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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dear America,

or should I say this morning, Dear Chile.

To say this is a bit overwhelming would understate the magnitude of the moment -- and yet, the more we watch, it becomes more a situation where we have totally underestimated the depths of the human heart; it's as if our little Grinch heart bursts forth, having been discovered "two hearts too small," thick in the doldrums of our own misguided lives, only to be enlivened with the true meaning of life right before our very eyes.

Like miner numero dos, Mario Sepulveda, after 69 days, held against your will, down under in a cave 2300 feet below daylight, and he comes bouncing up and out of that "plan B" carriage bearing gifts -- what the.. are you a saint?  Oh my God, you are good, you are good.  He pulls out of his bag of treats a bunch of rocks, wrapped and adorned with a smile, as if it was nothing, nothing at all.

He was later quoted as saying, "I was with God and the Devil.  I reached out and picked God."

Stop, Mario, you had me with the rock.

It all started last night around 8 pm Pacific Time with Florenzio Avalos ascending from the warm, dark cave and into a cold, dark desert night  outside of the San Jose Mine, in Copiapo, Chile. Florenzio was first, for he was one of the strongest; he was initially one of the few miners who saw the writing on the wall right from the start, and became instrumental in helping to create an atmosphere of order and calm.

And without taking away from the magnificence of Chileans, Florenzio, in Italian, is linked to the beautiful city of Florence, a shining example of life in the days of Julius Ceasar, dating back to 59 BC; it personifies everything that is "flourishing, blossoming", while Florence grew to become the "cradle of the Renaissance" -- and famous for establishing the use of elements, like gold and various minerals, as a vehicle of building wealth, community, capital, and influencing all of Europe. And all I can think, bearing witness to the life force that popped out of the vessel to the new world, was that perhaps there really is something in a name.

Florenzio helped cradle the men down below in their darkest hour; and one by one, we are watching his spirit of survival burst forth through the earth, anxious to meet with the life waiting for them.

We are witnessing a miracle really; the longest duration of continued life under the earth in captivity by mother nature -- they are breaking all records;  just how did they do it?

Every man will have a story; every story will have a lesson; every lesson will live on forever, for generations to come, as the legend in the making unfolds for each and every one.

What was the one thing that kept their heads together?

The Compassion, the Glory, the Substance, the Shelter, the Calm  -- was called upon in a shared faith.

When confronted with danger or loss of hope, one of the first things we do as humans -- and this time is no exception -- is pray.  As devout Catholics (except for that mistress or two...just part of the narrative, that's all it is...we are only human you know) they prayed every day, and sometimes maybe all day.  IT was their shared faith in a loving God that brought them hope when they had nothing else left; while sometimes that hope was brought on a rope, faithfully delivering love notes and presents offering a bit of sustenance to get them through their days, all 69 of them.

And oh my goodness, got to break away from the heartstrings for a second and simply make note of what a difference between presidents -- Sebastian Pinera, the leader of Chile, who's popularity has soared with his handling of the San Jose Mine disaster -- as been shown making the sign of the cross multiple times. I just can't help but make note, this country is so steeped in faith,  its almost like a second skin.  Unlike the thin skinned, separation of church and state leader of the free world of ours...preaching the never-ending battle hymn of his republic:

"[what this is all about is] if hope can overcome fear...so that, ah, what the other side is gonna do, ah, is ride this fear and anxiety all the way to November 2nd..."
Ye of so little faith; what you see as fear, dear One, is simply our natural protectionist mechanism rising to the top of the earth.

But THAT is the going mantra from the President who is supposed to stand for all Americans, to be less divisive, to be more uniting, to be all about changing the tone in Washington -- when all he's done is attack "the other side."  and all I can say is you don't know us at all; what we all fear and hope for is a return to an America that lives by liberty; it is not about picking sides at all, not one iota; don't make us choose one over the other at the risk of breaking the whole -- this is about making us one nation under God again -- because that worked. 

But this is our president these days -- still going after it with making disparaging remarks and drawing the line between us, as if by picking a side we lose the capacity to cheer for all, unlike what's going on in Chile, as we speak.  C - H - I - L - E   hey   hey   hey!

For most of us on this day -- a day which holds so much of the same promise of hope and faith, at a level many of us cling to, akin to how we all felt on 9/12 -- we come as Americans, living with our heart and soul showing on the shirt sleeves -- we have all but dropped the campaigning for the moment.

Mr. President, we the people, are watching a miracle happen just south of the equator,  where are you? Where is the love? Are you that out of touch with the mass of Americans who are simply on our hands and knees in thanksgiving and praise today?  I mean, come on, the whole world is watching this unfold in Chile, and crying tears of joy, and  I am just waiting for you to grab hold of it, and make a shift.  If you think about it, just where oh where is your sense of the greater global community?  This is a golden opportunity to use the spirit of Chile and come together with all Americans, not just the one's you pick and choose.  Listen to us; pay attention to Chile; and learn from this if you can, to have the sudacity to change your divisive ways just a wee bit.  We are crying out for unity right here, right now, at home.

This might explain why 42% of Americans are just not that into you these days, according to the latest polls.  Wow.  And what a contrast between you and the President of Chile, who has been raised to a position of Your Excellency with the handling of the owners of this mine, Empresa Minera San Esteban, while taking full responsibility for all costs in the rescue, sounding much like he is pointing fingers and asking questions later; he did rush in to slash the upper management of the mines -- but that sounds like its been a long time coming -- but he's keeping operations wide open for all those who comply. He's not punishing the whole bunch of operators or an entire industry (unlike the Gulf Oil fiasco...oh and fyi, it's too late...Obama...it's too late to make amends...you may have unplugged oil drilling in the Gulf killing 175,000 jobs yet...this last ditch effort to lift the moratorium like the 'plan B' capsule, and just before the election, is a day late and millions of dollars short, if not all but gone...and we can see through you now, so take off the super dooper president suit).

Okay G, where is your love?  Come on back now, don't lose touch with this day...

We are just over half way home in Chile; the thing is, today, after being buried in the slime and drudgery of campaign promises and opposition lies for weeks now, sensing only a lot more of it on the horizon -- my wish for America is a return to a life by faith -- with all evidence of it's value pouring out before us from a tiny capsule at about 40 minute intervals. 

And for me, what that means is, I want us to connect to each other on a soul level a whole lot more, and not be afraid to teach It, operate from It, rebuild an America with It;  life is short, and it can be taken from us at any time, without warning.

I know, in my heart, if we do this, everything we touch and live for will be changed forever (again); in faith, we will make better children, families, communities, corporations, freedoms, liberties, happiness's, for one and for all -- for It does not discriminate.  And it remains simply a fact, that our limited government grew out of this Connection, to a Spirit greater than the common man, yet inspired the common man to become great.

This fundamental principle of our own making  has only failed us when we have failed It; "endowed by our Creator" is a belief that has carried us to greatness, steadfast and strong, only when we let It, only when we live It, only when we honor It.  IT cannot be called upon -- although It will gladly show up at last minute -- only when we need It; our faith must stand through THICK and thin, that is the point. It is easy to forget about It when times are good; a little taste of reality that magically tests humanity every day.  (and with a little time on that thought, perhaps why we are needing a reminder from time to time...we are weak but He is strong ring any bells...)

As a nation, we have collectively grown away from living by our faith, and after watching Chileans walk out on their own two feet and immediately falling to their knees in prayer before the world, it simply takes my breath away; it reminds me of Where I came and Who I am. 

I am part of That!

I want to be free to flaunt my faith in front of the world in good times, or in bad, and make no apology for it; I want our kids to start their day with a moment of silence in school to pray or not to pray; I want my leaders to preach religious liberty, by example, and hold to the founding Principles and Truths we hold dear, as written, clinging to the provisions that protect us every step of the way to express our faith fully.

I do not expect us to believe in the same God, only that we live under God  in peace and mutual respect -- you pick and choose which one, or pick "none of the above", or write in your own (we have that now); point is, It is entirely up to you.  But make no mistake, our America was made under God, who happened to be very Judeo-Christian at the time; and ever since then, for the most part, we have flourished. 

Viva Florencia, Viva Chile, E una vita bella!

Make it a Good Day, G

...we all know, it has the potential of being one of our last at any time.

And, thumbs up to our NASA...surely, it can't be what you invisioned your job description to morph into -- especially with some programs circling Pluto with no chance of return -- but way to go with the assistance of technology, expertise and moon juice.  Thank you!

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