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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dear America,

Did you like that?

You know, the click,  Dear America.

Ahh so many stereotypes so little time; and Birdcage was full of them.  But what a riot.

I feel like my blog got a little carried away yesterday.  I'm not sure what happened, I just got so excited towards the finish, imagining with a common sense of abandon, that the show must go on, and everybody loves a parade kind of revelation building to a crescendo, transcending finally to musicals and Judy Garland.  Perhaps, I was channeling a little Judy unbeknown-st to me given the topic, but all I wanted to do in the end was sing.

Of course, upon a new day, I slapped myself in the face.

G, what were you thinking?  And it's never good when speaking of yourself in third party.

And speaking of parties, I tossed and turned all night wondering just where are the conservative gay men?
And I went searching for them this morning; not heading to The Brass Rail in Hillcrest (San Diego's "official" gay neighborhood), nor did I venture out on foot in parts of Balboa Park, notorious for clandestine hook ups for gay men.  Nope, just went to the world wide web.

And then I hit a high note -- rather instantaneously, too.

I couldn't believe it really; I had no idea. 

I then proceeded to read and read and read and found myself caught up in a plethora of information, and sometimes more information than I wanted to know, and came away utterly exhausted...if only 20 minutes later.

What started out as a quest to discover why we never hear about the gay conservative -- wondering why we never hear about a gay man supporting pro-life, or advocating fiscal responsibility, or screaming over government corruption, the economic suicide of our dollar, unemployment -- or questioning things like how the Health Care bill will affect HIV/Aids in America -- or hearing anything at all when it comes to being christian, being gay and still being a conservative --wondering where are these men -- I began to find myself and discover, that we live in a world of a multitude of realities.

And, can I get a chorus of  'OMG no Jimmy Choo shoes!'

I know I've led a sheltered life, but this is fricken ridiculous.  There is SO MUCH OUT OF THE CLOSET OUT THERE IT IS UNBELEIVABLE.

Where is the mainstream media (MSM)?  Where is the NY Times?  Where is Dateline or anyone for that matter from MSNBC?  Can I get some help, here?

I was seeking and then I found.

There is a sweet little outfit called http://gayconservative.org/ On their front page they have this:

"Freedom incurs responsibility; that is why so many men fear it."  George Bernard

It is actually a collection of writers, but make no mistake, they don't seem very confused of where they stand when it comes to leaning left or right.  But more than anything else, I found myself caught up in another world, another dimension, and began to find myself getting lost into ideas foreign to me, and yet, in a weird way, very much the same.

Then, I found the mother-load; Log Cabin Republicans.  Again, news to me.

There on the home page, a picture of my Governor Terminator standing at the podium, a picture of Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack with her husband, and information leading to the Sill Resolution, documenting the gay conservative initiatives and objectives set forth during a recent weekend convention, in my own back yard of Palm Springs, California. And just where was MSM?

Oh my, so if you have any question in your mind as to if they're really out there -- gay conservatives -- this should answer any doubt. Go the website and check it out, crazy good; if only in the sense that what I use to think a gay man fighting for his rights looked like, is so much better (and you know how pretty some of those boys are, it's a crime).

Anyway, I don't know about you, but I feel pretty good just knowing they exist-- conservatives and gays in the same sentence if not the same room-- as I was beginning to wonder.  My issue now is simply this, why do we never hear about this whole 'nother world, an apparition courtesy of the domination of liberal journalism. 

Don't they, MSM, understand that they are supposed to represent objective journalistic views -- perhaps even research opposing sides -- maybe even provide tools for evaluating divisive issues -- or even, and this would be a real stretch, allow for instance, the reality that there are other people in this world besides those held captive in a 'liberal, narrow-minded, intolerable to anyone who doesn't think like me, big cry babies upon any sign of criticism, wahhh, did I say baby yet, left brain idiots' little box?

Now I love a good argument, myself.  I am not threatened by the left brain and how they think; matter of fact I revel in it.  It fascinates me.  It makes my heart pound.  It makes me sick to my stomach; and yet I live.   I laugh in the face of danger hahahaha.

Today marks an elevation in consciousness; MSM may have sold out a long time ago to leaning so far one direction, ultimately it will circle around and quite possibly kick them in the butt, but I believe the more we know, the more we listen, the more we address two sides (and the multiple facets thereof) the better we will all be.  To be threatened by opposing view, to never give it a chance to be heard, is the ultimate loss of our country's greatest liberty, freedom of speech -- and having people actually listen.

The White House Communications Director, Anita Dunn, actually came out of the big white closet she's been in yesterday to tell Fox News that the White House doesn't want to be your friend; that the White House dismisses any and all credibility of viable and pertinent and commendable communication via Fox News and all of its affiliates and will not tolerate such blatant lies that only distract and confuse the American people; listen to me, I tell you, listen to ME, don't pay attention to anything they are saying...they lie, I'm telling you... they just plain lie. please I beg of you waaahhhh  turn it off...sniffle sniffle...just turn it off.

And of course, it wasn't that long ago when even our dear President said, "well ya know, chuckle chuckle [that Fox News] well, they're a pretty big megaphone" for the blah blah blah for the right wing conservative nut jobs out there, who needs 'em.

Well, apparently, Mr. President, even a few gay conservatives gets a kick out of Fox News, so I would be a little more careful mouthing off like that, you wouldn't want to turn anybody off that may in fact affect your rocking good poll numbers, now would you?  Of course, what does he care, MSM is still drooling over him; talk about a megaphone, pull over Mr. President, and get your hands up in the air where I can see 'em.

Which leads me to what I learned in school today:  the thing is, this America of ours, we are as splintered and chopped up as Sarah Palin's sweet fanny by the MSM, that you can be sure of.  And as clear as the cloudy day outside my window, that tells me we are in for a very bumpy ride if we don't get our act together.

Let's face it, from what I learned in all of about 20 minutes surfing gay America this morning, even the gay constituency is chopped into a million pieces (k, that may be a slight exaggeration, but its true).  There are more facets to that diamond in the rough worth noting and acknowledging; while after further review, it's a wonder how they pull off a  perfectly good parade at all.  Talk about multiple dimensions, alternative thought, and divisiveness within a group; deciding what to wear is the least of their worries-- unbelievable.

I'm not kidding; they bring different factions to an art form, and those of us that walk the straight line have alot to learn.

Having said that, my point still stands (you know, the same point I made about African-Americans a few weeks back)-- aren't we still all American, first and foremost?  When did we get so divided up into every body's issues?  What have we all done to ourselves in the pursuit of one man's (any man's) personal preferences over the true welfare of living happily and peacefully in a free nation?  Where is the "to each his own" and why does our media give all rights to that one-sided argument on the left, treating the right as if but a petty annoyance; as if just getting us all out of the way, all problems would be miraculously resolved.

I'd buy tickets to see that world.

My head is spinning.

No, it really is; I gotta to lie down.

I need a cold compress,
perhaps a stiff cocktail,
my blankie
and baby booboo at my feet.

You'll be happy to know,
the Drama Queen has left the blog.

Make it a Good gay Day, G

but don't you worry about       a thing,
all I need to do is rest        my  pretty little  head
here in this nice    field    of     poppies, and     
I'll       be  

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