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Friday, October 12, 2012

It's Called 300 Million Specifics Thing

Dear America,

it's post debate boys and girls.

oh my, and let the fur fly.

So G has some thoughts (duh)...but hold up... let me get my laugh track up and going; let me set up my automatic interruption spring, to pop peanuts off the top of my head in an annoying fashion; let me just practice my smiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrk.

okay.  ready, steady, go G - - take it away...

We will not dwell on the @laughing hyena joe in attendance.  Other than noting we got a live one in the office of the vice presidency -- god save the king -- old Gthang is gonna leave him be. How in the world did he get this far?

I will only add this:  If Joe had simply toned it down a wee bit, carried himself in a more measured demeanor perhaps, he might have come close to winning the debate in the eyes of the independent/undecided voter hands down and no fact-checks asked. But then again, maybe not; Biden interrupted Ryan 82 times (in 90 minutes; now that's a record we can believe in).

But like I said -- this laughing stock of a debate is not where this girl is gonna settle.  Ah no...we got bigger bridges to build, higher roads to travel, freer fish to fry.

Something hit me over the head much harder than a peck from a peanut.  It didn't come until moments after the debate; it didn't come until I was listening to an undecided focus group, organized by Frank Luntz; and it almost didn't come at all.  It wasn't until one itty bitty detail was articulated....you wanna know what it was?

They returned to Ryan's five-point plan complaining about the HOW -- just how will they do it?  Nobody ever gives us specifics, they whine and cry....

....and that's when it hit me.  bonk.

Somewhere over the rainbow, happily on our way to Ameritopia, we -- as a people -- have become disconnected to the engine that gets us there [and there being anywhere but here].  And that something is called the free market.  It's as if we have forgotten the basic human dynamics, working specifically and in tandem, to operate as a whole.  The machine, the instructions, the tools, the fluids, the flow has been hindered by something rather huge -- that being, the vision itself.

Perhaps the idea of having so much freedom is simply too much for us to handle anymore?

Perhaps the notion that we could have each and every one of us pursuing happiness and reaching our dreams is overwhelming, too good to be true?

The Free Market?  Really?  No way....   Would that really work?

So back to the focus group and the gathering of "undeciders" -- and we might as well throw old Joe and MarthaModerator in there, too.  They acted as if Ryan was speaking a foreign language when he was lauding the plan to lower taxes, as part of their crazy, pie-in-the-sky five-point plan; the Romney/Ryan economic vision includes creating 12 million jobs, pursue energy independence in earnest, honestly get debt under control, make international trade work for us, while championing small business.

Everyone's like, say what?   
There's not enough specifics.
What is he talking about?
How can he say that?
How do you get there from here?


It's like we have to start entirely over teaching people how to be truly free!

How DID we get here, for independence sake?

Like Ryan tried to say --  repeatedly -- the idea itself is so good, so big, it's Reagan-esque; and by all evidence, if this focus group says anything at all, seems too difficult for ordinary Americans to truly comprehend.

So let's take a run at it, shall we?

With the right conditions --generously added to a whole lot of time, effort, and blood, sweat and tears -- we prosper;  when we lower taxes, it has been proven to create more opportunity for a larger portion of society across the board.  More people working, paying taxes, contributing to life and being productive citizens equals everybody wins.  It's elementary and wonderful; creating the very conditions when every day can be silly day.

Mitt Romney is a jobs guy -- whether it be from the private sector or the public servant side.

As a jobs guy, he communicates in free market speak.  For Romney, it's about creating the conditions to create jobs and then he walks away.  [wow, G.  that is good]

It's about jobs; it's about how we create more jobs; and the funny thing is, it's not that complicated when we are honestly set free to do it -- nor, does it need to be very specific!  That's the beauty of it.  And this, I would assume by his resume,  is the very perspective where Romney may live...and eat, pray, love even.

Not only that, it's where all of us should live....and eat, pray, love.

And yet, this whole government dole thing --  the nanny state seeking to remake the night of the living dead -- has got us drinking the kool-aid a wee bit too much and far too often.

The thing is, the  Free Market is an idea that never gets old.  It is the machine that generally, widely, broadly, indiscriminately, boldly, abundantly creates jobs, opportunity, happiness, purpose, for the most people; and it's truly responsible for bringing all good things to life.  

ssmmm iiiiiiii rrrrr k

Think about it.  The ability to amplify, and exponentially expand, opportunity for all, allowing more of us to keep more of our own money --- oh my goodness, oh my goodness. That is priceless!  Multiply the number of job creators -- it becomes an intangible, unlimited value.

But apparently THESE PEOPLE...they need specifics.  Are you kidding me?

The free market just doesn't operate that way.  Just where is the open mind, people?

Peanut ping:  The free market is kinda like a free spirit on steroids; when left unleashed and allowed to roam...freely...anything can happen and usually does.

Peanut ping: It's kind of like being its own animal -- kinda like a Joe Biden.  [He has succeeded because he knows thy self; he is just joe being joe and true to his own.]

Peanut ping: I just can't believe we are arguing about how much of our own money is rightfully our own money!  But I digress.

When more people are working and prospering, less people are needing and suffering; more people are able to find work when more job creators are given the freedom to invest, grow, expand their business.

IN a free market, we are no longer committed-for-life to a particular station, class, salary or benefit package. Matter of fact, the free market is the force that makes more millionaires and billionaires per capita [no.  I don't really know that,  just wanna sound as good as joe-letterman-biden] But I do know this: the free market aims to take away restrictions and open up to real possibility for anything, everything.

But how is it, in this day and age, we find ourselves at the crossroad of Enterprise and Main -- living in Contradiction and looking at a red light that never changes?  Remarkably, sadly -- the basic, universal understanding supporting the inner workings of true and free enterprise is virtually nowhere to be found.

This is not America -- land of the free and home of the brave --  being very true to herself, now is it?.

And as to my little  un-deciders ..... the specifics you seem to be looking for are more likely to be found crafted into our Declaration of Independence, enriched by our Constitution, and built into the fundamentals over decades of American life and prosperity.   It's an enigma, really, to the rest of the world.   But for you guys -- this should be where you live....and eat, pray, love even.

Peanut ping: The thing is, you don't need a Paul Ryan to tell you anything more; you don't need a Paul Ryan to explain his plan any further; the specifics are YOU, and me, and everyone else simply getting back to work.  Romney's five-point plan is to create the best conditions for the most people to get back to a real job and then walk away; it's what he does.

Peanut ping:  In other words, it's just Mitt and Paul being the best Mitt and Paul for 100% of the American people.  It's called 300 million specifics, martha [best moderator in the world -- if, in fact, you were going for 'Biden's bbbbbbbitch'].

smm iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr k

if I was sitting there next to joe, I may have slapped him silly; no, wait, he's there already.

Make it a Good Day, G

 rumor has it Joe was prepped by....wait for it...this guy...this guy....

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