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Sunday, May 12, 2019

It's in the pursuit of one thousand days Thing

Dear America,

Happiness is the realisation 
of God in the heart.  
Happiness is the result 
of praise and thanksgiving, 
of faith, of acceptance; 
a quiet, tranquil realisation
 of the love of God.  
This brings to the soul 
perfect and indescribable happiness.  
God is happiness.

The Quiet Mind
White Eagle

this morning begins with a quote from the last page of The Quiet Mind.

Happy Mother's Day

Being excited about the day itself -- reaching the pinnacle of one thousand blogs -- my deliriously happy heart went to bed marinating on this very thought...and was just hoping that the morning would find me in the very same place.   And it did.

and just as the universe works, in the natural -- while in my corner, in the company of my coffee and that strapping and ever faithful eucalyptus tree of mine -- I summoned my little book of days, the clever collection of questions, Q & A a Day.  Lo and behold, the question this morning was "What are you exploring?"  to which I happened to have replied, without skipping a beat: "Happiness in all forms."

It didn't occur to me, until the moment I sat at my desk, just how much impact the Happiness quote -- the one laid to rest in my mind the night before --  had made on my psyche.  But there it was, in pretty pink ink swirled across the page...the exploration of happiness front and center, as if coming from the wisdom of the heavens.

Happiness -- that thing in which I give this very day -- means something different in all of us.

The thing is -- all I can do is wonder, just why our founders spelled it out, just so specifically, almost categorically...

"We hold these truths 
to be self-evident, 
that all men are created equal, 
that they are endowed by their Creator 
with certain unalienable Rights,
 that among these are, 
Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness."

indeed --  endowed by their Creator

For it was, in fact, Nature's Law,
and Nature's God --
when in the course of human events -- 
that gave them license, the empowerment, to separate from the British Crown in the first place.

Happiness is capitalized, as if of principal importance.

And yet, as we've noted probably a thousand times before, this Happiness is neither guaranteed nor promised by way of this declaration, or by way of one's Life, or even one's Liberty -- it is the explicit fruit of one's pursuit.

The brilliance of this seems almost too impossible to put into words, really.

But, really, why did they even mention this Happiness at all?

What did they mean by it?

And given our opening quotation from White Eagle -- was this kind of Happiness echoing the same kind of Happiness as our founders, or vice versa?

With regard to this pursuit of Happiness, could the answer be so simple:  Happiness is the result of praise and thanksgiving, of faith, of acceptance; a quiet, tranquil realisation of the love of God. 


Our founders' wisdom came from all points of Light, of Life, of History, of Civilization, of Religion, of Government.  That was the beauty of it.  America's very presence in the world came from the world itself, as if it were an act of God.  We were birthed into existence, with significance, for a reason, from men of reason and enlightenment of the ages.

Our founders recognized the dismal life, a life under the control of the Church of England, the British Crown.  And we, the people, were over it already.

So to how to phrase this mighty fight against the Brits, in a way that makes the common man want to jump in, risking life and limb and whatever liberty they were presently enjoying...and bear arms until the war was won.

Hey, guys, any of you wish to find any Happiness in Life, like, ever?  Anyone?

oh this thing called Happiness...
what a powerful force it is.

In some ways, there may be a pretty good argument on behalf of this pursuit thereof, getting the best of us these days.  am I right?  This thing called Happiness carries the power to destroy many a civilizations over the ages.  there is that.

there's even a Facebook page in its honor:  Happiness Is.

And not to be a debbie-downer, but perhaps we should all be a little more mindful when it comes to pursuing our Happiness, no?

so leading me into the end of this day, and to follow along on a theme of the last couple days, I must say that I am slowly discovering just how simple I am these days, when it comes to things that make me happy...

happiness is a hot bath with a spot of whisky on a Sunday afternoon

happiness is a jelly donut brought to me just this morning on what might as well have been a silver platter

happiness is giving back to the community, with my time, and attention, and through the amazing works of the Daughters of the American Revolution

happiness is having a beautiful relationship with both my mom and my girl, celebrating the uniqueness of our generations, personalities, and family ties, completely and unwavering

happiness is the wealth of manhood that surrounds me -- from my own father, to my man xx, to his boys -- and the sense of earthy security they give me, deep in my heart and soul; so much so, that I easily burst into tears at the very realisation of how lucky one girl can be.  like, right now.

happiness is being an American girl
happiness is writing this Day in the Life of an American Girl

but the highest of all Happiness-es is the knowing, the realisation,  from where it all comes.

This girl is a child of the Most High God, and from here all blessings and Happiness flow.

thank you, God,
and just like the last 999, this one's for YOU.

ONE THOUSAND B's to the G power.

Thank you, God
Thank you, God

this day, this Mother's Day, is in honor of our Creator, the same Creator our founders had in mind, so very long ago.  and may this kind of Happiness be with you, too.

Make it a Good Day, G

Saturday, May 11, 2019

It's Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine Blogs on the Wall Thing

Dear America,

"I'm actually a pretty simple person 
as it turns out.  
I'm just doing my best 
to make beautiful memories 
and enjoy the gift of my time here."  
Anne Hathaway
in her own words, 
from inside the June issue of Shape 
(it's a magazine)

it's not like I'm not a fan of her movies, my favorite Hathaway era was found in The Devil Wears Prada, and, even earlier, in The Princess Diaries (but just the first one, mind you). my girl and I must have watched them, like, a million times.

having said that, there is just something about this interview that finds me, sort of, like,  wow.  so Hollywood got to you, too.  what a shame, what a shame.

what happens to these people...

her new persona reveals how she has come from being the fresh faced neophyte, to Hollywood stardom, to sudden delirious wealth, to plunging into full-blown activist now ----- she's figuratively gone, like, in sixty seconds, in every way.

@Shape ---
Right from the start -- from the cover to the inside spread -- it displays her in a couple of fabulous pant suits, like tuxedo style, and each amounting to a pretty penny, like a thousand bucks a pop, and with jewelry, add another grand. 

But the craziest thing is, it's unbuttoned....it's like, wide open across her cleavage. 

While the cover reads, "I'm all about the next challenge."   

Within, beginning @page 86, it reads: "ANNE    SOARS    ABOVE  (stately, across two pages) Fueled by the desire to stretch herself creatively and help women and girls around the world.  The Hustler star ANNE HATHAWAY opens up about tossing old insecurities and finding a new level of strength and purpose."  

But there she is.... chest nearly entirely revealed, her pensive gaze is leading outward, with plenty of blue sky and the sparkling Pacific Ocean as the perfect backdrop, ANNE takes her stand (in butt ugly sandals, I might add; but, you, too, can get a pair for $80.00 @Cougar shoes. Look for the Prato sandals, a total bargain if you ask me...if you are into what appears to be fancy Birkenstock knockoffs, in black.  yuck)

but let's not get hung up on what she's wearing, shall we?

She may very well be looking forward to her "next challenge," helping women and girls around the world, advocating for paid parental leave, yadi yadi yada...but let's get real -- even if Shape is making June its "SKIN issue" -- is this choice of hers to bear, not arms, but half her boobs and perfectly buff abs, really revealing a natural confidence, or does it continue to placate the expectations of her industry?  

I mean, c'mon ANNE, was your aim to titillate the Shape reader into joining forces with you -- banning the use of all plastic, making your own makeup remover with coconut oil and shea butter, and avoiding red meat and pork?  Is this really your way to prove to us, in fashion forward bravery, that you are truly satisfied with the mistakes...and...empowered to choose a different path, as you say???

Even your only other pictures include, a bustier and pants combo -- with the same darned butt ugly sandals; with the opposite page,  a beautiful brassier paired with high-waisted shorts and peeping out from under a $790.00 stretch cotton Poplin shirt, in white.  Of course, it caresses over the ensemble, but just barely.

Like, really?  After all we've been through of late, after all the Weinstein whining and hashtagging, of women, of all industries, wanting to be taken more seriously, and mostly, to be taken at their word --- you  -- the wholesome, pretty, Hollywood starlet, with even a smart little brain atop your shoulders, or so it seems, you do this?  This is your coming out party revealing your simple, sophisticated confidence?  Is this really a different path, a showcase of empowerment --  with you staring down the camera--  when all we really see is a certain co-dependency on using your sexuality to sell it?

Hollywood is as Hollywood does.  Stupid is as stupid does.

This is where, after nearly a thousand blogs -- and bear in mind, no private trainer, or even yoga three or four times a week --  that I, in the company of a twelve year old scotch perhaps (in step with Anne's 12 year old coat) -- should have its day to reign, just as the princess diaries queen herself.    

Perhaps I've been doing this all wrong all along.  If only I had shown more skin in this game, I'd be so rich.

Maybe, in honor of the thousand blogs that I will surely hit tomorrow, the next post should be posed to expose!  Yes, with some eye-popping caption declaring, that after all these years of finding myself,  after the near decade in the making of this day in the life of this American girl -- there comes a time to reveal myself to all the world, in ways that SOAR ABOVE and BELOW (teehee) the blogosphere.   

HERE I AM AMERICA ain't nothin' but a gthang, baby

Yeah yeah....tomorrow.  It will all be revealed, tomorrow. bare naked G in all her new found, and even some vintage, glory (that is, if you will allow your eyes to fall to my choice of shoes ;)  )

oh just stop, G

The thing is -- from one girl to another -- I am happy she is finding her way, and becoming confident in her own skin more and more.  Being twenty years her senior, I am quite familiar with the path she is traveling, and then some;  and besides, nothing would please me more if she uses her celebrity to make the world a better place.  I sincerely hope she continues down this path of becoming with great success and satisfaction in every way...  There is nothing wrong with that.

It's just hard to reconcile her choice of point of view, paired with the blunt absence of sensibility and even a soft touch of class.  She would have looked just as gorgeous and complete and solid with just one button done.  just sayin' 

"I'm actually a pretty simple person 
as it turns out.  
I'm just doing my best 
to make beautiful memories 
and enjoy the gift of my time here."

which is funny, as the article displays a lifestyle quite different from most of us simple folk. Her choice of how to exercise, what to eat, taking sabbaticals from work to recalibrate,  living sans plastic along with most red meat and pork, squeals of living with the means to support the higher conscience and satisfy the social, political, and cultural mandates that come with.  But right on cue, and in common with the rest of her Hollywood compatriots, there is a wisp of haughtiness in the air that leaves a slight stench. (And to think, they think of the right as being a little self-righteous. Really?)

sigh.  maybe it's just me.

It would have been totally cool if ANNE gave a little shout out to IVANKA for all her work in the family leave department in America.  There is that

sigh again.    never mind.

I, too, live a pretty simple life.  I clean my own toilet.  I take out my own trash.  I reuse the same coffee mug over and over again with just a quick rinse.  My favorite red meat comes packaged in an In N Out wrapper, made of paper (it's a good thing; and that goes, double double).

I, too, am just doing my best to make beautiful memories and enjoy the gift of my time here, thankya, Jesus.

So here you go, just for kicks and giggles down memory lane -- my first blog.  And my second.  And my third.  And my fourth.  Yes.  The first four to go along with the final four before this girls reaches her goal of ONE THOUSAND blogs! yippee skippy!  so excited.  [and mom thought i would run out of things to say.  siwwy wabbit.]

I, too, am all about the next challenge.  Oh boy, and suddenly, as if overnight, it feels as if ANNE and me have found so much in common....

ah yes....if not for Hathaway, what else would  I have to say about today?
who knows, right.
So big thanks for another muse to amuse me once more...
and of course, many thanks to Shape, that which I get in my mailbox for free each month and not even sure why...i didn't order it; don't need it.  not that I'm bragging or nothin'-- it's called walking and eating right, everything in moderation (thanks mom) ...and still, just like old times, like wearing my favorite pair of Guess sweats, I digress....it's one of my favorite things to do; as some things change, other things stay gloriously the same.

G is as G does.

this makes Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine Blogs on the wall... #MAGAGIRL

and in keeping with the theme of the week, so to speak, it is my industry, my enterprise, my record, that always speaks for itself.    << boobs>>

Make it a Good Day, G

Friday, May 10, 2019

It's About Leaving Room to Learn from our Mistakes Thing

Dear America,

Life and Liberty are Secure 
Only so Long as
 the Right to Property is Secure" 
from The 5000 Year Leap, 
by W. Cleon Skousen 
National Center for Constitutional Studies

from family, to the rooms we find shelter...

John Locke, an Englishman, great thinker, influenced America's founding without question -- which is kinda funny, cuz this rather not so attractive Englishman questioned everything.  But out of the many things our founding fathers appreciated, was Locke's understanding of human nature.  So much so, our founders shaped a system of government recognizing the importance of subduing our natural, less admirable, inclinations, to protect us from ourselves.

The basis for all of it came from our belief in God -- and to add a quote from Locke:

"God, who hath given the world to men in common, hath also given them reason to make use of it fro the best advantage of life and convenience."

If God gave man dominion over the earth, we best figure out how to care for it, and the very welfare of one another, in common.

And this led Locke on the path to understanding the value of property and subsequently, private property rights.

As Skousen points out in "The Leap"...."if property rights did not exist, four things would occur that would completely frustrate the Creator's command to multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it and bring it under dominion." (See also the Book of Genesis)

continuing with Skousen's  four things:

  1. One experience like the above (a story where a guy made improvements on his property and as soon as he was finished, his next door neighbor came rushing in to take it from him) would tend to completely destroy the incentive of an industrious person to develop and improve any more property
  2. The industrious individual would also be deprived of the fruits of his labor
  3. Marauding bands would even be tempted to go about the country confiscating by force and violence the good things which others had frugally and painstakingly provided
  4. Mankind would be impelled to remain on a bare-subsistence level of hand-to-mouth survival because the accumulation of anything would invite attack
As Locke maintains, the actual fact of the matter is, property "is an extension of a person's life, energy, and ingenuity.  Therefore, to destroy or confiscate such property is, in reality, an attack on the essence of life itself."

And this is where the common man of modern day misses the mark, somewhat;  And Justice George Sutherland of the U.S. Supreme Court answers to just that, saying:

"It is not the right of property, which is protected, but the right to property. Property, per se, has no rights; but the individual -- the man -- has three great rights, equally sacred from arbitrary interference:  the right to his LIFE, the right to his LIBERTY, the right to his PROPERTY...The three rights are so bound together as to be essentially one right.  To give a man his life but deny him his liberty, is to take from him all that makes his life worth living.  To give him his liberty but take away from him the property which is the fruit and badge of his liberty, is to still leave him a slave."  Taken from Principle or Expedient?  Annual Address to the NY State Bar Association, 21 January 1921
And, just for the record, these three great rights, interwoven into the fabric of our lives, come from GOD, our Creator -- not government, not man.

It is mind-boggling, this absurd rise of attraction to socialism.  For its chief tenet is to allow government to have all the property, to equalize property ownership across the land, and keep everyone living in a uniformed, static state, continuously, from one generation to the next.

Where's the incentive in that?
Where's the enjoyment and satisfaction of the fruits of our labor?

Let's keep quoting from "The Leap" shall we?

Abraham Lincoln once said this --

"Property is the fruit of labor.  Property is desirable, is a positive good in the world.  That some should be rich shows that others may become rich and hence is just encouragement to industry and enterprise.  Let not him who is houseless pull down the house of another, but let him work diligently to build one for himself, thus by example assuring that his own shall be safe from violence....I take it that it is best for all to leave each man free to acquire property as fast as he can.  Some will get wealthy.  I don't believe in a law to prevent man from getting rich; it would do more harm than good."

Encouragement to individual industry and enterprise....
that is how America was designed and made.

If you really consider what kind of Constitutional crisis America has found herself, Nancy Pelosi -- then we must consider how the rights of man have been usurped and played with over time, through acts unbecoming of a republic, through the constant tweaking of the law of the land, through congress!  To which end, making a total mockery of America's Constitution!  

It is precisely this series of slow usurpation's that has destroyed us!   Everyone's life, everyone's liberty, everyone's property, everyone's happiness has been hacked by congressional hacks and administrations steeped in arrogance and misguided interpretations of the law.

And in proper turn, and over time, we have eventually arrived at our current government, that which freely gives the fruits of its industrious citizens away, every day -- supporting all kinds of programs on behalf of the concern for the general welfare. This practice changed only a few generations ago, late 1930's.  Up until then, it was unlawful to transfer property, fruits of any kind, from one to another.  Up until such time, it was up to the goodness of the people's hearts, of the community, of the church congregation, to support its poor and help provide for basic needs.   And it worked well.

Helping the poor, provided another reason for industry and enterprise to succeed -- thereby allowing for a growing, private wealth, a people blessed with so much, an opportunity to drive a compassionate spirit and give back, for the benefit of the whole community.

These are dangerous times, because the fundamental changes we are constantly making, in the ways we govern and live in this land, have the power to change everything, destroying the wealth and culture America is known for.  The stuff that made America pretty great, actually.

so there you go...

in my anticipation of reaching a thousand entries --
today's blog is a tribute to vintage G, blogs of yore --
for, in the beginning, this girl quoted The 5000 Year Leap a lot!
Love that leap, love that leap.

this is  #998 signing off; see you tomorrow -- no, like, really xoxo it's part of my latest, and most enterprising, goal of mine....to show up, like, four calendar days in a row!
ah yes -- the fruits of my labor --  is simply in the joy of being the keeper of the record for you all.
you're welcome. teehee  

The thing is,  at the end of any given day, there is always room to learn from our mistakes. 
It's how we all grow up, as a people.

Make it a Good Day, G

Thursday, May 9, 2019

It's to the Rooms We Hold Dear Thing

Dear America,

"How to be happy when you are miserable.  
Plant Japanese poppies 
with cornflowers and mignonette, 
and bed out the petunias 
among the sweet-peas
 so that they shall scent each other.  
See the sweet-peas coming up.  
Drink very good tea 
out of a thin Worcester cup 
of a colour between 
apricot and pink." 
Rumer Godden, writer
#301 "Nothing is worth more than this day." By Katharine and Ross Petras

this is my mom, if she were living in a verse.

and in this morning, as I think mom thoughts, and wishing I could just beam myself over to see her, to drink very good tea, in a dainty Worcester cup. in the living room that shelters and safeguards nearly sixty years of marriage and family and seasons, and thinking she would be most happy to know, that at the ripe old age of fifty-something-something, that her girl has finally come upon a worthy goal to take her places unknown:  writing four blogs in the next four days!  teehee

I know!  Crazy, right! it's a sizable mission, considering my pace has been a wee bit non-existent of late.  

but i just got to thinking, given this will be blog #997 if it ever gets to print, i will have only a few more to go to reach the number i have waited for, for so long; and likewise, given that this blog's divine birth -- it's very intention from the beginning -- has rested in the hearts and minds and arms of our country's founders, it just seems natural for this momentous occasion to coincide with Mother's Day.

Bearing in mind the labor of love that this process has become, the idea of actually coming to the intersection of ten years and one thousand blogs is a longitude and latitude that simply takes my breath away.  

I love this Rumer Godden quote, above; it fits quite nicely with another favorite of mine, "Bread and water can so easily be toast and tea."  --  anonymous.

Rumer seems like a woman i would have loved to have known.  In the bio, linked above, it mentions:

One of her favourite axioms came from an Indian proverb that says - "everyone is a house with four rooms, a physical, a mental, an emotional and a spiritual. Most of us tend to live in one room most of the time but unless we go into every room every day, even if only to keep it aired, we are not a complete person". She quotes this in her autobiography A House with Four Rooms.
and as I breathe in these words, on this rather atypical day in May -- with a light rain misting over the landscape outside my four walls, housing my four rooms,  I'm realizing that quite possibly, she, in accordance to the ancient Indian proverb, may have missed one;   considering the conversation we've been having here on the old G thing, what about the space we place for the fifth room, of the political realm?

and indeed, it is... just one more room to air out from time to time.

[and proving to be a perfect candidate for Marie Kondo every single day.... but i digress]

on this day, i love that a cup of tea can take me back to memories spanning my fifty-something years, to sitting across the room and seeing my mama in her favorite chair, drinking anything from a cup of jasmine tea to a Manhattan.  

in a sense, i can feel as if I'm living in the comfort of all four/five of my rooms, whenever in the company of her.

it's the same feeling i have when sitting in my corner window, under the shadow of a giant eucalyptus, watching the neighborhood come to life in the morning, drinking coffee. 

our rooms are defined by what we value, and expressed through our relationships; our rooms converge, and even overlap, by seasonal whims of life and times; but for the most part, our rooms are private, sacred to our own heart, our own mind, our own destiny, designed and divined by God.

...and right on cue and just as the day should have it-- my girl and i just finished a sweet conversation.  She often calls during her lunch time, my mid-morning...
....hanging up, my thoughts have spun into realizing my baby girl has her own rooms, and then some.  What an honor it is to be her mama.

Did she choose me? 
Did I choose mine? 

I would like to think it was a collaboration with God, as God awoke one day and decided to play in His Garden and...... Plant Japanese poppies 
with cornflowers and mignonette, 
and bed out the petunias 
among the sweet-peas
 so that they shall scent each other.  
See the sweet-peas coming up.  
Drink very good tea 
out of a thin Worcester cup 
of a colour between 
apricot and pink.

...and plant a consciousness within us all to know God
in relationship with the floor plan of our lives, our own rooms.

no four/five rooms are designed the same.

the thing is, i never know what the day will bring on this day in the life of an American Girl.

it's my diary and i can do what i want, say what i want, feel what i want -- and have! --  nearly a thousand times over.

America -- a mansion in many ways --  is a family-centered culture because family gives us a sense of security and wealth in ways unimaginable; a strong, healthy, loving, happy family is priceless, in terms of its possible return upon society.

to which, this day, i give my honor.

Make it a Good Day, G

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

It's a Little Miss Leading Thing

Dear America,

i love how, like, the big guys of social media decide for us -- hmmmm, um, like, which free speech is misleading, or racist, or inappropriate to share, or whatever, and which "free speech" is okay.

...you can play a little catch up with what happened on Facebook, here.

But just today, Twitter suspended the account that featured that darling eight year old girl, impersonating AOC: via @AOCPress; it's like, being more than a slap on the hand, the account was permanently suspended!  If you happened to have missed it, you can still catch it on Ben Shapiro's, The Daily Wire, here.  Better hurry.

like, has the Left no sense of humor?

Jeebus, like, every Saturday Night Live, every late night comedian, profits, nightly, and wildly, from poking fun at the Right -- with plenty of tweets, re-tweets, and Facebook postings, to follow...and you guys can't handle this little girl?

According to Fox News,

"The social media giant also suspended the account's creator, Michael Morrison. It said that while users could create parody accounts, they couldn't use 'misleading account information in order to engage in spamming, abusive, or disruptive behavior including attempts to manipulate the conversations on Twitter'."

"can't use misleading information, blah blah blah, to manipulate the conversations on Twitter."

Seriously?  Like, you can't be serious.

like, where do we begin?  

Twitter's success is based --  and is banking on, really --  a never ending flow of a leading and misleading  information, in order to create the very dynamic of non-stop virtual conversation from all over the globe, twenty-four, seven.  What they dislike, is the Right, using the platform for making any political gain.   

So what's the endgame, you bunch of twits?  Are you just going to find ways to delete us all, permanently suspending every conservative, every opposition post, every person, every organization, which pairs their humor and their views leaning to the right?

By definition, Twitter is all about communicating in pithy zingers back and forth, 140 characters or less, or whatever it is....(I'm not a user).  Am I missing something?  

Let's go bigger picture for a moment, using a different actor, paired with CNN along with its leftist audience --

“The political landscape is unrecognizable to me, and shame on us for being in that spot. That could change overnight, not because of a vote, but because people say, ‘I want to try to be more than about myself.’ That’s the definition of public service.”

Seems Kevin Costner is a wee bit frustrated with the caliber of America's civil servants, the selfish bastards that they are.  Or wait, maybe this is more about using his celebrity to make a point, landing a well-timed criticism about "the [current] political landscape' -- aka the Trump Administration --  to be tweeted and retweeted, posted and re-posted, all around the world?

he continues --

“This is the greatest experiment in humankind: America. This great idea about America still exists, it’s still here. People still want to come here, but we’re not first in hardly anything that matters and we have an inflated idea about how we are. We exaggerate about what we are. We are everything that’s great and we are everything that’s human. And our humanness and our level of selfishness is overtaking our chance to be great.”
Worthy of repeat:

"We're not first in hardly anything that matters and we have an inflated idea about how we are.  We exaggerate about what we are.  We are everything that's great and we are everything that's human." 
um, like, what is Kevin even saying?   

And besides, dude, even you just said that America is "the greatest experiment in humankind!!!!"   Talk about inflation...  You know, sounds to me, like, you are running the risk of shaming other countries who aren't doing so great, in the great department, with that kind of declaration.  

hmmmm and "not first in hardly anything,"  what, except perhaps for Social Media ??? -- we seem to be first in all the world in that, Americans having invented it, and all

 and just maybe it's Twitter's fault, or even Facebook's fault, or Instagram's -- of how much we are so full of ourselves, politicians and regular Joe's/Jane's alike

and, given their policies and level of concern, of late, is Trump's Twitter next in line to get the ax?

And repeat:

"And our humanness and our level of selfishness is overtaking our chance to be great."

First, like, you would think when a president donates all of his salary back to the country, that that would be pretty great, right?  Like, Trump is truly acting as a public servant, working without remuneration. Obama kept his salary.  What up with that, Costner, wasn't that a little selfish?  And for that matter, maybe you could begin by asking Congress to stop taking a salary, and just give back to America from the goodness of their hearts.

"This is the greatest experiment in humankind: America. This great idea about America still exists, it’s still here. People still want to come here, but..."

So, according to Costner, the greatest experiment in humankind is still here; the tell being, that people still want to come here,  BUT.

There is no BUT.

People still want to come here because we are still the greatest country in the world.

Our reputation, our label, our level of freedom to live any old way we please, [even our welfare system] attracts.

Our freedom to pursue happiness is written into our founding documents.  Notice that this happiness is not a guarantee,  but that it is the pursuit of this happiness, alongside this life and this liberty.

The ideals, the principles, the values that has inherently made America great throughout the generations is based upon individual participation, individual responsibility, individual duty, that all together combine in the manufacturing and production of individual results. 

Which is why, some people can come from nothing, and make something; while others, can come from a whole lot of something, and lose it all.

And we make America great, and continue to make America great, in the collective, when we individually cling to the virtues that are aligned with making ourselves, as humans, a decent and good people.  And from here, we multiply the good times 300 million, if we are so lucky.

Trump didn't do this to America.  Trump didn't invent the snarky, or sexism, misogyny, racism, bigotry, inequality, or the humanness of any such ugly kind.  We humans do it in the natural, if we are so inclined, all on our own, as everyone -- everyone --  is responsible for our own selves! 

If anything, our phones and tablets and life beginning to be ill-spent and all but consumed by social media did it to us --  captivated by, and through, the technology now made widely available, leaving us mesmerized by the lives of others, and feverishly in the selfish pursuit of happiness, fame and fortune.  THIS is what has really done us all in, in America.

If anything, Hollywood may be partially to blame right alongside the rise of social media...for how much skin is necessary to show?  how much violence in cinema influences the humanness of humans?  how much disrespect for our elders, authority, parents and children, can be witnessed without it affecting behavior? isn't there a responsibility to society somewhere, for Hollywood to clean up its act, whether in film, on stage, or on the casting couch?

Costner, you have been given a platform to speak because of your celebrity....and, that platform is amplified and multiplied because you fall in line with the left side of the cultural divide.  

IF you are Ben Shapiro, you get death threats.

Mike Morrison had his Twitter platform taken away, right out from under him, permanently  --  in the United States of America --  and for what?  Because of a parody poking fun at the left's new little darling, the AOC?    

That should be alarming not only to you, Kevin, but to all Americans. 

Truth is, you, Kevin, are misleading Americans -- and if you are using a Twitter account declaring such things, it should be shut down, permanently, and immediately. ;)    

The truth is -- the political landscape of America has been ugly, like, butt ugly, from its birth.  oh the shock, oh the horror.

By all means, though, don't take my word for it; read, and reread, this history of America and its leadership over the last couple of centuries, to get the whole picture.  And then! tweet about it, if you will be so kind.

But from the very beginning, before we even had a system of government in place, the political landscape of America has not been for the faint of heart. It never has been; and it never will. 
And you wanna know why?  It's because we are all human, making our own humanness the best, or the worst, way that we know how.  The whole world is guilty of it; it isn't just an American thing.  

We just so happen to be living in an age when news travels on social media faster than you can say tweet. and then it gets re-tweeted.  and sometimes, when it is really good, or funny, things go viral! like Morrison's @AOCPress....
shame on twitter, shame on twitter, for shutting it down.

this is #996, signing off. 
and with any luck, this girl will get a chance to sign on for another day... like, you know, when the moment is just right...

Make it a Good Day, G