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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dear America,

Turn it up and replay it.

You know, your treat for the day, click it and replay it. 
Do it!
You gotta fight  --- for your right -- to paaaaaaaaaaaarty...yeah

I'll kick you outta my home if you don't cut your hair...
da da da   dada   dadada ...
you gotta fight --
for you right --

to Health Care. da da da  dada   dadada 

Nothing like a little Beastie Boys in the morning, yo?

But really.
Does the Constitution really say we have a RIGHT to health care?

Yes, we are a compassionate people and care for others, dare I say that is simply due to our Christian roots; as it surely doesn't come from Punk rockers.

We all want America to prosper. We all want Americans to be able to afford the basic necessities of life and health and be able to see a doctor when they need one; for as we know, we could catch it; viruses transfer to neighbors and coworkers like a family spreads a cold.  While we also know, cancer can happen to anyone, rich or poor, it doesn't matter which side of the tracks your family lives -- it isn't personal, it's cancer.

But then there is this, do I have an obligation to cover for someone else making ill choices-- like smoking?   Do I have to pay for that?

Hence the reason health care INSURANCE, and any other incidental or substantial costs, have risen exponentially -- we live virtually in a society of reckless behaviour and somebody has to pay for it; and I can assure you, it won't be accomodated by the goodness of charity or the hospital writing it off -- it will be passed on to the consumer by way of every level the actual costs take a hit in order to cover for everybody's freedom to have vices -- and its as simple as that.

Even if the government says they have the cost of the $829 Billion dollar health care package "covered" and that it is "deficit neutral", what that really means is -- since the government has no money and is not a producer of anything but bureaucracy -- that they will find a way to cover their ass through any means possible. 

Ways and Means like cutting 400 Billion from Medicare (yes, they will just cut in to your Grandma's program).   Ways and Means like calculating a mandate into the package so that if anyone should decide to orchestrate their right, as an American, to NOT get health insurance, they can be fined -- stiffly.  Oh sure, that's the way to respond to a population hell bent on not paying for something they can't afford or feel it is unnecessary at this time -- let's just make 'em do it, that's the ticket.

Our government figures in the ways and means through this $829 Billion dollar package delivered and out the door, but doesn't even address the real corruption within the system; and not only does it not attack the issue of waste but actually legislates the ways and means to create even more fraud, more abuse, and yes, more waste. Well done, Congress.

Ways and Means that, to date, I haven't heard any conversation about just opening up the state borders so that insurance companies can actually experience true competition.  I haven't heard anything!  I have a right, don't you think, at the very least anyway, of having a choice -- a real choice.  Don't I?  I mean, in the real dog eat dog world we are living in, may the best man win, right; who wants my business?  Who is going to give me the best deal for my money?  Who is going to take care of my needs the best? 

I realize, competition is hard for people to swallow without someone's feelings getting hurt, but come on, we've created a system pandering to insurance companies not the consumer.  There is no sound business reason for those "evil insurance companies" to bring down costs and added benefits whatsoever -- they are happy. Why should they change? They have market share and no one else can get in on it and so why would they ever change; its not personal, its business.

What ever happened to giving us ALL tax breaks (a crazy notion dreamed up by those loopy republicans)? 

If we just so happen to be one of the many who lost it, already have it, or want to get it, what would happen if we can get costs adjusted through tax incentives -- administered equally and fairly to all?  For where is the carrot, the candy,  to just jump in and participate -- you know, like in the way a parent makes you 'eat your vegetables or no dessert' kind of ways and means.

Where is the added benefit in a government controlling more of what we do, while still having to pay for it , while invariably jeopardizing our quality of care on top of it?  Where is the benefit to that?  Sign me up and bring me seconds cuz that sure sounds like a good time in my mouth. bla  (say it like you are about to throw up.)

Look at me, getting carried away like this when I should stay on point -- where in God's name in the Constitution does it say HEALTH CARE is a RIGHT?   For God knows, if we say health care is a right, isn't food one also?   And having a roof over our head, what about that?  That's a pretty basic necessity.

Oh and what about keeping warm in the dead of winter, shouldn't my SDG&E bill be covered? 

And my water bill...yeah, yeah... what isn't more important than water -- bathing in it, brushing my teeth in it, watering my plants, feeding my booboo, and making the evening's pasta dinner-- shouldn't every body's water be covered?  Hey, we should add that to the HR 3200 bill right now.   Perhaps, if we call our Congressman today, we could amend that before the vote on Tuesday.  Get on it.  Stat.

We seem to be very confused as to what is a right and what is a privilege and what is worthy of fighting for; I mean, the way I see it, we are all mixed up and ass backwards and it is gonna bite us in the butt if we don't straighten ourselves out soon.

I even heard a republican (no, not one of ours) say something yesterday that just made my hair stand up.  Bill Frist of Tennessee made reference to "a country as rich as America" should find a way to cover the uninsured, that nobody should go bankrupt because of an illness, nobody should go without, and that this should basically never happen in a country so affluent and all.

Well Billy, may I call you that, you are right.  Nobody should be without health care; and nobody is.  Anybody and everybody can get it on the spot, according to the do not ask do not tell policy already in place, through the ways and means of any emergency room across the country.  We are that country indeed.

But the concern I have is this, what planet are you from and do you not read the papers here in America?  Rich? Our country is rich?  Did you really say that and do you have any idea the debt we carry and to which great communist country we owe our life and breath to as we speak?  Are you fa king kidding me, Billy?

Our dollar is sinking so fast we might as well play with Monopoly money.  Bill, you had me at hello and then bam! the door just shut.

You see what may be a right may not be a right at all; and with that, I'm not paying for it! (takes you back to one of my favorite blogs, doesn't it).

What is happening within the new attitude of the 21st century, is that this living Constitution can be tweaked and we can begin to redefine everything; and that is not what our founding father's intended, I can assure you.  The Constitution promoted individual freedoms and rights OVER a limited federal government for a reason; they knew that power and money and might had the viral potential for a take over -- in spite of all their good intentions and unlimited terms of public service --  corruption would be the consummate overindulgence.

We, the people, thought we had insurance against that, as in our Constitution; but the new prevailing attitude of "we are five days away from fundamentally transforming America" is no lie. 

By the way, besides the new definition of "rights", we seem to have slipped into a new definition of "persons." This is how the left says what they mean and means what they say, for it is through the magic of the latest "liberal translation", a phrase coined by Sean Hannity of the Fox Network.  It is not as you would think "persons" -- as in all naturally born citizens or legal immigrants -- it is ALL persons--  illegally entered, terrorists, Hollywood directors guilty of raping 13 year olds (scratch that, he's not back here in America yet) basically anyone who is essentially living on American soil. All human beings included.  Will we eventually add dogs, cats and goldfish to this, time will tell.

On the bright side, you know me, I'm a glass half full kinda girl, there is a rumor going around the halls of Congress begging for a "do over".  Jury is still out on that one, too, but if we are gonna entertain the thought of a health care package total do over, why keep it to just that?  How about we have a whole entire federal government do over  --

All money in government comes from the individual.  ALL COSTS of doing business, no matter what business, is passed on to consumers -- again, the individual.  The health care bill is not courtesy of America's bounty and good fortune and caring government -- it is at the cost of the individual, backwards, forwards, smoke and mirrors and all -- the individual.  It doesn't matter what the CBO says.  It doesn't matter that a hip young President says "no new taxes" or not.  It doesn't matter that they say insurance companies will take their medicine now, or that the public option will be cheaper, or that medicare will still keep on ticking without a mere 400B's.  It doesn't matter what they say.

It's all a bunch of bologna.

And if you ask me why I'll say, 
cuz F-E-D-E-R-A-L
has a way with the

2010 and 2012 can't come soon enough. Because hey,
we got a right -- for our fight -- to paaaaaaaaaaaaarty!

Make it a Good Day, G

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  1. Economics 401 - marvelous - Adam Smith just winked! Had dinner with Frist and Mrs Frist once at GOPAC dinner ... he didn't talk like then ... must have angling for our wallets ... like democrats, the only place politicians want to drill.

    A good read as usual
    VA neighbors