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Thursday, May 31, 2018

It's A Bee C Day Thing

Dear America,

it would be nice, to be in position, to swear off swearing... for quite honestly, it usually falls into the category of a pretty trashy way to talk and get along in this world. [And yeah, call me quite the contrarian to my fellow modern woman, clinging to the petticoats of my Victorian era roots, but this is where girls and boys are different.  And I like it.  I usually like behaving goodly and like a lady.  Hope this doesn't become a crime any time soon,]

Besides...occasionally it's just fun...to drop the f-bomb;

occasionally it adds that perfect punch, to finish a story, tell a joke, or complete the picture;

occasionally it just feels good to let something naughty slip off the tongue in a moment of lively banter, and of course, being well aware of one's audience.

There is that.

Timing might be everything; while the word, itself, might fall suspect... no matter who is saying it or the occasion.  Some words should just never be said, whether it is in public, or the privacy of one's home. 

AND that word begins with the letter c.

It is a bad, bad word.

And Samantha Bee knows the c-word is a bad, bad word; for if she were to ever be on the receiving end of that word, herself, she, Samantha Bee, would be seething and perfectly peeved wee wee wee all the way home; for there is no comedic relief in the c-word whatsoever.

And yet, it is a free country, and Samantha Bee has a right to say whatever the f*^$^ she wants to say, and I will support her right to say whatever the f*^$ she wants to say until the end of time.

I will also add this little number:  like me....pretty darn sure Ivanka Trump would never, ever, never-ever-ever, say the c-word, whether it be face to face, on twitter, over the phone, in an email, for comedic relief, reality show splendor, sit-com filler, alike.  Ivanka would simply never go there...because she IS a lady and knows how to behave like a lady, and actually likes -- no loves -- being a lady, like me.

And yet this morning, just wondering if all the liberal ladies think Bee's just being funny...if they all got up this morning, putting their pant legs on one foot in the mouth at a time, and thought, wow, that Samantha Bee...she really put her stinger in it this morning and isn't she something... 'using the C with such glee, that Bee...love that girl...'

Seriously, though.  Who thinks that sh*& is funny?

Although equally ugly, I would rather be Valerie Jarrett, on the receiving end of Barr's now infamous tweet going something like this....“muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.”  ...then be stung by Bee's capital offense C tweet.

But maybe that's just me.

The thing is --- the words we choose to use carry immense power, to heal or to harm. We learned that as early as kindergarten.  The sooner we realize the essential aspects required, in the safekeeping of a civil, cultured, compassionate, and courteous society, the better WE, the people, will all BE, and that goes out especially to both Bee and Barr.

To raise the consciousness and consideration of all, truly begins with each and every one of us to begin as individuals; perhaps, in some warped way, Samantha Bee and Roseanne Barr are simply leading the way.

And yet, isn't it a sad day for America.... to find ourselves so consumed by the he-said, she-said, Bee said, Barr said, tabloid level, sensationalized system of news-telling.  Perhaps Trump should follow up his latest embargo taxation across the EU and Mexico, with a tax on the use of social media for the sole purposes of making gossip and perpetuating nonsense....like Uganda.  teehee [question is, would the president really be in favor of the censorship, complete with financial penalties, of one of his favorite tools??]

This morning, this girl is just looking for the real ladies and gentlemen to show the world how its done, that's all.  [Ladies like Ivanka, for one...]   Is that too much to ask?  Would not our time be better spent developing a more cultivated society, one that spoke with a certain grace and moved with a common elegance, being educated, polite, and upstanding in every possible way?  How lovely and divine does that sound?

Oh Pollyanna, have you met G?

If nothing else, I wanna be a lady.

I just find it remarkable that grown adults are discussing c-words and tweets as if they speak volumes, yet all the while totally missing the point.   Instead of revealing our class, we seem completely amused by our crass, and that, in and of itself, is profoundly heartbreaking. 

We should know better than to give this kind of crap any attention....and yet, here I am, repeating the nonsense, highlighting the low-lights, re-telling the story all over again like all the other broken records, tweeters, bloggers, journalists, reporters, partisans, left and right.   Might as well just shoot us all.

But this, apparently, is our reality these days; and this is just the day it's gonna be, here on G...right, Bee and barring no one?

All in all ....
It's just one day.
It's just one day in the life.
May we learn from the error of our ways...
and may tomorrow be better in more ways than one.

Make it a Good Day, G

Friday, May 25, 2018

It's just a girl's mix of Sidelines and Headlines and Lifelines Thing

Dear America,

"...Therefore, please let this letter serve 
to represent that the Singapore summit, 
for the good of both parties,
 but to the detriment of the world, will not take place. 
You talk about nuclear capabilities,
 but ours are so massive and powerful 
that I pray to God they will never have to be used..."
from the president's letter to Kim Jong Un

take that.  and that.

this is when Trump is at his best...playing offense.

America hasn't had a quarterback like this in decades...

Speaking of offense, how about that NFL?

Players have a choice of standing at the sideline during the playing of our National Anthem or simply staying in the locker room; but the mandate to stand, out of respect for this country for which we all stand, has been made a permanent policy.  yay for team NFL.

If ever given the task of illuminating and highlighting the playbook of life, in general, the tactics of offense would have to be ranked high, maybe even at the top.  For life, in general, amounts to what we make of it -- for it, living life, is an action; it's creative, with every move and thought we make; it responds to our emotions, our mindset, and rests upon the posture we take when approaching everything we do, large and small.  

And likewise, when tackling our days, our tasks, our responsibilities, our challenges -- sitting back and waiting for life to come to us, to do what it will, is not recommended. 

That letter from the president to Kim Jong Un was incredibly simple, wasn't it?

What seems most striking, in my book -- for basically blowing up a diplomatic solution, by way of a summit in June -- was how kind the tone; given the remarkable slap in the face, how sensitive...how gracious....how strategic....how prudent of the Trump Administration, in light of the clear and present danger of the continuing  acts of diplomacy and tactical maneuvering that lay in wait, on the sidelines.

Oh the sidelines can be so full of surprises, can't they?

Riding the wave of yesterday's sentiment...that's what I would say to any college graduate -- especially my own --  if given the chance to offer a few words of advice.   
  • Watch the sidelines; 
  • stay in control of the ball; 
  • be fully aware of the time clock and use your time outs wisely;
  • keep your offense on the field of play for as long as you can, while in the protection of stockpiling a nice cushion of points on the board [which can be anything from a heavily stocked armory of nuclear warheads kept under lock and key, to a rainy day savings account -- in other words, planning for the unexpected]
  • and above all, be in relationship with GOD -- the Source of All Good, of All Creation, the One who wrote the manual for the Book of Life, itself.
What's funny to me is how the word offense, in and of itself, is surprisingly abrasive, brazenly barbarian; to wit, "diplomacy" and "offense" would not seemingly play well together. 
For the truth is, by definition, to be on offense, is an act of aggression; it's an attack, a charge forward that is characteristic of invasions, a certain ruthlessness, and of unspeakable savagery, a move that demonstrates a position of power and might.  And yet, it does...  Throughout history -- especially American history -- peace through strength, citing a blend of diplomacy and offense,  has saved our pretty little derrieres more than once.  Can I get an amen?  And thank you, to The Patriot Post, for the timely reinforcements..s

Oh yes, to willfully and vigorously take this position of offense -- attacking life by the jersey -- alongside with an air of diplomacy and grace,  the greater our chances to succeed in most anything we set our minds to, especially if that very thing aligns with the common good and general welfare for all.

Life is what we make of it.  As offensive as it may sound, life is not for the faint of heart.  Life demands our full attention and tireless spirit.  It requires us to rebound from our losses, to forgive those who have trespassed against us, and to lose not our souls, our sleep, or our faith in humanity as we go along.  It does not celebrate losers; it abhors mediocrity and discourages whining at all costs.

Life asks of us what it asks of each and every one of us and does not play favorites.  With right action comes right results, and it doesn't get any more complicated than that.  [Ask Harvey Handcuffed Weinstein for more on that one, right?]

Tomorrow I get to pick up my baby girl at the airport, for a wee bit of time to catch up, just before she buckles down @her-first-real-job....and so it begins, for her, and for her alone.  Finding myself here, at mid-life, smack dab on the fifty yard line, so to speak -- oh to recognize the places she will go, the life she has yet to live.  All the advice in the world will not be enough...am I right? am I right? teehee

Some things just have to play itself out....on there own time...according to the laws of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, nature, and physics alike. 

Like it or not, life is like a nuclear bomb always in the ready position.

And yet, consider for the moment just how ordinary the president finishes the letter to Kim....

If you change your mind having to do with this most important summit, please do not hesitate to call me or write. The world, and North Korea in particular, has lost a great opportunity for lasting peace and great prosperity and wealth. This missed opportunity is a truly sad moment in history.
Sincerely yours,
Donald J. Trump
President of the United States of America

yeah, yeah, like if you change your mind...call me, text me, drop me a line sometime, see you around the cul de sac little rocket man Kim Jong Un.

[love it.  The only thing I would have changed in the letter is the font color :) ]

But this tactic.
This tactic.

If you change your mind....Kim....If you just stop acting like a snowflake....

But no pressure.

Way to play it, Trump, way to play it. 
And must admit, you are awfully fun to watch... from the sidelines.

Make it a Good Day, G

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

It's about Destinations and Milestones and Things

Dear America,

so good morning.

doesn't this feel a wee bit foreign...

Oh well.

Such is a day in the life of this American girl.

And speaking of girls,
mine just graduated from college.


what happened to the last twenty-one years, seven months, two weeks, and a day?  teehee

oh the milestones we celebrate

For being such an emotional girl, what a surprise it was to find myself totally composed throughout the rather long ----  all-consuming-of-an-afternoon ---- ceremony, if not the entire day.  The waterworks didn't really show up until the day after...when leaving my girl in the arms of her sweet beau, and on her way, somewhere south of the border, for a little rest and relaxation. [Destination on a need to know basis.]

Speaking of which, pretty sure all of her carefree prancing around the globe, under the guise of higher learning and academia, will come to a complete stop by the end of the week.... just saying.  As the reality of joining the ranks of the many esteemed college graduates meets up with the teeny tiny matter of finding a real job sets in, make no mistake:  this girl is well equipped with everything she needs to proceed from here, no matter where her sweet heart, quick wit...cultivated, educated, and attractive little package, may go.   [Destination unknown]

oh the milestones left to go

My heart is full, I can tell you that.  SO grateful for her university of choice and the generosity of its foundation; the gift of receiving so much help from her grandparents; and the very ability of keeping up with the costs (expected and otherwise), the logistics, and the starry eyed dreams of the last four years.  God is good.  God is good.

And speaking of hearts, I gave a few away over the last couple of weeks....
oh these precious little things....
Made in Bethlehem, from olive wood, the brand spanking new Bible Museum in DC featured a beautiful collection of trinkets and souvenirs to choose from, and these just so happened to be my favorite.  [Destination a must see.  A must see]

I gave one to my girl x
Gave one to my nanny family xo
And kept one for me and mine xoxo  

What I love is that each heart is unique; while the ancestry may speak a certain heritage, purebred olive, each individual carving displays its own vibe, as the swirls of knots and varied coloration guarantee being one of a kind.

Kind of like family -- whether speaking of our own, or according to the descendants of the entire human race.

We are connected to the One Source, the Tree of Life, origins being Under God, the Creator of all things seen and unseen.

The swirls of knots and varied coloration guarantee the uniqueness of each and every one of us.

 ode to the milestones we have in common

Traveling always sends me into the outskirts of my mind, contemplating humanity.  It's a wonder how some of us even get along in this world -- which is just the perfect segway into a story of the lady at the United baggage check raising cane and making a scene at the gawd awful time of six am, when nobody, but nobody, should showcase that kind of anger towards anyone in customer service, like ever, let alone display it for all the rest of us to witness, without so much as even a sip of coffee yet...but I digress. there is not a time, nor day, when I wanna continue down that road.  [Destination, insanity]

Traveling IS wonderful, for so many a reason, no matter the season.

But it is that very moment -- when we return home -- that our world takes its shape and finds its proper place, coming full circle with the people, place and things we collected on our travels with the people, place and things we had left behind.

Destination, home.  Heart and hearth carving out our world in ways that make us feel whole again, in an instant.

Surely the next milestone is around the bend, but until then, this is home.  
And it feels good.  

See you around.

Make it a Good Day, G