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Friday, October 23, 2009

Dear America,

If you follow G you know that G's been following Flash Forward on ABC Thursday's.

Last night incorporated one thing that struck me as a hmmm that's interesting moment, that being the realization that the flash itself hit America hard, while China...hardly at all.  Having said that, I'm only that much more intrigued to see where the show takes America from here...does she go down in a ring of fire or does she rise like a Phoenix out of the ashes.

Of course, every motivational speaker worth a mortgage to go see uses the terminology of the old Chinese translation of what does crisis truly mean:  chaos meeting opportunity.

Now as we have seen before in this current administration, according to the book of Rahm,
So what he's really saying here is we have an opportunity for a crisis to enlighten us, or allow it to get even worse, in essence bending over to allow for government to sweep in and fix things, whether it is with a mop or big stick, who really cares by the looks of things on national TV.

As on top of the in-house intimidation within the rank and file -- along with the ability for this administration to control most of the media and the message like a puppet -- Americans have essentially had the democratic process erased right before our eyes.  The only "true" reactions from Americans, the only "real" news stories, the only "acceptable" newscasters, the only questions we want to answer are found through mainstream media outlets; as only ABCBS, CBS, NBCBS and even CNN (and sometimes BS) are considered speaking the truth.  That is according to the knee jerk reactions of the White House, which continues to be whining about the one station committed to offering a fair and balanced news without falling victim to the antics of intimidation by the current yahoos in office. Aside from the star power commentators advocating a more serious conservative reshaping of America, the news itself on FOX is the same as any other station.

My question to everyone in the White House is have you actually watched FOX for a day?  It's a rhetorical question as I know the answer; for if you did watch it, you would not be reacting to it in the way that you are.  Don't you know your reactions fuel more interest?  And why is it so threatening to listen to the other side's point of view once in awhile?  You do realize that the numbers haven't changed -- while half of America loves you, the other half questions every move you make; just as it was for the eight years of Bush, do you really think Hardball played badminton all day with the Dubbya, I think not.

Dubbya's reaction, NADA.
Obama's reaction, well then I'm not going to play with you anymore, wahhhhhhh.

No, it was more like, "away with you" -- immediately throwing Fox News out of the pool; as in yesterday's rather arrogant decision to cut off Fox News from jumping into the deep end -- apparently implementing the latest governmental media regulation.  The interview with Kenneth Feinberg announcing the cannonball deal struck by this Pay Czar to regulate the paychecks of the big boys of Wall Street -- which as you know paychecks now courtesy of Uncle Sam you and me -- the community pool was closed to Fox.

But what happened, the cool kids actually stood up for the nerd and said, if you don't let him in then we won't play with you either.  Wonders never cease.

What is disturbing though, is the element of through any means possible to control what we hear in the news by this White House, whether it be through intimidation, demonizing, inaccessibility, or ignoring the contrary views altogether -- and this should rock the world of all Americans, not just the conservatives and libertarians.

Honestly, are you that threatened by one little station who asks questions; God help you if The Fox Channel starts to get real competition, giving birth to little TV Talk Radio offshoots  -- we could have a whole slew of conservative television to choose from, maybe changing the view ever so slightly with The Land of Liberty TV News or the FreeAMERICA Channel or quite simply CONSERVATIVE TV MSnoBS. Then what would you do?

Newsflash, We the People still run under the rule of law and will do anything to uphold our liberties by way of speaking up and questioning authority.  What seems to be the real issue for you, Mr. Obama et.al, is not so much the action, but in the message itself  -- any time we run counter to your new regime.  Well, I got news for you, you -- the powers at be -- should listen while you still have a chance.   A real bipartisan, operating within our means Washington is still achievable; or you will soon get the message loud and clear in the polls, leaving it too late for the opportunity for a dignified response.

Your are right about this; we wanted change.  We wanted a change we could believe in, which is why you are there in the first place; but you are either forgetting or never really knew what we wanted to change.  It wasn't just the face of Washington, that's cosmetic.  We wanted a brand new Washington -- oh yeah, we got that.

Alright, let me try again, what we wanted was a Washington minus the corruption and the free-wheeling and dealing of a government gone bad.

Which brings me to the one person that just might have been able to pull if off.

It won't be long now before we can catch the reaction of someone who upended the liberals and electrified the conservatives in last year's election -- Sarah Palin.  Talk about creating mass hysteria; and the mainstream media and MSNBC and Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson had a field day frolicking over the never ending ways they could make her life miserable.  Unbelievable.

And it's not like the media really matters, but the lefty's and progressives can't even give it a rest for one day, as they have pulled together a collaboration of annihilation of their own, set to unveil the same day as Sarah's memoir; set with eery similarities and a cover designed to nail the coffin shut in Going Rouge...Sarah Palin, An American Nightmare.  Now just who is responsible for that as I want to shake their hand, well done, touche, way to go showing how weak you people really are.

Don'cha know the highest form of flattery is by way of the mirror, you silly little copycats you...awww that's just so sweet. Does she have your panties in a wad that much?  Does she make your skin tingle all up and down the legs like Chris Matthews, but in a bad way?  Awwww you gotta get ahold of yourselves - don'cha know ya never wanna let 'em to see you sweat...

Well, most of us conservatives know what the real cover looks like and we will buy the real thing:

As we know the real thing when we see it.

Attempts to discredit usually always fall flat; hence, the outcry of conservatives reverberating right back to the big White House in a chorus of we are the world of 'No Fear'; Fox is fearless for all the right reasons, while Sarah will most likely surprise the living daylights out of us. 

I can hardly wait.

Make it a Good Day, G

I realize I was all set to start a conversation of Mao, Che, Castro...but just the thought of the rogue dictators forced me into an overthrow of my own making, I couldn't help myself. Just a little blogger coup d'etat of sorts.

Last flash of light before I leave, goes out to the new regime. 
It's not about you...
It's what is in AMERICA's best interests.
That's it.

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