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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dear America,

So picking up with where we left off yesterday, The Heritage Foundation's "Morning Bell" daily wake up call offered further insight on the subject of family, and quite frankly, it left me stunned:

"As Rector has amply documented before, the left’s continued blindness to the cultural underpinnings of poverty have undermined civil society and bloated our federal budget. Since 1964, the U.S. has spent $15.9 trillion on means-tested welfare programs. After adjusting for inflation, welfare spending is 13 times higher today than it was in 1965. Welfare spending has grown more rapidly than Social Security, Medicare, education, and defense. And what do we have to show for these efforts? According to the Census Bureau, a record high 3.7 million Americans fell into poverty in 2009. The out-of-wedlock birthrate is now 40% and the African American out-of-wedlock birthrate is 72%. When the War on Poverty began the out-of-wedlock birthrate was just 7%."
Poverty growth is linked to the deterioration of the family; while the article also finds, poverty only begets more poverty -- while the archaic, penalizing ideas of parts of the welfare requirements further wreak havoc, like not allowing recipients to get married. We have grown a system of welfare programs that have totally replaced the family -- and now, the stats prove it.

When the "war on poverty began the out-of-wedlock birthrate was just 7%..." and now look at us.  If that doesn't shake things up, God knows what will.

You know what else was stunning to hear?  Angela Merkel -- flat out declaring "multi-culturalism [in Germany] has utterly failed."

Oh my, wonders never cease; after all, Europe has long thought they were cool like that. 


Enlightenment comes in mysterious ways these days.

Merkel basically said they needed to be more like America -- carrying forward the belief that Germany would be stronger if in fact, the people, and immigrants, melted into one...realizing, too, that the only way to do so, is total assimilation to the inherent culture of Germans, and going even further to say, learning the native language is absolute and non-negotiable.

Germany has awakened!  The dream of the multi-cultural society -- the Utopian lovin' free-world, imagined in their little elitist heads, chockfull of a rainbow of color and creed -- has failed; what they envisioned through their pointed efforts to welcome the world to their door, feels  not      quite       right...

The budding global government mentality of the twenty first century, the work of progressives undermining the integrity of countries and communities left and right, has met their match -- all hail to the angel of e pluribus unum, albeit in another part of the world, but hey, a girl's gotta take it wherever she can get it.

The thing is, assimilation -- as simple-minded as it may be -- seems to be the common thread to all things living and creating, growing and communing... that is if we wish to be the master of our world and the maker of a better life.

We can't improve our prosperity level if we just sit back waiting for the paycheck from the government, if there is no incentive to work, for who really would?  While if there is a greater benefit to having another child out of wedlock, digging in deeper to a life of poverty without restrain, why change our ways?

While just as communities around the world openly and trustingly allow the immigrant to come -- welcoming the new culture to gain a foothold (even if complete with dangerous ideologies and radical religious activism) , dismissing the call to unify with the whole in keeping to their own agenda -- does nothing to grow a vibrant show of loyalty to the country to which they came. 

In both instances, everybody loses.

There was a reason America grew out of the seeds of liberty and justice for all; there was real meaning back behind our defining characterization of the budding community we know now as Americans, under the spell of the iconic phrases found in our very own Declaration of Independence; there was a Higher Purpose to our creation, a greater understanding of our unalienable rights, and a firmer alliance and allegiance to our founding principles and values.  There was a time when we were so clear about it all -- it was enchanting and universal and destined for greatness.

But here we are, poverty is high and the feeling of community is at an all time low all the way around, whether referring to the neighborhood, or all around the entire miserable globe of ours.  WE are splintered, broken, and poor -- more than ever before in our history.  And you know the world's got problems when the nation that used to lead the way -- economically, spiritually, communally, patriotically  -- begins to wobble on it's axis.

The article in The Morning Bell includes a few solutions -- but the reality is brutal,  we can't just flick a switch and recreate the family unit back to the sixties, when the out-of-wedlock births were so low, and that is simply tragic; while Merkel attempts to hit the reset button, only time will tell if she is too late.

If anything, this tells us that policy beginning right now must be different -- we must reward good citizenship, incentivize building community, support common values that bind family and faith, and accentuate the positive, the plus factor that inherently illuminates brightly when we come together in a united purpose, waving flags and all -- versus breaking off in fractions by cultural differences and divided interests that only tear us further apart. As time goes by, the systemic failure is ours to make or overrule.

In this moment, my frustrations grow as we see so much of the focus on family rapidly deteriorate, all while we culturally come out in praise and full support of unconventional lifestyles; where is the pop of praise for marriage between a man and a woman?  for traditional families? where is the love? 

...just maybe, if the rainbow marriage coalition came to meet the other side with love and respect! instead of demands and reprimands, happier days could be made for all of us; there has to be a way to expand the rights without marriage being redefined -- whereupon the license we are reduced to signing as "partner A" and "partner B", which was the immediate reaction and slap in the face from the courts in the state of California.

Again, the political correctness of an issue gets the best of us, and overlooks the mainframe of community far and wide -- tradition gets unabashedly smacked down, while overt and covert activists of extremism in marriage easily capture the compassionate and progressive heart, controlling the P.C. dialog, while leaving a trail of divisive destruction in their wake.

Can't we all get along without discrediting the opposition -- without the ridicule and disparaging  remarks of the majority -- and more important, upholding our natural and universal beliefs that bind and make us strong?

Yes, I believe we can.

Marriage, family, faith, community, melting into one will be what saves us; assimilation with the whole will be what brings us together -- there is room in a community for all; but what it will take, is the spirit of cooperation.

What it will require, is speaking the same language, in both metaphor and actuality.

What we must reward is when it works, no matter how it looks.

and a little more family dinner won't hurt either...

What must remain constant and true, will be the identity, the integrity and the character of the whole, for without, the spirit of the foundation will be gone... the budding vibrancy of a people will be lost... thereby, only making a brighter future living next door to next to impossible; for real unity and astounding prosperity, the assimilation factor is absolute and non-negotiable.

But far be it for me to say, just let the astronomical growth of poverty and broken spirits, along with the recent sway of an entire nation, make it so.

and Make it a Good Day, G

Oh my, Tom Bosley just passed away...oh unhappy day, first Billingsley, now Bosley, who's next? 

Ya see, it's a sign; America is crumbling at the family unit, who needs any more of a demonstration than a couple of pop-cultural family icons to leave us, huh? huh?  This is how it starts...

thank God for Modern Family on ABC, Wednesday night...you may think it contradicts, but not...they show us how it can be done very well (not perfect, but whose family is?)...and very funny. love it.

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