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Friday, December 11, 2015

It's a Love In Thing

Dear America,

so here's vintage G, a notable quotable worthy of coming around again to start the day...

"Hope that, in future, 
all is well, 
everyone eats free, 
no one must work, 
all just sit around feeling love 
for one another."  
-- George Saunders
I love this quote.

I love this quote...because it couldn't be any more ridiculous, impossible, or unrealistic.

I love this quote...as it is plastered on the side of a brown bag, dished out by Chipotle -- easily the most expensive fast food restaurant in the neighborhood.  Why?  Because good quality is expensive, it's as simple as that; but ironically, it still can't prevent the quality of ingredients to become compromised somewhere in between the farm and table. 

 I love this quote...especially if you put it side by side with the lyrics of President Obama's favorite song of the year:  Kendrick Lamar's How Much a Dollar Cost.

How much a dollar really cost?
The question is detrimental, paralyzin' my thoughts
Parasites in my stomach keep me with a gut feeling, y'all
Gotta see how I'm chillin' once I park this luxury car
Hopping out feeling big as Mutombo
20 on pump six dirty Marcellus called me Dumbo
20 years ago, can't forget
Now I can lend 'em a ear or two how to stack these residuals
Tenfold, the liberal concept of what men'll do
20 on 6, he didn't hear me
Indigenous African only spoke Zulu
My American tongue was slurry
Walked out the gas station
A homeless man with a silly tan complexion
Asked me for ten grand
Stressin' about dry land
Deep water, powder blue skies that crack open
A piece of crack that he wanted, I knew he was smokin'
He begged and pleaded
Asked me to feed him twice, I didn't believe it
Told him, "Beat it"
Contributin' money just for his pipe, I couldn't see it
He said, "My son, temptation is one thing that I've defeated
Listen to me, I want a single bill from you
Nothin' less, nothin' more
I told him I ain't have it and closed my door
Tell me how much a dollar cost
It's more to feed your mind
Water, sun and love, the one you love
All you need, the air you breathe
He's starin' at me in disbelief
My temper is buildin', he's starin' at me, I grab my key
He's starin' at me, I started the car and tried to leave
And somethin' told me to keep it in park until I could see
A reason why he was mad at a stranger like I was supposed to save him
Like I'm the reason he's homeless and askin' me for a favor
He's starin' at me, his eyes followed me with no laser
He's starin' at me, I notice that his stare is contagious
Cause now I'm starin' back at him, feelin' some type of disrespect
If I could throw a bat at him, it'd be aimin' at his neck
I never understood someone beggin' for goods
Askin' for handouts, takin' it if they could
And this particular person just had it down pat
Starin' at me for the longest until he finally asked
Have you ever opened to Exodus 14?
A humble man is all that we ever need
Tell me how much a dollar cost
It's more to feed your mind
Water, sun and love, the one you love
All you need, the air you breathe
Guilt trippin' and feelin' resentment
I never met a transient that demanded attention
They got me frustrated, indecisive and power trippin'
Sour emotions got me lookin' at the universe different
I should distance myself, I should keep it relentless
My selfishness is what got me here, who the fuck I'm kiddin'?
So I'ma tell you like I told the last bum, crumbs and pennies
I need all of mines, and I recognize this type of panhandlin' all the time
I got better judgement, I know when nigga's hustlin'
Keep in mind, when I was strugglin', I did compromise
Now I comprehend, I smell grandpa's old medicine
Reekin' from your skin, moonshine and gin
Nigga your babblin', your words ain't flatterin', I'm imaginin'
Denzel be lookin' at O'Neal
Cause now I'm in sad thrills, your gimmick is mediocre, the jig is up
I seen you from a mile away losin' focus
And I'm insensitive, and I lack empathy
You looked at me and said, "Your potential is bittersweet"
I looked at him and said, "Every nickel is mines to keep"
He looked at me and said, "Know the truth, it'll set you free
You're lookin' at the Messiah, the son of Jehova, the higher power
The choir that spoke the word, the Holy Spirit, the nerve
Of Nazareth, and I'll tell you just how much a dollar cost
The price of having a spot in Heaven, embrace your loss, I am God"
I wash my hands, I said my grace, what more do you want from me?
Tears of a clown, guess I'm not all what is meant to be
Shades of grey will never change if I condone
Turn this page, help me change, so right my wrongs

Isn't that something. [yeah, that's a statement]

It's called how much a dollar costs, meeting up with moral authority, meeting up with the street.  I get it, Mr. President.   And yes, it may have been overkill, but I chose to give you all the words, so that you would have all the 'data' in front of you, and therby allow you to make up your own mind.  Shoot me.

I love this, the refrain:

It's more to feed your mind
Water, sun and love, the one you love
All you need, the air you breathe

And I, too, hope in the future, all is well, everyone eats free, no one must work, all just sit around feeling love for one another...and sounding like we are all on crack.

And now -- straight from Iowa -- here's Hillary!

"We've got to do everything we can to weed out hate and plant love and kindness," 

Isn't it rich; aren't they a pair; me here at last on the ground; you in mid-air...Send in the Clowns.

For the full tilt on the Hill, go to the AP, here.

We are moving on now, redirecting to a member of the House Homeland Security, Rep. Loretta Sanchez  D-CA (who is currently campaigning to take over Sen. Barbara Boxer's seat, as she is retiring finally). Let's just say she isn't confusing love and compassion and naivete with love and reality and eyes wide open.   Sanchez telling Larry King:

...But certainly, we know that there is a small group–and we don’t know how big that is, it can be anywhere between five and 20 percent, from the people that I speak to–that Islam is their religion and who have a desire for a caliphate and to institute that in any way possible, and in particular go after what they consider Western norms, our way of life. They are not content enough to have their way of looking at the world. They want to put their way on everybody in the world. And, again, I don’t know how big that is, and depending on who you talk to, but they’re certainly, they are willing to go to extremes. They are willing to use, and they do use, terrorism. And it is in the name of a very wrong way of looking at Islam.
I don’t fault the president on his verbiage. I want him to understand it–to go after this ISIL, ISIS, Daesh state that people are trying to form. Because it’s going after us.

A small group.

Okay, that's a start. [And thank you, Breitbart -- for the full story, go here.]

Let's take a look at this universe sans the pink fluffy unicorns, shall we, Hillary?

In it's entirety, we are looking at a percentage of nearly 2 billion Muslims around the globe, who, for the most part, are all living in love, peace and harmony, of course.  Isn't that just fabulous!  Can you feel the love?  So what are we really talking about here?

Sanchez has the guts to throw out a number.  And just to be clear, it's the number of Muslims who just might get a tickle all up and down their leg about the possibility of reaching the goal of an Islamic caliphate.  And that number is at, or around, 5 to 20%, she says.

So, Loretta, what you are saying is that anywhere from 5 to 400 million Muslims might feel inclined to kill the infidels, and they agree with the moves of ISIS/ISIL tomayto/tomahto?  That's not a whole lot of love.  That's a whole lot of hate; but more important, maybe we should alert the media.

The United States military 
only registers at, or around, 2 million troops,
 including the reserves...

What's debatable, it would seem, is that pesky thin line between love and hate.

And finally on this day,

let's bring in how love Trumps hate, right Hillary...now nearly giddy and clinging to the new campaign pot shot like the leftist queen on crack that she is...But to ensure we are all on the same page, let's begin with what Trump actually said.

All he said was this  (and it's totally notable and quotable for this blog-able) --

 "Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on," his campaign statement said.
He wasn't asking for the Muslims who are already here, and some even being American, to go back to their home country...

He wasn't calling on the "total and complete shutdown" to last forever -- but only until such time "our country's representatives can figure out what is going on"...

"Until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses, our country cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in Jihad, and have no sense of reason or respect for human life," 
If anywhere from 5 million to 400 million Muslims seek the caliphate and hate infidels so much, they would systematically choose not to live in harmony, but to kill -- then wouldn't Trumps proposal be notable, quotable, reasonable, responsible and more important, doable...just until our country's representatives can figure our what in tarnation is going on... and figure out how to secure our border... and figure out how to protect Americans from every entry into the country?

Look at history....here.

The San Bernardino shooter, Tashfeen Malik, committed fraud on the famed fiance visa program to enter the United States.   

And she is just one out of anywhere from 5 to 400 million.  One down, 399 million to go?  And may I have mine with a side of chips fried in pork fat, but I digress.

And all this happening while one of our current potential presidents of these United States is insisting on meeting up with this Muslim conundrum with simply more love?

Are you kidding me?

Love may not cost a thing, but freedom isn't free; while our Constitution was designed almost entirely to protect the people from it's leaders.   And this is amusing -- as history proves time and time again, that every UNconstitutional action was often justified by a "good cause."  

Thomas Jefferson:

It would be a dangerous delusion were a confidence in the men of our choice to silence our fears for the safety of our rights; that confidence is everywhere the parent of despotism; free government is founded in jealousy, and not in confidence; it is jealousy, and not confidence, which prescribes limited constitutions to bind down those whom we are obliged to trust with power; that our Constitution has accordingly fixed the limits to which, and no farther, our confidence may go...In questions of power, then, let no more be said of confidence in man, BUT BIND HIM DOWN FROM MISCHIEF BY THE CHAINS OF THE CONSTITUTION.  [The 5000 Year Leap, p.164]
And besides, since 1952, the Immigration and Nationality Act included this little number:

“Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate,” the 1952 law states.
Boom.  Tanks, Daily Caller.  It is a thin line between love and hate...but the great divide comes about when dealing with what to do about it.  But reality tells us -- somewhere between the farm and table we have issues within our immigration/refugee/visa system and it's exhibiting a total utter breakdown in common sense, and it's hitting us squarely in the gut.

But having said all this and that  -- 

ONE might think that the peaceful, fun-loving, compassionate, moderate Muslims living in America would all wholeheartedly agree with Trump's  kind of selective reasoning on immigration.  

Some do.  And then punished promptly.

Well, as much as I love this day and hate to have to bring it to a close...albeit abruptly, it is finished.

happy friday...

don't hate and be good...

just sit around feeling love for one another...

that's really all you need,

Make it a Good Day, G

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

It's Like, are we even swimming in the same ocean Thing

Dear America,

I may be wrong.
But I doubt it.
(just views from a t-shirt)

so this morning 
my wish...is to just begin writing.


my hope... is to just bring the last few days together in one, cohesive.... considerate... sensitive... little miss pink fancy-pants manner.


There are no rules here.  
I can do, and I can say, whatever I want, any way I want.

I'm not the president of the United States and I'm not running for president of the United States.

Backdrops and photo props and white coats, oh my.  Remember when the president was just beginning to sell us on his health care plan (c. 2009)?   Obama specializes in engineering  a feeling -- and upon this Rose Garden Occasion, it was the feeling of complete confidence that the medical profession is fully supportive of the Health Care Law to come...

Every detail and every action in every address is set up to say something visually, carefully placing into the subconscious a long lasting message into memory; and embedded to give us a sense of saying something, and even witnessing it with our own eyes --  without actually saying a thing.

For most Americans, an address from the Oval Office is reminiscent of some pretty important moments;  while just the grandeur of it, juxtaposed with the vintage desk top that is mindfully cleared from anything that might possibly pose a distraction, carries the capacity to almost take our breath away long before hearing the words, "good evening."  All together, it's magnificence in motion and masterminded to meet the moment in history.

And what say you, Washington Post -- surely, begrudgingly, bringing to bear a wee bit of confusion perhaps between the eyes and ears?  As if  when the president symbolically STANDS UP to ISIS with pomp and podium HE appears all the more Leader-ish...stronger, leaner, meaner as Commander-in-Chiefer for the American people and anyone else around the world watching.

I missed that old desk and the customary feeling of confidence and American pride back behind it.

I think the final point at the Post sums it up best:

It's the desk that really signals to the viewing public that this is where the president works; this is where he makes key decisions. The desk is the most important prop on the Oval Office set, and Obama didn't use it.
In many situations, there are benefits to standing. But in the Oval Office, Obama was trying to have it both ways.
Trying to have it both ways DEFINES HIM and his presidency; while this masterful use of props and propaganda, words without action, the divisive words with community action, writing policy without mandate, while lavishly lying to the American people, large and small,  on pretty much everything, continually tearing us apart here at home and unconscionably driven to fully diminish, if not totally dismantle, America's STANDING all around the globe.

Trying to have it both ways DEFINES HIM and his presidency:

  • DEFINING his foreign policy fighting a war without force OR the intent to win OR even the ability to call and know the enemy by name
  • DEFINING his "freedom to bear arms" gun control 
  • DEFINING his "free market" Obamacare, changing policy in our healthcare system fundamentally, and transforming one-sixth of the nation's economy
  • DEFINING his "free spirited" Executive Action for more open border(s) [whether they come by illegal crossing or by refugee] and thereby undermining the national security of all Americans on American soil [which is a crime in and of itself]
This business of having it both ways DEFINES his EVERY WORD in EVERY ADDRESS --  whether it comes from the podium or the Oval Office or BOTH...

Oh sure,
he wades knee deep 
in the waters of America's foundation, 
stumbling over liberty, 
throwing around some self-reliance 
and free enterprise 
and hard work, 
making a few ripples of 
standing on principles, 
and who we are 
-- but then --
and yet totally out of the blue  

he begins to make his descent into the chilly waters of social justice, community reforms, the stubborn reality of a history not entirely pure or even close to being beautiful.  Almost without taking a breath, he makes his way into the deep, dark, crevasse that is every liberal's star spangled star buck belief:  America is not entitled to any of it -- and besides, would not the whole of America be better off under the government control of shared resources, shared property, shared wealth, under the weight of shared crony capitalism and the burden of shared climate change wealth redistribution--  isn't THAT really the next big thing?    [recalculating....you mean, something more like socialism? something that is the antithesis of the free market republic America is intended??   no, no, just something more of a socially re-engineered America, fundamentally speaking...]

It's like are we even swimming in the same ocean?

This presidency has been gifted a generous amount of leeway when addressing, when policing, when demagoguery-ing, when leading by executive ordering, when war-ing, when responding to opposition-ing, when leading without really wanting to take the lead at all.

This presidency has been crafted in the art of having it both ways -- and when it comes to leadership, that is nothing to write home about, let alone respond with standing ovation.  

Make it a Good Day, G

On another note:  did you hear what Syed Farook's dad said, mind you --  aloud -- and for all the world to hear?

“I told him he had to stay calm and be patient because in two years Israel will not exist any more. Geopolitics is changing: Russia, China and America don’t want Jews there any more. They are going to bring the Jews back to Ukraine. What is the point of fighting? We have already done it and we lost. Israel is not to be fought with weapons, but with politics. But he did not listen to me, he was obsessed,” Farook explained to US correspondent Paolo Mastrolilli.
For more -- go here.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

It's Obviously My Blog on the Day After a Terrorist Attack Thing

Dear America,

here is the whole transcript, via the White House:

"It's still an active situation. FBI is on the ground offering assistance to local officials as they need it. It does appear that there are going to be some casualties. And, obviously our hearts go out to the victims and the families. The one thing we do know is that we have a pattern now of mass shootings in this country that has no parallel anywhere else in the world. And there are some steps we could take not to eliminate every one of these mass shootings, but to improve the odds that they don't happen as frequently: common-sense gun safety laws, stronger background checks.
And for those who are concerned about terrorism, some may be aware of the fact that we have a no-fly list where people can't get on planes, but those same people who we don't allow to fly could go into a store right now in the United States and buy a firearm and there's nothing that we can do to stop them. That's a law that needs to be changed.[oh okay, nice use of a crisis, Mr. President]
And so my hope is that we're able to contain this particular shooting, and we don't yet know what the motives of the shooters are [and yet you immediately sent in the FBI], but what we do know is that there are steps we can take to make Americans safer, and that we should come together in a bipartisan basis at every level of government to make these rare as opposed to normal. We should never think that this is something that just happens in the ordinary course of events, because it doesn't happen with the same frequency in other countries." [the red is for emphasis -- and the brackets are all mine]
"no parallel"...perhaps.
Of course, we did just witness Paris.
[Mr. Motives Unknown]
Then again, now that we are thinking about it, something we don't usually see here in America, is the continuous activity of suicide bombers -- you know, like the guys and dolls using buses, cars, trains, or simply strapping a bomb around one's waist, etc. and careening into crowds, malls, restaurants, churches, schools...and blowing everybody up!  One of those happens nearly every day.

But let's be honest -- obviously your real hope is to contain the law abiding Americans who cling to their guns more than anything else.

But while we're on the subject of "containment" -- a characteristic that you, as president, used in defining ISIS just the day before the Paris Islamic Terrorist attack -- just how do you "contain"  individuals with evil intentions...those who thrive underground, choosing to interact carefully and methodically among us, blending in with the community (as Farook and his wife) just before blowing us up?  How do you contain anything when you openly, and intentionally, keep wide open our borders, and insist on allowing refugees from areas of the world where Islamic Extremists are homegrown and prevalent, and for all intents and purposes, give up the fight abroad?

like you said,
 "And, obviously our hearts go out to the victims and the families." 

Wow.  Way to sound sincere.  You might as well have added a yada yada yada on the end.

So just so you all know, Farook went to Saudi Arabia to become radicalized and met his bride in crime.

Jump ahead to yesterday:  Farook left a Christmas, excuse me, Holiday Party -- just before the group picture was taken (apparently a wee bit pissed at just the thought of that kodak moment to have and to hold for all of eternity and be shared on social media everywhere and often)  -- only to return with his wife, masked, in black, and totally, heavily, intentionally armed and dangerous with every intention to kill his co-workers.

Obviously, it was planned; and obviously, right from the start, the shooters were radicalized, ISLAMIC, extremists with Sunni terrorist ties and loyalties.

See Breitbart, here.

Where's the president now?  [cue the crickets]

Well, that isn't exactly true, now is it.  But aren't the crickets fun... 

Obviously, he did show up again this morning to claim, "that it is possible..to be terrorist related...but we don't know...it is also possible this was workplace violence..."

Where is the president making his terse remarks against the active, daily, facebook rhetoric and calls to action of all Sunni Muslims?  I mean, if we want to detect a pattern and all... Surely the Right, conservatives, can expect the onslaught of vitriol from the Left, and in particular the president, making sweeping connections against ALL conservatives and the rise of gun violence, whether it begins with a Planned Parenthood video, and the like, or not.  [Oh, lookie there,  another pattern -- blaming videos....]

"We don't know why they did it," saving his make-believe Sunni brother's hide from total shame.

Having awoke in the middle of the night [all ah meet menopause...now talk about great he he] this girl seemed to be on a mission to attract the attention of the FBI, Homeland Security, and any other entity that makes a habit of following our google searches and what not.

I was searching everything SUNNI.

And all of a sudden, things became way too clear.

Let me begin with retired General Wesley Clark, following an interview on CNN and a post featured on what's called "The AntiMedia":

“Let’s be very clear: ISIS is not just a terrorist organization; it is a Sunni terrorist organization. That means it blocks and targets Shi’a. And that means it’s serving the interests of Turkey and Saudi Arabia — even as it poses a threat to them.”  — Retired Gen. Wesley Clark

This comment alone might give us everything we need to know about how Obama's foreign policy has thrown the Middle East into a tailspin (Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood, Iraq's vulnerability after the U.S. truly reached real containment, Libya, Syria...Iran);  it all rests upon the tribal loyalties and who is who.  The conflicts between people, between the Sunni and Shiite Muslims, runs wide and deep and for the ages.

So hey, you know who else is Sunni?

Valerie Jarrett.  The President's confidant and closest friend and more like family than top adviser.

Cue Judicial Watch --Judicial Watch called Valerie Jarrett, “a liberal extremist who wields tremendous power in the White House. Faithful to her roots, she still has connections to many Communist and extremist groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood. Jarrett and her family also had strong ties to Frank Marshal Davis, a big Obama mentor and Community Party member with an extensive FBI file.”

And even if you don't accept President Obama's Muslim roots from childhood, you must know, if you are inclined to eventually accept this information as reality (because it simply IS) then you must take a moment to read THIS.   [Actually, if you click on this link, bounce around her website for awhile and read her bio just for kicks, and then, if you are further motivated, maybe even buy her book.]

So, needless to say, it's complicated.

These days and these times, get more and more convoluted and mixed up as the days go by  -- while what was up is down, what used to be in is out, and at the end of the day, the only thing guaranteed is that NONE of it will make any sense upon first glance.  

[And all adding up to one more reason to go back to our foundation of growing a country of good character, easily gained returning to our Judeo-Christian roots...but that's for another day]
But let's talk about upon first glance...
Perhaps not.  Perhaps not at first glance. 

But to have the courage to delve deeper...no matter what atrocities that come to the surface...everything eventually and completely comes together and begins to make perfect sense.  

Much like the first time we heard the name Syed Farook.  
They (the authority) knew what happened then, just as they know what happened still.  Morning light doesn't change a thing.  Syed Farook, the Sunni Muslim, might as well be Syed Farook the Sunni ISIS terrorist.  A lone wolf connected to the mission of the whole.

What got in the way -- creating the situation from a city protected to a city attacked, totally out of the blue?  Maybe, in part, to Americans being afraid of speaking up and alerting the authorities. 

Confusion on what to do runs worldwide.
Cue the Wall Street Journal's dynamic video on explaining some of it.  

Of course, as little g has made widely known over and over and over again -- g is just a girl (and an ALL AMERICAN one at that!)  and what do I know, right.  Oh! Which reminds me:

The Past, 
The Present, 
And the Future 
Walked into  a Bar.  

California -- proud location and intrepid producer of the wild, wild, west -- has some of the toughest gun laws around, as irony is written into the pages of a post-Constitution America...

California revels in our "gun free zones," our sanctuary cities, our open southern border, and our come one, come all open arms, even Syrians (and thank you, foreign visas, for everything).  And if you are transgender, we will pay for your transition surgeries and medications and even let you pick the bathroom you are most comfortable using -- even if that makes a ten year old girl freaked out for the rest of her life, or just the fifth grade.  California leads the way in carbon/climate change policy and it's accompanying propaganda, and would rather save an itty bitty fish than water our fields of gold, and believes all immigrants (even the illegal ones...even if it's now frowned upon to call them illegal) have a right to vote, receive government taxpayer funded assistance, get free medical care, and pretty much anything else their little liberal hearts desire (every illegal = one vote policy, and on good days, two).

Tune in next week when little old gthing reports from the bottom of the abyss...

In the meantime, the Times of India gives us a quick study on some questions that just might make a difference between life and death, HERE.   (Just blame it on the video -- the one running non-stop in my head and had me bouncing all over the world wide web half the night...oh what fun it is to ride...)

But now, thanks to Google - this G needs to get out of her jammies and prepare for the knock on my door.

May God bless the families of San Bernardino experiencing such great loss AND the law enforcement who tirelessly worked through day and night, risking life and limb, in protecting the communities of San Bernardino and Redlands.   May the peace that passes all understanding come your way, and give you strength.

And to everyone --

Make it a Good Day, G

Monday, November 23, 2015

It's About the Best Way to Predict the Future...Thing

Dear America,

“They can’t beat us on the battlefield, 
so they try to terrorize us
 into being afraid,” 
Mr. Obama said. 
“As president, I will not let that happen.”
[from NY Times, 11/22/15]

Who even listens to this guy anymore?

My immediate question is wondering why, if "they can't beat us on the battlefield" [ISIS]  -- then why aren't we ON the battlefield, beating them into submission, if not totally extinguishing every single one of them muthafuckas?  [Excuse my french...but I do believe the French would agree with me totally on this one.]

So, while you attempted to sound like a commander in chief, and get all macho-man and all -- your point, I guess, was reminding all Americans that you are not going to let them scare us.  Yeah, like all, 'not on my watch' kinda way.

And yet --
just today, you have issued a TRAVEL WARNING to ALL AMERICANS ABROAD to be afraid:

"U.S. citizens should exercise vigilance when in public places or using transportation," the alert said. "Be aware of immediate surroundings and avoid large crowds or crowded places. Exercise particular caution during the holiday season and at holiday festivals or events."
Hmmmmm but now that contradicts the message to all Americans here at home.  

At least according to Jeh Johnson, who counters the international warnings with this statement for the states:

"With this holiday season coming up we want the public to continue to go to public events, celebrate the holiday season, travel, be with their families and the like..."
Fly, be free...Love one another and be happy...

Hmmmmm wonder what the intelligence reports really say?

But let's go back to September -- at The Daily Beast --


Let's bring the New York Times back in for another good quote from the president -- The Times being the proverbial shelter, providing political cover of a presidency that revels under the cover of darkness 24/7:

“One of the things I insisted on the day I walked into the Oval Office was that I don’t want intelligence shaded by politics. I don’t want it shaded by a desire to tell a feel-good story,”

Hilarious, isn't it. (no. not really.)

Obama went on to add, he wasn't aware of the "details" on this -- sounding eerily familiar to the way he says, "oh I learned about this the same time you did" or “I heard on the news about this story, that, uh, Fast and Furious.” or “I can assure you that I certainly did not know anything about the IG report before the IG report had been leaked through the press.” or  [IRS Scandal] “from the same news reports that I think most people learned about this. I think it was on Friday.” or  [wiretapping] “found out about the news reports, uh, yesterday on the road.”  For more on all of that, go HERE.

The thing is, he goes fast and furious, like gone in 60 seconds, from acting in the cover of darkness to acting like he is totally in the dark about all of it.    He IS an amazing piece of work at work.

Re: Dumbing Down of Intelligence --
 “The cancer was within 
the senior level 
of the intelligence command,” 
one defense official said. 
[The report comes complete 
with two senior analysts signing off, 
and "seconded" by an additional 50 other analysts.]

It's strange, really.
Centcom intelligence is being messed with to fit the narrative of this administration...and the president cries 'duh, I dunno"...actually, it went something more like this: “I don’t know what we’ll discover with respect to what was going on in Centcom,” Mr. Obama said. “What I do know is my expectation — which is the highest fidelity to facts, data, the truth.”

Right.   Like Benghazi, for example.

Well, perhaps, just maybe, go look for that letter documenting the written, formal, complaint -- and highlighted here on the old G Thing, above, provided courtesy of The Daily Beast. That would be a good start, considering you get your news like the rest of us.  

Then perhaps, look in the Oval Office; it should be sitting on your desk by now.   

But then again, speaking of smudging lines of truth and dares, just a few hours ago, you kinda sorta warned the media to censor their coverage of ISIS...so as to not inflame a violent response from a few [Islamic] bad seeds.  Let's see, what did you say:
The media needs to help in this, I just want to say. You know, during the course of this week — a very difficult week — it is understandable that this has been a primary focus. But one of the things that has to happen is how we report on this has to maintain perspective and not empower in any way these terrorist organizations or elevate them in ways that make it easier for them to recruit or make them stronger.
Oh okay.
And just who is "elevating" these actions?  Is it elevating simply by reporting on it somehow?

Really?  "The media needs to help in this..."    This propaganda tango is sounding more Venezuelan than American, just sayin.'   Just what perspective are you searching for, Mr. President; what narrative do you want the media to use?   

Seriously?  You have stooped to a new low.  For some erroneous reason as to refrain from feeding into the ISIS frenzy for recruitment purposes, you call on the media for an assist?   What, like, tone it down?  Ignore it?   It's all starting to sound vaguely familiar.  Where have I heard about the deliberate dumbing down of the truth (you know...besides Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS Scandal....and so on).....

So the truth is --  it wouldn't be a stretch to think that, as President, you may have mentioned to somebody, to talk to somebody, to dumb down the Centcom Intelligence to fit the narrative of your administration.  I mean, your legacy is at stake, right; your Nobel Peace Prize is staring at you in the face, and you've got to be somebody -- a president who wholeheartedly and genuinely deserves the prize, the legacy, a library in Indonesia, a round of golf everyday, and whatever else you want.

Rest assured -- the truth will come to the surface soon enough, as another post at The NY Times highlights a story about the Pentagon...expanding it's inquiry....here.   I feel good about that; you feel good about that?  Yeah, yeah, nothing and no one stands in the way of getting to the bottom of it, I'm totally confident in the process.

Oh my word -- all of a sudden I have a BMW commercial ringing in my ear.  Have you heard this line, blurted out somewhere in the middle of it?

"Best way to predict the future is to create it."
Just you wait.

Just you wait.

Once this president is out of office, everything KNOWN and UNKNOWN will come to light.  And in no uncertain terms, America will discover all the intelligence it needs to know, and, with great shock, realize that treason was committed on her friendly shores -- our shores -- over and over and over again.  

We've been attacked from within.  It's done.

The president's allegiance is not what it appears to be; it never was.  The dumbing down of the truth began some time during his first campaign -- with a fawning mainstream media already wide eyed and bushy-tailed to follow the charismatic leader of a whole new world with no (real) questions asked. 

what a long day it's been.

Make it a Good Day, G

Friday, November 20, 2015

It's About the Complete Idiocy of Credible Vulnerabilities in the USA Thing

Dear America,

"We are not aware 
of any credible threat 
here of a Paris-type attack 
and we have seen no connection 
at all 
between the Paris attackers 
and the United States," 
(via Newsweek)

are you kidding me?

yeah, and Paris was not aware of any "credible threat" either...and look where that got them.

And forgive me, but about this whole "credible threat" thing -- are you expecting a threat to be outlined in advance somehow, as if we could all mark a calendar, Friday Night Lights with a twist coming to a neighborhood near you.......Do we really need to know more about these guys to know that the threat is real, while the entire western world is the target anytime, anywhere?

Well, Mr. Comey -- being uncomfortably close proximity to this nation's southern border, how would you characterize the following news alerts (just from last few days, mind you):

  • Honduras Arrests 5 Syrians heading north for the U.S. border...with stolen Greek passports
  • Arizona arrested a couple of smugglers bringing in six men (origins from Pakistan and Afghanistan)
  • Port of entry at Laredo, Texas found two Syrian families just trying to cross into the country...
  • Oh, and btw -- the ringleader of the Paris Attack came in by refugee...(isn't that reason enough?)

Only last month, responding specifically to the Syrian Refugee plan in the United States, Jeh Johnson, Department of Homeland Security, admitted "there is no risk free process..."  

Regarding vetting, he added, “We may have someone who is not on our radar and someone may choose to do something bad after they get here,” Johnson said. “We can only query against what we have collected, so if someone hasn’t made a ripple in the pond, we can check our databases until the cows come home but we have no record on that person.”

Maybe it's just me, but wouldn't that make it a wee bit difficult to detect the possibility for a specific threat, whether credible, incredible, to the simply doable?  Look at Al Queda's success.

How do you vet someone without a documented past, papers, or so much as PROOF of being of peaceful person? 

Is it really all that crazy, Mr. President, to demand a pause?  This is about America's well being, and as a sovereign nation, it's okay to think of our own security first.  And more than that -- you know, that I know, that you know, the Syrian refugees are not all a bunch of "widows and three year olds!

But of course (say that with a French accent), what else can we expect from a president who is not even interested in winning...

“What I’m not interested in doing is posing or pursuing some notion of American leadership or America winning or whatever other slogans they come up with that has no relationship to what is actually going to work to protect the American people and to protect the people in the region who are getting killed and to protect our allies and people like France,” Obama said. “I’m too busy for that.” (for more, go to American Thinker, here)


What an arrogant disaster of an American president.  At least he was honest, for a change.

But then, maybe this winning against ISIS really is a myth -- as described in a rather thorough hit piece on the reality of the State of all things said and done in the fight, to date -- HERE at The Telegraph UK.  It's bottom line:
A properly mounted, properly manned, and properly equipped western army probably could dispatch Isil's caliphate reasonably quickly, if it were prepared to inflict and sustain the casualties normal in traditional warfare.
And yet, approaching an enemy --  war, itself -- with such firm resolve would be like attempting to call this World War III right from the start...and how silly would that be?

Let's ask King Abdullah of Jordan....HERE.
And better still, let's see Abdullah in UNIFORM, here (tee hee...a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do...)  And ya think he knows a thing or two about the characterization of war and all of it's characters?

You see, this is what we get for having some weak/fly-by-night/quarter term Senator/Community Organizer sitting in the Oval Office -- and all the while, sitting there telling us climate change poses the greatest threat to humanity.   What a joke.  [BUT not a joke IS that article there on the link @Climate Change, at Breitbart.com.  It's really good and worth every minute of your time.  Snaps to James Delingpole.    As far as that link on "weak" ... not sure what to say.  Blame it on the change...and it's got nothing to do with the weather, but I digress.]

Back to kings and queens ....Hmmm ......King Abdullah or President Obama -- mirror mirror on the wall, who's the lamest of them all?

Here's a good section--  under EGO --in Saul D. Alinsky's,  Rules for Radicals:

Your leader is always flexible, he has pride in the dignity of his cause, he is unflinching, sincere, an ingenious tactician fighting the good fight.  To the opposition he is unprincipled and will go whichever way the wind blows, his arrogance is masked by a fake humility, he is dogmatically stubborn, a hypocrite, unscrupulous and unethical, and he will do anything to win; he is leading the forces of evil.  To one side he is a demigod, to the other a demagogue... 
If he or she does not have that complete self-confidence (or call it ego) that he can win, then the battle is lost before it is even begun.

wow ...having watched this president "act" for the last seven years, the difference between real confidence in real leadership is blinding.

And I hear you -- little g knows she is jumping around all over the place this morning; consider the aspects of evil forces surrounding and enveloping the world, it's a wonder any of us get out of bed, let alone aim to bring it all together in a day's blog.
[So a Mali Hotel was attacked today...A Radisson, by the way.]

Let's get back to what our president said:

“Apparently they’re scared of widows and orphans coming into the United States of America as part of our tradition of compassion,” Obama said. “At first they were worried about the press being too tough on ‘em during debates. Now they’re worried about three-year-old orphans. That doesn’t sound very tough to me. They’ve been playing on fear in order to try to score political points or to advance their campaigns. And it’s irresponsible. And it’s contrary to who we are. And it needs to stop, because the world is watching.” (for more, go to WND.com)

This president -- with ego at full tilt -- is far more disturbed by the Republicans, than any Radical Islamic Attack; while his allegiance has nothing to do with the welfare of these fine United States.  That's just the truth.

Now logically, it's not about the "widows and children" -- even if some of those children are indoctrinated by the age of three to not only hate the infidels, but taught how to kill them.   It's so much more than that...

It's called ENOUGH.

  • We are being INVADED through our southern border, with virtually, physically, emotionally,  no push back by the powers that be;  and then, after these people get here, they immediately plant themselves permanently on the welfare rolls, free healthcare, foodstamps, etc.
  • We have tourist visas, student visas,  and work visas running amuck -- with absolutely no real checks and balances between those who are truly here to do good things vs. those who are here to do harm.  GO to FAIR for more information on VISA OVERSTAYERS.
  • We already have refugees here from the Middle East -- including Syria -- with the recent so-called breakdown from Syria like so, click here.    As if we could trust the bureaucrats....

It's called a situation where the border and our sovereign security is so porous, is so open -- a credible threat pretty much lives in every city of the great US of A right now.  And more than likely, it's more like more than one.

And the problem is - -ISIS and Al Queda and "lone wolfs" know that they currently have the self-confidence factor tilting in their favor.

It's building.

The attacks are becoming more often, and more elaborate, and more sophisticated...because their EGO is huge, their self-confidence is booming.  They are finding success and the crazies are flocking to the feet of ISIS and Al Queda and begging to play a part.   For these Radical Islamic Extremists -- screaming Allahu Akbar, to God be the Glory in Arabic -- in the name of ISLAM because that IS the religion which follows ALLAH,  duh -- do NOT see a credible threat.   They are not afraid; they are fighting like hell.

The Republicans -- or rather, Conservatives -- are not screaming 'fear'  in a theater, Mr. President!   The Conservatives know the enemy, and can even say it's name aloud; and it's the conservatives who want to take this threat down wherever it lives and make no mistake --  WIN.

And I put all that in Big BOLD letters for emphasis AND my mood!

It's called ENOUGH!

You're right, the whole world is watching.  What an understatement.
The whole world sees our open borders -- and laughs --  Mr. President.   Oh sure, this sense of being overrun by the enemy is exactly the condition hoped for to create the fundamental transformation that you are seeking for America, isn't it, Mr. President.  Little by little.  Nudge by nudge.  Any means necessary and whatever gets it done.  There is that.

You broke my heart, Fredo.

As provocative as this may sound, and having documented this truth since 2009, the reality is,  America elected an enemy of the state.

Enough is enough.

Let's get a handle on the situation -- this complete idiocy of credible vulnerabilities within our general population.  Yes, Mr. President -- let's see --  let's take a good hard look at who we are...shared values and all --  with no rock un-turned, shall we?   I'm  not only all in -- I'm pissed.

Make it a Good Day, G

And here's a point of fact from the attack in Mali -- the al-Qaeda terrorist force quizzed the hostages about their knowledge of the Koran and proceeded to let the MUSLIMS free. Tell me, Mr. President, that Islamists are not at war with the West...they are so proud of their Islamic heritage, they use it as a gauge against life and death.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

It's Outrageous. He's Outrageous. It's an Outrageous Thing

Dear America,

Dare I begin, by saying, what an outrageous attempt to respond to the attack in Paris, Mr. President.

Newsflash: They completed the mission.  The attempt was not only made, it was done.... They terrorized

And who are they?  ISIS: Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) or ISIL: Islamic State of the Levant...ISIS, ISIL same verse same as the first.  

Of course, The Left -- informally recognized as the Ignorant State of Leftists, or ISOL -- never really want to characterize the reality in real terms, do they now.

Indeed, Lefty's -- how outrageous... for the United States "to be painting with too broad a brush." It just might hurt somebody's feelings or something.  [You kids have no idea how free and easy you have it...but that's a blog for another day.]

Back to what we call things...

The Jihadists can put a name on it.   
They know who they are at WAR with...Christianity.  The Western World... Infidels...anyone and everyone who does NOT follow Mohammed, Islam, the Qur'an and Sharia Law.

Taking a broad stroke across the nation, it might even be safe to say The Left, ISOL, is equally extreme in it's attacks against America's Judeo-Christian heritage, our Christian values, our Christianity in both practice and free exercise.  Take for example, the attacks against Christian bakers, pizza makers...Obamacare forcing religious beliefs against contraception mandates, the federal funding of Planned Parenthood and abortion against the religious conscience of a majority of Americans, and of course, in light of the annual debate in the coming of  'Jesus is the Reason for the Season'  -- left-winged atheists have attempted and conquered by organizing a perpetual coup d'etat against the sight of all religion in the public square with firm resolve (but we're winning, for now, in a local story, here).

Friday morning, ironically airing an interview on Good Morning America with George Stephanopoulos, our president said this...

“I don’t think they’re gaining strength,” Obama responded. “What is true is that from the start, our goal has been first to contain and we have contained them. They have not gained ground in Iraq, and in Syria they’ll come in, they’ll leave, but you don’t see this systemic march by ISIL across the terrain.” 
“What we have not yet been able to do is to completely decapitate their command and control structures,” he admitted. “We’ve made some progress in trying to reduce the flow of foreign fighters and part our goal has to be to recruit more effective Sunni partners in Iraq to really go on offense rather than simply engage in defense.”  [get full report on Breitbart.com, here.]
And if this outrageous assessment of containment stands, then GOD help us all.

Sunday mornings always find me, G, watching church.  Today was no different.  Only that, in the shadow of the Paris attacks from Friday night, my soul was searching madly, deeply, frantically for solace and a sense of calm.

It was during the Heart of the Nation Catholic Mass that a realization stunned me into perfect submission to the thought of... by God, there is a God.
It was during this brief half hour, and the mere three minutes or less of a sermon, that the priest reminded us of this (and paraphrasing):  

This fear, this fear that we feel deep down inside us, gives us a chance to look at our relationship with God.  Asking the simple question, are we in good relationship with God?    For if we are in relationship, and it is good, then fear is nothing more than a chance to trust in God, to trust in that relationship, and KNOW in our heart, that God is always near, no matter what happens.
Perhaps in the broad picture of things, we can't control what happens in the world.  

We can't control the bad guys.  Or can we?  We've done it before.

We can't stop evil.  Or can we?  We've done it before.

The thing is --  we can most definitely control how we respond to things...even radical, Islamic, extreme things.

We can respond like a complete imbecile, as in President Obama's "attempt" to console France and the nation.  Or we can respond with a more merciless vengeance is mine approach.

And to that end, as Americans, we can respond to the reality of ISIL and ISOL meeting up with such dangerous political correctness, that it places America directly in harm's way and into a situation that demands attention to every detail, from top down, today.

This is where Michael Goodwin from the New York Post comes in handy.  See his November 14th column, here.  It's time for President Obama to make a choice and lead us or resign.    Thank you, Mr. Goodwin,  little g couldn't have said it better herself.

If I were president right now, today,  I would --

  • Close the border.  And immediately put the military on the border.
  • Go door to door, seeking out illegals of all nations, documenting origins, and immediately deport illegals from the Middle East...every single one of them.
  • Blow up ISIL camps in the United States right now
  • Bring in the FBI on CAIR with the full intent to close it down
  • Domestically infiltrate neighborhoods with a Muslim majority (Dearborn, Chattanooga...) -- and put a stop of any organization (with membership of one to a million) that undermines the welfare and security of America and Americans.
  • Go to Congress and demand a vote demonstrating full support of military operations to annihilate "radical extremists" wherever they exist in the world, as well as broaden the defense budget... in other words, return it to a military of might, not slight.
  • Cease and desist the language of political correctness across the board, in both the broad and minute strokes and terms.
  • And, if time allows, immediately tear up the Iran Nuclear Deal. (That is designed just to make you laugh,even though it's really not funny at all.)
All in all, there is no time like the present.

We have work to do. 

America is not done.

And we have nothing to fear, but fear itself.

It IS time for the President to lead or RESIGN; begging the question, just who is containing who, Mr. President?

But Hope does NOT float with this thought of resignation for very long; for in reality, it would be truly naive to think he sees anything wrong with his response, his leadership, his illogical, ill-conceived, reckless response to the Radical Islamic Extremists of the world, whether they be on foreign soil or domestic.  From home and abroad, HE has set up America, if not the entire free world, for a free fall...as in no problem, let's just open the flood gates, come one, come all,..It's all outrageous, really.

God bless us one and all --- especially to the people of France as they struggle to find peace in the presence of pure evil.

Make it a Good Day, G

Thursday, November 12, 2015

It's No Time Like the Present Thing

Dear America,

"Those who expect to reap 
the blessings of freedom must, 
like men, 
undergo the fatigue 
of supporting it."  

Thomas Paine

I love that part, "like men."

And to think, it's so sexist, isn't it!...Oh the shame.  Oh the crime. Oh Thomas Paine -- I love you, man.

And Oh how I dream of a time gone by when men were men and women were women and nobody was confused about anything.  I know -- thump on the head to me.   Whatever.
Yesterday -- Veteran's Day -- I spent the better part of a morning surrounded by MEN, veterans, real men, with their service to America dating back twenty...fifty, sixty, seventy years...and many of them were seated with their wives of twenty...forty, fifty, sixty years right next to them.  It was a beautiful thing, let me tell you.

About a dozen boys of the Camp Pendleton Young Marines stood at attention throughout the entire forty-five minute program -- which took great skill, considering less than six feet in front of them, the "half-time show" featured a dance troupe from the local school, Santa Fe Christian, tapping out a fine boogie woogie number (of course, accompanied by the school band)  -- to a classic, "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B."   

The girls were good!   And almost better than The Andrews Sisters...

Giving high marks on costume -- dressed in red satin and gloves -- the modern day ensemble takes home a decent honorable mention.  But the trophy, that goes to the sisters simply on points for originality and, for something that I like to call --  setting the bar; and certainly not to discount the many years of service in the business of keeping the morale up for our boys.   Hoo rah.

The thing is, we know what "better" is. It's a cut above.  

Take  Jeb Bush, at Tuesday night's debate -- he failed to make something of his campaign.  He failed to stand out and hit a higher bar.  He may have done better than expected, in the eyes of some, but better isn't always enough, is it.   (Not a question.)

Now Ted Cruz did better than Jeb;  he left his mark in the hearts and minds of those listening.

Marco Rubio did better than Jeb, and quite possibly even better than Cruz; he left his mark in the hearts and minds of those listening.

But like most things in life -- it's subjective.

I'm sure for some people, what Thomas Paine said, might be offensive.  Take it out of context, take it out of the 1700's and thrust it into the year 2015 and we have immediate controversy.  But let's not quibble, shall we. 

"Those who expect to reap 
the blessings of freedom must, 
like men, 
undergo the fatigue 
of supporting it."  

I was shocked to read news out of Colorado Springs this morning -- it centers around a lawsuit from a group of women IN the police force who objected to the physical ability test each year.  And now -- long story short (and fat) -- when it comes to the men and women in uniform in the Spring's area and racing to the rescue of citizens in need, nobody will be required to stay "physically fit." [At least, until such time it's been argued back and forth through the legal channels.]


Why wouldn't a woman -- especially a woman currently in police uniform --  insist on staying fit, on their own, for their own benefit, for the betterment of both community and her own life itself?  Talk about a life and death situation that naturally raises the bar --  demanding the call for being better than the average joe a personal standard in the every day!   Holy super girl, this might be such an occasion.

But let's consider for a moment how women got here.    Women have cried discrimination for decades -- fighting tooth and french manicured nail, long and hard, to make gains in male dominated careers, be it local police forces or one of our honorable armed forces...including now in combat zones...and this is where we take it?  Griping under the fatigue of the demands of being in what is, for all intents and purposes, a man's domain?  Are you kidding me?

Shut up.

Shut up.

Shut up.

Dig deep, put down the doughnut, get back in shape, and shut up.

Did I mention you stupid girls need to shut up?

Enough said.

Now for the betterment of this day, this blog, my wish is to do a one-eighty and get back to d'boys in uniform.  Here you go:

"It is the Veteran"

It is the Veteran, not the preacher, who has given us freedom of religion.
It is the Veteran, not the reporter, who has given us freedom of the press.
It is the Veteran, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech.
It is the Veteran, not the campus organizer, who has given us freedom to assemble.
It is the Veteran, not the lawyer, who has given us the right to a fair trial.
It is the Veteran, not the politician, who has given us the right to vote.
It is the Veteran, who salutes the Flag,
It is the Veteran, who serves under the Flag,
To be buried by the flag,
So the protester can burn the flag
[that's a really good link! don't miss it]
 Author: Anonymous

...The guest speaker at my local Veterans Day service, Lt. Col. Scott Hall (a very handsome Fighter Pilot!), offered these words in his closing.  

It's something that I like to call perspective.  [And surely within "It is a Veteran," a lesson, or two, lives for the wayward student body re-organizers of  Missou and Yale...and we'll have to save that for another day...]

"Those who expect to reap 
the blessings of freedom must, 
like men, 
undergo the fatigue 
of supporting it."  

According to the stats:  19.3 million veterans in U.S. in 2014, with 1.6 million of them listed as female (but do we really know anymore?)...  And talk about physically fit -- most often, the cream of the crop, all of them; Bergdahl aside, it's a group of men and women who act with honor and courage and strength better than most of us upon any given day.  

Which brings me to this:
it would be an understatement to say, there is     no     time    like    the present.  Think about it.

But this is where I must leave it for one day.

Make it a Good Day, G