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Monday, October 15, 2012

It's Malarkey with No Reservations Thing

Dear America,

so on this day in the life we will be getting around to the marvelous malarkey; it's really good stuff.

no, scratch that, it isn't all that good or all that marvelous or all that at all.

It's politics.

Here's a good one from just this past weekend's turn of events -- Arlen Specter died.  Oooh G gaffe, right off the bat, too,  Bad girl. Bad girl.  So allow me to clarify, if you will:

He is being generally referred to as a "centrist."  Yes. That is a good one.  A registered democrat throughout his early life when one day he decided to get into politics; long story short, he passed himself off as a "republican" to gain the seat...then fast forward through the years -- making a history of casting rather suspicious votes, voicing contentious opinion against his party -- then finally turning around in a rough re-election bid only to change party affiliation just in time to lose the election altogether.

Specter's political career defines malarkey.   If you were to give it a color -- it would be gray.

Oh that is rich.
Yes!  Indeed! When you put it like that -- He IS a centrist!  Well I'll be, call me butter and slather me on toast.

Rest in peace, Arlen.

More malarkey now; and this one takes us wee, wee, wee, all the way home to the original source:  joker Joe Biden.  Given that tomorrow we get to be trick or treated to the second presidential debate,  unfinished business of the vice president's showing keeps ringing my bell.

While over the weekend I got lucky -- not lucky, lucky, but just lucky to find a sweet and tangy list of the top ten malarkey moments.

HERE YOU GO...eat this letterman-joe.

go ahead.  click away...read it....devour it....savor it...save some for later....

The "10 Lies and Counting" post is prefaced with the following quote:

“‘What I’ve been doing mostly, quite frankly, is studying up on Congressman Ryan’s positions on the issues, and Gov. Romney has embraced at least everything I can see. I don’t want to say anything in the debate that’s not completely accurate,’ Biden told reporters outside a Hy-Vee in Council Bluffs, Iowa.” (Arlette Saenz, “Vice President Joe Biden Says Accuracy Is Key At Next Week’s Debate,” ABC News’ Political Punch, 10/4/12)"

ooooooh boooo "I don't want to say anything in the debate that's not completely accurate," he says with malarkey moxie.

well done.
good one... Mr. Vice President of the City of Vice.

and now thinking back to the big white teeth, smiling like a Cheshire cat ready to pounce, sitting there just shaking his head....wavering back and forth in his chair....going "it's not true, not true" "ah no"  "ah no" "not true, not true"  ah "with all due respect, that's a bunch of malarkey." That last link just sends you to the HuffPost -- so no need to go there really...only if you want to...but talk about a bunch of malarkey...

At least good, ole Joe also said this:  "I always say what I mean."

Scary, isn't it?

From the reprehensible...GO...Mr. "They want to put y'all back in chains"

To a bevy of remarkable video clips...GO..."Mr. The middle class has been buried the last four years" all the way on through the 'top ten to "Stand up, Chuck..."  and simply stunning the entire audience after asking the Senator, a paraplegic, to stand up from his wheelchair.

"I always say what I mean."

Let's hope not.

My girl and me have a thing for Anthony Bourdain...there is just something about the way he moves, man...   While in this moment, all of a sudden, I'm seeing this sharp contrast between a guy who has made a career of living off "a bunch of malarkey" -- from one politician to another to his own -- to a guy who has made it his business to be so honest, so real, so all about being true to the food and the scene.

He is in the middle of the farewell season of his show, No Reservations.

But the thing is, there is never a day when I don't watch him roam a city far and wide that I don't come away with a new reality; perhaps it's something rather small and insignificant, but sometimes it becomes so big, taking on a life of it's own, I can't get it off my mind.  And it's the latter being just the case while watching Bourdain somewhere in France, sometime over the last couple of days...He was in the middle of a field of vines.

It was there where the vintner turned to Tony and said something about the hard, rocky soil the grapes call home...remarking how the conditions are so difficult, so rough, for the little vines to grow -- that the roots must actually struggle every day to find sustenance and water and nutrients -- that it makes the grape more concentrated in flavor.    

Of course, all I can think of is wow -- what a wonderful, wonderful world if those very conditions met the field of Congress each and every day.  But no.  They live in an unending field day, sunrise to sunset, making oodles of money, from investment and favor to salary and expense accounts.  See also  General Malarkey with no reservations here.

Just how hard do they really have it?  huh?  am I right? am I right? huh, am I right?  I'm right, right?

Where is the congressional strife and struggle?  It may be an oversimplification, but without it, real substance has no way of being produced. [and funny how that works for all of us...and yes, I drink my own label]

If I were in charge of the world I would cut the congressional vine right off -- slashing salaries, putting them on bare bones expense accounts, cutting off all kickbacks and wiggle room for personal investment and wealth building, and make them work forty hour weeks in Washington, just to start.  They have this job to SERVE us, the people -- and THIS is what we get?

We seem to be funding malarkey by the barrel...and while perhaps half the country finds our Vice President's debate debut with Paul Ryan something worthy of a ribbon if it were a 'gotcha' and 'bring it' fest...the rest of us are wondering how did we get here?   What an embarrassment he is. Honestly, liberals, is THAT what you like?   what you respect?   Is Joe putting your best foot forward?

Is Obama really a uniter?    We thought he would be -- he had all the right stuff to make it so, or so we thought (in general...old G thang not included).  But that is some kind of malarkey to save for another day, indeed.

Ahh Another favorite moment with Bourdain is flashing before my eyes...

somewhere in Emilia-Romania one day, Tony got a chance to hang his own prosciutto for future noshing [did that come out alright?  to Bourdain worshipers, you know what I'm sayin'...]  -- anywho, he was gonna have to wait, like years, for it to be ready.  But it's there, signed, sealed and dated, as if an everyday ham could be passed down from a long line of royalty.  In the process, the little Italian gentleman in charge began to describe the essence of refining the basic pork shoulder like you wouldn't believe...

first, you have ah, this window here, eh... the air comes in ah from d'north and ah then you have it waft over d'river here, ya see, and then it moves ever so gently through d'window and begins to caress-ah d'little piggie until a rich, sweet, noble mold grows, ca peesh?
He said it better.
But let's not dwell, shall we?

A thing of substance takes time, care, thought.  It needs to be earned -- strengthened and compounded in it's very nature through hard work, toil, struggle, thereby having it's convictions tested in every way, day in and day out.  There is no gray.  There is no middle.  There is no center.  There are only principles left or principles right.

In other words, malarkey has no place under the sun, Tuscan or otherwise.

Ah to have a George Washington grace us with his presence of leadership; to have an Adam Smith enlighten us with his natural law; to have a Jefferson, a Madison, a Paine, a Franklin root us firmly in self-reliance and bring us sustenance.  If there was ever a need so great... this is the time... this is the moment,  for a sweet and noble mold to envelop us and enrich us and bring us home, with no reservations.

happy monday, sweet people, happy monday.

Make it a Good Day, G

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