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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's Time and It's a Good Thing

Dear America,

the more I think about it, the more I understand the measured Mitt of Monday night.

Think about it -- the polls are swinging in his direction, and in a very big way.  Don't you think he's beginning to think -- hey, I just might be the next president of these United States.

What would you do?

I believe it was so calculated, there is no other possible way to think about it.  If Mitt is elected -- every word, every intention, will precede him from this day forward.  Mitt is imagining the day when the buck really will stop at his feet and look him in the eye and say --  tag, you're it.

It took just minutes for the attacks to begin -- being on the receiving end of relentless, ridiculous, rhetoric in rapid fire, and most of it so immature, one's gotta wonder, what are you twelve? 

"we have these things called 
aircraft carriers, 
where planes land on them..."

Mitt was the adult in the room and behaved himself accordingly; why would he even bother meeting up with this kind of idiocy with more idiocy?  Especially when it's recorded, transcribed, for all the world to hear, and read, and replay and repeat over and over an over again.  These fine words and this monumental display of oneupmanship -- of both gents -- goes into the history books.

And then, prospective foreign policy and diplomatic relations begin to take shape, almost instantly!
And then, there is also something that's called straa-te-G [say that with some snark and ya got it] -- and this goes without saying really, for it's simply good strategy to keep secrets from the enemy; keeping plans, pullouts, military movement close to the chest saves lives!

What's funny -- now that the night has had some time to marinate -- is a troubling line...And no, it has nothing to do with horses or bayonets.  It was the flippant remark declaring Romney's policies as "wrong and reckless."  And it's so good to him, he keeps repeating it.

But, which is it, Mr. President, "wrong and reckless" OR:

"You know, there have been times, Governor, frankly, during the course of this campaign, where it sounded like you thought you'd do the same things we did, but you'd say them louder and somehow that -- that would make a difference."

As childish as that sounds,  Romney maintained composure; he was intent, focused, more motivated by the bigger picture -- all he really wanted to do was come off as being nothing like the guy Obama has been painting him as, and attacking ad-infinitum, during the last few months and counting.

AND why?

Because he's not.  And fancy that, we, the people, are beginning to figure that out.

Obama was on fire yesterday -- emboldened by his debate performance and talking trash about "Romnesia."  Like he should be one to talk -- is it "wrong and reckless" or "follow the leader?"  -- is it because of a "video" or "acts of terror" or TERRORISM?-- do you believe in the way of Jesus or Mohammed?  stunning....

Let's resuscitate and go back to a Romney-ism from the night:  "attacking me is not an agenda."  Indeed.

Poor little man, Obama.... he's got nothing.  What would you do without a decent record to toot?  All he's got is a strategy based upon Alinsky's Rules for Radicals to save himself -- ridicule the opponent until they cry uncle.  And if you're Romney, you simply don't play.

And let's be clear, shall we --  we ALL KNOW that OBAMA f&*% Up on Libya.........

Emergency alerts coming out of Libya two hours into the attack prove 1) terrorists were knocking at the door and 2) they needed help.   Earlier that day, notice had already been sent from Ambassador Stevens himself, repeating his growing concern that the escalation of Islamic extremists activity required attention. And here's a good take, read this from a fellow blogspot'er, "In From the Cold".

Not only did the Obama Administration ignore calls for more security in the months leading up to the attack, Libya was neither prepared or reinforced for the anniversary of September 11th; and in the aftermath, the administration misled the nation for two weeks.    liar, liar pants on fire....and yes, I must be twelve, too.

Remember when G -- I mean, "PJ" -- linked you this?  This was DAYS ago.... !  More important, Mr. President, is your administration just incompetent or did you guys just lie to the American people?

............and I say Obama, because he said so, kinda like the buck stops with him.

Another Romney-ism from yesterday's campaign trail went something like this:  'we can take another two weeks of attacks, but what we can't have is another four more years of THIS.'

You know, it's been awhile since The 5000 Year Leap entered into the conversation.  In it, under the heading of "Visualizing America as a World Peacemaker" -- we just might get a taste of a Romney diplomatic leadership.  And before I go further, it may be entirely too presumptive of me in it's entirety -- but no bother; gonna go with it anyway...

gosh, spit it out, G...

It mentions a guy -- and former Under-Secretary of State and former ambassador of Mexico -- by the name of J. Reuben Clark Jr.  As Skousen notes, Clark, a constitutional aficionado, often spoke of America's role of being the great world peacemaker under a policy of "separatism", delineating between that and "internationalism" -- being the world's policeman.  He's also a Mormon.

Clark gave a speech just before the nation entered into World War II, hoping to influence American leaders from joining forces in another world war.  This isn't about giving a hindsight opinion after the fact; this is more of a recollection of perhaps our founders' best intentions when our country was designed.  This is a day in the life in the year of our Lord 1939 -- and it's simply beautiful...

"America, multi-raced and multi-nationed, is by tradition, by geography, by citizenry, by natural sympathy, and by material interest, the greatest neutral nation of the earth.  God so designed it.  Drawn from all races, creeds, and nations, our sympathies run to every oppressed people.  Our feelings engaged on opposite sides of great differences, will in their natural course, if held in due and proper restraint, neutralize the one [with] the other.  Directed in right channels, this great body of feeling for the one side or the other will ripen into sympathy and love for all misguided and misled fellowmen who suffer in any cause, and this sympathy and love will run out to all humanity in its woe....

...It is our solemn duty to play a better part than we can do by participating in the butchery...
...having in mind our position as the great world neutral, and remembering that the people of these warring nations have been led into this conflict largely unwittingly, and therefore, are largely blameless, we should announce our unalterable opposition to any plan to starve these innocent peoples involved in this conflict -- the women, the children, the sick, the aged, the infirm...

...If we shall rebuild our lost moral power and influence by measures such as these which will demonstrate our love for humanity, our justice, our fairmindedness...we shall then be where...we can offer mediation between the two belligerents.

America, the great neutral, will thus become the Peacemaker of the world, which is her manifest destiny if she lives the law of peace.  (quoted in the Freemen Digest, October 1978, pp 2-3, taken from  The 5000 Year Leap, W. Cleon Skousen, pp 276-278)

"IF she lives the law of peace."

Now it takes no great stretch for G to make giant leaps, piecing all the itty bitty pieces together.  And make this day no exception to the rule.  For what we have, perhaps -- in Romney -- is the greatest potential for foreign and domestic peace that we have seen in years.

Returning to a sentiment from the final moments of Monday's debate, from Mitt Romney:

going to have that kind of leadership
and continue to promote principles of peace
to make the world a safer place and make people
in this country more confident that their future
is secure...
going to come back, 
and for that to happen, 
we're going to have to have a president
who can work across the aisle 
[...I did and can do it again...]
"This nation is the hope of the earth."

I truly believe -- that he believes -- this to be true.

Barack believes in "the kind of bold, persistent experimentation that Franklin Roosevelt pursued during the only crisis worse than this one."  Read more from Investors Business Daily at Investors.com here.

Mitt talks peace -- and jobs -- a lot; and I for one, would really like to see what he can do.  It's time.

Make it a Good Day, G

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