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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dear America,

F a n t a s i a

I can't help myself.

It's Saturday and my chores are delayed as I still have a half dozen half baked thirteen year old's in the living room; so what's a mama to do?  But the real question is, Mr. President, what's with the mop?

Apparently yesterday he used his worn out analogy in front of his favorite followers, the DNC, and cleaned up with smearing Republicans with the mop, again.  Boooorinnnng, wake me up when he is done.  I'll tell you what to do with this mop.

Sure, I understand pulling the Mark Twain and trying to entice us to help out -- if that were actually true.  You sir, use it as a separation tool -- perhaps in either class or status, as if the right is just sitting around watching "you'all" clean up the mess, as if being slighted to offer suggestions and having doors closed on us barring the possibility of true bipartisanship wasn't enough.

And calling out the whimsy with fear mongering politico mop satire -- saying its the socialist mop we're all afraid of, ooooh now that's funny --  as if it has cooties or H1N1 all over it and we don't dare to even venture there, or worse, that we've come to the realization that all we'll ever do is mop the rest of our lives...you would hate to have that leak out.

Well hey, Mr. President, did you ever think of this?  That mop, that sparkling shiny mop you have holding in your hand right now, it was made by some enterprise that started out as a mom&pop operation and slowly grew to make so many mops, they couldn't handle all the business -- so they expanded manufacturing and sales and built factories and livelihoods for thousands of people (now, I think they are called Walmart, but I can't be sure...wikipedia might know...while it could very well be from China, too.  Scratch that, even Walmart has those.)

But really, Mr. President, if it's truly about cleaning up the mess, wouldn't it be better if we just didn't make one (or two, or three...) in the first place?  Wouldn't it be better if each of us were just plain more responsible with our actions and accountable for our own choices   -- I mean the messes we make, come on! 

We mess up our bodies with too much fat and booze and smokes.  We mess up our wallets with excess credit, wanting too much and living outside our means.   We mess up our government with too much regulation and stifling our beautifully designed free market, penalties for acquiring any wealth for ourselves, the bounty of capitalism and growing a life that is passed on and made better in the next generation.  We mess up through the strangle hold of taxation and control over every faction of life from education to health care, to commodities and trade, to groceries and gas. 

Mr. President, a mop can only do so much.

If you know anything about moping, pretty soon even the mop gets too dirty and is incapable of cleaning up any more...that would be the time to pick up a new mop; one that has the common sense built into it to keep things clean and simple, not complicated and overworked.  A mop that has potential for creating the opportunity of a total do-over and clean up everything from the dregs of Congress to the toxic waste of an entire governmental bureaucracy that no longer serves the needs of a free society. A mop that brings long term security, built to outlast generations, for the American people under the law of the land, in reverence and gratitude for all that we have and all that will be under God.

Besides, stop passing out free mops when you have no way to pay for them all and have no real authority to do so; while have you not seen Fantasia?

Otherwise, I may be forced to smack you in the behind with mine.

On that note, cleaning up after ourselves is stellar advice and doled out plenty of times from mamas and papas around the world -- so how hard can it be just to do it?

Happy Saturday!
Make it a good day, G

remember, give a hoot don't pollute?

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