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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dear America,

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...la la lala la la...

On the way to school this morning and my girl turns to me and says, "it's like winter, but you would never know it by looking out the window."  Out the window was a sparkling clear blue sky, not a shred of a cloud as far as the eye could see -- temperature, according to the car, a balmy 60 degrees; recognizing, for perhaps the very first time, one of the many truisms of life to come her way -- looks can be deceiving.

Aside from the funny reality she lives in -- finding 60 a wee bit nippy -- it is purely enjoyable, as a mom, to go through life with someone who becomes something right before our very eyes; a truly remarkable co-existence becomes us, one that constantly twists and turns, expands and contracts, on a moment's notice, on the fly, in the every day.

As a mom, we get the privilege of watching someone's reality shape and shift in our presence; it's an overwhelming burden and joy that keeps on giving, keeps on growing, and keeps on keepin' on in becoming into that which is something greater than she was before, as in yesterday, like when it was still considered to be more like fall at 65...

What begins as just an infant, welcomed into a brand new world, will one day walk on this earth with a wealth of experiences, a whole cadre of skills and knowledge, while bringing her own personal view and attributes into every moment she lives from this day forward -- and someday, without me.

Sure, talking about the weather was no big revelation this morning -- but deeper than that, is it was the spin off to ten minutes of undivided attention from one to another, okay.  Do you get me now?  It turned into a moment where we continued to talk about probably three other topics, wide eyed and giddy, the whole way to school!  Okay?  Let me remind you, she is fourteen; this sort of thing just doesn't happen every day.

I am not sure if Joy Behar's parents are still walking upon this beautiful world in which we live -- given our little Joy wonder is 68 years old -- but I have to say, if that were my daughter, she would be getting a phone call.

I just don't understand some of us at all; how uncouth we have become over the years.  I mean, for a woman on national television to actually put into words, "come here, bitch, come to New York and do it...she is going to hell, this bitch..."  No matter who she was referring to -- really, Joy, this is how you want to present yourself to the world?

She was calling out Sharron Angle of Nevada, who is currently poised to take over Harry Reid's seat in the Senate, because of her gut wrenching attack on Harry in the latest campaign commercial, highlighting his tee-tottering on immigration policy.  For this, Sharron is called a bitch, and told to go to hell, on national TV.

The parents, wherever they are, have to be shaking their heads wondering, where    did    we     go    wrong?

On my goodness, oh my goodness.  Joy, get a grip woman -- do you realize how unattractive a look this is for you?  This little game you play, from a one-room studio with a view, is so yesterday; if it is about boosting your own personal ratings, I do believe you are going about it in the wrong manner, but who am I to judge, right?  I can only imagine what you would say about me and my schtick.

Speaking of schticks, I could have sworn you were Jewish -- you probably get that all the time; it's probably the NY accent and coming from the Bronx, that throws people a little off.  But rumor has it you are a self-proclaimed agnostic -- after being raised Roman Catholic (yeah, that had to be kinda awkward at Christmas dinner over the years, no?)  I can just hear it now, "Josephina Victoria, whatta mean you don't want to pray before Mother Mary and the baby Jesus in adulation of this day!  Whatta ya crazy, bow your head and show a little respect for once in your life..."

You know, to be an agnostic, kind of misses the point, doesn't it?  What you are saying is basically, there may be a God, but because I think, therefore I am, on my own -- and in all my worldly power and knowledge, I choose not to know God, denying that God exists simply because you don't want to give It power over you.  The only thing that is real, is you, walking around and sometimes lashing out, calling another woman, bitch.

Does that experience feel good to you, Joy, is it really all that uplifting, powerful, in any way?   By your history, it must, otherwise you wouldn't keep doing it.

The thing is, it got me thinking in an oh so dangerous sort of way... this kind of agnostic viewpoint is taking over the liberal left brain; for in every way, it's as if by denying, discrediting, and ridiculing that the right even has a right to exist, or not, gives you this false sense of an overwhelming and undeniable position, giving into some kind of overriding illusion of grandeur and supremacy, a certain power over,  the argument itself.  Oh, we can't talk about it, because I think you are dumber than dumb, and the more I shush you with whatever tools I have in my twisted agenda, the better I will feel and the better I feel, the better the world will be la la la lala.

Oh sweet mary and joseph please, get over yourselves, will ya?

The right is here.  God is here.  And somewhere along the way, we need to ALL learn to get along and treat each other with a wee bit more respect.

It goes along with the president these days, too, who was carried into office on a magic carpet of red and blue, widely interwoven and connected into the very idea of making America better than it was before; in his own words he made us believe that he was crowned in America's glory wearing a purple robe, and would bring about a change we could believe in --  not at the expense of one side over another, but for all people.  WE took his words of "I am my brother's keeper.  I am my sister's keeper." tooting the American way, exemplifying our Judeo-Christian roots right before our eyes, as a good thing; but in the end -- as in over the last two years -- we, the majority, were totally, unabashedly, arrogantly, condescendingly, apologetically only to the rest of the world, denied.

The president, over the course of his time in office, might as well have told us all to shove it, bitches, get outta my way, I'm in charge now, now get 'to the back' and shut your mouth.

Let's see, how did the ladies leave things yesterday...oh right, they said "we're praying for you..." that is, everyone but Joy -- she of course, doesn't pray to anyone except getting it on with her bad self.

My girl is absolutely right, it is winter here in America -- while it seems to be coming wee bit earlier and lasting a wee bit longer every year.

Make it a Good Day, G

and that 'get to the back' thing is all true -- the president did say that -- just yesterday, addressing republicans (you know, the white man, the conservative, the libertarian, the independent, the small business owner, the middle class maker, the tea party enthusiasts, half of all women in America, shall we go on...)

Oh, we can come, he said, much like Joy baited Sharron to come on over to NYC -- we can come, just "get to the back" he said.  The world may never know if the intent was in reference to a certain bus...

And while hearing a phrase out of the seventies is funny...knowing that 'shove it', in reality, came from the mouth of one gubernatorial candidate, and fellow democrat, to the President of the United States of America,  sheds a whole 'nother light on the subject -- gotta love little old Rhode Island, man...she may be tiny, but boy, can she pack a punch.

You see -- it's everywhere and often -- our uncouthness is so unbecoming.

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