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Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's a little Memo to Mitt: Outsourcing from the Source at Benghazi Thing

Dear America,

So, do you wanna know where outsourcing and beefed up enhanced security in Benghazi meet?

@Blue Mountain, a private security firm based in the U.K.

Memo to Mitt:

THIS is where Monday's debate should begin, and if you ask me, end; that is if you should have permission to speak freely without interruption and without the moderator moderating your fair share and fair shake.

The story is ripe for blasting the Obama Administration considering the British crew -- and not an American outfit -- took over in March of 2012; the contract mandated the hiring of Libyan workers, who as it turns out, were difficult to train, but even harder to trust -- and for some reason, the work attracted a rather questionable element; and lo and behold, the security personnel were entrusted with nothing more than a billy-club!  I kid you not -- they were just told to "sound the alarm over the radio and run for cover" if they got scared.

"We used to tell the Americans who spoke to us on many occasions that we needed more support in security, because it felt thin on the ground. But they didn't seem to be so worried, and (were) confident that no one will dare to come close to the consulate," one guard said.

THIS news is fresh off the press from Reuters, go here for the entire postFor Benghazi diplomatic security, U.S. relied on small British firm  [should have been titled, Obama Blue It....badump ba]

And it's funny, because this explains everything....except for that pesky little detail of yesterday left hanging out to dry:  just who did deny enhanced security and WHY?  

I am just astonished at the brute honesty here...    Let's take a moment and thank the journalists @ Reuters who threw all of this together --- (Hadeel Al Shalchi reported from Benghazi; Additional reporting by Marie-Louise Gumuchian in Tripoli, Mark Hosenball and Lucy Shackelford; Editing by Marilyn W. Thompson and Paul Simao)

And why Blue Mountain?

"'Blue Mountain was virtually unknown to the circles that studied private security contractors working for the United States, before the events in Benghazi,' said Charles Tiefer, a commissioner at the Commission on Wartime Contracting, which studied U.S. contracting in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars...

Fred Burton, vice president of intelligence at the Stratfor consulting firm and a former U.S. diplomatic security agent, said he did not know Blue Mountain, but it likely got State Department work because it was already working in Libya.

'They may have been the path of least resistance.'"


So Mitt: let's review, our fine president OUTSOURCED the Libyan Ambassador's protection at the consulate to a British security firm, filling a void in the short term, and continued to deny the need for anything more serious and more able...even after the compounds were bombed.

Again, pointing to the assist by Reuters:

"Eric Nordstrom, former regional security officer for the U.S. Embassy in Libya, testified at a congressional hearing last week that contracting out for security in the eastern Libyan city 'was largely based on our concern of how long we would be in Benghazi. We were concerned that if we retained or brought on board full-time employees we would have to then find a position for them if that post ever went away.'

In describing the challenges of hiring private security at Benghazi, he added: 'It's my understanding that there was a very high turnover with those people'."

 I am ill, just ill.

The more we know, the more we wish we didn't know; what kind of confidence in our leadership is this?

Let me answer that for you -- none, nada, zilch, a big fat ZERO.  I mean, seriously, who still has any confidence left?  Surely, it must be stuck somewhere deep in the intestinal tract.

 -- Same Bonehead, New Subject --

Something else with regards to the debate...

SO, if I am hearing you pundits correctly, the president gets points, props, for telling straight out lies with a pointed index finger, a chorus of "not true, not true," and getting all up in Mitt's grill now?  That counts as honest debate?  He gets credit for finally showing up and speaking with firm reliance, liberally distributing his own shovel-ready BS?  Is that  how far we've come?

Oh the things this guy can get away with.

But back to Reuters:

"In a July 9 memo approved by the late ambassador Stevens, regional security officer Nordstrom said his office hoped to shore up defenses at U.S. compounds in Libya and would consider partial arming of some local guard supervisors, without being more specific."

Little late now, isn't it.

Just as it's a little late for Obama to correct the horrific turn of events in Libya, along with the evolution of a  great miscalculation -- misleading the American people with a false narrative each and every day for an entire two weeks thereafter.

There are simply too many mistakes to count, but here's a few:
  • the Chevy-Volt trade off, here.
  • bombs bursting in air, here.
  • denied enhanced security, here.
  • and fresh from Reuter's, just today:  OUTSOURCING our consulate's defense, essentially turning into "security by mall cop"
  • and the lies...lots and lots of lies.
The president should be brought before a congressional hearing tomorrow; or, to save himself from further embarrassment, just walk away.

But MITT -- this is your time to take it away...go get 'em.

Make it a Good Day, G 


The next debate will be on foreign policy.  So get ready, Mitt, for more of the same from bonehead and polish up on the ugly trail of details:

  • the apology tour beginning in Egypt
  • the Leading from Behind Obama Doctrine, the overall perception of weakness
  • the lack of conviction and early signs of the direction waning and the continuing wishy-washy stance in Afghanistan
  • Syria...where to begin....
  • Iran, when the president had a chance to support the protesters and failed; school him on real sanctions
  • Destroying the relationship with Israel, and specifically Bibi
  • Supporting the Muslim Brotherhood -- within the administration! and out! see Michele Bachmann and Hillary Clinton's Huma...
  • Interfering with Mubarak, leaving Egypt completely vulnerable to the Muslim Brotherhood, opening the door to "arab spring"
  • jeopardizing relationships in Poland, see missile defense
  • oh and don't forget *** important *** ask him what he means when he told Medvedev that he would have more flexibility after the election.... 
  • oh and this is unrelated, but ask him about that rich Carlos Slim billionaire dude, the entrepreneur backing the Obama phone, would ya? it's not that serious, but it is suspect...and it's also an  issue of outsourcing with a foreign billionaire instead of one of our own...Nod to Roger Hedgecock where I heard this first/and HuffPost for this little tidbit..
  • To Libya -- dating all the way back to the "Kinetic Military Action" all the way up to the Lies of today and to the issue of OUTSOURCING security...of all things, Mr. President....
  • and all this, from the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, nominated only two weeks into his administration...something is not quite right
Matter of fact -- I would just start the night ignoring the question altogether and do what they do -- just begin listing everything right off the bat -- with color charts and red lines, if you can -- perhaps more eloquently stated, of course. But you already do that  :)  Remember now -- he's called you a fraud, a tax cheat, a felon, a murderer, and a liar, throughout this campaign -- go after him on his mis-characterizations directly.

So there you go, pleasantly armed and dangerous, what a great combination; no question, you can take him yet again.

Are debates super fun, or what?!
 [and if you say that like Elle Woods,
you get me, you really get me...]

oh my.
look at me now...
carrying on like there is no tomorrow...

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