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Saturday, October 27, 2012

It's a Saturday Night in the Kingdom Thing

Dear America,

i won't be here for long.... BECAUSE it's SATURDAY Night!  In spite of every urge not to say a word until Monday, the reversal of fortune going on is just begging for a bloggin'.

According to Gallup, the president now sits at an uncomfortable 49% DIS-approval rating and a 46% approval rating.  Don't believe me?  Go here -- the October 24-26th compilation, added just this morning, puts Obama down 2 points in the approval department and up 2 in DIS-approval.  While for Romney, he continues to be pulling out ahead in the "likely voter" column at 51% to 46%.

Now let me tell you what else is going on...in my humble opinion, of course --

AMERICA, as a whole,  is tired of being divided.

And more than that, we want a happy president.

We want good relations with our brothers and sisters.

We want decent jobs, a purpose in life and Sunday dinners with the family.

We want to see the country move forward while still clinging to our founding principles and first intentions.

We do NOT want a president who puts tired, worn, divisive, separation tactics and rhetoric between us.

Let's just say, for a majority of us, we've evolved.   And putting it another way, we're over it.

Our leader, President Petty Pusher, is failing us; and it seems highly unlikely he will ever get the popular nod and wave back in his favor -- let's just say, not even all the king's men or his band of merry media can save him now.

But oh, are they trying....are they trying...

Beginning with a fresh headline from the AP, also this morning, which clearly intends to remind America we're all a bunch of racists....still, by all 'evidence' anyway (and when I say "all" -- let me clarify -- just white people).

Really AP?  Are we?  are we?    "AP Poll: A Majority Harbor Prejudice Against Blacks"  What is that?  Honestly, how did we get back to the sixties?  But maybe more important, let me see the questions that were asked....

Perhaps this is your idea of entertainment for the next ten days leading up to the election -- juggling stories to hype fanaticism, charming and demagoguing, all in good, clean jest and in the spirit of saving the kingdom?  Or is it more simple-minded than that, and just dropped upon us to guilt us into re-electing someone who clearly doesn't deserve it?

Let me remind the AP -- given that America holds a white majority --it was WHITE people who gave Barack Obama the office of the presidency in the first place.

Let me remind the AP --  we (all of us, even if we didn't vote for him) had the overall  impression that he would be different (if you didn't know any better, that is).  But more than that, this man -- Barack Hussein Obama --  deserved our trust and confidence for greater reasons other than the color of his skin; and taking this even further, we believed and hoped that he held the explicit power to finally bring whatever racial divide that still lived in this country to it's knees, and thereby proving to ourselves, as well as to the rest of the world, America had truly transcended prejudice in a most powerful and demonstrative way.

Let me remind the AP -- that IF you dare to be so bold to announce such claims, it would be wise to include evidence of racism from the other side, too.... but nooooo.  We are all led to assume all the way through to the bitter end that mirror, mirror, on the wall, a black person is the most tolerant of them all.

Let me remind the AP -- there are a 300 million ways to look at this thing called racism, but clinging to the tired, worn, divisive foregone conclusions over and over again doesn't get America anywhere good.

Here's a comment from the director of the Institute for Research in African-American Studies at Columbia University, Fredrick Harris. "The last Democrat in the White House said we had to have a national discussion about race. There's been total silence around issues of race with this president. But, as you see, whether there is silence, or an elevation of the discussion of race, you still have polarization. It will take more generations, I suspect, before we eliminate these deep feelings."

I just can't help but get stuck on the deep seated self-fulfilling prophecy.  Which reminds me of something that might work and it goes something like this:

And sure, what do I know, I was born a white girl... there is that.  And  I get that, too, Whoopie.

And on that note, may I recommend to the AP a good read HERE, from Kevin Jackson @American Thinker -- in all of it's brute honesty and rare courage, may I commend this brave American, Kevin.   And FOR MORE from him, please go to his website, The Black Sphere, hereSomething tells me I've got a new favorite place to hang...

Looking back, way back, here's another headline -- "Can Obama hold onto the African-American Voter in 2012?"  It's old news considering the post is from the Washington Post -- a paper which recently endorsed Obama, I might add --  from the fall of 2011.   But no matter...this year, last year, aren't they beginning to run all together by now.   But seriously, isn't the question itself alarming -- proposing that the president should have an edge with a certain group of citizens based solely upon the color of his skin alone; while the article continues, it articulates a rather startling concern -- can he, can he, can he possibly hold onto the office by color by number in 2012?

Wow and wouldn't this idea of winning be right out of the book of Grimm, taking the crown by whatever means necessary, and stooping however low -- be it racism, class-warfare, discrimination,  or simply attacking another man's castle for no reason but at the expense of real change for the entire country.

Isn't the Aftrican-American community able to think outside the color of their skin much like white people?  Did the oh so very white Hillary ever stand a chance back in 2008?

You know what I hate, AP?  I hate this!  I hate this garbage you throw around like pennies for a comment.

AND why are we speaking in voting blocks at all?   Oh we've met the enemy, alright, and they are us.

WE ARE ALL AMERICANS first, and foremost.  E Pluribus Unum!  Let's act like it!

Real enlightenment is an age and a process that happens underneath one's skin -- and it begins with being taught not to hate.  And it happens to be an explicit duty of every parent, every mentor, every teacher, every preacher, anyone who comes into contact with our children to make it so.

"I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."  Martin Luther King

Just where did the 'old' candidate for office go? Where, oh where, did the 'we're not a white america, or a black america, or a latino america ... president of these United States wander off to?  If a president gets lost somewhere in the deep, dark political woods and falls down, and nobody is around, does he make a noise?

Oh enough, I say, ENOUGH!  away with this chatter...

Let's climb back to the top of the parapet -- we have a huge reversal of fortune going on for President Obama.  More people are lacking the faith in this American President than not; it was just yesterday when the president was at 48% approval rating, while today, things have completely turned upside down.

Cue the round-table of what happened earlier in the day...

For a campaign all about moving "FORWARD" -- they sure spend a lot of precious time looking back.  For example, the president was campaigning and throwing down the big slam -- referring to Romney's policies as  the "big re-run"  of GWBush and incredibly still blaming his predecessor for his own demise!  And this is the president's framework for a second term?

And Romney, he simply proceeded to act in a rather presidential fashion, beginning with  calling for more cooperation in Washington.

The president's message is unraveling; the nation is beginning to question the flip-flop of his rhetoric to win re-election, and it's clearly not sitting well. It's like we've all been poisoned.  Between his desperation now showing, between his miscalculation on the big Lie in Libya now telling, we are beginning to look forward to something truly new, with only a memory of a lost presidency left behind.

We get that something new in Mitt Romney.

"something old, something new, 
something borrowed, something blue"

and a marriage awaits.

sound the trumpets.

and the kingdom, well it appears like it couldn't be any more happier.

America really truly wants to move forward; and to that end, we want to see our president walk in grace, peace, compassion, excellence, truth, courage, honor and honest to goodness might sunrise to sunset.   For if thy Excellency doth  perform anything less than thou hath honorably intended, than thy doth not shine good upon all of us. 

Now, without further adieu, thy must be excused to practice writing thy new name....and that's just a wink and a nod to the girls who know exactly what I'm talking about...

Yours truly, in this day of our Lord, amen, hallelujah. good night and god bless.

And Make it a Good Day, G
even though, still, it's Saturday Night!

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