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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dear America,

Anyone miss me besides my mama and my papa?

Seems G has been bitten with the sweet snout of a little piggy, thanks to the love of my life catching up with a doozy of a wild boar; funny, all upon the curly tails of the big announcement on Sunday from our dear President that it is now a national emergency, The Swine Flu. I thank heaven the tippy tap of the keyboard lives on to see another day from G.

I've been somewhat delirious over the last three days; haven't even washed a spoon...and you know how much I hate leaving things in the sink.  My girl was at her daddy's so I just let it go, and let it go, and let it go.  By the time she came home yesterday after school I was knee deep in Gatorade bottles and sitting in a pile of saltine cracker crumbs, albeit looking rather pathetic. 

Good news, my girl is growing up, she took one look at me and started picking things up, asking me if I needed anything.  Now tell me, is that not magic or what?  For a parent, it is a true sign you are doing something right, if only that one thing.

It is a fascinating relationship, a parent and a child.  There is nothing like it in the world; and remains today as the one link between family generations and the evolution of a society that speaks volumes as to the health and well being of the macrocosm of civility and community.

I think my spirits started an uptick upon interesting data from a recent poll, 40% of Americans consider themselves conservative, 36% say moderate, and only 20% say liberal.

Are you kidding me?  Praise the Lord and Hallelujah. 

Does anyone else wanna scream YOU LIE to the Mainstream Media, or is it just me?
Does anyone else wanna scream WAKE UP to Congress, or is it just me?
Does anyone else wanna tell a really cool President you're losing your It Factor, or is it just me?

I know I said I was embarking on the conversation of Rogue Dictators and the crazy lot of followers that they seem to attract, but once again, I have to pause.  Or maybe, I have just changed my course on this one; and then again, as I haven't fully recovered -- let's just attribute whatever I say today to the frying of my brain over the last 72 hours...consider it a pass, similar to that of the high level of commendation from our die-hard and loyal media to our king, Obama. Anyway...

Our world, from the moment we enter it, relies upon a solid foundation -- an inherent gift, with holy origins designed by God, as a life created from the love between two people -- our mama and papa.  From our first breath we are dependent upon these two people to give us everything we need to grow into a responsible, loving human being; growing up in a world in which there are no two people alike, each of us unique and special and planted here to fulfil a destiny, whether by dynasty, tribe or just as one in a million.

If we miss out on this essential nutrient -- a family of two responsible, loving parents to begin with -- we are already at a disadvantage as we set out to make our mark and make a life, to learn right from wrong, and understand the gravity behind even the simplest of character influences, that being, who we model ourselves after. 

Without a mother nurturing us and feeding us and holding us tight before a kiss goodnight, our nature hardens, becomes less connected to our emotions and learns to just get by -- not even realizing what we are missing, too young to know any better, and looks to fill the needs outside the home. 

Without a father nurturing us and feeding us and teaching us to take care of our young, our nature hardens, becomes less connected to our emotions and learns to just get by -- not even realizing what we are missing, too young to know any better, and looks to fill the needs outside of the home.

And in a nutshell, you could say troubled childhoods are the very beginnings to rogue dictators.

Real quick, while there is a bit of mystery to the full background, but some have said that Hitler's father came from illegitimate roots, passing on an insecurity gene, and grew up to raise the young up and coming leader with a parental footprint of lack and limitation, whether it be from offering only a modest means or in his irreverent show of support to allow Hitler to uncover his hidden talent in the arts.  Whatever it was,  Hitler grew up defiant and angry towards his own father -- feeding into his own personal demons and subsequently followed by years looking outside of the home, finding strength as a soldier, culminating to the raging Aryan superpower, which as we all know from history, grew into an entire regime under the Nazi Party.  G note: oversimplified, goes without saying.

Saddam Hussein, given a name from birth meaning "the one who confronts" grew up apparently at the hand of a stepfather who, like Hitler's father, was unaware of the gift that parenthood brings.  When his real father left the family almost immediately, Saddam was sent to an uncle for a short period of time, only to return to his mother and a stepfather who believed a firm hand to a child was merely a matter of good discipline. 

Certainly then, it is hardly questionable as to why the boy may have had some issues; Saddam grew to look elsewhere for security and support, and finding it in a circle of Baathist -- a rising political offshoot.  As it turns out, over the years and through the use of weapons of mass destruction -- you know, the chemical warfare including mustard gas and nerve agents -- you know, the stuff he never really had -- Saddam's regime was responsible of 100's of thousands of deaths of Kurds and Shi'ites, not to mention an ungodly number of cases of rape, mutilation and torture to force the allegiances of Iraqi's -- of course many of whom were women and children.

As a fascinating lineage characteristic passed between generations, and specifically referring to Saddam's upper echelon within his regime including his brothers, half brothers and sons -- this one extended dysfunctional family wrecked horror upon the lives of Iraqi's for decades.

What is disturbing -- besides everything -- is the level of the death count at the discretion of these two guys. 

But today, who do the liberals harber such ill will towards, likely attributing the entire death toll of the reprehensible Iraqi war, if they could -- Bush.  To the liberal-- that glorius 20% -- Bush may not only be admonish-able for such atrocities, it may very well justify due process under the law for holding him accountable for committing war crimes, God save the Queen.

Yet if the Liberal could take a moment to remember history as they go about their merry way, a lesson from the father may have its merits, as it was Bushie Numero Uno who had this to say amidst the strain of of the Gulf War:
"What is at stake is more than one small country.  It is a big idea -- a new world order -- where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind -- peace and security, freedom, and rule of law."
Somewhere along the way, we have lost the aura of understanding in saving people for humanity's sake, if not also the chance for world peace. (Once again pointing to our country's age of reason after the Vietnam war -- in preparation for the hippies to lead the way in government today...a featured theme by yours truly in a blog of yore if you recall.)

Sure, reality speaks to us and gives us volumes of hidden motives and justifications -- things like oil reserves and keeping a base of allies around the world.  There is that, so there  -- G's effort to 'keeping it real' is right here in black and white; but let us not forget the greater good is the root cause; for the entire world relies on trade and the exchange of goods, services and even treasury notes in order to survive -- whether it be a regime of nasty dictators or a nation of peace, policy and democracy. 

Truthfully, to really understand world order and the use of war tactics, one would have to study it.  I am no scholar nor recent graduate from a war college or aficionado of any sort -- I'm just a girl.  Go ahead and make my day and call me out of touch with making such a sexist remark like that; bring it.  Considering the internal warfare my body has encountered the last few days I am quite certain of my capabilities and have no intention of backing down.

I bring up the notion that there are people who actually study war -- mainly those in the military and those turned on by the art of war and world history -- of which there are many who qualify on the planet. 

However, John Kerry, a Vietnam War dissenter and anti-war lifetime congressman is not one who would first come to mind.  Sure, he enlisted into the Naval Reserve in 1966, went active duty in August of the same year while entering into the Officer's Candidate School -- bunkering down in my childhood town of Newport RI.  Good choice there, mate.  But didn't the draft start just about the same time?

Considering the opinions that graced the pages of your Yale papers and debates, me thinks you entered under suspicious underlying motives, but what do I know.  You, yourself, admitted Mr Kerry, that you never wanted to be in combat and chose positions out of harms way to the best of your abilities; while you held America in contempt for her selfish penchant of imperialistic tendencies, forbidding alternative strategies to support such cause for military action in your view going back 40 years.

You just couldn't wait for a chance to sway public opinion under an actual honest attack and conscientious referendum. For you Sir Kerry, having returned from Afghanistan recently after swooning in to mediate the election fiasco and report back, gave a sweeping opinion to the absurd request of General McCrystal's call for 40,000 more troops as "goes too far, too fast". Problem is, you sir are no General and bestow a past which questions all credibility. But what do I know.

Life has been so good in America, we forget the cost to keeping our freedoms alive and well, and how much we should treasure it, as compared to the rest of the world.

We just don't know any better, I tell you.

The loss of military lives throughout American history is an astounding low number; approximately 1.3 million actual troops have died since the Revolutionary War!  The highest record of loss was the Civil War, a war that costs the lives of about 623,000 military, north and south.  The second highest being WWII, with about 407,000 lives lost in uniform.  Vietnam War, 58,000 American boys.  Iraq, about 5,000.  Afghanistan, about 825.  Is it just me, or are we evolving with regards to war -- both in when to surge and why?

Loss under bad man number one, Hitler -- total of 40 million civilians (12 million just in concentration camps)
Loss under bad man number two, Saddam -- nearly a million civilians, under ethnic cleansing, during his free reign between 1979 and 2003.
Also note:
  • under George W. Bush's Presidency - approx. 98,000 Iraqi civilians, (when actually at war)
  • under Clinton's Presidency - approx. 537,000 Iraqi civilians  (when not at war -- only under U.N. Sanctions) 
Huh?  Where was the media then?  Where were the Human Rights Activists?  And how the heck can a margin of 4 to 1 go unnoticed?

The use of civilians is how evil wins.  It is intential human loss at the hands of the enemy; like the sharp whip of a belt from a father, like an intimidating message slapped across the face of an entire village -- follow me or consider the consequences.  Evil uses women and children to bend and sway the public opinion -- as it is smart, cunning, and  incredibly brilliant -- masterfully manipulating wrong over right. 

Where is the media in reporting this kind of war crime?   Where is the National Organization of Women understanding this warped sense of reality facing vast parts of the world, besides just the Middle East? 

Where are the adulations and appreciation to a Presidency that kept America safe after 9/11 and the intellect behind the choices made every step of the way? I know, he will not get any of that in the history books until long passed his life.

Dick Cheney, has played an integral role in American military involvement in the Middle East for the last twenty plus years -- having been the Secretary of Defense under H.W. and leading the way in Operation Desert Storm.  And just to be fair, even though his expertise seems to speak for itself, there are holes in his years surrounding Vietnam too...having said that, it was Cheney...

coming to the defense of the previous administration this week, and calling exception to Obama's team disclosing they were not being fully briefed or prepared on the brevity of taking further action in Afghanistan. Cheney forcefully reminded them of not only the team of experts pulled together to debrief the new administration, but that the team came with a succinct strategic plan and possible springboard  for new policies to set forth -- in a military effort to not lose any ground, of course.

Unbeknownst to the inexperience of the Obama regime, the attempt at pointing fingers backwards not only makes America look bad -- as if they could easily slide under the wave of the Anti-Bush strategy along with everything else it touches -- but carries the potential virus of destroying all that we've worked hard for, risking the lives of the American troops still there, while host to a major buzz kill in overall morale.   

As Cheney puts it, "make no mistake, signals of indecision out of Washington hurt our allies and embolden our adversaries.  Waffling, while our troops are on the ground face an emboldened enemy, endangers them and hurts our cause."  And tying in what happened in the eighties, when we the left Afghanistan on their own, what ensued was "a civil war... the takeover of the Taliban and the rise of bin Laden and al-Qaeda."

Asking questions is good and timing is everything.

And, having a strategic plan happens on both sides. (Obama knows that, right?)

Getting our rest, drinking plenty of fluids, being well nourished and bunkering down for the long haul to do whatever it takes to make the situation go away takes all guts, with very little glory.  It comes down to fighting the battle with everything you got, with everything you're made of, rooted in sound mind, good conscience, preparation, and a deep profound faith in doing the right thing for the right reasons. 

Similar to attacking a vicious flu bug, drenching our body with goodness reigns over the evil virus.

Just as good and evil have played out ever since the beginning of time -- through stories that enchant us and teach us from one generation to the next -- from one father to a son -- this is how our world grows up one by one.  The magic or the tragedy starts at an early age.

Make it a Magically Good Day, G

I love the new Motto for The Navy:
 A Global Force for Good
it fits, huh 

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