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Friday, September 30, 2011

It's a Demias Jimerson Rule Thing

Dear America,

oh my word, TGIF!

G just heard from someone near and dear to her heart -- after thinking I lost her for good.

Wow.  How things, feelings, moods, can change in just an instant, no?

But THIS isn't about that.

Until this very moment my heart has been heavy.  And not without real reason --

between the ceaseless, reprehensible attacks against those of us akin to the hearts and minds and solutions of the Tea Party Movement...

between the strange surge in attacks against Christianity through sweeping cultural changes by legislation and regulation to the desperate, rogue attempt after a well meaning 'bless you' following a sneeze...

America's loving, compassionate, tolerable pulse --  most often exemplified by our widespread and prolific Judeo-Christian heritage, through the teachings and philosophy built upon universal values and principles passed down to us from the pillars of great civilizations far and wide (Jerusalem, Athens and Rome) -- is gasping for air.

and then along came an eleven year old.

just makes a heart melt, doesn't he?

"God, grades, touchdowns."  In that order, the reporter sums it up.

this is the age of redistribution of the wealth even on the football field.   The establishment must curtail the natural ability to blow the competition away, and restrict the number of touchdowns this pee-wee football star can make.  It is more fair this way, they say... you know, for the other players who are less talented and less able to do what Demias Jimerson can do.

but just get a load of this kid's response....is that not beautiful, or what?

But little did we know (until today) what we thought to be the latest version of a Mao Rule, a Marxist Rule, a Lenin Rule, a Che Rule, and currently morphing into a made for the twenty first century, Buffet Rule -- has yet another household name for easy brand recognition:  The Madre Hill Rule.

We are so obsessed with making things "fair" for everyone (or is it controlling everyone), we are now making overt requests to dumb ourselves down, calling for refrain, based upon a brand new premise for fundamental transformation, that being: everything NOT equal.    Get it? in direct opposition of the foundation laid out in our Declaration of Independence.  But I digress.

How about we get a grassroots action committee together to emphasize "The Demias Jimerson Rule" ?

Go big, little pee wee, go big!  Score -- as many times as you can; for after all,  football is a sport --  and more than that, it is a competition!  why should this little guy hold back?  Somebody find him a sponsor...

Oh. Right.   He's already beholden of the Highest and Best Sponsor known to man:   The Almighty Rule [made little man and personified by name as Demias Jimerson].

AND    I     DARE     one of his teachers to come out and tell him he can't praise his Lord. I would be first in line for that ticket.

Besides this day already showing signs of a revival...with the reuniting with a soul sister -- this Demias Jimerson story just makes my heart sing even more.  It's enough to think it just might carry me into the weekend and back to a maudlin monday morning with a certain lightness of being ... just in case I had any residual doubt still stirring.

Make it a Good Day, G

AND speaking of some  old  commies, I mean, going on the offensive --

read THIS...
oh okay, Van Jones... "you're going to see an American fall, an American autumn, just like we saw the Arab spring. You can see it right now with these young people on Wall Street. Hold onto your hats. We're going to have an October offensive to take back the American dream and to rescue America's middle class."


Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's the Evolution of a Lie -- or Two -- Thing

Dear America,

so, for just a wee bit of follow up from yesterday:

For all of you who would not vote for Herman Cain -- left and right alike -- and drawing upon conclusions The Left has already made for us -- consider yourself a racist if you do not like Herman Cain.


That's not fair... how idiotic is that logic...
Yes. Indeed.  It does sound incredibly asinine, doesn't it?

And yes.  I am speaking more directly to The Left.

For this is the kind of stupidity coming out of that camp.  It has been used against conservatives for so long now, most of you -- left will hunting -- don't even recognize how reee dee Q lous it really is.  But every morning, you all gather around the fire singing the same old tune, while unknowingly trapping any possibility for a true leap forward, killing it for the rest of us, and then eating it for breakfast.  [who is being the neanderthal now, huh?]

This is normal for The Left -- the side who lives and breathes on the side of gin masters and demagoguery.  Having learned these skills from the professional, self-righteous community leaders past and present, everything is about the next score, the next battle, the next trap, the next line of attack.  Using age-old strategies of divide and conquer, the means to an end are not only totally irrelevant, but without limitation -- do whatever, say whatever, as anything goes, while the more you pile it on the better.  And most important, let us not forget: never let a crisis go to waste... even if you have to invent one first.

Nothing is by accident.  Every thing has a purpose.  The entire animal gets thrown on the spit, and then ravenously chewed up -- or, it gets rigged into something else, retooled for another use, and used up in every way known to man.  Not even the vultures stand a chance to profit.

And now -- albeit a rare occurrence with such intensity and force -- we are witnessing a presidency go down in flames.

And to think, it's one of their own. [puts a whole new dimension on eating their young, doesn't it]

It's funny -- the world in not flat --  the chosen one is not real -- and all while the wisdom back of creating yet another racial firestorm out of recycled kindling, built upon one false premise after another, reinforced with the recent flash up featuring a Morgan Freeman narration no less, has backfired.

But the thing is, that ain't the worst of it.

Word in town screams deeper, wider, broader issues -- far greater than anything we could even imagine; for the hoodwinks of an entire political party is lighting up from within.

For Quick Flicks, this is what's stirring:

Herman CAIN: addressing the African-American community, claiming a fair amount of brainwashing...

Maxine WATERS: addressing comments made by the president, "who is he talking to..."

Tina BROWN: addressing the Morning Joe, "...he wasn't ready..."

Oh, but I thought Tina worshiped the guy, like he was her new bronze sun god, or something...

From November 2008:

"This has been an election full of magic. White Magic that only the black man from everywhere and nowhere could perform. Even his adored grandmother dying on the eve of the victory had a mythic feeling of completion to it in a candidacy full of signs and symbols. Remember the three-point basketball shot when he played with the soldiers in Kuwait? It’s as if Obama is the prince who lifts the curse in a fairy story, a curse that began eight years ago with an election wrenched away from the rightful winner and begetting as a consequence the wrathful visitation of tragedy and wars and hurricanes and economic collapse."

and I dare you to read the rest: yes you can.

Oh my was he ever lifted onto a golden pedestal, huh?

Or was he?

Perhaps he was already there -- all it took was a little black magic to have us all believe in him the way he believes in himself.

After reading a quick draw report on The Daily Bell -- Is Obama on the Way Out? -- citing real trouble down under, in the underbelly of a president, my immediate reaction was to say it isn't so and brush it off -- for the story seemed too outlandish for even for The DB.  way.

But after tapping upon the windows to the world for a spell, Fellowship of the Minds adds the fifth dimension sorely needed, offering us this account of Wayne Madsen's Report [WMR]...

Quoting Wayne's world directly, the fellowship goes quickly to note this:
"WMR has previously reported on Obama’s narcissistic personality and how it has adversely affected his leadership capabilities as president. Obama’s day usually begins by his conducting “vanity searches” on Google to see how he is being treated by both the main stream media and political blogs. When he encounters negative articles, Obama flies off the handle in a rage punctuated by the use of foul language, according to sources close to the White House. Obama is reportedly totally obsessed with how the media is covering him."
G footnote: leaving the print The Fellowship delineated in red, red.

Now, I tend to agree with The Daily Bell's disclosure:  "We have no idea whether Madsen's reporting is accurate or not. We have, however, noticed the beginnings of what we believe to be a subdominant social theme – that Obama is not an effective president and that he will lose the upcoming election."

G's other foot dropping: rumor has it Wayne Madsen is in hiding for fear of his life (running from the real or imagined Obama boot chasing him -- and no doubt clinging to his innate survival of the fittest skills to save himself).

The thing is, the evolution of a presidency, the young prince of peace, the chosen one who seemed to have come down out of the heavens to save America (if not the whole entire world)  is revealing it's own twisted natural progression.   Come hell or high water -- whether ill prepared or entirely misguided --  the attributes that no longer work for our highest good... to lift society... to progress, to profit, to rebuild, to restore all that we are... these things ultimately  just go away.

And now we are witnessing  -- in fits and spurts all over the place (a daily occurrence on G Thing) -- even the media seems right there and ready to help in speeding up the process.

America is losing confidence in this president [good explanation of this, go to the founder of BET, Robert Johnson].  Let the official unraveling begin.

But I am inclined to believe he never had real, authentic confidence in himself to begin with -- and that's how it starts, doesn't it.  (not askin')

Barack Hussein Obama has lived a life built entirely upon false assumptions and untruths, while personally struggling to mend the split personalities and multiple dimensions within -- by color, by culture, by religion -- and each exposing, if not testing, the true depth of his national allegiances.  The prince of uncommon arrogance, narcissistic tendencies, fueled by raging hatred dating back to childhood and told in his own words within his memoirs, is spiraling into another world of his own making.

Begging the question, if he IS so smart, why didn't he see this coming?  How could he not know that he would be under the microscope from day one and every day thereafter? 

Being the very creator of a campaign built upon facebook and twitter and everything grassroots and Obama Spring -- how could the circulation and syndication and publication of every little thing he does, pro or con,  throw him off so? 

A truly confident man would be totally unaffected.

The narrative will progress to show this man, this prince, the way out.

So here's an idea:  how about we just drop Herman Cain into the Oval Office right now and save us all the trouble?  [Which immediately leads me to wonder about this girl: OMG

Make it a Good Day, G

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's Wrong, It's Vile, It's a Man-Made Continental Divide Thing

Dear America,

Which candidate is leading in the GOP primary polls?

Florida Straw Poll
37% of the vote.

28% of the vote.

see positive intensity rating...

And yet contrary to the popular belief that truly counts in a primary,  the 21st century continental divide downshifts anyway:

Here's Morgan Freeman, speaking to Piers Morgan:

"Their stated policy, publicly stated, is to do whatever it takes to see to it that Obama only serves one term...What underlines that? 'Screw the country. We're going to do whatever we can to get this black man outta here...It is a racist thing."

How about you get your facts straight, Mr. Freeman. Just how can you be so vile and so wrong while being so loved by so many all at the same time?  Up until now, in my experience, simply hearing your voice made me melt.  And now look what you've done.  This makes me so sad.

It's a policy thing; it's a push back against a redistribution of the wealth thing; it's a smack down against the socialist thing; and ah, just to be clear, for who are we kiddin', it's a racist thing just sayin' the Tea Party is a 'racist thing.'  

but nothing like getting the official response directly from the man of the hour, right.

And just last night, we gleaned a glimpse of another possible candidate (make that two) of perhaps another place and time (or two):

"In 2004, Illinois State Senator Barack Obama gave us a window into his vision for American leadership. He said, “Now even as we speak, there are those who are preparing to divide us — the spin masters, the negative ad peddlers who embrace the politics of ‘anything goes.’ Well, I say to them tonight, there is not a liberal America and a conservative America — there is the United States of America. There is not a Black America and a White America and Latino America and Asian America — there’s the United States of America.”

Now, seven years later, President Obama prepares to divide our nation to achieve re-election. This is not a leadership style, this is a re-election strategy. Telling those who are scared and struggling that the only way their lives can get better is to diminish the success of others. Trying to cynically convince those who are suffering that the American economic pie is no longer a growing one that can provide more prosperity for all who work hard. Insisting that we must tax and take and demonize those who have already achieved the American Dream. That may turn out to be a good re-election strategy for President Obama, but is a demoralizing message for America. What happened to State Senator Obama? When did he decide to become one of the “dividers” he spoke of so eloquently in 2004? There is, of course, a different choice."  Chris Christie

Yes, Governor Christie, just what happened to THIS Barack Obama?  Was he the candidate for the UNITED States of America before he was the sitting president against it?  What a fraud.  What a shame. 
Didn't he mean it when he called for us to be one nation undivided, acting without some kind of deep-seated, color coded, hidden agenda pitting one faction against another?  Didn't he mean it when he called upon us to come together right now?

Does it really make me a racist simply by not agreeing with THIS president's policy, as the liberal media and Hollywood would have us all believe?   What year is this?  Are we truly progressing?  Are we?

Herman Cain is on the rise and it ain't due to the color of his skin.  
HE speaks on behalf of not only the Tea Party enthusiasts, but to the majority of Americans who are clinging to the notion of a fundamental return to sanity.  
HE speaks in terms of the common man -- chock full of common sense --  because he is one.  
HE speaks his truth because he lives by it -- while his truth seems very much like yours and mine.  
HE speaks and we are beginning to listen because the liberal media does not control how conservatives think, for we think for ourselves.

Herman Cain is on the rise because he is exceptional, and holds to conservative principles better than any other candidate on the stage alongside him.

Yes, he is a black man from humble American beginnings.  There is that.  How admirable.

Yes, he does not come with political experience.  There is that.  How refreshing.

But more than anything else, I trust him.
The republican establishment is compelled to quash all possibility of a real run because HE REALLY IS different.  
While the Left -- the mainstream media and loudmouth's perpetuating liberal lies far and wide (just thinkin' of people like Morgan Freeman, Michael Moore, Jeannine Garafolo, to name a few)  -- is sensing a real change underfoot, and it makes them scared.  
The authentic grassroots revival of a campaign for a real live, conservative African-American scares the living daylights out of them and sends them into chaos -- for how in the world would they be able to use the racial divide as their shining line of attack?  And to that end, the methodology of UNITING the people before DIVIDING the people, also shows no merit (and from a president, no less).

"Our bi-partisan accomplishments in New Jersey have helped to set a tone that has taken hold across many other states. It is a simple but powerful message–lead on the tough issues by telling your citizens the truth about the depth of our challenges. Tell them the truth about the difficulty of the solutions. This is the only effective way to lead in America during these times.
In Washington, on the other hand, we have watched as we drift from conflict to conflict, with little or no resolution.

We watch a president who once talked about the courage of his convictions, but still has yet to find the courage to lead.

We watch a Congress at war with itself because they are unwilling to leave campaign style politics at the Capitol’s door. The result is a debt ceiling limitation debate that made our democracy appear as if we could no longer effectively govern ourselves.

And still we continue to wait and hope that our president will finally stop being a bystander in the Oval Office. We hope that he will shake off the paralysis that has made it impossible for him to take on the really big things that are obvious to all Americans and to a watching and anxious world community.
Yes, we hope. Because each and every time the president lets a moment to act pass him by, his failure is our failure too" just more from the Governor
We like "the idea of" and "the words of" a Chris Christie for the same reason we like Cain. 
Put straight talk with common sense together -- and you have a winner -- no matter the color of their skin or even, dare I say, really big and fat.  
It's magical, really.

This may surprise the left side of the man-made divide, but I know I am not alone when I look to Martin Luther King Jr. who said it best:
"I look to a day 
when people will not be judged 
by the color of their skin, 
but by the content of their character."
I have that dream, too... and just look at me... a white girl, a conservative, a card carrying republican, on this day in the life of an American girl.

Make it a Good Day, G

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's Just Another House Divided Thing

Dear America,

so awhile back, I was viciously attacked -- by someone within my own family circle, by the way -- for having and holding deep seated, fundamentally, diametrically, different beliefs than theirs.  Just for having the different point of view was reason alone for being the target of unhinged, and totally unsolicited, remarks.

I responded in the best way I know how -- and spoke up.  I didn't fall into the despair; I didn't shudder in the smacks of criticism across the proverbial face.

But make no mistake, in the privacy of my own home, I did cry.

I cried and cried and cried.

And then I spoke up.

I wrote back; directly and privately, I responded with my whole heart, thoughtfully and determined to stand up for myself and my beliefs.

I wrote back.

But, lo and behold, communicating didn't make it stop, while my feelings were ignored, ridiculed, or dismissed altogether; and only then did I take it to the next level, resorting to feeding my bare naked thoughts to the  blogosphere...albeit metaphorically, but wide open to the public none the less.

And only once; but let me tell you, once was enough.

Let's just say, making it public opened the flood gates (but let me also say, that this isn't about that.  I'm over it already.)

Overall, our public arena has grown even more public -- if you can imagine that!  Everything is out in the open; conversation and commentary that is made hundreds of miles away are visible within mere minutes upon facebook, Twitter, even mass media like Yahoo! and cable news outlets, while the mainstream media keeps up with the tags, links, syndication, and rss feeds automatically, each lining up like little soldiers to get the news out and about as fast they possibly can.  (what a job to keep up with it all, no?)

From the large scene to the itty bitty lives of people like you and me, we live these days totally exposed in every way.  And from a wider angle -- if we have one bad date, perhaps one uncomfortable rift with a girl friend, or make one mistake, it is on.   Online and made note -- and in turn, made everlasting, along with an immediate trail of responses and anonymous commentary to boot.

Basically -- strangely -- nearly everything we do is subject for exposure -- whether we agree with it, are aware of it, want it, or ask for it.

BUT the thing is, if we do it -- if we act, say, think out loud about anything!  -- it becomes fair game.  But more than that, if you invite response in any way, you are culpable.  Whether you thought about it well in advance or not; whether you thought about how it would be received, or not; whether you are open to opposition in any way, or not.

Whether in the micro or the macro, our words are powerful.

Our words are like a boomerang and carry the capacity to bounce right back to us; our words can care, or can hurt; our words can love, or can hate. They hold the power to unite or divide, destroy or create, at any given moment.

Is it enough to recognize that a house divided against itself cannot stand -- or do we actually need to know where these words come?

Abraham Lincoln quoted Jesus -- against the advice of his own good council, by the way -- when addressing the Republican delegates for U.S. Senate (yes, indicating we were also still living in the age when the state legislature decided who would be seated as state representation in the U.S. Senate). But consider this, it was 1858 -- and even then, dropping the 'yea, Jesus' as moral authority to get a message across was highly frowned upon.  For a quick background check and transcript of the "House Divided" speech, go here.

But needless to say, this moment marked only the beginning of a long, hard fight (for both the country and Lincoln); it was merely the precursor before leading us down a weary history of a war of words and ultimately, to a real, live, civil war.  But it was the right thing to do, wasn't it.  Nobody questions the wisdom of a Lincoln standing firm to his beliefs, his faith, and eventually, his call to arms within the full context of good reason.  Nobody.

How do we know what is right and wrong anymore?  What drives our personal authority, within ourselves and in communion with each other, to do the right thing anymore?

The faction of secular progressives would have us all believe that all we need to do is trust our feelings.

Ah, wouldn't that be nice.

And yet, some of us feel more for dolphins, then for the unborn child; some of us feel more for the planet, then fueling the free market with fair and balanced energy and regulation; some of us feel more for radical agendas, then fundamental principles and values this country was made.  We could go all the live long day about how much we feel and find a counter feeling just the same.

But what makes us truly moral, or not?  What is the code, the example, the method of recognizing what is morally the right thing to do -- just where does this kind of conviction come?  Hollywood?  Government?  School?

I have stumbled in the last week; found myself running into obstacles of faith and questioning nearly  everything possible -- as things normally moving forward are now sliding backward --  things usually right side up are now upside down.  Christians, more than any other group in America, are being attacked -- sometimes right out in the open, and at other times, hidden deep into legislation:

Let's quickly link to a few standouts:

The San Juan Capistrano Home Bible Study Police.

Vanderbuilt against Christian Liberty

Catholic Bishops confronting Obamacare

and then I found this, something that just might explain everything.

"Secularism is good for government. But it is terrible for society (though still preferable to bad religion) and for the individual.

One key reason is what secularism does to moral standards. If moral standards are not rooted in God, they do not objectively exist. Good and evil are no more real than "yummy" and "yucky." They are simply a matter of personal preference.

...The heart has replaced God and the Bible as a moral guide.

And now, as Brooks points out, we see the results. A vast number of American young people do not even ask whether an action is right or wrong. The question would strike them as foreign. Why? Because the question suggests that there is a right and wrong outside of themselves. And just as there is no God higher than them, there is no morality higher than them, either."

"Why Young Americans Can't Think Morally", syndicated columnist Dennis Prager, as featured on The Patriot Post.

Don't you love that:  "Good and evil are no more real than 'yummy' and 'yucky'."

The thing is, both in my personal experience and according to the greater community I share, the more The Left insists on burying our freedom of religion, and the free exercise thereof, the more it inspires me to speak up.

Just how in the world can this ONE NATION under GOD, protector of the "free exercise thereof," be here now -- knee deep in religious persecution?

Just how can this land -- creator of Lincoln and Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness for all -- become so consumed in the every day by the growing number of religious descent,  growing more and more visceral, if not totally vitriolic in nature, creating the very conditions for making the house divided?

When it comes to truly living by our faith -- by Divine Providence, if  you will -- what troubles me is that it seems no longer good enough to simply coexist and thereby agree to disagree with each other, and live and let live.  We have somehow ushered in a new era that allows for our differences of religion to be used against us; we have allowed to let in the unimaginable, writing into the unspoken behavioral rules permission to disgrace, ridicule, discredit and destroy anything that still lives and breathes a symbol of faith (but mostly, our Judeo-Christian history).

The house divided is here again.

But put into words we might all understand, it seems to be a pretty 'yucky' time in history.

"It does me no injury 
for my neighbors to say 
there are twenty Gods or no God; 
it neither picks my pocket 
nor breaks my leg."  
Thomas Jefferson

Make it a Good Day, G

Friday, September 23, 2011

It's What Does Jimmy Carter and Two Dogs Got to Do with It Thing...(barf bag not included)

Dear America,

We are just so road weary of being taken for a ride.


Did I take the words right out of your mouth?
...it's like... if we hear one more lie... taste one more nugget of truth out of a bucket of deep fried, over-processed rhetoric  ... witness one more 'but he hit me first'... we just might veer off the side of the road, spin into the ditch, if not, fly over edge of the cliff and plummet to our death all by our self.

something about last night's debate just plum exhausted me --

the only sign of life was the intermittent joke, washed over the crowd in fits and spurts, but hardly often enough to keep the eyes open and the interest piqued.

Beginning with Gingrich who dropped a few ha-ha moments [and accidentally slipping into a remake of Wednesday's blog:  It's Socialism Stupid -- Among Other Things].  Here's Newt, retelling a Reagan era campaign zinger:

"when your neighbor is unemployed, 
we call it a recession. 
when you are unemployed, 
we call it a depression.  
when Jimmy Carter is unemployed, 
we call it a recovery."

good stuff.

..and just as I was beginning to give up on the whole thing (seen it, heard it, tell me something I don't know already...)...we were introduced to another funny guy.

The biggest belly laugh of the night came from a candidate on the fringe, the outskirts, Gary Johnson.  With perfect pitch and inflection... simply letting the dry wit wind float over the crowd.... boom!

"my neighbor's two dogs 
have created more shovel ready jobs 
then this administration." 
badump buh.

good one. although, too bad it wasn't his own work...and you're gonna have to look it up yourself...as I digress...

But poor Gary [fighting the urge to picture SpongeBob's pet snail...], much of his ideas may be falling on deaf ears; but every chance he got, Johnson said the first thing he would do as president would involve immediately balancing the budget -- cutting 43% of everything, pretty much across the board.  [yes, it's bold AND too bad this kind of agenda doesn't stand a chance of survival].

spinning off into something totally unrelated [sort of] -- yesterday, I ventured down the road of contacting someone within the AARP.  Yes, I am approaching the big  Five-Oh, but that doesn't even come close to the real reason for making contact.

I called them to tell them their new ad is deplorable, misguided, disingenuous, and stupid.  yeah, good luck with that G, right?   

Yes, it is bad enough that the first voice you hear (when calling the toll-free number) is Betty White's; that all you hear is Betty's voice -- yes...all the way through it... over the river and through the woods... at each and every prompt that redirects you to the department needed. It's just Betty.  Over and over and over again.  There is that.

But now, with their new ad, AARP is using seniors to preach the living fear into old people, asking everyone to call Washington, to tell them to back off their Medicare and Social Security.  really?  seriously? where was the AARP when Obamacare -- now legally binding -- commits the crime of taking 500 Billion dollars from Medicare to help pay for it?

Where were you then, AAAAAAAAAA R Pathetic?

[rhetorical question...we know who profits greatly with that little stunt] 

But back to living in the now,  NOBODY in their right mind is going to cut benefits to current seniors. Nobody.

[and risking being off message again -- 
did you catch the nods to Fed Ex and Lowe's?
...oh what ever]

The AARP is just peddling yet another lie to serve themselves.

It's like all the pointing of fingers back and forth last night, of the flipping and the flopping on positions -- is this the new AARP not to be confused with the old AARP?   Are you really for Medicare after you were against it?  Will the real AARP please stand up?

I am just sick of it.

The campaign has only just begun and my head is spinning... my stomach is nauseated... I'm feeling dizzy...and I think I'm gonna.............

I am just sick of it; I am beside myself in disappointment, sensing an overwhelming feeling of deja vu, thinking we must be going in circles.

The only thing that is saving me right now -- looking at the field of contenders preparing to go up against The Chosen One --  is this:   The Chosen One sucks more.

and speaking of fits and spurts of nausea, another rumor is being circulated about The First Lady being pregnant (again).  Now this gossip's been dropped on the street before -- nearly on an annual basis -- but who knows, right.  It could be true this time around...whatever ya gotta do to win...whatever you gotta say...whatever you gotta imply...whatever.   It's all just a part of the game.

So where are we?  Is the law of diminishing returns ringing in the next president of the United States?  By all appearances thus far, instead of appreciating in value we seem to be depreciating.

Just where is the classic, made in America, untarnished man (or woman) of steel?
Guess I'm just searchin' for a some kind of real Iaccoca (I mean, miracle) right about now...

Have politics and society reached such a level of corruption, that the one who wins is the one showing the least amount of dings and scratches?  Is that how we decide our fate?

Before I leave today, I want to do a couple of shout-out's for some really good advertising (or is it the sentiment, or is it both??)  Cuz you know... what kind of an American girl would I be if I didn't counter-punch the AARPee BS:

First one:

good,  right.

and given that I mentioned Iacocca, I would be really missing the gotcha-moment if I didn't go to Ford for the next example:

and just in case you ever wondered if the ad is "real" -- watch this:

The thing is, we are -- as citizens -- in keeping of the greatest duty and responsibility in all the land: electing the President of the United States of America.  We have seen what overzealous appeals to the heart of a social justice agenda can do; we have seen what the reality of inexperience mixed with arrogance and narcissism can make; we have seen what the masterful work of false advertising meeting up with a dynamic, young, complicated, community organizer and free radical can create;

NOW, all we want is the truth.

We are finished with all the songs and games and billboards and pokes in the side -- of course, accompanying alongside the ever so annoying and persistent bickering back and forth.

We are done; nauseated and spent in every possible way -- a.k.a. umpteen ways from Sunday -- all we want to do is get there already.

And yet, we still have such a long, long road ahead.

SO happy friday, everyone; I don't know about you, but I'm headed out to stock up on Dramamine, more Advil, and just maybe a little Maker's Mark (G fineprint: the three never to be used at the same time or when venturing behind the wheel). 

Make it a Good Day, G

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's SOCIALISM Stupid, Among Other Things

Dear America,

happy wednesday. (salutations)

we have a new member of the family.  I like to think of her as a just a girl, her name is Charlotte, a day in the life spinning her world wide web called home.  She sits right outside my kitchen window and every morning she coaxes me into believing she means know harm, as I go about my business making coffee.   

It's just Charlotte.

and just so you know, she is HUGE (I would tell her she's fat, to cut back on a fly or two, but where would that lead?  would it change anything? I think not.  And besides --  then, I would not only be feeling her menacing stare down each morn, wondering what on earth is going on in that puffy little head of hers, I would always be looking over my shoulder after she intermittently retreats during the high noon sun).

as Arachnids go, Charlotte is one of the biggest, fat-est, ugliest little things I have laid my eyes on in a long time.  seriously.

I have to think of her as something out of a storybook or nursery rhyme -- for without making a conscious shift convincing myself that she is the sweetest thing ever, I would be totally freaked out!

oh my goodness. oh my goodness. just thinking about her is making me squirm.

It's just Charlotte; there is nothing to be afraid of G...what is the big f*&@ deal?

She is outside -- you are inside.  
She is wheely, wheely whittle -- you are wheely, wheely big.

oh right, and just where the hell am I going with this this morning?

Let's start over.

happy wednesday.

I am just surprised, if not stunned, of how easily we can be swayed, misguided, duped, by simply giving something a new name.

That's it.
Have a nice day, buh-bye.

ah, who am I kidding.  I'm not done.

So apparently, living in the United States of America, circa 2011 -- in the land of the free and home of the brave, creator of jack be nimble and jane be quick, having given birth to self-reliance and the power of one, maker of true liberty and justice for all -- every ideal and principle we have grown to love and adore, shelter and protect, uplift and respect, has been upended, subverted, usurped or come undone.

HOW?  just by giving it a new name.

ahh don't be afraid, it's just Charlotte.

So the behaviors and actions and policies and regulations we used to consider to be acts of socialism, or communism, or Marxism -- spinning and weaving the very ideals we knew in our heart to be economically and culturally overwhelmingly dangerous -- is now just Progressive-ism.    It's no big deal, right?

ahhh, isn't she so sweet.

Truth is, there are some super scary things going on in America, but the scariest of all seems to be our response to it.

we do not multiply wealth by dividing it.

we do not lift people out of poverty by giving them the fish.

we do not make good money after bad.

we do not reap when we do not sow.

we do not make a good day when we do nothing.

we do not create happiness when we think despair.

we do not grow our good when we plant bad seeds.

stop...enough already...we get it.

AND when it comes to the Republic for which we stand:

WE, The People, DO NOT build a strong America when we lower ourselves to the weakest link, punish success, cease to aspire, stop showing up, make excuses, point fingers, divide the populace by propaganda, extinguish all signs of faith in God, and all but eliminate every single founding principle and value. It just can't be done.

We can call it by any name we want to get us through the day; but by the end of the day, don't kid yourself, it will no longer be a Republic held in high esteem and recognized the world over as the leader of the free world.  We could look out our window all the live long day, but that America would be all gone. buh-bye.

The thing is, what grew over days, weeks, months, totally and fundamentally transforming itself into something else right before our eyes carries the potential of being the shape-shifter of our greatest demise.  One man's sweet, whittle, progressive-ism is another man's socialism, communism, marxism.

BE afraid, people, be afraid.

It's just Charlotte?  I  think not.

Let's call her what she really is -- the big, fat, ugly, menacing beast that she is; the biggest, freakiest, scariest spider I have ever seen in my whole entire life. not exaggerating one bit.  she is butt ugly.  and being a stubborn little thing, she seems to have settled in quite happily under the eaves.

and just look at me now...almost at ease... just popping into the kitchen in the morning, uncharacteristically and strangely excited to see her...

...hello, Charlotte... top of the mornin' to you and even flashing her a little smile.

...she's so cute...ain't she sweet (say it like Paula Deen, ya'll, and ya really got somethin' goin'on)

...by all appearances, Charlotte seems to have grown on me, I'm totally un-phased...

phew, that was close.

happy wednesday, AMERICA!

ARE YOU doing YOUR FAIR SHARE of MAKING it that way?

Make it a Good Day, G

Love that president of ours talking about paying our fair share of taxes lately, don't you?  Catch this from out of Sydney...it's a small world after all....

The AP has done some fact checking.  About 1% of our Wage Earners are considered millionaires -- comes to about 230,000; data shows less than 1,500 of those millionaires did NOT pay their fair share, or any taxes at all.  Having said that, the top 10% pay 70% of the Federal Tax burden -- while the bottom 47% actually pay NOTHING.  If you are one of the 228,500 millionaires who pay the federal tax rate per the IRS schedule, you pay 29.1%; if you are a wage earner making between $50,000 and $75,000 dollars, you pay at a rate of 15%.

If Warren Buffett were to take a salary, he would (rightly so) be paying his fair share according to the tax code; but he chooses to not to.

Last Thing:

WE are talking about MONEY earned -- with blood, sweat and tears of our own doing.

"A wise and frugal government, 
which shall leave men free 
to regulate their own pursuits 
of industry and improvement, 
and shall not take 
from the mouth of labor 
the bread it has earned -- 
this is the sum of good government."  
Thomas Jefferson

and for a great mocking of just how does our garden grow:

"Government's view 
of the economy 
could be summed up in a few short phrases: 
If it moves, tax it.  
If it keeps moving, regulate it.  
And if it stops moving, subsidize it."  
Ronald Reagan

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's Spinning a New Pope of Hope Thing

Dear America,

So we may be searching for a new Pope of Hope...

when it comes to worshiping idols, the demonstrably partisan, richly divisive, and oh so lovely loquacious lefties seem to be losing their religion these days; it has been in waves, but the growing numbers of discontent, the disproportionate lot breaking away from the rose colored tide, is cresting. [G note: wish I wrote this...worth a read now or later, take your pick]

But moving on, you watch; it will happen and it will happen soon...
Hillary will be the one crowned to return order to the pure chaos running amuck in the kingdom.

If I were running a campaign against "Obama" -- I would be switching gears right now.  He is not the one we need to beat, just you wait.

And I wouldn't make light of it either; my campaign strategies would appear like a deliberate, overt, about face.

And no, this feeling that's come over me isn't just because of Steve Chapman, duh, the talk of the town and a journalist out of the Chicago Tribune, who simply had the courage to speak his mind.  Read This.

It's been an eery feeling building up for quite some time now.

And yesterday, when I linked to THIS article from The Blaze at the very tail end, who would have thought I could take it to the next level on the very next day....oooooh yeah, that's right, me.  If this gets out, women everywhere will want to have his head (of course, NOT literally).

And how about the rantings of leftwing pundits and liberal intellectual elites beginning to freely question their own king? Calling out the PANIC button even...Carville hit that.

Beginning with the first sign of ripples in the water.... the nearly trillion dollar stimulus package didn't work.... while the second stimulus, nearing another half a trillion dollars, doesn't stand a chance; put it all together along with the sharks in the water beginning to circle --

"there is good news for the president. I checked the Constitution, and he is under no compulsion to run for re-election" (nod to Chapman);

“[It] actually fit all of the classic legal requirements for a genuinely hostile workplace to women,”(nod to Anita Dunn via The Blaze);

"[What] should the White House do now? One word came to mind: Panic” (with the hat trick nod to Carville); 

-- all making way for the flourishing finish:  Plan C.  Clinton to the second power, in all her glory.

And let's just say, IF she jumps in, the mainstream media will be dropping Barack like a rock.  Can't wait to watch that smooth transition...but I digress.

Actually, if I were to really go back into the deep dark abyss of the world wide web, it was Obama, himself, who ventured to go where no one would fear to tread first -- when he said this:
“Michelle and the kids are wonderful in that if I said, `You know, guys, I want to do something different,’ they’d be fine,” Obama said in an interview with NBC News that aired Tuesday morning on “Today.” “They’re not invested in Daddy being president or my husband being president."  per Obama, from an article on Politico, in June 2011

Setting yourself up for a fall, huh Humpty Dumpty?  ...for all the king's horses and all the king's men...

So the new script, the latest leftist shift, is to create the very conditions to overthrow the current leader with a new one in such a way that still saves face; making it look like a natural occurrence and replacing the spontaneous combustion of the old guard by slipping into a perfect rendition of simply more of the same -- only in a skirt  make that a pantsuit.

It's beautiful, really.  Brilliant. Like diamonds dancing on the water inviting us into the deep blue sea.

The GOP needs to be all over this girl starting right now.  

Perhaps it is the GOP who needs to panic.

Will the GOP hear the warning bells in time?

Who will make the best Odysseus up against the sirens of a leftwinged goddess like Hillariosyeus? yes. corny. stupid. silly.  From one man's kingdom is another man's prison.   From Humpty Dumpty to Homer. Whatever.  G, as usual, is all over the globe.  but it's my blog and I can do what I want to, say what I want to, you ,too, can cry if you want to cry too. la la la lala  Besides, I've got beeswax in my ears and won't hear a thing.

Make it a Good Day, G

the only thing that will prevent another democratic contender like a Hill/Bill round two, will be Obama himself.  Phrasing it in such a way we all understand:  if his EGO is too big to fail, he will insist on staying put... if he cares more for his party, and the agenda in play, HE will step down.  But we shall see, won't we...we shall see.

I really hope I am wrong on this one.

I have been wanting to get into America's Job Act, but have found myself distracted, under the spell, mesmerized by all the other hands in play.  Oh we will get there, we shall overcome (maybe...depending upon the ever-changing tide) But if you want to take a moment to read the bill yourself, go here.  Talk about hilarious; but thank goodness this one is only 199 pages. 

Last thing:  This is funny.  The IMF has lowered it's forecast on America's economic future; we've been downgraded by the IMF.  sound the alarms.  One more reason Hillary should jump into the pool.

Monday, September 19, 2011

It's a Faux Religion-In-Chief Thing

Dear America,

just a note to self and continuing on a theme from last week...

not only were we asked not to pay any attention to it, but if we tried to talk about it (you know, in public), we were immediately labeled and ridiculed as being a bunch of right wing loons, fundamental extremists, and even...racists, if in the moment it fit.

The mainstream media all but ignored it; while even if they gave it a minute of their time or priceless print space, it was clearly, decidedly, dismissed as being a point of interest as if there was nothing to see here, move along dot org.

Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright, who?
Black Liberation Theology, what?

We couldn't talk about any of it.

Even the words coming out of his own mouth had to make us wonder -- you know, in the months, if not years, preparing him... molding him... attaching the strings on and the like... I mean, leading the charge of support for the totally vetted, overly qualified, highly educated, super smart,  future president of the United States of America..... roars of thunder goes the crowd....

From his book, Dreams FROM My Father:

"I ceased to advertise 
my mother's race by the age of 12 or 13, 
when I began to suspect 
that by doing so 
I was ingratiating myself to whites."

"I never emulate white men 
and brown men 
whose fates didn't speak to my own. 
It was into my father's image,  
the black man, son of Africa, 
that I'd packed all my attributes 
that I sought in myself: 
the attributes of Martin and Malcolm, 
DuBois and Mandela."

From the Audacity of Hope:

"I will stand 
with the Muslims 
should the political winds shift 
in an ugly direction."

Oh and there's more...GO HERE and even more HERE

Nope.  We were not even allowed to question it...

We were asked to take him at his word, at face value; we were told to ignore the signs, the questionable associations, the sketchy details of a life trying it's darnedest to look homogenous with the whole of America.

Context is everything; the books cited above, written by a President -In-Waiting, could seamlessly morph into case studies of How To Reach a Target Audience and Win...(for it was circa a life time ago, during a time mainly focused on winning the future in Chicago and subsequently the state of Illinois)  He needed "his people" to come out in droves and vote; and they did.

Nope. But here we are, now 2011, now with three years under his belt, and we still can't touch him (you know, when it comes to understanding the man behind the teleprompter).  We have no idea who he really is.

Of course, it doesn't help him to further his no-need-for-concern-cause with all the video streaming and circulating in free market abandon...

I think that for most people, we can pretty much agree on something -- we just want to know the truth..

Addressing the 2012 Nominees for the next POTUS:
  • We want to know how you think, specifically, with regard to your beliefs, your religion, your faith -- because naturally, this gives us an immediate gauge of understanding and, in an instant, we are able to glean a sense of who you really are on the inside..  
  • We want to know what it is you stand for --  especially when up against unrelenting political winds, unimaginable tests of spirit, being the nation's chief caretaker and community leader, peacekeeper and Commander-In-Chief, at home and abroad. 
  • We want to know what grounds you (and to the Atheists out there, even if that which grounds you is only your big, bad, Self) -- because the nation's trust is in your hands; while the position, itself, comes with it's own lightning rod, with the inherent power to create feats of cataclysmic change through electrifying, scorching, fundamental transformation.
Our overall disconcerting mood -- as an electorate -- is the direct result of the mainstream media protecting President Barack Hussein Obama from being properly vetted, be it his beliefs, his Muslim ties, his twenty year history attending the church of his mentor, Rev..Dr. Jeremiah Wright, his free spirited associations -- and basically, masking his very all and everything that attributes to the core of his being --  his mind, his thoughts, his true ideology, his emotional baggage, his insecurities, his narcissism, all the things that together define the character of a man; a man whom we clearly DO NOT KNOW. Can you say run on, girl, with that big bad run-on sentence?  holy toledo, thank God it's just a blog.

I think that our interest in the religion factor of a certain Rick Perry, or the Mormon in Mitt Romney, conveys a deeper meaning and motive; we've been burned by Obama.   Whether it be wrestling with what on earth we thought he stood for or what in heaven's name is his God be true, we have no idea who he is, or on what faith he stands.

And more than that, we believe that even Obama is dazed and confused.  Because by all evidence over the last three years, his words, his actions -- and especially his in-action's -- show a president who seems to be at the mercy of some kind of nor'easter coming through; God only knows which way and why, nor when or where, come rain or shine.

"A tyrant must
put on the appearance 
of uncommon devotion to religion.  
Subjects are less apprehensive 
of illegal treatment 
from a ruler 
whom they consider God-fearing and pious."

Which leaves me thinking this: just maybe the Obama we know is all for show.

And just where is the unbridled and unbiased balanced journalism recording his every flaw?  just where is the groundswell of uncommon outrage after being hoodwinked and bedazzled by a total fraud?

let's just say they, --his shepherds and followers and fishers of (wo)men-- are experiencing a few technical difficulties.  And if you still got it in you, read this for more on that.

over and out,
and better still...

Make it a Good Day, G

a great song is just a click away on "It's a Faux Religion-In-Chief Thing."

Friday, September 16, 2011

It's All About Rick Perry Keepin' It Real Thing

Dear America,

keepin' it real.
that's what we want.

and whoever comes out being more real than the next guy, or girl, the better.

"America is going to be guided 
by some set of values. 
The question is going to be: 
whose values...
[begging his audience to hold on and stay true to:]
 those Christian values that this county was based upon."  

Gov. Rick Perry 
running for POTUS

Do you really think our general spirit of goodness and charity is just by accident?  a  natural occurrence, an evolution of the highest order, that just comes about organically all on it's own, kinda like a Big Bang or something?

All action is preceded by a thought -- best described as the creative genius directly responsible for making all things under heaven.  We NEVER do something without thinking about doing something first, even if it is only for a nano-second.

Of course, Perry was speaking to students at Liberty University -- the college where Jerry Falwell Jr. sits as Chancellor.  As the article linked here makes no qualms of mentioning right from the get go, Perry was "preaching to the choir."

But you should also know, Perry wasn't just catering to a political whim of the moment, he meant every word and has no intention of stifling his authentic Christian faith in any way.  He is just keepin' it real -- because it is (you know. ..real).

“happiest moments are when I’m in communion with God"

Excerpts from another article, out of ABCDallasnews.com adds,

"This country is your country, too. Don't leave it to a bunch of Washington politicians to tell you how to live your life. This is your future that we are debating today," he said.

Tailoring his message to the Christian crowd, he said: "You are blessed to live in freedom, but as the Scripture says, to whom much is given, much is expected in return."

For Perry, this Christian thing, isn't a costume; he isn't masking a hidden agenda; he isn't masquerading as something he's not; he is simply keepin' it real.  This is who he is, at the core.  This is where his beliefs and values come.

After this speech -- from a Christian candidate speaking as a Christian to a Christian crowd mind you -- it was hard to believe how the conversation last night, directed by Bill O'Reilly on Fox News (fyi: a real Catholic and Christian), quickly and unnecessarily turned into a platform for criticism.

...for O'Reilly, it was as if this Christian candidate, flamboyantly coming out of the closet like so, was the basis for having a real argument: that this Texan's faith carried the potential to really hurt him in the long run; it was as if it was just too much reality at once, or at all.  O'Reilly made it seem as if Perry would be dividing the populace by showing his true, authentic beliefs -- even when those beliefs are clearly shared equally within the context of his entire audience at Liberty U -- and even when those beliefs are built into the very foundation this country was made.  O'Reilly thought this sort of authenticity was just too much to bear.

welcome to the new world in America.

If our nation's Christian roots are not being viciously attacked -- they are being asked to hide, to go underground; shamed by just the idea of it, cast off as if illegitimate, discredited, mocked and ridiculed by just the thought of it, as everyday, fundamental, authentic faith through Christianity is equated to radicalized Islamic terrorists; while American Atheists are being allowed to become the new mouthpiece of secular social justice laying the foundation of our new America, making the absurdity of Freedom From Religion the people's new religion. 

From one of my favorite sources of living water:
"In times like we are living in, ideas of radical obedience and self-denial fade into the background.  Even faithful Christians become soft and more tolerant of the moral decline of the world around them.  In general, most men and women think little issues of faith.  Since the majority of nominal Christians don't think much about their faith or take the time to study the Bible, it should not surprise us that they are not familiar with the very foundational tenets of authentic Christian faith.  Only those principles or doctrines that fit with the general tenor of the culture are observed as common practice.  The truths that stand in stark contrast to the systems of the culture are almost totally forgotten.  This is especially obvious when these teachings confront the problems of pride, luxury, and conformity to the culture.  Even the clergy seem afraid to tread too heavily on these subjects in their preaching for fear they will be regarded as fanatics."

An adaptation of William Wilberforce's A Practical View of Real Christianity (written in 1797) retold by Bob Beltz in Real Christianity
Can you believe that was circa eighteenth century?  Can you believe society has not learned a thing since?

Scratch that.  Maybe we learned it, but then quickly dismissed it -- or maybe little by little shied away from it -- and the more and more we turned away from it, the more normal it seemed; pretty soon things evolved and grew into a new normal, a new normal that smacks the old one right across the face as if we had grown possessed by some freak of the devil himself.  As if, all of a sudden, society needed a cleansing, an exorcism of the highest order...oh my god those people believe in God!

As if, keepin' it real, keepin' it really real, is a cause for real alarm.


Our founders made America a place for religious freedom ABOVE all else.  It was the very reason we had to leave England and find a new land in order to create a new world.

The "free exercise thereof" was divined within the framework of our founding documents, namely our Constitution, not as an insignificant gesture, or platform, banking upon the hope that no one would ever live according to one's beliefs -- it was real.  Our founders hoped we would keep our faith in something much greater than ourselves and let that Something rise above, if not truly guide us in our every day.

This "free exercise thereof"  lawfully protected all citizens to have the right to exercise their full liberty to speak their truth.   While, to be sure, to exercise thereof is hardly stagnant; it is solidifying the real action required of us.

Sure, they are just words, but these words are clearly, in actuality, and fundamentally, put to good use.

These words make up the atom, that which is part and parcel of the creative thought -- the Big Bang -- back behind the very creation of this country.

These very words serve as a greater purpose under heaven.

Congress may not establish one religion; the nation may not establish one religion; but man, in and of himself, may choose his religion and speak unabashedly, and often, and with unparalleled flamboyance, making real his authentic faith at any given time.  This right is protected.  [and as such, given it's rare occurrence, should be admired, honored, cherished as a sign of something really cool]

So -- here we are -- everyone is talking about this crazy, fanatical Texan; people are having conversations large and small about HIS faith.

Perhaps the question we should be asking ourselves is more like this, how strong is our faith?  How do we measure up in our actions, our words, our deeds when it comes to our own religion?  Are we being authentic?  Would our God be proud of us?  Do we speak in public declaring our truths, beliefs, and values and exercise that right freely given to us thereof without concern of being ridiculed, dismissed as fanaticism, declared a total loon, or even... denied a seat in the big white house for keepin' it really real because of it?

OR do we just whither away, fading into the dusty rose wall paper of our colonial roots -- keeping watch from a position indiscriminate to the naked eye -- without saying so much as another word?  And thereby, shockingly, allow secular think tanks, and atheists, and unbelievers, to not only tell us what to think, but dictate what is permissible in practice of our religious freedom, virtually stifling the "free exercise thereof"  and eradicating Christianity right before our very eyes.

We are being asked to intrinsically change everything -- from our traditions and holidays, to our principles and values, to even history itself.

Looking into our future, perhaps it will be our own cultural Christianity, our conformity to a secular separation from God, that ultimately reveals the hidden contagion with the real potential to kill us.  To think that this may be even possible is of course the first step for a course correction --  making way for a restoration of the fundamentals -- giving way to a new, new world that just so happens to date back centuries.

Me thinks God might be smiling down on Rick today, thinking to himself, thatta boy; perhaps it is we, ourselves, who have so little faith (or, have just grown too afraid to show it).

just sayin'.

just keepin' it as real as a little g can get.

Make it a Good Day, G

What America craves is the truth.  We want real people; we want real religion; we want real conservatives; we want real change (only if that change means the same thing: fiscal order, return to solvency and a balanced budget, and limited power of the federal government allowing a return to real freedom for everyone)

for somebody who is not keepin' it real...go here.

or watch this --

The Real Newt Gingrich from Frank on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's All About an Attack Watch -- Leave King B Alone -- Thing

Dear America,

remember back a few years when we all heard that rousing cry going something like this... 'leave britney alone!'
it was the passionate, uninhibited, grassroots, totally organic outcry from evidently a huge fan.

...clearly a lovely girl...
a staunch supporter, adorer, follower, perhaps even a card carrying member of the captivated Britney base.

She was simply sick and tired of her baby getting used and abused by the spinning media and mayhem following what else, the self-inflicted wounds of too much media and mayhem. 

But the desperate plea stuck with us for awhile..it was a vicious cycle of tears for fears, hit me baby one more time, now hit me with your best shot with just more tears for fears, hit me baby one more time, now hit me with your best shot, followed up with a chorus of oops, I did it again each and every time.

While looking back on it, it may very well have been some of the nation's first episodes of pop culture leading a campaign with a personal agenda that is best described these days as "going viral."  We heard the cry everywhere and often.

What made me think of this, you ask?


yup, that's all it took to send me back to the piercing ramblings of 'leave britney alone!'

so this "attack watch" thing would be highly entertaining if it wasn't so true.

The Obama Administration morphed from socialism to communism today, marked by the introduction of a brand new campaign to make the people mindful of attacks against the Chosen One.  They want you to speak up; they want you to make note of it and tell them all about it...to "fight the smears."  And it is fully paid for, by the way, from an outfit simply called, "Obama for America."

In essence, America is being asked to 'Leave King B Alone.'  waaaah

Evidently, censorship of our liberty to speak freely against tyranny is not only in vogue, but it is organized, advocated, with a killer website running viral homegrown video as we speak to support it -- feed it -- if not spin the followers out of control with it.  how cool is that? is this a great country, or what?

I would be shocked if only it wasn't so expected.

For this president has his bronze thin skin showing once again....oooh baby baby as the buttons come flying off.

Adding another twist, last night captivated a nation with a couple of Special Elections -- the most widely watched being the seat in New York, replacing an idiot a.k.a. Anthony Weiner.   News this morning is claiming that the two [GOP] wins stand as a direct rebuke of the Obama Administration, mostly having to do with his overspending and overreaching of the federal government.

I would say it runs a whole lot deeper than that.

This week on G Thing began with a quote from the president who had the audacity to call for Congress to act on behalf of his brand-spanking-new-jobs-act with "no games, no politics, no delays."

This -- coming from a president who is manufacturing controversy and corruption and crony capitalism antics to the millionth and billionth power -- exponentially surpassing the number of green jobs saved or created [nod to Solyndra...oops] -- let alone making so much as a dent in comprehending what makes America really really work (for real).  (being really redundant. tell me something I don't know already). 

It isn't just about a rebuke to the policies of the Progressive/Socialist/Redistributionist-In-Chief -- it is baby baby so much more than that.

What America really really wants is a show of ethics.  We want America to get it's &$%* together.

we are so sick and tired of the unethical, immoral, unaffected elite leading us over the bridge to nowhere to the land of missed opportunity and stomped on dreams.  We want the government to not only shut up -- but get the &*#$ out of the way.

we expect all of you [in government] to be honest, lawful, thoughtful and responsible.  It is neither left or right -- we just want someone else -- because what other choice do we really have but to follow the Rule of Law in place until we get it right, right?  [God help us...].

we are saddened by the display of government gone wild -- it goes against everything we thought we ever were...even if it was only in our own mind.  for oh how easy is it to hang our star on an aberration of reality.  we inflicted these wounds upon ourselves, no one else is to blame.  It is a free country -- everything is up for grabs --  anyone can capitalize on any thing at any given time, right?     Doing nothing is just the same as doing something every single time, huh shuga'. And right now, I don't even care if I make any sense -- that's how out of control things really really are.

Too bad we haven't learned -- scratch that, more like have forgotten --  how to capitalize upon our good.

Oh if only we could grow our prosperity by doing the right thing for the right reasons and begin to manufacture more of that.

If only we could grow the good.

If only we could get all our kids to go school and genuinely want to learn.

If only we could encourage all immigrants to follow the rules of entry and citizenship.

If only we could glorify a moral and civic duty to ourselves and each other to respect one another and our laws.

If only we could all remember that the free market, and a truly free society, relies on maintaining real freedom for all; recognizing that with our inherent self-reliance to live, grow, work, and play, creating our own successes and failures, that it comes in direct proportion and relationship with how we live, grow, work, and play.  huh. well I'll be, imagine that.

If only we could keep a humble allegiance and greater faith as one nation under God  -- for divine intervention, divine providence, and in keeping with our covenant to country and each other.

If only.

Stimulus is merely a cosmetic answer revealing a deeper issue running viral, if not totally out of control, on substance. Faces can change [as in: so what about District NY 9 Special Election!...so what about President Hope and Change!....so what about the latest pop star of the hour....so what].

The reality is nothing will change until WE DO; nothing will change until our hearts and minds and actions align with principles and values of real character -- and that goes for all of us.  and as always, myself starting center stage.

Oh baby baby one more time... we can all do better.

Make it a Good Day, G

baby baby one more thing: isn't it [the outcome of the latest special elections] more like a referendum on ourselves, upon what we have turned into, more than anything else? just askin'

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's a Point of Prayer Thing

Dear America,

there is just so much going on, isn't there?

and honestly, being the Day After another lively debate, G could begin right there with plenty to talk about.

but sometimes, one of the best things to do is be quiet.

and with that I will proceed on directing you to a place I only just heard about -- like about four minutes ago.

it is called Point of Prayer.

while given so much of the conversation of the last twelve hours has focused on the option to "opt in" or "opt out" -- this is a perfect opportunity for you to choose just that.  You can opt in or opt out; for it is still a free country.

But I can tell you this, our issues are greater than any man or woman can fix; oh sure, plenty of us believe we have the answer, the way, the right plan --  but without anchoring our actions with timeless, gracious, unwavering faith in Something Greater than Ourselves we will remain lost, struggling, anxious, disconnected and broken.

And I can also tell you what I will be doing every evening at six, straight up, for ooooh about sixty seconds. please join me (or not).

Make it a Good Day, G

Monday, September 12, 2011

It is Morning in America Thing

Dear America,

happy nine twelve day.  of course, there would be no significance of a 'nine/twelve' without first having a 'nine/eleven.'  [you can go to my 'GGB' page or go directly to the link on 'nine/twelve' for more information]

in hindsight of the day just yesterday, marking the tenth anniversary of an act of war against America, I believe we did a pretty good job remembering, honoring, and somberly stopping in recognition of the memories of those we lost and turning ourselves over to another realm of connectedness with each other as Americans.

for me, my solemn Sunday began unexpectedly days earlier, strangely on last Thursday, the day when the lights went out in all of southern California.  And just to veer off the beaten path I'm on this morning a wee bit, in all honesty, it began at the moment I sat down with a bowl of homemade vanilla ice cream.

I was sweetening up the minutes leading up to the presidential joint session address mid afternoon, pacific daylight time, when at about 3:39 everything went poof!

and I'm thinking, well, it's been hot...it's probably one of those rolling blackouts...everything should come back in a matter of ten, fifteen minutes -- and let's hope, right.  I mean, we are at twenty-one minutes and counting away from a big moment here. I've been waiting for this speech all week; not to mention the opening game for the NFL.  Are you kidding me...of all days...

glancing upon my cell phone for the time of day...it is already 3:47.
panic is beginning to set in.

okay, stay calm and know this too shall change.
the ice cream is long gone now, and it didn't go down quite as yummy as usual.  I had this pit in my stomach thinking what if...what if... what if the power is out through the entire speech, well into the game, if not into the night?  What if?

meanwhile, I am watching the cars down below on the street take turns like school children at the light.  and I'm thinking, wow,  it looks like the entire neighborhood is down.

it's now 3:52.
jiminy crickets, it is now T minus eight minutes and seemingly going at warp speed already...crossing my fingers I am still hoping that in a matter of seconds there will be a picture on my TV showing the pre-speech buzz inside the Capital Building, with everybody shaking hands and getting excited in great expectations of the president's jobs plan.  any minute now, any minute.

3:57 girl not happy
3:58 girl flippin' dizzy
3:59 girl down
Blast off.  nothing, nada, zippo.  and I am beside myself in utter breakdown mode.

and I'm not even thinking about real life concerns yet --
 --  that my pantry is hardly built up for emergencies, that I have not a flashlight to my name (let alone the batteries for it), that I can't even get into my car and drive away -- even if I wanted -- due to the handy dandy electric garage door, that I have maybe two bars of power to my only link to the rest of the world (my cell), that I haven't even done laundry this week, the milk might spoil, let alone wondering if the water out of the faucet is safe to drink (which in many parts of San Diego, it wasn't, for three full days boiling water was required!)

but noooooooo, I wasn't thinking about any of it (yet);

I'm thinking, it's happy hour somewhere and poured myself a glass of wine and opened my latest read, Traveling Light, by Max Lucado -- which, if you are familiar with the book, it makes this moment all that more surreal...I mean, talk about having little control of circumstances that come our way, our ability to bounce back, and aligning with God in leading the way through the valleys...

At this point, realizing I am on chapter 13 which is simply titled "Silent Nights and Solitary Days," I'm beginning to look around for the camera.  is this for real?  seriously?  oh yes You are funny....now can I get my lights back on?

@ about 4:20 time my girl finally gives me a text message back -- she is in Carmel Valley, about ten minutes down the road -- her lights are out there as well.  And since her computer still has a battery functioning (unlike mine), she tells me all about it:  apparently, we are having a real emergency on our hands -- all of San Diego, parts of Orange County and Los Angeles, parts of Arizona and Mexico, have been brought down to our knees.  AND here's the kicker, nobody really knows when the power will come back on.  They don't even know what caused it yet; how in the world could they have any idea of how long it will take to fix it.

who'd a thunk.

maybe I should start looking around for some candles...

my little booboo is watching me run around like a chicken with my head cut off...

and I am totally forgetting all about the president, who I've been told was in that moment doing a "pass this job's bill" moving mountains montage and looking awfully annoyed with his congressional lot.

It is T-minus God only knows now... on a number of fronts...but I digress.

It is now 5:05.  I am about to check in on the neighbors downstairs, a couple who happen to be getting up in their years and only here for a summer rental,  when the phone rings; it's papa, aka boy-scout-in-chief, checking in on me! 

And to my surprise, the east coast has more information on this than I have.  Topping off my wine as we share our hyper-function hello's, pops goes right into Emergency Preparedness mode --  scratch that -- since his findings come to the immediate conclusion that his girl is a far cry from anywhere near prepared, he quickly realizes he's got little to work with.  And I'm thinking to myself... being that he is three thousand miles away... this probably isn't going over very well...oopsy daisy.

As papa was doing his best with what he had to work with, I did my best to respond in earnest; I dug down deep to rediscover my inner girl scout and whipped myself into 'just think G'.  stop - drop - roll , no.  duck and cover and hold on, no.  But I did all that I could off the list of things to do 'per pops' before dark.  Needless to say, the striking delinquency of my lack of preparedness thereof said it all.

So let me ask you, are you all that prepared?

Now would be a good day to make a plan, make a kit fit for a bombshelter, gather important documents together, buy a frick'n flashlight for pete's sake, and the like.  This would be a good day to do that.

'Nine/twelve' would be a real good day from here on out to use as annual check up day, to check in and check out, with each other -- our family, friends, and community -- to prepare and pave the way for the unexpected emergency.

In the same realm of 'when it rains, it pours', this last week also found me dealing with an ongoing poisoning issue with my pooch, Boo.  So between the lights going out and the dog beginning his hardest hit three days, my valley seemed awfully dark.

But oh how quickly things can be put into perspective, no?

While some of the most stirring moments on the day yesterday, in honor of 9/11, came via thirty second and then some commercials...

How about that Spike Lee directed State Farm ad?  Every time it came on, in-between ball turnovers and first downs, it made me cry and smile all at the same time; between one of my favorite songs by Alicia Keys, to the school children, to the members of the New York City Fire Department, what a way to connect us through the heart strings, State Farm.  well done. and to Spike -- thank you. 

Of course, there was also the Verizon ad, with the children playing at the foot of the Statue of Liberty (beautiful); and then there was the Budweiser Clydesdale's bowing to the statue, at an angle overlooking the entire city of NYC [that is, as in taking a bow, not to be confused with a bow, as in 'bow and spear' from Psalm 46...did you all hear about this gaffe?  and to think we all think he is so smart, pul-leeze. read this.]

but oh how quickly things can be put into perspective, no?

just this morning, first news upon sun up in San Diego included these remarks from President Obama --

"No games, no politics, no delays...
We can't afford these same political games, not now."

The AP article also noting that the president was "[S]urrounded by police officers, firefighters, teachers, construction workers and others he said would be helped by the $447 billion package, the president said the only thing that would block its passage would be lawmakers deciding it wasn't good politics to work with him."  for more, go here.

calling for no games and politics using games and politics. never discount a good backdrop, right.  only in America.  clearly, Sunday is but a memory already; nine/twelve stands alone with only a matter of hours of light left to the day.

today, I find myself grateful for the sun coming up and the lights turning on.

It's a new day -- some might even call it Morning in America.

And considering the moment here, highlighting preparedness large and oh so small, there are a few things I need to do today, perhaps starting with getting myself a freak'n clue and a flashlight or two...

Make it a Good Day, G

and isn't it worth noting, in a marvelous twist of irony, after all the hullabaloo over inviting "the clergy" to the official 9/11 memorial that our president just goes ahead and quotes scripture (yes, in spite of the gaffe).  He invoked God anyway.  Way to go Mr. President.  Way to go.