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Friday, February 28, 2014

It's a Demi-Dhimmi Dumb Day Thing

Dear America,

this girl might be going heavy today, being weighted down by something virtually intangible; the hidden conflict between its very existence and its peculiar evanescence expanding by the minute.

but just today I believe I caught a glimpse of what we might call it.

It's called demi-Dhimmi.........

and it's a form of Dhimmi much uncommon and unrecognizable and unimaginable, really, given that its origin comes from within the boundaries and statutes of a nation made by revolutionaries for religious freedom, not to mention, in a land built upon the rights of the individual.

and yet, here we are. 

and it's totally uncharted territory [or so we are led to believe, anyway].

Recently, Jon Stewart spent part of his opening monologue poking fun at this very thing, as he chained together snippets from the Fox News Channel headlining "the war against religion" -- mainly, Christianity -- complete with his sophomoric ripping and mocking narrative by the nanosecond.  [the whole thing becomes even more annoying realizing how much I LOVE this guy...and thoroughly enjoying the enigma that I am, just  now]

I wonder what Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz,  I mean,  Jon Stewart, would have to say about this study?  [read more here]

 We won't dwell.

Back to the demi- Dhimmitude we got going on...

After this week -- after keeping a watchful eye upon Arizona --  after having already seen what happened in New Mexico -- and while keeping tabs on the assault against our religious freedom through such reprehensible legislation like Obamacare and the mainstream acceptance of conservative targeting by the IRS  -- let me tell you, America, we are not that much of a far cry from Syria.

What G?

oh you laugh.

oh okay.

This is Dhimmi in Syria --

"Reuters reported that the Islamist militants said that Christians would no longer be allowed to renovate churches, display religious symbols outside churches, pray in public, ring church bells, sell wine to Muslims or drink wine in public. Christians would now also be prohibited from owning weapons."


given three options: to convert to Islam; to remain Christian but pledge submission to Islam; or to ‘face the sword. They opted for the second of those choices, known as dhimmitude.


Every Christian man was now to “pay a tax of up to 17 grams of gold, a levy that was common in Muslim states centuries ago,” Reuters reported, adding, “The concept of dhimma, governing non-Muslims living under Islamic rule, dates back to the early Islamic era in the seventh century, but was largely abolished during the Ottoman reforms of the mid-19th century.”

You see, people, within the Islamic community there is no co-existence with non-Muslims -- not now, not then, not ever.

That is their law.

and wait, there's more:

Other restrictions reported by the Times of Israel included the prohibition on reading scripture “indoors loud enough for Muslims standing outside to hear,” allowing any Christian who wants to convert to Islam to do so, and to not say anything offensive about Muslims.

do you get it now?

The thing is, what actually happened in Arizona should never have happened, on a number of fronts.

But allow me to offer you a wonderful explanation for what did happen, along with  answering some of the deeper questions stifling us from having a real, open, community discussion about the whole entire thing.  It's found at The Foundry, from The Heritage Foundation...Questions You're Asking About Cakes, Gays and Religious Freedom by Amy Payne.

Quoting the bottom line now:

"When it comes to this particular issue, all Americans should remain free to believe and act in the public square based on their beliefs about marriage without fear of government penalty."

thank you.

As a matter of fact, our Constitution is enough to guarantee it.  And we shouldn't need no stinkin' new law.

And for added reinforcement, let's swing over to another gthing favorite hang-out, at The Patriot Post:

In truth, the bill was written in large part because the homosexual agenda seeks to discriminate against Christians. Witness the numerous lawsuits around the country against bakers, florists and photographers who wish not to condone same-sex weddings by providing services for them. Would these same thought police force a Jew to cater a Nazi event? Or a black person to dry clean KKK robes? Yet when it comes to the homosexual agenda, where leftists can’t win affirmation they want coercion; intolerance in the name of tolerance. Religious liberty is sacrificed at the altar of that agenda, which aims to radically redefine civilization’s centuries-old building block

And here's a good one to add:  should  a Muslim baker be expected -- no threatened --  to bake a cake for say a homosexual couple, or dare I say, a Christian wedding?

[For more thoughts from The Patriot Post, go here.]

Now I believe it is quite possible to create a pretty hefty batch of bad juju over turning away clientele with good money.   How can that be good?  How does that support the circulation of money and capital gains and put food on the table?  But be that as it may.   Everyone, as individuals, should have every right to decide that for themselves and their own personal welfare.   

We MUST figure out how to co-exist within the framework of "the free exercise thereof" of our religious liberties and nothing else.

Otherwise, we are no better off than the Christian community in the province of Raqqa, Syria.

Demi-Dhimmi is dumb and is a state of terrorization that has no place in America.

And Jon Stewart can joke around all he wants -- but believe you me --  look around, read the news, see the highlights, follow the threats, unveil the underlying nature of  the war against people of faith, and notice that we are there already.

 Make it a Good Day, G


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It's a Verbum Vitae et Lumen Scientiae Thing

Dear America,

Verbum Vitae et Lumen Scientiae
Word of Life and the Light of Knowledge
University of Richmond
Communism, Atheism, Free Love
 celebrated daily @ Reed College
Same country.
Different college.

You know, some days, I get this flash of light, a sense, a feeling deep down inside me, that I AM settled science.  And it is magnificent when I'm in it.  And then again, other days, not so much -- nothing seems settled, let alone settling.

Some days, it's just easier to feel more lost than saved; some days, it's just easier to wallow in the slop than rise to the occasion that our reality calls for, both literally and figuratively.

The thing is -- as little old gthing gets right down to it -- we must figure out how to coexist in this petri dish that we call life in America, not to mention with the rest of the world, while recognizing our individual freedom to live the lives our Maker designed.  [And hating myself for reaching out to a bumper sticker slogan so early on the day.  Consider it to be a life line thrown in on the fly. We'll just have to wait and see if anything good comes of it.]

I mean, my goodness, Reed College gets it, right?
The University of Richmond celebrates it, no?

Of course, our founders thought they thought of everything already, having set up the new world with a Republic that celebrates, honors, elevates the individual above government; in other words, limiting the hand of government by a Rule of Law that controls and binds its power and making unlimited the body, We the People, for Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Free Spirits for every one.

All exceptions to The Rule were individually divided.

And Happiness -- made or lost -- individually dedicated and obligated for life.

"Hope is a good breakfast,
but a bad supper."
Francis Bacon

At the end of the day, it is what we DO that carries the day, that justifies our existence, that settles the science, the call of duty, to apply ourselves to this thing called life, or not.

But make no mistake -- there is no guarantee of happiness just by being born in these here United States.  That is not what our founders said.

The subjective cue to the powers that be to come to the aid of the General Welfare is not a call to feed the body, in whole or in part, nor is it about providing free health care.  But I digress... we've been there and done that argument round and round and round again until we all fall down.

 [Now -- Providing for a Common Defense...
now that is spelled out, quite clearly;
as our newly appointed chief advocate of that duty,
Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel says.....
Risk and liability meet the Modern Age in Military Preparedness.
Oh my, and on another front: 

If you linked in there, and there-there, we can only hope it all works out...
and oh the ironies abound, as nobody wins a war on hope.

But let's circle back around to how we began the day --

At choice -- as Americans, as students, as individuals -- we can choose a Reed College or a University of Richmond.  Have at it kids.

And now stop for one second and really get a grip of what these two colleges symbolize.


I mean it.

Take in what these two widely different arenas for higher education offer -- and think about the umpteen individuals drawn to them and what they do once they complete their four years...

And then ask yourself, just where, oh Where, art thou --  this choice --  once we graduate, so to speak?

Where is this freedom to live and let live, choosing to commune with those we feel a certain kinship in ideals, in practice, in leading a productive life according to a mission, a motto, a stroke of genius that is our own and in accompaniment with others?

It's called the power of the states, individually --  and collectively this is only found in America.

And it seems everything from smoking pot to gay marriage, to NFL franchise names to name calling, is open season and up for discussion -- no matter how ugly it gets.

[If you linked into the "name calling" there...how hard is that going to be to put into play?  Given the n-word is thrown around liberally during the game -- and clearly being black on black because a white boy would never go there -- applying a fifteen yard penalty every time?  Is this for real?  Seriously?  Is the end game to ruin football altogether? Micromanaging people doesn't work in business or in life or in football.  So there.  Moving on.org.] 

The thing is, we are living in a season when what is undoubtedly offensive to one person is all in a day's work for another.  And yes, I meant to make light of that.  Whatever.  Shoot me with a high caliber A-15. 

Somehow colleges make it work and nobody says boo about it... 

From my view, "communism, atheism, and free love" may very well be to blame for most of our woes in America these days, as well as become fodder of a motto to hate; but having said that -- I dig it because I am not afraid of our differences! Matter of fact, I would like to think I revel in it.   Goodness gracious, who am I kidding, I make hay with it all the live long day!   What a great country this is, right, Putin?   But maybe that's just me being G. Of course, it is.

Can't we coexist --  within the confines of our differences, amidst this wave of political correctness (albeit one-sided),  and maintain the Rule of Law all at the same time -- oh, and keep our religion, too?

Currently, Arizona is wrestling with a variance of this sort of thing, read more here.

And from another angle, our nation's ability to honor a truly free press has recently been individually and collectively challenged on this, courtesy of our very own FCC, see more here.

At the end of the day, this day, there is plenty of Verbum Vitae et Lumen Scientiae to go around.

And to each his own.

There is simply so much, almost too much, to be up in arms about.

But go ahead.
Do business the way you want to do business. 
No Prada shoes, no Gucci shirt, no service...It's a free choice.

If it's offensive to enough people, you will soon be out of business. 

That isn't an opinion -- it's just an idealistic-free fact. 
It's how the free market is designed to work and how business gets done and un-done with plenty of unintended consequences to boot.

Risk and liability abound when speaking up for what you believe in -- while the adverse is also true when you don't. 

It's not rocket science (and not even close to being settled); it's human nature meets free will, and brought to you by Divine Providence [most days probably with eyes closed as It can't bear to watch].

Make it a Good Day, G

Courtesy of the University of G
Campus Tours Daily
Come Back Soon, or not 

Friday, February 14, 2014

It's a Day to Love Thing

Dear America,

I love you.

I love you all.

really, I do.

Will you be mine?

happy valentine's day everybody

and I wish, above all things seen and unseen, the world could revolve and evolve solely upon love.

Having said that,
I also wish narcissistic, elitist, political deception could cease and desist, like yesterday.

Now I do love what this woman stands for, don't get me wrong.

I have read some of her books, and can honestly claim to have been a righteous follower since the nineties.

And, given her message is driven by finding the authentic, spiritual being inside, illuminating "A Return to Love," and centered upon the laws of universal acceptance, forgiveness, love and peace as we go about living our human experience with one another -- my first expectation is a simple one, Marianne -- at least begin presenting one's self to the political arena from a position of honesty right from the start.  Okay? 

Now before taking this any further, allow me to commend Zack Munson, of The Weekly Standard, for his effort to go into the world of Marianne with such a magnificent spirit of acceptance and open mindedness; immersing himself into the unknown with a willingness to bring to light a new generation of political thought and capture the integrity of a campaign dripping with elements of absurdity, took courage and probably a lot of patience.

But boy, he did it; and did it well.

But I digress.

Getting back to my wish for world peace and honesty through and through...

this is what I am tired of seeing...

The notion that someone can pass themselves off as "independent" when, in fact, being knee deep in the law of deception, no less, are a freaking left-wing, elitist with money to burn and an agenda to sell who wholeheartedly embraces the progressive ideals and policy that reflect an independent spirit hell-bent on burying America with an income redistribution make-over, a stranglehold of climate-changing regulations take-over, all while making a mockery of our Rule of Law, Nature's Law, this beautiful country was founded.

Sure, this part sounds real good:

“Today’s average American is more apt to rebel against a tennis shoe not coming in the right color than against the slow erosion of our democratic freedoms,” she declares. “Today, most Americans are too cynical, or tired, or both, to even approximate our Founders’ courageous repudiation of injustice."

 Munson continues quoting the girl's vision, adding this:

"Don’t get me wrong,” she says with a smile, “capitalism has been good to me. But what is happening today is that too many people can’t get in the club, there has to be enough access. There has to be enough access to opportunity for America to be a stable democracy.” All in all, she exudes an aura of moderation, and her frequent references to America’s most popular political icons only add to it. “The Constitution doesn’t mention political parties; Washington warned us against them,” she declares. “JFK said, ‘Let us not seek a Republican answer or a Democratic answer. Let us seek an American answer.’ ”

oh okay.
so what's the catch?

I will copy for you Munson's immediate reply:

"What, then, is the American answer that Marianne Williamson seeks? Well, despite the promise of her campaign’s slogan to “Create Anew,” it is pretty much warmed-over, social-justice, progressive, liberal blah blah blah, with a little California crunchy-wackadooism thrown in. Prison reform, climate change, shutting down nuclear power plants, and ending the “corruption of the food supply” are high on her list of priorities. Above all else, she is intent on getting the money out of politics and views Citizens United, the 2010 Supreme Court decision easing restrictions on campaign contributions, as perhaps the greatest threat to democracy that America has ever faced. But even while condemning both political parties and the state of our democratic system in general, while complaining about incarceration rates and Monsanto and “moneyed interests,” she somehow still sounds quite reasonable, lacking the stridency of MSNBC and the outright incoherence of the now-defunct Occupy movement (RIP). After just a few minutes, I can’t deny that Williamson is a knockout of a candidate: smart, eloquent, passionate, and considerably more telegenic than her, um, rodentine predecessor.

She is good, isn't she? 

[BTW that "rodentine predecessor" being  Henry Waxman, who is not seeking re-election to California's 33rd District]

I love that part about "a little California crunchy-wackadooism;"  it's so true, isn't it?  I am not ashamed to admit some of that of myself.

But how ironic, the "moneyed interests" abound, don't they? 

Moreover,  given the claim of party "independence" -- aren't you committing some sort of universal campaign fraud?

In the meantime, can't we all get along, Marianne? 
If we are all spiritual beings having this human experience together, the embrace of those who differ from your world view must be heeded and respected, too, no?  Be it your belief in the ongoing fraud through climate change regulations, that being the evolution of the great equalizer afoot, or the condemnation of Citizens United, organizing and uniting for change of a different stroke -- don't kid yourself and tell it like it really is -- you, Marianne, are a card carrying progressive with only one ideological embrace in mind.  "Independent" my ass.

And yet -- from my spirit to yours, Marianne --  I love you, too.  I love how you are out there changing perceptions and making waves, even if it's simply a California ripple, ebbing and flowing off the Santa Monica pier.  Of course, there is plenty more to say about some of the things highlighted in Zack's piece.  And maybe I will one day soon.

But speaking of Zack -- I just might love you more, Zack Munson; mean it; you are brilliant and you made my day.

And I love YOU, too, whoever you are, out there, reading my daily dribble from time to time.

And for anyone who is passing by the old G Thing here today, please read the entire piece featured on The Weekly Standard to get a feel for this case of California wackadooism to it's fullest.   It will make your day, too... if open to that sort of thing, that is...

and upon this day, especially...

this day, the syrupy sweet essence that is Valentine's...

this day, a day embracing the sweeping, effervescence that celebrates love all around us...[for some, it's conditional...but don't get me started...]

this day is yours to make [or break...cuz free will makes it so].

Make it a Good Day, G


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's Yahoo for San Diego Thing

Dear America,

just a few days ago...
there was a piece by Alexander Burns, spelling out the divide in dollars and sense and, in essence, letting the AFL-CIO lead the way:

“This is sort of a sword fight — not just about the person, not about the office, but about the agenda we have been building for a long time,” Gebre said. “We’ve talked about a new labor movement, that builds working partnerships with communities and people who share our agenda. This is a first salvo of trying to do that.”

Gebre, being the Executive Vice President  of the AFL-CIO, Tefere Gebre.

And can we get a drum roll please ---  3.6 million AFL-CIO/AFSCME dollars later -- the winner is the republican candidate, Kevin Faulconer.

Hallelujah and can I get an amen...

But please, don't get hung up on the winner just yet.

Let's page up and check out the comment one more time from Tefere Gebre.

It's "not about the person, not about the office, but about the agenda we have been building for a long time."


Saul Alinsky is alive and well  -- and taking America by labor movement, by community, by organizing, and by using tactics and time and tenacity from the original playbook in ways that run roughshod over any and all opposition.  Feel like I've been talking about this all my life here on G Thing, but I digress.

San Diego got lucky.

Now --- bear in mind, if you will -- San Diego split 51.5% of the vote to Obama, with Romney getting only 46.4%.   Upon this mayoral tie splitting special election, Faulconer received 54.5% to Alvarez' 45.5% --  that's a nine percentage point difference in a race that was thought to be neck and neck; while it also reveals a swing of fifteen points, party wise,  from 2012! 

Honestly,  not sure how we did it to tell you the truth.  And to that end, not even sure Faulconer is all that to begin with -- considering his moderate stance and environmentalist leanings.

But the thing is -- upon this happy Wednesday morning -- Bob 'Philanderer/Pervert/Pathetic Excuse of a Human Being' Filner is long gone and San Diego is back with a capital R after the mayor's name.   The result makes San Diego the largest city in America being led by a republican mayor. Yahoo!

Let's hear it for the collective sigh of relief from the R side of the field, shall we?   We don't get much to celebrate these days.

Make it a Good Day,G


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It's I Can Do Whatever I Want Thing

Dear America,

"That’s the good thing
as a president.
 I can do whatever I want,”
gloating about the presidential privileges
while touring Monticello
Now to be fair and balanced, he was just messing with us...

or was he?

See The Foundry @ The Heritage Foundation; Amy Payne brings to light additional unilateral actions of the president outside the confines of the "Affordable Care Act,"  previously recognized as "settled law,"  HERE..."Obamacare Is So Great, We Just Can't Wait for You to...Oh."

Within Payne's detailed account of where we are now, she includes a link to a piece by Chris Jacobs that outlines a "dirty dozen implementation failures" with ample research and documented support; read more on that HERE.  It was featured on Heritage last year, in July.

Now for those of you new to me - G ---  from day one of this blog, Obamacare has been the red thread.  Things would generally come and go, but from the genesis of this conversation with myself, it has been this atrocity of public policy, this reprehensible shift in the American ideals promulgated by the left wing collective and ruthlessly carried out by this administration,  that has continuously prompted a direct response by way of this diary and day in the life of America.

This law changes more than the average American even cares to know.

This law was passed without one republican vote for a reason.

This law was predicated on getting the 15 or 20 million uninsured covered --  when in fact, when once in full operation, it jeopardizes the health, and wealth, and welfare, of the entire 316 million of us, while thoroughly mocking the freedoms and liberties of creating a true free market industry in the process.

Since he seems to be on a roll these days  -- how about the president just declare "by Executive Order" of course, that health insurance companies can simply cross state lines, like car insurance?   Dare you to do that one thing, Mr. President, and then maybe we can talk.

I know.

Fat chance.

That's the last thing he would do.

For he -- along with his liberal think tank tools that wrote the law -- has no intention of making health care in America anything but a single-payer, federally controlled, idealistically masterminded,  progressive machine that comes chock full with the presidential privilege to redistribute the wealth and destroy the economic privileges self-reliance has made famous, and ironically attracting immigrants from around the world over the last two hundred years.  

This law genetically engineers a machine born with disabilities, a cog in the wheel, pre-existing conditions -- complete with long-term, unfunded liabilities, to boot.

This law is a free market capitalism shakedown; that's all it is.

The thing is -- we now know what's in it.  [And how.]    And those who don't know, don't care.  And therein lies the rub.

If I were Speaker, I would put a stop to this nonsense today...and clearly, somebody needs to shake me now for surely I am dreaming.

Yeah right....If only I could go back to sleep.
It's a good thing I can say whatever I want...here.

Make it a Good Day, G

Monday, February 10, 2014

It's a Gobbledygook Thing

Dear America,

the new UNaffordable care act is a bad influence...makes me want to show up less, produce less, and do ...less.   It is thoroughly supporting the delinquency of a symphony in G minor. 

Unabashedly, it now celebrates the wastefulness of doing absolutely nothing with our natural gifts.  It taunts us with the high aptitudes of laziness and mediocrity as a means of getting everything we ever dreamed.  It revels in a new world lining up in direct contradiction with the old, the one tried and true.

From the NY Post a few days ago, by John Podhoretz:

"Here’s why: Poor people get certain subsidies, which disappear once a worker achieves a certain level of compensation. So it may be better to work less, or not work at all, rather than reach that higher pay level, because the pay increase won’t offset the loss of the subsidy."

Wait!  There's more:

"There’s a problem on the other end as well — among those whose tax dollars pay for the whole shebang: “If the subsidies are financed at least in part by higher taxes, those taxes will further discourage work or create other economic distortions, depending on how the taxes are designed.”

While Podhoretz added, the White House supported these findings by saying:

The White House hastened to do damage control yesterday, and the “senior official” who did the background briefing for reporters said a shocking thing: The projected decline in work is good news.

“It reflects the fact that workers have a new set of options and are making the best choices that they can choose to make for themselves given those options,” the official said.

With more from The Post, highlighted in Michael Goodwin's column just yesterday, leading with "Obama Democrats' troubling view on work" -- that included this comment from the president's very own favorite press secretary:

“Opportunity created by affordable, quality health insurance allows families in America to make a decision about how they will work, or if they will work,” Jay Carney said. 

Well how can that be, considering the president was just saying how important it is to reward hard work?   And if you fell for that link, this girl's got a prescription for snake oil just for you.

But here's the thing, and it's spelled out by Goodwin better than me:

"This anti-job, pro-dependency tilt is the crux of the nation’s polarization. In essence, it pits those who believe in the sanctity of work against those who believe in penalizing wealth and redistributing its fruits."

The Left, the Progressives, the Radicals in office and organizing for America for the last fifty years -- have been cultivating this perverse mentality and reality for decades.

And don't blink now, but even the latest unveiling of something being referred to as "The Hillary Papers" supports this conclusion.     See under the section labeled, "Single Payer Necessary." [But the rest of it is pretty fun to read, too.]

The Left -- ever so patient and kind....even if it takes some lying, cheating, stealing, and some fraudulently leading of the American people  --  can wait for paradise for as long as it takes.  If they don't succeed the first time, try, try again.

Here's the last word -- given to President Barack Obama -- plucked from the interview with Bill O'Reilly, Super Bowl Sunday:

Here’s-here’s-here’s what I believe.  First of all, biggest honor I’ve ever had and will ever have is serving as Commander in Chief, and when you meet our military families and our men and women in uniform, they-they, uh.   They are so outstanding.  You just have to want to help.  And you have done great work, Bill, uh, on behalf of our veterans.  Number two, I think self-reliance is alive and well in America.  I think the problem is people don’t see as many opportunities to get ahead.   My job as President, as long as I’m in this office, is to give them the tools to get ahead.  They gotta work hard, they gotta be responsible, but if they are, let’s make sure that they can make it in America.   That’s what it’s all about.  That’s how you and I ended up sitting here talking.

Coming from you, Mr. President, five years after "we are five days away from fundamental transformation"  --  this is gobbledygook!  [And Bill O'Reilly is a pansy]

America is in a really, really bad place right now. Really bad.

But what a great word that is, huh?  Gobbledygook.

It's gobbledygook G Monday. 
Major, minor, highs and lows, what everrrrr -- it's a blog in the can.
[and wow...what a fine attitude that is]

[and maybe one of these days, I will shake off the depression that has shackled the possibilities of reaching my full potential]

[but then again, maybe I won't]

[so there]

Make it a Good Day, G