Just Let Me -- G -- Indoctrinate You!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Dear America,

"The sacred gives everything we do a powerful and expressive
Without that holy reverberation, we suffer a sad, deprived,

Thomas Moore, The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life

As you know, I'm returning from celebrating my parent's fiftieth, having been smack dab in the center of Yellowstone Park, gazing at what should be considered one of the seven natural wonders of the world-- OLD FAITHFUL -- given its ability to faithfully entertain the minds of man every 90 minutes since its birth with such effervescence and magnetic charm.

The rustic joy in finding a true separation from the world begins as you start to make the drive into the park; the meandering road begins at the foot of the Tetons, travels by streams and falls, moose and elk, and for us, ending deep in the forest and at the heart of the park. You share the drive with locals and visitors with the same thirst for escape, everyone is happy, relaxed and feeling free.

There is something about that shared experience of pure and simple connectedness with people who you will never see again, have no clue about how they voted in the last election or what they think about health care. In that moment the only real concern is in the beauty that surrounds us and nothing more. The land and it's natural antics spewing scalding hot water 80 feet up in the air is where its at and everyone just sits in amazement with a sentimental smile.

We were out there in the boonies as they say and spent a couple nights in the original section of the Old Faithful Inn, looking at log cabin walls, a sink and a bed, in what could very well be the most authentic experience I have felt in a long time -- even the shower and toilet was down the hall and shared. There was no phone in the room to call for club sandwiches or more towels; while cell service from the lobby was negotiable, once out the threshold you were cut off.

The real world was all gone.

It was beautiful, I tell you, just beautiful. There was nothing to do but take it all in with the family. And speaking of, my girl who at 13 going on 30 was rather reticent on attending in the first place, decided if you can't beat 'em join 'em. She took 488 pictures over the course of three and a half days enjoying every minute of it as I deduce from her grin and lack of opposition on just about everything.

But don't get the wrong idea, wasn't all trail mix and hiking boots. The majestic old-fashioned dinner hall welcomed us into her arms to celebrate the reason for the season, sipping on champagne and eating cake. We also lunched over what mom considered the best cold beer she ever had...an all American Samuel Adams Amber with ice crystals floating on top to be exact. Of course, maybe having a few of her babies around the table along with the man she loves had something to do with it, I don't know.

I felt like I was gone a long, long time. I hardly noticed that the world kept on ticking around me; I lost touch with Fox News, didn't receive my daily email from the Patriot Post, and even a newspaper was outside of my grasp. Yet, the automatic pilot of the rest of the world never fails.

I think I'm getting to what I want to say here, slowly but surely I will make my way to a point today. I guess my mind is having trouble getting off the curves to overlook the scenery, challenged by the return to my neck of the woods and the call to focus my attention once again on the road ahead for America.

So the world keeps on ticking, doesn't it, and not at all like a good thing in Old Faithful, but more like a time bomb. And as many of us are now aware, this didn't just happen to us overnight; its happened over time, with interest. Almost as if we've all been on vacation and have lost our way in our own little worlds, trusting that those in power will watch over us and protect us.

Wrong again.

We may think our government is to blame for all of our woes right now -- and then again, some may think the government hasn't done enough (save that for another day) -- but where it all begins is with each and every one of us.

The dysfunction of our government is but a symptom of the dysfunction we find in ourselves, our families, and ultimately experienced all together in society. Grown from generations showing a clear lack of reverence to anything but ourselves, exhibiting a loss of soul and understanding of what is sacred, leading us down a path of un-attachment to the principles which made America truly great.

"Thus we will ascertain how far their avowed faiths were crystallized into
organic laws, and to what extent they were enthroned in the life of
communities. We have a right to expect that men so aggressively religious
as to encounter persecution, and so rigidly conscientious as to become exiles
rather than submit to ecclesiastical tyranny, would embody their convictions
in the government they constructed, and stamp their characters upon the
legislation they enacted."

Charles B. Galloway, Christianity and the American Commonwealth

The good news is we are back from vacation. The bad news is the yard needs to be watered, a couple loads of wash awaits, an empty fridge is beckoning attention, while the alarm must be set for in the morning to slap a dose of reality into the mix. We must awaken to the responsibility of taking care of each other and our lives, minus the ever so annoying big brother in the back seat.

The more I know about the life and times and circumstances we created as a people, the less I want any intrusion from our government. And knowing I'm not alone in this sentiment, I am momentarily relieved and reminiscent of the mountain air. But the real trick is educating those people who want our God forsaken Big Government to micro-manage our lives through taxation and control, in which the ultimate price and sacrifice is our freedom.

Coming home from moose country, those are the people who need to remember our roots, our struggles, the rugged land and the Divine Providence in the creation of a new world. It was all accomplished in the name of a loving God and christian heart, to allow for all people of all faiths to walk together in a civility and grace.

I haven't touched that much on Obama seeking guidance from religious leaders, a luxury only a liberal President could ever enjoy in this secular, misguided, separation of church and state only when its a conservative, double standard sort of world, but this may be a good time to interject.

Referencing Charles Galloway again,

"The reformation wrought the emancipation and exaltation of the
State. It abolished the false distinction between the sacred and the
secular, and invested magistrates with responsibilities and functions as sacred
as those of priest or apostle. An early reformer insisted that 'the
distinction between ecclesiastical and profane laws can find no place among
Christians.' They were not to have two consciences, one for the State
and another for the Church, but were to be alike loyal to a divine
integrity in discharging both the high functions of citizens and

So too, if in a time that challenges are spirit, all of us have a right to turn to a Higher Power to find solace, strength, and determination to keep up in the battle of wills and liberties. We are back from vacation, rested and recharged. It is a time to stand up to a modern day tyranny, and having been down this road before, I trust we know how to find our way through it.

While if it's good for the goose, good for the gander; and I'm speaking of Divine intervention. God is watching over us, no need for the"little g" to takeover anything, especially not God's place. Our reverence to a government which no longer serves us-- over a God who in spite of it loves us and forgives us-- is doing us harm. As we have seen, even Obama knows and respects that at some level or why else would he seek God for direction during these trying times.

Our life is one and the same in everything we do. We are a free people who revel in a life under God, at least 90% of us that is; the other 10% then have found their God as themselves, or within their things, or not at all, out of their own freedom to believe, or not, given to them by the grace of God by way of our Constitution and great foresight shown by our Founding Fathers.

Perhaps as we awaken in our own beds again, we find the Light shining upon us to bring us peace. We may search the world over, but time and time again, we know our true north, and where our heart lies as a people, and I say thank you God.

These days bring us the blessings of awakening; we are home, coming out of the fog and into the light to rebuild our America. Yes we can.

Make it a Good Day, G

PS My apologies, coming off the mountain I'm a little long winded. Forgive me.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dear America,

I'm leaving tomorrow on a jet plane, I don't know when I'll be back again...

My mama and papa are celebrating 50 years together at Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park! Evidence a sense of humor goes a long, long way. I guess that's how they made it look so easy for the last 47 years that I have witnessed.

Sense of humor is a vital and beautiful thing between two people; but what keeps it together is so much more. A strong foundation of their faith in God, an everlasting belief in each other to weather good times and bad, and the amazing ability to not sweat the small stuff day after day, year after year.

I'm dedicating my background music to my parents as I speak...listening to a little Stevie Wonder. Got Higher Ground moving and a grooving in my head. Next up, Don't You Worry About a Thing....

It will be a mini family reunion to celebrate a very big milestone and something that just doesn't happen too much in America these days. What a shame huh.

How times have changed; and in this season of change for America we might give this an honest and objective look. Seriously, we've all changed -- as a society -- and not necessarily for the better so don't sit there looking so smug.

We aren't cool when we don't respect the basic principles of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

We certainly aren't cool when we take our bodies and souls for granted living in an age of transgressions and vices.

We aren't cool when we put our selfish concerns over the needs of the children.

We aren't cool when we teach "do as I say, but not as I do."

We aren't cool when we dispose of relationships, money, food or babies easier than letting go of a favorite t-shirt.

We aren't cool when we don't cherish our health by simply eating smarter, and getting a little exercise, our rest, and drink our water.

We aren't cool thinking we can do life without God watching over every choice we make.

We aren't cool letting the media control what we think with regards to anything from political agendas to what is sexy; sex may sell but certainly at a loss.

We aren't cool if we think being a parent is all about being cool.

We aren't cool if we look to anyone else outside of our self for happiness; sure other people help, but YOU are it, baby, and nobody else can do it better.

We aren't cool when we let our land of the free start to melt away under the magnetizing eyes of a domineering government. We aren't cool at all when we aren't left alone to be free to do our own thing...duh

We aren't cool when we allow a simple life get consumed by our consumption.

We aren't cool if we choose debt, one night stands and selfish pleasures over living within our means and having a true, long term relationship with lasting security.

We aren't cool when we burned bras and thought that boys would really take us seriously. Seriously?

We aren't cool when a career trumps giving our children boundaries, expectations and responsibilities.

Need me to keep going?

We just aren't cool; and in this era where coolness reigns, we should be awfully clear about what is cool and what is not, for our life as we know it and our children depend on it.

America is the coolest place on earth. Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness requires us to be true to our cool...and calm and collected in meeting the challenges of today. I believe we will; I have the faith and I'm in it for the long run.

So as I part for a few days in honor of the folks who brought me into this world, I dedicate this page to the very cool, and very true, love you share. I am grateful. I am in awe. And you inspire me everyday.

Make it a Good Day, G

"Usually, terrible things that are done with the excuse that progress
requires them are not really progress at all, but just terrible things."

Russell Baker

Monday, August 24, 2009

Dear America,

One thing's for sure, from infancy America has been a safe house for the world. Our families arrived on her shore seeking refuge, freedom, peace, and maybe even a little prosperity. What sparked from fear, oppression and flight from tyranny grew into what we soon became characterized as the melting pot of the world; giving birth to a whole new life of opportunity and prosperity for all.

We came in all shapes and sizes and colors and beliefs. Certainly, if you look around today, we witness the richness of diversity converging from all points of the globe, along with the wants and needs of each and every one of us just as prevalent.

We are not a simple, homogenized, cookie cutter bunch by design; making the proposed Health Care Bill that much more difficult to feed and nourish the masses. Especially when in relation to very personal issues -- life and death issues --issues that lead to a multitude of ways of resolution and actions, both emotionally and physically.

One of the biggest concerns in the health debate has been the freedom we seemingly take for granted today to make these decisions personally and privately.

But what happens when addressing the issues that could almost be considered elective? The details are not being discussed, which is one reason we are running so scared. I said I was going to get to Obamacare and women's issues a few days ago, and this just might be the day.

I got to thinking about really private matters of "choice" that women bare; what would happen under the government option if faced with infertility? It took seven years to make my baby girl. What would have been my options under the government plan?

It is an highly emotional time; between hormone levels and weighted decision making, we begin with the baby steps necessary to come to grips with what could well be considered the first, real medical dilemma in our life. And if it wasn't enough to share our private romance with doctors and tests and treatment, let alone keep the natural miracle and spontanieity of baby making as a couple, we may now be faced with bringing in the government?

What happens to surrogacy or Invitro Fertiization capability, or even just basic testing and diagnostics to determine what may or may not be wrong with the government by our side? What happens when they factor in the huge costs to the infertile couple and the value they may or may not place on fertilty assistance? Will the conception of a child be made just as available as the adverse, as in abortion?

Speaking of...and naturally, why should my taxpayer dollar be used towards something I can't morally or whole heartedly support? This argument has gone round and round, and again is nothing new. And usually somewhere in the mix the liberal will point out the clear disdain for having their taxes used for war...an easy target it is after all.

Only they forget (or never knew) that the design and function of our military--especially being highlighted, the Navy-- is written in the CONSTITUTION! With sound reason our founding fathers elaborated stipulations within the Constitution as our honorable duty to uphold a National Military, for better or worse. They understood the value of an Armed Force even then; recognizing that there is a cost to defend freedom, and our liberty and civility requires it nonetheless.

Our country was designed in the hands of a revolutionary and visionary few. The Constitution and Bill of Rights articulated only what was absolute and necessary with respect to protecting the freedoms of the American people. Without question, up until now, we have not flinched or faltered. While over time, America's humanitarian and military efforts to defend the rights of other people unable to protect themselves when faced with tyrannical and evil forces has been unsurpassed. Rightfully so, we do not have a choice when it comes to the military.

Point is: abortion is not in the Constitution, nor is it written within one's Bill of Rights -- just as infertility.

SO returning to my question, will infertility be covered in the government option? It is elective so to speak. But more importantly, do they even address things like this in the 1000 page bill?

I know what my insurance covered and what it did not; but really, this is just one more thing I do not have the energy or the time to worry about! Hello...little hormonal here...and now we have Uncle Sam in bed with me too?

I heard recently that Health Insurance is for the healthy, if you are actually sick then its gonna cost you... There is a cost people, through insurance premiums and overall treatment, because, for reasons like, oh I don't know, like it actually costs money to take care of people! Uhm.

Do I think government can use its muscle to correct the issues of fraud, waste and insurance costs? You bet. Does it take a total takeover, like GM and Wall Street, to do it? Absolutely not.

As we started here today, we are a diverse people. My issues are my issues. Period. My issues are not your issues and your issues are not my issues and I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours will not work.

And most of all, Big Gov should be no where near me and my health issues, especially when hormonally challenged... I am woman, hear me roar.

Make it a Good Day, G

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dear America,

Government 101:

Homework today includes the viewing of a YouTube video featuring a clear and simple explanation of why the United States of America is designed the way it is...

....and to the Republic for which it stands...

What we are experiencing in Washington today, with our government blatantly behaving badly, is the loss of all common sense and sensibilities on what our dear Republic's true nature and purpose is supposed to be as defined by our founding fathers. Our government is capitalizing on it's liberal use of power, overstepping the boundaries of a limited government written according to the law, pleading its case to the citizens for democracy's sake, all the while, little by little, their actions take away the mainstay of our land -- our freedom.

Here's the thing, our overhead is just gonna kill us.

I pause today, given it being Saturday, to take care of the homestead -- my overhead. Its time for weekend chores and taking care of the annoying little things we all need to do to keep order in our lives. I feel good having mailed out bills and picked up around the house. But my point is, and simple logic will tell you, the simpler the upkeep and overhead the easier it is to take are of things. I know it's not rocket science; and who am I anyway, what do I know?

K.I.S.S. should be our new platform; or we can kiss America good bye.

I'm going through a phase that borders on O.C.D. I'm sure; my dishwasher died about a month ago so I've been manually washing dishes since. I can't seem to keep a dirty dish in the sink. Kinda weird, huh. I have to wash it immediately or else the dirty dish starts to get under my skin, annoying me to no end, and forcing me to pay attention to it and just clean it already.

This is kind of what I'm feeling right now when it comes to all the attention that Health Care is getting -- just clean it up and be done with it already.

I don't understand how it got so complicated really. Most of us in America have felt-- for many years I might add -- that a universal governmental health care takeover is NOT an option. WE have never liked the idea; have never wanted to entertain the idea of any system remotely similar to the European Socialist Medicine, having insisted on keeping Government out. This isn't anything new. We have never liked it.

Just the amount of exaggeration alone is staggering, let alone asking the taxpayer to swallow the Trillion dollars needed by this administration to cover it.

And yet, we're still talking about it. Blah blah blah blah blah.

If I were in charge of the world I would begin by any method available to simplify everything. Which honestly, was the reason for Obama's clean sweep on election night. We all thought he was about cleaning up Washington...saying no to lobbyists...bringing both sides of the aisle together...going "line by line"on the budget to eliminate waste...cumbaya. Maybe we were all a bit naive being so desperate for a change, desperate for some semblance of moral decorum, desperate for public officials worthy of the ideals, power and position. And then again, maybe naive is not the right word, perhaps totally unrealistic is more like it.

In the beginning, you know, it was all about the public service for the public good and the gift of carving out a new era in society; the ideals of which have stood strong on so many levels, for so many different people, for so many years.

But now look at us.

Certainly, the first area of business, Washington needs to clean House (and the Senate). My belief is that once they start to clean up a couple of things, the dust bunnies in an another area will pop up begging for attention...and with any luck a little O.C.D. may kick in. And before long, a simple government, based on we the people and the law, can return to order.

If we can simplify government, our lives will be more in control. With our lives more in control, we will have more freedom to find our happiness, allowing the means for all of us to govern our own lives peacefully and independent of one another. It is through our own successes we find the means then to help others, from the goodness of our own heart; not the government telling us who gets what from where.

Our entire Constitution was impeccably written in a manner of just a few pages; the HR3200 Health Care Bill is 1000 pages, with the near entirety of it incomprehensible with legalese and congressional mumbo jumbo, while some of the important topics of interest --abortion-- are purposely not included or not elaborated enough -- as in the panel available to discuss end of life concerns.

Its the fraud that needs to be addressed, not the actual health care. Its the waste that needs to be controlled, not the doctor. Its the cost of higher premiums that follow after the real cost of being a nation who allows illegals, or anyone else, to seek emergency care with no questions asked. We already are this country with open hearts and an open door to any hospital for anyone. How dare you, Mr. President, to insinuate that we aren't.

But a new paradigm is needed; our government is not doing the people justice as it stands today. We are so busy trying to divvy everything up in equal proportion that we are no longer concerned with raising our people to be strong, self reliant and free. Self-government is the only way to get there and in it's simplest form, the surest way to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for all.

Like O.C.D, its all about restoring the dysfunctional patterns of behavior with a new way to live; substituting improved patterns of behavior in order to reframe the mind to overcome an action that seems to have more control over us than is rightfully due. Entitlements and government programs begin to backfire on society rather quickly if left unattended, its a numbers game and just a matter of time. This Health Care bill is just another example. The reality we are faced with today is simply the cold, hard truth -- we have to get off the crack and clean ourselves up right now, cold turkey. And to be sure, a little obsessiveness about it may not hurt a bit.

All of which may well take the presence of a Higher Power indeed.

In the last couple of days Obama has turned to religion to help clean up the controversy and impress upon the minds of all of us to turn to our brother and pass this vital legislation, for the good of our community, out of necessity of course. Typical. It is fascinating how a liberal can turn to God in public but not the true blue Conservative... but I digress. As Obama chooses his words of faith so carefully these days, part of me appreciates the mere act of turning to God for help (Lord knows we need it), but just how transparent can you get? Geeze.

And for Obama to pointedly use the WWJD against the 50% of the people who happen to not agree with him is a travesty; we just see it as a matter of common sense is all -- we don't agree with Obamacare, we don't want it, but most of all, we can't afford to even be talking about it! So get over it already.

There are areas to clean up first.

What I would give to see a politician with a compulsive desire to tidy things up; get in, get it done, and get out.

Make it a Good Day, G

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dear America,

There is a strange phenomenon happening over this last week, just about to the day since I blogged about the iconic newspaper arriving on the doorsteps of America, I started getting one -- for free. I haven't ordered it. My neighbor downstairs is still getting theirs so it's not a case of false identity. I'm just getting one.

Given the expense, the inability to normally have the time to sit down and read it, and the wasting of trees for the sin of newsprint (yes, ecology is a good thing), I haven't felt the need to have a subscription. But now that I'm out of work and leisurely going about my mornings, it is rather decadent to sit and peruse it's pages. I mean, I still get a lot of news off the Internet and TV, but these last few days have reminded me of a love lost.

Reading a letter to the Editor, or the editorial page itself; catching local brouhaha over city budgets, water shortages and lawsuits is rather fun. I've spent so much attention on the national scope, I'm beginning to recognize that my loyalties have been a little more macro-minded than usual.

Before embarking on my daily journey of commentary in reverence to my Dear America, I know there was a great part of me so stuck in my little world, my only concern was how things would affect me and my girl. I only looked at my issues, my challenges, my joys, my family.

Oh I always knew the actions of our government were important; and have always enjoyed the political banter between parties and held almost a masochistic love for election controversy and the American democratic process. I especially enjoyed the era of hanging chads and the state of Florida getting far more attention than it deserved. But its all in good. clean fun right.

But this return of the local paper to my door is an eye opener.

I know I'm a lucky girl. I live in Southern California; can you say sunny days and surf 3 miles away, oh my goodness. Certainly, we have our share of traffic and issues, as in any metropolitan area, but we recognize and revel in the trade off. Those of us sharing SoCal live and work and play in a part of the world people come to vacation every day.

Occasionally, when walking on the beach with my girl I try to have her understand how lucky she is to be growing up here. There are people who never get a chance to have their toes hit the sand ever in their life! Its the simple blessings that I want to build up in the mind of my little monkey; I want her to find appreciation for not just the privilege to have a cell phone, but also the beauty that surrounds her and a birthright by location that many would envy.

As her mother I also have a responsibility to raise her to be independent, kind to others, respect her elders and teachers (even the liberal yahoos), love her neighbor as herself, pick up trash found on the beach and everywhere, pray with God, be responsible for homework and ultimately grow a career, be involved with her community and especially have her understand she is part of a much larger world...while it is her duty to find her place in it and share it peacefully with others. That is my job as her mother. (Of course food, clothing and roof over her head comes with the territory.)

Yes our own little world may be all that's important to us in any moment of the day, but our local communities need our undivided attention sometimes, as well as our federal government. It takes effort to be a good citizen, to find a way to carve out a life amidst the competition and choices we have available to us. It is hard work and requires each one of us due diligence and a firm foundation planted in sound beliefs and moral standards in order to succeed.

Our life, large or small, doesn't work without it.

You may think I'm wrong. But if you disagree, tell me then, how would it look in a society where there lived no moral codes to be found, no promotion of Self-Reliance under the framework of the Constitution or Bill of Rights to uphold, in a life that reveres only selfishness of oneself over and above any God? How would it look?

It comes down to this, our ability to individually and successfully self govern is the true issue at hand, not health care or bail outs or stimulus. It is returning to self-reliance and being responsible citizens who understand the high stakes of the loss in our country of our duty to self govern. Most Americans see that now.

Obamacare awakened a sleeping giant. The giant was lost in the woods for awhile, captured by the rays of light shining through the trees, perhaps lost dipping its toes in the tide getting mesmerized by the dancing diamonds on the water, or maybe just lost and part of the millions who walk the hustle and bustle of daily strife just consumed by the thought of whats for dinner tonight.

Yes, sometimes it takes a catastrophe or overriding fear to awaken people. For just as Rahm Emmanuel has duly noted that a foreboding situation creates the perfect opportunity for government to act (or take advantage of) its power, so too come the actions of real citizens realizing the American Dream is worth every effort to keep, uphold and prosper -- even if its against the tide.

Make it a Good Day, G

PS With my newspaper I also get the comics! Today's Hagar the Horrible is yelling, "what's for dinner, Helga?" When she responds with "you're not getting any dinner after what you did".. While Hagar sits in his chair thinking in the big balloon above his head "I thought it was a husband's inalienable right to get dinner!"

PS2 Think about what is a right vs what is a privilege vs what is simply the right thing to do.

PS3 I know I said I was going to start women's health issues today, but I just wasn't feeling it...maybe tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dear America,

Everybody knows when playing the game of Monopoly what happens when one person acquires all the railroads. You can be twelve and figure that one out. What happens is clear, unadulterated annihilation, any sort of competition goes out the window, and the conductor reaches the pinnacle end game shortly thereafter.

Like yesterday I once again use an innocent game as fiduciary support, but none the less I make my point.

Congress must think we are stupid-- especially that Barney Frank. Half the time I have trouble understanding what comes out of his mouth, let alone comprehend his actual answers.

Neither Congress or Obama will admit that after getting the Government's foot in the door the natural dynamic sure to unfold would be the loss of competition; but they can't just come right out and admit that kind of thing, now can they.

They are also continuing to try to re-package Obamacare; internally wrestling with what other names can we call it that don't sound as threatening as Public or Government Option. Oh yes, a Co-Op sounds good; less government tyranny more citizen cooperation, all for one and one for all. But we all know; its government intervention in a place where government has no place to be.

The reason we can't seem to get a real answer as to how they can promise us that this isn't about a full government takeover...eventually...is because we all know better, and they all know we know.

Of course, Press Secretary Gibbs had a horrible time today defending the administration's true belief that CHOICE and COMPETITION is essential and what the President wants. It was difficult because there is no proof of that in anything the President has said in his own words; because in his own words he said he will stop at nothing until he gets the Public Option. It may take a little longer, but eventually his game plan is all four railroads and full public participation in a federal government health care system. Period.

Did you know that by law and through age old treaties, our federal government already provides health care for all American Indians and Alaskan Natives? The annual budget is 4.3 Billion dollars and services 1.9 Million Americans of the Indian heritage. In this year, our government also allocated the release of additional funds through the Recovery Act Fund, in the amount of 500 million dollars. These funds constitute specific disbursements mainly for new construction of facilities, maintenance, technology and equipment.

I bring this up of course as an example of a fine government health care system, already in place which is a beautiful thing, but unlike Medicare and Medicaid, is a program that appears to be fiscally afloat. Or is it?

Ahhhhhhh Ah appearances.

Looking a little more closely, they have an old Indian saying characterizing health care on the reservation, "Don't get sick past June...cause there isn't any money to pay for it after that."

hmmmmm very interesting.

Health Care. Provided by the Fed. No workie workie.

The American Indian does not have a choice of doctor or hospital. They get what they get. The choice of treatment, the wait for services, depending upon the severity of illness and being given the only option available, taking what the government can give you. We wouldn't know the trouble of health care on the reservation because Obama doesn't seem to want to throw it out there as a good example, now isn't that interesting.

Now you would think with a budget of 4.3 BILLION, serving 1.9 MILLION, the situation would be quite doable, especially throwing in another 500 million for general upkeep...is it just me?

But I digress. The program has issues. Looking deeper than the numbers, health care on the reservation is not healthy. And looking into suicide rates and alcoholism and substance abuse will give you a whole 'nother world; reasonable and sound health care, promised by our federal government for the American Indian, is just no where to be found.

I find, speaking only for G now, the more I uncover about the debate on Universal Health Care the more reasons I find not to go there. I don't want a railroad tycoon to come in and takeover. I like that each station welcomes a new arrival with open arms, offering a choice of services not available on the other side of town. I like the independence built upon the integrity of the community of doctors, nurses and administration to create the perfect environment to fit my needs. I like it very much. And what I like in a plan, or a hospital or a doctor, you might not like. You may not need what I need. Which only brings me to this:

We haven't even begun the review of women's issues...that is the next stop.

Make it a Good Day, G

Here's a tidbit that I can't help but add to stir the pot, just today a judge landed a victory to Merck Pharmacuetical Company to block a generic version of Singulair to be produced by a rival. Singulair's sales amounted to 4.3 Billion last year alone.

I know we throw around billions and trillions and millions like its pocket change, but I love to see the comparison of apples and apples. Our goverenment supports the entire Indian Health Services organization with the same budget equalling the revenue of ONE drug.

And as luck would have it, Obamacare commandered the Drug Companies to be at the patient's bedside along with BIG.GOV.org too...amazing grace.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dear America,

Okay. Happy Tuesday.

"I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today..." Whimpy

Strange frame of reference, I know, but that is the first thing that came to mind. And you know what they say, better to laugh than cry. Today, I just want to slap people and I'm not sure any amount of venting through blogging will settle me down.

If Health Care issues were not enough in this lazy, final month of summer to concern ourselves. If the fallout of stimulus spending and bailout money evaporating right before our eyes doesn't make us sick. If just thinking about how did we get here over and over again doesn't keep us from a true good night's sleep...I mean, we did it to ourselves. THIS didn't just happen overnight; and it's hardly an issue we can entirely blame (unfortunately) on our, current messiah, Obama. That foot, now calloused and tired, got stuck in the door decades ago.

We did it to ourselves.

But now, if all that wasn't enough, climbing out of the woodwork is that 20-something crowd begging for a hand out too! Are you kidding me?

80 Million Strong for Young American Jobs Look it up.

Please tell me this is a joke. Our young, liberal fed, nimby brained, right to choose, twenty somethings -- who on the weekend protest against the cause of the hour or trip on Ecstasy --are coming into the job market with what, no job opportunities available (like the rest of us) and say what? Want a break. They sure came away having learned their socialist skills while safely sequestered for four years, yes, in deed.

Day after graduation they are putting their skills immediately to work. They want loan-forgiveness if they serve in distressed communities (can you say community organizer), they want health insurance covered under their parents policy, they want free college tuition to low-income students (wait, I thought it was all about those who already graduated who were whining), and they want loans to start their own businesses...the budding entrepreneurs that they are.

On the opening page of their website it actually says "they are being forced [as if through water boarding] to compete with more experienced workers..." Oh my goodness, not that, not forced to show a little gumption and step up to the real, dog-eat-dog world and perhaps, maybe pay your dues like the rest of us.

Don't get me wrong. It would be nice-- if the family could afford it -- to offer such entitlements to this angry mob of wide-eyed, fresh American spirits. It would be nice to extend to these citizens an opportunity to start a business demonstrating the beauty and benefits of a true free market system, honoring the American work ethic that success grows from blood, sweat and tears. It would be real nice.

BUT WE DON"T HAVE ANY MONEY. WE ARE ALREADY UNDER WATER IN HUGE DEBT. And from my vantage point, the reality is, we are all in the same boat together. One big happy family, yes we are.

We really have to get over ourselves, people, and this idea that we can keep up appearances either for the Jones's or for the children has seen it's better day; we have to start bailing the boat.

Reminds me of that corporate game played during weekend retreats, and the group has to decide who stays in the boat and who is dispensable, struggling with moral challenges and questioning human values. It's just a game, you know.

But what concerns me is that this administration is beginning to show signs of asking for a real life debate with regards to who is worthy. Who's worth the government investment? Who's life is less than valuable to society if rationing costly universal health care comes about? Who's life is entitled to a priority and special treatment over jobs or market share just because, like the 80 million said, it is just too hard to be forced to compete -- who?

So, it's Tuesday, and the twenty somethings want a free lunch. I say, pack your own...parachute.

Make it a good day, G

"Many people die at twenty-five and aren't buried until they are seventy-five."
Benjamin Franklin

Monday, August 17, 2009

Dear America,

I haven't thought about it. I haven't read about it. And God knows what will happen today, here on Monday, August 17, 2009, 8:20 am California time.

Oh woe is me, the Health Care debacle is untying our unity I tell you; butchering the freedom of speech while reducing the actions of our free democratic Republic into something unrecognizable. But don't be afraid, we've been here before.

WE the people, have overcome great conflict and desperate times many times over. I think what has changed is the ability to see everything play out in front of us almost instantly. It takes personal diligence and fortitude to find the courage to keep from turning on the TV, opening the yahoo page or glancing at a newspaper, fighting to turn our consciousness purposely away, otherwise we are inundated with a perfect storm of media churning out rhetoric and spin and instant messaging.

We are so used to it we forget that there was a time when Gore and his Internet was just not invented yet. Glory be to those days...gone by eras of the Revolutionary War where news traveled by town crier forcing the creation of sensationalized pamphlets recording every social and economic condition weighing in the hearts of man. Out of which we need to look no further than the infamous Thomas Paine's Common Sense.

The newspaper can really be credited for escalating and dramatizing the uprising that took place against England. Newspapers, heaven forbid, were actually being suppressed in an effort to keep people from speaking up and causing such a raucous. No way...

Here's a tidbit:
"Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without
newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a
moment to prefer the latter."
Thomas Jefferson, 1787

And then there is:
Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of speech or of the
press..Article One, Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution, 1789

Even so, in the early days the newspaper had its share of issues. There were some very turbulent years to record throughout the American Revolution, testing our faith, the human spirit, and the will of the people all along the way. When our Declaration of Independence was published in Congress, some newspapers took weeks to cover the story. Times were slow.

The irony is that the paper then was far more cutting edge with regards to the printing liberties taken by the editor in chief. Papers were downright used and referred to as propaganda all the time. And by today's standard, were far more vocal when it came to slanderous accounts, remarking on the body politic, using a no holds barred approach to win the loyalties of its readers, shifting a community of thought brilliantly and shaping American opinion. It became an industry that actually reveled in the representation of all views, right or left, republican or democrat and loved the ability to take this one mode of communication to the people, written by the people, for the sole purpose of being instrumental in the growing of a new America.

It wasn't until the mid 1800's that the body known today as the Associated Press turned out in order to speed up the process and take advantage of compiling news sources from all around the country, and even the world; with a product of the Industrial Age, the Telegraphic column, taking it's rightful foothold in the history of the American Press in 1844.

We've come along way, and then again what is it good for?

Considering its already old news if we're not getting automatic updates on CNN, we are seeing Government intervene in our lives through bail outs and take overs and health care and taxes at such a pace, the amount of information coming to us and linked to other stories, is frightening.

The faithful newspaper that would arrive like a new day is seeing troubling signs of not keeping up with the times; local papers having extreme difficulty staying afloat, easily going belly up against the news that just pops up on our screens for free. We are no longer sipping a cup of coffee and catching up with the world quietly over the Times or the Post, we are speed balling and intravenously digesting the news and expecting answers to come and problems resolved almost as hastily.

Stop. Breathe Dear America. We don't have to do anything we don't want to do; and our Government cannot suppress nor hinder our ability to speak freely and often, through whatever means available. Our first newspapers and federalist papers accomplished this task against all odds of not enough paper, patiently waiting through the lag in between stories, finding our brave editors voicing the efforts of the reformation movement against England without fear. We were funneling the new American agenda into every home in the face of "give me liberty or give me death" (Patrick Henry) via newsprint no less! Capturing the hearts of each and every citizen in splendid unison for one thing, freedom.

We need to be very careful these days with our right for free speech and the ability to link with other like minds. Don't be surprised if this simple liberty is challenged in the days to come, if for no other reason but to suppress those who do not agree with the current shaping of America. No Way...


Make it a good day, G

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dear America,

Saturday Afternoon at the movies...

Watch Ronald Reagan speak out against Socialist Medicine.

This link was courtesy of an email I received this morning from Star Parker. I just wish I thought of it myself! YouTube is brilliant; one video clip can lead you to another and another and another and before long you have an afternoon turn into an evening bopping down memory lane.

I am suggesting a day to play. Get together with your peeps and start with Reagan, move to westerns with John Wayne, take in breakfast with Audrey, swing with the Rat Pack, blast the Stones or get down and boogie to KC and the Sunshine Band. YouTube can take you there and anywhere else you want to go today.

Its fun. Its free. Its time together and a way to escape the dialogue if only for a day.

For me, it's happy Saturday and only good things can happen when a day starts off with cartoons.

Make it a good day, G

Friday, August 14, 2009

Dear America,


By definition this word brings up all kinds of negative thoughts, usually settling with the idea it's true exhibition is in the form of fliers being distributed on seedy street corners, dictators feeding the minds of followers and dissidents, and something definitely more third world. Not us. Not here. And never from our own government.

Having just recently subscribed to the Patriot Post I was caught off guard by something terribly disturbing; and what could be more disturbing than discovering that you're not in Kansas anymore? Silly me. Just when I truly started to believe I was a beginning to be a big girl -- being more closer to 50 than I am to 40 -- and then smack, "G, aren't you the most gullible girl in the world" starts its mantra in my little head...all because of something I read.

I have had some difficulty understanding the negative impact of speaking up in these town halls. I look at the audience and I hear the desperation in their voices, and I see real people. I even witness real representatives responding in their condescending, it doesn't really matter what I'm hearing right now, I'm still gonna vote for this stupid bill, as my worshiping Obama is more of a concern than anything else and this should all be over come 9/15, it doesn't matter if America loses her soul kind of response.

But low and behold, in black and white there it was. What was brought to life in this morning's Patriot Post expose' calls out the fraud within the confines of what you think you see is not actually what you think you see. Talk about propaganda. Talk about gullible.

We have observed town hall meetings for what, nearly two weeks now, and the mass media only wants you to know one view and one view alone. And it is all part of the big master plan to scam Obama's health care system into place, because you know, everything you hear on the nightly news must be true. We have Walter to thank for that.

I had no idea that it would be even remotely possible to have the "supporters" stand in these town halls acting as "opponents"...no idea...thought never occurred to me. That somehow the guy holding the Obama poster with a Hitler mustache (like the lefty's did to Bush) was actually a plant (can you say ACORN) set in place to just make us concerned Americans look bad. Had no idea. I used to believe my gullible nature was a sweet thing, now I'm not so sure.

Truly masterful, if I dare say.

It doesn't just happen in the third world. It happens all around us. Every day.

I was quite taken with the definition found in The American Heritage Dictionary of Propaganda:

The systematic propagation of a given doctrine or of allegations reflecting
its view and interests...The Congregation of Roman Curia that has authority in
the matter of preaching the Gospel and of establishing the Church in
non-Christian countries...Dissemination, as of a belief; propagation of the

And the left believes itself to be the poster child of separation of Church and State? Oh, I get it, it's just a matter of what you are choosing to use as propaganda. Lord, have mercy on our souls, we know not what we do.

Or for that matter, know not what is real and what is make believe.

Yes, my own personal health care and the future of it's accessibility and cost is of great interest me; but it is the Big G, the GREATER GOOD, that I'm concerned with more. America has much at stake.

And as I saturate my days with web surfing and blog reading and picking a part the information available, observing all of us responding to what is for certain a life or death matter when it comes to America, I ask that each and every one of us chooses our propaganda carefully.

We all speak. We all talk to our neighbors, our grocers, our congregations, our doctors, and our kids. Be aware of what part of your stories to each other are true and what could be construed as simply propaganda.

What I have come to realize is that I don't want any form of Government health care. It doesn't even matter if the numbers work, or if a panel is inconspicuously involved or not. I return to just say NO (blog 8/10). No amount of propaganda pro or con will change my mind, and it gets very simple to figure out from here.

Remember a few things.
1) Obama wanted all of this a done deal as of 7/31/09...rush rush

2) The actual number of uninsured started out 47 million, but breaking it down...12 million illegals (they can walk into any emergency room, like the rest of us can, and get immediate care), roughly 18 million have incomes over 50k and choose not to get insurance, around 8 million are children (and their parents can get public insurance today no questions asked), with about the same number of the invincible age of 20-somethings who just plum don't think they need it, while those remaining uninsured have simply not sought public assistance through any number of bureaucracies currently available. We're just crazy folk to not care about other fellow Americans aren't we...

3) Obama has not "misspoke" as his Press Secretary Gibbs likes to say in reference to any of the umpteen times Obama has justified universal health care and is willing to wait as long as it takes to get us there. That is what he wants. He said it; and has more than once, lectured on it, campaigned on it and has grown a career from it's universal health care socialistic roots (that is not propaganda...look it up!).

What do I know, I'm just a girl who's losing her gullibility, rushing to replace it with good ole fashioned American Common Sense.

Make it a Good Day, G

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dear America,

Oh my gosh.

We are the proud owner of a new penny today. This is kind of funny in the midst of our Government trying to convince us that a national health care system is the way to go. This is taking sort of a mental break from the absurdity of life right now so bear with me.

Have we not learned anything?

I'm sort of speechless so give me a minute if you will.

Okay, so we can't manage Fannie Mae and Mac.

We have inherent issues and generational fraud going on with Social Security.

Obamacare plans to steal from Medicaid to ensure the viability of a national health care program, while we are encouraged that there is no need to worry, because its just about choice when it comes to the elderly (somewhere in here is that 80/20 principle).

We've sold our soul in pork bellies to fill the days in Congress, a task which ranks public service initiatives with what's in it for me or no deal.

We have our own US Postal Service hanging on by its latest sales pitch of "if it fits, it ships."

And even our own Treasury, who lost it's common sense when vacating the gold standard, plays Russian roulette with monetizing our debt right out from under us, where the only way to resolve the "selling" of bonds, and "buying" them back 10 days later calls for either hyper-taxation or hyperinflation...you take your pick.

And now this. This probably isn't going to hit you like it did me. Maybe it's just me being a little oversensitive, there must be a full moon coming or Saturn must be retrograde, I don't know. But just today they announced the new and improved Lincoln penny coming out in November, no big deal right.

Now, don't get me wrong. I LOVE LINCOLN. That was the kind of change I could believe in.

He said remarkable things like, "as I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy."

And, "be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm."

And, "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."

Okay, I've made my point here and I"m getting back to the real point.

This Health Care Bill is another excuse for creating power, causing division among our fellow Americans, and allows for nothing more than direct unabashed slavery of the tax payer to our federal Government. Make no mistake. It is robbery. It is illegal when the people do not want it and when our elected office ignores the people. And it is worthy of debate and peaceful protest.

The shiny new penny actually costs the Mint 1.4 cents to make. Am I the only one who finds that funny? If we can't so much as produce a little copper penny without it costing us money out of pocket, how in our cotton pickin mind can we add health care to our already baffling, trillion dollar deficit? I would love to know what Obama is smoking if its not Kools.

A penny. Some people see a penny on the ground and don't bother to pick it up. Some people toss a penny from their change into the tray next to a cash register, no use for it. Some people couldn't care less that it is Abraham Lincoln sitting so pretty on it. While not that long ago, possibly two score and seven years ago, there were rumblings about the idea of not making the lowly penny at all anymore.

But no, in this time of spending money like there is no tomorrow, in this environment that there ain't no business like the Government's business, in the land of milk and honey and voodoo economics getting that much more psychedelic, we have one more thing to ask a fifth grader: Does it costs money to make money?

I can't wait for our health care costs to be under control and powered by the fine workings of http://Obamacare.us.gov.org.com.scam/ I Can't wait.

Make it a good day, G

P.S. And remember, "a penny saved is a penny earned." Not Lincoln.

I will save this one for your eyes to research if you don't know it off the top of your head...to capitalize on other words of wisdom this gentleman once said,

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dear America,

Is Psychiatric Care covered? That's what I want to know. I am about to go insane and just want to be sure there is a rubber room waiting for me free of charge.

These last couple of days have been intense, haven't they? There is much going on, seen and unseen, and it is clearly a case for making us all a bit crazy. Things are up in the air, in doubt and down right hazy to say the least. And when faced with so much uncertainty we humans tend to either hunker down deep to uncover all there is to know about something in order to come to the best possible solution or we escape.

I actually escaped. Not in the glorious sense of running off to Cancun, nope not me, mine was more closer to home.

I cleaned out my refrigerator. Threw out the jars with a tablespoon of dressing. Tossed the last remaining pork chop (cooked two week's ago) that somehow got lost behind pickles and salsa. I cleaned every nook and cranny to a sparkling new glow making anything that remained look that much more appetizing, always helpful when faced with eating leftovers.

While through the course of the afternoon, I returned to the scene just to gloat at my wizardry...it was a beautiful thing, my fridge so squeeky clean I could eat off of it and I knew it even from sitting across the room. It also prompted me to make homemade lemonade from the slew of lemons found underneath the ruins of broccoli. Perfect for rewarding my escape efforts.

There is something in cleaning, housecleaning specifically, that is just so energizing; it whips a dish towel of renewal smack in the butt. It's like the modern day comparison to a day on the farm. It feels good to work hard and labor, getting your hands dirty, especially when it comes to one's homestead. Much like breathing life back into the home after a long winter's slumber in the Spring; within the confines of just one day we can satisfy that inner urge to clean house, start fresh and maybe even start entirely over. The same thing applies when you have pancakes and eggs for dinner, there ain't nothing better for pretending an entire day didn't happen.

Health Care, as the debate continues, is not one of those times we have to start over -- nor do we want to. Everyone, except our dear President, seems to get that. Yes, it's about reform. Yes, it's about getting rid of the waste and all that is hidden in the back of the fridge. But it is clearly not the time to go out and buy a new fridge, whether a government rebate or energy saver discount applies or not.

Americans were not born yesterday, unless you actually were, but we KNOW that there is no such thing as a free lunch! It is going to cost us, and cost us big.

And there has to be a message in the fact that this little health care plan, that sits all yummy on the plate from Congress, is serving up indigestion before we've taken our first bite. We are experiencing so much unrest and uncertainty as a people, searching for answers in town hall meetings where the prevailing attitude amongst our representatives seems to be of condescension and arrogance, and we are coming away with this nauseating overriding sensation that something is not quite right.

Because it isn't.

As I was reminded in reading letters to Congress from fellow citizens, America is paying attention now for a myriad of reasons. We are not the cookie cutter, right wing activist speaking up, we are just Americans. The hot buttons for most of us are many and stem from worry about the just plain economics of it, to more pointed questions of who's paying for it (US), to what am I actually paying for...illegals, abortions, other people's issues. We just don't know how it will ultimately change the fabric of the American Health Care system -- and yet one thing's for sure, it will be changed forever.

Unfortunatley, the prospective plan is unable to make any solid connection as to how it will affect the current free market health care system; and the uncertainty remains regarding how employers will respond to the availability of a Government plan along with the requirements and penalties that follow suit. Of course there is also the concern of how private insurance will keep up, the possibility of a budding government monopoly, lest we forget to acknowledge the mere angst of knowing how long it will take to see our doctor when faced with something wrong with us.

I just wish the Government could take the time to clean up not only what it already has on it's plate, but also look to the back of the fridge, check under the day old bread, toss out the federal waste and take a little elbow grease to it's innards.

It is almost commical in a warped sort of way how our representatives are trying to feed us, for the loss of a better word, crap. They are trying to stay on point with President Obama's message -- whichever message of the hour that is, as it seems to change from day to day, contradicting messages from a few months ago, let alone dismissing his campaign platform and responses entirely-- yet they are forgetting one thing.

We the people have the power. Amen!

And even though I spent the better part of today with my head in the fridge, I not only have a sense of satisfaction for time well spent and a gorgeous fridge to show for it, but I have come to the realization that I am not alone. Perhaps the wiping of ketchup bottles and jelly jars created a vehicle of meditation through which my uncertain dispostion was calmed.

I clean out my fridge every once in awhile just like the next guy; and just like the next guy, take exception to how MY Government is responding to me and everyone else who is speaking up against this scheme. But I know I'm not alone; I know we are for real.

It is hard to believe that our government can be so naive to think this is simply about Health Care. The dispute is deeper; hidden underneath the ranting and the raving and the letter writing, it is about our FREEDOM in AMERICA to live the way we want without government intervention, control, waste and fraud. We have seen government; and the likes of it is getting moldy, green and smells of stinky cheese.

We are standing up in a way that only Americans can do. I know deep in my heart that we will prevail; not just prevail, but we shall overcome! In the end, it is our fine Democracy that will live to see the fruits of our labor and it will feel so good... like a day under the sun, our hands in the dirt and a glass of iced cold lemonade waiting for us.

We are a blessed nation, with the richness of good people, who only want to do the right thing, and more importantly wish every citizen the equal opportunity to succeed and the ability to fill their fridge with all the bounty this land has to offer.

"A government big enough to give you all you want is big
enough to take it all away."

Barry Goldwater

Make it a good day, G

Monday, August 10, 2009

Dear America,

"Just say NO."

Ah yes, the quintessential slogan for the eighties. What do you say we bring it on back and send Congress a message. It's not too late you know, really it isn't.

I wrote letters to my representatives this evening courtesy of a website congress.org. I believe it to be totally non-partisan and from what I have seen, they are an amazing vehicle to fast, efficient, nearly immediate connection to our beautiful Congress as one can get. Not only can you take advantage of sending letters to your representatives without a walk to the mailbox, but at your fingertips is a virtual congressional aide to guide you through current legislation, history of voting records and ability to see other letters written by the American people.

What made my mouth drop was reading these other letters from other Americans; and I got so warm and fuzzy inside. (You know I'm referencing the crazy town people with Swastikas like Nancy Pelosi refers to...the fanatical and angry mob people that are only there because some right-wing activist group is organizing it...those people.)

I'm telling you, every letter I plugged into was so not happy with Congress. No matter what part of the country; the letters were thoughtful and insightful and full of passion! Each one spelled out a message from the heart with regards to this current Health Care "crisis" and they were all along the same lines..."Just say NO."

What was also fascinating was understanding how even though we were all saying the same thing, we got there from widely different experiences and views. It wasn't just that we were saying no, we were validating the no with good reasons based on what we know for ourselves to be true.

And if what we are hearing from congress is true in that they are dismissing us Americans who are responding as partisan talking idiots, then they have another thing coming I'm telling you. These letters from individuals like myself, and thousands more, are not coming from a pack mentality; it is personal. Very personal.

From my average American perspective, I don't believe one bit of this response is peer pressure. Clearly, Americans are not stupid. We have done our homework, we have had a chance to see what works (or doesn't) in other countries, we have even seen cases where private hospitals flourish, as in the Cleveland Medical Center, and we have a real issue with bureaucratic waste and fraud.

When running all the numbers (costs vs benefits) evidence is just not there to support this kind of measure; this health care bill simply does not justify itself to be the end all, all or nothing, solution to the 15% of the population who remain uninsured. And we need to look no further than within the elite, ivy league campus of Congress to discover who really has the issue with just saying no.

So write your congressman or woman today. And tell them what?

Right...Just say NO!

Make it a good day, G

Friday, August 7, 2009

Dear America,

It was Paul Harvey who begged the question,

"If pro is the opposite of con what is the opposite of progress?"

If anyone is actually still listening to congress you would think there is nothing good about our health care system at all, even though the majority of us like it very much. Yes, we all believe in taking the proper steps to reform the system; but not at the cost of losing our grandmothers, or starting the reform from scratch.

I am not sure I understand how we got to this "all or nothing" mentality that the President and Congress seem to be shoving down our throats with this package we should have ratified yesterday; but even if it is all or nothing, I would dare say the cons have it when it comes to the argument of a government health care takeover, there is simply too many of us unwilling to go all the way.

And since when does it make sense to rush a 1000 page bill through for signature when it doesn't speak on behalf of what the majority wants? Even the first week of September is too soon!

I have made available the entire copy of this proposed bill for your own review, while at my first glance sit alarmed in fear needing an emergency Heimlich's maneuver. What a mess. I guess creating enough bureaucracy around anything it appears complete and fortified to us simple folk. Of course, since lawyers are the most common profession in congress, litigating and writing new law comes naturally and surely a testimony of how well Washington serves the people...

Why is it all or nothing, black/white, pro/con, republican/democrat? Why? How does this work for us? As a people, it is high time to tear down the wall that separates us with absolutes and prevents us from creating true, honest to goodness American success, no matter what the subject matter. The kind of success that creates and re-creates the ability for all people to live a life in freedom and liberty is what we should be frantically seeking--first week of September would work just fine. And I hate to break it to you but the reality is congress is not the starting point; it requires us to start with ourselves. The nation will fall in quite nicely thereafter simply by our creative, intelligent force back behind it.

Remember, America was founded upon simple ideals and profound principles illuminating the way. The very foundation we seem to be falling off today, allowing America the freedom to grow into what is still considered the greatest nation in the world, was entirely built from a life in relationship with God. Even though we have been taught in America a clear separation of church and state; this one character element of America stands largely misunderstood.

For it was through religious persecution and tyranny of Europe -- specifically Rome -- and England (the Church of) that projected the entire reformation movement to seek a land where all people were free to not only believe in God; but more importantly, to live a healthy, happy and prosperous life under God, any God, in any way you so choose. If you go back to anything written in the 1700's and 1800's you will find it all over the place. God this. God that. Faith in the Almighty was a cornerstone to how we made America. An easy read to pick up today that magnifies this period is found in Christianity and the American Commonwealth, by Charles B. Galloway.

And with all due respect, President Obama, we were born a Christian nation. If you studied American history this would be a no-brainer to understand and respect. Shame on you.

Our country's foundation is shaking right now in what appears from the naked eye simply a breakdown in communication on health care; but under closer scrutiny shows a deeper spiritual imbalance and disconnect. The only reason our democracy has lasted this long, and has remained so prosperous, was due to the pure fact that each and every one of us came from a place of God in our hearts and minds. We lived a life of character in virtually every aspect of our life. Not to say we were these perfect Christian people, but we took the time to consult with a Higher Power and listen to what God speaks within our soul , individually and collectively, and that has made all the difference in the world.

Thomas Moore writes a modern account to these principles in The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life:

Enchantment needs its own specialist, and mystery its own
lobbyist. A theology of daily life, practiced by us all, would open our
eyes to a dimension solidly sealed off by the modern secularistic imagination,
and it would restore soul, because soul is fed by the eternal and the spiritual
as much as it finds nourishment in the temporal and the physical. Our
universities and political institutions could begin to take theology seriously,
placing it in the middle of the village rather than on the fringe, releasing it
from sectarianism, granting long-withheld life to our society, which confesses
its hunger for the spirit and its longing for the soul.

With the way they have responded to us in town hall meetings, our Congress and governing body is battling with us as if we are the cancer, or the devil incarnate, God save our soul. They are sucking the very life out of us under the con of bringing us everything we need -- at a price of course. Logically, we can't keep up the pace of the top 1% paying 40% of the taxes. There will just come a time then when nobody does anything.

Nowhere in the Consitution says we have a right to health care (among other things) paid for by the government, which in actuality is not the government but by the hard work and ambitions of the able-bodied citizens who happen to have a real job. Nowhere. Socialism is not the new Democracy. The men who wrote the Constitution recognized the follies inherent to both a governing body and it's own people, and protected us in every word, and every word written according to the grace of God. Take the time to look it up yourself.

And to think, there was a time when we paid 7% taxes and still raised a family; we went to church on Sunday, sent our children to school and made a visit to the family doctor, paying for things as we needed them or we went without.

Make it a good day, G

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dear America,

I just ran out of postage stamps. My last book of stamps was really pretty; I'm drawn to the love versions and this one did not disappoint as it was swirly and colorful and looked like an artist painted it, almost like a little mini Picasso. Truly a work of art.

Too bad our fine US Postal Service is going broke, huh. Who would ever in their right mind imagine that? Seems the Post Office is taking the slow boat to China and good old fashioned snail mail won't even be an option pretty soon.

This is part of our federal government. They are federal employees being supplied a federal paycheck with a federal pension and benefits. And it's not working.


And what makes our government think they can manage and oversee and operate and license and insure health care?

Social Security will be broke, by 2030 is it? Medicare is hurting big time. We have bullied our way into partnership with the auto industry and managed to somehow subsidize sales to the tune of what will be 3 billion dollars just to give it a boost when we're looking in the mirror. While we sit as Americans with our head in the sand (or is it) knowing that the federal budget runs in the red year after year; this year taking it to extreme deficits and making commitments to programs we just can't keep.

Geeze. We can't even control the value of our dollar! The sale of bonds to other countries points to the grim fact that we don't own our country anymore. Is this not a problem to speak loud and often about, or what? To say we can't even speak our mind to the people who are there to SERVE us without being demonized as a bunch of fanatical, right wing extremists, is simply outrageous and out of order.

It is precisely this kind of response and serious concern that our fine representatives are receiving in their townhall meetings in this congressional doldrums of August. While they, or rather the DNC and the Obama administration, have the nerve to call us an "angry mob;" that it is our duty now to report to the government the names of our friends, family and neighbors who's actions may be deemed "fishy" or anti-Obamacare. Are you kidding me? This all sounds so out of Hollywood; no, more like reminiscent of that McCarthy guy who was before my time. Ohmygosh, I just wikipedia'd him and he died at 48 -- that was so young! If you are following along you'll understand what I mean...

Anyway, now I haven't read all the details and am not entirely familiar with what happened (sounding like something a President might say to censure his own liability) but I don't know, me thinks this Joe "the Activist" McCarthy may have been onto something in a twisted turn of American fate. We are called an angry mob now when simply exercising our right to not only free speech but when speaking with clear disdain towards an administration gone amuck or even so much pause to question? Say it isn't so.

As it is written we have inalienable rights born unto us as Americans. Those rights are never severed, transferred, sold, or negotiated with terrorists, they are OUR rights all the time.

How dare an Administration tell us to stop speaking up. Amd how naive were we to really believe that Obama and his campaign rhetoric of transparency and ethics and cleaning up DC -- that won him the election -- would ever come to fruition. He is so not that.

We wanted it so badly, didn't we. We could taste it like a lick to the back of a postage stamp, it was so right there, recovery was on the horizon, on the tip of our tongue, and we were primed and ready no matter what the weather; through snow or rain, on back country roads to high rise landscapes, inner city to the elite government official, we wanted change to believe in and trusted that change to arrive like the morning mail.

I say, something is not only fishy, it downright stinks.

But hey,
Make it a good day, G

How does it go...
give someone a fish they eat for a meal, teach someone to fish, they eat for a lifetime.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dear America,

Happy Wednesday.

I've been MIA these last couple of days.

I've been playing with my girl, going to the beach, staying up late, sleeping in and not doing a darn thing. I am, as you know, in between opportunities. And while it is important to feel useful and participate in life in the "pursuit of happiness," it sure has been fun loafing about.

The way I see it, pretty soon I can just live entirely off the government..welfare (single mom totally qualifies), food stamps, health insurance, trade in my car. I can then go to the beach everyday without so much as a worry as to my next meal or getting a job. Good times.

This also happens to be the Day After the King's birthday, oops, my apology, it was the President's big day of celebrating his birth in Hawaii. How fabulous is that. And for the record, he's now officially a year older than me; for awhile we've been tootling around the same age which I found awfully strange to say the least, but also seriously alarmed! The juxtaposition illumintates all sorts of ideas and visions and questions.

How did he do it; how did he come to such a pinnacle in life and society at such a very young age, if I do say so myself. More importantly, what is in it for America?

There is a reason for this -- there must be -- my faith tells me so. I'm just not sure what it is right now. But I do know this allows for us to pause, no stop, and look at where we are in America, where we want to go, and how we are to get there from here.

I'm going to leave it at that today. The beach is calling me and I seem to be sporting a little hangover after yesterday's celebration so a little more rest and sea water should do me a world of good.

Make it a good day, G

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dear America,

Happy Saturday.

Always a good day to go out and wash the car...as a spin-off from yesterday, that brand new car sitting in the driveway. Some of you must be so happy this morning!

I had this dream last night...that I saw my hard earned tax dollars being strewn about by what appeared like my government, but can't be sure. It was odd. I was watching this guy, who I believe was a man of color but I don't want to jump to any conclusions, and few other guys around him who I absolutely believe to be white... and strangely only one woman, also white, and they were just all throwing about money.

These people, in my dream, thought that buying a clunker worth no more than a tank of gas for perhaps 500% more than it's value would be an excellent example of not only stimulating the flow of goods and kick starting the auto industry, but give us fellow Americans a stronger sense of security, making a foothold on a foundation that our government is always there for us. That part of it was really sweet.

And then it hit me waking up into a cold sweat, I (and you too) paid for that old, clunky 1986 Chevy Blazer, albeit in fairly good condition -- the kind of condition reminiscent of the sensation "they just don't make cars like that anymore"-- to be traded in for a new one to the tune of up to $4,500.00 for each one of these! Are you kidding me?

I'm telling you, it took me awhile, but then it hit me; I hit this tree which came out of nowhere, and am still in shock, actually, in my government, my very own government acting so stupidly if I dare say.

We, thanks to Uncle Sam, are already proud partners in GM and what not, but now this. WE are actually subsidizing in a weird, twilight zone sort of way, the profits (or losses) through purchasing cars overvalued and from dealers underwater.

I just don't get it. Is it just me?

Happy Saturday...my old 2001 Jetta wants to play in the water.

Make it a good day, G