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Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's to the Power of One Thing

Dear America,

so I could go this way --

See you tomorrow.

But what fun would that be?

It's the Day After.  And this was Obama to Romney, according to the G Spark Chart on the night: 

ya got 5 trillion plus 2 trillion plus one trillion -- that's like 8 trillion dollars right there...and that voucher program -- I don't support that...young people can stay on their parents insurance, plus we cover pre-existing conditions... ya got 5 trillion plus 2 trillion plus one trillion --that's like 8 trillion dollars right there...my grandmother, as you know, needed medical care...my plan adds 100,000 math and science teachers....I inherited two wars and Bush tax cuts, but despite that, took emergency measures...cut 77 government programs...found some Medicaid fraud...all built around a ten year plan to reduce deficit by 4 trillion...thanks to the AARP (and twice over, can you say hilarious)....ya got 5 trillion plus 2 trillion plus one trillion -- that's like 8 trillion dollars right there...this is where budgets matter -- who pays for it?

[too funny. he really said 'this is where budgets matter' -- as if. ]

In other words, Trickle Down Government took a big loss last night.  And what a drag it was, huh, Mr. President.

As it turned out, it really didn't matter what Obama said; body language said it all, kicking and screaming and smirking and raging.

At One hour and Twenty-three minutes in -- things were winding down and it was rapid fire response time
for the Rominator just to finish him off:   But Mr. President, come on now, 90 billion?  90 billion dollars to your green energy donors....and how about school choice for every child -- the money should follow the child...Massachusetts became number one, because it's about the kids, building great schools with great teachers...I have the experience, elected republican governor for a state that is 87% democrat...I've done it before...I will sit down on day one with both sides, keeping true to our principles and find common ground...I've done it before.

A mirrored image of the night was nearly instantly posted, see slide-show here.

For a more grown-up assessment on the night, go to Heritage Foundation, right here.

From the start-- and strangely following very much in step with his foreign policy -- Obama took the 'leading from behind' position; this becomes even more of a quandary when we realize he got to speak first, as Jim Lehrer asked each of them to articulate the difference between their job creation plans. The poor guy just never recovered from there.

And to think, this president was of the intelligent kind, with a long line of credentialed intellectuals backing him up.  What a let down.  His Excellency, the Smartie-Pants-In-Chief, only seems to show up when that thing-a-magiggie rolls dem der words in front of him.  And what a drag for the rest of us when it's not.

wow.  It was almost like who are you and what did you do with my president?

Much of the time, it was pure gibberish; his answer for everything included at least three sets of numbers, a percentage, a reference to math or science or both, and a pre-existing condition (appearing to look somewhere in the neighborhood of simple heartburn to a full bout of diverticulitus).  After time for a rebuttal, all he could do was bow his head and shake it from side to side.

The biggest difference between -- given that both candidates prepped and trained for this --

Only one candidate really understood what he was talking about.... the other one, not so much.

Only one candidate believes in the power of the individual and the sovereignty of the state....the other one, not so much -- might as well call him a statist.

Only one candidate truly recognizes the spirit of the free enterprise system, and revels in it, and even wants to grow more of it...the other one, not so much -- might as well call him an opportunist.

Only one candidate sees the role of government is to promote and protect the Constitution....the other one, not so much -- might as well call him anarchist.

Only one candidate comes with business experience and solutions -- as he has done this kind of thing umpteen times before...the other one, not so much -- might as well call him green.

All I really wanted to do was listen to Romney's ideas. And it would appear, that Obama's own rhetoric was even too much for him to swallow, let alone spit out [don't be confused; that's just leftover scraps of contradiction from last night].

But Romney, Oh Romney...He instilled a sense of confidence and authority over some pretty mind-boggling challenges we face, well aware of the gravity of the situation and the magnificence of our decline.  He knows exactly what mountains we have yet to climb, even as America stands knee deep in a valley of silt and sand. "Stuck" doesn't even come close. And more than anything else in his life, he still wants this job.

He doesn't need this job; he honestly thinks he can help.  Is he perfect?  Hardly.  But fair to say his resume, complete with a genuine ambition to do his best for all of America, is proof his heart is in the right place.

What a gift to America.

We would be fools not to accept it.

Make it a Good Day, G

and in another day in the life -- I just paid $4.79/gallon to fill my gas tank to the half way point....ouch.  
all just part of the 'necessarily rising aspect of fundamental transformation, the cornerstone of this presidency. California is returning to the days of Jimmy Carter from all directions. No question about it, we really truly need a president who really truly believes in an "all of the above" energy independence policy.

Update:  11:36 10/4/12:   OMG.  Al Gore is so stupid.  Blaming the mind-blowing comatose performance of the president on the altitude?  Are you kidding me? why stop there, why not include global warming phenomena and make some money off it?

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