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Friday, October 1, 2010

Dear America,

Thank God it's Friday.

To wrap up the indoctrination by maher segment of the week, let's recall a couple of his final words of wisdom from last night's appearance with Bill O'Reilly, as it is just so fascinating to watch; he's much like a baboon in the wild, and you never know what sounds he'll make or what load of crap he will undoubtedly throw at you. And all I can add to that is, thank God we continue to evolve.

"60% of the people believe Noah's Ark is true..." in high blasphemous billy fashion...going on to pound out the idiocy of literally believing every word of God as if it were true, even quoting a verse in "Deuteronomy" to prove it...as if God told "his people" that discovering your neighbor working on a Sunday is enough to warrant killing them.  right, Maher Luther, king of the jungle, that's what he told us to do, and by golly, we follow..doink y der dee do...I think a coconut just hit me on the head.

There was a moment when he threw O'Reilly a bone (at least, I think it was, hard to tell from this far away) when he proclaimed, "I think if Jesus were in charge (today), we'd have health care for everybody."  Does Maher not remember what happened in the temple? But there we go again with the redistribution of all the bananas and the power in the bunch...

Oh, my my my maher, ye of so little faith; you really hate the believers of this world, don't you.

One thing that keeps batting around my head, with regard to this great contempt for the religious extremists of the world, is how you seem mum when it comes to the fundamental Islamic extremism wreaking havoc across the world, and taking on America from ground zero on up -- especially, as a New Yorker and all; how is that possible that you are not calling out these horrific actions of extremism, based entirely on a belief system, having birthed from one of the sons of Abraham?! 

The history of Christianity does include defending our ground from time to time against Muslim extremists; and yet, here we sit, at the start of the twenty first century, still defending those who can't but with one difference, our militia is not simply Christians -- but includes Jews, Buddhists, Agnostics, Atheists... even 1.6% Muslim...we come as one nation under God in full UNI-form as AMERICANS. 

As its been done from kingdom to kingdom come -- every war, every conflict -- Americans have never come in the name of a Christian God, ever.  We have never adorned our soldiers swaddled in fabric and sword in the name of Allah (or God), and continue to praise Him as we act out our radical religious order against heathens of other faiths -- much like the Islamic Extremists attacking the oddly peculiar, yet apparently highly threatening, western world of the Christian species.

So where are you on that, Willy?

And I can't even believe you admitted to the world, "I don't know" -- trying to explain how the Earth was made, "nobody can explain it" you say...babbling on some more, about how the ignorance of "championing faith" is nothing more than "suspending (all) critical thinking." Have you lost your mind?  Because the absolute fact remains, for you to even have a chance TO THINK about it, should give you plenty of ammo to answer that question.

You must have missed G when we defended God (of all kinds) featuring a book by a physicist and Jewish/Theologian Scholar, having been fully educated and doctored from MIT, Gerald Schroeder (http://www.geraldschroeder.com/) His latest book, not to be confused with a number of others, including The Science of God, The Hidden Face of God, and Genesis and the Big Bang --in his latest, God According to God -- and you're gonna love this part -- actually uses excerpts from the Bible to prove specific scientific points.  Genius really.

Anywho, what I have noted before and will surely say again, the Big Bang, the beginning of it all, began with something really BIG to create it; what was that something? Just a thought.  ker pow, bang, der it is.

Something had to THINK about it first; as the accidental mathematical physical probability of having it all come together, at just the right time, at just the right temperature, came down to a nano-second, or perhaps an eternity, knee deep into thought to basically come up with the 'build it and they will come' philosophy back behind creation itself.  Gives a girl goosebumps, how 'bout you?

Schroeder offers us this...

"...then came the discovery of the uncertain, fuzzy world of the quantum.  And suddenly our classical view of reality, the inbred misconception that reality must conform to our logic, was shattered. We have discovered that the reality we perceive stands in place of, or better said, represents, a deeper essence of truth.

And that is what I discuss here, the idea, admittedly speculative, that the truth of our universe is not as we perceive it, even with the aid of the most sophisticated particle accelerators and most powerful space telescope; that from the invisible realm of the quantum to the vast reaches of space, our universe may more closely resemble a thought than a thing."

The alchemists and meta physicists have delved into the world of thoughts-are-things for centuries -- it isn't anything new; while even the modern day gurus, self-help promoters, and preachers collide with our ability to change our world, change our life, starting with a simple thought; that what we think about expands; that our very thought is the actual genesis of all things we are surrounded with (be it person, place... or shiny new thing).

Everything we do, and everything that is here and now and ever will be, begins with a thought, an idea, a realization of that which could be a something being virtually created out of a nothing, all within the confines of the mind.

Mr. Maher, your cult following captures just such a thing; as you had an idea, and lots of them really, and not all of them good, but in each new day, you are able to ponder, voice, expand your extremists views out unto the world -- and make money off of it!  Oh, what a wonderful world we live.

It doesn't matter, the matter in which we live; what matters is what we do with it.  Do we throw it around haphazardly, or do we treat it with care?  Everyone is at a choice to do it there own way -- at least here in America, we still can -- which should make you fall to your knees in thanksgiving.  Other parts of the world, are not able to think freely and act accordingly and create a life in liberty and justice and free speech for all -- while attending a church of their choice, or not.

Some people actually want to attack that part of us, no matter where we live in the world, just because we are different  here in America -- we let people live and let live under a rule of law that fully supports and defends our GOD given, UNALIENABLE RIGHTS.  Our laws, rights, amendments, constitution and declarations only put to word what already IS; for our unalienable rights do not come from man, or a government, or a president, or even from the evolution of baboons; these inherent rights are passed down from generation to generation from God; we are intimately connected to the Source of all things, good and evil, right or wrong, seen and unseen, without falter and in pure faith.

Our rights -- if we could only be fully satisfied by calling them that -- come from the One; they come from the one, true, First Thought.

Some religions are, quite frankly, disturbed -- threatened -- emboldened to attack -- such totalitarian freedom enriched territory, land of liberty and home of the brave.   Allah-u-Akbar! (only my) God is Great!

I am thrust into a thought, going way back when, to the days of Abraham and descendants of Ishmael, and ponder just how the world would be right now if only Mohammed had changed a thought, or two; I wonder too, with the Qu'ran being taken so literally, verbatim, as the word of ALLAH, around the world, you must think all Muslims are idiots, too, Mr. Maher -- or no?

Or, are you just afraid to say that out loud? 

Did you know, they believe in many of the same prophets...they adore mother Mary (Suru Maryam)...and are not afraid to admit they believe in Angels, too? 

But the reality is, according to the Land of Ishmael and the making of Islam (and feel free to ask the closest Muslim near you) the Qu'ran is speaking the word of God, literally, word for word, across the world, around the clock -- so call me funny, but I would think that would bug you more, Maher; for they, fully admit it.  The gospel of the Qu'ran makes something like honoring thy father and mother sound like a nursery rhyme.

So let's face it, we can agree to disagree about all sorts of details, but extremism in any shape, genealogy, or ancestry is deadly, dangerous and destructive -- end of story.  Be it the Bible or the Qu'ran or the little red book of Mao, what truly matters is the thought back behind the things, the consciousness back behind the actions, the mindfulness back behind the creation of an America or an Iran, an Iraq or an Afghanistan, a Cuba or a China.

The individual, who acts, who does, who thinks, becomes fundamental; hence, the premise behind the making of our Declaration of Independence, and our Constitution -- to the actual making of our children, the remarkable little creatures that they are, who happen to not only have the great responsibility to survive the legacy of debt we are leaving them, but somehow be able to do so while passing on the fundamentals of love and life to the next generation, and so on and so on...

Where do we govern from an open heart, allowing for the freedom to think and grow rich, living in a country who worships liberty, shelters the common man, and defends the inherent rights of all people, equally but not without great difficulty -- with civility, while fortunately for us, on most days, without suicide bombers disturbing the peace with religious fanaticism and extremism in the townsquare -- AND FURTHER be allowed to follow that heart... to find hope, peace, forgiveness from Sunday to Sunday, believing (or not) in an Unimaginable God, of Out of this World Proportion, who really we wishes unconditional Love upon us all?

Show me that land and I will show you where I want to live, both literally and figuratively, metaphorically and verbatim -- and more important,  I am not afraid to say so.

Let us all say a little prayer for Maher today (I think he would just love it) and
Make it a Good Day, G

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