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Monday, February 29, 2016

It's a Tale of Two Oscars Thing

Dear America,

Once Upon a Time at the Oscars

this morning, how about we "hold the powerful accountable," right, Mark Ruffalo?  ...just an actor who happened to have portrayed somebody of principle -- and a journalist, of all things, but not so much the main thing on the day...

So let's not dither while second guessing either the lighting, the staging, the approach, or the tone.

The thing is, Hollywood is good at story telling. It's what they do.

And second, Hollywood is pretty powerful, with pretty people to boot.  Oh my, to the heights of influence, of persuasion, of indoctrination, of power we go.  It's Oscar worthy, the level of polish, of sanctimony, of corruption against pure unadulterated substance.

Hollywood is good at story telling --- just not always the whole story (with some exceptions, of course).

Oh look, here's an exception now:  A Girl in the River....Every year, more than 1,000 girls and women are the victims of religiously motivated honor killings in Pakistan, especially in rural areas. Eighteen-year-old Saba, who fell in love and eloped, was targeted by her father and uncle but survived to tell her story.

It's a US/Pakistan collaboration, with HBO carrying the water, so to speak.   When Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy was accepting her Oscar last night, she made note that the Pakistani government was in the midst of writing into law new protections against such honor killings, and to that end, we must honor the means and applaud such courageous activism through film. (Honorable Mention goes to Tina Brown, too)

But let's get back to Spotlight guy, Mark Ruffalo...

The point was made, more than once, that on behalf of the greater good, staunch global investigative journalism is not dead, and deserves accolades for continuing to bring justice to the disenfranchised of all sorts.  SO how about we do that right now.

First take: this thing called sexual abuse within the Catholic Church, perpetrated by priests worldwide, and the entire story back behind SPOTLIGHT...  Here's another part of the story, not mentioned:
Here are some statistics that should be familiar to us all, but aren't, either because they're too mind-boggling to be absorbed easily, or because they're not publicized enough. One in three-to-four girls, and one in five-to-seven boys are sexually abused before they turn 18, an overwhelming incidence of which happens within the family. These statistics are well known among industry professionals, who are often quick to add, "and this is a notoriously underreported crime."
This is a piece of America Has an Incest Problem, from the Atlantic, two years ago.  Stunning is the reality that nearly 30% of our entire population is affected by incest. The Atlantic goes on to include how this translates into well-documented consequences.  (Please, don't be afraid -- read the entire post, and click the links.)  

Sure, Spotlight did cast a laser beam on the horrific occurrences of abuse within what is considered the definition of sacred space -- church; and what about the intergalactic, celestial harmony of family?  What could be more sacred than creating a safe space at home?   What about this generation of abused children giving birth to another generation of abused children in some way, shape, or form? We suddenly realize we are no longer under a spotlight at all.  In reality, it exposes a blind-spot.

How can the United States possibly realize its full potential when close to a third of the population has experienced psychic and/or physical trauma during the years they're developing neurologically and emotionally—forming their very identity, beliefs, and social patterns? Incest is a national nightmare, yet it doesn't have people outraged, horrified, and mobilized as they were following Katrina, Columbine, or 9/11.

hush pretty baby
Second take; moving on to the first time Oscar winner, Leonardo DiCaprio, taking Best Actor for The Revenant, and his acceptance speech....

"Climate Change is Real...It is happening right now, it is the most urgent threat facing our entire species and we need to work collectively and stop procrastinating. We need to support leaders around the world... who speak for all of humanity...[blah blah blah] politics of greed."

Let's take the Ryan Gosling stance against Russell Crowe, shall we?  Let's agree to disagree.

Yes, it is happening right now; it's been happening since the beginning of time, you dim wit.

BUT, if you want to go there, let's discuss the reality of carbon footprints, in the general,  and the movie industry, in the particular.  Here's where we begin the story, at a place called Capitalism Magazine:
But first, it should be pointed out that movies and the entertainment industry in general are a recent phenomena. They are a by-product of the enormous wealth created by capitalism. Specifically, movies are an American creation. Not only is the technology and ingenuity of movie making distinctly American, but the concept of the “Hollywood ending” could only have been created in a benevolent and optimistic culture which in turn depends on the prosperity, wealth, and freedom of a capitalist culture. Twentieth century socialism gave the world Mao, Hitler, and Stalin. Capitalism and Hollywood gave the world Fred Astaire, Lucy and Mickey Mouse.Could anyone even one hundred years ago imagine that we would have a society with so much wealth that it could afford an entire “entertainment” industry? Would they have imagined that actors and musicians considered by most at that time to be rogues (I guess not much has changed) could make enormous fortunes plying their seemingly insignificant trades? You would think that those who make their living in the entertainment industry today would have the most profound gratitude for capitalism, technology, industrial civilization and those who make that civilization possible: the scientists and businessmen. Wouldn’t they understand that their profession could only exist in the most advanced, most sophisticated and wealthiest of societies? 
isn't this fascinating!

It goes on, saying..."Imagine how much energy is used in the making of a film?"

And you know what, how about we edit ourselves right here and now.  This girl isn't going to copy any more for you; read about Hollywood's Carbon Footprint, here, and everywhere [See also Emission Impossible], and make up your own mind....no doubt your conclusions will be similar to mine, for you people who read G are not just a pretty face, now are you....

The hypocrisy runs rich in Hollywood. Watching the Oscars was like watching a walking, prancing, singing and dancing, dolled up forum of award winning contradictions.

to know the truth.
EVERY truth
the whole truth
[love Gaga..Till It Happens to You]

Lady Gaga's performance was the highlight of the entire night.  No doubt.

And yet, all of a sudden the truth about incest in America creeps into my head, making me wonder when will we discuss sexual abuse in all places -- church, no problem, let's talk about it -- college, no problem, let's sing a song about it...and what about home?

It just leads me to believe, Hollywood only loves you as long as you sit, stand, applause for THEIR agenda, THEIR ideology, THEIR side of the story, THEIR propaganda. and so on and so on, much the same way as liberalism, in general, performs.

Third take: this, from Caitlyn Jenner, a republican -- who says SHE gets more flack from being conservative than being transgender.

And now for an explanation, go here, @The Daily Signal, for Kim Holmes take, The Rise of Intolerant Liberals.

Here's a good part --

Finally, liberalism has become hostile to open inquiry. Liberal intellectuals used to love open-ended debates because they thought they could win people over with their intelligence and wit. No more. Today’s liberal intellectuals are much more interested in stifling debates than having them. After all, who needs debates when all the big questions have been answered by their ideology? 

and also, along these lines...here's a shocker.  PLEASE Read THIS WHOLE POST and THIS, both from The Patriot Post.  [These are two must reads as we run up against Super Tuesday.]

And now, in my final bow...

Fourth take:  to this thing called racism in Hollywood.

The truth is, people of color are represented in close proportion to the 12.6% of the entire population in America; and not only that, once people of color are nominated -- a higher percentage, a whole 15%, goes on to win...go here for How Racially Skewed are the Oscars?

But really, given the data -- Hispanics and Asians prove to be the real demographics sight unseen. Where's the spotlight on that?

One of my favorite parts of the night was when Chris Rock was opining upon why the Oscars even split the categories of men and women...he's like...what?  why do we do that, it's acting...it's not like track and field...and then runs with it...leaving what we thought was pure logic in a heap of dust with a laugh on top.  He's got a point, does he not?  Where are the feminists in Hollywood kicking and screaming for total equality? Equal pay, equal chances of award, the whole shebang.

Oh this thing called perspective, story, the big picture.  It's highly entertaining, to say the least.

Sometimes it's all a masquerade -- as in last night's production, as in SOME of the truth IS well hidden.

And sometimes, sometimes this masquerade lights a fire under us to effect change, and speak up for the disenfranchised...

like me...

...just a girl who is, often times, the target, the minority in the Hollywood audience, who has to sit and watch such a spectacle of sanctimonious dribble when properly placed in direct view with the whole truth, with reality.

And on that note, one more day is in the can.  boom.

Make it a Good Day, G

Friday, February 26, 2016

It's an Arab Spring, American Style, on the Catwalk Thing

Dear America,


cut many things

cut so much your head will spin

nobody --  nobody on this stage that's done more for Israel

he's a liar



i will -- and i can tell you it will be 10 feet taller now

not going to have people dying on the streets

you'll have so many different plans

make America great again

Is this America's next president?  For real?

He says very little; and when he speaks, it comes out with an air of condescension, dribble, a finger pointing, personal attacks, and not a speck of substance. 

Greatest line of the night was a tie:

"I watched you repeat 
yourself five times just five seconds ago." 


"Can somebody attack me, please?"  Carson

so funny

Now, as soon as Cruz and Rubio figure out which one of them will settle for Vice President, we're golden, send in the crowns (wait. stop.  we don't make kings).

From there, Carson can be put in charge of Department of Health and Human Services, repeal Obamacare, and continue to do community outreach to heal, inspire, revive America from sea to shining sea.

And Trump -- he can start by building the "fucking wall"  and maybe even pay for it --- and when he's done, maybe dabble with commerce...job creation....and in all of his spare time in-between his need to tweet, he can make deals on trade...China...bringing companies and fortunes back to America; choosing to use only his strong suits to reform government, and leave his character flaws, his dirty laundry of adverse loyalties, and his worn out one-liners to explain his weak set of plans to lead an entire administration, in the closet.  

And Kasich...well, let's just have him go back home, to Ohio, he does so well there, right.

One thing I DO NOT understand in this Day After the ugly, rather ignoble,  disgraceful affair aired in front of millions, is how The Drudge Report shows Trump having won that debate. It's like, huh?

You kooks have got to be kidding me.

If THAT performance is a win and shades of  GREAT things to come -- then I want NO piece of it, not even the lapel pin.

Trump did not win that debate.... unless of course, you are one of those followers who are simply blinded by the emperor's roar, his tower of babble, fully dazed by now from the shiny things that mesmerize and hypnotize and totally dismiss the things that matter.

This girl just isn't buying it; not seeing it either.

And even though I have said this before, I will say it again -- if push comes to shove, I will close my eyes and vote for Trump....please, Lord, don't make me.

 At the very least, you can all be grateful this girl is not piling it on while in cahoots with Glenn Beck, right?

Can you even believe him?  
Did you hear his latest?
NO, not that one, the other one...

“There is a storm coming of biblical proportions, a storm coming beyond your recognition,” The Blaze founder warned in a blog post on his personal website. “When the economy collapses, when our currency is worth toilet paper, who do you want, who do you want handling our nation? You want somebody who has divide us, who is grooming Brownshirts?”

having just crossed paths with a few of these "Brownshirts" and was so moved to characterize the Trump supporters as simply, “rude, vile, nasty.” 

“I don’t want to say all of them. But there’s enough of them,” he added. “And the ones that I met that were nice, I don’t how you can stand in the same room with them. I don’t know if you look — how do you look at those people and say, ‘Wait a minute. That’s what my guy is encouraging.’”
so that's kinda funny, no?

In one breath he says he doesn't want to say "all of them," but in the next, he connects the dots and sews up the seams in such a way that completes the entire ensemble as one in the same.

Nice job, Glenn, nice job.

Did you happen to discover this displaced anger in the hamper alongside a lost smelly sock and pair of boxers?

This is so disturbing.

And by the way, just who's in charge of your wardrobe these days?  Sure -- it is neither here nor there about town -- but really, what's come over you?   Here's the Roosevelt shot.  And just love the intellectual, bow tied warrior mixing it up with the cowboy home on the range ....here.  One page, same guy, many different hats...
But it's this shift, this not so subtle sign of desperation in being behind YOUR GUY that has me befuddled.  For your approach to beating up and taking down the opposition is by taking the very same approach as the "rude vile nasty' Trump supporters, and even The Donald himself --  and that being, in a word, ridicule.

Makes me think that everybody's designer must be the same...

...oh darling, it's an Alinsky.

 [Rules for Radicals, see Tactics, see also the Thirteenth Rule]

But of course.

Now isn't that rich and aren't we a pair.

Beck Beck Beck Beck Beck
Let's pull it together, man.

The only reason why we are here now is because the GOP in Congress did not do what they were asked to do by the voters!  They kissed the ass of the king -- over and over and over again -- bending over to every whim and fancy --  and so this is what we get.

THE PEOPLE HAVE NOT ONLY HAD ENOUGH, they are desperate for a change, leaving wide open the very conditions for another con against America to take place.

But the thing is -- the thing that is truly vile  -- is the lack of duty, to God and to country, run amuck within the walls of Congress.  The people elected a body of representatives to control the Obama Administration, to restrain the abuse of power, to repeal the abomination of Obamacare, and for all intents and purposes, redress the nation.   And what did we get for our money?

There was no restraint.

There was no reform.

There was no redress.

The irony, Glenn, is in the fact that both Cruz (your guy) and Rubio were well aware of all of this angst within the party.  Oh sure, they both left a mark -- but what a calamity of errors, design, and approach; it wasn't a good thing.  And therein lies the rub, rayon against polyester; nobody associated, or even remotely associated, with the establishment could make the grade.

The thing is,
it's too late.

It's all too late; spring has sprung and the new line is fresh for the taking.

Americans can't seem to get enough of it.  They don't even care what it costs.

Blame it on the emptiness inside -- the shallow, the weak, the disenfranchised, the spiritually broken, the unemployed,  the pissed, have come together to stand in line, "Brownshirts" and all; give credit to the Want of Winning over substance, as the hole was simply there.  It needed to be filled with something.

We can thank this hopeless hollow... this short-sighted desperate nature of desire to look good, feel good, and display greatness, at any cost, to an overwhelming decline in general.  As a culture, we are lost -- growing more and more insignificant around the world, having systematically diminished the importance of the pillars of character and substance over the latest fad, trends, memes, facebook posts, immediate gratification, opinions of millennial billionaires, ping ping ping...

Individually and collectively -- acts of diplomacy, large and small, don't stand a chance.

Trump may have the capacity to win in New York City, and even win the nomination for the GOP -- but then what?  His label will immediately be trashed from the left, from the media, for the opposition just waiting in the wings, crossing their fingers for the chance to have at it on the easy pickings...send in the critics.

What we are witnessing, really, is our own little Arab Spring, American Style, on the catwalk.  [think about it]

And it's UGLY.  Violating to the senses.  We are so depraved.

Having destroyed our true identity, having reduced the natural born wide appeal of generations to come for all the right reasons, we have done nothing more than cheapen the brand in every possible way known to man and back again.  Fashions repeat, don't you know.

Wake up Kmart shoppers, it's a blue light special...America is up for grabs.

Make it a good day, G

you know, a long, long time ago -- little g was campaigning for a Trump/Christie ticket.
Granted, it was circa 2011, if my mind serves me well -- but now, having grown into myself just a wee bit since, it makes me cringe just thinking about it.  Makes me also wonder what else messed with my good senses...tee hee.   But times change, right.

But just maybe I was ahead of my own time -- sprung for a season too soon...

Which should make us all wonder..........is this a sign of next season's vibe.....would he take him under his west wing as VP?   stay tuned...time will tell.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

It's a Nation of Pussies Thing

Dear America,

"Let a man then know his worth, 
and keep things under his feet.  
Let him not peep or steal, 
or skulk up and down 
with the air of a charity-boy,
 a bastard, or an interloper, 
in the world 
which exists for him." 

Ralph Waldo Emerson

so this girl is fit to be tied (what else is new, right)

and considering my general inkling to string one day to the next as seamlessly as possible -- and in spite of possibly a day or two or even a week in-between -- with that in mind, we will spin the last thing...the Open Castration of Glenn Beck into a one-sided discussion of a certain, and painful, squeeze happening throughout the land.   

We are turning into a nation of pussies.

Too vulgar?
Did I offend?  perchance
Or is that just some Trump supporter screaming fuck yeah  heard as a fuck you?

Let me pause for just a moment so you can alert the media of my filthy mouth...
yeah, you're right, it probably won't even make the cut of concern, given the rude, lewd, crude, salacious nature of the general population.  The competition in that arena is huge, isn't it?

But what about this nation of pussies?

Let's begin with the brilliant idea -- masterminded by a cadre of left brained, doctorate toting, transformation activists --  to give every kid a trophy.

Wrong; way to chisel the art of competition down to a nugget of irrelevance, people.  If everyone gets a trophy, how does carving out one's personal ambition have a fighting chance? Where is the will to create an atmosphere of growing true courage... to dig deeper, train harder, overcome loss, and start over, if not for a real separation of winners and losers?

This is where 'taking one for the team' takes on a whole new meaning.

This philosophy of even-steven wreaks havoc on building a strong, able-bodied, independent mind and carries the strength to single-handedly destroy an entire generation. 

Oh, what?  Too strong?  Too general?
...then congrats, you're a pussy, too.

Let's move on dot org to when these kids go to college -- and truly, they are still kids, having been wrecked, ruined even, by the upper echelon of teachers, coaches, collaborators, and worst of all, their own parents,  in the full-on take down of self-reliance;  for the very experience of failure, hunger, offense and strife of any kind, is a motivator!  Can I get another fuck yeah!?

Let's see, now where was I ---

right...when these kids get to college now -- what happens?  THIS: read it!  From Megaphones to Muzzles.  Or THIS:  read it!  as Tolerance and Free Speech Collide... And THIS..for students afraid to debate feminism....ugh what a bunch of pussies.  literally.

The protected, coddling of a generation continues!  

...and somebody still expects us to fill the armed forces with this?  oh that's rich... what a farce in the fine use of force.

What has happened to us?

For a more discriminating observation reveals it isn't simply about getting out feelings hurt, now is it? Common sense tells us this thing is more about a clear and present danger to liberty.  It's a smack down, a squeezing of a certain belief system, an ideology that just so happens to run counter to the ever-evolving, rolling tide, of a nation.  And it is motivated, driven, to quiet the opposition by way of the Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky tactics of intimidation, and a full court press to oppress in order to fundamentally transform America from her roots.  [Early G thing was all over this...but you'll just have to take my word for it or go to vintage G to read all about it.]

Speaking of arming our forces...let's about face for a moment.

The United States of America is at a turning point.  The Blue Coats are not coming, they are here.  Can I get a 'oh no, we're fucking screwed' ?

THIS Commander-In-Chief ------  the thin-skinned, two-faced, ideological Leftist, who enjoys pina coladas with the Castros, un-diplomatic relations and negotiations with terrorists, diminishing and demolishing our armed forces,   and quite possibly, siding with an enemy if push comes to shove...  GO Here.   GO here  (THIS is a MUST READ, btw)    GO here ------ is a disaster!

But worse, when it comes to the international circle of weasels and wild cats and wolverines, oh my, Obama is demeaned and discredited as a world-class pussy, a child.

Hence, just one more reason
why Trump is WINNING

Americans don't like weak presidents.

And by the way, Mr. President 
for now, anyway, 
and just maybe 
until the end of time. 

And lookie here,
we go from an Open Castration of Glenn Beck to the Pussy-in-Chief fighting harder for his own ideologically driven, fundamental transformation WITHIN than anywhere else in the world. 

And in utmost sincerity, we can blame it on Obama's childhood -- raised by wolves in sheep's clothing with a mission to take America to the woodshed, castrating the very things which have made us huuuuuuugh!

Things like our true liberty -- free speech -- ambition to excel in everything!  -- our self-reliance -- our independence, not this fucking dependence on everything government doesn't have to give! -- our foundation of faith -- our traditions -- our competitive edge -- our free enterprising spirit and economy (not this fucking fake one from crony capitalism) that grounds us and sustains us to go out and DO Things, MAKE Things, even if we sometimes lose a few things in the process....

It's just that... in this moment... little g finds herself so very grateful, overcome in the realization that I wasn't raised to be a pussy.  Thankfully, having grown to excel at many things, at the top of that list is making lemonade.  

I can make it pretty much out of anything, thank you, God...

And it's pretty fucking good, if I do say so myself. 

Cheers everybody.

Make it a Good Day, G

And thank you, mama and papa, for little g was blessed with two really fucking good parents xoxo...and fetching the soap as we speak. tee hee

Monday, February 22, 2016

It's an Open Castration of Glenn Beck Thing

Dear America,

"A tyrant must 
put on the appearance 
of uncommon devotion to religion.  
Subjects are less
 apprehensive of
 illegal treatment from a ruler
 whom they consider 
God-fearing and pious." 

let's start with a big bang from Beck, shall we? 

“...if the country is lost, it will be lost because of the Christians...There will be no one else to blame...You can’t blame the progressives. You can’t blame the left. You can’t blame Hillary Clinton. You can’t blame anyone else but the Christians who are not living and voting their principles." 
[for the full story on Glenn Beck, host of the Christian skewering of the day, go to Breitbart]
Oh, and just before serving up this sweet and tangy self-righteous sentiment  -- Desperado made a special request for all of us true believers: to join Beck and his family in a mission for Monday... fasting for Cruz.  
Can I get a Hallelujah?! Just look at how the Lord works!  If we hadn't all watched it with our own two eyes....Taking the boy out of New York City...divining a road that leads to Dallas...and now look at this dude, digging deep, so deep he might have struck some oil, getting to the very core of it, and talkin' straight up (of course, without the whiskey chaser).   Praise the Lord, for judgement day came a whole lot  sooner than expected. and if you said all that sounding like your very own poor rendition of Francis Underwood the better for all of us; we're in this together, and a little whup-ass while undergoing a harmless character assassination is just one more way we can all contribute.  can I get an amen?
my apologies for that. (no, not really)

makes me wonder if some time over the last 48 hours my soul get-got herself possessed, or something. (wrong again)

But first things first, even if it comes second --
This girl happens to LOVE Jesus.  Little g gives thanks to the big guy, the BIG G, every single day -- on my knees usually --  and always in prayerful thanksgiving. 
And here's another truth be told -- this girl happens to like Beck vewy vewy much...that silly rascal.

So it's crazy with what comes next...

a  kook. 

Did he really pull the old Christian card on the entire flock?   "If we lose America" -- Beck believes it is because CHRISTIANS are "not living and voting their principles."    Are you sure you're not a darn-tootin' Catholic cowboy now... with you rustling up all that guilt and what not...?

SO -- if we can just nit pick for a sec --
are you simply acknowledging that all Christians should see the same thing in Cruz that you see? and to that end, vote accordingly....as a block....because Ted, in all your fine judgement, is the good Christian in the bunch, the one with principles?  IS that correct?

You believe that the rest may be Christian, but, perchance, not the most principled of Christians -- and therefore, a vote to anyone else but Ted would prove to be an allegiance of some kind of sacrilegious fate -- a blasphemy of something dreadful -- a day of reckoning in lock step with Revelations?

For the sake of argument, let's agree to disagree and then disagree some more...and let's begin by leaving The Donald out of it; but what of the rest?  Let's go to the guys who have joined Ted in self-promoting a religious backbone in the campaign, however, taking a far more humble approach.
Is TED really better, more principled, than John Kasich...or Marco Rubio...or Dr. Ben Carson  -- who, as you must know by now -- experienced a personal turning point to the way of the Lord that changed him forever, and happens to read and know the Bible with a photographic memory and can recite a verse of worth on a moments notice and leads a campaign with the motto -- HEAL INSPIRE REVIVE?  And  -- come to think of it, for the record, Ben's tax plan in simple terms goes something like this: "Follow the Biblical example and make it flat and make sure everyone has skin in the game.  Everybody pays something." [Reprinted from a place in the heart of America, quite possibly within the Bible Belt itself, and called www.runbenrun.org}

But all that is neither here nor there really.   It's just this indignation pouring out from every pore...this highfalutin impulse to lambaste the very people who have supported you for all of your days, from CNN to Fox to The Blaze.    We are your people, Beck, and you just struck us with an arrow, splitting our hearts in two.

For this is news to me, Beck -- this whole thing about casting the entire lot of Christians as not only having in common a belief system, joined at the rib in being followers of Christ, indeed, but with that peace that passes all understanding, we should somehow, by some miracle of Lourdes, happen to all want the same thing, the same candidate -- and moreover, take your word for it, as if by decree or homily?

Oh the irony.  You know you are beginning to sound a lot like Pope Francis telling Trump how good Christians are to behave, and how building bridges between Mexico is better than a wall...just sayin' partner.

Of course, if we are to be drifters along those lines, believing in the premise that WE are ALL God's children, that we are all citizens under one heaven -- then why any border -- why any red lines in-between us, why any separation of church and state, country or language, why any separation between us at all -- not even oceans should come between us.  More to the point, this might be the perfect principled hour to call for Pope Francis to tear down his wall at the Vatican, for Saint Peter's sake.  How about we start there, while reciting the Hail Mary and asking for forgiveness as we go along brick by brick...But I .....digress.

And I suppose, Beck, heading this exhibition out west, setting sites on the LEFT coast and probably going straight to hell in the here-and-after,  but if we are to be rest assured upon your logic -- are you gonna tell me now that all African-Americans should vote the same way, think the same way, want the same things, too?    If little g were a betting girl, my six pence would be on Dr. Carson who just might take issue with this all or nothing, downright robbery, of independent thought!  For surely, there are times when common sense can only come when it decidedly, forthrightly,  goes against the grain, and with great courage -- in spite of the amber waves of resistance circling the wagons, and in this day and age, coming complete with hashtag slogans and a facebook page.

It's just wrong; we get annoyed with the Left for this very thing!  Breaking people down by demographics, hurling propaganda at them with break-neck speed, and then expecting a return on the investment at the polls.   We the people get used and spit back out with no apologies.

Oh my, this girl is 'a rambling on and on...

It's just disturbing, this thing with Beck and Cruz, aligned to make their mark in history from probably the right place, with good intentions, and clearly a solid, godly foundation for all the right reasons --- but somehow this platform suddenly, and feeling somewhat shameful to admit, feels dirty. [and speaking of dirty...]

And mind you, this is a response coming from a believer -- a true believer in all of the above....God being first and foremost, but an honorable mention surely goes to Cruz and Beck!

It's crazy; it's like, what is happening to me?  Or is the better question, what happened to Beck?

Should I stop and question this thing called my faith if my attractions go another way, opposite Cruz?
Is Beck's high and mighty passing of judgement against the entire nation of Christians of sound mind, or is he the wacko-bird about to start his third or fourth career selling snake oil at the county fair?

And yet...

If I dare keep going -- about that "if the country is lost" bit...

It must be said, that a fair portion of this good, godly country -- the Judeo-Christian roots -- have already been torn asunder!  Much to my regret to disagree with Beck's opinion -- the truth is, the progressives of yesteryear and all the way through today ARE to BLAME for America's fall from grace, from God, from a foundation that painstakingly laid the groundwork to grow the most prosperous, faithful, hard-working, educated, enterprising, independent people for all time.

It is done and it is not good.

Right now - - this country IS lost; it's no longer a question as to If or When.

There is neither a North or Morning Star to be seen.

We  are in the wilderness, fasting, and, coincidentally, well timed for being right in the middle of Lent.

We are lost.
We know we are lost.
And we are begging for directions from the likes of all kinds of passersby, searching desperately for someone to lead us out of the valley, over the mountain, to find happiness and restore us.

And it's a funny thing, but just yesterday, Sunday, I received word from God, himself:  there is not one man (or one woman) on the planet who can fix what is broken -- you know, as president -- without the good favor of each and every single man and woman and child doing their fair share, and duty, to God and to country. [Including congress!]

Our downfall IS believing government can replace God, can replace good citizenship, can make up for our teeny tiny transgressions here and there.  Our downfall is putting our faith into mankind and dismissing the essential elements of living soundly, morally, rightly under God and believing in something greater than ourselves.  Our downfall is letting go of the the word of God in our every day.

Beck. Beck. Beck Beck Beck....This thing called "not living or voting" by principle isn't about to happen; it's been a century in the making.  Nice try, though; nothing like a little religious tyranny roasted over an open fire.

.....Whoa, Nelly.....

Perhaps, we are looking at this the wrong way.  Maybe we need a change in perspective -- maybe if we actually climb the mountain and look down from above....

Perhaps,  a more reasonable explanation is simply recognizing that we the people haven't really changed; government, itself, is to blame, having grown so big, so thoroughly corrupted, to the point of no return.
[And this alone should immediately negate the worthiness of any candidate who has been on the inside, no matter if only a couple years or three decades; thereby, after taking account of what's to the left and who's to the right, swing your partner and doesy doe,  only two candidates remain out of the whole kit and caboodle to choose from -- Trump and Carson.  Boom.  Perhaps we should pony express a decision for P and VP right here and now.]

And finally, if for no other reason than ending on a high note --

...perhaps a better way to look at our culture, our faithful roots and the rewards that come with lock, stock and barrel begins and ends and begins again with realizing the scope and breadth of our charitable giving.  This is where we come alive as a people who truly live by our faith and hope and good will.   And it is quite puzzling, really, because I'm pretty sure Beck is well aware of these things, and a wee bit of restraint before his reckless damnation questioning every Christians values and principles would have suited him in the moment just fine.

And we need to look no further then this month's Imprimis from Hillsdale College.

Karl Zinsmeister, focuses on the subject of  Charitable Giving and the Fabric of America, and begins getting right to an astounding stat:

Private philanthropy is crucial in making America the unusual country that it is. Let’s start with some numbers. Our nonprofit sector now comprises eleven percent of the total United States workforce. It will contribute around six percent of gross domestic product this year. To put this in perspective, the charitable sector passed the national defense sector in size in 1993, and it continues to grow.

Now my wish is for you to read the entire piece, for the stories of bits and pieces of history speak volumes of not only our hearts and generosity, but of the way America truly works.  We work hard.  We make money.  And we give much of ourselves and our wealth away.

Here's some more:
Still, partly because so much of private charity takes place out of the public eye—on the local level, private, often anonymous—many grossly underestimate its power and insist that major concerns can only be addressed through government action. They seem to have three major criticisms of private philanthropy: one, it’s a drop in the bucket; two, it’s amateurish, chaotic, and lacks expert coordination; and three, private donors act from impure motives.
Drop in the bucket? The Gates Foundation alone distributes more overseas assistance than the entire Italian government. Over its first two decades, its overseas vaccine program is projected to save the lives of almost eight million children. And the Gates Foundation represents only a tiny sliver of American philanthropy directed overseas. Members of American churches and synagogues send four-and-a-half times as much to foreigners in need each year as Gates does, and total private American philanthropic aid sent overseas substantially exceeds the foreign aid budget of the U.S. government. The latest totals are about $39 billion and $31 billion, respectively

Did you get that?

Private American philanthropic aid totals 39 BILLION dollars and exceeds the foreign aid budget in the U.S. government!

Members of American churches and synagogues send four and a half times as much to foreigners in need each year as Gates!

Yes.  I am repeating myself.  And with good reason!  This is good stuff!

Karl also informs us that we actually live in a polyarchy society -- a society that enjoys many independent sources of power -- and of course,  it's the opposite of monarchy.   Adding to the nature of who we are, Karl notes:

But philanthropy in the United States is not just a story—or even primarily a story—about wealthy people or big foundations. Only 14 percent of charitable giving in our country comes from foundations, and only five percent from corporations. The rest comes from individuals, and the bulk of it comes from small givers at an average rate of about $2,500 per household per year.

This IS who we are.

We are, generally speaking, enterprising church goers, tithers, givers, healers,  And while we're at it, let's stop the billionaire bashing, too.

And I believe, we, Americans, Christian or not, like to do the right thing, too.

And it just makes me ill to bicker over whose Christian heart is bigger, purer, faster, better -- but more than that, this coercing, manipulative, campaign strategy to coalesce behind Ted Cruz is a shame.  A real shame.   It's an unbridled, un-principled tack that hits Christians, pitting Christians against Christians!  We might as well send in the clowns and the lions all at the same time.

okay G,
bring it on back,
c'mon girl,


Oh my -- to God be the Glory!
We are, generally speaking, enterprising church goers, tithers, givers, healers -- and fiercely, fearlessly independent!

This is who we are...today.
This is who we were...yesterday.
And this is who we will be -- with great, unwavering faith -- tomorrow.

and as always,
Make it a GOOD Day, G

Friday, February 19, 2016

It's America at the Crossroads Thing

Dear America,

No Justice, No Peace
No Peace, No Justice

in the context of replacing Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia,  this depicts two sides of the same coin.... e pluribus unum  ...squaring off.  yay.

The coin this girl is looking at right now is a quarter --- honoring North Carolina -- and it shows the Blue Ridge Parkway curving 'round into what is clearly a tunnel, and whose got time to stop and smell the flowers at a time like this? [And that would be the Flowering Dogwood fyi.]  While good 'ole George is on the front...right alongside the words "In God We Trust" and "LIBERTY."

The court is in the cross hairs, here at the crossroads.

And there is a wonderful piece, at The Washington Examiner, by Philip Klein, that might explain this thing called partisan...which is, surprisingly, defined in The American Heritage Dictionary as "a militant supporter of a party, cause, faction, person, or idea."  Seriously.  It said "militant" -- which is simply speaking of "a combative character... a militant person, especially, a political activist."

In modern Washington, appointed bureaucrats can issue sweeping regulations imposing billions of dollars in costs on industry, small businesses, and consumers; they can determine what type of health coverage every citizen must buy; and can make individuals pay more for electricity.
It wasn't supposed to be this way. Originally, the federal government was to be one of limited powers. Whatever power wasn't explicitly granted to Washington, or ruled out, was to reside with the states and their people. When that's the case, it allows citizens to debate divisive issues amongst themselves, giving them a voice in the process, and allowing for regional differences to exist on particularly contentious issues.
the arrival of the number one reason to reform the federal government and return to the Senate it's intended purpose as stipulated by our founders; the Senate was intended to represent the best interests of the STATE.    And to that end, unlike the House of Representatives,  the two Senators/state were to be placed in office by the elected STATE legislatures accordingly.  In this manner, the smaller, less populated, and possibly less prosperous, states would share an equal portion and voice with the larger, more powerful, metropolitan centers of the country.  And likewise, the balance between conservative and liberal ideology, by number, by state, is met somewhere in the middle.

Rhode Island would have two votes in the Senate just like California... or Iowa; South Carolina and North Carolina...North Dakota and South Dakota....to each state comes the same two votes, supporting the whole of the state.  boom.

And since we have been discussing the aspect of the Separation of Powers (as in, yesterday's gthing), it would behoove us to recognize that the Judicial Branch was intended to be of fairly little importance in the great scheme of things.  It was not intended to sway, write, re-write, violate, desecrate, the Constitution, or the Rule of Law, itself.  Activism of any kind would not only usurp the process, but nullify legitimacy of any, if not all, decisions forthcoming. [The reason Roe v Wade decision has never ended the debate on abortion...]

No Justice, No Peace
No Peace, No Justice

The partisanship rearing it's ugly head has the capacity to destroy the Republic; and the beginning of the end will be the day the Supreme Court shifts to a reckless, progressive stance in re-writing, re-litigating, the law.   Ultimately, setting America up for a kind of fundamental transformation unimaginable; such a transformation violates our Checks and Balances, our Separation of Powers, our very nature of a government of the people and for the people.  Without such balances in place, the government gets bigger, the people in power grow more oppressive, confirmations grow more bitter, -- and --  true liberty for all dies.

Take a quarter out of your pocket and look at it...Under a limited government, there is neither front or back -- there is simply the whole. Feel the rough edges in between, where the slow process of critical thinking and colorful debate shape and define and limit the powers from on high.   Minting the law, respective of the intention back behind its origins, the original thought, is of the highest order.  And, indeed, often times it comes in fine lines and discriminating, treacherous, decision making -- there is only so much space for change -- otherwise the law becomes meaningless, changing on whimsy.

Fascism anyone?

Klein continues to illuminate, noting something quite profound:

As for the judiciary, it was conceived as the "weakest" branch of government, as described by Alexander Hamilton in Federalist No. 78. Hamilton explained that the judiciary "has no influence over either the sword or the purse; no direction either of the strength or of the wealth of the society; and can take no active resolution whatever. It may truly be said to have neither FORCE nor WILL, but merely judgment…"
And now look at us -- being on the receiving end of our Chief Justice John Roberts conforming to a certain lawlessness in Obamacare... and consequently, having fully re-defined the law, as in designating it to be a tax in order to confirm the president's authority to tax every citizen, and subsequently, siding with the liberal majority in both branches to MANDATE every citizen to be insured!   So much for limited powers.

You know, Scalia joined the High Court in 1986.  At the time of his confirmation hearings, it finally led to a vote of 98 to 0.  Nobody contested his confirmation.  Nobody contested Kennedy in 1988 either.  And Ruth Bader Ginsburg, circa 1993, was nearly unanimous, too.  [See also a fun map of the bench, just swipe over a judge for a quick bio on confirmation, here.]

President Obama has decidedly opted out in attending Antonin Scalia's funeral, tomorrow.  Shameful, considering this is a moment to leave the partisanship home and safely tucked under the cover of darkness.  A presidential salute of gratitude and respect is just part of the job description, if nothing else.  Not to mention, this would be a first -- a presidential, partisan, supreme size dis.

ON another front, how ironic that President Obama finds himself buried in regret [albeit disingenuously... sidebar alert, sidebar alert] in responding to his own actions during the Alito confirmation hearings... when the democrats did everything in their power to stop it.  He says now, as in Tuesday, this:

“I think what’s fair to say is that how judicial nominations have evolved over time is not historically the fault of any single party,” Obama said Tuesday. “This has become just one more extension of politics.”   [and for more, go to The Hill, here]  

well, there you go.
While his tone of voice, his face, really said it all --  it went something more like this... f%$$ the Constitution

The tell.  The truth. The travesty illuminated and confirmed in the year of our Lord, Two Thousand and Sixteen: we elected a free radical into the Oval Office, blinded by hope and change.

Thank God elections do have consequences -- whether it be the Executive Branch, or the House, or the Senate.  This is a time for the partisanship in the Senate to hold tight to the "two bits" in the hand and all for which she stands -- e pluribus unum -- and purposely fight for what is right for the American people, for it is reasonable and sound governing.

If we, the people, are ever to accept the reality that the Supreme Court has evolved into a mere extension of politics, and it sticks in our hearts and minds like a bad penny -- then it might as well be our funeral tomorrow, too.

Make it a Good Day, G

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

It's a Day Coming With a Dare Thing

Dear America,

"We must be ready 
to dare all for our country.  
For history does not long entrust 
the care of freedom
 to the weak or the timid."   
Dwight D. Eisenhower

so...just to be perfectly clear as to where we begin the day...
the Senate MUST hold tight to the expressed civic duty and lawful responsibility of refraining this wanton administration from total destruction of our Republic.

It's called the Separation of Powers.

Drawing support from one of the best books ever, The 5000 Year Leap -- we can thank a Greek for this function, a cornerstone of a government built for the people, with freedom and liberty for all.

Of course, he lived in the days before Christ; what the hell could he really know, right?  Well, going for a quick summation here -- we should all be amazed with what this Greek, Polybius, observed in the days of the Roman Republic, and the critical thought process that ensued, in the evaluation of governance in the day... from monarchies, to aristocracies, to democracies...all of it.

Polybius realized the inherent shortcomings, and thus duly noted and explained in The Leap by W. Cleon Skousen,  "none of these systems, when allowed to govern, provided equality, prosperity, justice, or domestic tranquility for the whole society."

And Skousen then shares a quote from William Ebenstein, who wrote Great Political Thinkers:

"Even more keenly than Aristotle, he [Polybius] was aware that each form carried within itself the seed of its own degeneration, if it were allowed to operate without checks and balances provided by opposing principles.  Monarchy could easily become tyranny, aristocracy sink into oligarchy [oppressive government by a few rich families], and democracy turn into mob rule of force and violence."

Well these splendid ideas passed away nearly the same day Polybius died.

We had to wait a rather long time for the rebirth of such wisdom; and finally, in the 1700's, came a Frenchman -- the Baron Charles de Montesquieu.  According to history, he spent twenty years writing The Spirit of Laws.

Here's  something to reign supreme in the hearts and minds of free people everywhere:

"When the legislative and executive  powers are united in the same person, or in the same body of magistrates, there can be no liberty; because apprehensions may arise, lest the same monarch OR senate [legislature] should enact tyrannical laws, to execute them in a tyrannical manner."

"Again, there is no liberty, if the judiciary power be not separated from the legislative and executive.  Were it joined with the legislative, the life and liberty of the subject would be exposed to arbitrary control, for the judge would then be the legislator.  Were it joined to the executive power, the judge might behave with violence and oppression."
And now to skip a few pages from The Leap and get right to the point of who we, in America, can thank for this thing called Separation of Powers:  JOHN ADAMS.

And he nearly stood alone on this one, believe it or not.

He was the first to bring Separation of Powers to his state of Massachusetts; and in turn, the federal government came along thereafter, almost begrudgingly.  And this is the perfect moment for the reprisal of the Adam's quote little old gthing used a few days ago, however now to place it in full and proper context.  This is from a letter he wrote to his wife:

"The science of government is my duty to study, more than all other sciences; the arts of legislation and administration and negotiation ought to take [the] place of, indeed to exclude, in a manner, all other arts.  I must study politics and war, that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy.  My sons ought to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history and naval architecture, navigation, commerce, and agriculture, in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary, tapestry, and porcelain."

How our U.S. Supreme Court -- the highest court of the land -- has become a political football is beyond comprehension, let alone any sort of justification.  It's tarnish being the unconscionable fraud against freedom and liberty for all, allowing for the political sway to shape and shift real law by the intentions driven by whatever hidden agenda of the political class.  It's a travesty of the Rule of Law, a transgression of the highest order.

John Adams was a prophet; for look at us now -- in comparison of the generations which followed him -- clearly today, the masses have grown weary of any actual duty to country, lazy of any inherent concern to understand their own responsibility that comes with a fully functioning Separation of Powers, and designed, all together,  to protect a free people under the law; indeed, having reaped, unwarranted mind you,  the rewards of the generations who have come before, and fought in wars, and fought within the bowels of the capital, and have fought on the streets of the free market, just to create this prosperous, rather easy, breezy, beautiful life and life style that is simply off the charts! There is nothing like us on earth -- these United States of America!

This wealth that lives and breathes all around us in the every day --  it seems that we have become anesthetized as to a certain and profound truth as to how it was all made, over time, and how it is all intended, with good reason and critical thought, to work.  America's future is, and always will be, fully dependent upon daring souls,  brave men and women, of all colors, of all religions, to cling more to the Rule of Law, then the whims of man. 

But, again, just look at us now; with the Left declaring it is their right under the law to place a Left-brain advocate "of the law" on the Supreme Court, to replace Justice Antonin Scalia [as if anyone else could do]; and in reply -- with about nine months before election day -- the right, the Senate majority, is insisting upon patience, with every intention to leave the spot vacant until the next president is elected.  [see political football details, here]

looking around...it's almost as if it's too late... 

For this generation of small minds -- complete with a fresh, however limited and abhorrent, liberal education of the last forty years --   is glued to their  iPhones, stuck on social networks in anti-social behavior, and being free to feel entitled for everything, from free healthcare to free college... so that they can get that degree in gender studies or literature or philosophy upon the virtues of the likes of John Adams, just so that when they finish, they can graduate and do nothing with that useless degree and most likely end up drinking coffee and painting and blogging and playing music on their brand new Beats earphones all the live long day....ingrates.

We inherited the wealth of progress, and totally undeserving given our lack of respect from which it flows.  And yes, that is in terms of both our general lack of reverence to our Creator, as well as to the natural awe we should all hold dear when it comes to our founders and the true intentions back behind every decision, every design, every article, every sentiment within our founding documents and the one essential element that makes it all work: the Separation of Powers.

It is a shame, really.  

For here we are, arguing about which side gets to replace, essentially, the indispensable -- the rare, the sacred, the uncommon man...... a judge who actually stood for the Law of the Land, and sat on the bench defending our Constitution,  without apologies, without wavering, tirelessly fighting for the Law from the one, true perspective of it's original intentions. The influence of any administration should have NO EFFECT on the law.

But here we are --  in the midst of replacing a brilliant, self-less, legal mind, and we mock the entire process by bickering over which political side gets the win?

What has happened to us?

 Isn't anything sacred anymore?

If we cannot entrust the bench -- the Supreme Bench, that is -- to protect the Law, then really, what's left?  Who can the people trust, if we can no longer trust a court of law to protect the law itself?

The thing is -- Obama has placed two liberal advocates on the bench during his administration; with only nine months before we elect an entirely new president to lead the way, it would be prudent to wait.  And surely, all of the candidates vying for a chance to bring a new direction, new solutions, to the country, would hope to have this once in a lifetime opportunity to play a part in placing a Supreme Court judge.  Obama has done enough. And besides --

"The American people should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court Justice," 
so says Senator Leader Mitch McConnell.  [and even though i cannot stand this guy, I agree with this wholeheartedly].

For we can be assured of one thing come November....

Come November we will know, with all hands on deck, which way this country intends to go.

Come November, the unknowns will be made known,  and we will see just how many of us DARE to act to the level that making history demands...

...for history does not long entrust 
the care of freedom to the weak or the timid.

Make it a Good Day, G

Monday, February 15, 2016

It's a Farewell Address to Remember Thing

Dear America,

today we celebrate George Washington's birthday...it's really the twenty-second day of February...but America chose to annually commemorate the day on the third Monday in February, and so this is where we begin the day.  

And to that end, we go to Washington's Farewell Address.

The speech, was actually never spoken in front of a grand crowd.  It was published after a collaboration of thoughts and remarks and drafts, covering a span of a number of years -- the gist of it beginning from what was intended to be a retirement speech, after his first term as president, with much of it provided by James Madison.  This final, now famous, Farewell Address, was first printed in The Independent Chronicle of Philadelphia. 

Can you just imagine having cohorts of the caliber of Alexander Hamilton and John Jay and James Madison critiquing and revising every word, every phrase, every patriotic thought, into what became a final draft?  Makes me speechless just thinking about it.

just love this part...regarding the Constitution....

 But let there be no change by usurpation; for though this, in one instance, may be the instrument of good, it is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed. The precedent must always greatly overbalance in permanent evil any partial or transient benefit, which the use can at any time yield.

This not only depicts the natural integrity of character in George through and through, it also characterizes just how America got here.

It's called a collaboration of unconscionable highs and lows of bad governance, spanning a century.

In the next breath, he calls upon us to recognize....
Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of patriotism, who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness, these firmest props of the duties of men and citizens. The mere politician, equally with the pious man, ought to respect and to cherish them.


It is not my intention to say very much today; I mean, c'mon, as if this girl could compete.

It is my intention to direct you to the Farewell Address to read in full, and take it all in on your own time.  Start and stop  HERE, courtesy of The Avalon Project, Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy at Yale.

Here's, however, how 'Geo. Washington' finishes, just because he is so so good and it sounds oh so sweet, humility dripping from a fountain of devotion to our beautiful country, America...

Though, in reviewing the incidents of my administration, I am unconscious of intentional error, I am nevertheless too sensible of my defects not to think it probable that I may have committed many errors. Whatever they may be, I fervently beseech the Almighty to avert or mitigate the evils to which they may tend. I shall also carry with me the hope that my country will never cease to view them with indulgence; and that, after forty five years of my life dedicated to its service with an upright zeal, the faults of incompetent abilities will be consigned to oblivion, as myself must soon be to the mansions of rest.

Relying on its kindness in this as in other things, and actuated by that fervent love towards it, which is so natural to a man who views in it the native soil of himself and his progenitors for several generations, I anticipate with pleasing expectation that retreat in which I promise myself to realize, without alloy, the sweet enjoyment of partaking, in the midst of my fellow-citizens, the benign influence of good laws under a free government, the ever-favorite object of my heart, and the happy reward, as I trust, of our mutual cares, labors, and dangers.
In it's entirety, the Address clearly documents a time and a level of acumen unimaginable and great.

Certainly, considering this day and this age, it distinguishes a level of free governing and civic duty and moral character in the abstract today...case in point, the cast of characters we get to decide on becoming the next president of the United States, but I digress.

Oh how Geo. must be rolling in his grave to watch this spectacle -- 
  • to observe a free and limited Republic turn more and more into an Oligarchy of the State, fully dependent upon destroying every Independence from birth 
  • to observe a governing class brazenly usurp Nature's Law, where the origins of where true liberty of a free people, under God and the Rule of Law, begin 
  • all the while, at every turn of an administration, turn the very pursuit of Happiness into a bureaucratic minefield. 

Shame on us.

Sure, it may be a happy holiday, but in reality, it's just another  sad day in America.

Make it a Good Day, G

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

It's a Socialism Rising Thing

Dear America,

"I must study politics and war, 
that our sons 
may have liberty
 to study
 mathematics and philosophy." 
John Adams

it's hump day and this is the day dedicated to the hump...the hump that has grown into a mountain of propaganda and lies and a government so out  of  control we can't see straight.  We've hit a certain altitude now, and the hallucinations are real; and not only that, they are capable of bringing what was once a full-fledged Republic, proudly dependent upon individual liberty and self-reliance and free enterprise, to it's knees.

Now Bernie's half-baked supporters don't get it; and they don't want to get it.   My knee-jerk response would be to blame the parents; but we all know the revolution we are witnessing today comes by way of a road paved and masterminded from the visions of intellectuals out of the sixties, complete with reforming education from kindergarten through graduate school (on the backs of federal loans and gimmicks and promises and teacher's unions and a department of education that has no business being involved, let alone in charge.......) that has, basically, brainwashed an entire generation (or two).

What's not to love this Valentine's week...
Free College
Free Health Care
and let's just
Stick it to the rich, the corporations....tax tax tax tax tax
and Move On dot org.

Isn't it great to live in the college bubble...

And these kids think they are being so cool, so libertarian,  so revolutionary, so Che....joining forces and raising voices with this anti-establishment/socialist chorus; it's remarkable how clueless an entire class of citizens can be...how they know not the fault of their own stars.  And yet, who am I to tell them the night sky is clouding their judgement and steering them in the wrong direction, right?

What really pisses off this primarily poised princess is the sad truth of the unbearable weight of combating this delusional, possibly drug induced, ship of fools -- the philosophy majors, the gender studies tribe, and the eco-fascist soon to be a lobbyist, alike -- is nowhere to be found.  It's almost as if a contrary opinion or alternative view doesn't even exist.  And wouldn't Adam Smith be shocked.

The right side of politics, the conservative voice, the pure logic and explanation of it all -- is simply not heard.   And it certainly can't be heard if it's not said.

What a bitch, isn't it?  These little revolutionaries have been raised with the freedom to resist and revolt by the very nature and nurture of this America, the beautiful, and the foundation masterminded by the likes of John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson...and on and on and on....the original crew of one hell of a revolution and this is how they give thanks. 

But here we are -- socialism rising...
The real thing is being replaced with a magnificent bang -- a fraud of new heights and depths that will make heads spin in a rainbow of colors and psychedelic paraphernalia.   Fundamental Transformation is the LSD of our time.

So time is a limitation today, for me, little g....hence, this girl is going to send you road-tripping around the web for a wee bit.

FIRST.  Let's start with some numbers.  (It's the real, real thing, baby)

U.S. Debt Clock.  A stop watch commonly referred to here on this g thing; but it's been awhile, so let's revisit it again, shall we?  

Pay attention to the real total in UN-funded liabilities...101 Trillion Dollars!
or perhaps how many Americans receive government benefits...161,056,763 million people
or perhaps how many Americans are still UN-insured, sans Obamacare....41,047,808 million people.

Or just maybe go to the number of people in the workforce...150,613,363 million (while 23,863,899 million of those work for the GOVERNMENT! While another 94 million have simply taken themselves out of the workforce for one reason or another)

And now just imagine having a credit card with 2.5 TRILLION DOLLARS racked up in interest alone!

The president's new budget is just one bad trip, and hardly worth the high, even if it feels good right now. The Heritage Foundation breaks it all down, here, and it is mind-boggling-ly good and thorough, at least to the extent a quick analysis can be; but it will require a wee bit of concentration and possibly more than three minutes of your time, okay...

What is a riot is how the Senate Republicans are beginning to send emails alerting the masses, like me, to the great bureaucratic mess that is Obama's new 4.1 Trillion Dollar budget.  Sounding the alert is one thing; it's the pitch that comes next that is highly questionable.

For the second paragraph asks for money to fight it!

It's like, are you kidding me right now?

Isn't that what you are mandated by the voters to do -- actually paid to do -- just by being a republican in the Senate?!?  Why do we need to pay you anything when this is just your freaking job?  You are being paid to put a stop to this nonsense and you are pan-handling to the lowly taxpayer to help you fund a task written into your job description?  How about you all reach down inside and find a little courage...and you find that right next to a pair of your huevos rancheros.  And after that --

I believe a return to any basic Political Science/US History class is in order (scratch that -- see if you can find one prior to 1979); and just to be clear -- no, you are not getting one damn dime.

"I must study politics and war, 
that our sons 
may have liberty
 to study
 mathematics and philosophy." 
John Adams

The kids today have no idea what they are doing for various short-sighted, misguided, independently-challenged reasons; but what excuse do the members of the Senate have, for Pete's sake?

America is experiencing two revolutions in direct conflict of one another; and it is not an hallucination -- it is a clear and present danger.  If it weren't so mind blowing important, it just might be fun to watch.

The thing is, we are not at liberty to watch; we must participate.

Get involved.  Be engaged in the debate.  Educate your neighbor who isn't paying attention, talk to friends, explain it to your children, support a worthy candidate in word and deed, write your congressman, call your Senator, read America's history and understand her foundation, contemplate what future is best, what future America can afford, and what future we intend to hold dear and close to our heart for the next generation.  

Make it a Good Day, G