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Monday, October 4, 2010

Dear America,

I wanna go somewhere where everybody knows your name; a place where even if I fall off the bar stool, after a good chuckle, we will still all be friends.

My girl has been in the throws of a fickle BFF, and it got me thinking how times have changed.  As a mama, all we want to do is find a way to kiss it and make the pain go away; but there comes a time, when band aids and ice cream, hugs and kisses, simply can't touch it; which brings, of course, a mama to her knees -- wishing and hoping and praying even harder than usual to just make the world behave!  Geeze, what does a girl have to do around here to catch a break...

The reality in which we live, somewhere between Cheers and Jersey Shore, has brought us all to a different place of getting along in this world -- and from my vantage point, from the floor, none of it seems to be for the better.

Yes.  And a happy Monday to you, too.

But think about it for just a moment.

Our local world of best friends and sleepovers, potlucks and stick ball, all the way on down the line to sharing a pint and potato skins, at the hole in the wall down the street, along side the exact same friends we first blushed and grew up with is gone; at least, here in southern california.  And if we really want to be honest, we never really had it to begin with...oh we tried, god love us.  But once again, somewhere between the Cliff/Norm days and The Situation/Snookie episodes, the possibility of finding and keeping the deep, lasting, meaningful and loyal friendship for all time has become a distant reality, made for TV and eluding us every step of the way.

By all appearances, everything we revel in these days is only in the here and now; everything we worship, is what's popular and all the rage; everything we listen to, is different from what we listened to just yesterday; while everything that is news is, within a blink of eye, considered old but just five minutes later.  In an environment we call so very precious to us -- being so green and all -- how can we even expect friendships and marriages, rituals and traditions to make it; how can we, when we don't even pick up our own trash, make the effort to text back to apologize, go the extra mile -- no matter in sleet or snow -- to bring good tidings or a casserole, and simply honor the relationships we surround ourselves with in unconditional love and acceptance...and remembering to do it all again tomorrow.

Tripping down to the local hangout at the end of a long hard day, simply isn't done in the same way that we used to; unless, of course, you live on the east coast. Here, in so cal, we have to get in a car and drive twenty minutes to the latest watering hole, unless you just want to be alone; and even then, if you happen to find one of your friends, who just happened to think of going to the same sloppy spigot as you -- then consider yourself destined for greatness; for you, my friend, are the lucky one... you alone, are the most high... you alone, are the maker of such a splendid destiny, as for the rest of us yahoos, we are simply not worthy. For that kind of luck, comes maybe once in a hollywood lifetime, in the company of someone like Clint Eastwood perhaps -- for it is a rare -- like a fine, cherry pinot noir with hint of blackberry and almond, with a yummy, spicy finish that leaves your taste buds dancing on the bar for more; yes, that kind of rare.

And yes.  Happy Monday to you, too.

You see, after catching a little football yesterday, it never fails to remind me how insanely good you nor'easterners got it; the cameras always seem to find the local imbibing like there is no tomorrow, making you all look like best friends, each and every one of you, even if you just met.  Jealous doesn't even cut it.

But here I sit, with this shot through my heart, knowing my girl will constantly be challenged in the making of a pure, unadulterated, ungodly loyal companionship, with someone and everyone, all the rest of her life -- for this is the age of empty, irreverent, stupid relations of all shapes and sizes, from facebook to match.com, for all the rest of our days unless we correct ourselves -- like you know, like yesterday.

For bearing this kind of fluidity of relationship is only possible after one's fully grown; and even then, it can still kill us.

Today, the politics of who we associate with and why reaches a whole 'nother level -- it hits right where it hurts, for real; and make no mistake, it is all tied up together these days in a massive awakening to that which truly saves, creates and uplifts us like no BFF ever could; the relationship with our self and that sweet spot inside us all, namely our soul -- everything gets down to that one true Thing; our connection to the very Source of Every Good and all of Life, whether on a moments notice in anguish or in celebration -- to the tireless, barrel-aged in oak, everlasting ties that bind, with a pinkie promise and everything, through thick and thin, is all that really, truly, thankfully, graciously matters. 

My only hope this morning -- and getting back to my baby girl -- is that, if I have taught her anything at all up to this point, let it be that.

Yes.  And a happy Monday to you, too.

I'll have my usual.



Make it a Good Day, G

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