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Monday, October 11, 2010

Dear America,

Splendid explanation for what's going on in the world was discovered in this morning's horoscope -- via YAHOO! and Astrology.com; the prince of planetary shenanigans has been prophesied by Mark Lerner for some time now.  For me, I think of it as fun and games, just a little creative majesty to my day; never have I ever literally taken the word of Lerner and marched forward based upon What Would Pluto Do, you know what I'm sayin.

But having said that, this morning -- and a Happy Columbus Day Monday Morning to you, too! -- I got such a rush, I just have to share it with you.

Marky Mark Mars said this, when generalizing about the aspects upon us:

"The Universe bruised the human kingdom on Spaceship Earth from November 2008 to July 2010 by tossing five Saturn-Uranus zodiacal oppositions into our cosmic neighborhood in the galaxy. Pushing your personal agenda [which by the way, is often frowned upon in the nature of things horoscopic] without regarding to others is a no-win situation.  The past (Saturn) and future (Uranus), logic and intuition, conservative and revolutionary forces, are vying for supremacy right now."
Well blow me down, get off of my cloud, there may be something to this Rastafarian relationship of wonder and delight.

hmmm just what occurred around that time; respective of the premise and time frame, does anything come from the back of the mind and into our present day reality with a jaw dropping thug?

Yeah, I thought so.

Hey, and how about those Israelites who are on the verge of polarizing Arabs that much more with their latest push for cultural integrity and supremacy -- gotta love the personal agenda rising to mercury levels when it comes to nation building, no? 

Brilliant really; legislating loyalty on return for citizenship, what a novel idea. 

Of course, it triggered shouts of racism, purposely calling it racial profiling,  from the Arab community, as a way to control the "inferior status" of Arabs into law, within the country.  Netanyahu simply says, "whoever wants to join us has to recognize us."  This comes by way of calling for a brand new "loyalty oath" when becoming a citizen of Israel -- answering the age old question, who's flag flies now?

Ah, that would be Israel's.

SO we have Obama's reign of unpopularity rising to it's highest levels, after a period say between 11/08 through 7/10, that has everyone begging for mercy, crying out for the end of retrograde policy and proforma -- while faced with immigration issues here, and far away in the Middle East, coming to a head in every way conceivably possible; we are at the peak of something -- what that is, is any one's guess; while good old Mr. Lerner has blessed us this morning, by shedding a little light on a thing or two.

Ah, it could just be all poppycock, there is that; just loo loo airy fairy mumbo jumbo, that's all it is, take it for what it is -- or sit back and go hmmmmmmmmmm, interesting.  It really doesn't matter; Obama will continue to go on his merry little way left, Netanyahu will continue to veer his merry little way right, and somewhere along the way the revolutionary forces amongst us will act accordingly.  Isn't that wonderful?!

For 'just a girl', when I come across a blip of whimsy in the midst of the catastrophic underpinnings of an entire nation (or two) in perfect flux, I just gotta stop; the magnificence of the Universe not only aligns with the times, it brings enlightenment, if we so choose to accept it; almost like a nudge telling us, we can do this the hard way or the easy way, which would you prefer, as it slides a Hershey bar across the table.

The more I listen to the left, the media, the pundits and the president who keep on saying this is all Bush's fault, the GOP has no new ideas, the money changers of Wall Street are to blame, while the Chamber of Commerce is out to destroy America -- I just have to laugh, as they just don't get what's going on right now -- at least, not in the sense of the deepest, darkest, cosmic, polarization of the masses -- what with our heads spinning on their axis, circling Pluto as we speak (while, it's not even considered a planet anymore), and on a revolution unfit for long term survival throwing us into a tailspin.

There is a loyalty factor amongst us that no one on the left seems to notice, let alone feel obliged to cling to for their own good, for that life in America we all love and adore; however, we the people recognize who we are now -- and struggle with the forces amongst us who wish that part of us harm. 

Much like the Israel Loyalty Oath, so much of who we are and what we do here in America, is largely symbolic; it is always the small gestures, the big picture, the e pluribus unum reaching across state lines -- and specifically once you cross our borders -- allowing for the individual magnificence to melt into one, and coming together like one big happy milky way family, sparkling across the night sky.

We are not separate people vying for supremacy, with a personal agenda leading the way (this is where MR. I AM PRESIDENT, hear me roar, gets it soooo wrong, like soooo last galaxy  -- cuz he's a Leo, you know); we are ONE nation, and it is called the United States of America.  We raise one flag (once, even on the moon!); we share one language; we celebrate every one's God, because we honor God and that's what we do; and we fight for unity and equality for all, for rich or for poor, in sickness and in health, until death do we part.

WE, as a country, took a vow way back in 1776; and there is no way we are going to sit back idly by, watching our world slip away from us fading into a long, long time ago without a fight, the good fight [remember when candidate Barack claimed Afghanistan to be "the good war" -- chilling just how juvenile his international experience with conflict really is -- NO war is "the good war" -- but now look at him, he just wants out.  Duly noted: the timing and characterization fits the horoscope to a tea.]

Whoever wants to join 'U.S.' must recognize 'U.S.', and live under the laws of nature, the rule of law, the Universe, and perhaps with a little Divine Providence thrown in for good measure; and what a beautiful world, when we wake up one morning only to find reinforcement waiting for us to catch up.

To steal an idea from Star Wars -- let us come to a close with one thought: may the force be with you, and for all of us, today and tomorrow, whether Saturn-Uranus comes out to play with us, or not.

Happy Monday, and thank you, Mark for your daily insight with flare and finesse -- and to good old boy, Chris, for the discovery made that makes this all possible (yes... believing wholeheartedly in fairy tales, rainbows, and unicorns too).

Make it a Good Day, G

listen to Meredith Brooks on Dear America...fate turns on a dime...the mirror faces you...you cannot look away...deconstruction... brilliant and beautiful star girl amongst us.

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