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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dear America,

This congress of ours is stupid; and brazenly, as THE deciding vote -- at just a hair out of place past midnight -- as the campaign trail was more pressing -- Nancy, in stellar, partisan, pasty-face and botox buffooned-eyed fashion, adjourned the house.  The vote 210-209.

The decision to adhere to the Bush Tax Cuts for all, postponed.

So, this is what we can look forward to:  once the house it taken over by conservatives, come November 2, we fix it (say it like a Russian spy).

In the meantime, we have a community organizer - in - chief, rolling up his shirt sleeves, meeting with friendly fire in backyard pow wows, never knowing what bows and arrows will come at him.  Case in point, the fair maiden who dared to ask, "why are you a christian?"

Again, isn't it alarming enough that we are in a position to ask such a question?  Does this give anybody else the willy's, or is it just me?

To be in a place when everyday families are struggling with the economic downturn (s), showing even more angst over health care and its costs than ever before, lacking all confidence in where we are headed as a nation, questioning the knee jerk reactions of a president from everything from a police officer acting stupidly in Massachusetts, to dimwit underwear bombers in Michigan, to Allah-loving, nut case, army doctors in Texas, to religious fanatics raising victory mosques in New York, to making mindless, blanketed oil drilling  moratoriums in the Gulf and beyond...we get someone questioning the president's christian roots, scalping the very integrity of his beliefs????

and no dance around the fire whatsoever; whoosh, as if you didn't see it coming, having only felt the breeze behind the ear; what just happened?

um ahh um ahh

"my Christianity [you know] is by choice."  (so it's the really smart man's Christianity, not just some aimless, d***less, spineless, pointless, ridiculous follower of Jesus Christ, like so many of you ignoramus Americans are born and raised.)

um ahh um ahh

"[you know, it's kindof a funny story] my family didn't... ahh ... frankly...they weren't folks that went to church every week."  (maybe cuz, your mom was raised with parents who took her to 'the little red church' on the hill, was naturally drawn to questioning faiths of all kinds, blown over with romantic feelings for Marx in school... that is until she found herself totally love struck and smitten with Obama Sr. and made you --  stark reality meeting with the mystery of his Muslim heritage...soon overshadowing whatever belief she may have been born with, paving the way for the entire village to takeover the raising of her son)

um ahh um ahh

"my mother, is one of the most spiritual people I know [but how could you...you hardly knew her]..."  ( not to take away from my father's faith, for I believe that too -- and not to diminish that which I felt, for my friend, and father figure, really my mentor in Rev. Jeremiah Wright...twenty years there, you know, he presided over my marriage, my girl's baptisms...he taught me everything I know about Jesus Christ...in being my brother's and sister's keeper, to treat others as I would want to be treated...you know... that my salvation is reliant on the collective salvation...) let's stop there, as it is giving me a headache.

You know what's funny, is when Bill Maher talks about faith.

Now he is one smart guy, by golly; he's got it going on upstairs, that Bill Maher, you know what I mean?

Okay, so blah blah blah, we all know that Bill Maher holds his disdain for the "religious right" so tight to his chest, he's should have had a heart attack four years ago; but let's go ahead and dig into this some more anyway.

He said last night, with Bill O'Reilly, "I like it when a president uses his brain...and not his faith, his heart, or his gut."  Translation: Bush is stupider than Obama, Obama is smarter than Bush -- hands down.

This is where things get sticky now for the president -- that is when confronted with acting in faith, bearing testimony of his Christianity, so to speak -- the bows get crossed.

Ooopsy daisy, gotta curb some of my Christianity, in front of my staunch liberal left base (the elitists who are way too smart for a belief in God) and yet, on the other hand, I have to sound like I'm like one of the 80% of normal everyday Americans.  hmmmm  what a quandary. 

Now, according to Mr. Bill, an avid follower of the Chosen One, Obama-san, you are dumber than dumb if you are a believer in God (so he must really be squirming with the latest confessions of a president of faith, or is this a faith of a different color, kind, category, heritage unknown ) -- oh, and fyi, there are no fanatics on the left (he says) no extremism whatsoever, no movement, nothing remotely close to the Tea Party lunatics, consisting entirely of right wing racist rabble rousers.  Oh my Maher, thank God you do not rule my world; how empty it must be, to be inside your head.  Talk about giving somebody the willy's...

hold up a minute while I attempt to shake this off...

this president of ours is so freaking confused -- is has come full circle, gone round in circles, hopped over the circle, dismissed there ever was a circle -- he is so out there now, so far, that even the resident witch doctor doesn't know what to do.

What somebody should be telling him is to shut up; stop, just stop. Go out into the woods for forty days and forty nights, and find yourself; pretty soon this will all be over, the elections will have come and gone, and all this will be behind you; just stop. Go out and get yourself together, buddy -- as, quite frankly, with you, like this, you're just in no shape to be showing up even one more day. Dare I say, somebody needs a burning bush and a re-birthing.

What we expect of you, at top of the totem poll and not to be confused with the latest AP polling, is that a real Chief sits and leads -- oh thee of so little faith, a faith so unrecognizable, we have to stop and ask you about it to be sure; and then again, maybe it's just a case of things being cloudy because you have lost your head to too many special interests, keeping too few convictions, having not a lick of understanding of either your role or the true essence of what Americans really want, having completely and regularly disappointed us; oh how you continue to find a way to agitate and annoy, is beyond me. Oh, where oh where is our Loretta Castorini now...for I'm telling you, just snap out of it already. (that would only make sense if you have read G in the last few days; not that I always make sense; but it's my blog, I can say what I mean and mean what I say any way I please... but lets move on.org)

Perhaps it is the very lack of existence -- of the attributes and inherent truths of both being an American President and a Christian Truth-er, that has the audacity of showing, dear one. Did your mother teach you this -- or is this all dear old dad? or would that be the step dad? or the grandmother you held in contempt for being white? or the mentor of twenty years through Black Liberation Theology? or simply those you CHOSE to associate with while community organizing around Chicago?

Who made you into this man we see today? Who do you credit the most?

For this is the crux of the matter -- and we never thought it would ever come to this, as we surely had no way of seeing this coming -- but the fact remains: we question who you really, really are.  And the irony, really, it should  have been enough to say "(you) CHOSE (it)" -- as if you deserve a prize, or something.

We thought you were one thing, and we got something else; but somewhere between the latest version of voodoo economics, and the divisive, derisive, contemptuous attacks against our very unity, as a people, we the people have come to realize we've been dooped.  You are not the bi-partisan, uniter-in-chief we thought we welcomed into the middle of our circle; you do not deserve to lead at all.  We all turned into bumbling fools, fawning and fantasizing over you like there was no tomorrow -- and this is what we get?

It is hard to pretend, isn't it; nothing could have prepared you for what you were expected to be, to each and every one of us.  You didn't see it coming; and yet, to this day, you still have no idea what it is about you that sends our head spinning in all different directions. 

Or do you?  And you go ahead and do it anyway.

You see, the gig is up, Little man Tall President who is running out of enough arrogance to keep your psyche afloat; your reputation precedes you and your pathological progressive agenda leads you, like no other president has ever come before.  We know this to be true, as people like F***-the-stupid Willy Maher to  Little Bridge Willy Ayers, along with a couple of Two Trillion Ton Ninny's like Pelosi and Reid, continue to circle up the wagons around you, sitting all cross legged and bug-eyed amongst your loyal collective peers (or is that follower).  We know this to be true; which is why we sit -- transformed (thank you for that) -- and question you.

but let me be clear,

it's really not about the money, or the Christianity, or even if you still smoke...while I'm quite sure, as I wasn't born yesterday, that you are well enough aware and smart enough to know better.

The problem we have now is that its any one's guess as to who you really are -- and that goes especially for you; not that we've got time for this -- for we thought we knew you knew -- but God's speed in getting right on that and figuring it out.

I think I speak for all Americans, when I say, we will take you any old way it turns out -- we're kinda cool like that; what we have difficulty with, much like the battered economy, is the uncertainty (and you possibly being a bonafide fraud) -- but it is the question in the back of our minds after the never ending full frontal lobotomy that keeps chipping away at the core belief, out of the simple everyday, run of the mill, mishaps and indiscretions against the grain.  

Knockin' on the noggin', that perhaps on the last couple of days with Emanuel, he might suggest... nudging ever so slight... a nice long walk in the woods.

Make it a Good Day, G

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