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Thursday, October 29, 2015

It's Debatable if Anything Changed After Last Night's Thing

Dear America,

In the Presence of the Master

In the presence of the Master 
anger and resentment dissolve; 
you are filled with peace, 
overcome with adoration and love.  
Your consciousness is instantly raised 
above the pulls and antagonisms 
of the earthly plane.

From The Quiet Mind

Cue the first hypothetical question at the next democratic debate:

"Moderator" -- so Hillary, given you were at the helm of the State Department and directly responsible for the death of four Americans in Benghazi on September 11, 2012, we might as well say you burned the whole place down all by yourself -- and then, in proper form for political expediency -- you went on to lie to the families and all of America by blaming it on a some ridiculous video  -- how in the world do you sleep at night, are you taking Z-Quil regularly, or something a wee bit stronger?

"Moderator"  -- so Bernie, given you have declared war on the filthy rich -- many times the job creators, like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, the Koch Brothers -- and justifiably plan on taking all the money from the rich and give it directly to the poor, like a modern day Robin Hood, and already have Apple Pay in your pocket and ready to handle the transactions -- how do you plan on paying for the things that are left and unfunded into eternity...it amounts to about 200 trillion dollars,and a yearly budget of almost 4 trillion dollars just to keep all the lights on?  Your plan just doesn't make any sense?  Your numbers just don't add up. [For it is true, I looked at the numbers, right Becky]  How do account for this given your  inexperience in managing any kind of real wealth at all and looking like you got your clothes from Goodwill for tonight's debate?

IF it were me -- I would have had a signal set up in advance (probably the middle finger, facing towards John Harwood if you are really needing a full answer); and we would have walked off that stage faster than you could scream fire...

I would have even given  Trump the nod to say to the panel of "moderators" what he says best, "you're fired."

And we would have been out, like a lightbulb.

I mean, seriously, the screaming at the TV last night must have been at an all time rocky mountain high (tee hee).   Certainly, breaking Super Bowl records.

Here is a full transcript, but don't waste your time.

Be Patient With Your Days
If you are delayed, 
if your work does not seem 
to be developing as you hoped, 
do not be despondent or disheartened, 
but be thankful that you 
are being trained for greater initiation.  
No great or good work 
is ever accomplished 
without patient preparation.  
Every detail of the soul's work 
must be perfectly done, 
 So be patient in your work, 
patient with all the happenings 
of your daily life, and 
with your fellows.

Easier said than done, right?

You know what I think --  being one who was feeling inclined to throw a brick at my TV on multiple fits of lunacy (none of which generated from the candidates...well, maybe just a couple)  --- 

I think we should take a look back at all the crimes that took place immediately following the debate.  We could blame them all on the video, the live televised presentation, brought to us by CNBC.  From top to bottom, they should be fired, jailed even; no, better, placed in stocks and displayed in Times Square for anyone who wants to throw an egg...one ton tomato...or a homemade coconut cream pie made with love. 

Indeed, it was that bad.

I mean, seriously John Harwood, was that a comic book version of a moderator/journalist/trial lawyer/lobbyist?

So being a Christie lover, before I was a Christie hater, to now being whipped into a Christie conundrum frenzy -- I did like this part:

CHRISTIE: Carl, are we really talking about getting government involved in fantasy football?
We have -- wait a second, we have $19 trillion in debt. We have people out of work. We have ISIS and al Qaeda attacking us. And we're talking about fantasy football? Can we stop?

So here we are upon morning light -- an occurrence little old g never takes lightly -- and my natural faith in "my fellows" is strained to the point of insanity.  And for the record, that isn't a good thing.

This about sums up the night, and it came from Senator Ted Cruz:

CRUZ: You know, let me say something at the outset. The questions that have been asked so far in this debate illustrate why the American people don't trust the media.
(APPLAUSE) This is not a cage match. And, you look at the questions -- "Donald Trump, are you a comic-book villain?" "Ben Carson, can you do math?" "John Kasich, will you insult two people over here?" "Marco Rubio, why don't you resign?" "Jeb Bush, why have your numbers fallen?"
How about talking about the substantive issues the people care about?

Look up the phrase "sharp as a tack" in GGpedia, all we see is CRUZ2016.

This is my last favorite spot stirring the pot (prize to the one who gets that double entendre) -- and it comes from the exchange between Bush and Rubio:

BUSH: He wasn't my senator.
RUBIO: No Jeb, I don't remember -- well, let me tell you. I don't remember you ever complaining about John McCain's vote record. The only reason why you're doing it now is because we're running for the same position, and someone has convinced you that attacking me is going to help you.
BUSH: Well, I've been --
RUBIO: Here's the bottom line.
I'm not -- my campaign is going to be about the future of America, it's not going to be about attacking anyone else on this stage. I will continue to have tremendous admiration and respect for Governor Bush. I'm not running against Governor Bush, I'm not running against anyone on this stage. I'm running for president because there is no way we can elect Hillary Clinton to continue the policies of Barack Obama.
yes please.

One more Rubio zinger worthy of a replay:

RUBIO: OK. You know, the Democrats who have the ultimate super PAC, it's called the mainstream media.  (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

So good morning.   It's debatable if anything changed after last night's thing -- whatever we might call it.   It was a really big show.

The best news is that the CNBC debate is in the can.  And I mean that literally, in every which way possible.  Unbeknownst to CNBC, they displayed their biggest weakness right from the start...the unstoppable, unconscionable media bias that is alive and well and living large and lavishly in America --

We move on dot org from here.

Have a nice day.

Make it a Good Day, G

By the way, Kasich, Huckabee, Santorum, Jindal, Graham, Pataki and last but not least, Bush (blame not on a video, but perhaps in name only)  -- God love'm -- have to go.  Just sayin'.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Dear America,

so this morning I did something I have never done before...
I called every single Senate Republican's office one by one until done.


Little old g thing was doing her civic duty -- and bending the ear of any office that would listen, for as long as she could, on behalf of the upcoming vote in the Senate that suspends the debt limit and gives another two years of busting budget caps and big government run amuck courtesy of the everlasting disappointment, the disHonorable Senator Mitch McConnell from Kentucky  (DC office number: 202-224-2541).

It's a fascinating experience if you, yourself, need any encouragement to dive into the pig trough that is congress, the cutting edge of bureaucratic slop and entitlement gluttons and crony, conniving capitalists laughing all the way to the edge of reason and jumping in anyway. 

And because the experience is simply too good to keep to myself -- let me share the rapture that sometimes sounds like the person on the other end of the line couldn't give a flying hoot, as in, press one to leave a message, press two if you wish to speak to someone, press three if you request a letter back, press four if you even think we care (kinda made that one up). 

Now, to be honest -- MANY of the offices actually had a real live person answer!  What a wonderful world is that!    And even SOME really sounded like they did care, to the extent they wanted to even have the zip code from where I called in the great US of A... for the record, you know.

And the shock, when speaking to Sarah at Senator John Hoeven's office (the Honorable Senator from North Dakota:  202-224-2551).    God love her, she even wanted to know WHY little old g was standing firm against the measure.  We actually had a real live conversation (for about a minute and a half).  But it felt like she really was listening; but who really knows, anymore, right.

Another observation, and maybe it's just me -- but as I made the calls, the intimidation factor decreased.  For at first, when somebody answered -- I was like, wow, this is really his office...I was tongue-tied... tripping over everything I wanted to say.  Then, slowly, with practice, it got so easy.  By the end of the entire process, I was almost demanding the person listen to every bit I had to say on the matter -- realizing and enlightened by my own personal power.  After all -- they work for us for jiminy crickets.

So without further delay:  CALL your SENATORS, call all of them if you dare.  Tell them to stop; tell them to stop working together right now.  Seriously. Stop.  Not one more thing.

Here's a leg up and over the fence:  Senate Conservative Fund offers a perfect link to all the numbers, HERE. (highly recommend donning a pair of rubber knee-high boots before you holla, gets a wee bit messy).

And just in case you are wondering -- the House wasn't safe today either.  Those guys got a fax, courtesy of Grassfire!  Love those guys! They make it soooooo easy to roll in it without really lifting a finger or even getting dirty.

Now one more funny thing to share.

It was when I called Senator Charles (Chuck) Grassley's office (the Honorable Senator from Iowa: 202-224-3744).  And bear in mind, he has been in office over 30 years, right.   Well, when you call his DC number -- if he doesn't have anyone in the office, or if the lines are busy, there is NO voicemail,  It just rings and rings and rings (which, if you follow along with G, just yesterday we were lamenting the loss of the old-fashioned telly...not really...but let's just say, all of a sudden, the realization that there are some guys in office stuck in the twentieth century made me giggle a little.)

Anyway -- this is really all there is to say on the day.

CALL.  FAX.  Get on that shiny new Iphone6S.  Whatever floats your boat through the moat that protects congress from the dumb-ass country bumpkins like us (tee hee).  

And speaking of us --
and it's, yet again, a carry-over from yesterday's say, how about that David Axelrod?

Plucked from the political muck and mire at the disseminating pages of The Daily Caller, the world according to Axelrod begins with this honorable distinction:

Former Obama advisor David Axelrod says the Tea Party is “fundamentally anti-government, populist in its notions, and this is a direct appeal to that group that is very anti-Washington.”
yes, please.

In a weird, ironic, noxious way -- Axelrod understands me better than my own republican representatives.  Isn't that a kick in the donkey's ass.  

But just to be clear, Mr. Ass'lrod -- you left out a pretty big word:   BIG.   The Tea Party, the lip smackin' sweet Tea that it is --  IS fundamentally firm against BIG government.  Because Big Ass Government is fundamentally against the people (I mean, talk about hoof and mouth disease run a foul...) 

And when BIG ASS Government works fundamentally against the health and wealth of the people, we rise, and come together to defend all things that matter.  Even if it takes an hour out of our morning to make 54 phone calls to the Senate and send about an equal number of faxes to the House. We might even smoke some hay afterwards just to soak up all the rewards of doing the right thing.

And lookie there; what a perfect segway on to the campaign trail...

So tonight -- in hopes of clearing the field, we await the possibility that one of the republican candidates really steps in it; wonder who that will be?


It's official.

I've worked myself into a tizzy...a sticky wicket...caught in my own slop of annoyances large and small.

I better go.  Hate to put a hoof in the mouth.

Make it a Good Day, G

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

It's Where Have ALL the Real McCoy's Gone Thing

Dear America,

from The Axe Files to Breitbart to G Thing:

“There was a time when we all got the news with the same facts, if you will,” he said. “We had three networks we watched for the evening news. Most of us got newspapers. Everybody in the middle class got a newspaper, so we got the same facts whether we agreed or not with them."

yeah, and there was a time, that, whenever we had to make a phone call, we had to talk through a curly telephone cord, that was connected to the wire in the wall, that was connected to a zillion other wires all over the planet -- and, at one time, it even cost us a whole dime to make that call across town.

And what about that part, "so we got the same facts whether we agreed or not with them?"

really, Romney?

Where do we begin with such idiocy?  

So this is what Romney blames, in part, for the rise of conservative insurgents in the Republican Party...the proliferation of conservative radio, news sources, blogs and what not, that stir a fair portion of us Americans to rise up and put the old cog in the wacky wheel of government. saying "we're just not gonna take it anymore" -- and thereby, as he puts it, end the spirit of collaboration and compromise.

What's so funny about all of this, is that Romney worked so hard to convince many of us on the  right that he really was conservative, and that he really was the man, who not only AGREED with us on so many things, but that he could turn things around for all us -- to stop this gravy train of bureaucracy, to put a halt to the trillions in spending lunacy and take seriously the growing debt,  and to, dare I mention,  reform the country by taking us all the way back to some of our founding principles of governing  -- by Rule of Law -- which is, just for the record, neither right or left!  It is just law; and just you never mind that run-on sentence.

It is simply hilarious, isn't it?

It's as if nobody is safe anymore; nobody is a sure thing, a safe bet, the real McCoy.   Which is funny in and of itself -- for there isn't really a firm account as to how that age-old phrase originated.  Go figure; I'm quite certain if we handed it to congress to figure out, it would cost a whopping 535 billion dollars -- rounding conservatively to about a billion per soul (not to mention, a year's worth of work by "the insurgents" within to put a full-stop to the nonsense).  What a bloody hell waste of time that would be.

And here we are -- on the verge of ringing in a new speaker -- and once again,  the right gets pounded by hard realities of how one Paul Ryan is not All That (speaking in terms of his shaky conservative record meeting up with his boy-wonder-progressive-ideals...no wonder Romney picked him). 

[By the way -- that link there on comments made by Mark Levin on Paul Ryan -- is generated on the progressive think tank Media Matters.org. -- nobody can say little g doesn't take turns and plays fair here.]
Over the weekend, a preacher on television was reminding his congregation how the "old world" worked under the rule of kings -- and specifically dating back to the age of Daniel in the Bible.  Anyway -- long story short -- it was just something that he said in the middle of this story that struck me spellbound.  For in the olden days, Kings could just write law and declare edicts all the day long.  Nobody could just say, well I don't agree, I don't think that's a good idea, nobody could even think about changing a thing -- it was the law...albeit according to this one man, the "king."

Now of course, this isn't something new to me; but you know the old saying, when the student is ready the teacher appears...it's kinda like that.

In the olden days, nobody would dare step up and become "the insurgent" within -- because it would make the king appear stupid, like he had made a mistake.  Everybody just sat back and took it, no matter how idiotic or how wrong or how oppressive the act, the edict, the law was.

Now wasn't that stupid, am I right?

The thing is today --

I declare that even though going back to the days we had to use the old-fashioned telly was in some ways liberating and wonderful in it's own way, dare I add, the reality is our world is expanding and evolving quickly and ferociously and with an operating system built in that never really stops.

And might I add the unseen dimension to the naked eye -- our American system of governing was designed with the cog in mind, "the cog" being the center of everything, really.  For that cog is the citizen; that cog is an opinion, a voice, an experience, and illuminated and made whole through the magic of becoming a representative in government.   And this "individual,"  this so-called "conservative insurgent" cannot, and shall not, be stifled, muted or even totally distinguished.

Government was originally designed to make writing new law and changing old law difficult, laborious even, for a reason -- to save us from a wayward, wanton king and his minions!   to save us from tyranny and oppression! to save us from ourselves!

Considering all things within the political climate these days -- we are running out of good cogs -- for it's the progressive left, the liberals, who seem to be writing ALL the laws, making ALL the changes, and running ALL amuck -- like KINGS.  Where is Romney whining about ALL of that?

Earth to Romney -- where in the world is THE LEFT making any compromise?  The right has done nothing but compromise -- compromising on our principles, compromising on the debt ceiling... the open border and sanctuary cities, the burdensome healthcare system, the new norm of compromising upon our national defense....and on and on and on.  The Left hasn't had to compromise on anything.  

It's called getting everything they want; where is the compromise in that?

And you, Mr. Romney, lament the growing conservative insurgents?  The loss of the evening news? 

Are you for real?

[it's rhetorical]

This morning, old G thing is lamenting the growing pit in my stomach wondering where all the real McCoy's have gone.

Let's just say, my faith -- in my fellow man and my country -- is feeling a wee bit domestically challenged today.

Make it a Good Day, G

Thursday, October 22, 2015

It's About a Boy's Dream Since 1972 Thing

Dear America,

here's the thing,

if she bombs away in the congressional proceedings...or stumbles royally on the campaign trail...he's there.  He made every effort to sound like the next president of the United States, while saying it isn't his time...yet... because a window has closed.

IF you need him, though...
democratic party...
he's there; he's just waiting for the nod and somebody to whisper in his ear, "you f&$@*g got this."
Excerpts from The Washington Post transcript of Joe Biden's Rose Garden Announcement:
BIDEN:  ...I've said all along what I've said time and again to others: that it may very well be that that process, by the time we get through it, closes the window on mounting a realistic campaign for president. That it might close...

BIDEN:...But I also know that I could do this if the -- I couldn't do this if the family wasn't ready...

BIDEN:...Well, that's where the Bidens are today. Thank god. Beau -- Beau is our inspiration...But while I will not be a candidate, I will not be silent...

BIDEN:...This party, our nation, will be making a tragic mistake if we walk away or attempt to undo the Obama legacy...

BIDEN:...But it all starts with giving the middle-class a fighting chance. I know that you in the press love to call me "Middle-Class Joe,"...

BIDEN:...I believe the huge sums of unlimited and often secret money pouring into our politics is a fundamental threat to our Democracy...

BIDEN:...We need to commit. We are fighting for 14 years -- we need to commit to 16 years of free public education for all of our children...

BIDEN:...Children and child care is the one biggest barrier for working families.

BIDEN:...Wealthy folks will end up paying a little bit more, but it's my guess -- and I mean this sincerely -- it's my guess they'll be happy to help build a stronger economy and a better educated America...

BIDEN:...We have learned some very hard lessons from more than a decade of large scale, open-ended military invasions...

BIDEN:... I don't think we should look at Republicans as our enemies. They are our opposition. They're not our enemies...

BIDEN:...And I believe that we need a moon shot in this country to cure cancer. It's personal. But I know we can do this...
And I'm going to spend the next 15 months in this office pushing as hard as I can to accomplish this...
If I could be anything, I would have wanted to have been the president that ended cancer, because it's possible.

BIDEN:...I also believe we need to keep moving forward in the arc of this nation toward justice: the rights of the LGBT community, immigration reform, equal pay for women and protecting their safety from violence, rooting out institutional racism.

It's about equality, 
it's about fairness, 
it's about respect. 
As my dad used to say, it's about affording every single person dignity. 
It's not complicated...
..And the ugly forces of hate and division -- they won't let up, but they do not represent the American people. They do not represent the heart of this country. They represent a small fraction of the political elite (exactly!  "they represent a small fraction of the political elite" FOR POLITICAL GAIN!  Including yours -- Joe -- as part of the political elite since 1972 for pete's sake..it's what I like to call his "McCarthy Moment"), and the next president is going to have to take it on...
BIDEN:...Most of all I believe there's unlimited possibilities for this country...

BIDEN:...We are so -- I've been doing this for a long time [yeah, since 1972]...

BIDEN:...We found purpose in public life.   So we intend -- we intend to spend the next 15 months fighting...[to quite possibly be] our future nominee, I am absolutely certain that we fully are capable of accomplishing extraordinary things. We can do this...[for watch me...I'm not going away.]
And when we do, America won't just win the future, we will own the finish line.
He's not running for president, because he doesn't have "run."

He can sit 
and at the right time,
walk right in...
when the door opens -- you know --  after all the windows just happen to close and the walls come down on the House that Hillary built.

The thing is --
Just think about it -- 
IF he is NOT running, nobody can attack him or the campaign that isn't even off the ground. He is in the clear for as long as it takes.

It's not over til it's over, right, Joe -- 
and while it may not be conventional, this may just be the perfect angle for the candidate who gaffes with every other word.  It's brilliant really.

For ever since you were a boy, you were told anything is possible. And your dreams of your father included being president of the United States of America. So you can't stop; won't stop...until the fat lady is in Sing-Sing, God Bless her, right, Joe.

The political elite of the Left know a Hillary nomination is still at risk; and therefore, intend to prepare for anything. The situation is fluid, as they say (just as fluid as it was on the ground at the White House during the Benghazi Attack) -- especially while Hillary is sitting in front of a Congressional Benghazi Committee and the FBI is still full speed ahead with a criminal probe of her use of a personal email and server while acting Secretary of State.

I can only hope I am all wrong; but I do not have a good feeling about this whatsoever.

Make it a GOOD Day, G

PS:  It was NEVER about a video (proven); Ambassador Stevens requested more security in advance (proven); and all she has done is lie about it.  Whether protecting the president, or herself, what difference at this point does it make -- she lied.  It's a pretty big deal.  
Who is really left?  Who can really trust her to be president of the United States?
And if you clicked the link, above, on Benghazi, you would still have your jaw on the floor.  What kind of rinky-dink operation did she run at the State Department?  Seriously?  Now she claims she didn't even have a computer or use email at the State Department?  Four Americans died because you didn't use a computer or email at the State Department?  There are just so many things wrong with that...

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

It's Rigged. R I G G E D. Rigged. Thing

Dear America,

thank you, Jonah Goldberg [Mr. G-File] of National Review Online --  whether dating back to the original rendition in 2008 [way "BGT"...Before-G-Thing] or in his present day post of October 15th --  the ideas of a wee little me (from yesterday) are raised to their more proper and higher form!  What a talent he has for the gift of gab, game, and glorious glib...so gosh darn good.

His G-note worthy to quote:

The real appeal of the New Deal wasn’t its alleged success, it’s that the New Deal is synonymous with a time when progressives had nearly unfettered political power to do what they wanted. Liberals don’t really worship the New Deal, they worship themselves. The New Deal is just a talisman in their undying faith in their own ability to guide society and make decisions for others better than people can make for themselves.
And, at a fundamental level, the desire for an unending string of New Deals going on forever, is indistinguishable from socialism...
It’s all just so exhausting. And I guess what I resent most of all is the fact that I will spend the rest of my life arguing with people who not only think that their faith in progressivism and the State is smart and modern, but that their opponents are the ones who are stuck in the past. And in the process, they’ll keep making the country worse, with every failure providing the latest evidence that now, now, is the time for a new New Deal.

Here's a short story of another verse same as the first...

The Setting:  Everett Middle School, San Francisco Mission District
Everett is as much a melting pot as the community, with 80 percent of its population comprised of students of color. Only 20 percent of students are white, Van Haren told KTVU. [from post in The Washington Post]
The Lead: Lena Van Haren, Principle

The Supporting Roles...Innocent Bystanders, Irrelevant Extras...Props:  The entire Student Body

The Antagonist, Unaware:  The Democratic Results

Cue the hook.

“This is complex, but as a parent and a principal, I truly believe it behooves us to be thoughtful about our next steps here so that we can have a diverse student council that is truly representative of all voices at Everett,” so said the Principle in an email to the parents...
Even though the students voted their conscience, Principle Van Haren just couldn't face the results.

And shockingly, she would have none of it.

Here's more from The Lead (might as well turn her into a one-woman-show and call it the Principle V-Monologues...but I digress):

“It’s not okay for a school that is really, really diverse to have the student representatives majority white,” she told the Chronicle. “The easy thing would have been to announce the results and move on. I intentionally did not choose the easy way because this is so important.”


Cue the orchestra from the G-File, here:

It’s all just so exhausting. And I guess what I resent most of all is the fact that I will spend the rest of my life arguing with people who not only think that their faith in progressivism and the State is smart and modern, but that their opponents are the ones who are stuck in the past.
Indeed, nearly unadulterated Shakespearean possibly.

Might I suggest the next school play:   Taming of the Shrew -- Revisited, De-Constructed and Made Totally, Unconscionably, Politically Correct.

 Here's a true character role... a student at Everett Middle --

“The organizers are saying things like, ‘we want everyone’s voice to be heard,’ but in truth, the voters’ voices are not being heard,” seventh grader Sebastian Kaplan told KRON, another local news station. “The whole school voted for those people, so it is not like people rigged the game, but in a way, now it is kinda being rigged.” [ The Daily Caller]

Yup, now it's "kinda being rigged."

Thank you, Sebastian.

That there sums up nearly all of the left-leaning politics and demographic divides and community organizers and progressives and the State -- note the capital S, for all those participating in the next Spelling Bee.

The results are rigged, respective of how The Left continuously and shamelessly nudge and control behavior; whether or not it's looked upon favorably or not; whether or not it's even something NEW or not; for it's all not for naught.  

For just look at us now!

Here we are, with half the body of Americans considering a bonafide Socialist in Bernie Sanders; a freaking liar and fraudster in Hillary Clinton; and soon-to-be, a bumbling buffoon and social justice wannabe idiot in Joe Biden.  Ex-squeeze me?

Hate to break it to you, folks, but the fix is already in.

It's called voter fraud, illegal immigration and sanctuary cities....all across America. Rigged.  R - I - G- G - E-  D. Rigged.

Unless something drastic puts a plug in it, like yesterday, the books are cooked -- the New New Deal is sealed for eternity and America is gone -- and not even in the neighborhood anymore.

Make it a Good Day, G


More to watch on P-U-Ryan for Speaker
go to Breitbart
It's just more rigged government at work:
open borders...really, Ryan?

Thursday, October 15, 2015

It's Old is the New New Thing, Revisited

Dear America,

“My definition of a free society

 is a society where it is safe to be unpopular.” 

Adlai Stevenson

so apparently the 1930's called last Tuesday night...
for the rally cry, nearly in unison, and crafted to move the audience from deep depression to standing ovation -- is that it's time for a new New Deal.  And if it was said with a shrill, even better, right Hillary?

Obama phones and shovel-ready jobs got nothing on the deal we have for you, if you vote for me:
  Bernie - Hill .
Free public college for everyone, free healthcare for children, women and old people,  free education for illegals, free healthcare for illegals....even mandating  a raise in minimum wage from sea to shining sea...AND increasing taxes on the greedy, wealthy, God-forsaken top wage earners, Wall Street, and especially those nasty hedge fund guys. Free Free Free everything ...for everyone...except, of course, those at the top.

Gosh, do you even remember that near trillion dollar stimulus package of 2009?

You know not one republican voted for it.  Not one.

It was this stimulus package (just a wiki link) --  along with the horrific direction the "Affordable Care Act" (just another wiki link) legislation was taking -- that prompted THIS little miss thing to come to life ...in living color, creating
-- It's a G Thing -- 
 Just a Girl. 
Her Name is Gretchen. 
A Day in the Life of an American Girl.

That was July 2009.
And now look at me.
Here I am,
still --
even with a boat load of haters/obstructionists jumping in from time to time --
755 blogs later.

[you know blogs are not only an equal opportunity industry, it is a totally gender neutral realm...to the point of near irrelevance, if choosing anonymity ...Unless of course, like me, you choose to build a site around it (giggle)...  But it's hard to believe that Hillary considers her best qualifier to be the next president is the fact that she is a girl and there hasn't been a girl president yet...It's like c'mon Hill, you're a feminist and want to be treated equally across the board until you want to use your femininity as a qualification?  Affirmative action, hear me roar. And shriek.]

Besides echoing the NEW NEW DEAL philosophy of redistribution governing, the democratic players on stage each angled to outdo the other in "outsider-ship."  Which is funny -- considering the combined total number of years dependent upon a government bureaucracy paycheck of one sort or another and paid for on the backs of tax payers is obscene; what an embarrassment.

What do we, the tax payers and dutiful citizens, have to show for it?

For this near 20 trillion dollar debt, and the over 200 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities (funding things...things large and small..... things dating back to the thirties and  still going, going, gone and  way beyond comprehension) is already crippling us AND  stifling our every move.

Our economy is no longer free to be -- whether it be under free enterprise or under "free" federal stimulus.  We are choking on debt,  and this group of yahoos, I mean, dimwitted democratic candidates, insist the answer is MORE?

Nothing is free.

T  I  N  S  T  A  A F  L

There is no such thing as a free lunch
 (or free college, free healthcare, free food, free housing, free anything, freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!tee hee !!!!! ha ha ha.......That was just my screaming Hill coming out.  Did you catch the hackle at the end?)

Everything has a cost, a price -- whether it's a commodity, a property, a service, a soul, or a future.  And everything has to be accounted for -- in other words, paid for, in the end.  Or else, clearly bankrupt, it IS the end.

Everything is "paid" for on the backs of taxpayers...you; or everything is not paid for, and is promptly tallied into our National Debt.    FEEL    THE     BERN (and thank you to my morning muse on that little number xx my baby girl didn't make it up, but she told me xx).

But it's the ideologies that take advantage of the poor, the hungry, the faint of heart, the downtrodden, the desperate, the uneducated, the minority - especially by voter block -- in order to keep the power -- that poses the greatest threat to America (if not the entire free world).  For it's these ideologies that lie, beg, steal, borrow, and promise to fulfill dreams of the populace without disclosing the details, the true costs, the fine print, and inevitably, the certain challenges and constraints we place on all future generations to make these dreams come true.

It's fraud.
And quickly, a  bernie sanders becomes no different than a bernie madoff.

Oh FDR was so well liked, in the beginning

Hey Bernie,
facts are a sticky thing.

So let's use FactCheck.org, shall we?

  • Sanders wrongly said that the U.S. had “more wealth and income inequality than any other country.” The U.S. ranks 42nd in income inequality and 16th in terms of wealth held by the top 1 percent.
And if we look at the top 10%, U.S. ranks in 7th place, with the upper 10% holding 74.6% of the wealth -- with Russia (1st place) Turkey, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, falling in above us.

Whether we look at the top 1% or the top 10%, the answer's the same: we are not guilty of having "more wealth and income inequality than any other country."

But Bernie --

Given the 'compound interest' upon the welfare state we've made (to date),  add the exponential rate of raising dependency upon government (absent the intentions of our founding, built upon a citizenry of independence, self-reliance, and true liberty) --  America has grown less wealthy, enjoys less liberty, and is LESS FREE with each inauguration since the New f@%& Deal! (ahhh that link takes me back...)

All things considered -- you still say a new New Deal is your answer?...And it's Hill's answer?...Is that with or without a conviction on keeping a private email server and transmitting confidential top secret information on it, and then lying about it, and then, after two years,  finally turn over emails, only to reluctantly admit you might have made a mistake...and all in all, have Bernie's blessing to let it go, claiming nobody really cares.

Wrong Again.

Nearly 60% of Americans take issue with the level of dishonesty and lack of credibility; and 54% of those polled believe Hillary put America at risk.    That is a problem; a problem, I might add,  NOT created by the republicans leading the investigation (republicans being her self-proclaimed worst enemy), but by Hillary, herself.  [Just gotta wonder why controversy follows Hill and Bill with everything they touch......it's rhetorical]

And We haven't even begun to discuss all the climate change chatter.  Oi Vay!

How ignorant -- making such dumb ass claims against a basic, organic, life-force such as CO2,  And Bernie even went so far as to call it the biggest National Security Threat!?  Have you lost your mind?

Maybe Bernie should be the one to take the president aside and have a little heart to heart about the planet and all of his Air Force One joy rides....like the one just last weekend.   The president left Washington last Friday and went to Oregon  -- to talk to the families who lost a loved one at Umpqua Community College about gun control -- before then running off (in his plane) and making stops in San Francisco and LA for some fundraisers, and making a stop here in San Diego for a round of Golf @ Torrey Pines and a couple of good night's sleep in a 5-star resort, Rancho Valencia, before returning to Washington on Monday afternoon.  [take off about 1:45PST...ask me how I know...I happened to be looking up and in the right direction at the time...and lo and behold, there he was, taking off from Miramar! He was right there! Spilling CO2 all over the place!  I tried to look away, but I just couldn't...the plane was simply breathtaking.  I was mesmerized.] 

Here's a post from The Daily Caller, going back to the President's Earth Day celebration  in April -- and choosing to celebrate the day by flying down to Florida and back....For the trip of of 1,836 miles round trip, his plane would spill 90 tons of carbon dioxide emissions!   Or, as The Caller points out:  To put this into perspective, it’s the same carbon footprint as 17.2 cars driving for the year. It’s also the same as burning nearly 88,000 pounds of coal or burning 190 barrels of crude oil.

Talk about being on the wrong side of an argument, read this.
Or talk about taxpayers funding the wrong side of an argument, read this.

Climate change policy is just another method of redistribution; it's just tapping into the fears, using tactics available to create change and re-organize communities by lying, stealing, and transforming America's fundamentals.    Same old, same old. Blah blah blah.

It's fraud, too.

But from the New Deal to the Real Deal,  allow me to steer you to Nate Jackson's take, on the debate, at The Patriot Post:
Democrat Debate Lowlights.
(Because it's good.)

You know, if Bernie's not careful, he may prompt a visit from the Department of Homeland Security...for all his talk against the man, the status quo, (throwing in Citizens United for good measure), to the extent of inciting, and actually calling out for, a "political revolution."  For a guy in congress since 1991, that is hilarious.

But back to my new, new link:  Did you see this stunning new announcement coming out of the Department of Justice?

Here's a peek...

While he spoke about the threat posed by the Islamic State terror group, he emphasized that law enforcement is focused on racist and anti-government ideologies, and that such ideologies may pose a more serious threat than ISIS.
“More broadly, law enforcement agencies nationwide are concerned about the growth of the “sovereign citizen” movement.  According to one 2014 study, state, local and tribal law enforcement officials considered sovereign citizens to be the top concern of law enforcement, ranking above ISIL and Al Qaeda-inspired extremists,” he said.
hmm me thinks me is a wee bit a part of this anti-government, "sovereign citizen" movement...sshhhh

The thing is, this morning, and after a little bit of rain last night -- I'm feeling refreshed in a weird way.  I sincerely hope it comes down to Hillary -- because WE, the right, can take her! But IF Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren team up for another round of eight years (sixteen even, if she turns around and adds another eight) of fundamental transformation, it might be over for freedom and liberty in the good 'ole US of A.

Ugh just the thought of that is giving me a panic attack (so much for the pitter patter of raindrops on my little head lulling me into nirvana).

In the end, while this isn't NEW to gthing...
is the New 

according to the Left, too.

[remember, a while back I used this 
to support the American fundamentals...
context is everything...
don't ever forget it...]

And on Tuesday evening, the Democratic Debate showed us just how screwed up (from top to bottom -- from inside and out) we are...and half the populace is okay with it?

Make it a Good Day, G

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

It's America Needs a Few Good Wing-men Thing

Dear America,

When in Hell, 
Keep Going.
Winston Churchill

sure, this was from a bit ago -- and considering how quickly things, faces, and times change these days, it's probably plum close to irrelevant by now... but no bother, no matter...

Fire one:

"I’m still enjoying what I’m doing, there’s still work to be done.  I’m still the President’s wing-man, so I’m there with my boy.  So we’ll see," Holder said in an interview on the Tom Joyner radio show. [circa 2013, plucked from Politico]

It's incredible the level of corruption; for it's the Department of Justice, not to mention what's going on in another entire branch of government in the Supreme Court, that should be -- of all places, and in all circumstances -- clinging to the virtues and duty of the Rule of Law, not to every whim and fancy and ideology according to the rule of man, even if appointed by several, even if that often looks like an entire body of congress.  

Just where is America's WING-MAN right now?

Here's a serious rebuttal to Holder's wing-man philosophy of justice well served, and it comes from another former U.S. Attorney General -- Michael B. Mukasey:   Justice and the Obama Justice Department, as adapted from a speech in the September edition of Imprimis, a publication of Hillsdale College.

Mukasey sums it up for us like so -- "our country has grown less honest, less fair, and less safe than it ought to be" largely because of the [Justice] department's work.  And then begins, in torpedo fashion, rattling off examples behind enemy lines like a prosecutor who not only knows the law, but respects it above all else.

In the end, Mukasey gives us a warning:

The problems in the DOJ won’t be solved simply by electing a less ideological president in 2016. Many of the political appointees of the past seven years will resign and take up career positions within the department, and once such people receive civil service status, it is virtually impossible to fire them. In other words, the next attorney general will be confronted with a department that’s prepared to resist policy changes. This will require great patience and dedication by the new political appointees in their efforts to return the department to its true mandate—not doing justice according to your own lights, or even according to the lights of the president who appoints you, but defending law and having enough faith in law to believe that the result, more often than not, will be justice.
The thing is, all of this talk about justice isn't really where this American girl wants to hunker down in a bunker on the day.

It's really more about the overall climate we are in -- as a nation.

For we are becoming a nation quite amenable, newly accustomed really,  to the rule of law being changed on the fly.  

And for that reason alone we should stop --  dead in our tracks --  and check the compass.

Fire Two:

To the issue of Paul Ryan becoming Speaker.  Let's regroup and look at the actual navigational charts available, and review where Ryan has been and where Ryan wants to go, shall we [or do we not have your permission to ask such a thing, Mr. Full Consensus Only or Nothing?]

Sounding less like a condition and more like a threat, what would a Ryan speaker-ship do to America?

Can you say OPEN BORDER.   
Talk about a section of the rule of law a Speaker Ryan would aim to have his power change....

For a full, exclusive, report go to BREITBART, rest his soul.

“There’s nobody in the Republican Party who could be worse than Paul Ryan,” Beck implored. “He has spent his entire adulthood ideologically connected to the open borders crowd. Open Borders is in his ideological DNA. That’s the terrifying thing. He’s an ideologue and his spent his whole life working for ideologues. Open borders seeps out of every pore of his being. This isn’t personal, it’s just who he is.”
This scathing report, lines up all the dots over twenty years, and blows Ryan's all-American boyhood, natural, darned right devilish good charm right out of the water.

The flow of illegal immigration is pure lawlessness, at a real cost of trillions of dollars to our economy, not to mention adding to the multi-cultural weakening of a nation dependent upon a common allegiance to the whole and it's well being, while individually carrying our own packs filled with the fundamentals of self-reliance and rugged independence and courage, alongside the Rule of Law as the real, bona fide, commander in chief (kinda like how a nation of 300 million wing-men and women might look).  

All the while, a possible Speaker Ryan has made his demands clear and his intentions known and will continue to align himself against the sovereign border every time.  

......And just as America elected a President Obama under the guise of hope and change --  America denied looking at the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God.  

......And IF we are not careful -- we will do the same IF this House of Representatives appoints Paul Ryan as speaker.  Boom!

is a philosophy of failure 
with the creed of ignorance, 
and the gospel of envy.  
It's inherent virtue 
is the equal sharing 
of misery." 

Winston Churchill

Conservatives need to band together and fight like hell.

We may have won the battle in getting John Boehner to step aside -- but let's not lose the war in letting the position go to Paul Ryan.  It's a position that puts America at risk, for the threat is real; if we fall back asleep, the enemy might not even need to use a gun, but just walk right on in, in the cover of darkness, and have us surrounded before we know any better.  We have struggled to get this far...we must keep going.   Everybody take a wing.

Make it a Good Day, G

Thursday, October 8, 2015

It's to the Power of Benjamin Thing

Dear America,

i have a thing for benjamin's...

beginning with Benjamin Franklin, and of Poor Richard's Almanac.

Industry pays Debts, Despair encreases them.

Hope and a Red-Rag, are Baits for Men and Mackerel.

and, one of my favorites,

Well Done, is twice done.

...just to name a few.

The Trump candidacy is taking a perverse cue of these three, so please allow for a wee bit of pithiness to take over.

First, this INDUSTRY factor:

Oh he, as in Trump, knows Industry; some might even believe he invented it by now.   And of course, he sees the Despair -- he bears witness to this sense of longing, the masses deep longing to have what we don't have meeting up with a great weakness, that of coveting...the coveting of things, of wealth, of property, of another and running roughshod and rampant from sea to shining sea. 

Trump is speaking the language loud and clear of all the things we -- the poor of hearth and heart, the disillusioned, the frustrated, the Middle, The FED-up, the righteous citizens of the greatest country in the world, want to hear.

This thing called HOPE, like a red-rag -- it's bait.




Now, just a couple of days ago (go read it), little old gthing laid out some things with a capital T to trouble this lofty presidential hopeful's ambitions -- and now, sad to say, there is more.  It just keeps coming.

But don't take my word for it -- go to The Patriot Post here and now -- for Allyne Caan explains this:

“I think eminent domain is wonderful. … I build a lot of buildings in Manhattan, and you’ll have 12 sites and you’ll get 11 and you’ll have the one holdout and you end up building around them and everything else, okay? So, I know it better than anybody. I think eminent domain for massive projects, for instance, you’re going to create thousands of jobs, and you have somebody that’s in the way, and you pay that person far more— Don’t forget, eminent domain, they get a lot of money, and you need a house in a certain location, because you’re going to build this massive development that’s going to employ thousands of people, or you’re going to build a factory, that without this little house, you can’t build the factory— I think eminent domain is fine.”

If "Industry pays Debts, Despair encreases them,"  a desperate Hope crushes both, in an instant. Eminent Domain is fine, wonderful even...are you kidding me?

Let this be the nation's mantra:  a republican presidential nomination IF well done,  IS twice done.

For consider this:

To err is human, to repent divine, to persist devilish.

If Passion drives, let Reason hold the Reins.

Pardoning the Bad, is injuring the Good.

...indeed, and honorably naming another few.

How I wish upon the morningstar,

for if this passion was poured into the campaign of another Benjamin, how Reason would thus prevail.

Here's a switch up for you, so don't blink....

Ben Carson's full name is Benjamin Solomon Carson Sr.   And I find that exhilarating, to say the least, if not also a lot.

For, with the way my mind meanders, I quickly sought a brief description of King Solomon. [And found one, here]   And sure, it isn't all grand, however, plucking out what I like, let me share a story characterizing the fine use of common sense -- that for some, call wisdom.

Although Solomon was young, he soon became known for his wisdom. The first and most famous incident of his cleverness as a judge was when two women came to his court with a baby whom both women claimed as their own. Solomon threatened to split the baby in half. One woman was prepared to accept the decision, but the other begged the King to give the live baby to the other woman. Solomon then knew the second woman was the mother.
This is how I picture a  presidency under President Benjamin Solomon Carson (Ben).

Ben Carson is thoughtful, wise, and authentic in EVERY response he gives, every word he speaks, and every intention of his candidacy and possible administration.  His answers to questions take reason, logic, and strength -- side by side with humility -- to their highest heights.

And you know what happens when we stand back from a problem, approach it from a higher perspective, taking the long view -- we see the whole picture; we find an answer to the whole, not just the one thorn sticking out.  [Brilliant is the man who wants the people of America to be mindful, not another victim.]

[G note:  King Solomon is credited for writing such works in the Bible as the Book of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes and The Song of Solomon, as well as, authoring a couple Psalms (72 and 127).]

Many Foxes grow grey, but few grow good.

Well done, is twice done.

we no longer have the time for a do-over after the comb-over, okay.

We may be very well FED-up, but Trump is Not the Best Answer.  Perhaps -- if we stand back -- take a long, discriminating, thoughtful, mighty yet humble, view, the Question is Best Answered by Ben.

Just imagine it -- if the passion behind the mouth changed forces.




Avoid dishonest gain:  
no price can recompence the pangs of vice.

Many a Man thinks he is buying Pleasure, 
when he is really selling himself a Slave to it.

Prosperity discovers Vice, Adversity, Virtue

Make it a Good Day, G

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

It's Till Death Do Us Part Thing

Dear America,

so gonna jump back in this morning...
as things are a wee bit mad around here.

While this little lady just finished spending a near non-stop week doing her nanny gig (even with overnights!) -- it seemed as if the whole country was coming apart at the seams; and the sad thing is -- we are becoming quite anesthetized to it.   It's as if we -- and when I say we, I mean, true Americans -- have cried 'uncle' en masse while waving the white flag of a full-fledged surrender.

Here's just one story.  It begins at Jackson Hole High and ends with a full-fledged revolt.   According to reports, the authorities in charge, decided to replace "America Pride Day" with "College Day" during a week celebrating homecoming (each year, the week is carved out with festivities for each day, with a theme, recommended dress, etc.., and up until this year, "America Pride Day" has been included.  See more at The Daily Caller, here).  Long story short, the authorities didn't want to offend the un-American population, so they re-framed the day singing a more politically correct vibe; American patriotism OUT, multi-culturalism IN.  [Wouldn't the Framers of our Constitution be aghast!]

Oh. Okay. Jackson Hole High.

Are you kidding me? !

This is in the United States of America! ?  

Now some of you may know that I have recently become a full-fledged member of the DAR -- Daughters of the American Revolution.

Take note, now -- 
has quickly escalated 
to being the word of the day 
in only a matter of minutes

You know "full-fledged" is defined as:
1. Having reached full development; mature.
2. Having full status or rank: full-fledged lawyer.
3. Having fully developed adult plumage.

And all of a sudden, I swooooooon in just the thought of it, like a lady in waiting.  Yes.  Indeed.  No longer am I just the nanny, GiGi -- I am the lady in waiting of the little Mrs. and Queen of the Castle, twenty-first century be damned.   But now look at me, getting so carried away...

The DAR was founded on October 11, 1890!

America was experiencing a patriotic revival in those days.  It was after the Civil War, as you all know, and the times, and the spirits, were uplifted, changing swiftly.  From the DAR chapter handbook, "[W]omen felt the desire to express their patriotic feelings and were frustrated by their exclusion from men's organizations formed to perpetuate the memory of ancestors who fought to make this country free and independent."  Thus came the DAR!   I am woman, hear me roar.  And here we are, 125 years later.

More from the handbook:

"The objectives laid forth in the first meeting of the DAR have remained the same in over 100 years of active service to this nation.  Those objectives are:
Historical -- to perpetuate the memory and spirit of the men and women who achieved American Independence
Educational -- to carry out the injunction of Washington in his farewell address to the American people, "to promote, as an object of primary importance, institutions for the general diffusion of knowledge, thus developing an enlightened public opinion..."
Patriotic -- to cherish, maintain, and extend the institutions of American freedom, to foster true patriotism and love of country, and to aid in securing for mankind all the blessings of liberty."

Without the mandate to become full-fledged citizens of this country -- taking the oath of loyalty, assimilating into the American culture, learning and speaking English only, and fully transitioning into the body of Americans with our whole heart and soul, respective of the Rule of Law and the unspoken spirit and duty of self-reliance -- America becomes diluted, diminished, weakened, impoverished, and crippled to the point of death.

And that day is here and now.

Today, more than ever, the numbers of the loss of life and limb -- backed by the full-fledged intentions of what they were fighting for -- during the Revolutionary War, becomes something very real.  It's becomes alive with a spirit almost non-existent in this new era of nonchalance.  [Especially when the intentions of this administration to seek gun control measures through executive action poses to be a real and tyrannical threat.] 

Bear in mind, America was a population of only about 2.5 million souls back then.   We lost 25,000 patriots, with about 8,000 of those in combat!  What devotion!  What pride!  What desperation!

A military of simply full-fledged citizenry congregated, organized, fought, and died for the freedoms and liberties we still enjoy today.   If the colonies had allowed "gun control" to succeed in the day -- America might never have happened.

And for what?  To be told, "stop acting, like, all patriotic, kids, it might, like, hurt somebody's feelings."  

Americans have fought for the right thing all through the years.

In the Civil War, we lost 750,000! with a population at that time of about 31.5 million citizens.  That number amounts to nearly 2.5% of the populace.  In World War II, we lost just over 405,000! with a total population at the start of the war to be about 133 million (.307%).   During the Vietnam War, we lost 58,000!, about 47, 000 actually in combat, at a time when America's population was about 179 million at the start.   And following 9/11:   the Afghanistan and Iraq wars on terror have so far totaled 6,717! men and women lost, about 5,281 in combat -- which is about .002% of our starting population of 294 million American souls [2000 census].

All in all -- from 1775 to the present:  we have lost about 665,000 in combat, with a total loss of patriots to be about  1,355,664! and total wounded 1,498,237!  If calculated against the total population today, that 3 million is one percent; in other words, this one percent made it possible for this population of 300 million to live.   It's a full-fledged one percent -- a level of patriotism and heroism all their own -- who fully account of every American who gave freely of their own lives so that this 300 million can live in freedom and liberty today -- or dare I re-frame, squander it away.

America's foundations -- from the tangible to the intangible, from that which is seen to the unseen -- are crumbling from within and WE are not even showing up to fight the good fight.  Oh heaven!  WE are acting like bystanders and steadfast,  stupidly, wilting, swooning even,  to the political elite and the prevailing populace who only wish harm on America (see: the rush of immigrants coming across the border, illegally, and some with papers, who have NO intention of assimilation), embarrassed by America (see: our president... saying just so on multiple occasions, both domestic and foreign), and congruently wish to fundamentally transform America from the inside out.  

Our sovereignty and sanctity and integrity is fighting a battle like never before.  

The thing is, what we have here is called full-fledged tyranny, really.   

And it will create the very conditions to call for full-fledged anarchy, if we are not mindful with how we proceed from here.  That is, if, and only if, we continue to have and to hold a multitude of patriots willing to protect this nation, and all she stands, in perfect, full-fledged allegiance -- come rain or shine, in sickness and in health, for rich or for poorer, till death do us part.

Make it a Good Day, G