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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dear America,

Judy, Judy, Judy.  You did it to me again. 

I slipped into Garland yesterday, wrapping myself in her essence two days in a row; I gotta get a hold of myself.  It's just these days, the news, the record breaking pace we are setting at destroying America -- its taking its toll on my psyche. 

You know, Psyche is the young maiden loved by Eros, hooking up with him after Aphrodite's jealousy got the best of her; according to mythological translation, Psyche defines the personification of the soul.  It is actually the center of thought, feeling and behavior -- basically, the body deeper;  it is pure soul or spirit.

And that's the image I want you to have in your mind as we continue with the conversation of the week; that being, being gay in America.

The data available shows that the numbers of gay men and women are somewhere around 8.8 million; approximately 6% of the total population.  However, as with everything else, the numbers have been wrought with controversy.  Some say the accuracy of the true numbers could be as low as 2% and as high as 10%; strangely enough, there has been difficulty in defining what gay is, leaving some to doubt as to how people respond.  I don't know, is there a problem if we hesitate; is there a pink flag raised if 'we thought about it'; does that one night in college count?  All good questions, but not something we're gonna take the time to explore now.

What we are seeing though -- no matter what the actual real number appears to be -- is the number of gay men and women activists taking part of changing legislation, and all that goes along with promoting their agenda, rising; hence, why the perception as portrayed by the MSM,  of the gay & lesbian coalitions are slightly askew; remember squeaky wheel gets the grease.

That's not G knocking it and being petty -- you know, about MSM being their megaphone -- but it is just a little something I'd like to point out as it is important we see it for what it really is (a propaganda machine!)  Enough said, nevertheless fact checks are necessary for the sake of having a real conversation about what it is they want and need and should get and why.

I wonder if Psyche and Eros ever got married -- or if their love just transcended all physical dimension or emotional conventions or societal traditions?  Did it really matter?

My papa wrote me a letter the day I was born.  Being in the Navy that was as good as it was gonna get for him as he was somewhere out in the Pacific Ocean at the time -- as he notes "as a project for your Uncle Sam -- you'll get to know him someday -- we all do -- especially at tax time." (How prophetic is that...you didn't see this coming, now did you?)

He goes on to say many things, and even though I didn't get his approval to quote him I'm gonna do it anyway, the little rebel that I am.  One of my favorite moments is this...
"You have just been born into a very loving type family and often times romantic too.  Mother and I have been romancing for some five years now and formalized it a little over two years ago by getting married. It's more convenient to be married before having children as you'll learn to appreciate but I can't swear that it is necessary."
I love that.

Now, my father is a man who chooses his words carefully; so I find it funny how in that moment --even if it was only for a split second -- he stopped to question if the certificate of marriage was necessary to proclaim his love for my mama -- what is it really but just a piece of paper.  Ah yes, for it is truly that which is found in our heart, what is deep in our soul, that can best describe and document the feelings we hold so dear for someone we love...After fifty years of marriage, the symbolism and expression of that little piece of paper means a whole lot more, I can assure you.

Did you know that even in spite of a higher divorce rate, one in five of first marriages lasts 50 years; and when the average marriage used to last only about 28 years due to mortality rates, now they average 43 years.

And yet by today's standards, we discover how easily that paper can be ripped into shreds (guilty).

I can understand the desire to unite in marriage with the one you love; how it can be a feeling just as great and just as magnificent for gays & lesbians as it is for me.  I get that.

When California had, albeit for a short time, the marriage act for same-sex couples; couples flooded to the court houses overnight -- taking shot gun weddings to a whole 'nother level.  They must have had some kind of mother-of-the-bride intuition going on, as the option didn't last long for same-sex marriages before the privilege was taken away (the people just took back what the liberal California court unilaterally had taken away, minor detail).

Having said that, the very first thing California changed-- was the license. 

You know what they did?  Well, I'm gonna tell you.
They changed the license to read "Partner A and Partner B". 
Husband and Wife, poof, gone.  Left in the dust.  Just like that. Done.

You know, G didn't like that much.   

How about this, how about we give all rights to dictating marriage legislation come from those who actually believe in it, and I'm talking about the one in five people who have been actually married 50 years.

Now in Canada-- yes, I had to peruse a blog on this very subject from Canada -- all in the name of research you know -- what I found was fascinating, as they are a little ahead of us you know (kind of like health care). 

In Canada, they started to allow "common law" marriage to homosexuals in 1999; and then actually legalized marriage in 2005.  Since legalization, there are roughly now 45,000 homosexual "pairings" and of that about 16%, or 7,400, are actually married; but of the total married couples in Canada, they represent about .6% -- that is point six percent

Matter of fact, overall marriage numbers are declining in Canada ever since declaring "common law" marriage...you know, like why bother go through all the trouble, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free...and now married couples in Canada account for only about 68 % of total "pairings".  I, myself, am wondering if stress is taking its toll?  I'm sensing perhaps a few health care costs causing marital friction?  You know, it always gets down to money, or trivial issues like life and death (hey, don't sweat the small stuff, Canada).

Here in America, the Defense of the Marriage Act was overwhelmingly passed on September 21, 1996; signed into law, again by yours truly, President Clinton.  It declares under the Federal Government, a marriage is between one man and one woman; also noting that States (and any other political body of Government or institution) do not have to recognize same-sex unions, even if considered to be a marriage in another state.

Obama does not support same-sex marriage -- an admission on more than one occasion -- and believes a marriage is between a man and a woman too, citing his Christian beliefs.  However, as he told the Human Rights Campaign on Sunday, "do not doubt the direction WE are heading and the destination WE will reach...I'm here with a simple message: I'm here with you in that fight."

It is also interesting, when Joe Solmenese, President of the HRC, was asked about his relationship with the White House he said this, "[the administration] has been working with the group on a range of issues 'on an almost weekly and sometimes daily basis."  Must be why the administration has had a hard time finding time for meetings with McCrystal.

Speaking of which, moving on with more numbers with a look back to our chat yesterday about "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" (DADT), what we are looking at is this:  About 36,000 active duty military men & women are homosexual, or about 2.5%.  And of all the women who join, those who consider themselves to be Lesbian outnumber the heterosexual women. Still, two point five percent, people.

of all the issues
within the military going on...
two wars,
a feud between the Commander in Chief and the General, the cost of preparedness, the cost of lives,
military personnel on use for private business for the President and his lovely wife, flyby's in New York for pictures,
moral concerns, suicides, comforting families who have lost a child,
keeping operations in umpteen countries,
swooping in on a moments notice to save lives from natural disasters around the world...

I don't know, what am I missing, I know its something...right, thank you,

possible wars pending between Iran and Israel, or Iran and anybody else they don't like within firing range,
Russia on notice,
North Korea acting out...

that should do it...no... wait for it...
the Al Qaeda and Taliban taking over the world
and suicide bombers using the world like pinball machines,
women and children being raped, mutilated, killed, or treated like 2nd class citizens by the thousands in most every part of this world, every day...
alright, that should do it.
Let's continue:

You, the Human Rights Campaign -- You, Gays & Lesbians united by name, any name, just pick one -- want to force feed your selfish personal agenda upon a traditional, conventional organization like the military over and above all other present day concerns and orders in place -- as mentioned above -- because of what?  why?

Don't you all see -- all 2.5% of you -- how misguided and narcissistic that is?  The world is falling apart all around us and you, in utter ignorance, place your issues on a pedestal, with a tiara no doubt, to be recognized solely on the merits of sexual preference? May I remind you, you are soldiers?

Why is it always about you?

I'm sorry, does that come before or after the pursuit of a purple heart? 

Enough with this need for attention. Enough already.  You know for such a small piece of the American pie, you certainly use a lion's share of the reddi-whip.

As representative by the numbers in Canada, the marriage certificate really isn't all that important to most of you; while in America,  it becomes kindling for the Supreme Court and legislative ambushes. 

And as representative by the number in the military, DADT is a cosmetic change; and one that may never be a priority over the concerns of a nation, and perhaps an entire world.

And believe you me, this has nothing to do with lack of tolerance or compassion; it has everything to do with the fallacy in a belief system hell bent on diminishing what America values and what America stands for.  Why does America have to extinguish her traditions, holidays, the sanctity of marriage, military protocol, education of our children, our faith in God,  continuously for the rise of liberalism to take its place?

You have no idea what you do; talk about intolerance.  Where is the ability to live peacefully, along side conservatives, patriots, no matter what party, with respect to maintaining a life solely under the protection of our Constitution and limited Government for all upon all fronts?

To wind things down here today,
Isn't it such that if we are really being true to our own heart, doing what we love and loving what we do, nothing else really matters; it doesn't matter what it looks like, or who notices us, if through a certificate or military orders, whether in front of thousands or just the one we love -- the purity of the thought back behind the action is the only thing that's real; recognizing that it is the feeling, the empowerment, the joy, the life force inside us that becomes the only thing we truly    ever      really     need.

Yes. Have a union or better yet, come up with your own name -- just don't change marriage to Partner A and B; oooh, how about this, since you're so tight with legalese, let's just call your celebrations Partnerships, with or without, the LLC, your choice. That was rude, wasn't it?  It's just that I am so not into you when you change everything like that! Taking something so very traditional in context and significance and turning it into something so very scientific and secular, like we're petri dishes performing an experiment, taking the romance right out of it; put yourself in my shoes, honey, you might like them.

Yes. Join the military.  Be all that you can be, let's just agree to disagree and let the show must go on just the way we've always done it for that last hundreds of thousands of years..The military has been functioning quite well for a long time without full disclosures and confessions. I know how easily it is to gravitate towards being a little chatty kathy, but there is simply no reason we have to talk about everything, girlfriend, you know what I'm sayin'?

There is just so much more to life; and a good life in America must not divide and conquer by agenda.

We must find a way to come together, right now. (Turn it up and watch the video all the way to the end)

Before I say adieu (in salute to Canada's help today) I give you this:
Oh papa, what a warm and wonderful way you welcomed me into this world,
"Please remember as much as you can  as you grow -- it will mean so much to you in the future -- the sounds, the sights, the smells, the feeling, the touch, the taste -- so much will pass before you.  It would take more paper than I can find to write down all the wonderful things that I would like to remember...Well Gretchen, your father is going to have to get some sleep now -- he is going to sea in 9 hours.  Be a good girl and don't fight with your brother too much until I get home to referee...Good Night dear little Gretchen...and give all my love to the rest of the family. I miss you all so much..."

now if you could just be so kind as to point me to the nearest exit?
kid ding, 'cause we're just having too much fun...remember, dad, when 'too much fun' was invented? 

ah my, weird sense of humor runs in the family xx  I love you

Make it a Good Day, G

In accordance to all material seen and unseen, written in small print or declared in big bold letters, all thoughts and persuasions are solely those of the author, and any and all remarks which may be taken flip, or without reservation, is only an attempt to make a point, and it is not intended, in any way to mean I have all the answers, or that I'm better than you or if anything I ever say is deemed worthy or of merit.  It's just what spills out of my head everyday; and its gotta go somewhere.

I never wish to harm any animals, any persons feelings, or tramp in gardens I do not belong.

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