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Friday, October 2, 2009

Dear America,

Truth is, we're all a bunch of homey's; to the homeland of America. 

And isn't that grand.

One of the most amazing things happening these days is the power of the homey's taking shape all around us; when we are all embraced in a clear message that sometimes appears like a 2x4 in the eyes of Congress, we see change.  Real Change.

I awoke this morning reading my news on yahoo and what not, and what did I find but a gift, Obama had a meeting with McCrystal while we were all sound asleep!  Oh yeah, haven't talked to the guy but once before McCrystal's Sunday evening debut on 60 Minutes, but low and behold they just so happened to have orchestrated a meeting on the tarmac, bing! All that upon the tails of a trip under suspect circumstances to begin with -- looking like the President cared more for the streets of Chicago than that of the free world, and specifically speaking, Afghanistan. All of a sudden, it is done.

Sure, he's the Prez, and he can do what he wants when he wants; it just makes me giggle that if it weren't for 1) McCrystal opening his fox-hole in the first place, we would never have known about all this and 2) it also tells me we still got d'Power, people -- in gaining an immediate response from Obama after a full week of mortar & pestle.

That's what I'm talkin' about.  (Don't be scared, as much fun as it was, I'm not goin' rogue again today.)

I'm gonna leave that one for Sarah.  PALIN that is.  Can't wait for the book!  Yippee Skippy.  I don't know about you but I have high hopes for this little number to be a major breakthrough for liberty and justice for all; especially my home girl, Sarah.  That girl got so beat up but just a year ago; and look at all that's happened since.  OMG

And McCain, should be so ashamed, he just left her, pulverized and picked over like road kill.

News Flash to Mcky DoDoBird, SARAH was the ONLY reason you survived out there in the dustbowl, I mean, the campaign of 2008; she was the IV, she was the one bringing you back from the brink of total collapse, she was the life spring on the oasis, the transfusion of new blood that brought life back into the old, sad, worn-out ideas of the republican campaign, you stupid head. 

Oh my gosh, I feel so much better.  That's been wanting to come out for a long time...

I am fascinated by this new show on ABC of all places...network TV...who knew? who watches it anymore?  Anyway, it's a show based on seeing a glimpse of the future for 2 minutes and 17 seconds -- Flash Forward.  It seems to be building on many angles, but one of which is the idea that we capture this nanosecond in front of us, showing us what to expect on this one day in the future (April 29, 2010), giving us an opportunity to truly live having been given this gift.

Oh sure, one character displayed fear and profound angst in believing "God did this...(why?)...to punish us."  (All I gotta add is, Free Will people, free will; a loving God does not pull the trigger or the strings.  WE DO. Think about it.)

Another character, who was about to pull the trigger on his own life, awoke from the fog and realized he still had a reason to live.

And another, simply declaring it was a blessing in disguise; like the ghost of Christmas future.
Flash back to today, we've seen the future; and we don't likey-likey.

So the beauty is, these days which are unfolding before us are giving us a gift -- and now that the surprise is out in the open, now that we have unwrapped not a more perfect union, but a real stinkin' mess -- the question remains what are we gonna do about it?

We have proved -- over the better part of a year I might add -- that we, the just right of center majority of this nation-- can affect change:

GITMO, check  (maybe I signed too soon Obama, that's not going anywhere any time soon)

Health Care Reform, check  check (that's a rat's nest of bureaucratic rhetoric and shame)
          What's more, all we have to do is tear down the wall between states, real competition anyone?

What?  There's more:

Unvetted Czars, check (one man down, one czar at a time-- where is Pelosi screaming Nazi now?)

Let's see, what else has got our panties in a wad:

The Stimulus Bill (against our will, and the Constitution, spending taxpayer money thru a frivolous ponzi scheme)
Cash for Cars (against our will, and the law of supply and demand)
GM (against our will, and the law of free enterprise)
CAP & TRADE (against our will, and what very well may be the next back door tax that will kick us in the buttocks from Mr. No New Taxes under $250 grand/year)

Plus, things like this:
ACORN (never was legit. we knew it. nobody listened. now look)

TIDES Foundation, Billionaire George Soros (underwriting our "progressive" government reform as we speak)

If it weren't so highly disgraceful, it would surely be entertaining, seeing how the monkey's respond to us simple folk; the homey's step forward, Congress or Obama take two steps back. bing! bing!

when congress realized we all caught wind of the fine imposed on anyone who chooses not to get insurance according to the latest version of the health care bill -- in light of all of their hard work, sacirfice and ability to "fix" the problem, how dare we not take advantage of the blessings bestowed upon us -- what did they do, but take out the harsh mandates (so it appears, anyway, don't quote me yet).

Homey's, in a flash we can make them squirm! and jump! and do tricks!

Jack LaLanne appeared on Your World with Neil Cavuto the other day.  Holy Toledo, batman, this dude is a beacon of hope in America, AT 95 YEARS OLD!  Geez Louise, the man is an animal; and very funny to watch.  Did you know his show was the longest standing fitness show ever in the history of television, holding the record at 35 years?  Talk about cutting edge. 

He declared that he still eats 8 egg whites a day (yuck), feasts on 10 raw fruits and vegetables (yuck, yuck), and declared himself "born again" at the ripe old age of 15 when he discovered a life of good health with exercise and eating right (that's 80 years of being a really good boy -- how hard must that have been-- oi vay)  He says "obey nature's laws", and all of us will do just fine.

"God helps those who help themselves." 
"Anything is possible." and
"I'm never gonna die, it will wreck my image."

This man, Jack, is self-reliance in action.  He made himself out of the grace of God into an American Icon, symbolizing the ability to make a life and wealth out of jumping jacks and knee bends.

Much of health care could be resolved overnight; if we simply start taking care of each other, our loved one's, and more importantly, ourselves.  It's not that hard.

Oh my, my aching back.  Oooh I should of had a V8.  Plop plop fizz fizz I think I ate the whole thing. Stupid Americans, it's not just the kids today, it's all of us who grew up thinking we were invincible.  Why not, times were good.  Gluttony became us. And no need to worry about tomorrow when we got today.

It's pay back; and boy, it doesn't feel good coming back up. ew.

LaLa land LaLanne is right; we better eat better, starting now people. 

For if we can't keep on keepin' on, speaking up, outloud and often, figuring out a way to get through the quagmire of disgust and the pig-sty of a government, filtering out what works and what don't...then we  really don't know Jack. 

And deserve what the future brings.

Make it a Good Day, G

Yes we can.  I know it's going to be hard; but we can do it. 
Once upon a time can be today. 
The dragon can be slayed;
the big, bad government can be gobbled up by we the people;
and we can live free in the pursuit of happiness with the poof of a fairy god mother.
The End.

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