (considering they are open to receiving siblings).  And what a joy it must be to have LaToya as a mother, that's all I have to say.  Scratch that.  It's not all -- for this woman radiates pure divinity and grace, all the while keeping at the ready a certain boldness, strength, and command; and this is precisely what it takes to do the good works of motherhood, if you intend to do it well.

COUNTRY:  This speaks for itself; there is a clear love of country when you are willing to give your  own life in its security and protection.  She is so bold in this arena of defending our nation, this country, she swore to the following oath: 
"I, _____ (SSAN), having been appointed an officer in the _____ (Military Branch) of the United States, as indicated above in the grade of _____ do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservations or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter; So help me God."
so help me GOD. indeed indeed.

LaToya IS  God, IS Home, IS Country, all wrapped up in a beautiful, joyful, compassionate and passionate, package.

Our chapter was so blessed to have her for a day.

LaToya moved us from the start, declaring just how much our culture has marginalized our relationship with God, placing this relationship with our Creator, generally speaking, firmly into something less-than, parched by the ever-increasing secular dominance of toning down our faith as a way of co-existing.   It's as if we carelessly say, oh It's around, this God, but essentially, we can't abide by the commandments of our faith when it comes to the day to day.  And above all, we have to be quiet about It.

It's as if, culturally, we are allowed to recognize God, but not really; God is just up there, in the heavens somewhere away from here.  But maybe we shouldn't even be so bold as to say that.  Perhaps, we must tone it down even a wee bit more, and refer to this thing, this so-called feeling of  God, as merely something divine that may, or may not be, high above, that may, or may not, lead us; and just maybe we give this something the glory only when we feel like it.

OH and she is so right.

From my Jesus Calling, just this morning:  

"Relax in My Healing, holy Presence.  Be still while I transform your heart and mind... Do not be like the Pharisees who multiplied regulations, creating their own form of  'godliness.'  They got so wrapped up in their own rules that they lost sight of Me.  Even today, man-made rules about how to live the Christian life enslave many people.  Their focus is on their performance, rather than on Me.  It is through knowing Me intimately that you become like Me.  This requires spending time alone with Me.  Let go, relax, be still, and know that I am God."

LaToya -- the one who fits the DAR motto to a T -- hit this very reality of a certain cultural conformity to a watered down version of our faith in God, with a capital G, to a capital T, and then some.

Within the first five -- of the paltry fifteen minutes I gave her -- we found ourselves screaming shouts of joy and thanksgiving to our faith, to our God.  And it was good, so GOOD.

From one of my favorite books, Real Christianity, by William Wilberforce -- 

"To place the glory of anything over the glory of God is idolatry...Whatever draws our heart from Him, engrosses our minds or holds the number one spot in our affection is an idol.  Only God is to be the object of our supreme worship...
At the risk of repeating myself, let me point out the false thinking that exists about the nature of authentic faith.  True faith is something that so pervades our lives that it affects everything we do.  It is a matter of the heart, where its reality becomes our supreme influence.  It seeks to root out anything that is contrary to its truth and attempts to bring all the heart's desires and affections under control."
The Pharisees got so wrapped up in their own rules that they lost sight of Me...

True faith is something that so pervades our lives that it affects everything we do.

We were a thirsty bunch, indeed. 

The thing is:  It took someone completely outside our bubble to wake us, enliven our spirits once more, and remind us of the good we do and from where it all comes.  With a splash of  water here, and a splash of water there, suddenly a room once brimming with weary faces, came alive again simply by being within earshot of a gentle fountain of faith, trickling up with the fundamentals and the ideals back behind our motto, carrying on with nothing short of exuberance while flashing a smile a mile wide. 

And considering our group is more amenable to these ideals in the first place --  as in, she was preaching to the choir -- it just goes to show that even the best of us need fresh sustenance, a daily dose of manna for the road ahead.

If it's not us declaring to God be the Glory, then what gives us any hope for any kind of future?

Our nation's own history proves, without a shadow of a doubt, that we, as a people, were so full of faith, that we declared it everywhere!   We gave God the glory on buildings, like court houses and municipalities; we gave God the glory in schools, allowing time set aside for personal prayers; we gave God the glory, and printed, as such, on our money, ensuring that God received the credit for our abundance and every good thing, as we exchanged money for goods and services.

Just look at what is happening now -- freedom from religion has usurped the value and security of the greatest, fundamental freedom, the greatest ideal, for which America stands. This freedom from religion nonsense claims "to promote nontheism and defend the constitutional separation between religion and government...."   When what they really want to do is dismantle our very foundation of God, Home and Country, from which America was made...albeit naturally, organically, and with bold reverence!

So are we to believe, that for a country founded on religious freedom, a separation from the Church of England controlling our lives, by taxation and otherwise, we are to cease being mindful of, and exercising, our true faith in God?  That we can only be religious at night, behind closed doors, or better still, in the dark?

When, the fact remains -- if in reference to a people of authentic faith -- there is to be no separation from this God in our daily life; what becomes unconstitutional, then,  is the masking of our faith, the hiding in the shadows of our faith.   Just what do you think will happen, once this butchery of our history,  our beliefs, our founding principles, takes hold without regret?  [Just for the record, all self-righteousness set aside, we are seeing it with our own eyes as we speak.]


Truth is, "[W]hen the cement that has held a nation together no longer exists, the state soon dissolves into anarchy."  just another little something from Real Christianity...

God MUST come first, for this relationship is not only the most important, it gives us the foundation, the strength, the stillness, the peace, the home and country -- fit to make our way in the every day, every moment of the day, whether called to the needs of home or country.  

God centers us, and fills us, overflowing,  with everything we need, fit to meet every hope, every dream, every need -- every everyday concern for goodness sake --  with bells on, and ringing mightily, madly, deeply.

For God so loved the world; for God IS the Creator of all the world, of all things, seen and unseen.

It is Sunday.  And it is a good. 

And my heart is full -- thanks to the reservoir of this clay jar -- me -- being filled to the brim through positive words of encouragement based in faith in God.  So, to LaToya, my muse, goes my gratitude. 

But even LaToya would surely agree, that it is To God -- Savior, King of Kings, Jehovah, Creator of ALL Things, fit to a T with a capital G --  Be the Glory, Forever and Forever.  amen.

this is just my blog to the G, fit to a T, Thing.  amen.

Make it a Good Day, G