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Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's an Open Letter to the Dissenter, Colin Powell, Thing

Dear Colin and to the rest of America,

you know, strolling down memory lane this morning, it was July 23rd, 2009 -- the Day After the president articulated his grand bargain for health care in a televised address to the nation -- when this American girl began to blog her way through it...

It was also the Day After Opening Day at the Del Mar Races -- and let's just say, it's a pretty big deal in my neck of the woods. But boy, have we come a long way baby since -- call it something like sixteen trillion horse lengths [Debt created or saved]  and 940 billion bayonets [initial cost of Obamacare] later...here we are.

But it was the stunning news of a repeat of a famous endorsement for Obama that is chapping my sweet little buns this morning.  And somehow or other we get back to a typical day at the races, when the majority of us use a rather unsubstantiated but highly scientific method for picking our horse -- by color.  Of course mine is usually pink!

But voting by color?  Seriously, Colin?  Oh and  I can go there because the vice president in the ticket you like already went there:  as in, when Biden said, 'they'll put ya'll back in chains.'  I'm merely posing a fair question -- last I checked, we live in a country which still believes in the freedom to think, feel, speak, and ask questions.

But no, you didn't exactly put it like that; all we know is that you're voting for Obama again WHILE still claiming you are still a republican.   

Say what? You, dear Sir, are a republican dissenter.
And makes me wonder, just how would you vote between someone like an Allen West and Barack Obama...?  ah no matter...

Someone, anyone, find me another "republican" who is voting for Obama.

Not to mention -- as the former Secretary of State, Four-Star General of the Army, former Commander of US Army Forces Command, former National Security Advisor, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff -- this endorsement of yours comes the Day After SERIOUS national security questions come to the forefront of everyones minds; and putting it another way, we arrive at the Day After we find out our president lied.

So really, Colin, even After Libya?

You have got to be kidding me!

[For me, I can't understand it, other than it's just a situation of one black man honoring another black man with his trust.] 

For that kind of trust, after the last four years --
  • after adding 6 trillion to our national debt in under four years -- when Obama called Bush "unpatriotic" for adding 4.5 T in eight; 
  • after governing  without a budget for three years, let alone going "line by line" as promised, let alone trying to balance it; 
  • after enacting a two trillion dollar behemoth health care law that will destroy our medical care system for a lifetime and bankrupt the country; 
  • after not doing a thing on immigration reform even though the president had full control of congress until late 2010 -- only to have him, through Executive Order, grant amnesty to everyone under the age of 18 for a political pick up; 
  • after campaigning on being the great UNITER, illuminating us with eloquence and grace that we're not 'a red America or a blue America' and then realizing where we are now ---  more divided, more partisan, more uglier to each other than ever -- [hey MR. President, the 60's called and they want your homegrown dissension ruining decades of hard-earned community gains back....]  
  • after turning out to be NOT the "all of the above" in energy independence president we thought he was;
  • after vilifying the job creators, the wealth and business builders and risk takers for nearly his entire first term -- coupled with the stark reality that his vision for America runs counter to our founding principles and values...realizing now how his ideas for redistribution of wealth, dividing the have's from the have-nots, creating class warfare, are the cornerstones of his second term;
  • after beginning his presidency apologizing to the world for America's bad behavior in umpteen ways -- strategies, by the way, Colin, that you were very much a part of creating! --  and turning America's foreign policy into a policy of "appease and placate"  
  • after this president plays politics with the definition, or is it the admission, of the 'automatic sequester' -- see here and then see here and then put two and two together...um, Colin, so you don't have a problem with our military being cut off at the knees?  The sequester is going to happen and you like it?
That's it.  I can't go on.   This is making me dizzy.

But boy,  that kind of trust of yours must be running some kind of blind -- except in one unthinkable way.

What is at the root of this kind of motivation?   All logic is for naught, all I can imagine is that it has to be to overcome the embarrassment of it all-- that you have to stick with him to save face -- that the big tough Four-Star General didn't make a mistake.    For any sign of objective intelligence back behind the man is not to be found; perhaps it was  left behind somewhere in the Middle East.  And I sure hope you clicked into that link, Colin.

And TO YOU, Devil Dog, you go on with that bad self.  ooh rah!

And just think, we haven't even discussed the questionable diplomacy of negotiating with terrorists, enemies, the Muslim Brotherhood yet...

Oh my, I don't know what else to say about this; feeling a wee bit ferklempt actually.

Just how does this American girl go on with her day?

So Colin, who are you and what did you do with the commanding, decorated, solidly objective Officer and a countryman?

After all this president has done to diminish America's presence in the world, after all this president has done to trivialize our efforts and accomplishments to bring peace and democracy, after all this president has done to divide us even here at home, after all this president has done -- or not done -- bringing us closer to a long hard fall off a fiscal cliff,  and despicably the DAY AFTER Obama's Big Lie to the American people on Libya is fully exposed, for HE KNEW!   -- and we get you, of all people, endorsing him?

This president has NO NEW IDEAS, after having all of his old ideas fail America miserably  -- and you give him your vote of confidence for four more?

This just in from a Rolling Stone interview with the president:

As we left the Oval Office, executive editor Eric Bates told Obama that he had asked his six-year-old if there was anything she wanted him to say to the president. ... [S]he said, "Tell him: You can do it." Obama grinned. ... "You know, kids have good instincts," Obama offered. "They look at the other guy and say, "Well, that's a bullshitter, I can tell."

Of course, this kind of response from our president doesn't surprise me anymore...given his entire performance of the last debate.  He IS so cool, isn't he though?

But Colin, you know who else has good instincts?    Approximately 50% of Americans, given the latest poll numbers.  Oh and the latest information on the so-called 'women's gap' -- oh no, say it isn't so; after weeks of trailing behind your fine idea of a president (at an astounding 18 points!), women are coming back to the middle -- for it's now a virtual tie at 47% a piece.  (Again, where have I heard 47%...oh now that would be looking backwards, now wouldn't it....let's keep the blinders on and keep moving forward, shall we?)

And speaking of the debate, America gives Romney the purse -- and hardly by a nose; according to Rasmussen, at a split of 49% to 41%, the Triple Crown in Debates goes to NothingbutMitt, and he happens to be a stud, too.

But this morning, I'm only hoping YOU check back with your instincts, Colin.  May I recommend a total gut check.   Oh, and no need to make any sudden announcements proclaiming you've seen the light, no.  Just allow the masses to keep thinking you haven't changed on president hope&change and vote for Mitt anyway.  Nobody will ever know (unless of course, the information gets leaked... but you don't have any problem with that, right? so point's moot.)   After  all, you did say you are still a republican....prove it!

That's it.  I have said my piece, in peace --  and maybe even too much -- but oh well; it wouldn't be the first time, and it certainly won't be the last.  And even so,  No Regrets is coming up from behind.

Finally,  let me be clear:   I still Like you -- just not in love with you --  Mr. Powell.

Make it a Good Day, G

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