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Monday, August 13, 2018

It's a Day Under Par for the Common Good Thing

Dear America,

it's still summer; so that makes this summer composition numero tres.

signing in.

did you happen to watch the golf this last weekend?
good stuff
good stuff

seems everybody loves a comeback, and that goes double if you're Winona Ryder (that reality only based on some hair commercial, by the way); but after Sunday, especially if you are Tiger Woods.

He was playing some goooood golf and almost pulled it off, too.

The greatest thrill, though, was just watching it.  In your heart, it felt as if the whole country was rooting for Tiger; it was as if this huge collective ovation was happening time and time again all afternoon long.  All the while, of course, Brooks Koepka kept his cool, his biceps in perfect formation, and kept on swinging in near anonymity...and after a long day's walk, took home the grand prize.  Even though all eyes were on Tiger, indeed, and that seemed fine and dandy for that fine specimen of eye candy. [oh wait, can I even say that these days...]

Still, it's a good day when you lose and still make over a million dollars...see the sweet list of dispursements here .  Did you see what I did there...I know, sometimes I even amaze myself. teehee....doink....oops I did it again....stop, G, just stop.

Thing is, I got to thinking about this idea of everybody loving a comeback....and it usually works, except if that "somebody" is the United States of America in the macro, at the swings of a Donald Trump in the micro.  That kind of a comeback is just ripe for creating pure, unhinged hysteria.

You would think -- and now, taking a moment to do what I do so swell....that being, thinking out loud and being just silly enough to put it in writing  -- that if things were happening that actually protect the common good....things like, improving the economy by merely taking command of it, getting more people (especially minorities) back to work, securing our Constitutional Rule of Law by adding a "purest" to the Supreme Court, and more recently, earnestly seeking out prison reform, and most importantly, following through on a campaign commitment to secure the border on behalf of National Security....that in the end, after a long day's walk, everyone would believe they wound up a winner.

For these are the things that are beneficial for the COMMON GOOD; the common good being, that which supports the health and welfare of the entire nation, as a whole -- and certainly not dissected into groups, led by activists, with, ironically, a penchant for destroying what the nation has in common from the ground up, actions of crazy, stupid, groundhogs notwithstanding.

We became known as the melting pot, because no matter who came to America and where they came from, they gave their allegiance to this country, this economy, this leadership, this common good and general welfare, and to this liberty; it is the kind of overarching liberty that could one day, potentially, hopefully, manifest all the happiness one could ever dream....albeit, EARN, fair and square, with a pencil and note pad to document it,  from a magical mixture of hard work, natural talent, time, and ambition, and just maybe, a college degree (and maybe not).

It is takes hard work to succeed in most anything; it takes honest to goodness time, toil, tenacity, and a certain tirelessness.  And that's just the hard truth.

Did you happened to have listened to Tiger being interviewed, not long after his long day's walk?  The first thing out of his mouth was his appreciation of the overwhelming amount of support surrounding him.  And it seemed sincere; after all that he's been through, he sounded mature...finally.  It's almost as if, during the first half of his career, he took much of it, and himself, for granted.  But now, he speaks like he has reached some deeper region of his psyche; that, after all he has done to get back on the greens, and to get his game back, to qualify each and every time, that he not only understands the complexity of his talent better, but is willing to bring that level of maturity and grace into play to finish his back nine, to see him finish his career as only a Tiger Woods could. 

And guess what, the people noticed.

It is impressive, to say the least.

In a long about illustrious way, Tiger is teaching the common good, by example. [eh hem priceless]

Perseverance when the going gets rough (badump ba) is not easy, but oh, how glorious it is to witness a fellow American making it back from what seemed like total defeat.

All of these thoughts are just winding around, over the hill, and across a wee pond, landing hard, into a hazard worth reading; it's found in the latest issue of IMPRIMIS, from Hillsdale College: Does Diversity Really Unite Us?  Citizenship and Immigration by Edward J. Erler.

So to double back....we are paying attention to the common good today...k
Yes, it all started with a little story of second chances, but hey, you should know G by now -- this is blog #946 -- and this is just how "just a girl" does DC and all that's connected to it; try to keep up.

Erler says,
In the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump appealed to the importance of citizens and borders. In other words, Trump took his stand on behalf of the nation-state and citizenship against the idea of a homogeneous world-state populated by “universal persons.” In appealing directly to the people, Trump succeeded in defeating both political parties, the media, political professionals, pollsters, academics, and the bureaucratic class. All these groups formed part of the bi-partisan cartel that had represented the entrenched interests of the Washington establishment for many years. Although defeated in the election, the cartel has not given up. It is fighting a desperate battle to maintain its power.
That,  in essence, explains everything, right?

going on, he adds this:

Progressive liberalism no longer views self-preservation as a rational goal of the nation-state. Rather, it insists that self-preservation and national security must be subordinate to openness and diversity...

and this:

In support of all this, we are asked to believe something incredible: that the American character is defined only by its unlimited acceptance of diversity. A defined American character—devotion to republican principles, republican virtue, the habits and manners of free citizens, self-reliance—would in that case be impermissibly exclusive, and thus impermissibly American. The homogeneous world-state recognizes only openness, devotion to diversity, and acceptance as virtues. It must therefore condemn exclusivity as its greatest vice. It is the nation-state that insists on exclusive citizenship and immigration policies that impose various kinds of restrictions.

and this:
Our progressive politicians and opinion leaders proclaim their commitment to diversity almost daily, chanting the same refrain: “Diversity is our strength.” This is the gospel according to political correctness. But how does diversity strengthen us? Is it a force for unity and cohesiveness? Or is it a source of division and contention? Does it promote the common good and the friendship that rests at the heart of citizenship? Or does it promote racial and ethnic division and something resembling the tribalism that prevents most of the world from making constitutional government a success? When is the last time we heard anyone in Washington talk about the common good? We are used to hearing talk about the various stakeholders and group interests, but not much about what the nation has in common.

oh there is a whole lot more to read...and it's all good.  But here, today, the day after Sunday, we -- I mean me, G, is speaking of the common good in all its glory.  You will just have to read the rest of Erler for yourself...perhaps in place of watching football right now...I mean, its only pre-season; who cares about that, right?

Though rich with contradictions and weaknesses, everything this president does is for the common good -- I believe that (not that it matters); his actions are what he considers to be best for all of us, together, standing united on the sidelines and from time to time maybe even witnessing something to cheer about (and sometimes not).  In simple terms, it's just part and parcel of every good come back story in the making, like reality TV but only better, because it really, truly, uncomfortably,  is as real as you can get.

America has had her share of moments that ain't too pretty, indeed.  But our roots, the fundamentals, the things we know to be true and just, with fairways that run long and wide and high and deep, are under our feet and running through our veins, from American to American.  And we are, still a sovereign nation, as of this moment....which is right about half past happy hour time, PST.

But, if I'm not mistaken, it is Trump carrying her clubs; and for that, I believe his experiences landed him into a time and place just waiting for him, as if destiny threw his name up on the board for one last ditch effort to make America great again, and again, and again.

Truth is, it is only the dividers and non-believers of our true American character and nature, that we should concern ourselves with, day in and day out.  The choice is rather apparent -- you are either for the common good or you are not; you are either for a united, homogeneous in American Spirit, commons, or you are not.

But let's end with a high flying nine iron, shot from the final tee, shall we?....America is abundant with examples of excellence in sports, and otherwise.  But this day goes to Tiger, my muse from Bellerive; you, sir, certainly gave this common girl something to blog about and more.

This is all I have to say, today.

the end.

Make it a Good Day, G

Friday, August 10, 2018

It's from One Silly Girl to Another Thing

Dear America,

summer composition numero dos


signing in.

and it's gonna be a scorcher; oh, and we have an excessive heat warning running until 8 p.m. to boot...

And before I say anything else,  my thoughts and prayers are with the finest fire fighters in the nation, battling umpteen fires, with no rest from the weather pattern in sight.  God Bless you guys.

Though isn't it ironic, that as the state of California goes up in smoke, following years of a second round of Governor Jerry Brown, solidifying another round of reckless policy, sealing a trajectory ending with bankruptcy all but a done deal....eventually, while living out every leftists wet dream  -- the entire state is literally on fire.

BUT one thing is for certain -- fire should never be used to fuel political arguments.  And with that premise, let me fire you up with a smart analysis from Investor's Business Daily.....here.  And from another angle, this post is also good.   And then there's this guy....suspect of the Holy Fire in Southern California...adding the arsonist dimension to the mix of elements and elevations.

and yet, I really don't wanna talk about California.

Maduro making a few scorching observations of his own party is an interesting turn of events.

And considering it comes just as America's socialists, large and small, are beginning to heat up, it is a wonder how any of them can catch so much as 30 seconds of air time....

And can't wait for the debates to begin with this girl...."I think absolutely right now..she is the leader of..no no, um, she is speaker..or rather leader Pelosi..hopefully we’ll see..she’s ah..she’s the current leader of the party and..the party absolutely does have its leadership in the House and Senate." Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, responding to a question on CNN's "Cuomo Prime Time" show....gauging Nancy Pelosi's leadership presence...um, like, past, present and future.... and sounding like an idiot.

you know the next thing you should run for, Alexandria, is Miss America, just sayin.

Who also said this -- -"We only have empty pockets when it comes to the morally right things to do, but when it comes to tax cuts for billionaires and when it comes to unlimited war we seem to be able to invent that money very easily," Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says...

She needs to get her facts straight; not to mention, this girl is so sick and tired of hearing the worn out cliches against Defense spending...especially when it doesn't add up.

SOCIAL SECURITY, MEDICAID and MEDICARE and other mandatory, extra  INCOME support programs -- like food stamps, Unemployment Compensation, Child Nutrition, Child Tax CreditsSupplemental Security Income, and Student Loans [attached links coming from a place on the web called, "the balance"]  make up two-thirds of the Federal Budget.

And so, if you do the math, all the rest of the budget comes out of the remaining one-third, okay?  That means, Alexandria, the entire Defense Budget, including added war costs, comes out of the discretionary side of the balance sheet, and it is LESS than all the social programs put together. As a matter of fact, the Defense budget gets less than Social Security all on its own; and far less than the Medicaid and Medicare combined.

And guess what, Alexandria, the most important element of our economy is having the wealth, and those who are wealthy, amply supported by an economic system that motivates investment in order to EXPAND...even if that sometimes appears like "tax cuts" to "billionaires."   Who puts up the financial risk to build the business, the corporation, in the first place?  Every large corporate entity started with an itty bitty idea and somehow ends up employing a lot of Americans; all the while, added to the other half of America who are either owner/employed by small business, and we have ourselves a blazing environment (if not cut off at the knees through oppressive government policy) to not only meet the needs of our 300+ million people, but have the ability to be very charitable people in private.

"We only have empty pockets when it comes to the morally right thing to do?"  Seriously?  It takes nearly 3 TRILLION DOLLARS just to cover the expenses of social security, medicare, and medicaid and the miscellaneous, but mandatory, "other".....And the ugly reality of the BIG PICTURE is really only seen behind the scene -- as in the over 100 TRILLION DOLLARS IN UNFUNDED LIABILITIES within the Social Security and Medicaid entitlement programs.  In other words, we can't afford any of it.

And Besides:   It's not the government's money!  It's the people's money being held at the people's house.

Government does not produce anything but a bureaucracy of departments, coming complete with expenses and automatic increases year over year!  Ironically, one of the only departments with a leg to stand on, is, in fact, the one that falls directly under government's primary responsibility -- that being, our National Defense....providing a National Militia, for the safekeeping and security of the entire nation and its people.

Funny, too, that we could go all the way back to the another time, and another New Yorker, to the 1930's....and consider that to be our first mistake....but I really don't wanna talk about New York, either.

BUT THAT LINK right there, although from nearly ten years ago, explains the problem with Social Security (and entitlement thinking, in general) so well, I had to use it -- it's a must read.  Thank you,  Doug Bandow, and the Cato Institute, for the easy to read lesson on where America went so wrong...even if feeling the policy to be so morally right at the time.    Time's change.   And how.

I want Ben Shapiro to have a chance to debate this girl only to witness her go up in flames as fast as her sudden national notoriety, albeit rooted with socialist gimmicks and perhaps a "she's cute" mentality, right Michelle O?

But now going a whole 'nother direction, it would sure be kinda wonderful if President Trump tackled the Social Security ponzi scheme, and when he's done with that, fix Medicaid, and when he's done with that, fix Medicare, and when he's done with that, start slashing through a forest of bureaucracy, with branches that extend to the far-reaches of the earth.  It's all such a mess. And I do recall that he was the guy who said he could fix it, drain the swamp and everything...

yeah yeah, let's fire up some ponzi demolition and see what happens. see what happens.

Oh politics.  Some days we like it, some days we can't stand the heat...

but don't get me wrong, it's always the perfect kindling, whether up for national debate, or just some silly girl's  blog.  I mean, look at today, for example....pretty much just one silly girl to another, making a pretty point.

the end.

Make it a Good Day, G

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

It's Summer Composition Numero Uno Thing

Dear America,

it's summer time; and right on cue, given it is now August, it has come complete with... 
summer distractions,
summer attractions,
summer excursions and
summer exertions...
for the plethora of summer affections runs wide and long and high and deep.

But almost without warning, the ebb and flow of my usual day has suddenly come to a complete stop; today marks the beginning of a little stay-cation, as they say, for the old Gthang... with a little house sitting, a little dog sitting (Simon), a little kitty sitting (Dexter), and even a little bearded dragon sitting (Charlie)...So as our summer weather continues to be hot and humid with no relief in sight, this girl will be drowning in a pool of testosterone and chewy toys, and what's not to love about that?  Just me and d'boys in the hood, for a fortnight and a day and all play.

And of all things, there is even leftover pizza in the fridge!  Say it isn't so.
...and it's probably enough to feed me for the next 36 hours -- if managed like a man on mars with limited resources (and that is just a plug for a great summer flick)  --  if re-calculating the remaining slices to be spaced out about 9 hours apart.  Not that it's necessary to conserve; there are grocery stores and strip malls full of take-out within a three mile radius in every direction, so it's all good. [Not to mention, I brought whisky! Of course...duh. Jameson, just in case you're wondering...]

But wouldn't it be nice not to have to leave the house for a day, or two, or even three? And for that matter, why even brush my teeth.

And just like that, let the summer non-glam-ping begin --  albeit a mere twelve minutes away from home, as the crow flies --  and yet, with the curtains closed to protect the neighbors, and a little imagination, I am already feeling a world apart.

For it's not my house.  This isn't how I live.  I am not surrounded with my things, aside from a few books brought over for navigation; I may as well be high in the Himalayas, aiming to experience nirvana, with my only companion being the rarefied thin air and an occasional sighting of an Himalayan big horned blue sheep (which, just to be clear, is neither blue nor a sheep...teehee).

...as a crazy thought hits me right about the third eye region .......interrupting nirvana..... and causes me to pause and wonder.... perhaps, miracles upon miracles, I can write a little something something, for it's been such a long long time....

Oh yes, bring on the summer compositions --  complete with summer exclamations, damnations, and sensations --  anyone?  Maybe even a whole string of 'em...just, like, one G thing after another, after another.   Who needs tennis when there is pizza, a laptop, and a comfy recliner so perfectly aligned, right?  Does it even matter what time it is?  Aside from feeding the wee menagerie, all things considered, the truth of the matter is that all things conventional have gone on a little holiday, as well.

The routine.. brand.new, and sitting awfully close to non-existent.

The common trappings of the makings of three balanced meals, is non-obligatory, fully discretionary, and not even shared with anyone.

I am alone and not only living in a new galaxy, but am entirely rotating around my own private sun, in my own little orbit, and given all the makings of seclusion, not a thing should bump into me for days, if all things go as planned.

summer contemplation, I'd like you to meet, summer composition; oh, how do you do...and like magic, the mind will piece together a few thoughts, the fingers will tap a few words, and before you know it, the little diary that could manages to make it over the mountain for another day. [I know, I know, I went from space imagery to a train without connecting the tracks....oh well.]

[And that's just the opening,  albeit coming to a complete stop.]
Keep calm and blog on...
In the beginning 
God created the heaven and the earth.
Genesis 1:1

It's almost this basic.

It feels as if, as a whole, as a society, as a culture, these United States of America fails to understand its relationship to Creation, to our Creator, if at all. We are growing less about creation and more about destruction.

In my Catholic devotional this morning, the first page opened to discusses Nature vs. Grace.  And it begins with a word from Christ, saying: "My child, I want you to become a spiritual man, that is, one who is wise enough to recognize the various forms of self-deception and the many graces which come your way each day.  There is in your nature a deep selfishness which does not always seek what is really good for you..."

Continuing with, "Nature is selfish.  It will try to enjoy everything on earth and still gain Heaven.  Even where sin is involved, nature attempts to make excuses, for self and looks for reasons to favor self."

In America, we have grown selfish, drawn to our nature side versus grace, in every way.

So much so, we have lost sight of what made America exceptional in the first place, upon her creation, at a time when our founders recognized that which was fully divined and orchestrated by the hand of God, and made real with the words, Divine  Providence; while it took the Revolutionary War, to cement it into history, creating the pathway to the life, the liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as proclaimed in our Declaration of Independence, and ultimately, the ability to create and be and do anything  in America, for one and for all.

This liberty made the history, that produced the precedence, to make the ability for a Facebook, and its founders,  to make billions of dollars.

How dare they censure history, how dare they coddle its membership and their community of followers within it's liberal, leftist universe by controlling content -- especially if such content is simply another American bearing opposition politics and ideology.

Case in point:  Elizabeth Heng.
To which she lambastes Zuckerberg, saying,
“It is unbelievable that Facebook could have such blatant disregard for the history that so many people, including my own parents, have lived through,” said Elizabeth. “I’m sure it is shocking for some people to hear about this kind of injustice, but this is reality. This is why I wake up every single day with the fight and determination to have a voice and make a difference in my community. Neither Facebook nor any other company in the tech industry get to silence our stories. We’ve seen it over and over again with Republican candidates and organizations. This kind of censorship is an attack on the freedoms that we have as Americans to express what we believe in, and we must hold Facebook accountable.”
It's a sad day for America.

And not that I'm all that into this guy.....but about the Alex Jones bruhaha...

Yeah, its all fine and dandy and tastes like candy until somebody comes after your views, your ideology, your religion, your freedom of speech, your right to assemble, etc. etc...

It may not be pretty these days in America, there is that. [Hypocrisy lives in all kinds of neighborhoods and states of mind.]

But, by golly, if we lose our ability to speak freely, to ask questions, to question authority, to say that is wrong or this is right -- then we have lost everything, in my book, everything.

But to everything there is a season, right.. turn, turn, turn....

And it is summer right now...
....and this girl is house sitting and dog sitting and kitty sitting and bearded dragon sitting as of right now.  There is hope that a string of Gthings will wind their way to you through the wonderful world of the  www over the next couple of weeks, as more precious time becomes more and more all mine.

I am just pleased that I showed up today.

Blog #944 is in the can: summer composition numero uno.

Make it a Good Day, G  

Thursday, July 19, 2018

It's All Divinely Designed...and It's a Real Thing

Dear America,

"The awareness of God's
 presence energizes us for our work."
Life Principle #4
Rev. Charles F. Stanley

the lazy hazy days of summer are in full swing, though for me, the emphasis is clearly on hazy and less lazy.

and on that premise, this girl is proving the old saying, the more you do, the less you do gooder... teehee.  the gist, the more we struggle to juggle and jiggle our way through the day, the less chances of the end result being all that it could be, or even should be; leaving us at the end of the day, an actual day, nothing close to what we imagined  (and more than likely well over par...and you know that's not a good thing, right).  

these days are hazy, indeed. 
I seem to have more balls in the air than every ping off the head of the entire World Cup -- and let me tell you, that was a lot -- so much so, the powers that be don't even keep stats on stats on stats on thats (that would be a little out of hand, badadump ba)

but switching balls one more time --

even the news comes at me in a purple haze, and all I wanna do is crush the nonsensical with the sensational and see what's left.  like the viscous lob of a tennis ball -- everything has spin; and it's getting old, right -- the tactics are well worn, emphasis on thread bare...the yellow fuzz being merely something that was.   and likewise, it seems to be wearing everyone thin.  [for some great summer reading, here's a great post on the dirty truth of tennis ball waste and what to do about it...re-purposing flat, bald balls in ways unimaginable...yay team.]

even the beach is under a haze for the better part of a day...ugh.

And round and round we could go, but let's cut to the chase and meet up at the net, all of this might be best summed up with another good read (recycled from summer 2016) ....and of all places to find it, @The Huffington Post!  e gads!  But I gotta say....to be honest, think I'm mostly in love with its title, "Stop Multi-tasking.  It's Not a Thing"  Jessica Barrett does a thorough job explaining it all, but here's her big finish:
"My sweet friends, start taking it easier on yourself. Live your life with more awareness. Pay attention. Notice more. You’ll get the same amount of “stuff” accomplished, if not more, but you’ll actually be present while it happens. And if your company asks you to multi-task, politely let them know you’ll be happy to do that, as soon as you grow a couple of more brains."
OH to be in celebration of this kind of awareness...indeed.

Oh to be paying attention....from actually being present for the ones we love, to living consciously in every moment, from work to play; surely we would make less mistakes, we would exude confidence in our actions, and all in all, around this ball that we call earth, our days would reap a certain sense of fullness, knowing our intentions and actions are not only connected, but blessed by our level of effort and giving everything we do our very best. 

Ahhh and then to be distracted by the action outside my window just now... Surely, the hummingbirds are doing their thing -- their one thing -- and popping in and around every bud, harvesting the nectar of the gods and that's it.

Only the hummingbirds, outside my window and in plain view, flit and flutter the evidence, seen and unseen, of God's presence purposely energizing and mobilizing the natural flow of life, assisting life, and producing results worthy of total awe.  Ask me how happy my dwarf lemon tree is right about now and I will tell you a story of transcending waves of haze every single day.  she is a mighty dwarf indeed.

More important, both bird and tree are keen on living a purpose driven life.  It's as if they sense this Life Principle #4 without even being told, keeping their awareness fixed upon God's presence all the live long day!

Thankfully, there is good news, for we are all born with a purpose, a personal intention designed by God.

This purpose, though, grand as it may be -- naturally and lovingly, comes with a near suffocating haze of free will hovering over and around and through us from the moment we take our first breath to the moment we begin a brand new day; the decisions we make, the turns we take, the mistakes in the cover of darkness or in the wake of day, it all carries the power to shake us smooth, barren, like the yellow wool off a tennis ball.  (this is the stuff not made for snowflakes in the form of snowballs.)

The catch --- free will doesn't have to be suffocating at all; matter of fact, it can be liberating, empowering, and now imaging something a lot like whacking the snot off the ball and winning.

DOING Something -- taking real action --  is required of us to stay on purpose, to stay within bounds, to stay aligned with what we are born to do; and even though intimately connected like bird to a tree, we must remain true to our individual calling while breathing in God's presence without ceasing (for surely the distractions of this world can easily get the better of us).  And to be as clear as clear day can be, we can't just stand there doing nothing; our lives are about as static as the wings of a hummingbird.

As we individually stay true to this Godly, Universal, mandate, of sorts, and the assorted characters in which we all become -- in good turn,  the collective grows stronger, brighter, leaning more in the direction of the Sun itself  and becoming a mighty force for good and the many more good things to come.

God is the Mighty Source that feeds us the inspiration, sends our minds soaring with wings and a prayer, and gives light to the path ahead.  This is how we, as people, can find our shine, doing one thing at a time.

This day took all day to write.
I started, then I had to stop.  I started again, and then had to stop.

But lo and behold, here it is nearly sunset, and the day outside my window has never looked more clear; but then again, perhaps it's all in my head :).  Even the hummingbirds are still about, and for a matter of maybe twenty seconds, one just sat on the wire of lights and began to swing.  Surely, the little guy must feel it was a job well done today...

...and given I have worked a little, donated some time a little, smooched my man a little, and blogged a little, I am finding happiness in my ability to take things one at a time better and better as each day passes.

Large and small, in the macro and micro, to everything there is indeed a season, and it is Divinely Designed to be done one thing at a time....It's the real thing, baby.

Thank you, God. 
Praise you. 
Can't do life without you. 
See you tomorrow as soon as my eyes pop open.

Make it a Good Day, G

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

It's a Day to Stand Up for the Revolution Thing

Dear America,

it's almost time to blow out the candles for another year, God help us all -- 

bearing in mind, of course, the state of mind of the left...

what seems rather amazing is the lack of upset, or even the slightest response, really, from the general public; it's as if this stuff is all the new normal.

and, as if, Bono... 

who says, "I love that it exists, and I'll tell you, I don't take for granted that it exists," Bono said, referring to the United Nations. 
"... let's be honest, we live in a time when institutions as vital to human progress as the United Nations are under attack. 
"And not just these institutions but what they stand for - an international order based on shared values and shared rules, an international order that is facing the greatest test in its 70-year history."

Referring to the UN, NATO, and the EU...

all this is just anti-Trump, anti- TRUE American Independence --  poppycock.

How timely.

Say what you want about The Donald, but PRESIDENT TRUMP is simply serving his country at the moment; and he was elected president by the AMERICAN people fair and square.

"Every post is honorable 
in which a man may serve his country."  
George Washington

Let's be honest, Bono -- do these institutions, most especially the UN, really constitute an order of shared values and shared rules?  [oooh this might even call for a re-run on what Nikki Haley did only a couple of weeks ago...check it out]

What we know now -- and maybe always have at some level -- is that true freedom cannot be taken for granted, Bono.  Nor is it truly free...it must be fought for, day in and day out, with the same enthusiasm and intention as those who tirelessly fought for our freedoms in the Revolutionary War, only different.  For in this modern world, it is a war of mostly words; it is a face off between propaganda and truth, activism and rule of law, chaos and sovereignty. 

"In the truest sense, 
freedom cannot be bestowed; 
it must be achieved."  
Franklin D. Roosevelt

"True patriotism springs 
from a belief in the dignity 
of the individual, 
freedom and equality not only for Americans 
but for all people on the earth, 
universal brotherhood and good will, 
and a constant and earnest striving 
toward principles and ideals 
on which this country was founded."  
Eleanor Roosevelt

[I just love coupling these two together....]

Do the all the countries of the UN feel the same way, especially in terms of brotherhood and good will, freedom and equality for all, and dignity of the individual (even if one happens to be gay)...I think not, BONO!!!!

BUT LET'S BE CLEAR -- AMERICA NOT ONLY STANDS FOR THESE THINGS, she actually strives in the every day to represent these principles and values better and better in each and every  new day; and most importantly, doing so while keeping our independence, and other assets, intact, whole, honored, in every way.

What the world, and Bono, doesn't seem to get, is that this president, President Trump (again, the guy elected by the AMERICAN PEOPLE fair and square, by the way), happens to be a businessman who recognizes that the intersection of the Art of the Deal and America's best interests is upon his shoulders now; it is about his service to country; it is about his leadership, and nobody else.  He also happens to represent half of the American people.

It may be essential to recognize, at this juncture, that people who are citizens of other countries, like Ireland, are simply leading and speaking according to their own agenda, be it global governance, global climate change and the redistribution of wealth, global inequities, global biases, and anything else that falls under the organization and corruption of all things global in the name of progress.

Upon this glorious eve of another Fourth of July -- attention world order:  you can keep your gavel.

Tomorrow America celebrates 242 years of INDEPENDENCE, marking the beginning of greatest experiment in freedom and liberty for all on the planet!   And America is not done.

It may appear that America stands alone in this fight; it may even appear that the times are desperate, reaching a level of escalation that has no bounds.

I implore you to read America's Declaration of Independence tomorrow, aloud, if at all possible! 

and remember this --- ALL thirteen colonies unanimously agreed to this declaration!

as it begins --  "When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation...

and as it ends -- "We, therefore, the Representatives of the united States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these Colonies, solemnly publish and declare, That these united Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States, that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as Free and Independent States, they have full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do. — And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor."

We got the document, but the fight had only just begun --  we then had to finish a long and grueling war....and truthfully, if not for George Washington -- Teflon GW -- we may not have won.

But today, tomorrow, let this declaration -- the one that changed the course of the entire world, mind you -- inspire all of us to keep up the good fight, with "a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence;" for thankfully, and graciously, we know that Divine Providence is not done yet.

Sorry, Maxine Waters, antifa, and socialists and commies everywhere -- but this is a day to stand up for the real revolution, to the glory of principles and values and Divine Providence and lives and fortunes, alike (in other words, NOT DIVIDED!).

God bless you and yours as we light up skies once more, and may God bless the United States of America (and all the rest of the world, too, for surely the world needs it).

Make it a Good Day, 

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

It's a Beautiful Thing

Dear America,

there is a portrait of a woman hanging just above my desk.

the color palette is primarily bronze and malachite green, with swooshes of gold and brown, and assuming acrylic, possibly oils...she is very pleasing to the eye in multiple dimensions.  Her expression is warm, though looking down.  Her lips are full, her face soft, and leading one to believe she is either contemplating something significant or simply deep in prayer.  She doesn't appear sad in the least bit -- more soul-searching, reflective, or taking a moment to collect herself.

Most striking of all, is that her head is covered, wrapped around with some kind of cloth; if I didn't know any better, she could very well be the spitting image of Mary of Magdalene, or even Mary, mother of the baby Jesus.  This girl is all woman, and definitely not of this (modern) world.

and there is not one day that goes by that I don't look at her.

sometimes it's a mere, almost accidental, clareless glance
and sometimes it's a long, contemplative gaze taking me somewhere -- as in, anywhere, but here.
in any event, she is usually my first glimpse of anything close to human on any given day.

and I like it.

If I were to describe my mood these last few days, this portrait of some unknown woman captures it.

These days mark an end to an era. And although perfectly okay with it, almost elated and overjoyed -- it comes with this deep sense of bidding farewell, of valedictory, to a time that was and isn't ever coming back.

My baby girl is finished with school, swiftly embarking upon her career years, and with a Hail Mary or two, is doing so miles and miles away from home.   Oh "Holy Mary, Mother of God!" -- how does this happen in a matter of a blink of an eye, in God's time...

Was it even celebratory enough -- given the profoundness of such an occasion -- to have her last meal fulfilled with an In N Out burger and not even any fries?  I think not.

Come Sunday morning, that little flying monkey of mine took the air right out of my sails.  It feels like I've been bobbing around, sans all navigational equipment, for weeks now -- and it's only Wednesday.  Oh "blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus."

And yet, such is life.

THIS IS LIFE...watching her life expand and grow and move beyond whatever shelter I may, or may not, have given her, over her twenty one years.  The symbiotic nature of mother and child offers mutual benefits for both  -- be it the role of teacher and student, parent and junior, suffice it to say, the lines can occasionally get awfully fuzzy, like a smudge of golden rules and cerulean dreams, the canvass is in constant play.

it is such a beautiful thing. 


politics just isn't doing it for me these days;
while our culture is frayed, obsessed with petty divides and the tragic loss of any semblance of  civility.  ugh.

my wish this morning is for one, come all, to take intentional stock of what is right in front of you...for time and children and love and life are not static; though they may sit for a moment, for a portrait, perhaps, these precious things do not stand still for long...and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Oh how I love my blessed child, who is no longer all mine.

She is of the world now.

And thankfully, the immaculate design of the entire universe is in full tilt,, giving way to whatever we can dream or imagine.  Every purpose and portrait under heaven is in motion and deep in thought congruently and seamlessly and graciously, if we are open to It.
May God bless you and keep you, baby girl.

Make it a Good Day, 

Thursday, June 21, 2018

It's TFW Thing

Dear America,


oh the acronyms of today's social media.  boy, how they can sometimes make a girl feel her age.

take this one for example....yeah, that one at the top and given top billing.

so after googling it, come to find out, it stands for "that feeling when."

guessing, like the use of most acronyms, if used often enough, they become just part of the language itself; the habitual use becoming representative of the culture, in the vernacular, and even a gauge, revealing the heights of sophistication (and it's depths).  And unless you're old.... like me... the average joe or jane doesn't need to stop and look it up, they would just know.  The words would just come to mind without a web search or hesitation.  boom.

And yet, taking a look back of how we spoke, how we wrote, and the pure elegance of it all, back in the day of our nation's founding, begs the question -- has the modern world grown more cultured, or less?  Have we expanded our language skills, our ways of communication, to its highest and best use of our native tongue, be it a reflection of a moment or a turn of a phrase, even if its only seen on an Instagram post, a Facebook comment, and the like?  In other words, are using these acronyms an improvement?  Is this really where we want to go?

Sure, these aren't necessarily sophisticated modes of communication.  And yet, they are.  Just look at the various forces of technology combined with the complexity of the social circle these days, and we got ourselves a serious network of bits and pieces, of interaction and emotion, of life and times meeting up in the ether and exploding on contact.

But imagine,  a hundred years from now...someone would literally have to have the code to understand some of our Instagram messages in their entirety.

But let's get on with it, shall we?  I have a lot of empty blog space to make up for (such is the day in the life when my girl comes home for a wee bit, when my man comes with a complete set of two lively boys, when my nanny gig hours nearly double with the official start of summer, when my latest involvement with the DAR has led me to lead the entire chapter....)

Oh TFW...
I didn't have all that much going on...
It's probably almost as good as that feeling when.... 

 Trump tried something different with North Korea....Thank you, Byron York @The Patriot Post.

 Our immigration policy was actually treated like it was a real policy, as in, the law of the land...Thank you, Thomas Gallatin @The Patriot Post    [This separation wasn't invented by Trump....]

We made our graceful (teehee) exit from the Human Rights Commission.... Thank you, Nikki Haley... and Nate Jackson @The Patriot Post   [This separation was just bound to happen.... ]

Trey Gowdy had an opportunity to go ballistic over the report of wanton bias at the FBI....Thank you, Political Editors @The Patriot Post   [We might as well skip the separation and go straight to divorce proceedings....]

isn't it crazy how much is going on in this world...it's like, WTF...the lazy hazy days of summer have not a chance in hell from happening.  Oh TFW this girl could sell lemonade on the corner and immediately spend every dime at the Pit n' Patio for the best pizza pie in town...circa 1972.  good times.  good times.

And yet, I was ten.

And it was way before the man-made universe revolving around smart phones and acronyms.

My world was about as big a two mile radius -- accompanied and fully protected in the loving arms of two parents, a couple of lively brothers, a dog, a cat, a roof over my head with ample time to play Monopoly with my best friend Holly.

I didn't know of Bloody Sunday in that same year; I didn't know of the Watergate scandal; I didn't know about Jane Fonda visiting North Vietnam; I didn't even know there was a mere 3.8 billion people on the whole wide earth. [nod and thanks to Pop Culture Trivia]

I believe, in part, that my life felt reasonably secure back in the day of 1972, because I was allowed to be a child, fully insulated from the world beyond my immediate scope or necessity.   The world could wait; maturity would one day come; but in the meantime.... make lemonade, eat pizza,  rock those bell bottoms, girl, for you still have to wait a whole 'nother year before singing along to Benny and the Jets, and way too young to see The Godfather.

The thing is -- in hindsight, and maybe its just me --  but it feels like the whole world was young in 1972.  It took a long time, in today's standards, to know just what was going on around the world.  From Polaroids to press passes, progress keeps on keeping on....

oh TFW Kirstjen Nielsen said this to the press ---

"I want to be clear on a couple of the things. The vast, vast majority of children who are in the care of HHS right now, 10,000 of the 12,000, were sent here alone by their parents. That's when they were separated.  So somehow we have conflated everything. There is two separate issues — 10,000 of those currently in custody were sent by their parents with strangers to undertake a completely dangerous and deadly travel alone. We now care for them. We have high standards. We give them meals. We give them education. We give them medical care. There's videos. There's TVs. I've visited the detention centers myself," she added. "That would be my answer to that question."

What kind of parent does this?
A desperate one.

Who is picking up the tab?
The Americans -- with, or without,  a clear understanding of a growing list of modern day acronyms. [please note... that no other country in the world has ever been this generous.]

oh TFW...I was telling my girl how I had started to write this blog, like, two weeks ago, leaving the first couple of paragraphs in total limbo with no real time to return in sight.   And wasn't it heartwarming to hear her ask me, what does that stand for again?

Oh my, how happy is the day.  

With her next question revealing even more -- can you warm me up some of those [Morningstar] fake-chicken nuggets?

In the micro, oh how time can sometimes stand still for just a split second.  But in the macro, seems the world has a whole lot of growing up to do...but more on that another day.

But now to the big finale -- oh to that feeling when I finish a blog; there is nothing like it in the world.  

Take care of you and yours, 
who knows when I'll be back.

Make it a Good Day, G

AND WITH REGARD TO ALL THE LINKS @THE PATRIOT POST -- go there NOW and make a donation during their Independence Day fundraising drive.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

It's A Bee C Day Thing

Dear America,

it would be nice, to be in position, to swear off swearing... for quite honestly, it usually falls into the category of a pretty trashy way to talk and get along in this world. [And yeah, call me quite the contrarian to my fellow modern woman, clinging to the petticoats of my Victorian era roots, but this is where girls and boys are different.  And I like it.  I usually like behaving goodly and like a lady.  Hope this doesn't become a crime any time soon,]

Besides...occasionally it's just fun...to drop the f-bomb;

occasionally it adds that perfect punch, to finish a story, tell a joke, or complete the picture;

occasionally it just feels good to let something naughty slip off the tongue in a moment of lively banter, and of course, being well aware of one's audience.

There is that.

Timing might be everything; while the word, itself, might fall suspect... no matter who is saying it or the occasion.  Some words should just never be said, whether it is in public, or the privacy of one's home. 

AND that word begins with the letter c.

It is a bad, bad word.

And Samantha Bee knows the c-word is a bad, bad word; for if she were to ever be on the receiving end of that word, herself, she, Samantha Bee, would be seething and perfectly peeved wee wee wee all the way home; for there is no comedic relief in the c-word whatsoever.

And yet, it is a free country, and Samantha Bee has a right to say whatever the f*^$^ she wants to say, and I will support her right to say whatever the f*^$ she wants to say until the end of time.

I will also add this little number:  like me....pretty darn sure Ivanka Trump would never, ever, never-ever-ever, say the c-word, whether it be face to face, on twitter, over the phone, in an email, for comedic relief, reality show splendor, sit-com filler, alike.  Ivanka would simply never go there...because she IS a lady and knows how to behave like a lady, and actually likes -- no loves -- being a lady, like me.

And yet this morning, just wondering if all the liberal ladies think Bee's just being funny...if they all got up this morning, putting their pant legs on one foot in the mouth at a time, and thought, wow, that Samantha Bee...she really put her stinger in it this morning and isn't she something... 'using the C with such glee, that Bee...love that girl...'

Seriously, though.  Who thinks that sh*& is funny?

Although equally ugly, I would rather be Valerie Jarrett, on the receiving end of Barr's now infamous tweet going something like this....“muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.”  ...then be stung by Bee's capital offense C tweet.

But maybe that's just me.

The thing is --- the words we choose to use carry immense power, to heal or to harm. We learned that as early as kindergarten.  The sooner we realize the essential aspects required, in the safekeeping of a civil, cultured, compassionate, and courteous society, the better WE, the people, will all BE, and that goes out especially to both Bee and Barr.

To raise the consciousness and consideration of all, truly begins with each and every one of us to begin as individuals; perhaps, in some warped way, Samantha Bee and Roseanne Barr are simply leading the way.

And yet, isn't it a sad day for America.... to find ourselves so consumed by the he-said, she-said, Bee said, Barr said, tabloid level, sensationalized system of news-telling.  Perhaps Trump should follow up his latest embargo taxation across the EU and Mexico, with a tax on the use of social media for the sole purposes of making gossip and perpetuating nonsense....like Uganda.  teehee [question is, would the president really be in favor of the censorship, complete with financial penalties, of one of his favorite tools??]

This morning, this girl is just looking for the real ladies and gentlemen to show the world how its done, that's all.  [Ladies like Ivanka, for one...]   Is that too much to ask?  Would not our time be better spent developing a more cultivated society, one that spoke with a certain grace and moved with a common elegance, being educated, polite, and upstanding in every possible way?  How lovely and divine does that sound?

Oh Pollyanna, have you met G?

If nothing else, I wanna be a lady.

I just find it remarkable that grown adults are discussing c-words and tweets as if they speak volumes, yet all the while totally missing the point.   Instead of revealing our class, we seem completely amused by our crass, and that, in and of itself, is profoundly heartbreaking. 

We should know better than to give this kind of crap any attention....and yet, here I am, repeating the nonsense, highlighting the low-lights, re-telling the story all over again like all the other broken records, tweeters, bloggers, journalists, reporters, partisans, left and right.   Might as well just shoot us all.

But this, apparently, is our reality these days; and this is just the day it's gonna be, here on G...right, Bee and barring no one?

All in all ....
It's just one day.
It's just one day in the life.
May we learn from the error of our ways...
and may tomorrow be better in more ways than one.

Make it a Good Day, G

Friday, May 25, 2018

It's just a girl's mix of Sidelines and Headlines and Lifelines Thing

Dear America,

"...Therefore, please let this letter serve 
to represent that the Singapore summit, 
for the good of both parties,
 but to the detriment of the world, will not take place. 
You talk about nuclear capabilities,
 but ours are so massive and powerful 
that I pray to God they will never have to be used..."
from the president's letter to Kim Jong Un

take that.  and that.

this is when Trump is at his best...playing offense.

America hasn't had a quarterback like this in decades...

Speaking of offense, how about that NFL?

Players have a choice of standing at the sideline during the playing of our National Anthem or simply staying in the locker room; but the mandate to stand, out of respect for this country for which we all stand, has been made a permanent policy.  yay for team NFL.

If ever given the task of illuminating and highlighting the playbook of life, in general, the tactics of offense would have to be ranked high, maybe even at the top.  For life, in general, amounts to what we make of it -- for it, living life, is an action; it's creative, with every move and thought we make; it responds to our emotions, our mindset, and rests upon the posture we take when approaching everything we do, large and small.  

And likewise, when tackling our days, our tasks, our responsibilities, our challenges -- sitting back and waiting for life to come to us, to do what it will, is not recommended. 

That letter from the president to Kim Jong Un was incredibly simple, wasn't it?

What seems most striking, in my book -- for basically blowing up a diplomatic solution, by way of a summit in June -- was how kind the tone; given the remarkable slap in the face, how sensitive...how gracious....how strategic....how prudent of the Trump Administration, in light of the clear and present danger of the continuing  acts of diplomacy and tactical maneuvering that lay in wait, on the sidelines.

Oh the sidelines can be so full of surprises, can't they?

Riding the wave of yesterday's sentiment...that's what I would say to any college graduate -- especially my own --  if given the chance to offer a few words of advice.   
  • Watch the sidelines; 
  • stay in control of the ball; 
  • be fully aware of the time clock and use your time outs wisely;
  • keep your offense on the field of play for as long as you can, while in the protection of stockpiling a nice cushion of points on the board [which can be anything from a heavily stocked armory of nuclear warheads kept under lock and key, to a rainy day savings account -- in other words, planning for the unexpected]
  • and above all, be in relationship with GOD -- the Source of All Good, of All Creation, the One who wrote the manual for the Book of Life, itself.
What's funny to me is how the word offense, in and of itself, is surprisingly abrasive, brazenly barbarian; to wit, "diplomacy" and "offense" would not seemingly play well together. 
For the truth is, by definition, to be on offense, is an act of aggression; it's an attack, a charge forward that is characteristic of invasions, a certain ruthlessness, and of unspeakable savagery, a move that demonstrates a position of power and might.  And yet, it does...  Throughout history -- especially American history -- peace through strength, citing a blend of diplomacy and offense,  has saved our pretty little derrieres more than once.  Can I get an amen?  And thank you, to The Patriot Post, for the timely reinforcements..s

Oh yes, to willfully and vigorously take this position of offense -- attacking life by the jersey -- alongside with an air of diplomacy and grace,  the greater our chances to succeed in most anything we set our minds to, especially if that very thing aligns with the common good and general welfare for all.

Life is what we make of it.  As offensive as it may sound, life is not for the faint of heart.  Life demands our full attention and tireless spirit.  It requires us to rebound from our losses, to forgive those who have trespassed against us, and to lose not our souls, our sleep, or our faith in humanity as we go along.  It does not celebrate losers; it abhors mediocrity and discourages whining at all costs.

Life asks of us what it asks of each and every one of us and does not play favorites.  With right action comes right results, and it doesn't get any more complicated than that.  [Ask Harvey Handcuffed Weinstein for more on that one, right?]

Tomorrow I get to pick up my baby girl at the airport, for a wee bit of time to catch up, just before she buckles down @her-first-real-job....and so it begins, for her, and for her alone.  Finding myself here, at mid-life, smack dab on the fifty yard line, so to speak -- oh to recognize the places she will go, the life she has yet to live.  All the advice in the world will not be enough...am I right? am I right? teehee

Some things just have to play itself out....on there own time...according to the laws of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, nature, and physics alike. 

Like it or not, life is like a nuclear bomb always in the ready position.

And yet, consider for the moment just how ordinary the president finishes the letter to Kim....

If you change your mind having to do with this most important summit, please do not hesitate to call me or write. The world, and North Korea in particular, has lost a great opportunity for lasting peace and great prosperity and wealth. This missed opportunity is a truly sad moment in history.
Sincerely yours,
Donald J. Trump
President of the United States of America

yeah, yeah, like if you change your mind...call me, text me, drop me a line sometime, see you around the cul de sac little rocket man Kim Jong Un.

[love it.  The only thing I would have changed in the letter is the font color :) ]

But this tactic.
This tactic.

If you change your mind....Kim....If you just stop acting like a snowflake....

But no pressure.

Way to play it, Trump, way to play it. 
And must admit, you are awfully fun to watch... from the sidelines.

Make it a Good Day, G

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

It's about Destinations and Milestones and Things

Dear America,

so good morning.

doesn't this feel a wee bit foreign...

Oh well.

Such is a day in the life of this American girl.

And speaking of girls,
mine just graduated from college.


what happened to the last twenty-one years, seven months, two weeks, and a day?  teehee

oh the milestones we celebrate

For being such an emotional girl, what a surprise it was to find myself totally composed throughout the rather long ----  all-consuming-of-an-afternoon ---- ceremony, if not the entire day.  The waterworks didn't really show up until the day after...when leaving my girl in the arms of her sweet beau, and on her way, somewhere south of the border, for a little rest and relaxation. [Destination on a need to know basis.]

Speaking of which, pretty sure all of her carefree prancing around the globe, under the guise of higher learning and academia, will come to a complete stop by the end of the week.... just saying.  As the reality of joining the ranks of the many esteemed college graduates meets up with the teeny tiny matter of finding a real job sets in, make no mistake:  this girl is well equipped with everything she needs to proceed from here, no matter where her sweet heart, quick wit...cultivated, educated, and attractive little package, may go.   [Destination unknown]

oh the milestones left to go

My heart is full, I can tell you that.  SO grateful for her university of choice and the generosity of its foundation; the gift of receiving so much help from her grandparents; and the very ability of keeping up with the costs (expected and otherwise), the logistics, and the starry eyed dreams of the last four years.  God is good.  God is good.

And speaking of hearts, I gave a few away over the last couple of weeks....
oh these precious little things....
Made in Bethlehem, from olive wood, the brand spanking new Bible Museum in DC featured a beautiful collection of trinkets and souvenirs to choose from, and these just so happened to be my favorite.  [Destination a must see.  A must see]

I gave one to my girl x
Gave one to my nanny family xo
And kept one for me and mine xoxo  

What I love is that each heart is unique; while the ancestry may speak a certain heritage, purebred olive, each individual carving displays its own vibe, as the swirls of knots and varied coloration guarantee being one of a kind.

Kind of like family -- whether speaking of our own, or according to the descendants of the entire human race.

We are connected to the One Source, the Tree of Life, origins being Under God, the Creator of all things seen and unseen.

The swirls of knots and varied coloration guarantee the uniqueness of each and every one of us.

 ode to the milestones we have in common

Traveling always sends me into the outskirts of my mind, contemplating humanity.  It's a wonder how some of us even get along in this world -- which is just the perfect segway into a story of the lady at the United baggage check raising cane and making a scene at the gawd awful time of six am, when nobody, but nobody, should showcase that kind of anger towards anyone in customer service, like ever, let alone display it for all the rest of us to witness, without so much as even a sip of coffee yet...but I digress. there is not a time, nor day, when I wanna continue down that road.  [Destination, insanity]

Traveling IS wonderful, for so many a reason, no matter the season.

But it is that very moment -- when we return home -- that our world takes its shape and finds its proper place, coming full circle with the people, place and things we collected on our travels with the people, place and things we had left behind.

Destination, home.  Heart and hearth carving out our world in ways that make us feel whole again, in an instant.

Surely the next milestone is around the bend, but until then, this is home.  
And it feels good.  

See you around.

Make it a Good Day, G

Monday, April 30, 2018

It's Cue Another Day Thing

Dear America,

Apparently, when speaking to a room full of Jews,

"agree to come to the negotiations tables 
or shut up and stop complaining" 

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman 

think someone's taking a few cues from The Donald?

what I love about this, given the fact that the Saudi's are not real fond of Israel (the Jews) -- is that this guy just calls it like he sees it; either come to the table or shut up, for this current approach you Palestinians are choosing is very much in the way of making real progress and the making of real peace possible.

And now globe trotting across the continents, and taking a quick glance over to President Trump's direct approach to North Korea -- just look at the stunning turn of events between the North and the South!  And much to the chagrin of the mainstream media and Leftists far and wide, large and small. 

Cue the latest planetary alignment between Trump and the Moon.

But let's leap across the stage -- to a parallel galaxy far, far away............

Cue Mike Allen @Axios, and his analysis of Michelle Wolf's Correspondent's Dinner appearance...

Cue a second take from Axios, and all of her vulgarity, here...

Cue the pep rally -- instead of attending the Correspondent's Dinner, serving the overdone roast, the president just did his own thing, like, two years in a row now.

All indicators prove, Trump takes his own cues; and he certainly doesn't need to share the air space with someone like a Michelle Wolf.

And it's not like her approach even worked, right? 

And more than that, isn't it amusing when Wolf's method of making funny gets put on the twitter spit and continues to be roasted for days later... How's that smokey eye of yours, eh Michelle?  Feeling the burn?   [The good news is, you will more than likely never be asked back for an encore...so don't you sweat it, girl]   [Call me funny, but she isn't that funny]

Oh the world is a busy place, isn't it?

Get a load of what Netanyahu just said....Breaking News:  "Iran is lying, big time."  

and more.

Cue the reality of the continuous play within alternate universes in which we live.

Oh this day could be so long, if I wanted to go there...and I don't.

So back to present day reality of finishing this blog --

Real journalism --- the very thing the Correspondent's Dinner celebrates, with real awards even, and becoming the highly anticipated annual platform to perform  a complicated routine mixing political hi-jinx with beltway comedy -- seems  to be a dying art;  the whim of our political fancies frame what we say, how we say it, and even who reads it; whether it is received in laughs of approval or falls flat center stage, under the heat of the spotlight and a barrage of partisan critique, the audience lines up accordingly, right on cue.

There is left and there is right -- and if there is anyone remaining in the true center, they are surely the ones who not only suffer through it all, but revolve around a constant refrain, the joke is on US....

But more and more, as time goes by, this correspondent's dinner yearly rip seems to have run its course...  So cue its off-Broadway future, like, yesterday.

Michelle came to a close saying this:  "Trump is so broke he grabs pussies because he thinks there might be loose change in them. Like an immigrant who was brought here by his parents and didn’t do anything wrong, I’ve got to get the fuck out of here. Good night." 

Like, cue that mouth shut already. 
And looky there, we just went full circle -- from the Crown Prince to anything but a crowned comedienne jewel. 

All in a day's work round these parts.
You're welcome.  [girl taking her bows]

Nothing else to do but cue the music.

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Make it a Good Day, G

Thursday, April 26, 2018

It's about the True Source of our Strength Thing

Dear America,

"...[But] self-reliance is not highly valued by the Lord." 
 Reverend Charles F. Stanley

say what?

just a teeny revelation tucked neatly under the covers of this morning's devotional, under the title, "The Source of Strength;" it came alongside, for companion reading, a couple of Bible verses from 2 Corinthians 12:7-10.  Basically, according to my crib notes edition, the Apostle Paul explains how every weakness and torment in his life has actually cradled him, securely and lovingly, in the arms of the Lord, so to speak; recognizing that without the abundance of issues to deal with on a daily basis -- between his poor health, imprisonment, harsh treatment, and the like --  keeping his natural born ego in check and tightly under wraps would have been a constant challenge.  He would have easily grown conceited, full of himself in every way, and over time, certainly begin to neglect the guidance and direction from the Lord. [As in, I can do this all by myself...so there...nanny nanny na na]

His point -- having a certain amount of dependency -- having a "thorn in the flesh" and keeping our hearts and minds on the Lord in childlike faith, keeps us centered on the right things, the spiritual principles designed by God to keep us happy and whole and connected to the very things that truly matter.  [Mostly, HIM!]

But taken out of context, oh me oh my --  this itty bitty line carries the power to be so misunderstood; for in the downgrading of what would ordinarily be considered a natural strength -- this thing called self-reliance -- it would seem not only contrary to what God wants, but against how we, the people, have been programmed and raised to believe [...you know, according to America's founding principles bubbling up from the hearts and minds of our brilliant and enlightened founders].

America loves its self-reliance, right?

We were built on it.
Success requires it.
Life happens all around it, and through it, and with it.

Who needs God when I can do ------------

It is interesting watching the theatrics around this Ronny Jackson dude...once up for nomination to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the same guy who has just bowed out of the nomination process, under the pressure of what may be best described as a pile on from every corner, and highlighting every weakness -- either of ones of his own making or of the broken humanity he treated, in total, reckless abandon, some would say.  

There is a part of me who wonders, just maybe this Ronny guy... just might have been.... perfect.  

For he is imperfect -- much like the restless, badgered, defeated, infringed, band of brothers (and sisters) who make up the mighty force of soldiers under the title of America's Veterans.

Sure, America's got an opiod problem; and Americans love their dependency on everything from caffeine to Dramamine, from ambien to provigil, from whisky to wine to pot.  We pop it, shoot it, bottle it, and make whoopee with it....all the live long day, it may also seem.

Let he without sin cast the first stone...right...

America can be so holier than thou, can't we now?

[But let us not get too wrapped up in that]
Let us scroll back to the top and to the place where we are to entrust our firm reliance -- because surely, mankind has its fair/unfair share of faults, to a fault. 

Mankind has its faults, large and small, for this is how the world -- under God -- was designed; free will and all. 

God wants mankind to come to Him; He wants our reliance to be upon the spiritual truths and principles, and not of THIS world, for this world IS imperfect; it is broken; it is fallen; it is dependent upon Him, even if we walk around totally unaware, or worse, totally full of ourselves and dismissing our inherent push to be in relationship with God, above all else.

It is in these times of brokenness and struggle, when true character and strength is revealed.  And very well can prove to be the kind of strength we quite possibly never knew existed.   It is in the brokenness we often fall on our knees and pray, humbly seeking direction, or just acceptance and forgiveness.  And this is all good.

But as brokenness and weakness comes and goes,  this girl has come to realize that this very same God also responds when we find ourselves coming to Him in praise and thanksgiving, no matter the highs or the lows; and the more we come to Him, whether broken or in our Sunday best, the greater this relationship proves to be the one true Love, steadfast in the bonds of living in relationship every waking day; keeping our firm reliance not upon self, but upon Him --  in the fallen world in which we live --- takes us to places truly unimaginable, almost out of this world. 

Under the covers of our human-ness, lies our greatest  limitations when we leave our experience within human boundaries; our humanity is a weakness, and we are surrounded with it every single day.  There is not one perfect soul in all the world.

 SO here's the thing --

our founders built this fine nation upon the firm foundation of self-reliance, and independence, and liberty, because THIS land, this crib, this nation -- and the very individuals who were beginning to migrate to her seeking shelter and security of every kind  --  were already a faithful people, and fully reliant upon the Lord.  This was not new to them; matter of fact, this faith was such an integral part of their daily lives, they left everything behind to make a new life in America entirely around, and through, and UNDER this God.

long story short...
they understood the first principle of entrusting one's reliance...and it was not upon self; whether talking about the cornerstones or the framing, our foundation recognized the One True Source of our Strength.

...and that, my friends, has made all the difference in the world.

It is only now -- within this deep state of deep conceit -- that we bear witness to a fault as firm and self-evident as the naked earth. 

Make it a Good Day, G