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Monday, December 19, 2011

It's the Reason for the Seasons of America Thing

Dear America,

so many debates, so little time.

and just when you think the coast was clear for awhile, This Week with Christiane Amanpour throws another one into the mix...and so unexpectedly, I might add.  And can you say, that's entertainment?

For me, it is enough just to listen to the attitude drooling from the corners of Christiane's lips; but pursing that together with the left-leaning dribble, and we got ourselves a super model for media bias trying to pass herself off as the intellectual elite.  But maybe that's just me.

Gotta love the title for the show, though:  The Great American Debate -- "there is too much government in my life!"  Featuring....Barney Frank, Robert Reich, George Will, and my personal favorite (really), Paul Ryan.

Granted, I was making myself homemade mango turnovers with a vanilla bean glaze drizzled all over.  I was a wee bit distracted.  But the gist of it was this -- look what happened to Wall Street, that's why we need more government...and...look what happened with Fannie and Freddie, that's why we need less government.

Sure, it wasn't just about Wall Street and Home Loans; and it wasn't always so black and white -- there were times when the polar opposites almost agreed with each other.  But both sides seemed to keep far and away from a reality that nobody seems willing to talk about.

Whether we live in an environment where government is breathing down our backs, or not (which is certainly debatable until the end of time) -- we must first face a striking conclusion:

Until such time we restore our faith in Something Greater than ourselves, and return to the making of good, decent people -- starting at birth and continuing to give it our full attention until death do us part -- our society will falter.

end of story.
go to commercial.
start the reruns.

Now, I normally only turn the television on on a Sunday morning to tune into Joel Osteen, switching it to the Heart of the Nation to listen to the Catholic Mass immediately following.  It's just my thing.  The house is quiet, I have my coffee, and it becomes the time to bring me back to center, just me and God.

So, as Spirit should have it, Joel added another dimension to what I had just heard, you know, following the interruption of Christiane, Barney, Robert, George and Paul (who very well could be a saint in government issued clothing).

Joel reminded us not to get comfortable in our blessings.


and cue the lightbulb against the green screen

It's not so much about too much government in our life (even though it IS); it is more about having too little faith --  hardly even enough God --  and very little reverence to the attention of the itty bitty details to growing our good.  In short, America has become way too comfortable in it's blessings.

And right now -- collectively -- we are being encouraged to change our ways (again).

Divine Providence is working behind the scenes.

Joel impressed upon his audience the importance of affirmative action in every way.  And paraphrasing here, he said something like this, 'every blessing isn't supposed to be permanent.'  Going on to remind us not to get too comfortable, even when life is good.  And then, he throws in a timely anecdote to make his point...

he's like, you know, in the beginning, mothers nurse their babies, right.  babies get all they ever needed right there...but eventually, it becomes time for the baby to start taking a bottle.  And they don't likey likey too much (ask me how I know).  they fight it every step of the way.  but eventually...they adapt. 
And as we all know, the bottle becomes the perfect replacement to mama and life is good again.   .....ah....but lo and behold...cog in wheel right around the corner...eventually, mama wants to replace the bottle with a sippy cup...and then a real cup...and then eating real peas and carrots and spinach (yuck!)   All the while, it is up to the baby to push itself beyond what it has come to know as comfortable, even letting go of the everything it every wants or needs for something better, and basically, only doing so by pure faith.  the baby trusts the mama every step of the way.

America has had some glorious years -- we have acquired wealth, expanded wealth, created wealth in ways unimaginable to the naked babe in the woods.   The logic back behind how we got here can be debated by ideology for the rest of time.  But history does not lie.

America was founded upon principles and values of the ages and for the ages.

"We have a right to expect that men so aggressively religious as to encounter persecution, and so rigidly conscientious as to become exiles rather than submit to ecclesiastical tyranny, would embody their convictions in the government they constructed, and stamp their characters upon the legislation they enacted."  Bishop Charles Galloway, Christianity and the American Commonwealth, part of a series of lectures.

"Those living seed, watched by a favoring Providence, watered by the tears of a sanctified patriotism, warmed by the genial sun of civic righteousness, and cultivated by the industrious  hands of a peerless statesmanship, have produced the magnificent Americanism of to-day. Despite its defects, and notwithstanding the sad chapters of its history, our Americanism stands for all that is purest and grandest in the world's modern civilization."

Let's just say we have evolved.

"The Christianity of the colonists taught the supremacy of conscience, the sovereignty of the individual, the inviolability of private rights, the sacredness of human life, and the brotherhood of man.  Out of these cardinal doctrines came the fundamental principles of our republican government:  liberty, equality, fraternity, and the protection of life and property.  Religious liberty created and sustained  an inexorable demand for political liberty.  Freedom of conscience claims the right of free speech and personal independence."

We have long ceased the nursing stage. Untethered to the heart of who we are as a nation, unattached to the true "freedom of conscience"  -- and the subsequent individual responsibility and duty to uphold it -- we are floundering.  The rattling of the line 'if men were angels...' seems to be ringing in my ear, right next to the clinking of a silver spoon.

The purposeful making of good people has been left to chance.

Minus the reality of the last few years staring at us in the face, America has become way to comfortable in its blessings.  We have forgotten to give thanks; we have extinguished the rites and ritual of a loving, peaceful people; we have suffocated our very existence with stuff that does not matter; we have stifled the voice of direction, and promise, and goodness, that only Divine Providence can bring.

More important, we can do whatever we want but we can't stay here.[reminds me of a great song about that...]

Finally -- and in a twist of irony -- perhaps it may be time to swaddle ourselves back up again and bring ourselves back to the creature comforts of the simpler things in life...'liberty, equality, fraternity, and the protection of life and property.'   ga ga goo goo

but maybe its just me.

Make it a Good Day, G

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's All in the Narrative Kind of Thing

Dear America,

it's all in the narrative, isn't it.  isn't it?

imagine spending hundreds of millions of dollars every weekend...
some may even say, irresponsibly.

and getting essentially nothing in return for it.

just imagine it.

That top 1% -- the ones who reap the benefits, that is -- laughs at us all the way to the bank and back again at the arrival of each and every Monday morning [past, present and future].

did I mention frivolously...mindlessly...maybe even totally irresponsibly.

Return on investment?... for just a couple hours of our time (in banker years, just a flash across the ticker) ...

perhaps a little heartburn.
maybe some lingering goosebumps.
maybe even a couple of bloodshot eyes (from tears, you know).

Yup.  After killing two hours (three if it's of 'epic' proportion), a box of Junior Mints and a bucket of popcorn with extra butter, all of which you paid $24.75, you have yourself nothing to show for it really. absolutely nothing.

You have ownership in nothing.

You have helped Hollywood's top 1% buy another home, yacht, or diamond.

You see, the funny thing is, the top 1% are everywhere and within everything.  and we really wouldn't want it any other way, when you consider the options.

We want the possibility to grow wealth.

Do you think the key grip (whatever that is) should demand getting paid the same as Julia Roberts or Tom Hanks?   How, exactly, would the redistribution of wealth look like in Hollywood?

At least ANYONE can play the stock market.  At least ANYONE can start a business and grow it into a chain of stores (thank you Walmart and McDonald's).  At least ANYONE can work for a living, working for either the government or a private industry, having the opportunity to invest a portion of their hard earned money into long term funds, mutual funds, bonds and stocks.   Sure, the return has been dismal to say the least over the last couple of years -- but that is the nature of the beast, isn't it.  isn't it?

Wall Street merely took advantage of the market place; is it without fault?  certainly not.  Human beings -- chock full of a whole lot of human nature -- are kinda funny like that;  we've got some good ones and we've got some bad ones.  Got some good movies and we got some bad movies.

And earth to the occupiers -- some of us still have our retirement tied to Wall Street's long term survival.  hello?  ET phone home...'you can't handle the truth'....'make my day'....'what, did you go to college to get stupid?'  

But talk about elitist...you've got to know somebody to be somebody in Hollywood; to get on the ground floor of a movie, to make the big money, you must be seriously connected (or incredibly lucky, might as well just play the lottery).

What got this started this morning?

TIME magazine.
Person of the year?  THE PROTESTOR.

Occupy Wall Street (and the like) just got themselves a plump Christmas bonus.  Even after the latest tally -- 5,425 arrests in 94 cities  (thank you to The Daily Caller) -- without breaking down the fits of violence including, rape, murder, arson, robbery, just to name a Few Bad Men.  (aw, was that being sexist? so not sorry) -- they still get awarded with kudos of praise and admiration.  It's almost like having an award show where the deciders are the recipients and the recipients are the deciders and everyone goes home with a gold-leafed goody bag.  It's almost as bad as having Alec Baldwin be the spokesman.

Nope.  Hollywood gets BILLIONS of dollars through their hot little hands (mostly going to the top 1%) and the stupid people who pay to play get absolutely nothing. nada.  zippo. nothing but niet.

What a racket.

How about we start occupying where they live, like Rodeo Drive?  anyone?

Make it a Good Day, G

Monday, December 12, 2011

It's a Means to a Bitter End Living On and On Thing

Dear America,


I gotta say....great quotations are being made for the history books these days.  wow.

To the press, regarding that drone that is currently MIA (actually, that is totally incorrect -- we know where it is)  anyway, he says, "we have asked for it back."  (yeah -- from Iran! -- that's a good one)

To the press, via 60 Minutes, he says, "I didn't over-promise and I didn't underestimate how hard this was gonna be."  stopping just shy of making a knee-jerk reaction...with a wink into the camera.

Gotta love his audacity, huh.

With a Narcissist-in-Chief like this, who needs enemies, right?

He is right, though.
Everything IS going according to plan.

IF you happen to check in with the G thing from time to time -- you would know I started a new book -- and one that I have been taking my sweet time with, by the way (also known as, reading only when I have a chance).  It is called The Naked Communist.

Jumping into something that may sound off the beaten path, the book makes a point of mentioning how Lenin was admonished for not doing more during the Russian famine for the people.  Putting Lenin's so-called "in-action" this way:

"But Lenin would have none of it.  He would not help set up soup-kitchens nor join a relief committee.  Later is was accused of welcoming the famine as a means of accentuating the suffering of the people and firing up their revolutionary will to act."  and they would be right...

Lenin -- who grew up reading Marx --  eventually grew out of his religious faith as well, aligning himself more and more with the "cynicism of the Marxist interpretation of life."  And in a calculated manner, "to give himself some kind of professional status, Lenin made an intensive study of law."  But after finishing his studies (first in class even)..."Lenin then attempted to practice law, but for some reason lost nearly all his cases and, therefore, abandoned the law and never returned to it."

hmmmm just who does that sound like?

Or maybe, he sounds more like this -- when the book describes one of Lenin's favorite comrades, Leon Trotsky, as "a handsome, arrogant, anti-social intellectual who sometimes offended his fellow-Marxists because of his flare for elegant clothes."  (or was it the outrageous number of vacations and golf outings???)

But it was Joseph Stalin who could really relate to the people -- characterized as a "true revolutionary member of the peasant class -- a rough, unrelenting, two-fisted man of ruthless action."

It is about a page and a half later, when this naked Communist is uprooted fully in all of his glory --

"The years 1907-1913 were pick-and-shovel years for Joseph Stalin.  No one could accuse him of being merely an 'intellectual Communist' as they sometimes described Lenin.  Stalin learned every trick of propaganda, pressure politics, mass communications, strike techniques and labor agitation."

Guess this president wasn't as "shovel ready" as we thought.

Hardly.  Again, going back to what we noted a few paragraphs up -- everything is going according to plan.

"I didn't over-promise and I didn't underestimate how hard this was gonna be."

He [Obama-linsky] studied Marx, Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin -- just as he has well studied his favorite, more modern day, revolutionary, class-warfare, Bolsheviks/Occupy Wall Street/aka The 99 Percent Mentor: Saul Alinsky.

The answer to everything is absolutely nothing.  And let me quickly explain:

"Problems of morals would be solved by doing away with morals.  Problems growing out of religion would be solved by doing away with religion.  Problems of marriage, home and family would be eliminated by doing away with marriage, home and family.  The problems arising out of property rights would be resolved by not allowing anyone to have any property rights.  The problem of equalizing wages would be solved by abolishing wages.  Problems connected with money, markets, and prices would be solved by doing away with money, markets and prices.  Problems of competition in production and distribution would be solve  by forcibly prohibiting competition.  Finally, they would solve all the problems of modern society by using revolution to destroy society.  It seems the phantom of Communist hope [and change] can only arise from the bowels of the earth through the ashes of all that now is."

Look around you.

This is exactly what is happening to us.

"I didn't over-promise and I didn't underestimate how hard this was gonna be."  

Means to a bitter end lives on and on.
And all I can say now is, I hope we get our country back.

Make it a Good Day, G

did you know "Bolsheviks" is wussian for da "majority" -- the ninety-nine percent -- the opposite of the one percent -- akin to the 'this isn't about class warfare.  this is about the nation's welfare' words of wisdom spoken by this president of ours.... when regurgitating the progressive stupidity of teddy roosevelt just last week in osawatomie, kansas.  [just go to my last blog for speech backup...]

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's a Read It and Weep Thing

Dear America,

This morning I am going to try something different.

Running in the same vein with yesterday's theme -- being just plum tired of being lied to -- we will link to the entire transcript of the president's speech to America.  Wrought with simply too many contradictions to pick out one by one, I will leave it to YOU, the party of one, to read thoroughly at your leisure. Amazing stuff; and not in a good way.

But before we begin, my apologies for opting to use the NY Times as the medium between; while that runs second in condolences for the thirteen pages to read in turn.  Having said that, you must realize taking the president's majestic persona out of the mix, reading the speech in his own words, one by one, double speak and rhetoric and all, changes everything.

On the virtual eve of ringing in another election year, we must realize how presidents from both sides of the aisle have toyed with us, lied to us, played with us; America has gone from the free market plum to a dried up prune, allowing progressives to alter our foundation, our traditions, our free enterprising spirit under a slow, constant depletion of the natural resources required to grow our true good.

Evaporating the very ideals that have made America great, this is what progressives do best.

Pay attention to every word from this stunner of a speech; print it out, underline key phrases... match them up with the contradiction, flat-out lie, or distortion of American fundamentals in nearly the very next breath; over and over and over, this president leaves us wanting, searching for the vine of truth.

Frankly, this speech makes him sound like an idiot; he is reaching for something that remains a total mystery [for him] -- you know...given his background, his community organizing mindset, his Marxist family history, sitting in the pews for twenty years with his Black Liberation Mentor and Church Leader, given his terrorist neighbor who launched his political career, his host of Czars in the White House linked to socialism and communism and Mao along with social engineering aplenty...

..this speech should scare the living daylights out of every American.

So without further adieu, here it is. Read it and weep.

Make it a Good Day, G

need a second opinion?  Read THIS.  Free market has NEVER worked according to THIS American president.  shocker.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's All About a Girl Tired of Being Lied to Thing

Dear America,

...feel like "Jules" from the movie St. Elmo's Fire...'just so tired of being lied to.'

what's a girl to do?

just where does a girl turn?

and dare I ask, just how do we save the country without losing our sanity, if not our total self in the process?

real relationships are kinda like that -- we must somehow cling to who we truly are, while at the same time, learn to let go of parts of ourselves...you know...in order to create that more perfect union.

Nobody is perfect [nobody].

Nobody will ever be the all and end all; that 'all' is already within us [in theory].

In my experience, looking outside ourselves to fulfill anything  -- whether it be an emotional void or tangible capital interests or anything else one can dream of  -- usually results in catastrophe for everyone involved.  The key to fulfillment is becoming that which we need, want, desire and aspire to be ourselves; while the attraction of someone who so-called 'completes' us, becomes simply the icing on the cake.

Scratch that.
We should really be the icing, too...

...perhaps... the one we ultimately attract should  be considered more like part of our decoration... like a rosebud, or the swirling scallops found gallivanting around the edges, or the  dreamy layers of chocolate mouse or butter cream only known to those within the circle of our inner sanctuary.

'Jules' kept living her life inside out; always looking for the guy, the drug, the piped-in  imitation cream filling to do whatever it was she couldn't live without...also known as the things she should already be doing [being, creating...] for herself.

As a nation, we need to stop looking to the outside...

Certainly, after the ever-loving sweetness of Herman Cain has gone so wrong -- and so completely burst our bubble -- we hurt; that was a tough one (after all, we were so committed, you know); it is no wonder the most common refrain I keep hearing around me is something like, 'I'm done with politics'.  I mean, my goodness, talk about a blow to the heart and soul.

Everything we saw in him was utter perfection:  the anti-Washington layer, the outside the beltway layer, the businessman layer, the simple man from humble beginnings layer, the man of character who adores his wife of something like 43 years layer (can't exactly remember just how many years, but frankly my dear, I don't give a damn). And anyway, I feel like we all got a handful of cake up our nose with this guy, and not in a good way. 

But us silly Americans easily fall for the wrong guy, now don't we.

we are just that trusting, we are just that believing....I mean, look at how hard we all fell for Obama. And when I say 'we all' I really mean, you all...at least enough of the party of YOU to make him king.

Oh I'm just so tired of being lied to.

But first off: it would behoove all of us to work on all of us, and by that I mean beginning with ourselves.

If this is the best the GOP has to offer [the one who is ultimately becomes "the one" facing the best the Dem's have to offer... and by that I question whatever it is they see in Obama], then it should ring a few bells and whistles; we have work to do [on ourselves!].  Collectively and Individually, we have so much work to do.

That's pretty much all I needed to say today.

But if I had to choose........

The only one left I really trust is Michele Bachmann.  And in my mind she's got a couple things going for her -- one, she is not a man.  And two, she is a woman.

A strong woman.
A woman who already knows who she is already.
A woman who doesn't need anybody else for anything more than what she can already be, do and have for herself.
A lawyer.
A Congresswoman.
A mother of 28 kids and counting.
A wife.
A woman.

A woman who seems to live by a firm faith, from a foundation of sound principles and values; a woman who leads with her character shining from every part of herself. [or so I believe, anyway, outside looking outside...]

I think I love her. With Bachmann, I just might be willing to risk another broken heart.

Make it a Good Day, G

got a little 'tongue tied' on the video for the day -- click on "it's all about a girl tired of being lied to thing' and see for yourself.  Great vibe to play loud and dance with yourself.  happy tuesday...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's All About the 115 Trillion Ton Gorilla in the Room...It's a Pretty Big Thing

Dear America,

happy thursday.

to save time, let's just assume I know everything...

that's kinda funny, isn't it.  read it on a t-shirt once and stored it away with the apples of my cheeks just waiting for the right moment to insert a nugget of silly.

Considering the mood I'm in and from where I sit, me thinks the world could use a little silly.

Scratch that -- we have the world on fire in every which way to Sunday and what do we silly Americans do?  Escape -- as the top Google trends in recent days have included Demi Moore, Kim Kardashian, gift ideas and apple juice...

seriously people?

As if we don't have enough issues here at home with our own Central Bank "helping" us too much, now we have to be concerned with the entire world of central banking going gangbusters and global.  And the market is happy with this?  [see Wall Street's best day in years, just yesterday; right...but we hate Wall Street....I betcha even Alec was okay with what happened @Wall and Broad...tweet that, baldwin-boy]

If you have some time, here is an interesting overview, from The Atlantic. In a nutshell, here ya go:

"Don't be fooled by Wednesday's early stock-market rally: Hardly anyone believes that the central banks' actions are anything but scotch tape over the shattered window of the European economy."

got that right.

We, the people of silly Americans, are all aflutter from a five hundred point leap in the market, when we are in fact trillions in debt.  And we're not talking about the mere 15 Trillion it shows on record as our 'national debt.'  Hardly.  We're talking T  R  I  L  L I  O  N  S.  Honestly, it's an amount that will take multiple generations to pay back...if ever.  Collectively, we have stored in the apples of our cheeks not for the future, but for an onslaught of future unfunded financial liabilities, and all we keep doing is try to stuff in more.

From my favorite libertarian hang out, The Daily Bell, I bring you sustenance, including alternative perspective with plenty of back up [and may I recommend you take a basket with you...plan to camp out, take a picnic perhaps, for there is just way to much going on here].

Like most things, some of the most fascinating information comes underneath the article itself within the commentary back and forth.  The Daily Bell responds actively to questions posed by suspect minds, sharpening the original argument to it's finest pithy points.  Let me elaborate a wee bit....

From The Real Reason Bloomberg Sued to Open Up Fed Records:

"There have been a lot of reasons advanced as to why the New York Fed printed as much money as it did, but most of these elaborate justifications are just that ... justifications. What the elites of the day did during the "Roaring Twenties" (that they created) was to DELIBERATELY destabilize and undermine the system. It was probably done on purpose (in hindsight) to create a depression and perhaps a war that could then give birth to a new world order.

And in fact, this is exactly what happened. World War II gave way to a whole panoply of global institutions: the IMF, the UN, the World Bank, the World Health Organization, NATO and more recently, the International Criminal Court. We are expected to believe this was some sort of coincidence, a "reaction" to the second Great War. Was it really? Can we STILL be so sure in this era of the Internet?"

From The Daily Bell, in the comments section:

"The Fed, headed by Chairman Ben S. Bernanke, argued that revealing borrower details would create a stigma -- investors and counter-parties would shun firms that used the central bank as lender of last resort -- and that needy institutions would be reluctant to borrow in the next crisis. Clearing House Association fought Bloomberg’s lawsuit up to the U.S. Supreme Court, which declined to hear the banks’ appeal in March 2011.

$7.77 Trillion

The amount of money the central bank parceled out was surprising even to Gary H. Stern, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis from 1985 to 2009, who says he “wasn’t aware of the magnitude.” It dwarfed the Treasury Department’s better-known $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP. Add up guarantees and lending limits, and the Fed had committed $7.77 trillion as of March 2009 to rescuing the financial system, more than half the value of everything produced in the U.S. that year.


The 7 trillion is only part of about US$16 trillion that was revealed by an audit initiated by Congressman Ron Paul ... We subtracted about US$3 trillion because ... "Of the $16.1 trillion loaned out, $3.08 trillion went to financial institutions in the U.K., Germany, Switzerland, France and Belgium, the Government Accountability Office’s (GAO) analysis shows."

Our central bank has already loaned out $3.08 trillion to financial institutions in the U.K., Germany, Switzerland, France and Belgium ...according to our own GAO!  Who's paying for that?  I'm not paying for that.  Are you?

Oh, but lookie there, Paris Hilton just got a new 280k Ferrari...
and Demi and Ashton are splitting up...

and Kim Kardashian is divorcing her husband of 78 days...




and we're trading dollars for euros on borrowed time.  everything should work out just fine.

Make it a Good Day, G

OWS should be storming the White House and The Federal Reserve Bank.

This might be a good time to sell.  But what do I  know, I'm just the 115 trillion ton gorilla in the room.

Monday, November 28, 2011

It's a Sixty Million to One Thing

Dear America,

boy, have no idea what just happened...

one day I plum went 'out to lunch' [badump ba] and the next thing I know, I never came back.

days, weeks, months, who knows.  but the real question is, who really cares, right?  

For what it's worth, we have entered the official holiday season;  as these are the days when the line in-between naughty and nice gets a wee bit blurry.

The real concern, is that nobody really cares about that either.  So while my head is spinning and foaming at the mouth, crazy girl is about to be unleashed to tell you all about it.

So ode to figgy pudding where do I begin...

Yes.  Let's start here:

Talking Turkey:  8 Easy Steps for Discussing Reproductive Health and Justice at the Holiday Table.

Yes, I hear you; you'd love it if I just made that up.  But it's real my friends, no imitation cream whip here.  This advice column is featured on Planned Parenthood, in hopes of assisting the tongue-tied collegiate returning home for the holidays and being challenged across the table...you know, over the gravy and through the dinner rolls...with thirteen rounds of politics, religion, and family in technicolor.

Setting the stage for truly meaningful family breakthroughs, it reads:

"The holidays are upon us! Going home or getting together with relatives for the holidays is always a stressful time, but if your family members are the type who regularly protest outside the local Planned Parenthood, you know that this holiday is going to be a doozy."

Besides warning against sounding off on talking points to make your point, and recommending a "big picture" approach catering to the general welfare of all women, and suggesting to everyone to "know the facts" -- it takes the higher ground, embodying the stance of true compassion while taking morality out of the picture entirely...

Because, you know...

"It’s all in how you frame it. In so many of these political disagreements, when things get heated we revert back to bumper sticker slogans instead of really talking about an issue. Instead, take a few deep breaths and try personalizing the issue, or evoking empathy.

Oftentimes it’s easier to dismiss abortion or other health care procedures as “bad” when it’s framed as a political issue. But when you’re talking about an individual woman making a personal decision, it’s harder to just write off."

Yes.  Because we can -- because we have a right -- because it's just not the right time -- because abortion isn't personal, it's business, or is it personal -- because it isn't murdering a life when we can't see it -- because there just isn't any good birth control methods these days  -- because teaching our boys and girls to wait is so Victorian -- because having the child and giving it up for adoption to a couple who cannot conceive is so assbackwards -- because abortion is just another method of birth control  -- because some countries still worship boys more than girls and choose to kill her...

How is that for "framing" things? 

I would go on, but I need to tie in something the Pope said recently.

"It is my hope that the Church's conscientious efforts to confront this reality will help the broader community to recognize the causes, true extent and devastating consequences of sexual abuse, and to respond effectively to this scourge which affects every level of society."

Sure.  It is on a totally different subject, but trust me, it works for everything.

The Pope is spot on; the sexual abuses within a trusted institution -- as the Catholic Church -- is but a microcosm of society; and until we all admit that, and deal with it head on, we will continue to bear the horrendous ill effects upon generations to come.

Having sex without thinking about consequences, without a care in the world, without love, without marriage, without care of the child being intimately and profoundly harmed, is wrong in every way.

In the article, an attorney for the side of survivors noted,  "The pope would have us believe that this crisis is about sex abuse. It isn't. It is about covering up sex abuse," Clohessy said. "And while child sex crimes happen in every institution, in no institution are they ignored or concealed as consistently as in the Catholic church."  [that is, David Clohessy, the National Director of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests]

Piggy-backing on Planned Parenthood's list of heartfelt advice, Clohessy makes an excellent point as he misses the 'big picture.'

Is the cover up more the issue?
Or is this more a chicken and egg thing, as in which came first? 
Who really cares which is worse?    Tell that to the survivors of Syracuse, Penn State...or the Boy Scouts....just to name a few; or no, I got a better one -- how about the institution simply called FAMILY.

It is the sexual abuse of one person upon another.  That is where is starts.  While we are all connected, in community with one another, it always falls back on the moral integrity of just one person making a really bad choice.  

"It is my hope that the Church's conscientious efforts to confront this reality will help the broader community to recognize the causes, true extent and devastating consequences of sexual abuse, and to respond effectively to this scourge which affects every level of society."  just back for seconds with the Pope

Freely aborting our babies -- the liberal argument tries to persuade us to believe that it's just about a woman's right to choose.

Pedophilia -- within institutions large and small -- chooses to center on 'the big picture' cover up and troubleshooting to protect liabilities, rather than place a laser beam focus back upon personal responsibility, finding our moral compass, and returning back to our tried and true fundamentals of making good, decent people all the way around; of course, all beginning with the very institution our country's founders elevated to it's highest regard:  the FAMILY.

It is estimated that there are over 60 million survivors of sexual abuse in America today.  Which means -- if I have to spell it out -- that there could be as many as 60 million abusers somewhere in America today.  And I got news for you, they are not all priests, or coaches, or Boy Scout leaders, okay?   But the point is, it is sixty million beginning with ONE.

The Pope chose to use the word "scourge..."  a word which this girl had to look up to get the depth and breadth of it's full meaning.  It was a good word to pick:  "a cause of widespread and dreaded affliction, as pestilence or war."  indeed.  much like the bubonic plague, every family seems afflicted, deeply, at the root -- while it carries the potential to totally wipe us out.  We can blame every institution known to man -- beginning with the Catholic Church if you want -- but it always begins with one man [generally speaking].

and now, because I can't help myself -- I am reminded of a classic movie moment when Kay responds to Michael Corleone [The Godfather...just in case you have been living under a rock]

"Oh, oh Michael. Michael, you are blind. It wasn’t a miscarriage. It was an abortion. An abortion, Michael. Just like our marriage is an abortion. Something that’s unholy and evil. I didn’t want your son, Michael. I wouldn’t bring another one of your sons into this world. It was an abortion, Michael. It was a son, a son, and I had it killed because this must all end. I know now that it’s over. I knew it then. There would be no way, Michael. No way you could ever forgive me. Not with this Sicilian thing that’s been going on for 2000 years…"

just before she gets smacked upside the head. 

good stuff.

a return to all things that make good people is in order.

just because we can do something, doesn't make it the right thing to do; just because we are free to do whatever we want, doesn't mean we should; just because we mother/father a child doesn't automatically make us a good parent -- it is earned after, during and through raising good kids and being good to them -- making all the more reason to truly PLAN for PARENTHOOD all the more essential [duh].

Sixty million survivors of sexual abuse should raise a red white and blue flag for all of us; while "it is my hope that the Church's conscientious efforts to confront this reality will help the broader community to recognize the causes, true extent and devastating consequences of sexual abuse, and to respond effectively to this scourge which affects every level of society."

 God help us all if we don't.

make it a good day, G

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's all about those Lazy Americans, Spoken by a Marxist, kind of Thing

Dear America,

"We’ve been a little bit lazy 
over the last couple of decades.  
We’ve kind of taken for granted — 
‘Well, people would want to come here’ — 
and we aren’t out there hungry, 
selling America 
and trying to attract new businesses 
into America.”  
Obama @APEC, addressing CEO's

let's be clear; he's not calling the workers lazy...au contraire

he is speaking down to the nation's CEO's who create and manage the jobs  (for the workers).

Besides being of the belief that progress, ergo technology, takes away jobs and opportunity for the little worker bees (remember that day...the Proletariat-in-Chief revolting against the ATM's and airport kiosks) -- also known as, buying into Fallacy #12, as laid out in my new favorite read, The Naked Communist; it's the one that "[assumes] that technological developments would make machines more and more efficient and therefore throw so many men out of work that they would compete for jobs until wages would become more and more meager..."

...the president is also fiercely supporting the very same mindset that is being promoted by the latest round of revolutionaries of the Occupy Wall Street movement; clearly misguided by their own ignorance -- of How the Real World Works, and more importantly, how the real world requires everyone to work together -- our president takes a side.  And it isn't the right one.  Matter of fact, it is quite un-American to boot.

With the arrival of the factory -- and the factory worker -- Karl Marx and his partner in crime-inism, Friedrich Engels, came to the realization that the evil capitalists, and all their wares, would eventually, most assuredly, be overthrown.  They figured that there would come a day when the modern world would test this relationship of worker bee and CEO; and even though communism survives merely upon one fallacy built upon another -- when answering the question as to the social responsibility of the simple factory, Marx and Engels truly believed "no private individual should get the profits from something which many people were required to produce."

Again, from The Naked Communist:

"Marx and Engels did not believe that wages were adequate compensation for labor performed unless the workers received all the proceeds from the sale of the commodity.  Since the hands of the workers produced the commodity they believed the workers should receive all the commodity was worth.  They believed that the management and operation of a factory were only 'clerical in nature' and that in the near future the working class should rise up and seize the factories or means of production and operated them as their own."

like that would solve anything.

but details, right; while this incite is only immediately followed up with a question, "without his willingness to risk considerable wealth would there be any factory?"

you know, tomorrow, the Occupy Wall Street revolutionaries plan on taking down Wall Street -- they have every intention to bring it to a screeching halt using whatever means available and possible.

I cannot help but notice how incredibly easy it is for people to pipe up and revolt AFTER the wealth, after the profits, after some people might have made more money than others (in perfect relationship to the degree of effort, responsibility, investment, and level of risk put up in the first place).

But when a president of the United States -- the birthplace of self-reliance and mass purveyor of free enterprise, independent commerce, free trade, with equal protections and opportunity safely held under the Rule of Law for one and all -- continuously speaks of such ill will against those 'who risk', in effect it becomes real cause to sound the alarm. This progression is inevitable within the common sense frame of mind.

Just who is this guy and what are his true beliefs?

There is just one more excerpt from The Naked Communist that I wish to share aloud... before I give it a rest for the day:

"One cannot pore over the almost endless products of his pen -- the weighty, complex books or the reams of sniping, feverish correspondence without feeling that Karl Marx projected into Communism the very essence of his own nature.  His resentment of political authority expressed itself in a ringing cry for universal revolution.  His refusal or inability to compete in a capitalistic economy wrung from him a vitriolic denunciation of that economy and a prophecy that its destruction was inexorably decreed.  His deep sense of insecurity pushed him to create out of his own imagination a device for interpreting history which made progress inescapable and a Communist millennium unavoidable.  His personal attitude toward religion, morals, and competition in everyday  existence led him to long for an age when men would have no religion, morals, or competition in everyday existence.  He wanted to live in a classless, stateless, noncompetitive society where there would be such lavish production of everything that men, by simply producing according to their apparent ability, would automatically receive a superabundance of all material needs."  [about Marx]

scary, isn't it?

"He wanted to live in a classless, stateless, noncompetitive society where there would be such lavish production of everything that men, by simply producing according to their apparent ability, would automatically receive a superabundance of all material needs."  And if I'm not mistaken, sounds to me like we are knee deep in the imaginations of a community organizer [like Marx] who has never held a real job in his life.  If Obama had a drinking problem and left his family to fend for themselves half the time, we might find ourselves spot on.

A real, live, naked, Communist rests his future upon the belief that "each will produce according to his ability and and each will receive according to his need."  And in order for this to succeed, the motivation to turn a profit (large or small) is replaced with working to benefit society as a whole -- replacing a nation built upon a Declaration of Independence and Constitution with a new one; and thereby transforming a nation of self-reliant capitalists with the proletariat's pipe dream... giving rise to a collective authority and priority, as dictated by the state. [and, of course, ending with extinguishing all incentive to progress as individuals at all]

It begins with presidents (kings, dictators...) declaring a class struggle in every possible way.  It progresses, with advancements in technology made to look evil -- with risk takers, and the whole lot  (especially those pesky CEO's) made to look utterly lazy.

Make it a Good Day, G

the capitalist system is not perfect BECAUSE man, the capitalist, is not perfect...
...if only men were angels...
...blah, blah, blah, blah, blahhhhhhhhhg.

Monday, November 14, 2011

It's Just Thirteen Questions and a Pew Thing

Dear America,

happy monday

we are trying something new today...
I encourage you to take a simple quiz via the Pew Research Center.
It will only take about three minutes -- or less.

Go ahead. Go here.  I'll wait.

It's just thirteen questions.

But if you are anything like me, the quiz itself is nothing; the true test comes immediately upon finish...when you are assaulted with how the average American has responded, with demographic breakdowns and all.

It's just thirteen questions.

Your little G thing got every question right [because they were simple-simon] -- BUT the average American girl, only got 6.8 of the answers correct.   [men, 8.5 out of thirteen]  With 100%, thirteen out of thirteen, I landed in the top 8%; meaning, 92% of the respondents got less than that. [hate to have to spell it out, but kinda feel like I have to be really clear]

When given the answers right in front of you -- with a straightforward, multiple choice selection and no tricks -- only 40% of all women who took the quiz could pick out how many troops have been killed in Afghanistan since the war began; only 36% of all women could emphatically point out that Republicans control the House; only 51% of all women could demonstrate their full awareness of the current unemployment percentage (as promoted by this administration) holding steady at a rocking 9%.  (Did they really think it was five, or the fifteen?)

Quite honestly, this is heartbreaking.

How can we expect to uphold the fundamentals when we can't even keep up with the current events?

Do you really think we can get away with walking around in our own little bubble without responsibility to the whole?

Sure -- maybe this Congress has a NINE percent approval rating (meaning, we dis-approve of 90% of the lot); but what does it matter when 90% of Americans answering thirteen SUPER SIMPLE questions can't even get a hundred percent correct? This only goes to prove one thing -- seems ninety percent of us are walking stupid (or ignorant, or uneducated, or selfish, or ingrates, or spoiled, or looking forward to being communists...to name only seven out of thirteen).

Think about it, but don't hurt yourself; it is only Monday.

Make it a Good Day, G

a little 'Garbage' is playing for the song of the day -- just a click away on 'It's Just Thirteen Questions...'  TuRn It uP and dAnCe

Friday, November 11, 2011

It's an 11-11-11 Thing

Dear America,

it's 11-11-11

thank you.

enough said?  no, not really.

but let's just let the video do the talking and the feeling for today.

Make it a Good Day, G

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's a Naked Christmas Tree Thing

Dear America,

miss me?
yeah, no, not really. got it.

that's cool.
just in case you wanna know, I have been busy.

Knee deep in reading this week -- just a little gift to self that keeps on giving [to myself]; and at the top of the book pile with top priority is..............The Naked Communist.  Oh MY Goodness.  Winner winner chicken dinner.  Un&%#*ingbelievable.  What a good book.  It is so good, I am taking my time with it.

So between the reading and the recently added part time work that has become a full time job -- my energies have been twisted at best, and totally shot at worst.  But enough about me.

I just had to jump in to chat it up a wee bit today.   And no, not to talk about my little sugar Cain; not to talk about Gloria 'pumped up kicks' Allred...of course, that little nickname of hers should make you wonder; and no, not even to talk about the hypocrisy of realities that surely lives and breathes within the Left aorta of the heart of society.

No, I am gonna lock into one thing and one thing only -- and as it would turn out, it has nothing to do with anything related to the Herman Cain scandal.

No.  I am here today to mention the Christian tax -- all wrapped up and tied with a bow at The Heritage Foundation.  [yeah, they didn't refer to it as a "Christian Tax" -- but I will]


I know.  What's the big &%$*ing deal, right Joe...as in Biden....because that's just the way we roll around here.... it's just fifteen cents.  

But think about it.

The Left continuously picks and chooses when they enter the 'separation of church and state' zone and when they don't (of course, the idea itself -- of this so-called "separation" -- is a whole 'nother controversy...which WE have not enough time for today).

But the whole thing is odd, really.

The Administration has decided it needs yet another department to elevate the image of the Christmas tree, of all things.  Which makes me wonder, why now?   which is funny, considering that it seems to be a common refrain around here these days (indeed, and it does sound like we are gonna circle around back to Cain, but no, not really).

But anyway, here's some details, handpicked from the post written by David S. Addington, from Heritage:

"In the Federal Register of November 8, 2011, Acting Administrator of Agricultural Marketing David R. Shipman announced that the Secretary of Agriculture will appoint a Christmas Tree Promotion Board.  The purpose of the Board is to run a “program of promotion, research, evaluation, and information designed to strengthen the Christmas tree industry’s position in the marketplace; maintain and expend existing markets for Christmas trees; and to carry out programs, plans, and projects designed to provide maximum benefits to the Christmas tree industry” (7 CFR 1214.46(n)).  And the program of “information” is to include efforts to “enhance the image of Christmas trees and the Christmas tree industry in the United States” (7 CFR 1214.10)."


ex squeeze me?

....in the era of let's take God out of everywhere -- and often -- especially that crazy Christian one, this administration targets Christians, in the particular, charging fifteen cents a pop to "enhance the  image of Christmas trees?"  under the guise of "helping" the Christmas tree industry, you think charging more for them is going to be a benefit?  in a recession?  (yes, the recession...still)  but seriously?

AND you want a bunch of left wing, secular bureaucrats to run the program?

hold up while I get a good belly laugh on the floor...morphing, of course, into an even bigger, better cry (aka fully enhanced)..

Way to ring in the Christmas season, Mr. President.

And pulleeze -- don't even try to give me the cultural Christmas excuses -- Christmas, all of it, including but not limited to all of it's symbols, especially the Christmas Tree -- is celebrating the birth of Jesus.  Do Jewish people get a tree?  do Hindus get a tree?  do Muslims get a tree?  NO  NO  and hat trick NO.

Sure, these days, it is hard to tell; but maybe that is the problem (and we'll save that for another day).

Given my mood -- being totally unnerved and unsettled by this little book highlighting the true color of red defining Communism -- perhaps this news is just poorly timed according to my own little world. 

But is it just me?

and call me funny -- but wasn't the president, just last week, mocking Congress (and God) all in the same breath, when he was trying to push his latest jobs bill?  When he thought congressional actions to be incredulous, spending essential time to "re-affirm" our motto, "In God We Trust" ...like, what a waste of time that was....stupid congress...and like, how is just trusting in God gonna help us make jobs...

So lets talk about waste then:   On a day, of all days, when you announce cutting back on government "swag" all the way around the evergreen branches --  tell me -- just how many bureaucrats will it take to "enhance" an image that clearly doesn't need this kind of help?  what will that really cost us, the taxpayer, when all things are said, and done, and promoted, by a government gaggle of unbelievers?   Is this part of that thing Michelle was referring to --  in re-defining our traditions and whatnot?

sounds like we are beginning to 'change our history' -- beginning with re-defining the Christmas Tree for us; playing with the altering of it's image, perhaps.... it's meaning... and overall, transforming and ENHANCING our traditions...because I'm with the government and I'm here to help.

from the little red book, The Naked Communist:

"...But in rejecting the Judaic-Christian code of morals, Engels tried to represent that Communism was merely moving up to a higher level where human conduct will be motivated exclusively by the needs of society: 'We say that our morality is wholly subordinated to the interest of the class-struggle of the proletariat.'"
Right, because people, by themselves and left to their own devices, are just      that      good.

Utopia here we come.  Can't wait.  Perhaps somebody could produce a secular Advent calendar to mark the days...hey, if you have the means, go for it, no need to thank me or give me a penny.

And make a mental note, if you will:  secular, faux-fir Christmas trees are not only the next big thing -- they are the only thing.  You heard it from me, little G, here first.   Jesus is not the reason for the season, got it? genericbegeesus dot gov IS, starting tomorrow....because, you know, "...[Marx and Engels believed that] Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the sentiment of a heartless world, as it is the spirit of spiritless conditions.  It is the opium of the people."

and now, it's time for me to curl up with The Good Book (the real one); then, get right back at The Naked Communist cuz it's getting hot up here in America.

Make it a Good Day, G

my apologies, drank the eggnog just before dropping in...

but just one more thing before I go:

....had no idea that Karl Marx was such a fruitcake...
but this, along with all the other things aforementioned, we will save for another day.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Dear America,

"You have legislation 
reaffirming that “In God We Trust”is our motto? 
That’s not putting people back to work! 
I trust in God,
but God wants to see us 
help ourselves 
by putting people back to work." 
Obama, earlier today.

wow. right?

Context: Rep. Randy Forbes brought forward legislation affirming "In God We Trust" as our nation's motto -- and overwhelmingly, with a vote of 396 - 9, the House approved.

Not only does our president immediately march out to the podium to mock this action, he actually says something to the effect of 'like, what good is that?'   when he adds, "that's not putting people back to work!"

Yeah, right, he "trusts" God -- but like, not that much; in his eyes, this motto sucks because like, God, can only do so much, right?  God is limited, according to the Golden Child.  Sounding an awful lot like he thinks of himself to be smarter and more all-knowing than God, Itself, he quips, "God wants to see us help ourselves..."  ergo, and approve my jobs bill.

AND just the way he makes it a question!  

 "You have legislation reaffirming that 'In God We Trust' is our motto?"   

Really, Mr. President?
Anyone taking this statement out of context may allow for plenty of room to make a case against our country's entire foundation, as found in the words of our Declaration of Independence, which invokes the power of Divine Providence and Nature's Law and Nature's God throughout; lest we ignore the rather huge opening you leave us with, questioning your own true beliefs.

But for the sake of this conversation today, let's just run with giving you the benefit of the doubt....that perhaps you didn't mean it in that way... that you may have misspoke a wee bit...that you didn't mean to insinuate the fundamental ignorance of handing over our trust to God (...kinda like every other intellectual, liberal elitist who clearly wishes for this country to march through, over, and beyond God as quickly as we possibly can) .

Mr.  Oh "I trust in God, BUT..." Bama....seriously?

just so disappointed in this president of mine...

So yesterday, in the naming of the blog itself,  "It's Fundamental Change without the Fundamentals Thing"  -- I will gladly admit, I was mocking the conscious choices made by this president to run as far away from our nation's fundamentals as he could get.   But little did I know the president would support my charge with such a blatant show of one-ups-man-ship of our tried and true fundamentals the very next day.  The audacity of the man, really.

Keep on bringing it, Mr. O, that's all I got to say; keep on keepin' on; because the more you open that mouth of yours, the more I have to talk about.  amen!

[warning: flagrant sarcasm around the next bend]
So speaking of the limited power of God -- mythology, demons and angels in general and in particular --  here's a few cogent points "Debunking Obama's Latest Jobs Myth":  GO to  The Heritage Foundation.

Our foundation, calls for each one of us to be stewards of our own good self-government, with the firm belief and faith in something Greater than ourselves -- calling It whatever you wish; for "God," Itself,  IS the most generic and yet the Most High, the most profound, all at the same time.

Our foundation, marking our best and first intentions, set a course to Trust in God -- that Divine Providence Thing --  both in the micro and in the macro; so much so, we developed a brand new world -- the world's first Republic outlining the principles and values of faith within the fine print and bold declarations making our feelings, faith, fundamentals widely known.

While drafting our individual self-reliance as one of the cornerstones; we, the people, became the new king in town.   We, the people, held all the power to capitalize on Life, Liberty, in the Pursuit of Happiness.  We, the people,  would reign for all time through the power of a LIMITED Government and under an UNLIMITED GOD.

IN God We Trust is not a slogan to hang new legislation on.  It is a way of Life; it is a firm belief, inside and out, with or without, in sickness and in health; it is a marriage made Absolute and resilient for all time.

Spinning this into something more personal, I am reminded of a class I took at my church.  It was simply called Financial Freedom.  Even though the material was from a long while back -- like almost twenty years -- the basics of it are still very much a part of my everyday consciousness.

The most essential element probably being the one which demonstrably thanks God within the daily routine -- shouting out thank you out of the blue or after something good happens!  thinking it in the back of our mind like a meditation!  waking up in the morning making it our very first thought!   -- that sort of thing.

The idea is that we are circulating our good graces -- we are fueling the universe with appreciation and reverence for all of God's gifts [be it our talents, our pocketbook, our children, our life's work, etc...]

And the more we circulate -- keeping this pure joy in motion -- the more it builds upon itself.  For even our 'Financial Freedom' has a life force of it's very own.   We can be of the negative... reactionary....stifling... repelling kind... believing that 'the world does not have enough' mindset  -- OR - we can be of the multiplying.... abundant... forthcoming... unlimited kind...believing that 'there is plenty to go around' mindset.  [another exercise in the power of good over evil....]

But the point is, the power to decide 'how to think' is within every one of us [and, of course, it also plays into being an integral part as to the outcome].  That power is not by proclamation from government, but by affirmation, and individual atonement, with God's grace. [For more along those lines, read more about Nature's Law...google it...it is, after all, the one, the only, real true green energy you know.]

The Occupy Wall Street people -- fully supported by this administration, by the way -- is of the mindset of 'not enough.'  I don't have enough, so you need to give me what you have. Share the wealth! cuz Lord knows, I don't trust God to do it....

Start writing "thank you God" on the memo line of your checks and see what happens.  Start appreciating what you already have.  If nothing else, give thanks for being able to freely speak, for goodness sakes.  For every little thing -- good and bad -- look up and say thank you; there is reason back behind every little thing that happens.

Be a part of the conscious, positive, abundant, unlimited-ness in the world around you and all of a sudden the world around you will respond -- in buckets sometimes.

Case in point: the natural world never questions the magnificence of God; the trees never look upon other trees thinking to themselves, I don't have enough leaves... acorns... flowers...fruit...you need to give me some of yours -- they just LIVE!

Sure.  It sounds silly; but I beg of you, start recognizing how much of the natural world accepts where they are and makes the best of it.  Bear witness to nature's affirmations all around -- that the sunflowers really do stand tall and keep their face to the sun!  That there are thousands of polar bear thriving right now, in the natural, in spite of climate change.  The natural world revels just as much in the dead of night as it does upon morning light.  The natural world adapts to circumstances, never settling into the realm of 'not enough.'  It just keeps going.

This is the kind of faith our founders had in mind. The inherent mindset was one of UNLIMITEDNESS and total, absolute, abundance all the way around.  Circulating.  Thriving.  Living.  Capitalizing upon God's good graces.

And when we have a-good-and-plenty, we share it with others from the goodness embedded in our heart; taking care of the community and the common good through our churches and charities, knowing we have more than enough to go around.

This is why we affirm the motto, In God We Trust.  This is why our fundamentals are so vitally important.  It all connects to back to the Divine in all things we do -- individually and collectively.

"You have legislation 
reaffirming that “In God We Trust”is our motto? 
That’s not putting people back to work! 
I trust in God,
but God wants to see us 
help ourselves 
by putting people back to work."

what desperation.  what kind of affirmation is this?

it's a fundamental transformation kind of affirmation, that's what it is.

Make it a Good Day, G

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's Fundamental Change Absent the Fundamentals Thing

Dear America,

happy wednesday.

returning home from my part time gig last night -- the one that feels like the more and more I show up for it, the more it feels like a full time gig (but we'll save that conversation for another day) -- I managed to catch the most fascinating five minutes with Greta Van Susteren I have seen in quite some time; she was interviewing a representative from California, Kevin McCarthy.

Basically, she was trying to get down to the bottom of the "problem with Congress."  Why isn't anything getting done?  Why does Congress insist on playing politics?  that sort of thing...

and let's just say I was stunned by the rather quiet storm of his response; not sure if it simply was his candidness in the moment, or the combined effect alongside his calm, balanced demeanor -- but he laid it all out there without skipping a beat or mincing words: the president never gets beyond the talking phase (and more than that, gives the impression that the organizer-in-chief may in fact prefer it...the bureaucratic stranglehold works).

GO HERE to read the transcript or watch the ten minute spot; however, I highly recommend that you watch it for the full effect -- if you get past the first two minutes, you're virtually home free, easily settling in until the very end.

"you never get to an agreement with him...he never finishes,"  
said of the president, per Kevin McCarthy.

well I'll be... color me surprised.

He never wants to get to a bi-partisan decision because it would not serve his purpose -- otherwise, the smartest president who ever lived would make it so.  The president is covertly resorting to Alinsky rules in everything he does -- making the making of chaos job one; making governing through the policy of 'divide and conquer' job two; making the overt use of ridicule, discrediting the opposition at the very core, job three.

Almost sounding like he is giving the president the benefit of the doubt, believing that the common ground we all share is still attainable --  Kevin McCarthy seems remarkably unable to recognize a deeper, more sinister problem:  the impure, unconscionable, root intention of the president's "fundamental transformation"  of this country.

Here is a splendid explanation [of the actions -- or better still, in-actions -- of a president] via Tibor Machan, featured in an interview from about thirty days ago on The Daily Bell [this guy is one of my favorite people in the whole world -- I could listen to what he has to say for forever and a day].   But be forewarned, this is a round-about explanation, so hold on tight:

Daily Bell: All good points, but let's back up. How has it come to this?
Tibor Machan: Those who are government activists don't proclaim it. They disguise what they're after. They have to do so in this country because traditionally American citizens have not been well disposed to government activism, even though there's quite a lot of it. And often they come to believe it is necessary, that their wisdom is supreme, just as did heads of state for centuries. So, in fact, the so-called progressives are utterly reactionary!
Daily Bell: You've referred to what they do as "nudging."
Tibor Machan: It's not my term. The influential pragmatist Professor Cass Sunstein, who is now President Obama's regulation czar, wrote a book called Nudge with Richard H. Thaler. The full title was Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness (Yale UP, 2004).
Daily Bell: Can you give us a little summary?
Tibor Machan: It has to do with the old chestnut of boiling the frog slowly. You find the same strategy advanced by the Fabian Society in Britain. The idea is that you don't want to use brute force to move people toward a society based on government activism. Instead, you want to nudge people, to move them in tiny increments so they do not find it worth their while to object, or at least not forcefully.
Nudging can take place in numerous ways but a lot of it has to do with creating social norms that people will feel they have to conform to. Recycling might be seen as part of this nudging. Regardless of how you feel about recycling and environmentalism in general, recycling is seen within the public dialogue as a general "good." Thus, people will conform to the demands of recycling because they see it as a "good citizen" thing to do. They won't complain or protest that they have been imposed upon. (Just last week the feds banned over-the-counter inhalers on these grounds!)

skipping down a wee bit,

Daily Bell: So to sum up, we're in a situation – in America and the West generally – where those who believe in governmental activism are gradually trumping those who are trying to wield private morality on behalf of non-governmental civil society. Is that a fair statement?
Tibor Machan: It is certainly fair to say this in an ongoing argument. Whether or not the "gradually trumping" part is correct, only time can tell.

Granted, the interview itself begins and ends more focused upon the aspect of weighing the objective reality and ability of deciding our own morality against the government making such declarations for us. But this 'nudging' thing seems to explain a lot of things; for it seems to be the go-to tool --  not only against 'we the people' as a whole, but also, with great calculation, against the proper balance and decision making process within Congress.

Not only that -- as we have grown to witness in the last couple of weeks -- the president has "decided" he won't wait for congress; he has "decided" in his own way; and moreover, he has "decided" that he will move ahead with making gains on his so-called jobs bill totally circumventing congress through the excessive use of regulations, executive order, and czars, blatantly crossing the soft but diabolical and tyrannical line.

Oh Kevin, and you think this guy can't make any decisions...did you hear the president?  

He said, referring to YOU, 'Congress',  "if they won't act, I will."

Before I move on too much further -- please read the entire interview with Tibor Machan.  Go HERE.

The thing is, there has been a great breakdown in communication around here -- in America.  Unbeknownst to most of us, we seem to have been knee deep in living a lie for nearly the last fifty years.  It can be explained by the Occupy Wall Street movement -- and can be further demonstrated and explained by the growing numbers of Tea Party activists who are choosing to fight back. [of course, not necessarily in that order] 

The government would have us believe that the root of the problem is capitalism; this is evidently what "the kids today"  have been learning all this time, anyway.  But honestly, it couldn't be any further from the truth.

and right on cue -- the way the universe works and all -- allow me to share a two minute video:

Thank you "Uncle Ted," and in turn, a place called "dauckster's posterous"

take that, Phil Donahue.

and finally, from James Madison:

"...It may be a reflection on human nature, that such devices should be necessary to control the abuses of government. But what is government itself, but the greatest of all reflections on human nature? If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself..."  Federalist Paper #51, read in it's entirety here.

So now to the big finish -- and I'll be real quick about it.
Much like our Congress in motion, wasn't G thing on some kind of vicious circle this morning...

Make it a Good Day, G

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's TipToeing Threw the Tulips Thing

Dear America,

Sorry, but we have to get this Cain Scandal out of the way.

For starters, I remember, way back when -- like in the nineties sometime -- we elected, of our own volition, to the highest office of the land -- our very own Womanizer-in-Chief:  Bill Clinton

And boy, did that come back to bite us, no?

None of it really mattered for the democrats, or really the press, for that matter; everybody made hay and had a good chuckle...oooh Jennifer Flowers  oooh [just another e pluribus unum storyline].... while in the end, the American people still elected him president of all things.

And it's funny, it seems we still get a good laugh over it, don't we -- be it just Jennifer, or Monica, or anybody else that was in his sights.  We just think of good-ol'Billy boy as some kind of wonderful; as if, thinking back, he was the president who had it all going on -- and even right under our noses, mind you, if not also under the oval office desk. badump ba  [and did I mention, he, like, plays the sax? -- gotta say that like a valley girl]

good times for America, yes indeed.

c'mon, get over it, it was just a little hanky-panky, right [for which he was nearly impeached....but details schmeetails]

And Cain....well he 'enjoys flowers' like everyone else.

After all, he is a man ....ah so many flowers, so little time...

While it must be true that only men "look"...if not also pluck... no?

oh woe is me...
I do declare... 
whatever will you do, Rhett?
which is not really the line, but whatever.
[which just takes us for a spin back to a person's true character...la di da di da]

But seriously -- does he have a roaming eye?  or hands, lips...or anything else?  Flat out he said, "no." [to Greta, last night...you can read more about it here.

From what we now know, as of today -- being about three days into the story -- it was not sexual harassment.

It was more like a making of a general comment, likening the body of one woman in the office to the height and shape of his wife...with doors wide open...with people around...and nothing more (oh, except that little gesture he used to show how his wife comes up to his chin....nooo....he didn't.....)

Women are funny creatures, aren't we. [statement.  because I am one]

It's like on the one hand, we want men to look at us, admire us for our beauty and brains...as we spend gobs of time working out and putting make up on and getting the new Victoria's Secret Wonder Bra and all -- but heaven's to betsy, give us any more than just a quick glance (without our notice, of course) that's when there's real hell to pay, by golly [using the term 'pay' totally on purpose].  Letting the cynicism freak flag fly.

And before you all jump down my sweetandsexybad-ass, let me be clear -- true sexual harassment from an office predator is wrong and the accused should make all things right --  however the matter needs to be settled just short of cutting off you know what from you know where...just sayin'

But you -- girls everywhere -- better really have a case; and you better not have contributed to it in any way (and you know exactly what I am talkin' about).

But this thing, with Herman Cain, is pure and simple a witch-hunt to get him out of the way.  For we can't even begin to ask the question as to "why now" without looking at the suspicious eyes of impeccable timing from God knows where, now can we?

This is like twenty years later!  This is months into his campaign!  This is after substantial gains everywhere we turn.  And besides, this is after"everybody was doing it" in the nineties  --  flirting with political disaster like so -- just look at our past president.

So why now?
he is kicking butt in the polls and in the hearts and minds of all Americans!   He is a real honest to goodness threat for all the right reasons.

as much as many of us may try -- women cannot have it both ways.

We can't scream look at me [from mass appeal in general, to the single lady in particular] -- and then cry foul when "they" do!

The truth is -- the American culture -- if not the entire world -- has created this phenomenon and it is a little late to begin to ask for special rules, protections, and exceptions.  While perhaps, it makes quite clear the case for returning to a time calling for more restraint, doesn't it? Maybe calling on Hollywood to clean itself up.  Maybe going back to using all those hours in school teaching the golden rules and respect of women, like true gentlemen; while teaching women to be little ladies.

[I KNOW!  I hear  you...oh G this sounds so Victorian and all....way to take us back a hundred years or more].

Maybe it's just me; but I am just so sick of this sort of thing -- the games people play; like, look at me, woo who over here and then turn around and slap him across the face with a lawsuit; it just doesn't work for me.  And it especially doesn't work for me twenty years later, only to surface just in time to throw a live grenade into a worthy presidential opponent's campaign.

Sure, there are some real dogs out there in the real world; but I truly do not believe Herman Cain is one of them.

And are you really going to try to tell me women have never done the same thing while making small talk around the water cooler?  oh, Charlie, you're almost as tall as my husband... like I come up to here on him [making a gesture]....seriously?

Now certainly, I am not defending anything goes, whether in part, or in whole. I am, however, of the firm belief that we can return to an age of being better grown ups all the way around.

And more than that, I believe we can do a better job in and around the water cooler, the holiday office party, and the corporate retreat in keeping a firm grasp of our own set of scruples -- to treat people with respect; and, if I may be so forward, be better at loving our neighbor as ourselves [in the biblical sense, that is].

Okay, so can we get back to the real Cain campaign now?

Just maybe if he sings us a new song we will all get a good laugh and move on.org. Time will tell -- but without a doubt, we will all know in a lot less than twenty years (more like in about twelve months).

Make it a Good Day, G

G note:  'Office Predator Drones' are a whole 'nother species separate from the case of men who rape women.   Please do not equate the two, or misconstrue the message of sexual attraction, or believe G to be of the mindset that women can "ask for it" by how women dress.  NONE of these issues have been addressed in THIS Day in the Life.

This attack on Herman Cain is, by all journalistic standards, neither substantiated or proven; from all appearances,  this story, driven by POLITICO.com,  is just making hay.

Friday, October 28, 2011

It's Friday, and We are Letting It All Hang Out -- It's All About Leading from Behind with the Average Naked Communist Thing

Dear America,

happy friday.

[while I almost skipped showing up today; kinda like I did yesterday]

It's not that I was being lazy, or that I didn't have anything to say (yeah, like, fat chance on that, right? -- some can only hope). I think my absence could be best described as finding myself in the middle of a melt down.

But today, let us not dwell on that; or putting it another way, think of little old G more like "leading from behind."

Have you been following that one?  Good stuff...as the clean-up seems to be making more of a mess than anticipated as word gets out.  Don't we just love the internet.... Go here, and then here.

today I awoke with a second wind and quickly ordered a personal copy of The Naked Communist. And without reading it in it's entirety yet, I feel quite certain you should order your own copy, too.  Just go to Amazon.com...here.

Gthing TV gives just a little taste of what's to come in light of what happened to us 'from behind' (strange, it's suddenly reminding me of a legendary response on The Newlywed Game; who remembers the one-liner good for all time, "that would be up the butt, Bob" ?)

Hindsight is great, isn't it?

And just for back up, let's link up with a story in current events -- and go to Godfather Politics, shall we -- and keep in mind, it is just a story 'e pluribus unum.'

So READ THIS before it gets censored off the web...

It's all coming together for the Marxists and Commies, creating the very conditions to take down America in every way.

me thinks our Judeo-Christian heritage is getting taken advantage of -- and I think it all runs together with the way our government has been in the middle of fundamental transformation through a 'leading from behind' strategy dating back to 1958 (just the date The Naked Communist was published);  'we the people' never saw it coming.

But we should have...
....ah the old wudda shudda cudda strikes again.

Make it a Good Day, G


to see a complete list of czars via a fellow blogger on blogspot
and realize --
Cass Sunstein, Regulatory Czar, believes Free Speech needs to be 
limited for the common good...
Ashton Carter, Weapons Czar, believes all private weapons
in America should be destroyed...
and on and on and on


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's About Living Within Our Own Right Thing

Dear America,

don't you just love people -- especially people for the ethical treatment of animals -- also known as PETA.

Now I am an animal lover.  Big time.  I would save every animal I could -- be it from bondage, cruelty, starvation, you name it, I would save it. But this lawsuit?  seriously?

Papers are expected to be filed, today, in San Diego, claiming that five Orcas -- and listed by name: Tilikum and Katina based at SeaWorld in Orlando, Fla., and Corky, Kasatka and Ulises based in San Diego -- are subject to the same rights as humans and thereby protected under the 13th Amendment (for, if you haven't read it lately, the amendment does not limit it's protections to just people).  

"By any definition, these orcas are slaves—kidnapped from their homes, kept confined, denied everything that's natural to them and forced to perform tricks for SeaWorld's profit..." according to Jeff Kerr, PETA's general counsel -- who also happens to have a team of five lawyers under retainer to fight for the orca five (and having already spent 18 months preparing for the case!)     
       hmmmmmmm wonder how PETA donors feel about this use of funds?

So this must be just about getting some free press, or donations, or something?  Whatduhya think?

I mean, c'mon, isn't this what we have done with every family pet in the world?

While considering the season and all, I have a confession.  There have been times -- not every time, mind you -- but if we are gonna be honest here -- there have been times when I have made my dog do a trick without getting a treat....he got nothing, nada, zippo....at best, an "attaboy".  Please.  I beg of you.  Please don't tell BooBoo that this lawsuit lives in San Diego.

And -- if we go there -- which I guess it's where PETA is begging for us to go -- then every farm animal known to man should be jumping on this chuck wagon in only a matter of time.  And then we've got circus animals to address...pet shops...and actually, even the safari adventures in Africa need to have a talking to -- calling upon them to immediately cease profiting off of the wild animals and offer vacations on the savannah for free.  

And why just the orcas?  Are not the dolphins and walrus' people, too?  

And why just Sea World?  Why not attach every zoo in the nation, if not the entire world?

But for the record, "under prevailing U.S. legal doctrine, animals under human control are considered property, not entities with legal standing of their own. They are afforded some protections through animal-cruelty laws, endangered-species regulations and the federal Animal Welfare Act, but are not endowed with a distinct set of rights."  and feel free, you can read more about all this stuff here.

Kerr addresses the involuntary servitude issue against history by adding this -- "The historical context is undeniable, but that's not what this case is about. It's about the orcas in their own right, not whether they are or aren't similar to humans." 

It's all about the orcas "in their own right."   

okay, fine. 
so again, what about dogs -- being "in their own right," right? 

Would not this very condition and experience  -- looking much like a life anchored in being "in their own right" -- pretty much allow them to be born free and live free and die hard without any human care and intervention of any kind?  Wouldn't our world literally look like, and feel like, it has gone to the dogs?  And what gives one animal, like the orca, more rights than another?

 wow.  he ain't heavy, he's my orca, dude.

Be it Tilikum, Katina, Corky, Kasatka and Ulises...from circus elephants to the pet pooch....let's be clear -- they are all animals.

And because humans care, and think deeply about the welfare of others -- including but not limited to all animals -- we do our best to live and work and play with animals with care.  Besides the evidence on film via Whale Wars, there was a time when whales were hunted openly -- and without a second thought or a conscience limiting this avenue stream for profit at all.

Matter of fact, much of the education supporting  the proper welfare of animals from the sea, have come directly from programs and outreach through businesses like Sea World.  Through rehabilitation efforts, and actions in the protection of endangered species, the general welfare of animals by Sea World (and many other community aquariums and facilities) -- especially the orcas -- speaks for itself.  [and how about the back story of that new Hollywood movie, Dolphin Tale...is that profiting off of somebody profiting off of a broken tail? and did they have to go to Morgan Freeman for this? what was Winter's cut?]

"The lawsuit details the distinctive traits of orcas, the largest species within the dolphin family, including their sophisticated problem-solving and communicative abilities and their formation of complex communities."

Is that so...then just why haven't they 'communicated there was a problem' like thirty or forty years ago? 

And clearly, most people today appreciate the efforts made, including the general welfare provided, through business ventures/education/outreach like that of Sea World -- than not.  Otherwise, Sea World would be out of business. 

You know what I'm thinking -- giving where America has been heading these days -- if this lawsuit wins, orcas will potentially have more rights than some of us humans living in America.  say what, G?

Hear my cry -- it kinda sounds like a baby beluga -- but if these creatures all of a sudden become "in their own right" in the midst of many Americans losing their "in their own right," then what does that really say? 

Humans in America were given certain unalienable rights  [by God, mind you] and subsequently documented in our Constitution and Declaration of Independence.  These documents protected us equally under the law; not that we would all be guaranteed an equal outcome, but merely guaranteeing equal opportunity; and then, being fully "in our own right" to live, work and play and hopefully, make enough money to actually profit, or at the very least pay for the bare necessities like food and shelter, and thereby granting the freedom to create a life -- accruing property, wealth, and growing a family and maybe even getting a dog -- to be made available in equal portion for us all.  

Redistribution of wealth/property against America's will is unconstitutional.  So, you all [PETA people] wanna talk about slavery?  ...let's roll and I'll throw in a high jump out of the water for free.

The thing is -- the problem is within this growing and incredible resurgence of the hand picking of special preferences and treatment [much like all government regulations, really...like, take for example, subsidies specific to green energy determined better than oil/gas...or, affirmative action extended to one group of citizens over another....or, orcas deemed eligible for human rights but not dolphins....]   Government does a lousy job playing God for everyone and everything under heaven, just sayin'

But back to the new black -- orcas being enslaved by the profiteering land/aquarium owners, no less...

Let's just hope it goes no further than entertainment and perhaps PETA reeling in a few extra bucks for their efforts. 

And Godspeed to Tilikum, Katina, Corky, Kasatka and Ulises...hope you have some kind of deep pockets helping you all out.

Make it a Good Day, G