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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dear America,

Top of a Tuesday morning to you --

and boy have we hit rock bottom when we disenfranchise the troops from voting; it's not their fault the primary election was later than usual, and yet even with an extension granted, America's hot spot of New York continues to place true, blue democracy in harm's way, leaving void the voice of the few and the proud wishing for both a ballot and perhaps a good steak.

Dear New York: if we can air missile in a pop star like Jessica Simpson for just a song, then I do believe there's a way to airlift ballots by the duffel bag -- overnight.  Matter of fact, I'm sure, if you asked nicely, FedEx would offer their services and get the write off.  But to leave these guys and dolls hanging out there in the dust with no vote is simply wrong.  Do something about this, please.  Sincerely, and thanking my lucky stars I don't live there, G.
Then there's this,

"well do you have any evidence that it's not, Bob?" 

snapped an Axelrod to a Schiffer on Sunday; he was responding like the political punk that he is to a question with a question.  Got to love the effort to dig a little deeper after that with the rhetorical question,

"is that the best that you can do?"

The great thing about news, and it travels fast, is that we not only get it in a timely fashion -- we get it; we can replay the tape over and over, we can recall what he said, she said from two days ago, from a week ago, from late last year, with just a tap on the old keyboard. In an instant we are reminded of our inherent ability to put the story, and all it's varied and sordid pieces, together.  Bing!

The left seems to be under the impression that we don't care, or even wonder about, where they get THEIR money; if I didn't know any better, I would call their behavior acting stupidly...thinking that we might possibly be what, so stupid.  But you go ahead, and put out there the "questionable activity" of "foreign money" bleeding into the GOP coffers, go ahead; go ahead and call out the Chamber of Commerce for it's alleged illicit handling of private and corporate donations...

This is exactly why we have the non-disclosure act in the first place -- to protect from intimidation -- which at every chance and in every breath you seem to solidify the very cause.  Keep it up.

But how low can you go?  You really want to go there -- because if we go down that fox hole, we can just have that hand-to-hand combat that our president seems chomping at the bit to start,  right now.  I'll show you mine if you show me yours, deal?   May the better, above board, man (or girl) win.

And this president of ours, when he lashes out against the Chamber like that, doesn't he get that he's attacking us -- the moms and pops of this world who keep all of America afloat?  The Chamber, and all of it's members, represents everyday Americans -- and now he's basically accusing us of illegal fundraising and distribution????  Are you kidding me?  Especially after the left has looked high and low to find proof -- and can't find it. 

And why does the left want to control everything anyway?  Who cares who, where, what, when really -- all is fair in love and war, and may the best team win.  Let's get back to arguing on the merits, shall we? (oh that's right, you can't, so sad)

Not to mention, let's see just who fills the coffers of the DNC or the online donations of a president elect -- who has no idea how to use a play station or mp3 -- but somehow manages scoring millions via the Internet during his campaign?   How about union dues being commingled into a candidate of a certain age and destiny, without permission or approval from all of it's members -- or the donations made under the cover of darkness through auxiliary entities spanning the globe via the Center for American Progress, or the Tides Foundation, or any of the umpteen organizations of George Soros?

Yeah, let's follow the money trail, shall we?

Speaking of hitting rock bottom desperation, out here in California, we are about to enter the magical mystery tour come November 2, with legalizing pot -- oh, like it's for all the money we'll make in taxation, making it quite possible to, overnight, have the potential to solve all our worries as if all of our prayers our answered.  right. and if you believe that, I have a hundred acres on the side of a hill ripe for the picking.

Oh, but just who has already jumped into the fray?  The Teamsters.  The unions have already struck a deal with the medical marijuana facilities up and down the state; when Californians get dooped in three weeks -- and by all appearances seems we will-- our deficit funding fix will have already been taking over by the legal and highly organized crime of The Teamsters; only fitting for an idea steeped in controversy from the start -- suffice it to say, I sense this marriage seals a certain fate.  Mayday Mayday, we've been hit ...Good bye, from California, for we are doomed.

And really, why should the collective unionized labor party win on this one -- why can't we leave this to the principles of Free Enterprise and let everybody have a piece of the pie, vying for supremacy and market share?  If we're going to do it, why not get the junk bond on Wall Street and let everybody have a crack at it? But I digress.

Just in case anyone out there really cares, the idea behind Prop. 19 may have had all the good intentions in the world (they always do, you know), but it is simply flawed through and through; the measure does not mitigate the actual use of the law on behalf of the State of California -- matter of fact, it allows for a somewhat patchwork of controls, through localized efforts and bounties, without real state functionality and organization.  In simple simon scenarios across the board, the state gets nada, nothing, zilch, no dinero.

and if that wasn't enough to make you choke on the smoke and mirrors, then how about the lack of foresight of the unintended consequences --the ability for every resident to grow 25 sq. feet of the weed, or the inability for employers to fire an employee under the influence -- or even give a drug test upon hire, or how about the blatant oversight of controlling who gets behind the wheel of a car, after they've inhaled, there's no legislation to guide or process this kind of under the influence whatsoever.  And, of course, what about the kids?  And go figure, we can no longer TALK/TEXT while driving, as it's illegal, but go ahead and hit that bong before getting behind the wheel, that's cool...

But now here's the real kicker -- we have to keep in mind, Marijuana is still considered an illegal drug under federal law; what happens if California pulls rank on this one? 

The thing is, according to little old G (and hear me out..), I hope we do (even though I really don't) pass this idiotic measure.


It will give precedence, again, for the actions of a state to test the federal government -- like as in Arizona.  Will The Fed swoop in and say, no, you can't trump a federal law -- not that Arizona did -- they only aligned with it ( ...details reek-tales...smoke this ) But will the justice department come raging into CA armed with subpoenas and lawsuits as they did in AZ? 

No matter if they do or don't, me thinks we are on the verge of a political, economical, astronomical firestorm on our hands.  We will be in the courts fighting this one, from the inside out, from the outside in, it doesn't really matter; as if California didn't already have enough to flit away our dreams and future, we could go bankrupt on simply the improper vetting of a law gone bad, even before we've had a chance, "in theory", to make a few extra bucks...after union vigs and all. (oh, and did I mention, everyday gang activity would only be further heightened, fully exasperated and lethal enemy number two all along the way. good times.)

Nothing good can possibly come out of the foxhole looking good when starting out with all the elements of something bad: bad behavior, reckless accusations, total turnabout is fair play, low blows and high throws, or just plum stupidity in action,  -- whether it's an idea, a miscalculation of election days, making up stories about improper foreign money, or legalizing a crazy good head spinning mind-alternating substance; nothing good can come out.

And that folks, just comes naturally -- kinda like oregano -- seeded under the law of cause and effect; any resemblance to a federal or state law is simply a coincidence -- while it invariably has nothing to do with what we get in return.

Oh my.
Sometimes the only thing we can do in a foxhole is pray...let's leave it at that today.

Make it a Good Day, G

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