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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dear America,

Good Morning, America!

There is just so much to say and so little time, people. 
Hold on a second, I need to go put some socks on, my feet are cold.

As we continue a life of cloud's illusions as I recall, I really don't know clouds at all...

First let me say, I'm sorry; as today may take some time. 
Honestly, I didn't know where to begin.  So I thought we would start with having some fun with a serious issue...that being the doom and gloom, the sky is falling case of GLOBAL WARMING.

You know, I had to laugh recently when one of San Diego's finest, Joan Embrey, our San Diego Zoo Ambassador was in a commercial for an upcoming charity event to raise money for something (my apologies, I can't remember what) yet what I can recall she was abusing the latest fad, or shall we say urban legend, the dying of Polar Bears.  In the 30 second spot, she actually claimed this, "if we don't act, two thirds of the world's Polar Bears may die in 50 years."  Ex squeeze me?  May die? Will they die, or not? And why 50 years, I thought the world was ending in ten?  And what is with the polar bears -- for real?

My research tells me they are still making babies; and in fact, globally, polar bear population has grown from about 5000 in the 60's to approximately 25,000 today.  Some populations have declined in certain areas, while others have seen dramatic increase, while the majority just experience a stable paradise in extremely low temperatures every day and apparently love it.  Holy Mackerel, oh cabana boy, bring me another seal.

You know, I love polar bears, but I love the baby seals too; what's a girl to do about that?  I mean, loving both equally -- torn between two lovers -- will I have to choose between who lives and who dies, if it comes down to that? So many questions, so little time.

Now there was a time, in the first millennium, oooh and maybe the second one too, when we officially lived under Brut Rule -- when everybody was killing each other just to survive; thank God that's changed, huh.  We've talked about this before, all over the globe, the only way some people managed to survive was by killing another; otherwise accepted as the survival of the fittest mentality, which is precisely what the prevailing law of the animal kingdom lives and dies on today. 

They must eat to live, and therefore kill to eat; don't be sad, this is what animals do.

Truth is, polar bears were nearly extinct come the 1970's after centuries of being slaughtered in nature and by man -- who wanted them for food and fur -- killed by the sword, the gun, the mouths of whales -- anyway, anyhow, except by way of global warming.  Today, they are finally reaching sizable populations again, through accountable actions and strict hunting measures in place  -- yet, because it is still a free planet, people still KILL more polar bears than any warming trend could ever do.

But really, isn't there a basic law of nature at play -- being such that animals learn to adapt to their environments?  Honestly, which animal deserves to die while another one eats, are humans judge and jury on that one, too?  We are sooooooooooooo egotistical it's not even funny.

Yes, the last hundred years of the industrial revolution and cars has created a lot of pollution; but the temperature trends of the last 2000 years and counting continues to march on around us, with or without us -- up and down...highs and lows...good days and bad -- this isn't anything new unto the world.  What's more, scientists are beginning to understand how they have possibly overlooked a rather huge phenomenon reflective of climate changes and somewhat more directly related, and that being, the SUN... hmmm ( say it with your index finger cascading your chin)  More on sun spots later, we need to stay focused.

Cleaning up after ourselves is smart and spot on; but taxing America into oblivion as the rest of the world carries on business as usual?     Come on.

So here we are, with emotional pleas from around the globe to save the polar bears if nothing else; but the something else is how this self serving agenda will kill American jobs, growth, prosperity and adversely affect maybe even a mere 300,000 million lives in taxation and loss of personal freedoms. 

Listen up, if you will:

CAP and TAX...just one state's take and well done -- go cheese heads x

al gore speaking ...not what you think, so don't be scared to watch

ron paul ...an entertaining Ron, as it's not really Ron, but Ron's words artistically rendered

just a guy...just a good 'ole boy with spot on global thoughts

just another guy... brace yourself... kind of silly...worthy however of four minutes of your time

Global Warming Hoax main page...need I say more

Global Warming 101...easy to understand...and charts go way back...have some fun with it

It was asking a lot of you to take the time to plug yourselves in to the real truth -- much appreciated.  I hope it was entertaining while at the same time enlightening to other points of view.

Truth hurts, especially after investing millions upon millions of dollars -- people like Al Gore
 and George Soros have reputations to uphold and all, but you know where my head goes, I just wonder how they sleep at night, besides the obvious, with the window closed.   Have they not looked back to the last hundred years, and beyond?  Is it just me, how could anyone look at headlines and temperature trends of the last century and not have a clue?

NY Times in 1912: "an ICE AGE is encroaching"

Washington Post in 1923: "the ICE AGE is coming here"

...this also happens to be the time when scientists predicted Canada would be totally wiped out

...oooh, but it warmed up by the thirties through the fifties

...no, then it cooled again from the sixties through the eighties

...no, then it warmed up again from the eighties through about 1998 or so

...scratch that, now officially cooling again just about the time before the last year of Bush, in 2007

 The entire argument for global warming is based upon theories surrounding a little scientific element called Carbon Dioxide, CO2.
"It is a colorless, odorless and incombustible gas that is formed during respiration, combustion, and organic decomposition and use in food refrigeration, carbonated beverages, inert atmospheres, fire extinguishers, and aerosols...  It is through the carbon cycle , the cycle of natural processes i which atmospheric carbon in the form of carbon dioxide is converted to carbohydrates by photosynthesis, metabolized by animals, and ultimately returned to the atmosphere as a carbon dioxide waste or decomposition product,"  with thanks to the American Heritage Dictionary.
It comes out of our mouth; clearly, if we have to stop driving cars operated on fossil fuels and cease having industry capabilities able to economically compete with the rest of the world, we might as well all shut up too.

Make it a Good Day, G

What I want for christmas - besides world peace - would be for all this madness to go away...

Debate is over...I'm ending the debate. Today.  Shut up already.

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