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Friday, October 16, 2009

Dear America,

"wish I knew what you were looking for ...might have known what you would find mm m m mm mmm
something quite peculiar...something is shimmering and white..
leads you here despite your destination ...under the milky way tonight...under the milky way tonight"

Before we can begin 'The Mirage', the mini-series, we have some follow up on yesterday's little space cadet.  As that Shepard Smith on Crazy Town Fox News reported in his southern drawl early on, 'sure hope this little boy is just hiding somewhere and just doesn't want to be in trouble'...turns out his comments were not only fortuitous but right on the moon.  Falcon was found mid-afternoon after taking refuge in a box in the attic.

All's well that ends well, I guess, considering the situation.  I don't know about you  -- but for me, from the moment I left you and started watching the play by play surrounding Falcon's disappearance, listening to the commentators describe the turn of events, watching this hover-muffin for at least an hour, all I could think about was the thought that they couldn't have planned a better name for this boy --  I mean, if it was staged -- which it wasn't -- so don't pull a Rush on me and take what I just said out of context.

But geeze, Falcon?  Now that he's alright, except for the details of being grounded (hardy har har), I can't think of how any more perfect that stage name -- I mean, name name -- could be.  Certainly, it was better that he didn't venture off into the wild blue yonder in the shiny flying beret, but the near death experience should cement the 'do not try this at home' in his little head for some time to come.

It was interesting, however, the number of times I heard speculation of whether or not the whole thing was staged, designed, commanding attention for a publicity stunt...and by the looks of things, the discussion is not over, given what continues to come out of the mouths of babes.

Create a whirlwind of worry just for a show, or for effect, or to influence people? 

Now just who would do that?

Again, don't take that out of context, I believe they DID NOT PLAN IT, the Heene Family -- nobody orchestrated anything.  That's what I believe to be true today (I don't know about tomorrow, I may change my mind).

But now, this Administration:
This is for real, people; and Rahm Emmanual is one of those "he [the annointed one] surrounds himself with" for effect or to transform a nation; but make no mistake, everyone in the White House have been handpicked by Obama, and all the President's men, specifically for their role, and have been preparing -- writing script and legislation, setting up scenarios of risks and bailouts, and have been waiting patiently backstage for just the right light to pull it off.

This isn't Hollywood dreaming up some creepy new story line, like in V; when all I've seen are commercials on it give me the shivers.  I'm sure I'll have nightmares tonight just imagining these people from space with that reverberated voice saying 'we come in peace, we do no harm, we  are here to help you and bring you harmony and health care'.  really? no, seriously, she really said health care.

The creepiest part was the clip where this space chick is beginning an interview, the guy asks her something before they get started, of which I can't remember, as it was her response that blew me away: "Just be sure not to ask us anything that would paint us in a negative light."  Huh?  Ahh, just doesn't get any better than that.

Of course, she isn't real, only make believe -- I wasn't born yesterday --  I know not everything we see on TV is true.  Let me repeat that:
Not everything we see on TV is true.

It is no accident that all during Obama's campaign, he positioned himself squarely with everyone.  He answered all the right questions with all the right answers.  You were there, I don't need to tell you.

He created stages wherever he went; surrounding himself with his followers.  He mimicked Martin Luther King and projected a man in the middle; a man who would straighten out Washington, because all those guys were very very bad (even though he was already one of 'em). Yeah, you saw that too.

He said he would not give any jobs to lobbyist; they wouldn't even get a guest pass.  He would open up C-SPAN for all decision making processes of legislation - because we will be the administration of transparency.  Yeah, you were there for that, too.

And how about that night in Denver?  Wow.  Outrageous...it truly felt like the second coming -- not that I was there for that, were you?

Well all of that is well and good for the campaign!  It was, for all the marbles.  It was, going for broke with deep pockets.  It was, all is fair in love and war.  It was, the final frontier to the mother ship.

But the show is supposed to be over now; staging is out and reality is in; could somebody please send him the memo?  They like usurping documents from the CIA, how about we just tempt them with rumour of new classified material, mentioning under our breath they might possibly be interested in taking a glance, no questions asked if they simply walk away with it...go ahead...do it...nobody's looking.

All I can hope for is they start to get tired, what are the chances you think?  Aww, that's pretty silly of me  -- just yesterday Obama was speaking to his followers in New Orleans telling them, "I'm just getting started!"  It was his first visit since he took office to Katrina's damage epicenter; while he looked so fired up,  makes you wonder what plane his reality is truly based, given the dynamics of destruction hitting America with gale force winds.

Besides the staging, the favorable audience, the teleprompter and props (you know, like doctors, and activists planted @ tea party events and town hall meetings, and children singing), it all comes down to spin -- and the virtual timing of that spin. 

Oh sure, some things can be decided right away, like GITMO, done; signed into foreclosure day two of his Presidency (of course, doing it is a different story -- another producer needs to pick up on where he left off). 

And some stories we think are coming to a dramatic close rather abruptly because, and I'm paraphrasing, 'it must be done for Americans, and cannot wait any longer, and Congress must act before summer recess...'  (what is turning out as somewhere lost in space, the health care bill was supposed to have been a direct hit onto the American people --aside from the fact that the actual implementation of rewards being not until 2013, yet new taxation starting immediately -- yeah, no illusions there.)

While other plot lines meander and turn and just take months to unfold, as we, the people sit and wait.

Take for example the Afghanistan war,
In the campaign, this was THE war to WIN; Bush was stupid, and  his sentiments were simply this, 'if I were in charge I would put more troops over there to get it done right, so there!'  Now that he is there, in the oval office that is, it would seem he's been having a series of technical difficulties -- his mojo ain't a go-go on this one.

In March-- the 27th to be exact and to his credit -- he got a real strategy, this is what I want, now go, away with you... More troops were sent (actually the troops that were already scheduled to go from the previous administration)
Then he stopped ( I think he thought he was done). 

By June, however, he got a new General (somebody who really knew what he was doing).
Then he stopped. 

Things then started to heat up.  Rumours started flying. The possibility for more troops may be requested per the General so he got a little queasy, I mean uneasy, but not enough to meet actually with the General (until the people heard all about it on 60 Minutes). 
Then he did -- meet with the General (for all of 30 minutes on the tarmac in Copenhagen after his commercial for Chicago to the Olympic Committee). 
Then he stopped. 

Then he developed the idea to bring in Joe, let him push his ideas around a bit and show the people great contemplation over a serious matter (cuz he knows Joe, he's totally not into it). 
Then he stopped. 

Recently, the fraudulent elections throw in another reason to stop...because that's what they were afraid of all along, I told you so... (like now he decides to be interested in voter fraud).
Even still, he stopped some more. 

Yesterday, however, he's signed off on giving 7 Billion dollars to Paaak-e-staan-- who's first concern was that there may be too many strings attached (hello, anyone see a red flag here?). 

Today, we are still stopped; or maybe he's just committed to the holding pattern indefinitely and we're just unaware, circling Pluto.  He wants us to believe that he is really taking a hard look at his options when its more like a hard look at how do I get out of this, searching for the black hole.

Now I'm no General, but isn't timing and follow through everything here?   As I understand, we had Afghanistan handled in a very short period of time originally, but we strategically left them vulnerable, and are consequently paying the price for that now.  Isn't there a lesson here from what we already learned, we gotta get in and get it done and stay put, otherwise we will be playing cat and mouse for a very long time to come; and just maybe, we don't have much time.

While what truly bugs, the whole world is watching -- even Iran, Pakistan, Russia, China, N.Korea, Venezuela, and Cuba.  I'm not sure what they think, but surely the back and forth, the indecision, the lack of fortitude and constant second guessing ourselves does not help matters, and must make America appear rather weak.  How do you say chicken in Arabic?  Why would an administration want to do that?

Everything coming out of this administration hasn't set right with anybody; and even though they would never admit it, I don't even think Democrats are happy; our country is flying like that little hovercraft we saw yesterday just hoping to find a tether some time soon.

And yet image is everything.  Most stupid Americans think its great that Europeans like us again.

I'm sorry, what have they done for us lately -- oh, it doesn't matter; for the agenda continues to take top billing on the President's list of priorities and scheduling of parties and visits.  It is a matter of our National Security and Global Transformation  to change the American image in the face of Europeans -- to cajole, bow, kiss up and make nice and apologize for everything -- including probably the Revolutionary War if we close our eyes for even a second.

Problem is, not only does this administration want to make nice with our allies -- he is acting like he wants to invite dictators over to make mud pies in the back yard, turn the White House into a big space ship, and let them spend the night  in the Lincoln bedroom if given the chance.

Go out and make it a good day, play a little, it's Friday x G 

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