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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dear America,

How can we sneak up on the enemy if we continue to blow our cover?

This is the thing about the transparency era we are in --

in cases where Obama is on the record stating his unwavering dedication to changing Washington with the first area of business, opening up the dialogue and debate for all of America to hear on C-Span, even so much as defining 'the new black' in Washington as the ultimate in open door policy in exchange for a vote; he changed our minds enough to elect him.  And, especially upon matters of legislation and how our tax dollars are spent, Obama laid it out, over and over and over again...let me be clear...and let me say again...as if telling us more than once will make it so...his administration would be different. 

And we believed.

To date, we have seen no transparency of this kind; as a matter of fact, it has been quite clear of this administrations every intention to keep the people in the dark.

Remember, Obama wanted a vote on the Public Health Care Bill before the Public could see it and read all about it; it was the leader who wanted the vote in July before summer break -- now look at us.  This is a freaking joke. 

Transparency?  Anybody watching Reid and Baucus and Pelosi quarterbacking  a bill on Sunday's let alone any other day of the week? I'm not seeing it.

And while on the subject, if it is so important to the President, why isn't he leading the way in the charge?  Obama is not even talking about what he wants in the bill -- he's leaving it up to Congress to get it right.  And this is why:  Just as his couple of years as a US Senator prove, he had a hard time deciding anything let alone being there to vote and debate and take part in the democratic process -- he shies away from that kind of eradic behavior -- as that would take a real bonafide yay or nay -- a true commitment to one side.   He can't do that.

Now when the Health Care Bill reaches a point of no return and finds itself in the garbage pail holding five hundred copies of 2,000 page bills from the House and the Senate (to date there are at least three versions) leaving a bureaucratic trail of 3,000,000 pieces of paper, equating to $60,000 in paper costs, before adding in revisions, attorneys, paralegals, overtime and Chinese food...

and for what,
so that the American people can get further screwed out of our hard earned cash and lose the America that once was under false pretenses and good intentions and more corruption?  Huh?

Before we go on with transparency, we can fix health care in America overnight with one thing:  tearing down the interstate wall so that real competition between insurance companies and health care costs can actually take shape in the free market.  That's it.  Do this and we can all shut up and go home.  Glenn Back's latest book has to be spot on and good -- have yet to read it -- but we are arguing with idiots...

And Yet for
matters of national security,
threats to the homeland,
evidence of confidential internal communication between that of the CIA and Congress,
and the so called inherent rights to all persons on American soil or taken prisoner,
now this is where we blow open the window, tear down doors and breakthrough walls at all costs.

Yes we can pick our battles now can't we.

Once again, a President -- who is highly regarded as intelligent, astute, and even street wise -- somehow gets his priorities and his promises all wrong. How can this be?

And while cable TV news loves a good fight, it is amazing the amount of dialogue that can be saved or created by this constant flow of transgressions coming out of this White House; I mean, every day there is something new, while even if its not new, the view has taken a whole new light and keeps transcending or plummeting -- whichever way you wanna look at it -- in the matter of public opinion and interest.

But I have to wonder, isn't the whole idea behind areas of government like the FBI and CIA considered off limits from scrutiny and oversight and magnification; isn't there something in what they do every day paramount to the task at hand -- and that being the ability to carry out orders pertaining to secret missions with maybe even a little Agent 99 and Get Smart thrown in for intrigue and illusions; isn't it safer for the public not to know some things?

 Taking it one step further, doesn't the confidentiality factor make it safer for those involved to complete their duties without fear of repercussions or the chance of leaking information, which could in fact lead to adversely affecting the outcome --  notwithstanding whether or not they live to see another day?

As I understand it, my naivete leads me to believe that even people within the family don't often know the truth -- offering the candid response of I have no idea where my father goes when he leaves the house in the morning, or has Hollywood just warped my brain?

But what gives? 
And then you still have people like Nancy Pelosi, who years later, after there's been a change in regime, and even though she was minority leader since 2003 and currently holds majority leader in the House, all of a sudden there is this burst of awakening and cries foul?  Are you kidding me, Nancy?  Really.  Are you kidding?

And she's not just crying foul, but calling the CIA a big bunch of liars.  Grow up and let me know when you find your good conscience.

This is the thing -- and why this ass-backwards government of ours is soooooooooooooo ridiculous -- and attention you guys and dolls in office: you know we have record of most everything you do and everything you say on tape and of record (unless of course it goes on behind doors -- whether they be closet doors or boardrooms). 

We can go back to the second Tuesday in June of 1996 and find out what anybody said and what everybody was doing and who you were doing it with...so you might as well give it up and speak your truth at all costs -- every day -- or it just may come back to bite you.

I can tell you, Clinton and Lewinsky were having a harder time hooking up about this time, June of '96.  She had just recently been transferred to the Pentagon in April, as her superiors thought she was spending a bit too much time with the President. 

Of course, he was a busy boy.  The administration was being tested from all sides, while the Iraq Disarmament Crisis was still well under way. It was this June when the UN opposed taking any military action all the while Iraq continued to refuse inspectors access; Northern Ireland was sitting down for peace talks with Sinn Fein; and it just may be that Clinton was busy playing with the old joy stick...you know, the latest Nintendo version 64 just released in Japan -- and you thought I was going to say something else. 

That's another thing, even the military must be allowed secrets! 

Unbelievable that in this day and age we give it all away -- strategy, policy, how many men, what they can do -- and more specifically what they CANNOT -- and all the while our enemy is watching, listening, waiting to see how we telegraph our next move, like a bumbling round of idiots; does safety first ring any bells?

A good military keeps secrets; and anything less we are simply shooting ourselves in the boot. 

And yet this is where our administration chooses to be transparent. 

Hear ye Hear ye, I want secrecy when it comes to both the safety of America and in keeping our boys and girls protected as they go about their business.  In my opinion, it is just plum stupidity playing cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians, good guy/bad guy deep in the trenches of political correctness-- this is the wrong way to play, win or lose.  (again, who am I but just a girl, what do I know)

I do know this, this is exactly why America is so angry and bitter with the better part of each and every branch of government today; the idiots of DC have all been tainted by the vanity of the show, trading pork for America's soul, their fifteen minutes of fame, and wasting every one's time and money through a generation of bureaucratic bull.

Times were better-- and far more richer -- when the federal government paid for diddly squat; times where they either never had the opportunity, or the responsibility, of running the business of governing America into the ground.

We thought with ushering in the new era of change, that we would see what we were looking for...

"A new standard of openness" 
and let me say again
"transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstone of this Presidency"

We just thought it was about changing the waste and corruption in Washington -- not entirely transforming America.

America is in the hands of the enemy
-- just pick one --
greed, corruption,
loss of soul, terrorists, loss of self reliance,
false pretenses, dishonesty, waste,
spiritual disconnect, deterioration of family, and
disobedience to the rule of law

Most of us really love our country -- and will do anything to get it back. 
And     we're      not        gonna     tell you, na na na nanana

Make it a Good Day, G

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